look at dis hottie


“Hardy’s Hair” - Digitally Painted Gif

Another gif I couldn’t resist painting, because DT’s hair is so epic! Though it ended up looking like he’s dancing since I only did 7 frames. I still kinda like it, it makes me smile.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

right before they go onto the court for a match someone on the team comments about the hot guy in the stands and they all turn their attention to him and agree like wow yes what a hottie

tsukishima slowly looks up to see who they’re looking at

it’s his brother

his brother is Hottie Stands Guy

he dies, half bc his entire team is talking about wanting to bang his brother half bc his brother is at one of his games

yamaguchi pats him on the shoulder just like ‘sorry tsukki’