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SIM REQUEST FOR @cozylemonade

hey babes! Just wanna say Ily and ur always so active on my blog & im still salty about red but its fine. Can I have a y/a female sim who is asian, but she doesnt have slanted eyes. she looks like she could murder you and get away with it and overall a major bitch. have fun with her hair color, alpha or mm is fine!

This is Adeline Tan. She’s adorable, but it looks like she has a resting b**** face. So, don’t get on her bad side or you’ll have to answer to her. Which is the last thing you want.


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A Handful

A little too short possibly? 

Requested by @random9t and an anon wherein the dragons are 5 year olds and Jon is their kindergarten teacher (and there’s also a baby shower). Fluffy, fluffy, fluffy.

The triplets are a handful in the best of circumstances. Today though they’re driving Jon up the walls. 

First Daena started complaining about her dress-and of course she got the others started too. At least Rhaena and Viserra will wear them; she’s been running around the house for the last half hour in her Frozen pajamas and screaming that she’s not going to wear the nice dress because it looks ugly. 

Then Rhaena tried to go after the cake and even though she didn’t get too far she and Ghost are both covered in whipped cream. 

Viserra locked herself in the triplets’ bedroom with a book an hour ago and no one’s seen her since. 

“Can you get Daena?” Even though Dany’s all the way up on the second floor washing Rhaena’s face, he can still hear how frazzled she is. 

Three, two, one. She bursts into the room, still wearing her nightgown, screaming like a mad thing-which turns into a squeal of delight when he picks her up and swings her around. She bats at his arm ineffectually. “Put me down!” 

“Will you get ready?”

“No!” Her voice is loud enough to wake the dead. “I don’t like the dress!” 

But you liked it yesterday.” 

“That was yesterday!” 

The guests will start arriving in an hour and a half and the house still looks like a war zone. He doesn’t have time for this, much less a dress crisis. “An hour?” She shakes her head. “Half an hour? And I’ll help you make cookies for Monday later?” 

This gives her pause; all the girls love chocolate. “Double chocolate chip?” 

“That’s the one. But you have to get ready now.” 

She hops down and races upstairs, almost crashing into the closed bedroom door. “VISERRA!” 

A small voice inside yells “I’m reading!”

Viserra, what did I say about locking that door?” Dany and Rhaena come over from the bathroom; there’s a bit of whipped cream on the edge of her lip and he wants to kiss it away. 

“She was being loud.” 

“Can she come in there to get her dress? Five seconds.” 

There’s a sigh of the long suffering before the door opens. “Fine. But only five seconds.” Jon has no idea how she handled the three of them on her own for five years; he can barely handle them now, and he has a partner. 

Or, as of last month, a wife. 

Dany comes downstairs, straightening the garland on the bannister as she goes. Her belly has only begun to swell with the family’s newest addition, and she’s radiant with happiness as she gives him a kiss when she breezes past. “Thanks.” 

“I had to bribe her with chocolate.” 

She rolls her eyes. “It does get quick results.” She looks at the kitchen-cereal boxes everywhere, discarded bowls in the sink and…is that maple syrup on the ceiling? “Shit.” 

“I’ve got it.” He takes off his dress shoes; if he gets scuff marks on the kitchen table, she’ll kill him. 

She sighs, putting away the cereal and rinsing off the dishes before she puts them in the dishwasher. “I’m sorry, they’re excited-”

He kisses her silent. “They’re perfect. I love them.” Even their tempers remind him of her, because they’re fearless and determined-Rhaena wants to keep up with her older sisters, Daena wants an adventure, and Viserra wants to finish the book tonight so help her God. He loves having them as students, but he loves having them as daughters even more. She relaxes into his touch and they find a pocket of peace in a bubble of chaos-

-until Rhaena comes tearing into the kitchen with Ghost on her heels. “CAN WE PUT BOWS IN GHOST’S FUR SO HE LOOKS PRETTY?” 

By the time the guests arrive both girls and house look presentable (there’s no sign that Rhaena tried to eat the streamers). 

