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Powerless (El Diablo x Reader)

A/N. This bitch is over 5000 words long, so prepare yourselves. The goal is for it to be three parts in total, and i’ve already started part two, so be ready for that (considering how long they are though, it could be a few days). I love this character, and he deserved better, so be prepared for more stuff for him. alright, I hope you guys like this, enjoy!

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

The locker room went from almost painfully loud to dead silent in under a second. Every man in the room turned to look at (y/n) as she threw her duffel bag into her locker and began to change. She was used to it. Instead of responding she pulled on her uniform jacket, clipped her belt around her hip, and crouched to lace up her boots, all without looking at the men surrounding her.

There weren’t a lot of women who worked as guards for Belle Reve prison, but even so there was a women’s locker room just down the hall. As a prank– which she later learned happened to every woman on her first day– (y/n) had been assigned a locker in the men’s room. Griggs, and a few of the other men, were hoping to get a laugh or two out of it, but when she changed without complaint, and without giving them anything to look at, they knew the charade had failed.

“(Y/l/n)!” Griggs barked, hoping to at least make her jump. Instead she turned slowly to look at him. He hated this woman already. “I’m Commander Griggs, your superior. Are you aware you’re in the wrong locker room?”

She raised an eyebrow when a couple men snickered around her, but gave him a pleasant smile. “I’m sorry, I must have gotten the wrong locker number. I’ll make sure to have that changed. I hope I didn’t make anyone uncomfortable.” Her sharp eyes swept the room, and more then a few of the men shifted under her gaze. “And technically I serve Amanda Waller. This transfer is only temporary.”

Griggs smiled at that. “Because you were caught fucking your boss.”

That got a reaction from her. A blush spread from the tips of her ears down her neck, but instead of lowering head her eyes hardened and she gritted her teeth. “Yes sir.”

Griggs’s smile grew. She may have outranked him once, but now she was his, and she had best remember that. He would make her remember. “Perfect. Right this way, let’s introduce you to the inmates.”

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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD + Ladybug   

I’ve got an AU fic Avengers+Ladybug, but it’s still one universe.

“- Yes, - answered agent TripleSeven with a smile and came out of darkened corner. Her outfit was as good as her partner’s.
   A black overall with red and black dotted patches looked great on her figure. High boots were about her knees, but were very comfortable. Straps with holsters embraced her hips, waist and ribs; there were multiple pockets full of cartridges on her belt, and a securely fastened rifle Barrett M82 on her back. It magically becomes lean after the transformation and  do not hinder the movements, so Marinette could easily run even with fasteners on her back.
   The only things out of standart-agent-image were a strange rounded object on her hip colored as a ladybird’s back, and a black dotted red scarf around her neck. The scarf could hide half of her face; it’s ends were fluently draped over agent’s shoulders. Half of TripleSeven’s face were hide behind the mask which looked like agent Thirteen’s mask but styled as TripleSeven’s outfit. Mask’s lins were black and faceted as insect eyes.”

*I’m sorry for my mistakes, English is not my native language*

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Fan Mail Time: I stumbled across your SU works, and they are just so ... delightful! Thank you for making them and sharing them. It might sound odd, but beyond the content of the images (the little story each one tells) and their general affect of sweetness, I particularly am tickled by the way you render Ruby's boots. For some reason, something about them is just so endearing, y'know? Like, "OH MY GOSH! LOOK AT HER CUTE LITTLE BOOTS! I'M GONNA DIE!" So, anyway, once again, thanks for existing!

GOSH, thank you so much for the compliments! I love telling little stories and depicting tenderness with my art and doing SU fanart is a great outlet for that.

I REALLY love drawing Ruby’s boots (I love drawing boots in general for some reason) and I gain an additional ten years to my lifespan every time someone reblogs and tags my art with comments saying how much they adored the way I draw Ruby or Eyeball’s boots!

God, this was such a nice thing to find in my inbox. Thank YOU for existing!

Have this Ruby sketch, friend!

Here they are! The kids! And yes, I feel the need to establish that LUCINA is their mother.

I spent an hour and a half creating both of their designs, so allow me to elaborate!

