look at her eye makeup i made it

I got asked by @thievinghippo for an image of my Ryder!  I have still not quite figured out the joys of screencapping on the PS4, so this is grabbed from masseffectarchives.com.  Here she is:

I made her by taking one of the default/preset faces and doing minimal tweaking of hair color/hairstyle/eye color/makeup (well, makeup removal, really), because I am sorry to say that I rarely have the patience to spend much time in any given game’s character creation window. Nonetheless I like how she turned out.

And this is her brother, who came out looking like a slightly shell-shocked Anthony Bourdain for some reason:


This was the best concert ever!!!! BTS really outdid themselves. I went to the concert in a group, so there were five of us. One of the people in the group camped out, so our number line up was in the 90s, plus we all had soundcheck tickets ( bless her because I don’t know how she survived because it was so cold outside.)For soundcheck, it was the best experience ever! I like that BTS felt comfortable enough with us to show up to soundcheck without any makeup or hair done. They legit looked like they rolled out of bed, they were still handsome though. Since there were not that many people there, it was so intimate and personal. I made eye-contact with Jimin, Taehyung, Jin and Jungkook. Since they were not dancing during their rehearsal (except for Baepsae) , they were looking straight at us while singing. When they were practicing Dope, Namjoon didn’t even rap, he let us say his lines for him lol. It was so hype at soundcheck even though there were barely any people there. Also, Namjoon was the only one who showed up with glasses on. A fan had a sign that said “King of Destruction” for Namjoon, when Jimin saw it he was laughing lol. Overall soundcheck was such an awesome experience and it felt nice personally connecting with the members on that type of level. When the members were leaving, all of a sudden Taehyung came running back, he said “ I forgot my cellphone” poor Taehyung lol. Then we went back outside to line up and then entered the venue. I was right in front of the extended stage on the right side. I had the best view ever, first row is really the best lol

I was laughing the whole night because of my friend and her commentary ( if you watch my fancam for J-hope’s MAMA, you will see what I am talking about lol). My favorite member was Jimin and he was in front of me for the majority of the concert :) But he is so strange though. When he is dancing he is so focused and serious and his body really flows with the music ( I am so happy I saw it live and up-close). Jimin is really a beautiful dancer. However, he was feeling himself a little too much and almost busted his ass twice twirling and spinning around. If he fell in the pit, it would have been RIP to both Jimin and the security. Speaking of security even they were turing up to BTS lol. There is like three sides to Jimin. 1st is the serious and passionate dancer. 

Then his cute fluffy side. OMG, Jimin smiles while he talks, and it just melts your heart, he is really adorable lol. 

However,we also have flirty Jimin, he was having multiple fans shook all night. My friend was a Yoongi bias, but she was having a lot of eye contact with Jimin lol. The majority of the eye contact I had with Jimin was during soundcheck. During the actual concert I didn’t even notice he was staring at me, sometimes times I noticed, but I was only able to film some of it. Also, his thighs are no joke they, they are so thick lol. When the fans did the rainbow ocean, he was so amazed and was staring at the whole venue in disbelief lol, all of the members were shook. 

I also, had a lot of eye contact with Taehyung too, he was so interactive and cute with the fans. However, the energy from J-Hope was no joke. He was hype for 2 and a half hours straight. He is such an amazing performer, honestly the majority of people who left the concert all said they are now J-Hope stans lol. He was like a ball of light and sunshine, and he was smiling so much. I also, caught Jin staring a lot, even though he was on the opposite side of were I was on stage lol. Towards the end of the concert when they were saying goodbye I had eye contact with Namjoon for too long, and then he opened his eyes really wide and waved goodbye ( I wish I had footage of that). Jungkook was cute too, a fan gave him the American flag and he took it and ran around with it.

The performances at the concerts were well done, and I was able to appreciate their choreography even more so seeing it live in person. They all can dance so well. I loved when Cypher Pt 4, was performed. For someone who says they are a rock, Yoongi sure was getting his life though lol.

This was really the best concert that I have ever been too. I was able to meet so many wonderful people. One of my friends was talking to the staff members and they told her that BTS were so nice and respectful, but they are also jokesters. Overall, the staff loved them lol. My other friend also knew a girl who’s dad was working at the show, so she got to meet BTS, but she was too shy to say anything so she just waved. I really had an amazing time and I can’t wait for them to comeback soon.