The gathering is small-only their closest friends: a few of Jon’s college friends, his siblings, and a few of Dany’s friends from abroad who flew in especially for the occasion. There’s only one other child-his brother Robb’s daughter Lyarra. She’s a year older than the twins, but instead of helping them behave she joins in on a game of tag that has to be transferred outside instantly. 

“They’re cute kids,” Gendry says, pouring himself a glass of lemonade (Theon mixes his with some vodka he brought in a flask. “But three of them…that’s a lot.” 

Dany rolls her eyes. “Tell me about it.” But her hand rests on her belly lovingly, her other hand in Jon’s. “And the brood is only getting bigger.” 

“Hopefully it’s a boy this time,” Jon replies. “Then I won’t be so outnumbered.” 

“It’ll still be four to two,” Sansa adds. “Not great odds.” 

“So…tell us how you guys met again,” Margaery says. “It’s such a meet-cute.” 

“Except it’s not. I think meet-cutes aren’t when your daughter bites Lancel Baratheon’s arm and almost puts him in the hospital for stitches,” Dany replies. 

Jon mutters “Lancel was asking for it,” into his cup and they all laugh. But she was cute, the way she came into the classroom and corralled all three of them within seconds. She didn’t have to say a word, they just went. And she didn’t even punish Daena-just said that if she wants to punish someone, make sure they deserve it and that she doesn’t get caught. 

He’s very, very glad they’re not enemies. And her daughters will be just like her. Heartbreakers. 

They behaved for the wedding though-they were all flower girls in their light violet dresses. Ghost was the ring bearer. 

A yell from outside catches his attention-just in time to see Rhaena flying tackle her older sister. “You’re It!” She jumps to her feet, mud all over her dress but looking very pleased. 

Dany shakes her head. “Just as long as she doesn’t think all that mud is coming inside my house.” 

The girls’ favorite part of the party is the cake. They could care less about the baby clothes and toys (although Rhaena steals one of her new sibling’s teddy bears). 

The guests are all gone by seven and it’s just the five of them, watching a movie in the living room. Well, Viserra isn’t-but she agreed to stay downstairs, for ‘family togetherness’. The triplets and Ghost are sitting on the floor in front of the couch like a litter of puppies; Dany braided Daena’s hair and it glimmers in the light from the overheads. 

He puts his arm around Dany and she snuggles into his chest, smelling like tropical flowers. “I love you,” she mutters, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“I love you too,” he replies. “You and your little dragons.”

She draws away, raises an eyebrow. “Dragons?” 

They’re strong and fiery. Like their mother,” he whispers. 

She rolls her eyes. “I’ll forgive you. Just this once.” 

“Mm.” Where have they been all his life? 

“Mommy!” Daena throws a pillow at them. “Stop being mushy!” 

They draw away, but just a little-still keeping their hands threaded lightly at their sides. And in this moment he knows that no matter how much of a handful his new family might be he can’t imagine his life without them. 

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Doc: *whisper screaming* we cant fuck here!! Hux: *ever calm and collected* why not?

She was standing on the bridge, reading reports and sipping her coffee, when a familiar gloved hand snaked from her waist to cup her left breast. Careful not to spill her drink or draw attention to them, she elbowed him in the ribs and stepped away to face him. She brought her voice down to a whisper, but the tone was still a chastising hiss. “We can’t fuck here!”

“Why not?” He gave her an ambivalent look, as if she was overreacting. After the past few days of being felt up in the turbo lift with other people in it, being fucked in his office when an officer was scheduled to come in, and the meeting incident, this was the last centimeter of fuse she had left.


Everyone turned to stare, she mentally kicked herself, and Hux gave her an obviously-fake hurt expression. “Why are you so mean?”

“Uuuuuugh! Fucking piece of shit I hate you sometimes, when did I die and come to this hellhole?”

“I understand when you say Fucking piece of shit, you say it half the time Ren comes around.”

“I’m throwing myself into the engine core.”

