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Shopkeeper/Mafia AU: Meeting

Goth belongs to @nekophy
Palette belongs to @angexci
Geno belongs to @loverofpiggies
AU is mine
First time actually writing a Poth fic, leave some comments on how I can improve!
Hope you enjoy!

“Well, this must be the place!” A young skeleton exclaims, looking at the building in front of him.

The skeleton, Palette, stood in front of a flower shop. He wore a black vest over a blue blouse, which was accompanied by black fingerless gloves and his usual blue hat.
Reading over the shop’s sign once more, he nods to himself.

“Yup, this is ‘Flowers After Death’ alright. The client must be inside.” Palette says to himself as he enters the shop, fixing his hat.

At least, that’s what his boss told him.

Strolling along, he takes glances at the flowers being sold. There were pink hydrangeas, blue lilies, orange cosmos, and so many more colorful flowers.
Palette smiles. He’s always had a fondness for flowers. The structures, colors, fragrences, what’s not to love?
Finally, Palette regained his senses.
'Don’t forget why you’re here, you have a client to meet and deal with.’ He thought.

With striking confidence, Palette walks over to the cashier counter. He sees a figure working with the bouquets, placing flowers delicately in a precise manner.

“Hello, do you know where I could find the owner of this shop?” Palette asks, looking straight at the figure, and smiling cheshirely.

The stranger turns and Palette’s met with a pretty face. A skeleton, probably about his age, wearing a white hoodie under a light pink heart apron. Around his neck was a dark red scarf that flowed like freshly-spilled blood.

“Yes? I’m not really one of the owners, but i’m their son. How may I help you?” A soft, sweet voice answered as the younger skeleton smiled back.

As shockingly pretty as the skeleton was, Palette kept his smirk and leaned closer on the counter. He could see the stranger’s smile faltering slightly in hesitance, but politely kept it up.

“I’d just like to say that you’re running quite a lovely shop.” Palette says, keeping eye contact.
“Yes, it really is. But is that all you had to say, sir? Surely, that’s not it.” The younger skeleton replies, trying to look at something other than the handsome customer’s eyes.

He fails miserably.

Palette chuckles lightly. “Of course not. I’m just saying, with a nice place like this, maybe you could use a lil’ protection, eh? I think we could work us a deal.”
The stranger seems confused for a moment, then turns a bright shade of purple. “I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about, but…sir? A-Are you flirting with me?”

And just like that, all that confidence that was built up in Palette melted into putty. Now confusion and uncertainty replaced his usual self confidence. He stood up straight, arms by his side and eyes widened. 'Wait- oh my god- what?’ He thinks in surprise.

He’s never gotten that sort of response before.

“A-Ah u-uhm..I-I don’t know??” Palette lifts one arm behind his neck, rubbing it awkwardly.
The smaller skeleton looks to his side, tugging at his scarf anxiously.
He tries his hardest not to make eye contact with the strange customer in front of him.

“…Maybe?” Palette’s answer rings through the shop as the mafia enforcer realizes what he just said.

“..oh…” The younger skeleton looks up to Palette in a sort of shocked silence, polite smile changed to a surprised frown.
Palette, embarassed and no longer his business-like self, looks down to his shoes, blushing like crazy.

The silence lasted for quite a while.

Finally, Palette turns around.
“OK so that’s that! I’ll be heading out now, please think about my offer with your parents I gotta go now bye!!” He says in a fast-paced tone.

Before Palette could sprint out of the shop, the stranger yells, “WAIT!”

Palette looks back, seeing him scribble something down. The smaller skeleton hops over the counter and gives Palette the piece of paper.

“M-My name is Goth, if it’s alright, I-I’d like to know you better!” He says, smiling wearily, before quickly rushing to the back of the shop.
Palette, looks at the door where the stranger, Goth, disappeared to, then down on the paper. On it, a number was written down, messily but readable. Along with it were the words “Goth” and “Call me!”.

