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How did Single Dad sid meet Famous Hockey Player Geno, anyway? Oh man, was it through the little penguins program? Or at a signing at a sporting goods store? Sid saved so carefully so little Avery could have have some gear (he wants to skate so, so bad) and finally he has enough and also a day off that he can take Avery in to have his tiny skates fitted. When he gets to the store there are people everywhere, and Evgeni Malkin is doing a signing and Avery is just starry eyed (1/2)

(2/2) when they get to the table where Geno is wearing out Sharpies, Avery can barely see over it but he hands Geno one of his new skates and solemnly informs him that if he signs it it’ll be lucky and maybe he’ll skate “super fast” just like Geno. And before Sidney can stop him Avery tells Geno how his dad saved and saved and how awesome his dad is and Geno is so charmed and he looks up to smile politely at the great dad of this adorable child and nearly chokes on his own tongue b/c PRETTY


(“You looking at the DILF over there, G?” Flower whispers.

“What?” Geno furrows his brows. “Not know word.”

Flower whispers it in his ear, and Geno pushes him away with an outraged expression. “Go away, Flower.”)

And there’s a bunch of silly scenes and Geno taking Sidney out to way too expensive restaurants and REALLY emo h/c misunderstandings about money like:

“I don’t want you to keep doing this!” Sidney whisper-yells at him, because Avery is sleeping in his room. “You’re not–I know I don’t have a lot of money, but you don’t have to buy me a car, or–or keep planning these expensive trips to fucking Aruba or something–”

“Is just Orlando,” Geno argues back, equally quiet. “Take you and Avery to Disneyworld. I promise him if good grades, then is surprise.”

“You’re not my fucking sugar daddy, G,” Sidney spits out helplessly. “I don’t need your charity.”

Charity?” Geno echoes. “Sid, is not charity. I have money. I’m not pretend money not exist. I want to spend it on people I love. And I’m love you and Avery, want the best for you. Want you safe and happy.”

Sidney looks taken aback at the sudden declaration, then waves his hands. “I just–it’s too much. This is probably selfish of me to think, but–but I can’t deal with the fallout when you get tired of us and just–leave.” 

“Leave? I’m leave? Why I’m fucking ever do that?”

Sidney’s eyes are very bright with unshed tears. “Geno, please understand. I’m not saying this to be an ass. I’m being realistic.” He looks behind him at the hallway, but there’s no sound from Avery’s room. He sighs. “Look, I know hockey players. Okay? You have fame. And–and money. And you want fun. And Avery and I–well, we’re happy being us, but we’re just us. And it’s really scary for me to know that you can leave any time you want because you have the resources–and, and the ability to do it. And there’s so many other people with better circumstances–don’t look at me like that, Geno. I’m not trying to fish for sympathy. It’s just how it is, and I’m acknowledging it. And I know it’s not what you want to hear, and it sounds like I’m the world’s biggest dick, but I can’t just be here because you want to play house once in a while.” 

“Sid,” Geno says, devastated. He grips Sidney’s shoulders, but Sidney won’t meet his eyes. “Sid. Look at me. Look.”

Sidney sniffles, his voice cracking. “I have to think about myself and my son, too, you know? I’m tired of getting thrown away for being not good enough.”

And that’s just it, isn’t it? Geno realizes. The culmination and root of all of Sidney’s insecurities and fear. His dream of getting drafted cut short by an injury, his ex-partner leaving him and his son for someone else, him turning that feeling of abandonment into a silent resilience and strength to take care of his family first in lieu of taking care of himself. But here he is, finally, admitting the last shred of selfishness he has left in his body, a wish to just be wanted and not having to worry about being loved, and it tears at Geno’s heart. Geno wants to give him the world, but Sidney’s heart is held together by tape and and a couple pieces of loose string; he’ll fall apart if it shatters again. He can’t afford to take things given to him without a fight. 

“Sidney, I love you,” Geno says fiercely, and Sidney looks up in shock. “I love you so much. The last six months, best six months of my life. You know? Remember that loss to Flyers, a while back? Sid, remember?”

“I remember,” Sidney replies softly. 

“I’m so angry then,” Geno says. “Just go straight back to hotel room and be angry, not go out with teammates. And then you and Avery call me, and I’m so happy. Forget we lose at all. Just listen to you and Avery talk to me, maybe talk a little bit about hockey, but mostly about his day at school, and you talk about your day at work and some dumbass spill coffee on copy machine. And I think right then, ‘Thank God I have family waiting for me at home. They’re in Pittsburgh and I can go home soon and see them, and then take Avery out to zoo or something‘”

“Geno, I–”

Geno cups Sidney’s face, smoothing out Sidney’s cheek with his thumb. “Sid. Hockey is not my life. Yes, big part, can’t help it. But family is most important. You and Avery is most important. Is too early, maybe yes, maybe no, but I already know I’m want to be with you for long time, if you want me. Okay? Should have said earlier, so you not think about it so much like this.”

