look at hannah's face omg

so, someone cleaned up the blood on castiel’s collar between the time in 10.03 where crowley gives him adina’s grace and he gets back to the bunker

cas certainly wouldn’t use the little grace he has to clean his clothes. i wonder who would do that for him. oh yeah

i imagine she laid a hand on his collar, closed her eyes, and kind of smiled as she did, feeling the rush of healing power in her palm flowing not into human flesh but fabric, a human invention.

and then when she was done, she probably straightened his collar to the best of her ability. “there,” she’d say. “i believe the human expression is ‘as good as new’.”

and cas would smile at her innocence and her will to learn and her unconscious assimilation into human culture. “yes, almost,” he’d say back.

\(。◕ ω ◕。\)