It took the mafia enforcer a moment to process what just happened, before he smiles widely and walks out the store, in a happier mood than before. He might not have a new client, but at least he got someone better!
Behind the “Employees only” door, Goth puts his hands on his face, muttering.
“Oh god, that just happened.” His eyes were wide, cheeks flushed, and mind scattered.

“I gave him my phone number. I gave an attractive stranger my phone number. Oh god, I need some water.”
Steadily, Goth reaches to a near water bottle and chugs it down.
Once down, Goth tries to regain his composure. Never in his life would he think he would have the guts to do what he just did a few minutes ago. Once the shock finally settled in, he heard the shop door ring open. He sighs and slaps his cheeks softly.
'Snap out of it, Goth. Time to work.’

“Goth? Dear, are you in the back?” A voice calls out.
“Geno?” Goth calls back, peeking out of the door.
In front of the counter, a skeleton wearing a red scarf around his neck looks up to his son. “Ah! I knew you were in there! I need to ask you something!”
“What’s up, Dad?” Goth replies, walking over to his father.
“Have you seen a skeleton wearing a blue hat come in? About your age, i’ve been told.”

At that moment, the memories of what happened not too long ago came flashing back into Goth’s mind. Trying to hide his blush, Goth nods his head. “Y-Yeah, he just left actually.”

Geno decides to wave off his son’s strange behavior. “Ah, I see. Did he talk to you? Reaper told me they were suppose to have a discussion about something.”
“Erm, y-yeah. We talked.” Goth answers.
“About what exactly?” Geno presses on.
“He said something about working a deal and protection. Weird thing to ask, to be honest.”
Geno nods, hand on his chin, thinking. “By any chance, did you ask his name?”
Goth opens his mouth to speak, when realization hit him.

“AUGH! STUPID! I SHOULD OF ASKED HIS NAME BEFORE GIVING HIM MY NUMBER!” He yells in frustration, slamming his head on the counter.
“Goth, why would you give this strange man your number?”

Oh shit.

“A-Ah!! I-I mean- u-uh-” Head back up, Goth desperately tries to think up an excuse.
“What EXACTLY went down while I was gone?” Geno asks, eyes glinting dangerously.
Goth gulps in fear.

He has a bit of explaining to do.
Well that sure was an expericence XD
This is based off my first comic of the AU :3
Question: Should I make this a story? 030 Or maybe a collection of one-shots like this?

Bird Watching
  • *Saitama and Mumen Rider walk through an aviary*
  • Saitama: Thanks for inviting us to look at these birds, Mumen Rider.
  • Mumen Rider: You're welcome, it's a nice relaxing trip that I thought you and Genos might enjoy.
  • Saitama: *A few hummingbirds buzz around him, poking at the red at the sleeves of his Oppai hoodie* Eh?
  • Mumen Rider: Those are hummingbirds, they're attracted to bright colors, especially red. They think it's the flowers they eat from.
  • Saitama: Oh *smiles as one lands on his arm*
  • Mumen Rider: Genos, did you see this- *looks back*
  • Genos: *Standing with several crows perched on his arms and shoulders pecking at the metal on his arms*
  • Mumen Rider: oh goodness, those are crows. I guess they-
  • Genos: Are attracted to shiny surfaces...I know
  • Saitama: *a few more hummingbirds gather on his hood* by the way, where is Sonic?
  • Sonic: *walks over with a peacock strutting behind him* ....I'm keeping it
  • Mumen Rider: *sighs*

For some reason i’ve been looking for this video for ages!!

