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That's the best part! He'll find some cardboard strewn about the area and place it all together. Then he'll draw himself on the cardboard. That's why there are cutouts! NOT only that though, but he brings one of them to Henry, " LOOK WHAT I DID MR.HENRY!! " But he's too shy to present it himself, so he runs off before the man can see him.

This is too cute man


Regina & Henry | All The Little Things: A shoulder to hold onto


fresh little unpleasantness has arisen. but i’ve spoken to your superiors & now we’re all such good friends, they’ve kindly agreed to let me keep the team together. ` ❫



The OUAT Timeline
  • Belle: gives birth, writes a book; relocates to Australia to get away from this shit; Gideon turns 18.
  • Emma & Killian: die another 4 times each; become rightful king and Queen of Camelot; get married; have three children & adopt two.
  • Snow & Charming: celebrate 65th anniversary; go through 6 more sleeping curses & find each other 17 more times.
  • Cruella & James: get married in the Underworld. Everyone attends.
  • Henry: is still 13.
  • Neal: is still 3 months old.

in honour of fe14 coming out soon, out-of-context awakening bros! Bc although i am super hype for the game i’m not as hype for the characters yet haha, tbh I’m worried they’ll be reduced to single quirks again

henry’s the hippest hoppest mafia boss yall ever did see, stahl’s a university student, gaius is an idle teen, donnel’s horsing around as usual. lonqu’s doing his potato thing and libra’s the friendly neighbour who likes to come over and cook for u