I uploaded all my fancams on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-uWbQg6_PQ&index=1&list=PLcXdoa9XjabFzx9b9IDiAa93Hvu8N-I3a

 I also complied a video of highlights of the concert : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3NCfBwRmOs

ALSO: I put together a few moments when I had eye contact with the members: 

Dating Advice- Magneto x Reader

Request: one where the reader has a thing for magneto but he hasn’t made a move yet so she gets advice to act more seductive/ flirty because he’s hard to get so she tries but it’s so unlike her so magneto just finds it cute / funny how hard she’s trying

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This better work, you thought to yourself as you pulled on your way to high heels and fixed your hair in front of the mirror. While you did look good, you also looked way over the top. You weren’t sure how many makeup tutorials you watched to achieve the smokey eye look, not the I-just-got-punched-in-the-face-and-now-have-two-black-eyes look. All you really wanted to get was Erik’s attention and if that meant a little black dress, you kept having to pull down, and shoes you kept tripping, in so be it. You’d had feelings for Erik for as long as you could remember and he was to stubborn to make a move, but according to Google, this was the best way to get a man. 

“Are you almost ready (Y/N)?” Erik called from outside the bathroom.

“MmHm.” You replied giving your reflection one last glance before stepping back into your room, Erik was waiting patiently on the end of your bed, you were both meant to be meeting the rest of the X-Men team for dinner and Erik had offered to drive you. You leaned against the door to the bathroom trying your best to look sexy. Erik however, was engrossed in a magazine. 

“Uhhm.” You cleared your throat. He turned his head to look over at you.

“(Y/N), you look nice.” He said evenly, and stood up, “ready to go.” You nodded your head, but your lips were pursed in frustration, you barely got a reaction out of him. You moved to follow him out the door but stumbled a bit as you walked.

“Stupid shoes.” You muttered under your breath.

“What?” Erik looked back at you.

“Oh nothing.” You shook your head and attempted to smile seductively, whatever that meant, Google hadn’t provided the clearest instructions. Erik laughed a little and your spirits sunk, was he really this clueless.

“Here we are.” You’d walked out to the mansions garage and Erik was holding open the door to his car for you. 

“Thank you.” You said to him, trying the climb into the passengers seat as gracefully as possible, even stretching out your leg a little for Erik to see, you’d put a lot of work into shaving. But instead of a fluent movement, you tripped again and would have face planted into the seat if Erik hadn’t caught you around the waist, pulling you upright again. “Thanks.” You mumbled blushing and slid into the seat normally, not attempting to put on a scene again. 

“No problem,” Erik laughed with a smile. “Ready?” He asked when he was positioned in the driver’s seat, key in the ignition. 

“If you are.” You smiled again and added a wink for good measure. Erik bit his lip, clearly holding back a laugh. “Oh my God.” You crossed your arms over your chest and slumped in the seat. “I’m trying so hard here and all you’re doing is laughing, literally just laughing at me.” You huffed.

“(Y/N),” Erik finally contained his grin, trying to appear more serious, “I’m not laughing to make fun of you, I’m laughing because it’s adorable how hard you’re trying.” He kept his eyes on you.

“What?” You slowly raised your head to look at him, a small smile spreading across your lips. He nodded to reassure you of his intentions. “Well in that case hold on a second while I go change my shoes, these are killing my feet.” You pulled open the car door, skipping into the mansion, dizzy with happiness.

Scientist- Ray Palmer

Request: you’re Tony Starks daughter and at a gala when Ray Palmer approaches you and asks you out, as a scientist.
“Just go talk to her, she doesn’t look like she would bite.” Sarah told Ray, who was currently admiring you in the red dress you were wearing. He was in a suit, he was supposed to be acting like Sarah’s date for the gala they were at, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of you. Every bit of your body seemed to fit into the dress perfectly, your makeup made your eyes look even brighter. Your lips a bright, vibrant red. Which made them even more attractive to Ray. “Go, I’ll be Sarah’s date.” Snart said and looped his arm with Sarah’s. They watched Ray walk towards you. “Y/N Stark?” He asked, you turned around and smiled. “In the flesh, and you are?”

“Ray Palmer, former owner of Palmer tech.” He kissed the top of the hand you had outstretched towards him. “I really admire your work.”

“As fox or as a scientist?” You giggled, hoping he would say scientist, everyone always loved the superhero side of you.

“First and foremost scientist.” He chuckled. “But you are quite an impressive superhero.” He added as you excused yourself from the conversation you were having with your father and walked with him. “I’ve seen some of your shrinking tech, you are quite impressive yourself.” You added. “Maybe you would like to get together sometime and talk, over coffee.” Ray said.

“Mr. Palmer, are you asking me out on a date?”

“I think I am.” He rubbed his neck nervously.

“You’re too cute to say no to, so, pick me up at 6 tomorrow night. I’ll tell pepper to let you up.” You grabbed his arm gently and pecked his cheek, leaving a lipstick mark. “See you tomorrow.” He blushed as you walked away, leaving him standing in the middle of the room with red lipstick on his cheek.