Morgan’s tactician coat no longer has the Grima eyes on each sleeve, as their parents would like not to revisit that chapter of their lives. Her boots boast a look eerily similar to her mother’s. Other than that, she’s daddy’s little girl and doesn’t stay too far from the conventional tactician design.

Marc has the grandmaster cloth that covers his shoulders, but the sleeveless gloves of his father’s outfit. In addition, he wears lucina’s tunic and re-unforced boots. As the younger sibling, he boasts a “best of both of my parents” look.

Expect more of these two.

Tell me what you think! Reblogs appreciated!

Flora now with bump mapping for a more detailed look.

Well at least on her dress and boots for now as they make use of cotton and leather normals respectively. Haven’t really decided yet on what clothing materials to use for her white sleeves and ribbons though. If anyone has any suggestions for that, do let me know. 

Take care.

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I loved your fic Little bean! Can you do one in the same universe where Erin and Jay are on surveillance because of her pregnancy, and she's starting to get symptoms??

Well anon you and some others convinced me to add on to this story so there will now be three chapters to the Little Bean story. Hope you enjoy!


She didn’t realize how much she needed Hank’s approval until the day they’d gone over to his house to tell him about the baby. He’d been dropping hints this last year saying things like how he loved watching Danny play hockey when he could make it down for his games but missed having a grandchild to snuggle in his arms. He’d then give her and Jay a pointed look. She’d rallied back, reminding him about his threats to boot her from Intelligence if she wanted to “play house.” This always got a sour look from him and he’d mutter about how if he had to put up with a romance in his bullpen for the last five years the least he could get was a grand baby out of the deal, and then he’d stormed back into his office and closed the door a little too forcefully.

Well today was the day he’d get his wish. Erin just hoped he’d actually be happy about it now that it was a reality.

Jay had wanted to tell Hank at work, just go in early one day and let him know before the rest of the team got there but Erin was feeling more sentimental these days, she blamed that on the hormones. Actually she was blaming a lot on the hormones. If she was gonna have to put up with growing a kid inside her and the laundry list of symptoms she’d been reading about since finding out they were pregnant last week, she figured least she could get was a free pass to act however she wanted and get her way.

So Erin insisted they announce the baby in a more traditional way. She didn’t care if it made Jay uncomfortable. She knew he preferred to keep Hank at arms length, in the ‘he’s my boss’ box but Jay was just going to have to get use to that line being blurred now that they were having a baby. Blood relation or not, Hank Voight was this baby’s Papa and that was something Jay was going to have to find a way to deal with.

So here they were sitting at the dining table she’d shared with Hank, Camille and Justin through her teen years, having an awkward Sunday dinner. Her hands were sweaty and she wished for a moment Camille was here to ease the awkwardness. She smiled thinking how much Camille would have loved Jay. Hell she’d even settle for Justin and the jealous jabs he’d take at Jay. God she missed them both so much still.

“Spit it out,” Hank broke the silence and commanded gruffly, making Jay’s back snap up straight like he was still in the military and Erin drop her fork.

She muttered her her apology at the awful clatter the fork made and glanced at Jay, hoping he’d share their news with Hank. But he was offering no support, his eyes clearly telling her this was her idea so it was on her to make the announcement. She gave Jay a glare, letting him know she’d make him pay later, then cleared her throat.

“So we, umm, have some news,” she began.

“I gathered as much,” Hank said flatly. His face was devoid of emotion, making it hard for Erin to read him.

“We found out a few days ago and well we thought you should know,” Erin said, letting out a frustrated sigh.

This wasn’t the speech Erin had prepared and practiced over and over in her head since asking Hank Friday night if they could come to Sunday dinner. She picked up her glass of water and took a sip. Hank folded his hands under his chin and looked back and forth between them waiting, in what could be deemed as patience if you knew Hank Voight, for one of them to enlighten him. Erin’s glass hit the table a little harder than she expected.

“We’re pregnant,” she blurted out. She caught the wince on Jay’s face at her less than gracefully delivery. But to his credit he reached under the table and squeezed her thigh reassuringly while they waited the beat it took for Hank to react.

A slow smile began to push out the harsh lines on Hank’s face. He pushed back his chair in silence and came around the table, pulling Erin up and into a hug. Erin’s body relaxed, relieved Hank was happy about the baby.

