look at her face in the last

Sam: I think everyone knows that she’s got a terrific sense of humor but she’s a terrible giggler, she corpses all the time and it’s got to the point now that if I want to get out of a scene or just you know make a stop, I can just give her a little look and she’s gone. She’s great fun to work with I’m so lucky.

-People Now 2015

Sam: Most recently we were shooting like one of the last episodes and it was a very serious moment, […] and the camera’s on me, and Caitriona just every time was just corpsing and laughing the whole time. And she doesn’t help me at all. She just stands there openly laughing in my face and it’s difficult to work with her, so I’m gonna get her sacked.

Cait: You know, we goof around on set, but at the end of the day it’s work. You’re only allowed to mess around for so long before you start getting dirty looks from people. I don’t know if we’re a fun bunch. We laugh at nothing. Nothing amuses us. We’re like the Seinfeld episode. We don’t need anything actual to happen; we just amuse ourselves anyway

-People’s choice 2016

Cait: It’s always a lot of fun. Sam and I usually descend into complete adolescence, either hit each others with things or just do stupid voices. That happens a lot.

-Starz interview 2014

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5, 17, or 22 for Nicole and Waverly?

Dude, I don’t know why you’re so masochistic, but here you go. 

22. Things you said after it was over

Waverly slings her bag over her shoulder.

“Wave, the least you could do is stick around while she packs up her stuff. This is Nicole we’re talking about.”

“Wynonna.” Waverly turns to face her sister, her back to the front door. Her knuckles are white around the strap of her bag, her voice is strained to breaking. “I can’t.”

“Baby girl, I know that’s what it feels like, but she’s leaving, and this might be the last time–” The look on Waverly’s face knocks Wynonna back a step. She holds up her hands in surrender. “I’m just saying that this is your chance to tell her goodbye.”

Waverly draws her lips into a fine line. Her eyes flash. “She’s leaving me. Do you get that? She’s choosing to go.”

“I do, and it sucks, but–”

“But what, Wynonna? It’s been three weeks since she’s spoken to me. She’s–” Waverly closes her eyes and takes a breath through her nose. “She was everything to me.”

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You’re lookin’ pretty fine tonight, Jodi giggled, leaning in & kissing her boyfriend softly.

When they pulled away, he smiled back at her adoringly, his hand sliding down her slim figure & resting on her hip. They were happy & the move to Twinbrook had only made their relationship stronger. Most days Ronan felt incredibly lucky that they found one another. You’re not too bad yourself, he laughed, pulling her in closer.

A wide smile spread across Levi’s face as he practically threw himself into his boyfriend’s arms. There was a dreamy look in his eyes as he studied the man’s face. It was the first time in weeks that Levi had seen him look so content & carefree. I’m so glad I convinced you to come out tonight, blondie. This is kind of like…

The blond laughed when Levi paused. Like what?

Like our first date since… ya know, the man continued. And the last time we went out like this, you weren’t even old enough to legally drink. 

Well now you know the real secret behind why I married someone over twenty-one, Archer joked, already feeling the two drinks he’d consumed before heading to the dance floor.

While Levi’s face stayed soft, his tone changed slightly. I was twenty-one.

Archer nodded. I know. We’ll have our time, Levi. 

The brunette leaned in, whispering in his boyfriend’s ear. You’re really going to marry me this time?

You’re not going to take off this time, are you?

I won’t, Levi chuckled, laying his head on the man’s shoulder. As long as you keep your dick in your pants & away from my boss.

Archer burst into laughter. Considering your boss is my father this time, you have absolutely nothing to worry about… Not that you would otherwise. I learned my lesson the last time. Nothing is worth losing you again.

