look at gaara's face when he discovered he has always been loved

Your mother really loved you.
the last: movie plot twist

What if we have the first scene of Naruto running across the villages, greeting a lot of people on the towards the hokage office because he’s been summoned and he is so exited because he thinks he is finally doing some test to be Hokage or some whiz like that and he gets there with a huge grin on his face but it slowly fades off she he sees Sakura, Sai and Shikamaru there and he’s like “what are you guys doing here” and the he hears a sniff and turns around and there is Hinata on the corner sobbing and naruto stats to freak out “what’s going here?! What’s happening?” And kakashi is like “there bad news Naruto, you’re all assigned on a mission, sit down” and so he does and Kakashi explains that Hanabi was kidnapped and Hinata sobs harder and he explains that this looks beyond being just for her eyes and insert big movie prob here- and turns to Hinata and tells her “I have faith in my people but for confidence I’ll never let them go on any dangerous missions you know” and tells her she can’t go because she’d be in danger bc she’d be practically giving the bad guys what they want but Hinata tells her no that she’s going and saving her sister no matter what and nobody can stop her the scene cuts next all of them in the main gates and there’s people there like Ino, team 8, Team Guy (obvs Neji is there because he is alive he never died and nothing ever happened to my baby ok let’s not talk about it) wishing them luck and comforting Hinata and you know there’s a scene where Sakura’s is looking straight ahead with a blank expression and Naruto goes to her and tells her “don’t worry Sakura, everything will be fine, we’re going to help Hinata” and she’s like “I know, is just… He’s somewhere out there… You know… What if we run into him?” And she’s not even like heartbroken or something she’s just worried and Naruto takes a minute to catch up who she’s talking about and he just smirks “don’t worry that Baka is on the good side now? He’s just restless”and she smiles because they know that even thought Sasuke isn’t in the village anymore he’s somewhere out there trying to make a happy life and they are happy because of that and idk minor plot happens until they get really deep on the forest and they get ambushed by the bad guys or some robbers or someone bad idk and they get separated like Sai and Shikamaru are cornered somewhere Naruto and Sakura are too distracted fighting the bad guys and Hinata gets a little bit carried away while fighting with some guys until she notice she’s alone and far way and there so many guys and she’s going her best but they are really too many and really out of nowhere somewhere covers her mouth and pulls her away and one they’re alone sh starts flipping her shit and getting her lion fists and she hears his voice “you don’t attack the ones who help you” and she she turns too look at him and she notice his familiar face and “s-sasuke-san?” and he’s like “it’s sasuke. what are you doing here? is the Teme with you?” And she stars babbling because she’s so nervous and altered and just goes like “yes yes Naruto Sakura and Sai and also Shikamaru and is a mission and Hanabi omigo Hanabi I need to go back with the group” and he’s like “shut up. Where are them” and she says she doesn’t know he he tells her “we better find them quick or you’re going to die here alone” ans moves to leave but Hinata takes him by the arm because she isn’t taking any of his she’s and begs him to help her find him and sasuke doesn’t want but after idk some kind of convincing or me stoping the name of the bad guy or some good plot there he agrees and they cut the scene to Sakura and Naruto who finished the bad guys and Naruto is like “see tha? We’re fucking awesome!” And Sakura’s is like “wait where are the others?” And Naruto is like “Hinata ! Hinata! Sakura we need to find tbem” but Sakura is really nevrcous but she knows they have to be professional and just calms him “calm down neruto she’s probably with the others we need to - insert place where the bad guy supposedly is- I’m sure they’re be going there too” “but we can’t leave them! They’re our friends!” “I know Naruto but e need to get on with the mssion- “NO! I’m going to find them!” And he takes off because he’s stubborn as shit and Sakura just calls after him and follows him anyway and next scene is. Sai and Shikamaru on their own and Shika is like “guess we’re alone now” and Sai just looks plain serious and asks him with a blank expression “are you trying to seduce me?” Because that’s what happens in some books he’s read they girl and boy are alone the boy goes “guess wee alone now” to try to seduc the girl and shit but back to the it shikamarus sweat drops. And he’s like “no but I think j we need to get going and keep on with the mission” because that the smartes thing to insert a couple of scenes back in Konoha where certain characters expect late about the bad guys plan (preferably/most likely kakashi Guy and Kurenai) and the insert scene where the bad guy is actually talking about his plan with Hanabi and some of his bad guys crew next scene is already dark