Wedding Day.

Your heart pounded as you looked in the mirror, your fingers grasping your wedding dress as you slowly started to get nervous, the feeling setting in that you were about to actually become  Mrs. McAvoy. You gulped and made sure everything was perfect with your hair and makeup before your best friend, and Maid of Honor, came into the room to tell you it was time.

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I honestly hate everything about how Katherine looked in the finale. Her hair looked bad, her makeup seemed too dramatic and looked weird on her, eyebrow didnt suit her face. Even her outfit was looking wrong on her. What a mess.

well i personally liked the outfits (especially that red top), but other than that i agree with you 100%.

Hair: i think someone said around here that it looked like a mop and that was the best description i have ever seen for the 8x16 wig

Makeup: idk whose idea it was to give her shimmery black eyeshadow, but that might’ve been one of the worst decisions they have ever taken. Katherine always wore like a dark brown eyeshadow in the crease with a much lighter shade on her eyelids, the only time she ever wore a “dramatic” (black eyeshadow) makeup was in 2x07 masquerade. I loved the lips, but that was it. The choice they made for the eye makeup even made Nina look much older, and i think this was one of the reasons people started to say that Nina is ageing badly.

Eyebrows: tbh i LOVE Nina’s thick eyebrows (i mean her eyebrows from S2 are still my favorites), they give me life, but they decided to overdraw them or something like that, which again was a bad move. They should’ve worked with what mother nature gave to her (and she gave her plenty), and stop being so “artistic” with her face for god’s sake.



So hiya, yeah I’ve been inactive again for a while ^ ^; But reasons! Last weekend, I went to visit my lovely friend @reallyquantum, pictured with me in the last photo. It’d been a while since I visited anyone so it was a real treat, we had a really girly weekend shopping at malls, went to SPX, saw Ghostbusters again, her mom was amazing, and also the highlight: my first Renaissance Fest!

I threw together an outfit from stuff I had at home and rushed to make myself a matching elf crown and necklace thingy (I made reallyquantum’s back in college) which turned out a bit fancier than expected >.>; I got a lot of compliments which made me really happy, since I haven’t worn anything cool to a con-like event in a really long time ^ ^ The back, not pictured, is the fanciest part so I’ll try to post pictures of that later.


The Stylist gets into the Master’s kitchen part II: a.k.a., True Friends Poison Each Other

@natalunasans sent me several sets of 1:6 scale accessories made by Battat for their 8″ Lori dolls. As you can see, they all work great for 1:6 scale people. While not on the level of Rement, all pieces show very good molding, sparing but realistic paint apps, realistic color schemes, and overall charming design. Better than Mattel playline.

Also starring a plastic overstuffed chair that came along with my Pop Toys British Detective [unlicensed Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock from the Abandoned Bride ep of the eponymous show set in 1895 or something]. And finally you can get a good look at the Stylist, who is a 2016 AA Holiday Barbie headsculpt on a Made To Move Body. I removed her eye makeup, brows, and lips, adding new brows, new mouth, and, of course, shading around eyes and nose. I also added a scar on her forehead because she was going to be Alison, but she doesn’t look like her.

Anyway, here’s the Stylist plowing her way through a selection, with eventual interception from the Master, whose pantry all that stuff was in. :p

No, apparently my Time Lords don’t have adventures; they just hang around and annoy the shit out of each other.

Third panel: Stylist: “Snore.” / Master: “What’s this?”

Fourth panel: Master: “Unraveler!” 

Fifth panel: Stylist: “Yawn. Hey — ‘s’up, Warlock?” 

Sixth panel: Master: “I can’t decide which I find more objectionable — the fact that you consumed everything in my larder or the fact that you made such an unconscionable mess in the process!” / Stylist: “Hmmm, maybe I should pick that up.” 

Seventh panel: Master: “While you’re doing so, you can amuse yourself by cataloguing your symptoms.” / Stylist: “My what now?”

Eighth panel: Master: “Do you think I would really be unprepared for this eventuality? I knew that you would inevitably raid my pantry, so I poisoned some of the items. I estimate that you have approximately three hours to discover which and effect an antidote. If not…well, at least I will have a few days of peace and quiet before you regenerate and start the whole cycle anew.”

Ninth panel: Stylist: “Cool! This Sunday morning just got a lot more exciting!”

Parent Development

malec fluff

word count – 2.5k

prompt by anon: “I’m sorry that I got way into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately”

my lovely beta - @glitterycateyes (her comment on this fic: “i promise you that they failed this assignment”)

read my other fics here

hope you like it!! :-)


Alec was, in Magnus’s often reviewed opinion, solely responsible for Magnus’s failing grades in his Child Development class.

