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apritello 39 pls pls pls pls

for the platonic touch meme: nose booping.

“Psst, Donnie. Donnie. Donnie. Pssssst. Wake up, dorkus.”

Donnie didn’t move.

April narrowed her eyes, leaning further across the lab computer table. “Donnie, hey, wake up. It’s training time.”

Donnie remained asleep sitting up in his swivel chair.


Her friend actually had the nerve to snore at her.

April reached across and poked his flat nose, and then snickered when he wrinkled it in his sleep. She booped it again, and he scrunched up his whole expression. What a nerd.

She started lightly tapping it repeatedly, whispering, “Donnie, Donnie, Donnie, hey you dork, wake up already.”

She booped his nose a couple more times, making it wrinkle up cutely, and finally-

-Donnie sneezed loudly, her touch apparently tickling him enough to force the reaction. In a spectacular flail, he snapped himself awake at the sneeze and fell sideways in his office chair.

April burst out laughing.

Donnie blinked dazedly, barely saving himself from falling off his chair. “Whh- April? What??”

April couldn’t answer; she was too busy holding her sides.

Okay so I know Apriltello Day was over like two hours ago but I had this idea in my head and I just had to draw it. It’s so messy and I painted the background WAY too quickly but oh well…

I just really wanted to draw April and Donnie in a scene from my favorite romantic movie “When Harry Met Sally” (Drawing April in Meg Ryan’s 80s clothing was so much fun!)

Also I’m setting this in @theherocomplex’s “High as the Moon” AU verse where the Hamato Clan has become accepted by humanity and April and Donnie end up meeting in college. Because that AU is the best and everyone should read her fanfic about it!

So yeah, classes are over for the day so April and Donnie decided to get coffee and take a stroll through central park. Oh and I couldn’t resist sneaking in an argyle pattern on Donnie’s sweater vest ;)

I need Shini to just drag Leo’s ass. just fucking drag him hardcore. there is no way she doesn’t look at this cocky teenage boy and think anything other than “ugh.”

basically just imagine Shini and Karai having tea in their super secret lair for Morally Ambiguous Ladies, and Shini going

“That boy was my competition? Really?”

“It was a phase, Shini. A phase.”

“Couldn’t you have at least picked the intelligent one?”

and somewhere, Donnie shudders right down in his soul. he feels he dodged a bullet somehow.

Imagine your favouriteTurtle subtly trying to get you to hold their hand, doing things like casually brushing their hand against yours in the hopes that you’ll respond in kind

Leo would always ask you to join him whenever he was doing anything, meditating, practicing in the dojo, reading, cooking, and it had allowed you both to grow closer and closer as friends. You loved how he always knew what to do when you were sad and was always there by your side when you needed him, you considered him to be the one person on earth you could share all of your secrets with. One day however, while Leo was meditating and you were sitting reading a book beside him, you noticed your one hand on the floor had pressure on it, another hand worth of pressure to be exact. You glanced down to find Leonardo’s hand atop yours, his hand was large and warm and his skin against yours was mesmerising. Slowly his fingers began to knit with your own and you couldn’t help but notice how loud your heart was beating, Leo was your best friend, but oh how you had wanted to hold his hand sooner, you had thought it ridiculous and that Leo was far too good of a friend, you had not wanted to screw anything up but here he was! Holding your hand as if it was second nature. When you finally managed to remove your eyes from your intertwined fingers and examine Leo’s face, he still appeared to be in deep meditation, although you could make out a hint of a smile and a light blush forming on his cheeks.

Raphael was not good at physical contact, he thought himself too big and cumbersome to even brush against you in fear he would hurt you, but oh did he want to hold you, your hands particularly, they were so small and delicate to him, he was a turtle obsessed, your hands would captivate him, when you were drawing, writing, anything! He would watch them practice their art hoping that you wouldn’t catch him in the act, until one day you did. You knew he was there, you had noticed when he sat down on the couch opposite you, at first you gathered he was watching the tv but as your eyes darted to and fro on your sketch book you would notice his head turned towards you. As you looked up from your work at Raphael he quickly turned his head to the tv, “would you like to see what im drawing? You keep looking over, you must be super curious”, “well, ummm yeah I guess”. Raphael moved over behind you to see your sketch, he watched as your hands moved to complete some shading on the work. Raphael couldn’t help himself, his hand moved to yours, as if to examine how something so small could create something so beautiful on a canvas, he realised far too late that he was in fact holding your hand and as he did his cheeks became red and heated, he quickly withdrew but you turned and slowly reached to reclaim his hand with your own, you too were scarlet red now but it felt nice, you sat for a while studying the other, the shear size difference was amazing, it wasn’t until you looked up that you noticed Raph had been starring at you for a while, you had known for a long while that the red clad turtle held your affections but the way his eyes bore into yours did you realise how hard you had fallen.

