look at her cute wittle face

Monsta X Reaction: Them being your first boyfriend.

Shownu: As soon as the words left your lips he’d be a happy papa bear. He’d pull you into his arms, resting his chin on your head as he told you how much he loved you. He’d kiss you sweetly to emphasize his happiness. 

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Wonho: He’d be the happiest man alive, grinning wider than he ever had before. Nothing could stop his barrage of kisses. His heart would swell with pride, knowing he was the first and ONLY boyfriend you’d have.

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Minhyuk: (My son) would be so happy, he’d kiss you until you had to pull away to gasp for air. He’d vow to you that he’d be the best and ONLY boyfriend you’d ever have in your entire life, and he damn well means it!

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Kihyun: He’d pull you into a tight hug, whispering how well he’ll treat you and his pure love for you. It’d take you by surprise how affectionate and completely genuine he’d be in this situation, but this was a serious thing to him and he didn’t want to waste a second to tell you how much you mean to him.

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Hyungwon: It’d take him completely by surprise. He thought he’d have to compete with the exes of doom to keep you. Breathing out a sigh of relief, he’d place sweet kisses on your face all over. He’d let you know how much you mean to him.

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Jooheon: He’d be a bit cocky and tell you dumb shit like “I knew I was the most special.” or something like that. But he wouldn’t fail to assure you he’d be your one and only, your forever and always, then probably break down in a sick ass rap about how much he loves you. Some romantic slam poetry, if you must.

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I.M.: “Bruh, did she actually just say that?” would probably go through his head a few times. He’d be confused on how such a beautiful girl would NOT have had someone fall for her at some point or another. He’d be like the others and assure you that you’re his one and only forever.

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Thumb Sucking

He Teases You Because You Still Suck Your Thumb {Age 17}

Luke had always teased you about sucking your thumb from the time you were thirteen until now.

It wasn’t like it happened often, just when you were really really scared or you couldn’t sleep, that was the ONLY time you sucked your thumb.

It wasn’t like you weren’t babied anyways when you spent the night at Luke’s, he tucked you in, gave you cute forehead kisses, and you always brought your stuffed teddy bear, Patches, and none of the bothered him, he just teased you because you sucked your thumb.

You were already in bed, Luke hadn’t came and tucked you in yet, he was still downstairs, but he had sent you up here, you couldn’t sleep, so your thumb had slowly traveled to your mouth, slipping into your mouth, and you had begun to suck.

Luke came in shortly after and a smirk flew across his face as he saw your thumb. “Awe wittle baby Y/N, look at her!” He teases, and you whine and blush.

“Bubby please just stop, I’m sleepy, but can’t sleep.” You groan, your speech slurred and murmured due to the thumb in your mouth.

He of course repeated your sentence mocking your speech. “Should we get you a pacy too?” He asks, laughing.

“Shut up!” You whine, blushing wildly, sighing.

He realizes you’re slowly starting to get upset and stops. “Okay princess I’m done.”

He coos, and grabs the comforter of your bed and pulls it up to your neck, making sure you were nice and snug.

He then grabs your stuffed teddy bear, the teddy was worn and old but still your favorite, he tucks it under your arm and smiles.

Lastly, he leans forward and presses a gentle kiss to the top of your forehead. “Goodnight princess, bubby loves you so much.” He coos, and you smile happily.

“I love you too, Lukey.” You whisper and kiss his cheek, your thumb travels back to your mouth and you slowly fall back asleep.

Luke shuts the door and turns off the lights, slipping into his room, and falling asleep quickly.

Craigslist Interlude: Vanity Fair Reports

craigslist au. In which Skye takes on the ultimate Ward gauntlet: Being featured in Vanity Fair.  Oh, and she and Grant might just have a surprise up their sleeves. PS HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZZIE

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Title: Genius and the beat
Author: beastladyswag​
Summary: You and the team head to the club after a long day of work. Spencer loses a bet and has to sing karaoke!
Prompt: cherrywhisp sorry I changed the song, I couldn’t keep a straight face.
Rating: T because I am paranoid

“Oh come on guys, please?”

Morgan grinned. “No way Pretty Boy, I won fair and square.”

“So time to man up and do your job.” Prentiss interjected. The rest of the team laughed.

Spencer looked at you hoping that you would have his back like always.

“Please don’t make me do this.”


You and the team had just got back from finishing an especially gruesome case that day. Shortly after arriving at headquarters Emily had sighed. “I don’t know about you guys, but after a case like that, I need a drink.” JJ nodded in agreement.

Emily looked around, “Any other takers? Morgan?”
“Absolutely” came his easy reply.

“If my chocolate dream is gunna be there how could I stay away?” Garcia piped up, making you all laugh.

He gave her a look. “Like I need an excuse to buy wine.”

Hotch had thought for a moment before finally replying “Sure, I think after today we all deserve a break.”