Henry Miller and Brenda Venus     Uncredited and Undated Photograph

“I suddenly recalled that it was here in the squalor and gloom of this sunken street, terrorized perhaps by a premonition of the future, that Mona clung to me and with a quivering voice begged me to promise that I would never leave her, never, no matter what happened. And, only a few days later, I stood on the platform of the Gare St. Lazare and I watched the train pull out, the train that was bearing her away; she was leaning out of the window, just as she had leaned out of the window when I left her in New York, and there was that same, sad, inscrutable smile on her face, that last-minute look which is intended to convey so much, but which is only a mask that is twisted by a vacant smile.”
― Henry Miller, “Tropic of Cancer”  1934

Denial (Starco Fanfic)

Prompt #9- “You’re in love with her.” Suggested by @starcostar


A starco fan fiction about Marco realizing his love for Star. Tom helps out a bit ;)




“What is it this time, Tom?” Marco crossed his arms in frustration, taking a seat in a large love seat. This had been the third time this week Tom had kidnapped Marco.


“I need your advice,” Tom turned his back to Marco, then snapped his fingers, “Red, or black?” He turned back to face him, holding two ties.


“For the millionth time, she won’t care! This is Star we’re talking about.” Marco looked at his hands, “the last thing she’ll be thinking about, is what colour tie you’re wearing.”


“I beg to differ.” Tom tied the red tie in place, giving Marco a smug look, “this is a serious celebration! She’ll only be 16 once. We’ve gotta look good.” He popped his navy collar, checking himself in his full length mirror. Tom’s tall figure made any suit look fitted on him. Personally, Marco would’ve chosen the black tie…


“Eh, why would I try to dress up? It’s not like she’ll look at anyone but Oscar-” Marco put his hands in the air, attempting to mock Star, “OSSCARR, OH OSCAR! PLAY ME ANOTHER CRAPPY ASS SONG ABOUT YOUR NORMAL TEENAGE LIFE! TREAT ME LIKE SHIT BECAUSE YOU DON’T DESERVE ME! NEVER CALL ME BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE YOU DON’T REALIZE THE OBVIOUS!” His face turned red in anger, his hands rolled into fists. He took a deep breath.


Tom shot a worried look at Marco. His outburst had been so sudden, so aggressive. It was so unlike him. “Marco listen-” he sat down next to the Hispanic teen, “I get it. It sucks when the girl you love is in love with someone else.” Marco instantly blushed, narrowing his eyes at the Demon.


“I do not love Star! That’s crazy, she’s my best friend! I just think she deserves better…” He took a breath in, calming down, “do you see the way Oscar looks at her? He doesn’t. Explain to me how that’s possible. How could you not be always looking at Star.” Marco started to ramble, hands trying to explain what he was saying. “People go to art exhibits to look at something beautiful, inspiring, unique. That’s Star! That’s what you get when you look at her. Those eyes, her cheeks, her hair…it’s art. It’s actually perfect.” Marco inhaled, “and Oscar’s completely oblivious to how beautiful she really is.” Tom scanned Marco’s face for a moment, narrowing his eyes. He glared at him, before rising to his feet again.


“You’re in love with her.” Tom responded, switching ties in the mirror.


Marco shook his head slowly. No. He started to nod. Yes? He then furrowed his brows and looked down at the floor. He was so confused. Heck, he’d be confused ever since the ‘blood moon ball’. But maybe it wasn’t confusion, but rather, denial. He grabbed his messy hair and pushed it out of his eyes, looking back up at Tom.


“I’m in love with her.” He replied, shrugging. It felt so good to say. Like a weight had been lifted off his back. Marco smiled.


“Hell yeah you are.” Tom looked back at Marco, grinning back. “And her sweet sixteen is your time to shine.” He winked, moving the black tie in place. Yep, the black tie definitely looked sharper. Speaking of looking sharp… Marco stood up in a hurry, bolting for the door. “Where are you going?” Tom asked, halting Marco at the door.


“I’m in love with her, and I’m going to make sure she knows.” Marco smiled, pulling out two ties from his pocket, “now… red or black?”

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for that prompt thing- "i wish that we could be close, close enough to use our real names for once"

(part 2 of a little three-part thingie i’m doing) 

(julliard’s acceptance rate is 7.2%)

ii. spring

“you’d think that it’d feel like something bigger,” kumiko sighed. reina turned to her.


