look at her face in the last

NaPoWriMo 2017 Prompts
  1. An ode to (pick a fruit) season
  2. A siren’s lullaby
  3. Running away to the treetops
  4. His mouth is dripping gold
  5. Tell your ghost’s story
  6. How painful was it when the sky had the stars sewn into it?
  7. Eve’s swan song
  8. Write a love letter to your least favorite part of yourself
  9. Last night she slept in the closet with her skeletons
  10. You’re lost in a garden of talking roses
  11. Wonderland is under seize and Alice can’t be found 
  12. How does a Lost Boy get to this point?
  13. Every letter comes at a cost
  14. Your childhood home just went up in flames
  15. The ocean has a story to tell you
  16. Describe the apocalypse 
  17. Be brave & look the devil in the face
  18. You’re the first person to colonize Mars
  19. You stumble upon a witches’ brewery
  20. Create your own love potion
  21. You’re a queen and your crown is made of decaying leaves
  22. The whole world went silent for a day
  23. What if this was the last sunset you ever got to see?
  24. They pulled a body out of the bayou and somehow the heart’s still beating
  25. Give the voice inside of you a name
  26. Set a place for your demons at the dinner table
  27. Get lost in a golden haze
  28. Give yourself the back story you always wanted
  29. Talk about the meaning of your name
  30. Pick a flower. Tell a story about its history.

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HC that the last time Sev cried laughing was when he bought a laser pointer and used it on Cat!Minerva; watching her spin in endless circles sent him into stitches. When she Transfigured back to human form, she was dizzy and irritated at him for playing a prank like that.

Bonus: Severus is walking towards his classroom when he sees a phial of Felix Felicis floating in the hallway.  Looking around from side to side, Severus chases it down only for it to zip out of his hand at the last minute.  Finally, he gets stuck halfway up the side of a large suit of armor while chasing it when he hears a familiar laugh from the shadows.  Minerva emerges with a smug look on her face and Severus glowers back.

“Some assistance, perhaps, Minerva?” he asks, his voice unable to hide his mortification.

“Of course, Severus,” she says with a wry chuckle, levitating him down and handing him the phial.

Severus hands him the laser pointer, looking chastened.

“Not much fun when the shoe is on the other foot, is it?” Minerva says.

“Hmph,” Severus responds, “Just you wait.”

A week later, Severus slips her catnip tea instead of her normal Scottish Breakfast.  After she doesn’t show up to her first Transfiguration class, Albus finds her in cat form, lying on her back and batting at sunbeams with her pupils blown wide.

I thought they fixed the alien bug?

I was playing around in CAS and decided to age up Natalia to see her as a teen.  First off, she looks different than the last time I aged her up!  

3rd screen - So, I decided to change her eyes to match Evi’s and her face changed!  

4th screen - I changed her hair in the last screen and her face and eyes changed!!


Category: DH Missing moments
Rated: M
One shot

Location: the chamber of secrets

Ron approaches the pile of dirty bones carefully, almost as if they could start floating at any moment to form again the skeleton of the giant snake, bringing it back to life to chase him in his sleep as it used to do when he was twelve.

Maybe because he had grown up, become taller and tougher, or maybe because since the last time he’d been in the chamber way worse things than the Basilisk had happened to all of them, now the place doesn’t scare him so much. The cold doesn’t reach his bones anymore, the high greenish walls don’t make him feel small and defenseless. He’s not now.

The same can’t be said for Hermione though, who despite the rigid expression and proud look on her face, is not able to mask the goosebumps already forming on her skin as she spots the corpse at the other side of the cave.

Ron goes past her without hesitation and takes a fang from what’s left of the creature’s mouth.

“You don’t have to. I can deal with it if you’re scared.” He tells her softly, playing with the big tooth in his hands.

With her eyes stuck on his, Hermione lifts her chin and slowly kneels in front of him with so much grace, Ron finds himself gaping at her sight.

And if it wasn’t for the golden cup that she had carefully put in front of her, filling the space between them and reminding him of their goal, he would probably reckon her move as an invitation for something else.

“I can do it.” Hermione states, but he still catches a light tremble in her tone.