Then Emily had turned you to you —sitting on top of your desk— and Spencer   —seated in a chair next to you. “What about you guys?”

You had glanced at the young doctor. To anyone else it would have looked like he was casually considering, but you knew him too well. You could practically see the wheels working over time in his head before Emily had even turned to him —no doubt trying to come up with a polite and believable way to decline.

Nope, not this time.

With the most innocent expression you could muster “Well, I won’t go unless Spencer goes.” Spencer’’s head quickly whipped around, staring at you wide-eyed. Out of the corner of your eye you could see the rest of the team grinning, knowing exactly what you were doing.

You lived in the opposite direction of most of the team. Best friend or not, you and everyone else knew that there was no way Spencer would let you go home by yourself so late.

Spencer had sighed. “I guess we can go for a few-”

Before he had even finished you launched yourself onto his lap, quickly encircling his neck with your arms to pull him in for a giant hug. “Thank you!!” you had squealed, “ I promise you won’t regret it!”

Everyone quickly freshened up before piling into your car and heading to the nearest club.

At first it was light-hearted; the team sharing jokes while nursing their drinks. Nodding in time to the music and even dancing to a couple songs. Garcia and JJ had even managed to convince Spencer to dance —much to everyone’s surprise and amusement. “Spencer! You’re supposed to move your hips in time to the music!” you had teased.

But then Hotch got a call from his wife. Apparently Jack –now in his terrible twos– was on strike. He refused to go back to bed unless his daddy tucked him in.

“Sorry everyone,” Hotch had said apologetically “ I have to go.”

Oh please, who is he kidding?

You could all see the joy that his son’s demand had given him. The smile on his face could have out-shown the sun.

Rossi had taken one last sip of his drink before rising from his chair. “I’ll go with you. No, no, no, “ Rossi waved his hands as you and Garcia began to protest. “I am getting too old for this. Besides, with the music playing and the way the girls are dancing, if I’m not careful, I might find wife number 5.”

As they left you peaked at Spencer, who was suddenly looking very nervous. When you saw the matching grins on the rest of the teams face you understood why.

Oh boy, the adults are away, so now the children are free to play.

Everyone —with the exception of Reid— was  five rounds in when Morgan had suggested the game.

“Cup Pong?” Spencer mocked. “Really?” Morgan looked at him, a mischievous grin spreading across his face. “Just for that, I’m gunna play against you.”

“Uh-oh” Prentiss murmured into her drink. You held an imaginary microphone to your face. “Morgan sets the pitch.”

Reid had smirked “Are you sure? Because pong is all about angles and trajectory. Do you really want to take that chance, especially after drinking so much?”

“Ooooooh!” You instigated. “Look out ladies and gentlemen! Boy Genius bites back!” Both you and Garcia erupted in giggles.

Chuckling Morgan replied “Yes I do. Now put your money where your mouth is and set it up.”

Reid had chosen the south end of the table near you and Prentiss, leaving Morgan the north end near JJ and Garcia.

Prentiss and Garcia would be cheerleaders, you –with your whit and perfect timing– were the announcer, and JJ kept score.

“Okay,” J.J said as she adjusted the tiny shot glass on top of the napkin dispenser. “First to get the ball in 25 times wins.”

She had just finished speaking when Spencer took his turn, expertly throwing the ball so that it bounced once before falling into the glass –a perfect shot.

Morgan had missed the first few shots, courtesy of the buzz the drinks had given him. He wasn’t drunk or tipsy, not in the slightest. Morgan knew how to hold his liquor. The problem was that the drinks went straight to his head, making him a little too overzealous –which caused him to overshoot whenever it was his turn.

And after the first five minutes —the score 14-7 in Spencer’s favor— it seemed like Spencer would win.

But then you saw it, a small dent in the table. It was completely indiscernible and easy to miss, the only reason you saw it was because you had placed your cellphone down.

It wasn’t a bad thing oh no.

It was actually every pong player’s dream. It was situated in such a way that no matter how you threw it, the ball would go straight into the glass –a perfect shot every time.

This was the perfect advantage. One that Spencer would have exploited —that is, if it were on his end of the table. No such luck. Once Morgan saw what you were staring at he and realized this golden opportunity, he quickly caught up to Spencer, 20-15.

Flustered by this sudden turn of events, Spencer fumbled the ball slightly, casing it to skim the rim of the glass before bouncing away. Thus giving Morgan the opportunity to win the game,  25-24.

Running his fingers through his hair Spencer groaned. “Okay that is totally unfair, I call a rematch on a different table!”

Morgan shook his head “Nuh-uh, no way Reid.

Garcia smile “So what’s Spencer’s punishment my little chocolate god?”

“Hmmm, let me see.

Morgan said as he surveyed the club, weighing his options.