“the last few days before you head off to college, y’know?” a third-choice college, neither girl said, but they both knew it well. “i won’t really be seeing you that much, will i?” 

“i suppose not.” reina’s hands remained neatly folded in her lap. there were lines etched in her face that hadn’t been there before, bags under her eyes. she looked older. “we won’t be seeing this much, either.” the view down below was just as brilliant as it always was. kumiko felt a pang in her chest when she realized it wouldn’t be just a bike ride away anymore, for either of them. 

“you’ll still be okay, though.”

“i’m sure.” reina’s voice was dry, crisp, unfeeling. kumiko wanted to march right into new york and throw herself at the admissions director, hold them up by the throat for forcing her and reina apart like this. but they’d be strangers soon, she knew that. she knew it, and she hated it. 

“you won’t forget me, right?” of course she will, a nagging voice hissed in her brain. she tried to drown it out. 

“i could never forget you,” reina replied, but she was still distant. kumiko wondered if this would really be the last time, and they’d meet up again in five years for a reunion and look down at each other’s nametags for some semblance of recognition. she wondered if they’d remember each other then. just the thought made her start to cry. “kumiko? kumiko, are you alright?”

“i’m f-fine.” she couldn’t have said anything else. “i’m fine.” 

7/19/17--28W 4D

I sent all the shower invites that needed mailing yesterday, so now I’m down to only a handful that need to be hand-delivered.
Little guy is doing a lot of rolling around! Last night he managed to do so at such an angle that he pushed down veeery hard on mama’s bladder. I imagine the look on my face must have been a sight to behold! 😨
My MIL will be in town this weekend! She’s finally coming to see us in our “new” place (we’ve lived here 2 years). She wants to go out with us and pick a coming-home outfit for Baby. I hope she gets here safely; she’s making the 4-hour drive with just her dog for company.
Man, I miss coffee. 😪


find yourself a best friend who looks at you the same way maui looks at moana


The love of Oliver’s life walks away and the thought that he may never see her again. Pain. Heartbreak. Loss. Worry. So many emotions going on here.  

Arrow 3x20 | 5x23

Imagine Mary realizing both of her sons, Sam and Dean, are in love with the same girl, you.

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“Morning.” Sam mumbled as he walked into the kitchen and saw you, Mary and Castiel there, you still cooking the pancakes and her setting everything else up for breakfast with Castiel’s help.

“Morning sweetie.” Mary smiled up at him as he leaned down to kiss her cheek before he turned to take a good look at you.

“Wow” he breathed out and you looked at him for a second before in the end giggling as you tucked a few strands of hair behind your ear.

“What?” you asked, looking up at the older man as he blinked rapidly, staring at you almost awestruck. You glanced at his mother that was still there but luckily was not looking at the two of you.

“You just- I never thought you’d look this good in my clothes.” he said with an adorable dimpled smile as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

You laughed looking back at the food, after glancing down at yourself for a moment. You weren’t in the mood for trying really hard so along with the messy hair you had stolen one of Sam’s flannels that could work as a dress for you and wore it. It was a nice chance compared to you wearing always Dean’s shirts. There was something similar in this, both their clothes made you feel at peace, they had a certain scent to them that brought the same kind of comfort their hugs did but at the same time that scent was so different. And it reminded you instantly of whose clothes you were wearing.

“Thanks” you bit your lip, opting to look only at the pancakes as you felt your cheeks heat up. You had a soft spot for the younger Winchester, you couldn’t deny that, you were really close and had many things in common. He was sweet and kind, gentle and caring. You knew that when you needed to talk to someone he would always be there for you. You were like a little sister to him, as far as you knew at least, even if for you he meant a lot more than just family. But you weren’t going to do something to risk what you had, you’d much rather bottle up your feelings than ruin all of this.

Besides, he wasn’t the only one involved in all of this.

“But- if you want it back I could give it. I’m sorry I didn’t ask I just- it looked too comfy and I-” you started rambling, trying to find an excuse for yourself but he shook his head.