“Hermione, you–”

“You think I can’t stab it? You think I’m not strong enough?”

When her voice breaks, eyes already filling with upcoming tears that has him knelt in front of her without a second thought, the urgency of taking that ridiculous idea away from her mind immediately overcomes any other mission.

He wants to comfort her, to kiss her, to have so much more than this –whatever it is– for the rest of their life.

Her enraged look softens at once when Ron gets closer to take her hands in his, moving them from her lap to his mouth. He acts instinctively, because it’s now or never, isn’t it?

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I was tagged by the beautiful @katemckiddinme (I appreciate that crop top so much pls) to post my lock screen, home screen, the last song I listened to, and the last selfie I took

I tag @zapatterson (I couldn’t find you for a solid 10 min bc you changed your URL which I fucking love so much) @demonialex @itsmadeofsteel @carmillamacchiato @eleanortheprincess (miss you princess) @julesorloffdiaz & @xofemeraldstars

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earlier last week, this girl was giving a presentation on how to prepare for a photo shoot and she was saying how she usually only drinks water and avoids sugary things to make sure she doesn't break out and she washes her face at least twice a day and when she said this, she just looked at me and i just kind of looked down because i got embarrassed even though i do more than what she does to her skin

what the Fuck . this annoys me expediently what the fuckckd what the fuck what the fuck i hate ppl…. fuckin hell ppl rlly do th most to make people feel bad im sorry she did tht u shld tell her that water doesnt cleanse a bad fuckin attitude


It bothers me how much influence Facebook has. All it used to take to sign up for stuff was an email address. Now you have to have Facebook for just about everything. Bullshit. 

I saw Life last Friday. Meh. It was a sorry excuse for an Alien ripoff with a predictable ending. I wish I could say it was entertaining. It was under 2 hours long, but it felt way more like 4. I am looking forward to seeing Ghost In The Shell and possibly Trainspotting 2 this weekend. Scarlett Johansson running around in a skin tight outfit for 2 hours will make up for any plot holes I’m thinking. 

I was sad to see that the Raiders are officially moving to Las Vegas. I’m not surprised because they were never going to get anything done in Oakland. The mayor put her support behind the A’s years ago and all of her last ditch efforts was merely a smoke and mirrors attempt to save face with her Raider fan constituents. Plus when a city throws 750 million in public funds your way, it’s hard to turn down. My love and loyalty followed them to LA when I was a kid and will once again follow them to Las Vegas as an adult. I feel bad for the fans in Oakland. Having your team leave once is bad enough, but to leave you twice has got to be a real nut punch. 

I connected with a really cool woman on Tinder yesterday. Great personality, funny as hell and really cute too. She’s not exactly close to where I live, but not exactly far either. Which is nice. I stayed up way too late texting with her. I should be exhausted today but I feel great. 

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my theory based on the promo: so basically at the last part of the promo you can see Kara with her 'S' symbol in her regular clothes and a bunch of shit is happening in the background. Based on her face, I feel like she's looking at Lena as she is standing right there seeing who she really is. What led up to that is probably Jack attacking Kara with his evil technology stuff. IM STILL DEAD FROM THE PROMO BTW

ooooh i can dig it! nice


EXP: **/**/2022

LN: ******

FN: ESTHER *******


sex marker unchanged

a reminder of things half-finished

HAIR: BRN. curly. unkempt. tangled, always.

hasn’t been cut since a long time ago, when it was all the hope in the world, 

a time when boys in nail polish were suspect, boys in makeup were fags, and boys in dresses were something you only heard of as a joke, but boys with long hair, that’s something you could be.

should just chop it all off and be done with it, but won’t.

HGT: 5′-11″. too tall to pass, too short to be intimidating.

EYES: BRN, dead-looking. 

in the picture the eyes don’t smile. a woman stares at a camera with half a smile on her face.

a reminder of things half-finished

WGT: 185 lb’ last time anyone bothered to check, which must have been some time last visit to a physician, which was last year

has maybe gained fifteen pound since then.

prefers not to think about it.

prefers to ignore her body

a reminder of things half-finished.