Tell Me About it(Villain!AU)
  • ((Inspired by Empanadadooblez art))
  • Saitama: *holding a hero up by his neck* you'll think twice before- *feels a tug on his cape*
  • *a tiny genos tugs at his cape, dressed in a red dress with a white cape clipped to the shoulders and a bow in their hair*
  • Kin: Papa! Papa!
  • Saitama: *smiles and looks down to the tiny genos* yes my little moon flower? *holds his other hand down for the little one to stand on as he lifts Kin up to his level*
  • Kin: Look at my new dress! *holds out the sides*
  • Saitama: *gasps* you look beautiful! Could you do papa a favor and wait off to the side while I take care of this?
  • Kin: Okay, Papa! Can I give you good luck first?
  • Saitama: *smiles* of course *brings Kin closer as the tiny genos kisses his cheek* thank you! *sets Kin back down*
  • Kin: *hurries to stand several feet away* Get 'im, Papa!
  • Saitama: *grins as he looks back to the hero, sending him flying into the distance*
  • *Saitama walks back over to the little one, carrying Kin in the bend of his arm*
  • Saitama: Now, tell me everything about your new dress.
  • *Kin excitedly explains the dress as the two head home*
Don’t piss off the French Canadian mob

“It’s not that we don’t trust you, G—”

“I don’t,” Flower interjects, though his tone is friendly enough, and he only shrugs when Duper turns to glare at him.  “Just for the record.”

“We’re concerned,” Duper finishes firmly, fixing Flower with a quelling look before shaking his head and picking his burger up again.  “You understand why, don’t you?”

“Worry about Sid,” Geno concludes after a moment, and Tanger sighs.

“Sidney is … special,” he starts.

“Are we here to play games, or are we here to get down to business?” Flower interrupts again.  Tanger rolls his eyes but gestures for him to go on, loading up a forkful of pasta instead.  “Casual hookups are fine, no one is going to judge you for that.”  He leans forward, pinning Geno with a sharp look.  “But Sidney’s not where you should be looking for that, understand?”

“He’s …”  Duper sighs.  “Flower, shut up,” he says before anything can actually come out of Flower’s mouth this time.  “You know Sidney’s been hung up on you for years, don’t you?”

“Everybody knows that,” Tanger says.  “He’s not exactly subtle.”

“Yes,” Geno says quietly, flushing with the same shame and regret that fills him every time he thinks about the years he spent refusing to see what was right in front of him.  But now—  “I know.”

“The boy isn’t built for casual.”  Duper lifts an eyebrow.  “He wants to get married, have a dozen babies, be part of a boring old married couple.  You want to find someone to have some fun with until you’re ready to settle down, okay, but try that with Sidney and you’re going to break his heart.”

“What we’re saying,” Flower picks up, staring him down, “is that you need to stop trying to get in his pants.  Because sooner or later Sid’s going to stop saying no, so unless you’re ready to—”

“Gonna marry him.”  Geno can feel himself glaring as he stares around the table, jaw clenched in determination.  “I’m not want casual,” he spits.  “Not with Sid.  Want …”  He falters, years of missed opportunities and wasted chances rising up to choke him. Whatever Sidney or anyone else believes, though, he knows the truth, and he’s long past the point of being too afraid to say it.  “Want everything.”

“Well.” Flower stares him down for another moment before finally leaning back with a sharp, satisfied nod.  “Good to know we won’t have to bury you under the ice at Consol after all.”

“Have you even been on a date yet?” Tanger asks, barely stifling a smirk.

“Sid being most stubborn,” Geno grumbles, poking at his coleslaw.  “He’s not believe me, no matter how many times I say.”

The three of them exchange a look, and Geno waits nervously for a verdict.

“Give us  a few days,” Duper says cryptically.

“For …?”

“We’ve got your back on this, G.”  Tanger claps him on the shoulder. “Whatever choice Sid makes, it’s not going to be because he’s too chicken to admit that he has one.”

