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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Nudity, implied smut, angst, a little fluff

Word Count: 798

A/N: This is obviously my first posted fic. Feedback is welcome and appreciated!! I wrote this for @avasmommy224 Christmas Challenge and a huge thanks to her for being such a huge support and betaing this as well. Hope y’all enjoy!! ♥♥

“Wow! That was…” Dean dropped his head to your naked chest, panting heavily.
“Yeah. It was.” You looked up at the ceiling, trying to gather your thoughts and catching your own breath.

The flames were blazing in your fireplace, casting a soft flickering glow over both of your bodies. It was mid December and the power had gone out due to the heavy blizzard. Dean had been in town with his brother working a case; you knew the minute he called that you were in trouble. Since the first time he came through your small town, you and Dean had a touchy relationship. He wanted nothing but to swing into town, get the job done, find you, and satisfy his post-hunt needs. You knew there would never be anything more between the two of you. You tried to tell yourself to let him go and you shouldn’t waste your emotions. He would never be able to reciprocate the feelings. He would never be what you wanted him to be, but here you were again. His breath caressing the sweaty skin on the swell of your breast.

“Dean, will you please get dressed, I have something I need to say and I can’t do it if you’re naked.”
He nodded his head, knowing it wasn’t going to be good. It never was. You had tried to have conversations similar to this in the past but they always ended with the same answer. He couldn’t bring you into his life. His work was too dangerous, you would get hurt, or killed. You knew what his work was, you were no stranger to demons, ghosts, vampires, or even angels for that matter. You knew it was dangerous but he was something you were willing to sacrifice for.

Not bothering with your panties or bra, you pulled your shorts and shirt back on. Dean was shrugging back into his faded button up, taking a deep breath you decided it was now or never.

“Look Dean, you know how I feel about you. I know you can’t – won’t give me more. I’m not asking you to this time. I need this to be the last time you contact me. After you’re gone, I’m changing my number, don’t show up at my door, I won’t answer.”

Dean’s eyes slowly made their way from your face to the floor as he processed everything you had just said. Nodding his head slightly in understanding he fidgeted with his hands and sighed before closing his eyes and rubbing his hand up and down his face in frustration.

“(Y/N) I never meant to hurt you. I never meant for things to go this far. I have never had feelings for anyone else like I have for you… I mean that, I really do. I wouldn’t come back to you if I didn’t. To be truthful, other than Sammy, you are the only thing in my life that has real meaning. I come to you for peace with myself. I understand if you need to do this but I want you to know, for a while now, you have been the only woman I have been with. I want this, I want you with me all the time but I have to know you are safe. I have to know that nothing will happen to you in my care, and right now, that’s just not going to happen.”

You sat in stunned silence for what seemed like hours. You had never expected this reaction. Dean was confessing his feelings for you after you all but shoved him out the door. Tears started flooding your eyes as you stared into his.

“Sweetheart, please say something.” Dean pleaded, afraid of your response.

“So what are you saying, Dean? Do you want me to go with you?”

“I can’t take you with me right now. Lucifer is free and anyone close to me is in danger. I have kept you a secret, even from Sam, and I just can’t risk Lucifer finding out about you. His demons are everywhere and I just need to know you are safe. I love you, (Y/N) I need you to know that. Don’t give up on me, not yet.” Dean’s green eyes bore into yours, he was staring straight into your soul.

“Please, just come back for me. I need you, Dean. My number will stay the same, but promise me this. Next time you show up at my door, when you leave, I will be going with you. I love you too, Dean.” You felt your tears hitting your bare thighs, you knew you shouldn’t be saying this. He shouldn’t get that chance, but you loved him and you knew no matter how hard you tried, Dean Winchester would always have your heart.

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Sam looked down to hide his amused smile. Dean Winchester, hunter, warrior, feared by supernatural beings on all mortal planes, was scared of….well, planes.

Jokes aside, he didn’t want his brother white knuckling it all the way to their destination.

He just needed to help Dean take his mind off things. Yeah, that was it.

