look at her and tell me she isn't cute


My lil’ baby niece was more than happy to help with my secret santa gift ( Hyrule Warriors) to my bro-in law! Luckily he’s as big  a zelda fan as I am! Made the costume and painted the chest in one night so I’m pretty proud of myself ;v; 

I was so happy he liked his gift! I think Liv likes her new outfit too! My scarf was a bit big on her but she wears it with gusto! 

My sister made an album with more photos( ithink*) if you wanna check it out! She’ll be doing a photoshoot with me in the future! Excitedddd *v*

  • helen sees ryans stroke face™ whenever she talks about the murders/killer: nice guy, gonna tell him everything
  • helen, a cop, not noticing a gun on her back: ryan let me give you all the evidence
  • ryan, acting shady about the investigation: hey look at my son!!! isn't he cute!! especially in this jacket that tommy was wearing when the killer killed him!
  • helen sees cologne in ryans car: ....
  • helen sees a hat and sunglasses in ryans car: .....
  • helen: o h n o
The signs as stereotypical things my friends have done
  • Aries: *A kid jokingly tied Aries' shoelaces together, they broke* Aries proceeds to cuss the poor sole out for the rest of lunch and still won't talk to him. It's been two years.
  • Taurus: "I love my mommy. She's the best mommy. She even wrote me a note in my lunch box today. My mom's nickname for me is Buggy isn't that cute? So kawaii"
  • Gemini: "Wow she is such a skank, they probably invented the word after her. I can't even look anymore my eyes hurt." *skank walks up* "Hey OMG I love your outfit!"
  • Cancer: *someone starts walking away from them* "STOP! In the name of love before you break my heart."
  • Leo: *Someone tells Leo about how their dad has to have surgery* "Aw my dad had surgery once! Hospital food is nasty. Cute doctors everywhere. It sucked for me."
  • Virgo: "I don't need no man to define me, I have feminism and tumblr. Feel the Bern."
  • Libra: "I don't care if he's a fuckboy!"
  • Scorpio: *someone says something long and heartfelt and cute* "OK cool"
  • Sagittarius: "I DON'T CARE! Tom Brady did not deflate his balls!" *5 minutes later* "Oh my god that sounded horrible."
  • Capricorn: "I went to Universal Studios for break and met another guy who is a Ravenclaw TOO!"
  • Aquarius: "I don't love him, I like him, and only a little." *Cancer responds* <i>"You</i> have feelings?"
  • Pisces: *family about to leave for vacation* "JUST LEAVE ME! I'm marathon watching Steven Universe."
  • N: All the things listed were done/said by the sign they are listed with. My friends are wild.