Bad Dreams(Villain!AU)
  • *Saitama watches TV while Kin is curled up on his stomach sleeping*
  • Kin: *Starts to stir in their sleep, face tightening into a scared expression as small beads of oily tears start in the corners of their eyes*
  • Saitama: Hm? *Looks down as he hears a small whimper come from Kin. He cradles the little sleeping Genos in the bend of his one arm as he brings them up closer and whispers to the sleeping bot* If any monsters are trying to hurt my little moon flower, you better start running now because if I catch you there won't be anything left.
  • Kin: * Scared expression slowly fades, a few soft sniffles coming from the little one as Kin smiles lightly in their sleep*
  • Saitama: *smiles and nuzzles the side of Kin's face* That's it, watch 'em run, beautiful. *Goes back to watching tv as Kin sleeps peacefully in his arms*

alaianapotter  asked:

OK, for the underworld!au you have said that flowers die when Saitama wears them, what I want to know is does this extend to the flowers that are sacred to Hades in the greek mythos this is biased off of? Like if Genos made a flower crown of Narcissus flowers would they die?

@alaianapotter both of these could work! 

Now that we’re on the topic of flowers, Saitama’s sacred flowers/plants don’t have to be what is branded on Hades. Looking at the end of each episode during the ending song, we see glimpses of the rundown City Z and how BEAUTIFUL plants have overtaken the broken buildings and among them are these:

Newly budding Cherry Blossoms I believe, I have a feeling that the little baby flowers are some type of flowering weeds unless someone can please tell me the name of it aah, and we can never forget about Cactus-chan uvu

While cacti may not make for a very nice crown, it could hold a certain significance or Sai, something that people overlook as deadly and ugly, something to be found in a barren desert NOT a garden. But maybe before Sai took over the Underworld, there were already cacti growing in the courtyard and he decided to keep them and care for them, he found some sort of kinship in these plants

The cherry blossoms and we’ll call them little weeds, are something that he finds significance in as well. Cherry blossoms could have been a new edition because they remind him of Genos

Perhaps those little weeds were shown to him by Genos when he was visiting, growing along a river bank and Genos explains to him that they are something considered invasive and unwanted by humans and gods alike, but as he gently drags his hand along the sprouting buds, they blossom to reveal these beautiful little flowers and that was a very significant moment for Saitama because Genos cherishes these weeds just as much as he does a rose bush.

If Genos found out about the plants and flowers that Sai holds dear to him, he’d come to the idea of pressing them into old books he has of the Underworld and only plumping them up a little once they’re finished drying and are already dead before making them into a crown for Sai, he’d hang the larger flowers upside down until they are dry as another technique (I’ve done that with roses and they still look beautiful faded and dried)

I believe that even if Saitama considered these plants sacred, they’d still die. I’m telling you IT’S A PART OF HIM, and whether or not it creates a bit of a problem for Genos, 


He doesn’t find it useless to keep making flower crowns for Sai nor does he stop. The way that Sai would try to show his love for Genos through gifts of jewelry and gems of his home, the same way Genos shows through not giving up and continuing to construct these intricate crowns that Sai cherishes and KEEPS because they mean so much to them even if ashen and dead

aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh ♥ thank you bby

New Change of Clothes
  • Aunt Puri likes to spoil the kids with new clothes and passes it to Genos whenever he gets the chance at the Association.
  • Saitama: I'm home.
  • Mini Genos': Welcome home, Sensei/Daddy!
  • Saitama: Eh? Are you kids wearing new clothes?
  • Genos: I ran into Puri Puri Prisoner-san at the Association. He really wanted the kids to have these since he's been inspired lately by them.
  • Saitama: It seems like a bit much, I don't want to spoil them. Though it does help I guess. At least we don't have to keep buying them new clothes...Hm?
  • -See's Nii in a dress and flower headband who is nervously shuffling his feet.-
  • Genos: Puri Puri Prisoner-san had mixed that up with the clothes for another friend's child. But Nii seemed to really like it and refused to take it off once he put it on.
  • -Saitama picks up Nii and looks at him as he flushes nervously-
  • Saitama: ...You look so cute. [-Grins-]And the color really suits you Nii...
  • Nii: ...Th..Thank you, Sensei...////...
  • -Genos smiles as he grabs Roku from trying to burn Yon's hat that he wanted-
  • (Inspired by empanadadooblez beautiful Underworld!AU)
  • Genos: *walks through the forest as flowers bloom as he passes* Hm? *notices a pair of odd curved branches sprouting from the ground* I do not remember these being here before *reaches down to brush one as a muffled sound comes from the soil*!!
  • Saitama: *pops his head out of the ground before looking up at Genos with an embarrassed look*
  • Genos: *chuckles softly as he kneels down by him* Oh my, what a handsome tree *dusts some dirt from Saitama's face*
  • Saitama: I may have lost focus when transporting to visit
  • Genos: *smiles* I would have never guessed *kisses his head*

