look at her face @ @

it was this. why does she look like that. her face, her arms, her deviantart fetish ass??? she shouldnt be alive. the worst part is that while trying to find this, people apparently just found her sexy??? she’s just scaring me

next up is Bio class right? interesting…

“So…are you still interested in knowing more about that Mikael?” Sana asks as soon as she’s sat down.

Isak, currently rumaging through his backpack, fighting to get his book out, perks up at this. Sana, breathing out a sigh through her nose, holds up one finger.

“I will tell you. Under one condition, I will tell you everything I know.” 

For a second Isak just looks at her, then scrunches his face up and throws a hand up. Then tell me that condition already. He doesn’t have to say it out loud.  

“I need a place to hold a buss meeting.” 


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Imagine being the newest member to the team and Tony jokes that Gibbs is going to have trouble keeping rule 12 because you’re a redhead. (Rule #12: Never Date A Coworker.)

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“I’m just saying, Gibbs is gonna’ have some trouble keeping Rule 12 with the new girl around,” DiNozzo chuckles, his amused smirk gleaming as Ziva rolls her eyes and McGee lets out an exasperated sigh.

“Tony,” Ziva warns.

“What? It’s true. She’s all redheaded and spunky and just Gibbs’ type,” Tony trails off at registering the startled looks on Ziva’s and McGee’s faces, as well as the glare burning a hole in the back of his neck, “He’s standing right behind me, isn’t he?”

The only response he gets is Gibbs’ slap to the back of his head.

but all i can imagine is how amazing it would’ve been if skam was going to get more seasons and in the final clip of like idk season 4, everyone is at a party, ok, and girls like girls by hayley kiyoko comes on. everyone’s dancing and the focus shifts to vilde. magnus has his arms wrapped around her but she looks distracted. we see vilde watching girls dancing, the focus on their hair and bodies and eyes and lips and the way they’re moving. and she looks unsure, her brows knotted together, chewing her lip, just looking, completely uninterested in the kisses magnus is pressing against her cheek. slowly, the camera zooms closer and closer to her face until the line “i’m real and i don’t feel like boys” comes on and vilde’s eyes look into the camera then BAM fade to black


Tribeca Film Festival 

First, I really didn’t expect her to show because everyone was saying that the cast only shows up for the premieres. But then Pablo said he was doing press and posted a pic with Eliza, so there was a little hope, but I kept looking around the theater and I didn’t see her.

Anyway, the film was fantastic. Without spoiling it, it was very raw, gritty, full of tragic heroes and flawed characters, and it was just a very real, eloquent portrayal on an incredibly sensitive and delicate subject to talk about, let alone put faces too. But I think that’s what made it so worthwhile to see. I really do hope it gets picked up, for Eliza’s sake. But it has to be seen with a mature set of eyes. 

Okay. So back to blogging about what happened. After the movie, the lights came up and Jordan (director) walked out, and said he was going to introduce some of the cast. And he introduced Pablo, Eliza, and Grant. So naturally, my entire brain starts freaking out because EJ actually showed and I had my gifts for her in my bag, just in case she did. 

So after the Q&A, I went up to her and asked her if she remembered me. And Eliza just beamed and said “Yeah! I do! How are you?” And then we hugged. And then told her I made her a couple of gifts for her and she started opening them. (A set of wood burned storage/jewelry boxes.) The first had “The meaning of life is the find your own meaning” pyrographed on it. When she read it, she pointed to it and said “That’s my quote!” And then I told her to open it. Inside that box was a smaller box and the second had a whale shark and “my destiny lies in the hands that set me free” on it. She awwed at the whale shark and caressed the engraving. It was adorable. And then she said the artist of that song would be really happy about those lyrics. Both of those quotes are really important to her. And so I told her that I had a question to ask her. 

Since EJ gets kind of weird/anxious about people getting her handwriting tattooed, I asked for her permission to get a quote that she wrote from the show tattooed. She knows why I want it. But I don’t really want to share it on social media. Anyway, out of respect for her, I asked if it would be okay. And she was like “Yeah! Absolutely! I just get weird because I don’t want to mess it up.” 

Then I asked if we could get a picture and we did in the lobby later. But not before she apologized and said “Sorry if I smell. I’ve been running around doing press all day.” I laughed and told her she didn’t. And then we took the pic and I told her I was going to see her in DE with Sam, and it would be the original crew again. She replied “That’s awesome!” and then we hugged again.

After that, I waited around a little just to see what types of critiques she would get from non-Eliza-biased fans. (If any) And she did! Plenty. I especially remember one woman who came up to her, shook her hand, and told her it was absolutely phenomenal. She praised her for maybe 20 seconds, showering her with the kindest remarks and it was just amazing to see how much Eliza lit up at the compliments. That little nugget was absolutely GLOWING. And she deserves to! I’m so proud of her! After everything she’s been through, the personal and professional ups and downs, this woman is still golden! 

When it came time for her to leave, we said goodbye and she waved to us while she was waiting for the elevator and thanked us for coming so I told her that I was so proud of her and gave her another hug and rocked her back and forth, then had to rush off to the next movie. 