“No, no no!” he said a little too fast and you bit your lip at his reaction “By all means-” he breathed out “-You can keep it, it looks better on you anyway.” he said adorably and you grinned.

“Thank you Sammy.” you stood on your tiptoes and kissed his cheek, making his smile even wider.

“So- what do you want with your pancakes, you didn’t tell me?” you asked and he paused in thought for a moment.

“Uhm I think I’ll go with some eggs today.” he paused in thought.

“Do you want me to make them?” you asked, ready to start on them already but he shook his head with a laugh.

“No you already do enough for us.” he pecked your forehead “I’ll do that myself.” he winked and started working on them next to you as you still laughed and chatted happily.

“You know I love taking care of you anyway.” you mumbled with a shy shrug and he smiled warmly.

“Yes, and I know it. But it’s not bad if you take a break once in a while and let us do all the work.” he said matter of factlyand you just shrugged “You know you deserve it.”

“Not as much as you guys do honestly I-” you shook your head, flipping another pancake.

“Dare you complete that sentence.” it was Dean’s stern voice but the moment you looked at him he had a small smile on. You sighed, knowing you weren’t going to win this fight against both of them so you just shook your head.

Oh and he also happened to be the other person involved.

“Morning guys.” he greeted as he kissed Mary and came towards you, not missing a chance to wrap his arms around your waist.

A small squeak left your lips as he pressed his body against yours and you both chuckled in the end as he kissed the back of your head “Damn smells amazing.” he breathed out as he looked over at the pancakes.

“Thought you’d like them, and in case you are not really into pancakes today I made some cherry pie for you.” you smirked and he looked at you with a wide grin.

“Gosh” he breathed out with wide eyes that made him look like a little kid on Christmas day “Marry me!” he grinned and you laughed.

“You’d have to take me out first, Winchester!” you said as you heard him laugh as he squeezed you, burying his face in your hair.

“Anytime princess.” he mumbled, nuzzling his face before in the end he leaned down and kissed your neck.

You giggled as his morning scruff tickled you and you turned your head to peck his cheek, making him smile down at you. It felt so refreshing to see him like this. It has been such a long while since you saw Dean so carefree.

Of course you had gotten the chance to see him relax sometimes, when it was just the two of you and he’d let loose, but those moments were rare. It mostly was you holding him as you either sat in silence or he talked to you about a nightmare- or whatever was worrying him at the moment.

Your relationship with Dean was different from that of Sam. While with Sam you were all playful, most of the time, and acted all cute together: watching movies, reading books and talking about all kinds of nerdy stuff your relationship with Dean was more contact and less words. You’d spent many nights in each other’s rooms just holding each other, gazing into each other’s eyes like some love-sick couple – well you were love sick you couldn’t deny it at least to yourself – and only sometimes talking. Dean wasn’t really a man of words so when it came to just the two of you he talked about only the things that troubled him. But even the few words were enough for you to get a look into his world. Heck, the mere fact that he trusted you with his thoughts and feelings was enough to let you know how important you were to him.

Of course there were serious moments with Sam as well, he too trusted you with his worries as well, and as that there were funny moments with Dean. Both brothers were very similar but at the same time your relationship with each of them was completely different. Each one of them completed a side of you that in returned completed them as well.

“Hey you two-” Sam’s voice got Dean’s attention. You looked at him to, luckily, see he had a small smile on his face “You’re not alone alright?”

“Sadly” Dean added and you giggled as Sam shot him a bitch-face.

“Why don’t you prove yourself useful and and prepare some bacon huh?” Sam obviously found an excuse to get him away from you.

“Oooh yes, love me some bacon!” Dean said with a glint in his eyes and you chuckled at how childish he was being.

“But first-” he said cupping your face as he leaned down and kissed your forehead, his lips much like Sam’s previously lingered a little longer than they should have. He looked down into your eyes, exactly like Sam had done, and offered you one last gentle smile before going back to playful him and started working on his bacon.