and in the forest Hinata and Sasuke are wandering around jumping on trees and he’s just so fast and leaving Hinata behind and he’s like “sasuke-San wait I think I’m gonna …” And she faints of exhaustion and because she’s had a really hard time lately and he’s like “oh fuck I hate people” and the she catches just before she hits the ground and the scene cuts to Hinata waking up and she realize there’s a bonfire and for a minute she forgets where she is and hears something and takes out her kunai and hers on arrack posting and sasuke “you’re awfully slow for a kunoichi” and he’s just sitting on a trunk playing with los katana or eating her food or something and Hinata gets a bit offended and says “I can block all your chakra points if I wanted” and she glare at her like how dare this feminine specie talk to me like so he says “only if you’re even fast enough to catch me” and and they start talking/arguing and somehow Itachi gets mentioned and Hinata just looks at him because she understands and tells him about Hanabi and about neji (who’s not dead for me but I guess for the real world he is) and they just get a moment because sasuke finally founds someone who doesn’t pity him but actually understands him and he actually feels something bc Hanabi bc he knows what is like to loose a sibling and Hinata already lost another one so he says “well since he isn’t around to protect you I’ll take care of you/ you have to be protected by me” and Hinata’s “I don’t need to be taken care of I just need to get my sister back” then sasuke looks At her dead in the eye bc she hit a sore spot for him and tells her “then I’ll make sure you do” Shikamaru and Sai who somehow somewhere found something related to the bad guys and are tracking it and they find more bad guys and they hear a important conversation about the movie plot Naruto and Sakura who after been looking around for the others somehow managed to get to the Suna where they meet Gaara and ask for his help and he being babe of course offers them help and sends a trope out to look for Hinata Sai and Shika and while that where’s Narusaku bonding and reliving memories and discovering feelings and stuff but they don’t say they love each other or anything they just realize that there’s a spark they both being containing for too long but don’t comment much about it any way there’s more scenes of SasuHina bonding, Sai and Shikamaru following clues, scenes of the bad guy, scenes in knoha anyway let’s skip all of it till they finally arrive to the bad’s guy place guy who up from now I’m gonna call Norm bc saying bad guy is too long so there’s Norm doing bad stuff and mastering their plan and somehow Sasuke and Hinata found a way to his place and are hiding there watching Norm and Hanabi and stuff and they bump into Naruto and Sakura who thanks to Gaara’s help found the place happy moments of reuniting And awkward moments and stuff and they make a plan where Hinata’s and Sakura take Hanabi out where sasuke and Naruto take on Norm bc of course the boys always want to play the heroes and just as they about to leave something goes wrong and they’re caught by Norm who’s like “well well well what do she have here? Two Hyugas and an Uchiha? Seems like this plan has majorly improved” so he orders the bad squad to take narusaku somewhere and he takes Hinata Hanabi and sasuke somewhere where he does with his an and everything look shitty as fuck and back in the scene with Sakura and Naruto they’re being fucked up and they’re fighting and loosing when BAM the wall explodes with Sai and Shikamaru who got there and have a big squad of Suna and Konohas army and Shika is like “guess you were never looking for us, were you?” And Sai gives his weird as fuck smiles that haven’t improved and says “don’t worry neither we have” back to Sasuhina Hanabi and Norm the guys doing fucked up shit and he takes Hinata and talks about her plan with her and he caresses her face in a really creepy way and is hurting her and suddenly sasuke breaks free and fights him and is a really big ass fight but he looses bc Norm already had taken some of Hanabi’s strength/power/chakra idk and he’s pinned down and he’s about to go back to Hinata but is interrupted by Sakura and Naruto and Sakura goes to heal sasuke and Naruto has a not so epic fight with Norm and goes on sage mode but is kinda loosing and this gives Hinata time to break fee and while Nowm already has Naruto on the ground Hinata attacks him from behind like a motherfucker and has the really epic fight with him and then BAM SHE FUCKING LION FIST HIS CHEST AND KILLS HIM RIGHT ON THE SPOT but she is really injured so Sakura goes and heals her but she is kinda weak and then the trope with Sai and Shikamaru appears bc those things are alway late and just get shit done