Magnus enjoyed being the person that caught eyes, that drew stares. It entertained him, whether the looks were good or bad. He made them come to him on purpose, using makeup, a loud personality, and eccentric style. No one could compare to him exactly, and he liked it.

 Alec, on the other hand, seemed to be completely oblivious of his effect on other people. He wore torn jeans that Magnus guessed he’s had since junior high. He wore hoodies that would better belong in a trashcan. He was, in all pertains to fashion, a mess.

When Magnus peered over Alec’s shoulder in class, though, – to copy the genius’ answers, he told himself, not to stare at the sharp angle of his profile – he saw untidy black hair and eyelashes of a shade even darker. When Alec was answering a question or thinking, his eyes were visibly bluer and brighter. When he was correct every time, he closed them for a fraction of a second and his eyelashes would almost brush his cheek.

Alec was quiet and completely unconcerned with his own looks, yet Magnus could never tear his attention away. It set Magnus on edge (literally; sometimes he worried his desk would tip over.). Magnus liked that Alec didn’t care, though. He liked that Alec flicked his wrist when he wrote and that he un self-consciously chewed on the end of his pen when he was thinking. Magnus liked that Alec was someone who could unknowingly distract him from his schoolwork.

 Magnus liked that the moment the teacher told them to find a partner for their fake baby project, he came up with a solution: if he worked on this project with Alec, he wouldn’t be distracted by Alec, because the work would inherently be Alec. It was a beautiful plan. He really, he told himself, really cared about his grades.

Magnus leaned over and tapped Alec’s shoulder. “Hey, want to be my partner?”

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World Famous Couple Drabble: VS Fashion Show

it’s late. sorry if this sucks.

“I don’t know what to expect. (Your Name) left early this morning before I even woke up.” I whispered to Za and Kylie.

“So did Ken. I’m excited though, to be honest I’m jealous you’re dating (Your Name).” Kylie laughed.

We sat front row at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. (Your Name) had sent me multiple snapchats of her, Hailey, Kendall, and Gigi. Though all of them looked stunning, (Your Name) had a sort of glow tonight, at least in the pictures. Her makeup matched her skin tone perfectly and the dark eyeshadow made her brown eyes fade into golden rays. She always had the most captivating eyes I’ve ever come across. As a couple minutes passed, the producer of the show let us know that cameras would be rolling in two minutes. I texted (Your Name) a good luck text, knowing she’s constantly on her phone. Waiting for the show to start, I scrolled through Instagram. (Your Name) had posted a picture of her and Kendall. Through the mirror behind them, you could see Gigi had taken it. They were in their VS robes and in their hands were two large cheeseburgers which made me stifle a laugh. (Your Name)’s caption read: “The truth about modeling. December 8th.”

The lights dimmed as I shut off my phone. Za clapped his hands together obnoxiously, not wanting this night to end before it even started.

Ariana opened the show with “Dangerous Woman” the only models I knew so far were Gigi and Rachel. During the second chorus, Hailey and (Your Name) walked onstage in nothing but red lace. My eyes popped out of my head as I set a reminder to give (Your Name) a night she’ll never forget after the show. The two strutted down the runway as claps were formed throughout the hall. Za and I whistled for them. (Your Name) spotted me and sent me wink, her hands on her hips as she faded backstage. I hit Za on be shoulder.

“Holy shit. I think that was my sexual fantasy come to life.” I joked.

“The night’s still young, JB.” He patted me on the back.

Taylor Swift was next. She was a good friend of (Your Name)’s as well as mine. She performed Blank Space and Style. During Style, (Your Name) had a solo walk, and my eyes never left her figure. She was dressed in a pink cotton set, with a lace robe that trailed behind her. Across from me, I noticed a couple guys giving the same reactions as me and my friends. My ears steamed at the men treating my girlfriend like a piece of meat. Their tongues were practically sticking out, and though she was unbelievably sexy, I wasn’t that desperate. But (Your Name) had a different approach. She ate it all up, even blew kisses and giggled towards the audience. Obviously, she was a crowd favorite tonight. I mean, yeah she’s beautiful but she’s mine, okay? Can’t they get that through their heads?

Kendall had a debut performance with the overpriced bra. Her proud sister sat next to me as we all cheered her on. When she show ended, I texted (Your Name) asking where we were supposed to go backstage. She told us to go to the left of the stage, to which we obeyed and made our way backstage. Kendall was the first one we saw as we congratulated her multiple times and gave hugs. Gigi and Hailey ate some French fries in the corner while conversing with other models. After greeting them, I asked where (Your Name) was and Hailey told me she was outside the door with a bunch of fans.