“I’m–” Sidney looks so cautiously hopeful, then shakes his head. He looks like all the fight has gone out of his body. “Every time I think I finally got you figured out, you just–just do this.”

“Sidney Patrick Crosby, you share family with me, make me most happy, make me believe I’m do anything and not just be dumb hockey player,” Geno says, nuzzling Sidney’s cheek and saying the words into his skin. “I’m lucky to even meet you. I love you,” he says again. “Want be with you.”

“Okay, G,” Sidney murmurs after a while, leaning in to press his lips against Geno’s. “Okay.” 

Sid/Flower/Tanger: *best bros*
Geno: *brings his ass from russia*

Flower and Tanger standing at the net looking at the bench, looking at Geno and Sid

Flower: I can see what happening

Tanger: what?

Flower: and they don’t have a clue

Tanger: who?

Flower: they’ll fall in love and here’s the bottom line our trio’s down to two

Tanger: oh

sidney crosby // still the best

warnings: none

who: sidney x reader

premise: Sidney starts to lose confidence in himself after some critics target him and its up to you and the boys to help him out of it


Twelve years is a long time to do anything, especially if that thing is a professional sport. As the years drag by, they collect their tokens: injury, youth, energy and character. Age didn’t stop for anyone, even your seemingly invincible husband, Sidney Crosby.

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Statistically speaking, has Sid's (and Geno's, for that matter) playoffs facial hair improved much from year to year? What I remember from last year's run is Sid's was halfway decent, and Geno's was a trainwreck that made me wince every time I got a closeup.

Sid has a level of scruff where he looks insanely hot - it’s that stage between too scraggly and not enough that he, let’s be honest, rarely hits. It looks something like this:

(With bonus Flower!!!)

Geno should never attempt anything more than stubble, which actually suits him pretty nicely, I think:

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So at my university to fundraiser the sports teams will auction themselves off and people will bid on them to spend the day with them or dress them up in silly outfits or whatever. So picture soccer captain Sid being auctioned and Geno gets into a bidding war with a rival Frat who's trying to buy sid just to piss Geno off

“Everyone put money in hat,” Geno demands, pushing back to the Rhos at the Kick It Off! fundraiser. He’s holding out his Penguins cap. “Right now, immediately.”

“Why?” Jake says, even as he’s fishing out a twenty. “Didn’t we already donate at the front door?”

“They’re bidding on a date with Sid,” Flower says, passing the cap around. “If the Rhos don’t win against the football team, Geno’s forehead vein will burst.” He shouts, “Come on, boys. This is gonna be cheaper than paying for Geno’s impending ER trip. Pull up your Venmos if you don’t have cash on hand.” 

Olli nudges Jake and points at the football team, who’s passing a fucking bucket of cash around. The captain, this big, beefy guy who’s been leering at Sidney and Sidney’s Ass every five seconds, is giving Jake the creeps. 

“We’re gonna have to send Geno to the ER,” Conor moans, dragging his hands down his face. “They have a cash bucket. We have a dinky little money hat. Oh no, oh God, I can’t breathe–”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, don’t freak out,” Jake says. “We have to win. We will win.”


“Fifty!” a girl shouts. Her letters say that she’s from the Beta Sig sorority. Her sisters are all giggling and cheering her on.

“Fifty?” the announcer says. “We got a fifty! I think we can do a little better than that for our star player!”

Sidney shifts uncomfortably on the podium, but he waves a shy hello in the Rhos’ direction. Geno yells out, “Seventy-five!” Then, after shooting a death glare at the football captain, he adds, “I love you, Sid! You look amazing!” 

People are whistling, and the sororities are ‘aww-ing’ among themselves after this declaration. The football captain narrows his eyes. 

“One hundred and fifty,” he shouts, followed by more hollering from his team. He gives Sidney a self-satisfied once-over, and Sidney turns to Geno in a kind of helpless panic.

“How much do we have in here?” Jake whispers.

“Two hundred,” Conor says. “As long as Geno doesn’t get to that number too fast, we might be able to outlast them.”

Two hundred,” Geno screams.

“Fuck,” Olli says. 

“Two hundred from the Rho Ep boys,” the announcer crows. “Going once, going twice–”

“It’s okay, Hags went over to check out how much money they had,” Olli says. “Their bucket was full of fucking ones and quarters. They don’t have more than us.”

