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Hank didn’t understand why you disliked the way you look. He thought you were absolutely gorgeous. Whenever he saw you his heart skipped a beat. Why couldn’t you see yourself the way he saw you. 

You had been dating for one year. You both had your insecurities but Hank could find nothing wrong with you. In his mind, you were utterly perfect. 

It was your anniversary but the last place you wanted to be was in public. You stood looking at your body in the mirror. As you were staring sadly at your reflection Hank walked in the room. 

“Y/n, what are you doing?" 

"J-just getting dressed,” you stuttered. Hank looks at you before hugging you and saying, “you’re beautiful Y/n please don’t let anyone tell you differently." 

You looked at him before kissing him passionately. Hank always made you feel better about yourself.

You ended up having a wonderful evening and coming back to cuddles and a movie. 

You were cuddled up next to Hank staring at the screen intently. However, he was distracted by you. 

“You know I love you, right.” 

You looked at him and smiled. “I love you too, Hank.” You nuzzled your face on his chest before looking back up at the screen. 

Obviously Tom Hanks has now imitated the photo of Bill Murray who accidentally looked like Tom Hanks while purposely imitating a crying baby, who was then later imitated by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

However Improbable

by: mldrgrl
Rated: NC-17
Summary: the 7th installment of the Stella/Hank universe.  Hank has a very important question to ask…

1. The Adventure of The Lady Detective and The Writer
2. Welcome to LA
3. Reconnect
4. Portrait of a Lady Detective
5. The Last Temptation of The Lady Detective
6. Even the Nights are Better

Hank had something he wanted to ask Stella, but finding the right time was a challenge.  Living together afforded him the opportunity to study her a bit more, learning the subtleties of her personality and moods.  It was hard not to dissect her like he was performing a character analysis, but she kept things wrapped up so tightly to herself that at times, he was forced to interpret things for himself.

For example, he knew when a case she was working on was bad when she actually spoke to him about it.  Not overtly, but vaguely, as they were lying in bed, in the dark, she might just softly and casually mention that her current investigation was at a standstill and it was weighing on her mind.  The next day he would come across the gruesome details of a crime that had the police baffled.  Sometimes there would be accompanying photos of her, stone-faced and grim.  There was almost always unflattering comments about public outcry and the incompetence of the investigation team.  The worse the crime or the longer it took for an arrest, the worse the outcry  and the more demeaning the comments were about incompetence.

As lead investigator on any high-profile crime under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Police Department, Stella bore the brunt of the criticism.  The press found her bluntness and stoicism to be especially aggravating and they seemed to delight in targeting her when progress was slow.  Neither did she receive any of the praise for a job well done when justice was served.  The congratulations were always extended to the team of detectives who worked tirelessly to serve justice.

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I don’t know if we each have a destiny, or if we’re all just floating around accidental-like on a breeze, but I… I think maybe it’s both. Maybe both is happening at the same time.
—  Forrest Gump

Charles walked with you, his hands moving wildly as he explained the basics of the school. “Thank you, Professor. I’m going to love it here.” You smiled happily.

Charles smiled over at Hank, giving him a ‘get your ass over here’ look. Hank quickly put down his pen and cursed himself for staring at you for so long. “H-Hel. Erm.” He cleared his throat, cheeks flushing. “Hello. I’m Hank McCoy. One of the professors here.”

“Hi, Mr. McCoy. I’m Y/N.”

Oh, Mr. McCoy… he could get used to that.