At the end they’re at the hospital and there’s Sakura checking up on Hinata who’s just waking up and talks about with her like how she was a motherfucker who saved everyone and stuff and goes out the room and numbs into Naruto who immediately asks about Hinata and Sakura tell her she just woke up but gets a bit sad bc she thinks Naruto likes Hinata and Naruto doesn’t notice bc he’s never been… Smart and the runs out to the room but stops midway and runs back to Sakura and says “there’s something I must absolutely tell you… Wait for me!” And goes to Hinata’s room and they have a nice talk and they talk a bit a bout Norm and Hanabi and she even asks how Sasuke is which he finds odd and then Naruto says something like “I’m sorry I could never return your feelings but you are really a special and important friend to me Hinata” and she’s like “Don’t worry Naruto-kun, my heart has since long moved on. I consider you a very special friend to me to. Thank you for being my role model” and shit and they have a moment and Naruto exists the room and finds somewhere hidig there and WOW is sasuke he’s like “Baka what are you doing here?! Are you finally back in the village?!” But he doesn’t says anything he just looks away and aks “how is she?” And Naruto is like “who? Sakura?” “No, idiot… The Hyuga” and Naruto is confused a bit bc why is sasuke asking about Hanabi but then he realizes and he’s like “oh” and smirks knowingly and says “she’s fine but why would you care” and sasuke is lies “I don’t” and moves to love but Naruto says “you should go in she asked about you” and he sees the change of feelings in sasukes eyes and he sees that look he thought sasuke could no longer felt, that feeling he only saw back when they where genin and they had they moments, that look of silent happiness, of hope, of belonging and he smiles really while and just as sasuke is about to open the door he tells him “hey Baka, I really missed you” and just goes away and just until he’s no longer in sight Sasuke smirks a bit and says “I missed you too Teme” and goes on the door and fins Hinata sitting on the bed looking to the window and he says “Hyuga” and she turns around and smiles “Sasuke-San I’m glad you’re ok” “how’s your sister” “she’s fine. I wanted to thank you for your help Sasuke-San, you were so nice to me and I’m forever in debt with you” and he just sits right beside her and says “it’s just sasuke. You’re not in debt with me, but I just want to ask you for one thing. Be a good sister. That girl needs you. More than what you think” he says not looking at her and she smiles “I will… Sasuke. But I’m going to ask you something two. Don’t forget your friends here in Konoha. We need you more than what you think too” and he doesn’t look at her he just says calmly “I’ll think about it” but he’s actually sming because she said -we- and then she leans in and kisses his cheek and sasuke just states still for a second looking surprised and then looks at her “you are really a brave woman. And strong.” And her eyes shines and she blushes bc no one ever has called her that and mutters “thanks you” and he gets up and walks to the door and just when she reaches it he turns his head a bit and says “but im still going to protect your” and leaves and Hinata just stays there smiling and blushing
Finall scene Naruto finds Sakura just as she’s exiting the hospital and she asks about Hinata and he’s like “she’s fine and up but you already now that” and she blushes and he continues “I told you there’s something I need to tell you” he tales a big break and closes his eyes “SAKURA-CHAN I LOVE YOU!” she gaps “I love you and I ever have” and he opened one eye and peeks at her but she’s just there gaping and blushing with a hand midair and he thinks he’s going to be rejected but the she launches at him and kisses him on the mouth. “Hn. About time” they heard and is sasuke there watching them” and Sakura stares at him surprised him and is about to talk but he raises a hand and just says “thank you. Both” and she asks “for what?” And he just says “for being loyal friends after all” and Naruto and Sakura both are suprised and look at each other and then the lauch at sasuke and hug them and they have a moment and there’s happy music and then Kakashi appears in a puff and stares at them “wow seems like there’s a team 7 reunion and nobody bothered to invite me” and Naruto pulls him by the shit to join the hug “Team 7 is finally happy and back together! I’m so happy” and there’s tears and snot everywhere and the kakashi retrieves himself with and coughs and says “Naruto I have big news for you and I personally wanted to be the one to tell you. Be prepared to be busy for a lot of times now, you Hokage training starts tomorrow” and there’s a moment where the music totally stops and there’s a close up to Naruto’s eyes and there’s a super fast flashback of a lot of moments of all the series till that moment by they’re super fast like 0.0001 seconds photographs and the he throws his fist in the air and screams “IM GONNA BE HOKAGE DATTEBAYO!!! And everything just really happy and there’s just loud music but then sasuke says “he’s probably going to ruined it before he starts” “SHUT UP TEME” ans they argue and Sakura gets angry and starts scolding “NARUTO DONT CALL HIM THAT! SASUKE STOP BOTHERING HIM!YOU BOth act like childs I swear you’re both idiots stop screaming kakashi sensei say something they won’t stop you all idiots” them and Kakashi sweat drops and there’s a shot from above where we only see their heads far away on the ground and we hear Kakashi’s voice “well I guess we’re back to we’re we stared”