“Three hundred dollars!” the football captain shouts out, and Geno turns his head so fast Jake was afraid he’d get whiplash. “For a date with Sidney Patrick Crosby!” 

“They were using Venmo,” Conor cries, spiraling again as he scrolls through the public transactions. “We’re fucked.”

“Jesus Christ,” the announcer says. “Looks like you’re popular today, aren’t you, Sid?” 

Sidney says nothing, only a half-hearted shrug aimed mostly at Geno like, ‘Well, you tried your best.’ 

Going once!” the announcer says. “Going twice! And our one and only Croz goes to–”

Five hundred dollars!” a new voice says. Geno’s eyes look like they’re nearly about to pop out of his head as Ovi and the rest of the Kappa Alpha Pis step up. “Five hundred dollars from Kappas for the Rho Eps,” Ovi says, grinning. “Which makes it seven hundred dollars total. For Sidney Patrick Crosby.”

“Shit,” the football team groans.

“Well, damn. Sold,” the announcer says, also gaping.

Sidney makes a delighted, astonished noise, then rushes off the stage and into Geno’s arms, peppering his face with kisses. “You did it! You did it!” he yells. “Thank you, thank you–”

Tanger and Flower are clapping Ovi on the back. “Why’d you do it, man?”

“Was Nicky’s idea,” he says. “Found some leftover in our budget that we didn’t get to use for philanthropy event. Would have gone back to headquarters at year end, so might as well donate it to good cause.”

“Well,” Flower says, looking at Geno hoisting Sidney up and nosing at his boyfriend’s neck, “it went to something, alright. We owe you one.”

“I know,” Ovi says, smiling. “You think I do for charity?”

“I mean, that was kind of the point of this event,” Jake mutters, but he goes unheard as Geno’s cheering and the Rhos’ celebration drown him out. 

Tell Me About it(Villain!AU)
  • ((Inspired by Empanadadooblez art))
  • Saitama: *holding a hero up by his neck* you'll think twice before- *feels a tug on his cape*
  • *a tiny genos tugs at his cape, dressed in a red dress with a white cape clipped to the shoulders and a bow in their hair*
  • Kin: Papa! Papa!
  • Saitama: *smiles and looks down to the tiny genos* yes my little moon flower? *holds his other hand down for the little one to stand on as he lifts Kin up to his level*
  • Kin: Look at my new dress! *holds out the sides*
  • Saitama: *gasps* you look beautiful! Could you do papa a favor and wait off to the side while I take care of this?
  • Kin: Okay, Papa! Can I give you good luck first?
  • Saitama: *smiles* of course *brings Kin closer as the tiny genos kisses his cheek* thank you! *sets Kin back down*
  • Kin: *hurries to stand several feet away* Get 'im, Papa!
  • Saitama: *grins as he looks back to the hero, sending him flying into the distance*
  • *Saitama walks back over to the little one, carrying Kin in the bend of his arm*
  • Saitama: Now, tell me everything about your new dress.
  • *Kin excitedly explains the dress as the two head home*

For the Flower Adventures AU, what if at one point, the whole team knows that Flower goes off to random universes, but then one day, Flower literally somehow tumbles back into the locker room with 18-year-old Prince Consort Sidney Crosby Malkin of Russia, who gathers his robe around him more tightly as he stares at the 20+ half-naked guys in the locker room and scoots back against a wall. He produces a dagger strapped to his side with shaking hands, his eyes wild.

“If you touch me, I’ll have my husband cut off your tongues and your hands,” the Prince Consort whimpers out, his gaze flickering from Flower to Jake to Tanger. “Return me to my home or I’ll–”

“What’s noise? Everyone so loud, is too early for this,” Geno complains, shucking off his shirt as he goes to his locker. “Oh hello, Flower, you back. Hello Jake, hello Tanger, hello mini-Sid–wait.”

Prince Consort Sidney flies up immediately and into Geno’s arms. “Zhenya,” he sobs. “What’s happening? Where are we? Why are we surrounded by strangers?”


Then Sidney comes in, saying, “Good morning, boys,” takes one look at Geno, Flower, and his younger self in some expensive looking robe from the 1500s, then puts his bag down. “I’m…going to come back later.”

The (other)Flower Prince

“H-Howdy, stranger!”

“You look…angry.”

“But you are just really sad…are you not?”

“Oh…I see. So you thought it was unfair…”

“Here, have a flower.”

“Maybe it will feel a little better.”

“Huh? Where did I get these from?”

“I am growing them for Mother’s birthday.”


“What is your name?”

“Huh? Toriel?”

“That’s a nice name.”

“Howdy, Tori!”

