look at gale


“We gave them a prom they’ll never forget.”
Me neither. It’s the best night of my life.
“Even if it was ridiculously romantic?”

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Hello, beautiful author! I love your writing. You provide a depth of character that I appreciate so much. For COBLMF, whatever happened to Gale? He was possessive over Katniss and acted like her boyfriend every time Peeta saw him (not to mention that he kissed her) and I can't believe he won't try to cockblock again. Peeta would have to wonder about this K and G "relationship" Curious how/whether this came up. A final one shot? :)

Anon, thank you! You have unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) found one of my weaknesses. I detest loose ends. My hand slipped…for a couple thousand words. Oops. Not beta’d so any mistakes are solely my fault. Rated M-ish.

Druxy - Something which looks good on the outside, but is actually rotten inside

He manages to make it the entire Thanksgiving weekend without thinking about her too much. He’d forgotten how much work all the kids could be, although technically Vick is an adult now. In the madness of the holiday, he slips up and thinks about her three times. The first is when the bird comes out of the oven and his entire family can’t stop talking about how sweet it was of Katniss to share or wishing that she had at least been in town. Ignoring her asinine suggestion that she return here, Gale reminds them that if they move to the city, they’ll be able to see her more often. Before he can worry about it too much, he changes the subject to whatever nonfiction book Rory can’t seem to peel himself away from and that does the trick.

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you know what. i appreciate that playmaker’s tron lines on his suit just. glow. just light up when he draws a card. like a fuckin fairy. it’s beautiuflul. not eyecatching or standout-ish AT ALL, REALLY NOT AT ALL, MR. YUSAKU I DON’T WANT TO STAND OUT FUJIKI