“Fans” my ass. She’s probably with those hormonal underage men that are probably still in college. As I made my way to the door, I spotted (Your Name). She was still dressed in the lingerie, and was the center of attention among many other guys around my age. They were huddled around her, and before I could move through the crowd, she spotted me suddenly. She broke free, but the eyes never left her.

“Justin!” She shouted and smiled. I can’t be mad at her…it’s her night, she’s so happy.

“Hi, babygirl.” I greeted her.

Since we had an audience, I figured it was time someone set these boys straight. I took her lips into mine as our lips crashed together perfectly. We full on made out in front of everyone in the hallway as I hoped it would stop them from staring. I pulled away and noticed that my actions had no effect on them. Frustrated, I pulled (Your Name) inside as she waved her “fans” goodbye.

“So…baby you were amazing tonight.” I cooed.

“Aw, Justin. Thank you. I’m so glad you were here. I’m actually kind of busy though. I have interviews and a couple of those guys wanted to take pictures-”

“No, (Your Name)!” I shouted a little to harshly. She was taken aback by my words.

“What?” She laughed lightly.

“Those guys are all over you. I don’t like the way they look at you or treat you like you’re some kind of object!” I stated fairly.

“You mean just like how I heard you whistling and groaning all the way from the first row?” She crossed her arms and smirked.

In the midst of talking, (Your Name) threw on a light pink T-shirt.

“(Your Name)…I’m your boyfriend and you belong to me. I just want them to all know that you’re not available and you’ve already got a guy who loves you for more than your body.”

(Your Name) leaned in and pecked my lips.

“And that is why you’re the best guy to have around. Don’t worry, Justin. This is strictly business and friendly love towards a couple of fans. Not ever would I put some random, horny dude over you. You’re my soulmate.”

“That’s really good to hear.” I smiled.

“Ok, I’ll be right back. You stay here and we can go home in a half hour I promise. Then you can have me all to yourself.” She whispered seductively.

“I’ve been waiting to hear those words.”

alexandra-the-gr8  asked:

Hey, I found your Ryder in the custom Ryder tag and thought she looked great. Do you have any tips for the CC? (I'm not trying to copy you but I've heard a lot of people are having issues and yours looks super)

Yeah, no problem. I referenced this post: http://nestofsalt.tumblr.com/post/158645248346/tips-on-cc-for-mea and also my sister gave me some tips since she made her Ryder first. 

In general some good rules of thumb:

-You’re limited by the preset you choose, so choose carefully. You can’t drastically stray from your preset, for example, you can’t change the nose type or eye shape, just change sizes and depths. 

- I would suggest the first thing you do is remove all the makeup,the makeup personally screwed with my perception in this cc. At the end, I re-added makeup that I wanted. That said, most of the makeup is pretty bad anyway.

-A slightly long face looks better that a face that’s on the short side. 

- Skin is actually darker than what it appears it cc. 

For example, this is my sister’s Ryder who’s skin is set at 0.15 http://starburned.tumblr.com/post/158710618315/thalia-ryder

- Same with scars, my Ryder’s scars are set at 0.10 which seems almost invisible in cc, yet is more prominent in the actual game. I could have gotten away with setting it slightly higher, but just keep in mind, scars will be more prominent then they appear in cc. 

- Lower the mouth to the point where it looks almost too low. The mouth is gonna end up higher than it looks in cc. 

-Lips are always gonna look weird when your character is talking, but making the lips less wide and less prominent depth-wise helps.

-Before you hit accept, turn your Ryder around to look at her/him from all angles.

- I used preset 1, my sister used preset 5, so if you want any advice for those specific presets, I could help or ask my sister for advice.

Ziam update: Maia becomes a teen and house tour!

Zayn painted this interesting piece that ended up being a masterpiece!

Zayn must know that this galaxy painting is my favorite because this is like the third time he’s painted it. This was a masterpiece too which we really needed to be able to afford the crazy expensive bills for this new house!

It was Maia’s birthday!

I was soooo excited to see what she would look like as a teen!!

And she didn’t disappoint!! She’s gorgeous! She definitely looks like a Ziam child! She has gorgeous natural features, I was so happy!

Here she is after I made some minor adjustments to her face… I changed her brows (I think she, and any Ziam child, would probably have really thick brows!), gave her CC eyes, lashes and makeup, a beauty mark on her cheek (since Liam seems to have a lot of natural moles and freckles) and I changed her ear shape to make the earrings fit better. And for the more cheat-y things I did: I made her eyes a tiny bit bigger and changed the shape of her head/face to make it slightly wider.