And then later, I guess Eliza was either sneaking around on Instagram, or saw my handle on the bottom of her gifts, because she ended up finding my pics with her and liked/commented on one of them. 

So seriously, if anyone says that Eliza Taylor doesn’t love her fans or doesn’t deserve the fame that she’s worked for, they can kindly take a seat because of all the celebrities I know/have met, nobody has been more dedicated or worked so endlessly and selflessly to deserve it. 

18 Year Challenge- Travis Konecny

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Ok so I don’t know where this idea came from, but I ran with it! Hope you like it anon! Enjoy!

Warning: none!

Anon Request: Can I please request a Travis Konecny imagine? I don’t have a topic but you’re so talented and I love how you write them and he doesn’t get enough love


              You were only 19, Travis 20.

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she also got embarrassed bc i was lowkey making fun of her for trying to imitate one of the sounds in the movie and she like shrunk down into the couch and starting pouting and was like ‘you’re not nice’ and then huddled into the corner of the couch and pulled her cardigan over her head and was like ‘don’t look at me’ with a lil grin on her face, which was red, and it was VERY CUTE


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Could you do a part 2 sorta thing of being Harry’s secret girlfriend and lupin finds out and gives Harry the overprotective dad ‘you better take care of her’ talk? Thanks!!!

a/n; the only question i have is: who’s courtney?


Silence. Neither dares to say a word. Harry looks down at his shoes and patiently, though anxiously, waits for what Lupin has to say. He had admitted. Admitted in loving you and so explaining all of your sudden disappearances from classes and getaways from home. Whilst Lupin’s face was expressionless for the most part of the story, he frowned when Harry finished and retreated into his thoughts. Behind the window snowflakes spiraled downwards in perfect circles. Your voice, ringing from way above along with Hermione’s somewhere in the Burrow, shook both of the men from their thoughts. Lupin clears his throat, leans back into the comfortable armchair, his gaze directed straight into the playful fire in the fireplace.

“You shouldn’t have waited to tell me his, Harry.” Lupin finally says. The said boy flinches at his words. “That being said, however, I must admit that I already…knew.” Lupin smiles faintly. Harry blinks.

“What? Did—“

“No she didn’t tell me and Tonks didn’t either.” He sighs, “Listen, Harry. I don’t know why you kept it a secret – it was most likely (Name)’s idea, I assume – but let me tell you this now. If you want my blessing, by all means, you have it. You are my best friends son and there is no one in this world that would be a better man for my daughter than you, Harry. But,” just when Harry started to feel his nerves easy they spike back up again. Lupin lowers his voice, “And I will only say this once. You better take care of her. Protect her. Cherish her beyond thought. I would say keep her out of trouble, but we both know that’s impossible.” He cracks a smile. Harry too. “Now, if you wish to take her on a date you tell me. Must be back before 11pm and no exceptions. Got that?”

“Yes, sir.”

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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b></b> *Molly is at the sink, just finished washing dishes, Sherlock slowly walks up behind her and pats her on the shoulder*<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> There's my pretty girlfriend.<p/><b>Molly:</b> I'm not going to help you with your case.<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> What? Can't a man just be happy to see his woman and pat her on her second most erogenous ball-and-socket joint?<p/><b>Molly:</b> *smirks* He can, but it's still not changing my mind.<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> Well, maybe what's in my pants will change your mind. *says promiscously*<p/><b>Molly:</b> *turns around to face him, eyebrows raised in amusment*<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> It's a list of every place I solved a murder.<p/><b>Molly:</b> *looks unamused*<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> It's long, isn't it?<p/></p><p/></p>

when the depression hits but you have to do homework

{image: a selfie of the blogger sitting on a tan couch - all that’s visible of her is the top half of her head, from her nose up. she’s wearing glasses with black frames and looking down. her head is covered in a dark green blanket. in the background is a white wall and a door leading to her roommates’ room.}

you only ever heard her side. so you assumed i was a terrible human being that pushed her to anxiety attacks. you were supposed to be my friend, but no, she was your girlfriend, wasnt she. you were supposed to be neutral party, but you always took her fucking side, didnt you? when you moved in you saw the fights we got in, how she treated me, but you didnt do a fucking thing and now look at me. i still dont know why she keld the fact that i USED to like you over my head, like it invalidated everything. like i was scum of the earth for at one point liking you. i never would have taken you from her. im glad i didnt. youre scum just like her. she used her mental illness to fucking negate everything she did to me. i was always the toxic one. the one cowering in the corner, wanting to slit his wrists, trying so hard to keep a straight face. the one who was judged, invalidated. i have eating disorders again from her. i have nightmares and ptsd over ste stupidest things because of her. all i asked of you was to just listen to me and let me vent. the one time i did, i begged you not to let her know. and then she gaslighted me into saying i lied. that it was never as bad as i made it out to be. that i was worse. i hope you two fucking rot in hell. and i hope i get to be there stoking the flames under your asses.


It was the chemistry that caught her completely off guard. She wondered if he felt it too, or if it had just been so long since she’d been with a man that her body was over-reacting to everything. 

When he clasped her ribcage in his hands from behind, she wondered if he could feel how hard he made her heart pound, or if he could hear the way the air caught in her throat or how her pupils widened when she looked at him.