Donatello couldn’t believe you, you were beautiful, smart, and absolutely hilarious and not to mention that your smile was more magnificent than any invention he could ever come up with, you would always stroll directly towards his lab whenever you would visit the lair, always curious as to what inventions Donatello’s incredible brain had thought up today. You opened the door to the lab to find Donatello hunched over his desk scribbling notes furiously, you made your way over to Donnie and stretched on your tippy toes to see over his shoulder. You only managed to make out the words ‘Plan to hold’ before the papers were flipped and your line of sight was replaced with Donatello’s panicked eyes and a very rushed “y/n! Hey! hi! what’s going on? how are you? you’re here earlier than expected, ummmmm, can I ummm, can I get you anything?” Donatello looked into your eyes frantic and afraid of how much you had seen of his ‘plan’.
“hahaha hey Donnie, sorry for sneaking up on you, I didn’t mean to”.
There it was, that smile that made Donatello’s heart ignite with joy, it was time to put his plan into action.
“hey ummm y/n, can I ask you something?”
“of course Donnie, anything you need”. Oh gosh he’d done it now, no going back.
“well, I was ahhh, wondering if you would help me with an experiment?”
“Of course Donnie, you know I love helping you out”
“oh ummm okay alright, ummm I was just thinking to myself, hey what is the anatomical difference between my hand and yours, on account of myself having three fingers and you having five, if I could get some sketches and data I would really appreciate it”
“of course! here”; you grabbed Donatello’s hand in your own and placed the other in it. Donatello nervously gripped your hand, but his eyes were too focused on your face to even look down, he watched as you stared at your own hand in his before looking down and realising that he had taken you hand in both of his and was lightly stroking your palm with his thumb. He quickly stopped and looked up again at your face, there was that smile again accompanied with a rose flush on your cheeks. “hey Donnie, I want to tell you something, I kind of, ummm, well I think you’re pretty amazing and…” you were cut off by fingers interlocking with yours and a huge smile from the purple turtle, “I feel exactly the same way about you y/n”.

Mikey was slick, he was suave, he knew that he liked you and he was pretty sure you didn’t mind his consistent flirting, he was always touchy feely and would always find any excuse to hug you, be near you or just outright have some form of physical contact. But how he longed to be more than the jokester, the flirt that was never taken seriously, he wanted to hold your hand and have you know what he felt for you, he knew that with that one act you would know that his jokes, his comments that were always passed off as Mikey being Mikey were to him as serious as the last slice of pizza. He had made up his mind, today angelcakes would realise how he felt about you, and he hoped that you would feel the same. Right on schedule you arrived at the lair, unnaturally though today you were greeted not by Mikey but Raph sitting on the couch knitting, “Hey Raph, where is everyone?” “Leo’s practicing, Donnie is fixing the tv and Mikey is probably somewhere crying because the tv got busted” “oh okay, thanks”. Raph glanced up to see you wander towards Mikey’s room, Mikey had asked him for advice on you, which Raph had replied with a shoulder shrug and “tell her how you feel, if she likes you back then she likes you back”, Mikey hadn’t thought that advice was wonderful but took it on board anyway. As you reached Mikey’s room you realised the door was ajar, with a quiet hello you pushed it open to find Mikey talking to himself, he was mumbling so you couldn’t quite hear what he was saying but you assumed it was something about the tv. Mikey, noticing your sudden arrival beamed from ear to ear “Y/N! hey, sorry I didn’t quite hear you come in hehehe, but also I wanted to ask you a question about something, is that cool?”
“of course Mikey, whats on your mind?”
“well”, Mikey moved to his bed to sit down and patted the spot next to him. You moved to take a seat and before you realised what was happening Mikey had grasped your hand in his. “y/n, I really like you, a lot, even more than pizza, you’re special to me and I know you probably think of me as a big doofus, I really want you to know how I feel”. Mikey stared at your eyes before realising that you were squeezing his hand just as he was to yours, he looked down, then back up, only to be met with a huge smile. “I really like you too Mikey”, well that was it Mikey had left this plane of existence, his angelcakes liked him just as much as he liked you, and furthermore you were still gripping his hand, and Mikey was pretty sure that he never wanted to let go.
Imagine your favourite character subtly trying to get you to hold their hand, doing things like casually brushing their hand against yours in the hopes that you’ll respond in kind

I Want a Baby: Donatello

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Donnie x reader

Donnie walked into the kitchen to grab a midnight snack. He had been in his lab all night and last time he checked the clock it was 5pm…then suddenly it was 3am. Huh.

Walking into the kitchen he found his girlfriend sitting at the table with a cup of coffee in her hands-and wait, were those tears?!

“(Y-Y/n)?” Donnie spoke quietly and gently, walking towards the table. Your head snapped up and you quickly whipped most of the tears away.

“Oh, Donnie, hey..” you said, giving him a pathetically fake smile. He let out a small sigh and took a seat next to you.