This identification card is issued solely as a means of identification. It does not establish eligibility for employment, voter registration or public benefits.


Watch this woman’s inspiring take on why makeup and positivity are so important even when it feels like the worst has happened

When we’re not feeling well, the last thing we can muster up is the energy to get all dolled up — and we love all things beauty. But as one cancer fighter has discovered, a done-up face can help make a big difference. Because doing makeup between chemo treatments has not only helped 22-year-old Amanda Ramirez look cute, it’s also helped make her feel stronger in her fight.

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find yourself a best friend who looks at you the same way maui looks at moana

About Sangwoo’s motive for murder

So I just had a conversation with @mutual-curiosity about what happened the night Sangwoo ‘killed’ his parents, and his current motive for murder. Oh boy brace yourselves because this is gonna be long.

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Don’t call me Turtle Man.

i. when she is usually up at ungodly hours, if she even sleeps at all, you don’t nonchalantly reply ‘sleep well’ to her 7 p.m. ‘goodnight’
ii. she isn’t overly sensitive. she’s trying and your comment that she isn’t trying resurrects the self doubt she toiled endless hours digging the grave for just so it’d be deep enough, and wouldn’t you cry too if you came face to face with a ghost you thought you had seen the last of
iii. don’t shout at her for slamming the door, it was the only way she knew to not self destruct that night, only way she knew to prevent that look of disappointment in your eyes
iv. she isn’t a very confident actor but she is a dedicated one. the apologies, feelings and explanations are practised relentlessly, honed to perfection but they never get pass the rehearsal stage for the production
v. she wants to leave her room but she knows if she does she’ll just get in the way, become a problem, mess everything up again. she also knows hiding in her room, the nearest thing that is still as far from a sanctuary as possible, doesn’t please you either. all she wants is to find a neutral ground because she has learnt there is no such thing as the lesser of two evils
vi. i’ve seen her choke on the words 'i love you’ when the recipient was in the mirror
vii. some of these things are new to her so please don’t be so tough. she’s building a home where one never stood so she doesn’t know that straw isn’t the best choice and she’ll eventually figure that out on her own but if you must lend your guidance, please, play any character besides the big bad wolf
viii. sometimes she thinks out loud and hopes the walls will listen even though she knows they don’t have ears, just as she knows you have ears and still has to hope that you’ll listen or at least hear when she speaks
ix. she chooses her words carefully for you, selecting only the ones she’s certain you’ll enjoy and arranging them aesthetically on a silver platter and each time she has got it right and presents it to you, your likes have changed so she fails yet again to meet your standards even though she tried so hard
x. fear is the pet she was never allowed to have and she cares too deeply, sensitive you call it, so really it’s no surprise she can’t rid of it
xi. she has a stash of makeup hidden and expertly paints on a happy face each day because she doesn’t want you to worry when she knows she only overreacting anyway
xii. she wishes she weren’t so different, wishes you knew she was trying, wishes she was like you, wishes she could conform to your perceptions of perfection, wishes you would recognize her efforts. wishes, wishes, wishes, she’s always wishing on each stray eyelash, 11:11, coin that falls into a well and shooting star but nothing wields the results she requires. some days she even wishes to give up but she never does and above all that’s what she wishes you knew.
—  what my side of the closed door knows that yours doesn't // r.g.

i want to be princess perfect but i also resent that i want that. i stare hungrily at the thin thighs of other girls while promising up and down thick thighs save lives. i love her curves and i kiss every one of them, don’t care she doesn’t have hipbones, only care about the way she moves under me. but i care about me and how i look naked and what i look like in the mirror and if the picture is just at a bad angle or i really look like that. i compliment her for her strength, her integrity, her kindness, while i brush my own aside in favor of scorning my broken nose and crooked teeth. i say she’s beautiful without makeup anyway and i mean it but i can’t help that i go outside only when i’m covered in something. my hair is always around my face. i love the scenes where the shy girl pulls hers back at last. i love the scenes where she takes off her glasses and is pretty. i never put my glasses on in public, not where people can see. 

i hate and i love and i hate pretty.