omg guess this was far to long from what I expected

Dr FeelGood

So once again I am here to deliver some good old fashioned NS fluff.  This is a oneshot inspired by temporarilyunstable 

Also known as the wonderful Queen Elizabeth.

She offered this prompt for me to work with

“The clichéd prompt: putting on those bandages on his arm ^^,”

Well I went into the idea with the exact cliche idea but things went weird. If you want a taste of how I see the NS dynamic check it out.

Anyway this story is dedicated to the Queen

P,S if anyone has an interesting  NaruSaku prompt (now I can’t guarantee I will write it or that I will write it soon) that they’d like to suggest, feel free to drop me a line.


Naruto winced as Sakura gently probed his arm.

“So?” he muttered.

“Well, judging by your symptoms, which upon immediate inspection appear to be feverish conditions, pale skin, rapid breathing, and pain in your forearmarm. I would say it’s something of a systemic inflammatory response–”

She stopped when she saw that his eyes were glazing over.

–Your body thinks the cells in your arm are some kind of infection.” She continued.

Naruto frowned. “Why didn’t Tsunade ever mention that this could happen?”

“Well actually she did. I was there when she told you there was a ten percent chance this very thing could happen.”

Naruto ran his hand across his face. “Those few weeks after the war are kind of a blur to me.”

“Well it was just one big party in your honor. ”

Naruto cut his eyes from his arm to Sakura then back again. “So….?”

“Well you won’t die if that’s what you are worried about. Your body is too powerful to succumb to this. And the arm probably won’t lose any functionality. At worse you can expect to come down with some flu-like symptoms every now and then. That is until your immunity gets used to the new cells.”

“So that’s the good news?”

She smiled. “that was the bad news. The good news is that you have a medical expert as your friend. Whenever you feel sick come and see me and I’ll treat you. ”

Naruto took a moment to reflect on this. “Alright I feel a little off right now, what happens next?”

Sakura gestured towards her couch. “Simple, take off your shirt and have a seat.”

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Child Of The Leaf. Chapter 11.

“Gaara… I need your help.”

The Kazekage’s face held the same blank expression as Sakura plead with him.

“You saved my brother when no one else could… I am in your debt. What do you need from me?”

The pink haired kunoichi nods her head, crying.

“I’m pregnant, and I need you to raise my child here in Suna…”

Gaara closes his eyes and folds his arms over his chest as he sits behind his desk.

“I am not in any position to raise your child for you–”

“I met a man last time I was here… I think his name was Ryoukan? He was a medic-nin…”

“I know him well.”

“He told me that he always wanted a son…”

“I see…”

Sakura shakes her head in her sleep.

Naruto holds her hand tightly as he sits by her side.


Searing, white hot pain.

“You’re doing fine, dear… Kizashi! Where are those towels!?”



It felt like she was being impaled by giant shuriken.

Then… the world stopped around her, and all she could hear amid the yammering of her parents and the midwife was the sound of gentle crying.

Moments later, the elderly midwife tenderly handed a warm bundle to her.

Sakura looked tiredly down into what she thought was an angel.

He was so beautiful.

He had small wisps of blonde hair like his father, yet no whiskers, thankfully.

Her fingers sought to touch his features and he opened his eyes for the first time, looking straight at her.

“That’s remarkable… he’s staring at you. Usually newborns aren’t able to do that.”

The midwife says in awe, then continues to help Sakura’s mother clean the blood from the kitchen tiles.

The baby’s eyes were not murky and dull as she had seen countless times before at the hospital.