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“So. We’re doing this today.”

“We agree it’s best time.  Everybody here and happy, maybe little bit drunk.”  Geno’s smile fadees, just a little, as he looks over at Sidney.  “You change your mind?”

“No! I want to tell people.”  He tucks his tongue in his cheek, giving Geno a quick once-over as they skate past the net, where every kid old enough to hold a hockey stick is trying to score on Flower.  “And if I still want to after seeing you in that sweater, I figure this must really be something that’s gonna stick.”

“Is tradition!” Geno protests, smoothing a protective hand down the front of the garment in question: bright red and green, with a penguin that ends with its shoulders at the sweater’s collar.  The scarf around its neck—and, by extension, around Geno's—is a separate, stitched-on piece, as are the fuzzy mittens on its flippers.  “Look around, everyone else has ugly sweater, too. Everyone but you.  Ugly sweater is part of Christmas spirit, Sid.”

“Well then, you must have more spirit than anyone else.”

“Should get you Grinch sweater,” Geno teases, and it’s the exact same tone he uses at home right before his hands start to wander.  “Or Scrooge.”

“Bah humbug.”  The words come out a little breathless, and Geno’s pout transforms into a smirk that has Sidney’s face heating.  “Oh, shut up.”

“So. If you want to tell, what’s problem?” Geno asks, getting them back on-topic.  “Nervous?”

“No. Well, yeah.  Just—how do we do it?”

“Steal Duper’s baby?”  Geno grins at Lola, snoozing in Sidney’s arms, and reaches out to tug gently at the sleeve of her tiny coat.  “They can’t guess after that, is their own fault.”

“I’m not announcing our relationship by stealing a baby,” Sidney hisses, then hesitates.  “Carole-Lyne would kill us.”

“Hmm.” Geno acknowledges that with a tilt of his head.  “We think of something.”

“Sid, thank you,” Duper says, sounding a little ragged around the edges when they make their way off of the ice, clomping back to  the area where all of the non-skaters have gathered around the food.  Kody is wrapped up in his arms, still hiccuping wetly against his father’s shoulder.  “Once more than two of them get going at once, it’s too much for us away from home.”

“Happy to help.”  He cuddles Lola just a little bit closer.  “How’s Zoe?”

“Carole-Lyne is off calming her down.  You don’t mind holding the little one a while longer, do you?”

“I take if Sid gets tired,” Geno offers, looking like he’s fighting the urge to snatch her away immediately.  “I watch them on ice, make sure Sid’s not drop her.”
“I wasn’t going to drop her!”

“Shh, you make her upset.”  He shakes his head when Lola stirs briefly before smushing her face into Sidney’s neck again.  “Here, I take. She like me best, anyway.”

“She does not.  Go away, you’re gonna wake her up.”

“Maeva,” Duper interrupts, dry as the Sahara, “take your sister, please, before these two try to steal her. Sidney, hand my daughter over.”

He wants to protest, but Maeva’s already moving away from the dessert table and reaching up with wide, serious eyes, so what can he do but bend down to carefully transfer Lola into her arms.  She stirs again, fussing for a moment, but Maeva runs a soothing hand over her sister’s back, murmuring softly in French, and she settles quickly enough.