“What’s wrong?” he whispered. You closed your eyes for a second and sniffled as your sweet boyfriend patiently waited.

“I-I…I want a baby. That’s what’s wrong.” you said, your voice shaky. You couldn’t even look at him. You knew Donatello too well. He would shut down the idea of having a baby completely, saying that you two couldn’t possibly raise a child in the sewers. Was this even possible for you two?? What-

“Thank god.” Donnie sighed. You were snapped out of your fear-filled thoughts and you looked at your boyfriend with watery eyes.

“W-what?” you squeaked out. Donnie chuckled lightly and pulled you into his lap and rested his chin on your shoulder. You smiled and put your hands on his, which were already resting on your belly.

“I want to start a family with you, (Y/n). I’ve dreamed about it for so long…” Donnie said as you played with his hands. “It’ll be hard though. We won’t be a normal family, you know.” Donnie warned. You knew this and you knew he was right. He wanted to give you and his future child a good life. But, he and his brothers still had a great childhood, even though they grew up as mutants who lived in the sewers.

“We’ll be okay. But, we’ll worry about that later. For now…let’s get started on making that baby.” you smirked as you grinded slightly on him, just enough to get him going.

Donnie didn’t say anything, instead he picked you up and took you straight to his room and locked the door tight.

Let’s just say that every night for a couple of months Leo, Mikey, and Raph would have to leave the lair for a few hours while Donnie-uh…focused on his next big project.

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idk if youre still doing this but what about best boy Mista?

Y’know what? I’m gonna roast the entirety of Buccellati’s gang.

First off, we have Giorno “Piss Drinker” Giovanna, the son of Dio Brando. Much like his father, Giorno has a questionable taste in fashion. Where did Giorno get a vest with ladybug nipples? Why does said vest have a boob window? Why does his hair have donuts in it? So many questions, but all I know is that he once stole Koichi’s luggage like a BASTARD. What the hell is your issue, Giorno?

(Not that Dio’s other children are better. Donatello looks like a tennis ball, Rikiel looks like a half-built cow cosplay (or Bruno’s brother), and Ungalo is Ungalo.)

Right after Giorno is fashion disaster Pannacotta Fugo. Holy crap would be the best term to describe whatever he’s wearing. You know how Kanye West advertises clothing with holes in them? I bet you $100 bucks that Fugo had some involvement in making it. And who the hell wears a tie UNDERNEATH their suit? Fuck Fugo, fuck his stupid hole suit, and fuck that one variant where he looks like a swiss cheese gijinka;

You wanna know the real reason why Fugo disappeared in Vento Aureo? Because everybody in Passione laughed at his stupid suit.

After Fugo comes everybody’s favorite four-hating weirdo, Guido Mista. What an appropriate first name, huh? I will give Mista some credit, though - getting rid of those sandals was a good move. He should have gotten rid of the rest of his suit, especially the helmet he wears. Is that a blue arrow on it, or is it a dick? And what kind of shirt is he wearing? A sweater crop-top? Do those even exist?

(Update: They do. Hm. Well, I guess I can roast his pants. Is he trying to pull a Dio and wear reverse-assless chaps?)

Narancia Ghirga has got the chin to end all chins. This orange boy loves Hey Arnold so much that he’s even got the shirt-skirt thing that Arnold has. Unfortunately, Narancia forgot that Arnold wears a red shirt, not an orange one. And what’s up with his shoes? Did he wrap up some onion rings with string? It’d be reasonable, coming from a man who got 28 from multiplying 16 and 55.

Up next is Leone Abbacchio, known by many as “Linkin Park’s biggest fan”. This dude’s hair is so spiky, I think he bleached an octopus and put its tentacles on his head. His suit itself is alright when compared to everyone else’s clothes, but it still looks wrong. It’s like if CD-i Link became the third member of Twenty One Pilots. The only difference is that CD-i Link would make TOP’s music good, while Leone wouldn’t change anything about it.

I wonder what would happen if Leone, Foo Fighters, and Rohan combined their egg-shells. Would Jouta pop out of the egg? I hope not.

Last, but not least, is the leader of the gang, Bruno “Zipper Fetishist” Buccellati. This coconut-head motherfucker has the second-tackiest suit in the entirety of his gang, right after Cheesy Fugo himself. What are those black things covering Buccellati’s suit? Sperm? Spoons? Stop signs? I know what needs to stop, and it’s Buccellati wearing that abomination of a suit.

Black and Blue

A/N: I’m writing my Leorai week in the form of an ongoing short story.  Be sure to read Black & Blue Chapters 1-6 first.

Two souls are sometimes created together and in love before they’re born. 

- F. Scott Fitzgerald

Chapter 7


The last time I’d tromped through these woods had been with my Leonardo.  This time it was with the shadow of him, a crazed version that for some reason thought we were two parts of a constellation.  One insane idea backed by another.  He wanted to kill April. And she wanted me to lead him right to her.

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