If Jay didn’t know better he swore he saw tears shining in the harsh man’s eyes. Pulling back he looked Erin in the eyes, smiling for a long moment. Then, just like that the smile was replaced by his usual stern look.

“You’re on modified duty, starting immediately,” he commanded, pointing a finger at her.

Erin nodded quietly then Hank stepped around her and extended his hand to Jay. Jay rose and shook hands with his boss. Voight’s grip was firm and his eyes bore into Jay leaving no doubt of their message. ‘Take care of Erin and the baby or you’ll be wearing a Chicago necklace’ Voigh silently threatened. Jay smiled confidently and nodded, although offended that after all this time Voight still didn’t trust
that no one cared for Erin as deeply as Jay did.

Five weeks later Jay wondered if Voight was trying to test exactly how deep his feelings were for Erin. He’d assigned them to surveillance duty watching an abandoned warehouse and Jay felt like he’d spent the last six hours in hell. If she wasn’t complaining she was hungry or bored she was going on about how unfairly pregnant women were treated. He almost blew their cover wanting to escape from the car when she caught on that he was only half listening to her and spent the next ten minutes chewing him up one side then down the other. Jay was sure he would have had an easier go of it being locked in the cage with Voight.

His suffering was quickly forgotten when later that night Erin emerged from their bedroom in nothing but a few scraps of expensive black lace. She said she owed him an apology for the way she’d acted on their stake out and felt like a crazy woman with all the hormones running wild in her body.

Jay quickly and enthusiastically accepts her apology. It was only as his lips chased his fingers over her belly that he noticed it for the first time, the small but firm swell that proved his little bean was growing inside Erin. After he finished making love to her that night Jay lay with his head on Erin’s belly for a long time tracing over its new curve, imagining how much more beautiful she’d be with each passing month.

When Erin was seventeen weeks pregnant Jay experienced what he thought heart attack victims must go through. The bullpen was unusually quiet, everyone elbow deep in paperwork trying to locate the serial killer who’s victims were plastered all over the board.

“Oh my god!” Erin yelled, jumping back in her chair and sending her glass of water smashing to the ground.

“What? What is it? What’s wrong?” Jay called, flying around his desk to get to her. The rest of the team were also on their feet and ready to slay whatever unseen dragon threatened their girl.

Erin sat back in her chair, face pale, hands splayed across her stomach.

“What’s wrong? Are you in pain? What is it?” Jay demanded.

“I think I just felt the baby kick,” Erin announced, astonished.

The boys exchanged baffled glances while Hank leaned against the door frame of his office, his concern morphing to a bemused smile. Al caught his eye and the two men shared a knowing look, both remembering the first time they’d felt their own child’s first kick.

Although Jay’s mind processed the words he couldn’t get his heart to slow. He stood rooted in spot beside her desk staring at her hands as the explored her half moon belly. She jumped slightly.

“There it was again! Jay!” She exclaimed reaching out to pull him down. “You have to fee this!” Erin positioned Jay’s hand under hers and stared expectantly at him. Nothing happened. “Just wait,” she said. “See? Did you feel that?” She asked excitedly.

He had. Erin’s tummy thumped gently under his palm another two times. Jay stared at her in awe, having lost the ability to form words. His heart that had just about stopped then raced away from fright moments ago now swelled and ached with a longing to meet and hold his baby.

“Did you feel him?” Erin asked again.

“Her,” Jay corrected, as he nodded yes.

Erin just rolled her eyes at him. They’d been having this pseudo argument since the day they found out about the baby, each one convinced of the baby’s gender.

Three weeks later Erin wanted to sob at the look on Jay’s face when their ultrasound technician confirmed it was in fact a boy. The appointment has started out well, both excited to see how their baby had grown and changed in the weeks since their last ultrasound. They’d ooh and awed over the images of the tiny feet and hands that were forming. The sound of a strong heartbeat eased some of the anxiety they were assured all new parents felt. Then things went south when they’d convinced the technician to break protocol and tell them the gender of the baby, rather than wait another week for the results to be delivered to Erin’s doctor.