“Come on,” Geno says quietly, a hand at the small of Sidney’s back as he leads him away.  “We get something to eat.”

“Okay.” Sidney feels too cool without the furnace of Lola’s tiny body settled against him, but he doesn’t argue.  “She’s a good baby.”

“Maybe we babysit sometime,” Geno suggests, and Sidney brightens.

“Maybe, yeah.”  He grabs a plate off the end of the buffet and starts loading it up.  “Carole-Lyne was saying they were having trouble finding a new sitter.  Think I could put Taylor down as a reference?”

“Don’t think she remembers you watching her when she’s baby, Sid.”

“Yeah, but I feel like they’d believe her more than my mom.  She at least tries not to embarrass me; Taylor lives for it.”

“Move down,” Geno says, bumping Sidney’s hip lightly with his until he edges away from the fruit.  “Or we just get our own,” he suggests lightly, plucking a bunch of grapes from the platter.  “Not have to borrow from team.”

“That would be a hell of a way to break the news about us,” Sidney laughs, the terrible honking giggle he can never seem to control around Geno.  “It would save us an awkward conversation, I guess.”

“Big gesture,” Geno agrees, and nudges Sidney down again.  “No talk that way, no wonder you like.”

“You’re not a lot better,” Sidney reminds him.  He’s about to take another step and go for some of the pasta salad when one of Geno’s hands closes over his hip, too low to be just a buddies move.  “Uh.  G?”

“Look up, Sid,” he murmurs, and Sidney barely has time to do so before the catcalls start.

They’re the fourth pair to be caught under the mistletoe since the party began—Kadar and his wife were the last one, and they must have moved it sometime after their kiss.  Geno is already leaning down, his hand sliding around to Sidney’s back, and the kiss is soft at first, almost hesitant, a clear question in the press of Geno’s lips against his.  Sidney kisses back without hesitation, though, and that’s when Geno really goes for it, coaxing Sidney’s mouth open to take the kiss hot and deep like they’re not standing in the middle of a room full of people, like there aren’t kids watching, Jesus.

It’s quiet when they finally pull apart, and Sidney’s lips feel swollen when his tongue darts out to lick at them.  He clears his throat.

“So.” He does it again, because this is definitely not the time or place for his voice to sound like that.  “G and I, uh.  We’re dating?”

He isn’t sure who laughs first, but the room is loud and boisterous again in no time, and as people come up to congratulate them, Sidney finally feels like he can breathe easy.  Geno has an arm slung low around his waist, and Sidney lets himself lean into it, smiling so wide it almost hurts.

Maybe he can wear an ugly sweater for Geno after all.  Next year.

  • *Genos walks into the apartment, seeing a trail of rose petals leading down the hall to the main room.*
  • Genos: ....
  • Saitama: *laying on the futon in the main room, candles lit with petals around him.* Hm, I heard the door open. Where is he? *Gets up and walks over to the hall, looking down it to see Genos sweeping up the petals.*
  • Genos: Ah, sensei. I noticed these flowers on the floor so I wanted to clean it up for you.
  • Saitama: *leans on the doorway* Genos, please.

@ theblondemoncyborg

Saitama leaned into the chaste kiss, his free hand resting on the cyborg’s cheek. The sound of his disciple’s fans made him smile. “I’m yours,” he whispered before kissing him again. 

He wanted to pull him closer, to feel Genos’s body wrapped around his own. But more than that, he wanted to preserve this moment, to hold on to it forever. He held the cyborg’s silicone face like a flower he was terrified of bruising. He looked into Genos’s eyes and saw pain, passion, longing. He kissed him again, his arms slipping around his disciple’s body. 


One Punch Man Week Day 2: Quotes/Lyrics

When I shuffled my playlist I got Lean On, and when I watched the music video for inspiration, there are these scenes with a bunch of flower petals floating in water. I thought it looked neat, hence the flowers and water!