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Concerning your recent post about Genna Lannister-Frey, do you think that she'll survive the hypothetical Second Red Wedding (ie, that Lady Stoneheart and the BwoB will replicate the event that created her) that's been floating around in the fandom for the last couple of years? Considering that Daven Lannister is getting married to his nameless Frey at Riverrun, her current home thanks to her... beloved husband, I'd imagine that she'd be present for the nuptials.

Yeah, that’s definitely the other thing. Answered that question a bit too narrowly. I doubt Genna survives TWoW and Red Wedding 2.0, and this will definitely prevent her being a major Lannister influence in upcoming books.

Much like with Daven Lannister, Genna’s introduction looks to me to be part of the human setup for the tragedy aspect. Through Jaime’s last few chapters in AFFC, GRRM busily establishes a bunch of names and faces to better make his ultimate point. Genna didn’t know about the Red Wedding beforehand. Genna’s had very little to do with the War of Five Kings thus far. Genna’s already lost a son to the fighting. Genna doesn’t want Riverrun; she wants to live out her life and her sons to live in safety (dubious competence or not).

And Lady Stoneheart is going to order her death anyway, for the crime of being related to Jaime Lannister. You wanted to see the Starks get their revenge on the Freys and the Lannisters? Here it is. Here it bloody well is.

Young Love

I can’t stop thinking about how how Kylo slid through the hallway, looking for Rey. There was no weapon out. No malice or anger on his face. No. There was…desperation, need. But then he sees her, and he tries to manipulate her into bringing Luke to him. And it fails pathetically and he looks so embarrased! Adorably, adolescently embarrassed. This is that moment we all go through where you say/do something stupid in front of your crush.


She gave him a worried a look. One he’d seen many times before on his parents faces. The look that said they didn’t believe him.

“They hurt you” she said helping him to his feet.

He swayed a moment. Dark spots floated in front of him. Closing his eyes he concentrated on breathing and not heaving. The last thing he wanted to do was puke on her shoes. “Not really” he mumbled “my stomach is just upset.”

“Well you’re listing like your drunk” she said putting an arm around his shoulder’s to help steady him. “You’re in no shape to walk along the beach.”

“What if we just lay on the sand and talk” he suggested. “Unless you have something else you’d rather do.”

She fell silent thinking over his suggestion. “I suppose it could wait.”

“But nothing was like a music it makes when it eats a human.”

i still really like the face for when the employees are possessed by the singing machine. I actually just like the singing machine in general, but I’m too much of a coward to have dangerous monsters considering last time I had Flesh Lantern and it kept destroying my favorites

and i was like “STOP” and had to restart
so i guess it’s just a love hate relationship

anyways, i drew cylene being posessed because the face turned out ok looking on her

cylene © me

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1-sentence prompt thingy :) - "It's too hot," he said.

call the police and the fireman lkdsjflksfs

“Coming from you,” Jyn snaps goodnaturedly as she wipes the back of her hand across her face for the fifteenth time, “that’s a kriffing surprise.” 

Cassian stops, mid trek, and looks askance as he retorts: “Just because I feel colder than most doesn’t mean I’m impervious to, I don’t know, 40 degrees above freezing.

Jyn grunts, then sighs, setting her hands on her hips where her thin jacket is now tied, the only thing keeping her from taking off her last layer of clothing being sunburn and dignity. 

Cassian’s eyes soften, setting a palm on the small of her back, and Jyn notes how, despite everything, cold his hands are. “C’mon - we’ll be on the ship soon enough, and then you can sit in the A/C while Kay tells us he told us so.” 

Despite everything, she grins. 


You are one of my favorite people and the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known in real life.


David when getting his star in 2016: “where’d you find this?”
Gillian getting her star today: “who’s that guy?”


You want me to make a wish? I just wanna know that he’s alive. That’s it, that’s my wish.
And that’s my life. Weird, messy, complicated, sad, wonderful, amazing and above all, epic. And I owe it all to Stefan. When I met him, I had lost my parents and I was dead inside. But he brought me back to life. And I’m going to live it as best I can, for as long as I can.


find yourself a best friend who looks at you the same way maui looks at moana