His eyes passed the cute bartender with the flirtatious smile. Send Reid to flirt with her? Nope, too easy. Despite Reid’s believing otherwise, his good looks and boy next door charm could make any girl fall for him.

Morgan eyed the dance floor. No way, Morgan thought. I think he’s suffered enough. He laughed as he thought back to how Garcia had tried to get him to twerk. And besides, that had been more of a punishment to watch than a fun way to tease Reid.

No, this had to be something good.

It wasn’t everyday that Morgan beat Reid.

His eyes continued to roam the dark room before finally falling on the karaoke machine next to the DJ booth.

With a wicked glint in his eyes Morgan turned back to the group, pausing in order to drag the suspense you were all feeling.

Oh gawd, he has that look in his eyes.
This is gunna be amazing.

You thought to yourself as the girls tried to contain themselves and Spencer tried to hide his growing anxiety.

“You have to sing.” 

Now Spencer was standing above you. “Please Y/N, don’t make me do this.” He repeated.

The group tensed. You were definitely no Hotch or Rossi, but you held your own. You knew that if you said so, the others would let Reid off the hook. But you knew it was all in good fun; that the team would never make Spencer do anything he really wasn’t comfortable or ready to do.

But look at his cute wittle face!

He was looking at you with those big pleading brown eyes of his and you started to melt. what kind of a person would leave their best friend hanging?

You glanced at the stage.

But then again…..

“Sorry Spence, rules are rules.” Morgan and Garcia cheered while JJ and Prentiss laughed. “You head her Spencer, now go sing your little heard out” Garcia said as she pushed him towards the stage.

Spencer shot you one last look of hope over his shoulder. He looked so helpless.

Damnit fine!

You got up after him, eliciting a cheer from Morgan. “Looks like tonights two-for-one.”

You ignored him as you walked up to the little platform. Spencer smiled gratefully as you joined him. You gave him a quick smile before getting two mic stands from backstage. Once you were finished you motioned to the D.J.

Smiling under his big black shades, the D.J cut the music. “Alright, alright!” came his cheesy announcer voice over the speakers. “ It looks like we have two singers in the house tonight!”

The crowd slowly faced the stage. The team had let out a little ‘Whoop’ much to your embarrassment.

Gawd how drunk are they?!

The D.J looked at you. “So, pick your poison.”

“Um..” you leaned into your mic as you looked to Spencer. He just shrugged. “ I guess…random?”

The crowd liked that. “Random it is.” A giant wheel of fortune type thing appeared on both the screen behind you and the prompter on the stage floor in front of you.

You waited until after the fifth rotation –your favorite number– before finally hitting the stop button.

Come on number 5! Be something good!

“And it looks like…….Superhuman by Chris Brown and Keri Hilson.”

Wait isn’t that a…a love song?

Oh boy.

The crowd cheered while you and Reid blushed.

It was no secret how much you two liked each other, but for some reason whenever your friends tried to convince you both of the other person’s affection, neither of you ever believed them. The both of you sure that the other was too good to be with someone as simple as you.

So the universe —frustrated to no end by this lack of OTP action— took matters into its own hands.

“I-is this okay? I could change it.” Spencer shook his head. “No, w-we can sing this one.” You nodded to the D.J. “Okay,” he said as he pressed play “here we go.”

The crowd fell silent as the first few notes of the song spilled from the speakers.

With one hand on the microphone and the other in his pocket, Spencer began;


                         I had been crying and crying for weeks,

                        How’d I survive when I can barely speak….

Your jaw dropped so fast that you were pretty sure if you looked down you would see a small hole in the floor.

What in the actual fuck?!

A quick glance at the table showed that the rest of the team had similar reactions. Dr. Spencer Reid –expert profiler, certified genius– could now add amazing singer to his long list of credentials.

                                 .…barely eat, on my knee–ees.

You were so shocked by Reid’s beautiful voice that you almost missed your cue. A second too late you sang; 

                                    But that’s the moment you came to me

                           I don’t know what your love has done to me….

This wasn’t the first time you sang in front of a crowd, nor was this the first time any of the team had heard you sing. Spencer liked music, he had his favorite songs, favorite artists. But to him, there was nothing more perfect than the sound of your voice. You were so busy staring at the floor, the screen, your shoes that you missed the look of awe Spencer had for you.                                                                       Think I’m invincible I see,

                                    You and me, what used to be–eee,

Both of you couldn’t help but shyly look away from each other as the chorus came; 

                                    You changed my whole life, 

                                    Don’t know what your do–ing,

                                    To me with your lo-oove…

The both of you stood there in front of your respective microphones; Reid gripping the microphone and staring at the wall, you looking at the floor —one hand on the mic, the other nervously wrapped around your waist. You risked a glance at Spencer just as he was peaking at you. You both blushed and turned away, just to slowly turn back towards each other. 