Green eyes that seemingly peered into her soul; eyes full of intelligence and life. 

“What are you going to name him?”


Sakura moaned as her eyes fluttered open. 

Naruto jumped up while still holding her hand.

“Sakura-chan!” He cried out excitedly.

The pink haired woman turned her head slowly, scanning the room.

“What have I done..?”

Painful flashbacks of her crying as she watched Gaara and Shinachiku disappear into the distance past Konoha’s front gates jabbed into her skull. Naruto was alarmed when the pale woman started to sob uncontrollably.

“Shin-achiku-u… wh-where is m-m-my son!? N-Naruto..!” She chokes out, grasping at his coat desperately. Her pleas nearly melted his heart out of his chest as he calls out for their long lost child, trying to steady his childhood sweetheart as she convulses.

“Shinachiku! Shinachiku, get in here quick!!”

“Shinachiku! Shinachiku, get in here quick!!”

Bolt’s ears perked up at the sound of his father’s voice emanating from the room directly across the hall to the side of the waiting room. 

To his surprise, the weird kid reading the magazine shot up and heeded the call, sprinting down the hallway and into the room.

“What the..?" 

Bolt rises to his feet and cautiously follows the path of the strange teenager that his father had called ‘Shinachiku’…

Shinachiku hurriedly opened the door and let himself into the hospital room, a frightened look on his face, only to find himself trapped in a confusing moment shared between his newly discovered parents…

They were hugging quite fiercely for two people who weren’t married to each other.

His mother was weeping as her arms clung to the white-clothed back.

"I’m so sorry, Naruto… I-I didn’t tell you because I…”

“Shhh. Whatever your reasons were, it’s in the past.”

“Forgive me…”

“…for his abnormally large forehead?”

Shinachiku’s eyes widened.

The conversation had taken an unexpected turn…

Suddenly, the pale, weakened Sakura had found enough strength to angrily grab the Hokage by his collar and shake him violently, his head looking like that of a rag doll’s.

“SHANNARO! You just had to bring my forehead into this highly emotional moment!!”

“I-was-j-us-t-try-ing-to-ch-ch-cheer-yo-u-up, Sa-Sa-kur-a-cha-an!”



Sakura releases Naruto’s collar and his head drops onto the mattress. Her eyes welled up with tears once again as she realized that Shinachiku had appeared at her bedside opposite of his father.

“Hello…” The boy says in a gentle voice. “Forgive me for interrupting… but, I’ve been wanting to meet you my entire life.”

Sakura reaches over Naruto as he recovers from the wooziness she had caused him, grabbing the boy’s shoulders and crushing him to her.

“My baby boy… my sweet angel…”

She immediately started to sweep her hands through his blonde hair and kiss his face repeatedly. Once Naruto had caught his breath, he leaned back in his chair with a goofy smile.

“Our son, Sakura-chan!” He says half with pride, and halfway in disbelief. “This is our son! We made this kid together… luckily he has his mother’s good looks!”

“Poor dear, you do have my forehead, but, you are still quite handsome.”

Shinachiku basked in the love which they were giving him.

“He must be a ninja, too! Look at the way he carries himself…” Naruto brags out loud. 

“I am a ninja, father.” Shinachiku blushes as he calls Naruto 'father’.

“'Father’!? Hey, kid, we’re gonna be spending a whole lotta time together from here on out, so you might as well just call me 'dad’.”

The excitement and pride began to pile up inside of Naruto’s heart. A child with his first love fulfilled many of his adolescent wishes and dreams.

Unfortunately, one thing commonly known about the Seventh Hokage was the fact that when he gets a little too excited, he was famous for speaking before he really thought about what came out of his mouth.

“Man, I love this kid already! If I had known about him earlier, I wouldn’t have married Hinata!!”

This was one such instance.

He hadn’t meant it to be so harsh and blunt. It was a joke, after all.

Or was it..?

“I… really hate you, dad.”

A fourth voice cuts into the small family reunion and chills Naruto to his core.

There, at the entrance of the small room, stood Bolt.

-End of Chapter 11.

–Story by ODG

Well… there it is. I must take a little 3 week break from CotL because of school, but, there will be side stories and arts to hopefully fill in for it until I can get into my rhythm with school. 

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