Then I painstakingly chose a hair for her and I liked this one the best. I also sized her eyes back down to how they were because I felt like I was cheating too much! She looks like a young Kim Kardashian! And also kinda (not really) like Waliyha (Zayn’s real life sister)

This is Maia’s first outfit. 

Her second!

And third!

She’s so cute!

Azan and Maia together! They look so much like Ziam together like this, it’s ridiculous!

Sitting and having a chat about teenager things.

The girls actually decided to eat breakfast in the dining room, the next morning.

Maia about to head off to her first day of high school!

Now here’s the house tour:

Starting with the basement, which has a locked door and none of my Sims are allowed down here but I had to include it because the house I built this based off of (my childhood home that I lived in for 16 years) had a half-finished basement with a very small apartment that we would rent out to people.

This is the first floor. (Ignore the landscaping once again, please)

And this is the second floor which I’m much happier with than the first floor.

The view from the kitchen into the living room. (I need to fix that painting, oops)

The layout of this house is basically the same as my old house but everything is way nicer and way more fancy than anything we ever had in my old house!

The art studio/office that is off of the kitchen. (In my house irl, this was like a mudroom area where we put our shoes, coats and boots and other junk and it was also a laundry room)

The home gym. (irl, this was an office)

The formal dining room.

The kitchen

A view from the kitchen where you can see into the “front hall” as we called it or the foyer.

The living room.

The downstairs bathroom.

I don’t know what to call this room… the rec room? (irl this was a second living room or I guess more like a den)

The view from the rec room and into the foyer (and you can also see the dining room from here)

The view of the foyer as you’re walking away from the kitchen, to the right is the bathroom (the roof is clipping, ugh!!!)

The view from the top of the stairs

Upstairs in the hallway. I think I messed up the ceiling somehow with trying to create an open foyer so I’ll have to fix that. Also the roof is clipping into the house at the end of the hallway… oops

The master bedroom aka Zayn and Liam’s bedroom, featuring Zayn just waking up

The master bathroom (the door leads to their bedroom)

The master bathroom facing the other way, featuring Liam just getting out of the bath lol

Akasha’s bedroom (irl this was my little sister’s room)

The upstairs bathroom that the kids share

Azan’s room (irl this was my little brother’s room)

And finally Maia’s room which irl was my bedroom.


so Aja was super underwhelming for me and I really wanted to like her. I hope she brings it next week. Makeup was unsettling honestly. and NO her skin texture isn’t what bothers me, that’s normal not everyone has perfect skin. It was her blending and coloring and eyes that just didn’t sit right with me.

Sasha was EVERYTHING. I loved all of it. Every single look.

Shea is definitely someone to watch, Wow.

Jaymes seems very uncomfortable. Hated the way Eureka came for her in untucked.

Nina!!! now watching it last night I was very mixed.I didn’t like the animated makeup. It’s just not my thing.As of this afternoon, I’m feeling a little wrong about the assumptions I made. I judged her harshly. But, shes a very strong competitor and Her Gaga look was amazing. Loved her personality shining through in untucked. Just wish her makeup was a little more blended and polished.

Eureka was okay with her until I watched untucked. Over it now. Bye, Next.

Alexis has been my top pick since the photos released. She is a body girl, she is compassionate (untucked), and her entrance/ Gaga looks were EVERYTHING. Her hometown look was a amazing concept, just no follow through.

Kimora made me super bored. Makeup was busted. She said in Untucked that she hasn’t had any work done. BULL. SHIT. LEAVE. BYE. 

Farrah’s looks were all LOVELY. just didn’t like her white panties in entrance. Nude illusion was kinda ruined. ALSO, she second guessed herself about the Gaga look, should’ve opened the tear away. The body suit looked awesome.

Charlie Hides was funny, SO SWEET IN UNTUCKED, loved the looks. loved it all honestly.

Valentina was 100% visually appealing. just didn’t like her in untucked or in interviews.

Trinity was BORING. but, I did love the countess look.

Peppermint was SUPER fun and I liked her looks but she needs to step it up.

Gaga was incredible, AND SHE GAVE NOTES IN UNTUCKED. AMAZING. She actually wanted to help them each improve.

I am one of the few that is excited for Cynthia Lee Fontane to return. While Laila McQueen is my top three fave queen ever, Cynthia deserves a chance to shine as much as she does. Do I think she’ll win? no. BUT, I’m always down to hear her say “mis amores” and “cucu”. She makes me smile.

My top 5 would have to be: Sasha, Alexis, Shea, Charlie, and Farrah.