The three of you still talked and laughed as you had each Winchester on each side of you. Her sons’ laughter caught Mary’s attention and this time she took a real good look at the three of you. For a second she smiled fondly at how childlike you were all being, happy that her kids looked so carefree around you, but when realization downed on her hersmile faded away.

“Mary?” Castiel’s low voice caught her attention as she looked at the angel.

“Are you alright?” he asked with a small frown.

“Should I be Castiel?” she sighed sadly “I mean, how can I even be? At first I was happy about Dean but now- seeing this-Knowing that my one son’s happiness depends on the other’s grief- how can I be happy?”

“What- what do you mean?” Castiel frowned with a tilt of his head and she looked from the three of you to him.

“I thought seeing my sons fall in love would be something great. I just didn’t know it was going to be with the same girl.”

At some conventions there are artist-related events because literally every nerdy fandom attracts a number of artists in various stages of aspiration. One such event at Indy Pop Con was the Drink ‘n’ Draw- where we all met up at Scotty’s for brews and had a drawing session. 

I didn’t really read the blurb, I just kind of wanted to hang out with other artists and talk about cats. So I did certainly not know that it was a competition- first prize gets a free artist’s table at next year’s show. Runners up get a bag of goodies with a sketch book and some nice pens. Judge faves get a sketch commission.

Now I am not a competitive person. Like… I’ll participate in friendly competition if it’s a thing I like doing, but I’m not in it to win it. So I was just like… pff whatever, I’ll make someone else look good. 

But you have to adhere to a theme. And this year’s theme was ‘The Last Battle.’

And it could be anything you want within that theme. Mostly they were looking at things like storytelling, composition, and technique. 

I wasted about fifteen minutes of the hour and a half that we had, trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I’m awful at open-ended themes all the time and I mentally rattled off a list of subjects that would be good to work with before I finally landed on one that I wanted to do. 

Barney the Purple Dinosaur. 

And I know what you’re thinking:


But literally every kid I know grew up twisting the theme song to Barney and turning it into some morbid collection of ways to end the dinosaur’s reign of terror and all of them involved tying him to a tree. 

‘With a knife in his back and a gun to his head-

Woopsie-daisy, Barney’s dead.’

And I figured like… since I’m not really here to win, I’m at least gonna have a good time. So I skipped past the pencil stage and went straight for the sharpies and went to town on this piece of paper. 

And I was not gonna hold back. 

With ten minutes left, the event runner walks by my table and has this ‘what in the fuck is this’ look on his face.

“You know… like in the song?”

“…what song?”

Okay so this is the first person I have met in my life that has not indulged in the honored past-time of recounting the Death of Barney through song. So I start singing the song and he’s still just a wee bit perturbed. 

He walks away, shaking his head, but he’s definitely amused by it. 

Time is up, drawings are in. 

I’m just chillin’ over in my corner with a Pepsi and one of the other artists at my table keeps eyeing the judges because she came to WIN.  She nudges me and she’s like “they keep looking at yours, man.”

“They’re probably trying to dry it off because I spilled Pepsi on it.”

“I dunno… they look intrigued.”

Intrigued is an… intriguing word to describe the faces they were making at my hot mess of a doodle. 

The winners have been decided. 

They get through their personal faves and start listing the runners up. The artist that was checking the judge reactions got one of the judge’s favorites prizes. My girlfriend gets a runner-up for hers. They get to the last one of the runners-up and say:

“Okay, this one came REALLY close.” He holds up a drawing. “Who did this one?”

My hand shot straight up.

“Is that… is that BARNEY?”


“What the fuck?”

I am SHOCKED at this point because what kind of a childhood did y’all have? A fucking nurturing one? “Come on guys, it’s like that song. You know… tie barney to a tree…”



Come on!

So that’s how I won a free sketchbook and came to be known as the chick that ruined everyone’s childhood at Drink’ n’ Draw. 

And I suspect I might have actually won the table if I’d made it clearer that the shadowy figure walking off into the sunset is Baby Bop.