Erin had been so thrilled to hear it was a boy, just because she wanted to win their little debate, but truthfully she just prayed the baby would be healthy given the injuries she’d sustained back when she discovered she was pregnant and her history of drug use. But when she looked up at Jay to rub in her victory, her face fell. He looked deflated. He’d tried to recover and gave her an attempt at a smile but he was horrible at masking his true feelings.

They’d finished the appointment and Erin dressed quickly. The car ride to the district had been silent, Erin not understanding why the gender of their baby drew such a reaction from Jay. He’d been so happy until now about the pregnancy, enduring all her mood swings and happily running out to fulfill whatever crazy food craving she had. Hell he even had the spare bedroom painted and ready for the baby furniture Erin couldn’t make up her mind about yet.

By the time they got home that night Erin couldn’t take the silence any longer.

“Babe, please talk to me,” she encouraged.

“About what?” He asked, off handedly.

“How upset you are about the baby,” she confronted him gently.

“I’m not upset babe, the baby’s doing great, you heard the tech. Everything’s perfect in there.” He lied.

“Jay please don’t lie. I know your disappointed it’s a boy,” she said trying to keep her emotions in check. God she hates how easily they took over these days.

“I’m not…” Jay began.

“You are. I saw the look on your face. I don’t understand Jay. What does it matter?” She asked again.

Jay let out a long breath and ran his hands across his forehead. He didn’t know how to put his thoughts into words.

“What if I turn out like him?” His voice filled with anguish.


“My dad? What if I set expectations he can’t meet or make him feel like he’s not good enough? What if I don’t see when he’s hurting and just needs someone to talk to? What if he needs to know I’m in his corner and I’m too busy with work to notice?” He asked helplessly.

“Jay you are not your dad. You would never let a child feel like that, any child let alone ours,” Erin countered. But Jay shook his head at her in disbelief. “Look at all the kids you’ve helped since I’ve known you. Ethan, Ellie, they are both doing amazing now because of you. What did Ellie say to us at her college graduation? She was taking a job in Washington with that child advocacy group. She wants to help change the system. She made it because of you. Because you made sure she felt heard, valued, safe. If you can do that for a couple strangers I’ve no doubt you’ll do whatever it takes to make our son feel loved and valued.” Erin said, rubbing her hand over his back.

He’s smiled at her then. She always knew what to say to him. She always knew how to sooth his wounds with reason and empathy. They’d curled up on the couch and watched tv with their fingers laced over her belly until Erin couldn’t keep her eyes open. Jay scooped her in his arms, despite her half hearted protest, and took her to bed. That night he slept with his arm laying protectively over her belly and swore he’d do better than his father did.

At seven and a half months pregnant Erin was fresh out of reason and empathy and Voight swore if she didn’t stay behind her desk until the baby came he’d force her onto leave early.

She’d just about ended up being charged with homicide earlier that day when she launched herself, volleyball sized belly and all, across the table at a suspect in the interrogation room. Her mood had become more aggressive recently to match the influx of male hormones taking up ever more space in her womb.

At her banishment from anything she’d considered real police work Erin began to pout and was snippy with everyone. The boys were beginning to joke behind her back that what Erin needed was an exorcist not a obgyn to get that baby out of her.

Jay pleaded with Voight to let him take Erin away on a long weekend. Before getting pregnant she’d talked about how she always wanting to go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Jay still felt bad Erin hadn’t been able to fulfill the wish list she created pre pregnancy and he wanted her to do something special before their world got turned upside down. Besides a little time away as a couple sounded good to him too.
He’d called her doctor on the sly and was told there were no concerns with Erin flying. Once he had the okay from Voight, Jay booked the trip.

Erin had been excited to get away. They both welcomed the relative warmth of New Orleans in contrast to Chicagos cold. They overindulged on local cuisine and explored the city. With her growing belly Erin found she tired easily walking long distances and her back began to throb midway through the weekend. She had also become slightly anxious in the large crowds of people, walking with arms subconscious covering her baby bump.

She could have cried tears of joy when she found out Jay had arranged a prenatal massage through their hotel that afternoon and managed to find them a terrace seat in a restaurant where they could watch the parade go by below. Once they’d finished eating Jay slid his chair around and lifted Erin’s legs onto his lap. He absentminded rubbed her feet while they enjoyed the music and dancing of the revellers below.