Overall, I’m more excited for next week to see Ru in drag, and hopefully things will seem a bit more like they normally do on the show.


                              Meet Jazmine the Collegiate Dancer

I edited this lovely sim and made her a dancer.  I referred to Alexandra’s Sine’s mini tutorial (reblogged below) to give Jazmine my favorite pouty look.

Photos 1 and 2: Hair Recolored by salem2342 reblogged below on my blog.

Eyes: Eye color reblogged below on my tumblr (really pretty colors) in coustume makeup.

Eyeliner by Plumbob’s N fries reblogged below

Lips: basegame 

Sweet Cupcake sprinkle blush in skin details (just love this) reblogged below

Top:   cutestuffgaming      http://www.thesimsresource.com/members/CuteStuff/downloads/details/category/sims4-clothing-female-teenadultelder-everyday/title/cutestuff-hawt-shirt/id/1303661/

Bottom:hautefashions4 reblogged on my blog below

Shoes: marigold   http://blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=8632683&logNo=220288190744&redirect=Dlog

FAV  Band-aid on knees by the Fabulous decayclownsims  reblogged way way down

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Photo 3


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shoes:  TSR:  http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-shoes-female-teenadultelder/title/gauzy-high-heel-shoes/id/1264906/

Pose:  Sakura-Phan  Reblogged below on my tumblr

Photos 4 and 5

Ballet Tutu Reblogged Below on my tumblr along with other dance items I didn’t use but would look great in your game or Look Book

Photo 6

Romper by toksik reblogged below on my tumblr

body blush (red knees hands etc)  by imadako reblogged below

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Photos 7, 8 and 9

Lips: lipgloss pinkzombiecupcakes  TSR   http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-makeup-female-lipstick/title/sweet-treats-lip-gloss/id/1258674/

Lovely Floral dress by sakura-phan

Pretty eyes by sakura-phan reblogged below (love love set 3 but she has lots of others)

Shoes Mary janes


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                                      Jazmine’s Story

Jazmine is passionate about dance and art, all dance forms actually but she excels at ballet.  She has a scholarship for cheerleading at an Ivy league college and plans on touring Europe with a small ballet company when she graduates IF she makes it through college injury-free.

Jazmine is majoring in art history with a minor in design,  She is also active in a local highly regarded dance company and spends her summer and college breaks within their ranks.  Life is busy and predicable and she has the next 2 and ½ years all mapped out until she and Jack notice each other …Jack makes her heart  POUND.


@trishtclk cont from here

Despite the makeup covering the black eye, Jessica had still noticed it. She’d really tried to hide it from her. She knew how protective she was, and how angry she got when she saw a scuff on her. Couldn’t win all your battles, Trish supposed. “No one important,” she replied, waving it off. “I took care of it.”

Jessica bit back her sigh, clenched her jaw shut tightly. She reached up, brushed the hair back, took Trish’s face in her hands to get a better look. I took care of it, those words made her bristle. “Thought you were supposed to get the government to sign your permission slip before playing hero now,” she breathed. 

Grimes On Her New Scene-Stealing Look—And Why Instagram is Killing Her Hair Color Vibe

The last time I saw Claire Boucher, we were 90 miles off the Florida coast aboard the S.S. Coachella, a music-festival-meets-luxury-cruise from the promoters that brought you the desert romp of the same name. Boucher—more commonly known by her experimental alter ego, Grimes—was belting out hits from her 2012 Billboard-charting album, Visions, while her self-styled ponytail, replete with multicolored scrunchies (and a pair of cat ears), swung in the air.

The moment was remarkable for a few reasons, the least of which had to do with our proximity to dry land. With only about 100 people gathered in the small venue to take in Boucher’s action-packed live show, it was an intimate performance with the burgeoning pop star, whose career promptly went stratospheric. It was also one of the only times in recent memory that the Vancouver-born, Los Angeles–based Boucher took to the stage with her natural brunette hair, which she’s been dying a kaleidoscope of colors since she was 10.

When we finally meet again, nearly three years later, it’s to talk all things beauty for this month’s issue of Vogue. Just ahead of her highly anticipated new record, Art Angels (out this Friday), Boucher’s strands are a fresh shade of Manic Panic purple with a wash of pink on top. “This is my album color,” she reveals of the precise lilac hue—a combination of the company’s Electric Amethyst and Mystic Heather shades—that she also wore front row at Louis Vuitton’s recent Spring 2016 show in Paris.