His vulnerability was disarming. The truths he spoke without even realizing what was coming out of his mouth. 

Dan kept saying he couldn’t believe this was real, he felt like he was in a dream - dancing and laughing on the pier with such a beautiful woman. But it was her who couldn’t believe it right then. She stared at his tattoos, the freckles that adorned his face, the nose ring and the gauges in his ears - more than once he caught her checking him out and she blushed. He wasn’t her usual type, that was for sure. And maybe that was a good thing. 

There was a part of her that thought he was the daydream, and she either needed to pinch herself or climb over the bench they sat on and touch him just to find out. 

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Once more wanting to point out the look on Mathio's face. Mathio is a clever boy, he's proved he can be pretty quick to catch on, and he knows from the moment Caprice started implying, what she wants, so what she wants of him (though maybe not her motivations). And once more, in any other situation than what happened previous (the cooper thing, not the Montgomery thing), he'd be jumping on her offer, no question. But that look on his face is somewhat guilty, and a lot of reluctance. I'm shook.


And one other thing, I just realized now. Why is Mathio hesitant? I mean, I know why, but from his confession to Cooper, and Cooper’s not so positive response (I wouldn’t call it negative, more of a deflection, but to Mathio, it would come across as negative), you would think sleeping with Caprice, someone he also likes (and Cooper is aware of too) would not be this hard to do. In Mathio’s mind, she wants him (cooper doesn’t). This is a distraction for Cooper’s escape. So why the hesitation?


i don’t know exactly how much i can say because of spoilers! we’re reaching a head here with showing who maitho really is - his motivation, his wants, his needs, his limits. maitho has had a BAD DAY. Thinking about it, he went from being understaffed to being harassed by an angry customer, then his friend claimed the only stable thing in his life belonged to them, to a full blown emotional outburst. AND THEN he saw that friend getting choked out, got himself punched in the face, and straight up murdered the guy. after vomiting and getting hit hard by the shock of what he’s done, then he finally reached out to the guy he’s been pining for, only to get his advances completely shut down, and NOW his f.w.b shows up at his door and makes a move on him while his business associate/murder accomplice/hard gay crush hides in the bathroom. 


so yeah, caprice showing up and going full flirt is definitely not ideal for maitho right now. he’s exhausted, both physically, mentally, and emotionally. he’s being wracked with guilt on all sides - if monty hadn’t come in when he did, he’d probably feel horrible about yelling at cooper. although he hasn’t expressed it in comic yet, he feels partially responsible for cooper getting attacked. he feels extreme guilt for murdering monty (although he’s trying to justify it with self-defense), and, even though it was a good distraction for himself, he feels guilty for making an advance on cooper (even though it was only a hand hold). NOW he also has to be faced with his best friend approaching him sexually, RIGHT AFTER HE EXPRESSED INTIMATE FEELINGS FOR SOMEONE ELSE. maitho definitely isn’t the most monogamous person, and he and caprice never talked about exclusivity, but he really does feel guilt from that, almost as if he’s betrayed caprice in some way.

and that’s only part of his hesitation - the thought that sex with caprice could be used as a distraction hasn’t occurred to him, so right now he’s terrified that he’s going to hurt caprice’s feelings if he turns her down (because honestly, he’s not really in the best mindset for sexy times), OR if he doesn’t, he’ll be within earshot of cooper. that’s embarrassing enough as it is, not even bringing up the fact that cooper now has insight to maitho’s feelings towards him. this is maitho’s nightmare scenario and we’re along for the ride

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I really liked the mermaid and genji Drabble! Could you maybe do pirate reader x mermaid D.Va maybe?

Genji one here.

You took a quick look over your shoulder at your shipmates, eagerly drinking the rum that the port town had to offer. You slipped out of the tavern, making your way to the ocean.

You gently sat on a rock and looked out to the moonlit sea, waiting.

“You been waiting long?” you heard and you eagerly looked at the ocean between your knees.

Hana squeezed the sea water out of her hair and whipped it over her shoulder. She slid her tail in front of her, settling back on her butt.

“Not that long,” you responded and she giggled, you watching her mesmerised.

She grabbed your knees, lips tantalizingly close to yours. A smirk crossed her face and she pulled you in, a large splash preceding you. You floated into the sea for a moment, Hana swimming to you and pulling you close.

Her hair floated around her like a halo and she kissed you, a bit of salt water entering your mouth. The two of you drifted up, popping out of the ocean and still kissing. Your hands wrapped around her waist and she giggled at the touch.

Water dripped from your eyelashes as you stared at her with open eyes, burning the kiss into memory. You only got to see her when you went to port, as there was no way for you to get to the water on a ship. Getting caught in the shipboat would lead to you being executed as a deserter.

“You could just come with me,” Hana said, her forehead pressing against yours, “There are rumours in the current that there’s a sorcerer north of here, he could enchant you to live underwater.”

“If we go there,” you said, “I’ll ask, but I might not be able to.”

You crawled out of the water, knowing that if you spent more time out here they’d get suspicious. She waved as you made your way to the town, getting ready to follow your ship.