                                 I’m feelin all Superhuman you did that to me, 

                                      A superhuman heart beats in me, 

                                    No-thing gets by me here with you–ooooo



You smiled encouragingly as Spencer continued;

                                Since I’ve been flyin and ridin the wrongs,

                                Feels almost like I had it all along,
                                           I can see tomorrow….

Suddenly Spencer glanced at your lips, causing you to blush yet again.Good god I probably look like a tomato by now!You couldn’t help it! With Spencer’s presence alone you were light-headed. Add his voice in the mix? You were absolutely weak-kneed. It didn’t help that Spencer stealing glances at you every time you sang.

                                  For every problem is can because, 

                            I flew everywhere with love inside of me….

You both hadn’t noticed that you were beginning to lean closer to each other, like a moth to a flame. You knew that Morgan and his teasing crew were RIGHT THERE, but you just couldn’t turn away. Your voices sounded absolutely perfect together, keeping each other –and the audience– completely enchanted.

He was staring at so intently at you that you felt your heart might burst. And when he glanced down at your lips, you were blushing yet again. Except this time when you tried to look away, Spencer gently reached up and turned your face back up to his; burning you with his amber gaze. You wanted to drown in those brown eyes of his. As you stared back the room seemed to fall away, leaving just you and Spencer in your own perfect little bubble.

It took every single fiber of your being to sing the rest of the verse,
                   It’s unbelievable to see how love can set me free–eee,

Spencer smiled at you as you both sang the chorus,
adding your own riffs to the song.
                                            You changed my whole life,

                                          Don’t know what your do–ing,

                                            To me with your lo-oove… 

                                  I’m feelin all Superhuman you did that to me,

                                      A superhuman heart beats in me, 

                         No-thing gets by me here with you–ooooo


It wasn’t just a song anymore.

You knew it, Spencer knew it, and —judging by their reaction— the audience knew it too. You smiled as Spencer caressed your cheek, so carefully. As if he had found the most precious gem in all the world and was afraid it would slip through his grasp. With only a breath of space between you, you both sang the bridge.

                                        It’s not a bird, not a plane

                                  It’s my heart and it’s goin gone away

                                         My only weakness is you

                                             Only reason is you

Tilting his head down until your foreheads touched Spencer finished;

                            Every minute with you I feel like I can do-oo

Utterly lost in each others eyes……

                                Goin goin I’m gone awaay—ay in love….

…….you exposed your souls in such a way that words never could.
Revealing the deep love you felt for each other as the chorus came round again.

                                      You changed my whole life,

                                       Don’t know what your do–ing,

                                           To me with your lo-oove…  
Now holding hands, you finished the song together, completely giving in to the passion that was being ignited in your hearts.
                          I’m feelin all Superhuman you did that to me,

                                  A superhuman heart beats in me,

                              No-thing gets by me here with you–ooooo



Panting heavily you both just stood there as the last few notes began to fade. And for a moment –just one beautiful moment– there were no monsters. There were no terrifying unsubs to catch, no innocent victims to save, no darkness creeping along in the light just waiting for a chance to snuff it out. 

It was just you and him…..

The crowd erupted, the sounds of their thunderous applause vibrating the walls. You and Spencer snapped back to reality. He helped you down from the platform and led you through the still cheering audience back to your table. 

As you were walking you heard the D.J sing your praises. “Hot Damn!! I feel bad for the person who tries to top that!” 

“I agree because my goodness that was amazing!” Garcia gushed as you finally reached the team. Prentiss nodded emphatically as you both sat down. “and since when did you know how to sing Reid?”

Spencer smiled modestly.“I um never really sang in front of an audience before I-i usually just sing in the shower.” 

JJ shook her head. “To keep a voice like that to yourself is absolutely criminal.” She handed you each a bottle of water which you both took gratefully and heartily drank from. 

After all that singing and staring you were positively parched, a quick glance at Spencer showed he was in the same state. 

“And what a performance too,” Morgan said as he leaned forward grinning.“If I didn’t know any better, I would say that you two were sweet on each other.” 

Goddamnit Morgan Shut up!!!

Everyone stared and tried not to laugh as you both choked and sputtered. You coughed, recovering first, and quickly replied “Haven’t you ever heard of performance art? Putting feeling behind it? It isn’t just about the song you know.” 

“Y-yeah and d-did you know that um in Japan they um created karaoke boxes out of railway cars so as to not bother the neighbors.” Spencer supplied once he finally finished coughing. 

Morgan raised an eyebrow. “Oh believe me Pretty Boy, no one was bothered by that feeling you guys put into that song.” The girls smiled and giggled into their drinks.

Spencer suddenly raised his arm, signaling the barteneder. “Um c-can I get another round. Please?” 

You looked at your friends grinning faces and knew that the torture had only just begun.

“Actually,” you said” Can you make it two?”

Because this is gunna be a long night