A self-taught beauty junkie, she’ll manage her own root touch-ups while she’s on the road this winter, part of her DIY mantra that hinges on looking ‘not professional,’ ” she says. “Sometimes when I’m doing stage makeup, I just want it to look weird and abstract, like I just smeared a bunch of crap on my face and let it live!” Still, there is a method to the madness that has the musician dipping into pots of black kohl liner, toting her trusty Kat Von D liquid eye pen across continents, and stocking up on beauty essentials sourced everywhere from Canadian discount stores to Kickstarter campaigns. Here, the 27-year-old talks natural skincare solutions, homespun energy drinks, and why she occasionally loves a really mean nail tech.

How do you choose your hair color for each album cycle or tour?

I just kind of go by vibe. Every time you do a color, though, everyone else starts doing it. I’m like, ‘Damn. I shouldn’t have Instagrammed this!’ I really wanted to do red this time, but I think Florence [Welch] just did it. And Bowie. And even Rihanna’s red phase is so iconic. I don’t think this [purple] color is taken, though.

Do you ever get as expressive with your makeup and nails as you do with your hair?

I have a kohl eyeliner that I use to make a smoky, goth-y eye, and I’m really into this one Kat Von D pen that’s super-easy to draw on, but I can’t wear lipstick; I look simultaneously like a baby and a lady of the night. I use lipstick on my eyes, though, like a red or a black—or even a lip gloss. I have all of these weird sparkly glosses from the dollar store in Montreal that are great. I also really like getting acrylics—really long ones in black, or navy blue.

Do you have a go-to L.A. nail spot?

I go to this nail salon that I found in Highland Park. They have pictures of all of these D-level celebrities on the wall, and they’re really mean to me. I love it when they’re mean to me—it’s kind of amazing.
Is beauty an onstage-only undertaking for you, or is it part of your daily routine?
Every time I leave the house, I guess I do a little something, at least my eyebrows. I always fill them in. I got this weird, white, organic Halloween makeup that I mix with regular foundation for a pale look, and then I fill in my eyebrows so they’re super contrasty. It’s subtle, though. Like, you can’t tell that I’m wearing clown makeup!

Is there a specific foundation you like to mix with said clown makeup?

Josie Maran. It has argan oil in it.

Are there other good-for-your-skin ingredients you find yourself gravitating toward?

I have Burt’s Bees everything and I take vitamin D, but I use olive oil more than any actual beauty products—and I eat a shit-ton of avocados. There’s also a great rosewater toner and a shea butter body oil that I really love that I got from my friend Alexis [Krauss] who’s in the band Sleigh Bells. She just started this website called Beauty Lies Truth, which is how I started getting more into cosmetics. She did a Kickstarter campaign, and if you pledged, you got a big box of ethically made products.

Do you make a concerted effort to maintain an ethical, environmentally conscious lifestyle?

Yeah, definitely, whenever possible. Vegans are too hard-line, but I don’t eat meat or dairy—and I never use plastic bottles. Every night, I fill up my purple S’well bottle with ice-cold maté [tea], and I put it by my bed, so when I get up in the morning I can just chug it. I’ve been infinitely more productive since I started doing it.

I imagine the maté boost also helps make music you can move to. Was that important to you on this new record?

Dancing is really important for me. I’ll make a slowsong, but it’s important to me that the songs are fun and at their core, there is just an incredible love for music.

Do you dance a lot to get in shape for your live shows?

Training for a live show is emotionally and physically like training for a fight. This is so off-brand, but I’ve been really into the Ballet Beautiful workout videos. They’re really hard! ButI’ve also been skipping rope because the main thing I need to work on is being able to move more, dance more, and not lose the vocals,



If you follow my @humblezombieponders blog, you may have seen I’ve been trying out a technique of painting from this video by @dollsahoy on a few pumpkin and fruit-headed dolls, and a Strawberry Shortcake clone.  At first I thought the CAM Lab heads would be too small for this to work, but then I decided to give it a go anyways.  I’m glad I went for it :)

I used cut-up makeup sponges for the eyeshadow, eyebase, and blush.  The alien-girl was inspired by my messing up my first try at Berry’s eyes, which made her look like an alien (but I was not going for that with her).  I made a tiny stencil for the stars in her eyes (I still had to touch them up a bit after though).  Her mouth was inspired by Peridot from Steven Universe, heh.  Both her and the sea monster girl (I still need to name them), will be getting CAM wigs and some more accessories.

I will really have to experiment more with using sponges for painting.  I very much like some of the makeup effects I achieved here :)

Greek Gods - Aphrodite

With Valentines Day just around the corner, I thought it was fitting to do Aphrodite. I took elements from the history I read about her and also added a little modern twist. The eyes are made to look like the sea. Tales say she arose from the sea foam. One of her symbols is a scallop, so I added that onto the eye as well. For the modern twist I added soft pink around the face with little hearts and pearls.