The (other)Flower Prince

“H-Howdy, stranger!”

“You look…angry.”

“But you are just really sad…are you not?”

“Oh…I see. So you thought it was unfair…”

“Here, have a flower.”

“Maybe it will feel a little better.”

“Huh? Where did I get these from?”

“I am growing them for Mother’s birthday.”


“What is your name?”

“Huh? Toriel?”

“That’s a nice name.”

“Howdy, Tori!”

“O-oh. My name?”

“…Asgore Dreemurr…”

(Random spin off idea after young Toriel and Asgore picture. Not really headcanon nor think that this happened but just a random idea that popped up in my mind.

Asriel was flowey so he was technically a flower prince, asgore could be one when he was younger? since he grew plants and flowers? also yes they look like clones. Need to finish geno papy almost done)

A 3 + 1 fic, because why not?


“Sid?”  Geno looks up from Sidney’s computer, eyebrows high.  “What’s this?”

Sidney feels his stomach sinking at the look on Geno’s face–eyes bright, lips pressed together, head cocked like he’s trying to decide whether or not to start mocking him.  It’s a look Sidney’s intimately familiar with, because his boyfriend is kind of awful.  He stops flipping through the channel guide and gets up to go look at whatever it is Geno’s found, reminding himself that it can’t be anything too bad, because he knows what he does and doesn’t look at on his own computer, and …


“Oh, that.”  He’s pretty sure that he fails in his attempt at casual as he leans down to smack Geno’s hand away from the track pad.  “Flower sent me a link,” he lies.  “Thinks he’s funny.  Here, I’ll just–”

“Link you to site for ‘Valentine Date Night Ideas’?” Geno asks, attempted innocence ruined by the choked laughter he can’t quite keep out of his voice.

“It’s not funny,” Sidney says with a roll of his eyes.  He still hasn’t managed to wrestle control of the computer back–Geno keeps grabbing it again every time he tries.  “Just let me close the page!”

“Why?”  Not even trying to hide it anymore, Geno laughs outright and blatantly cheats by darting a hand in to attack the ticklish spot over Sidney’s ribs.  “You want it to be surprise?”

“Oh my god,” Sidney wheezes, twisting away.  “Would you just order dinner already?”

“Is not answer, Sid,” Geno grins, but finally relents and types in the address to pull up the menu for the Chinese place.  “Okay.  I wait.”



The thing of it is, Geno is the undisputed winner when it comes to Valentine’s Day.  Sidney knows this because Geno’s told him so.  On more than one occasion.  And while normally Sidney would argue–you can’t win Valentine’s Day, and even if you could, you can’t just declare yourself the winner without a fair and legitimate competition for the title–he has to grudgingly admit that yeah, he really is.  He doesn’t know too many details from Geno’s past relationships, because that’s a rabbit hole neither of them particularly want to go down, but he’s well aware that big gestures are kind of his thing.  Sidney has the vague idea that at least one girlfriend got a gross of red roses for Valentine’s Day; another, unless he’s very much mistaken, received a puppy, red bow around its neck and everything.

Last year, their first year as an official couple, there was champagne and strawberries and a hot air balloon ride.  A hot air balloon ride.  Who even does that sort of thing, outside of cheesy fiction?

His boyfriend, apparently, the giant romantic loser.

Not this year, though.  This year, Sidney has a plan.  His mind doesn’t have a natural romantic bent; he’s had to put in a good amount of effort to put together the perfect evening.  He believes, however, that he’s finally managed it.  The perfect evening.  Geno isn’t going to know what hit him.

It’s so good, in fact, that he’s only thrown a little bit when he finds half a dozen brochures for romantic getaway destinations, squirreled away in Geno’s underwear drawer.  Behind him, Geno turns over in his sleep, and Sidney shuts the drawer again after he shoves the pamphlets back under a ragged pair of boxers.  Pulling on his pilfered pair, he heads downstairs to make coffee, snagging Geno’s tablet from the bedside table as he goes.  It’ll be at least another hour before Geno drags himself out of bed–Sidney has plenty of time for some fine-tuning.