They finished their weekend away with a steamboat cruise on the Mississippi. They teased and bantered all afternoon on the water.

“Thank you,” Erin whispered in Jay’s ear on the flight home. “Just when I think I couldn’t get luckier you go and surprise me with more,” she smiled lovingly at him.

Jay returned her smile. “I am pretty great aren’t I,” he laughed. Erin smacked him playfully and laughed with him. “You’re welcome,” he said sobering. “It makes me happy to see you happy. You deserve that.”

Instead of responding Erin leaned into him and placed her lips on his. The constant spark they shared lit and, forgetting the other passengers on the plane, they deepened the kiss. Several minutes later Erin pulled away abruptly.

“What’s wrong,” Jay asked, coming back to reality.

“I apparently need to pee, again,” she said apologetically.

Jay laughed and helped Erin to her feet.

Two weeks later Erin was wishing there was a bathroom in the convenience store she stopped at on her way home from work. She’d had to go before she stopped but was desperate for Oreos and figured her bladder would survive a quick stop to pick some up.

It would be the last time she’d ever crave an Oreo.

Partition - L.H.

“Lucas Robert Hemmings,” y/n muttered crossing her arms over her chest as she pouted in the limo as the limo sat in LA traffic. They were already thirty minutes late to the band’s party at one of the clubs because his hair wouldn’t sit the way he wanted it to on his head, and now they’d be, at least, another thirty minutes just trying to make it to the other side of the city.

“Baby, come on. I can’t control LA traffic,” he groaned knowing he wasn’t going to hear the end of her bitching until they showed up at the club. “If it helps, you look absolutely delicious tonight.” He ran a hand up and down her thigh slowly noting that the tight black dress she had on came barely to her mid thigh and was accented with her thigh high heeled boots.

“I better look delicious. I spent forty-five fucking minutes getting ready.” She could feel his breath on her neck as he lightly took her earlobe between his teeth. “Absolutely not, Hemmings. I’m so mad at you right now.”

“Baby, you’re so sexy when you’re mad.” His hand made its way resting on her outer thigh millimeters away from her ass as he kissed down to her neck. “Come on y/n. We have half an hour to kill, at least. Let daddy show you how sorry he is. Let daddy take care of you, kitten,” he muttered against her skin earning a soft moan from her. She made eye contact with the driver who had his eyebrows raised in amusement at the two in the back of his limo.

“You know what, fine…but we’re doing this my way,” she whispered back looking at him slightly as he threw her an amused smirk. “Roll up the partition please.” She waited for the small window rolled up completely dividing them from the driver before unbuckling herself. “I only have one rule, okay daddy?”

“Anything, kitten,” he breathed out watching as she got on her knees in front of him, slowly unbuttoning his jeans and unzipping them.

“My hair’s off limits. It took a long time to make it look this good,” y/n said back pulling down his pants and boxers enough to free his cock from the cloth bounding it. He was already hard and she could see the bits of pre-cum drip down his shaft. “So pretty, daddy.”

“Let’s get on with this, kitten,” he said back quickly earning a smirk from y/n. “Let me see that pretty red lipstick all over my cock.”

“As you wish,” she muttered before taking him in her mouth not bother to tease him. She got right to it, not bothering to waste time. She moved her head at a slightly quickened pace making sure to suck the tip hard when she got close to taking the entire thing out of her mouth. After warming up her throat a bit, she put his entire cock in her deep throating him gagging a few times until her lips was touching his pelvis.

“Fuck. You’re so g-good to me,” he groaned resisting the urge  to grab fistfulls of her hair and fuck her mouth. She took him out of her mouth completely before pulling off her panties to straddle him. “How would you like to do this?”

“I want you to let me ride you and then I want you to cum inside me. Sound good, baby?” y/n asked straddling his lap and lining him up with her before going down on him being filled up completely. She didn’t wait to start moving her hips against him as he let his hands drop down to her hips helping her move against him. Y/n pressed her lips against Luke’s as she felt a slap against her ass adding to the pleasure of it all.

“That’s right, baby…ride daddy. Come on,” he groaned low as he felt her tighten around him. “You going to cum?” All y/n could do in response was moan as she buried her face in his neck. Luke took initiative and starting moving his hips up to meet her hips in rough thrusts causing her to cry out and tighten around him releasing on him. Seconds later he did the same breathing heavy as she rested on his chest.