“O-oh. My name?”

“…Asgore Dreemurr…”

(Random spin off idea after young Toriel and Asgore picture. Not really headcanon nor think that this happened but just a random idea that popped up in my mind.

Asriel was flowey so he was technically a flower prince, asgore could be one when he was younger? since he grew plants and flowers? also yes they look like clones. Need to finish geno papy almost done)

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Flower follows Sid on a hike and FREAKS THE FUCK OUT about Sid feeding a bear trail mix (Sid eats the peanuts and m&ms and tosses the bear the dried fruit and pretzels). Sid's just like "this is my bear friend and if you're gonna be judgy you can LEAVE" and Flower's just boggling at Sid cooing at a bear and telling it about his coworkers. That bear manages to extract his apple from his backpack and eat it before Flower notices his snack is missing.

can you imagine later, at a holiday party, human geno says: “Hi, I’m call Evgeni. Can call Geno, easier. I’m Sidney’s boyfriend. And his bear.”

“Do you…identify as a bear?” Tanger asks slowly.

“It’s a gay thing, I think,” Olli whispers to Jake.

“Yeah,” Geno says, then looks at Flower. “Hi, Flower! Sorry about steal apple last time we meet.”

Flower: No fucking way 

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AAAAAH I DID NOT REALIZE THIS TURNED OUT AS LONG AS IT DID SHIT WELL: and got in the way of everybody playing their best (which would never be the case), especially since G told a few people that he’d be leaving for “Russia” (*cough cough* he’s meeting the witch off the coast of Florida, so he’s close enough to draw the other Mer away from Sid, but far enough away to give him time to get to the witch) the morning after locker cleanout. Predictably, he gets cornered by Flower, who calls him out

he’s leaving to do that plan to help Sid, but he’s gonna need Flower and whomever else to say whatever bullshit is necessary to convince Sidney to swim to his sea witch at noon in three days, and absolutely not mention him while doing it. Flower just barely looks comforted by any of what Geno says, but agrees to it, and makes him swear to not be a fucking idiot about whatever he’s about to pull. Geno feels a little scummy when he agrees, knowing he’s full of shit, but whatever, this is important 

(more under cut)

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AWW What about YoungSid putting on goalie gear and going up to Flower asking him to teach him some moves. Sid spends the whole practice like Woah @Flower. Which leads to a lot of smug looks in Geno's direction. At some point YoungSid confides in Flower about maybe being afraid to be a goalie? Kids already wanted him hurt, this would just give them a bigger target. He's also pretty sure his team wouldn't have his back if someone tried something.

Flower’s dad instincts kicks in so fast…just picks sid up and takes him home to vero like “guess what we have another kid now” 

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For the deaged!AU, what if one day the Penguins have to start training but they can't because Sid and Geno are still missing. Flower offers to go and search for them, but before opening the locker door, he hears some murmurs and he thinks it's finally happening, finally Sid and Geno have confessed their great love for each other, but when he opens the door to catch them in flagrancy, the only that appears in front of him is two scared kids that look like a very small version of Sid and Geno (1)

After Flower scream, the team arrives to see what happened, but they don’t know how to behave because neither of the two children remembers why they are in Pittsburgh and Geno does’t know a word of English (except the word ‘Sid’). Eventually the team opted for Flower to take home Sid and Gonch to take home Geno, but when they try to separate them (2) Geno begins to complain and Sid begins to cry because he doesn’t know what’s happening, but be near Geno is the only thing that makes him feel safe, and doesn’t want to be separated from him.



Steam: Chapter Ten


When something hot meets something cold.

Chapter Six: Only a Monster Would Steal Someone’s Fries

Chapter  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 

Now on Ao3

Despite the fact that Saitama had made a complete ass of himself and was reconsidering everything he had done or said on their botched “date,” nothing else in the world had changed. Cities were still riddled with monsters and still needed heroes, so for the next few days Saitama and Genos were both so preoccupied with fighting crime and slaying beasts that they didn’t have much time for much else, and that included talking about “what happens next.” Saitama was perfectly content staying in this little bubble of time that stood still, devoid of any real conflict or emotional depth, and it seemed Genos was as well.

Genos’s attitude toward him had not changed at all after Saitama had muddled through an awkward confession of his own, which, he admitted, surprised him a bit. He wasn’t sure what he had expected, but it had been almost four days since the incident and Genos had not confronted him or mentioned it once. At first he thought Genos had picked up on his mood about it all and had decided to drop it and let the moment fade away into nothing but a repressed memory, but then he remembered how Genos had offered him his heart and almost kissed him and he knew there was no chance in hell the cyborg had forgotten anything.

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