“Look, I’m not trying to talk you out of it,” Flower says again as they ease through a green light.  “I just want to make sure you’ve thought it through.”

“What makes you think I haven’t?” Sidney demands.

“It’s not that.  It’s just …”  Flower sighs.  “I know you want to make him happy–”

“Of course I do.”

“I know that.  But he won’t be happy if you do something like this just for him.  He wants you to be happy just as much as you want that for him.  All I’m saying,” he adds, holding up a hand to forestall Sidney’s defense, “all I’m saying is that you shouldn’t do something just because you think he wants it.  Just be sure you want it, too.”

Sidney lets the words hang between them until he’s turned off the road and into the parking lot they’ve been looking for, parked the car and turned off the engine.  It’s good advice.  Sound, solid, reasonable.  Flower is his friend, and he wants the best for him; Sidney knows that.  But.

“I do want to do this,” he finally says.  “I’ve been thinking about it for months, and it won’t just make him happy.  It’s really what I want.”  He offers his friend a crooked grin.  “And if it lets me finally one-up Geno, even better.”

“All right.”  Flower finally lets himself smile, giving Sidney an encouraging thump on the shoulder.  “Let’s go win you Valentine’s Day.”



“I’m disappoint, Sid.”  The words, teasing as they are, make Sidney’s stomach twist.  He tries to focus instead on the smile teasing up the corners of Geno’s lips, the way he looks in the light from the candles burning between them.  “Weeks of secret phone call, hiding computer; think you’re planning something big.”

“You don’t like the dinner?”  Sidney asks.

“Is perfect,” Geno assures him quickly.  “Good food, wine is nice.”  He reaches out, tangling his fingers with Sidney’s on top of the table.  “Private.  Can hold your hand without embarrass you.”  His smile broadens.  “After dinner is my turn, though.  I’m win then.”

“I’m not done yet.”  Sidney swallows hard.  “I thought about trying something big.  Mario was gonna pull some strings for me, let me use Consol.”  He smiles weakly.  “I was gonna get a bunch of flowers.”

“Don’t need flowers, Sid,” Geno says softly.

“You like them, though.  I wanted to give you something big.  Memorable.  But … honestly, I realized if I tried, I’d just feel like an ass the entire time.  This should feel like–like me, you know?  So I decided to do it this way, instead.  Just you and me.”  He eases his hand out of Geno’s, and with one last deep, fortifying breath, rises out of his chair and sinks to one knee.

“Sid?”  Geno’s eyes have gone huge, and Sidney is terrified, but he’s committed now, and damned if he’s going to back down.

“I can do big gestures if that’s what you really want,” he says, pulling out the small velvet box that’s been sitting in his pocket like a burning ember all evening.  “There’s no one else I’d ever want to try that for.  And you can win Valentine’s Day every year after this, I don’t mind, just …”  He licks his lips and opens the box to show Geno the ring that he and Flower picked out last week.  “Win it with me?”

Geno’s laughter is the last thing he expects, though he supposes in terms of rejection, it’s not as bad as it could’ve been.  Geno’s hand closes over his shoulder before he can stand again, though, and with his other he reaches into his own jacket.  The box he pulls out is nearly a twin for Sidney’s, the ring inside simple, traditional–exactly what Sidney would’ve picked out for himself.

“Are you serious,” Sidney says flatly, and Geno laughs again.

“We call this year tie, maybe?” he suggests, beaming, and then Sidney is smiling too, laughing in return as he lets Geno haul him to his feet.

“The trip you’re planning doesn’t count,” Sidney says against his lips, “if it’s for our honeymoon.”

“Okay,” Geno agrees, both of them still smiling almost too much to kiss, though they try.  “I win next year instead.”