“Um…Mr. Hemmings,” the driver said causing Luke to notice the partition had been rolled down enough for them to have a conversation. “We’ve reached out destination.”

“We’ll be out in a minute,” he said back as y/n quickly rolled off her boyfriend to pull her underwear back on noting that Luke was grabbing it and putting it in his jeans pocket.

“Hemmings. I’m going to have cum dripping down my leg if you don’t give me my underwear back.”

“Looks like I’ll just have to clean you up when we get inside.”


Sorry it’s short. I kind of rushed this. I’m visiting my mom at work and I’m kind of bored.

Avoidance PART 2 // Draco Malfoy

Originally posted by arianavevo


A/N: I was really shocked with how much notes part 1 got, so I decided to do part 2 thanks to @draco-malfoy-s and @goawayimreadingbeach because Draco needs some loving. Thank you so much!

Weeks had passed by since (Y/N)’s encounter with Draco on the seventh floor, and she felt no better. In fact, she felt worse than she did before, when he didn’t even glance her way. She sat at her house table at The Great Hall, just staring at her empty golden plate while her fellow housemates chattered and ate happily. She felt someone elbow her softly, causing her to look at the person next to her.

There sat Terry Boot, a handsome Ravenclaw boy that was in her year; he also happened to be one of (Y/N)’s closest friend. He gave her a warm smile and she tried to return it, failing considerably.

“Are you okay?” he asked, paying close attention to her facial features.

She furrowed her eyebrows and nodded quickly “Yeah, I’m just a bit… tired.”

“I don’t believe you.” said Terry honestly “Is this about Malfoy? Because if it is–”

“No, Terry –I don’t want to talk about it.” she interrupted and he nodded softly, clutching her arm in a comforting manner.

She once again glued her sight unto the still empty plate, and decided to head towards the common room instead. She excused herself and got out of The Great Hall, walking fast so she wouldn’t have to run into Draco once again. Of course it was pointless, since they had most of their classes together anyways. She muttered her entrance to the common room and walked towards the fireplace, sitting on the biggest couch, and then grabbing The Daily Prophet that sat on the wooden table. She laid back her head and began reading the news about the Wizardring World. After spending around fifteen minutes reading about the Ministry and their fight against the Dark Lord and his followers, (Y/N) decided it was time to leave, since the common room began growing full with students and noise, and all she wanted was to have a little peace.

The first place (Y/N) thought of going to was The Black Lake, but even most students went there to occupy their free time. So as she stood out of her house’s common room, she strode down the halls and the stairs to the only place she knew nobody would go to –not even by mistake.

Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom.

Before she could even think twice about if she wanted to be possibly annoyed by Moaning Myrtle, she was already sitting underneath the giant window next to the stalls. At first, she thought she would break down there and cry hopelessly, but she couldn’t. It hurt so much that she couldn’t even cry. So she just sat there and played with her fingers and the hem of her robes, enjoying the silence and loneliness she had craved for since she had woken up.

Hours had passed since she entered the abandoned bathroom, and (Y/N)’s head was now resting against the wall, slightly tilted to her side as she snored softly when the abrupt sound of a door slamming startled her, waking her up instantly. She stood up awkwardly and felt around her robes in search of her wand, just in case. And then, a person walked right into the same path she was standing on; the person (Y/N) was most afraid of running into since that night, many weeks ago.

Draco Malfoy stood speechless in front of her, with his hands clenched into fists. His face was red and his eyes were puffy and filled with tears. (Y/N) took some careful steps towards him, like she was afraid this might scare him away. Instead, he furrowed his eyebrows and his chin trembled, and no words were needed for her to understand. In fact, no words were ever needed between them.

Draco ran up to her, and so did (Y/N), opening her arms to enfold him in a breathtaking hug as he buried his face in the crook of her neck, sobbing uncontrollably.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” Draco’s muffled voice said against her robes over and over again, staining them with tear drops. The force of Draco’s cries made them both stumble to the floor, where (Y/N) managed to hold him even tighter.

“It’s okay,” she sniffled “It’s all going to be okay.”