Sam waited until the stewardess had come with the drinks cart. Dean was chugging down his tiny bottle of Jack Daniels like his life depended on it.

They were about an hour into the flight and people were starting to settle down for the night. Dean had placed a blanket over himself as some kind of comfort.

Convenient. Sam thought.

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“I’m sorry,” Sam says straight away here (11x20), “I didn’t mean it.” But clearly he’s terrified; we saw that in 11x16, too, when he was relieved to learn that it was his dead body (and not Amara’s, I guess) that Dean had seen sprawling on the floor of the nest (“comforting” is the word he uses). The difference between them is that whereas Dean will tell Sam when he has doubts about his capabilities (“I just don’t believe any more… in you,” 5x18), Sam tries all the time to show Dean that he has faith in him (“You will never hear me say that you - the real you - was anything but good,” 10x23). I think what this moment makes clear is that this attitude of Sam’s isn’t automatic or careless: it’s a choice. He knows how important it is, when you’re desperate, to believe that somebody you care about believes in you. And so, because he loves and cares about his brother, he chooses to believe in Dean, even when his gut is telling him that Dean will fail.

If I were Dean I’d be extraordinarily grateful. Although it’s less obviously flattering, it seems to me that this kind of deliberate faith means much more than an unthinking childish confidence in ‘big brother’ would do.

Imagine Cas and Sam being very hush-hush about their relationship.
They don’t tell Dean, sneak kisses when he looks away, or hold hands under the table. Sam falling asleep in Cas’ arms, waking up with Cas watching over him.
Dean being away one night, only to come to the motel they call home and find his brother and best friend sitting cuddled up in the sofa, watching some movie.
Dean smiling and quietly walks out. Writes them a note that they’re getting the room for themselves this night.
“I’ll come by 10 with breakfast. Don’t break each others heart or I’ll hunt you down.”.

Okay so I was rewatching the spn s6 episode “You can’t handle the truth”, and let me tell you something, Dean beating Sam to unconsciousness is fucking brutal.

The act on its own from a 3rd person POV is horrible enough to make me irrationally angry, but if we see it from Dean’s POV is even more horrifying.

So Dean doesn’t know Sam is soulless, for him Sam could be messed up after hell, this could be a way to cope or something could’ve happened or changed in him after being in the cage with Satan and Michael, which surely qualifies as a traumatic experience, hell, Dean has been to hell already and he admitted his hell in comparison to Sam’s was gonna look like a walk in the park, and he came back messed up, Sam offered him his support and listened to him when he needed to be talk, he comforted Dean, he was there for his brother, so now Dean thinks Sam is messed up after hell, that his head is all over the place, and when Sam admits he feels something’s wrong with him and asks Dean for help, what does Dean do? Beats Sam until he’s bleeding and unconscious on the floor.

For all Dean knows, Sam unknown mental state could’ve worsened, and he didn’t give a crap, he didn’t know what to do with Sam so once again he punched him out of frustration.

Some of you may say “oh but Dean was angry because Sam let him get turned” yeah okay, Sam literally admitted it was because he couldn’t feel a damn thing and that he thought hell messed him up which according to Dean’s knowledge, could be entirely plausible, who knows what Sam could have returned like? If he’s asking for help, beating Sam, who’s already suspected of being mentally fragile, is not the answer.

Also an overload of frustration because you can’t understand something is no excuse for beating someone to unconsciousness, nothing really is an excuse for it, except for self defence and Dean was not defending himself, he was hurting Sam.

Note: excuse my possible grammar mistakes, English is not my first language.

I’m shocked. What the hell are we supposed to do? CNN and the DNC are literally lying about what happened at the Nevada convention. There was no violence by Sanders supporters, there were no chairs being thrown. Roberta Lange changed the convention rules with a contested voice vote and then shut down the convention through a fake voice vote when Sanders supporters wanted a recount. Barbara Boxer was harassing Sanders supporters and saying they were “booing America” by booing her. All of this is caught on tape and easy to find and view. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and CNN are selectively editing videos to make the indignant Sanders supporters look insane. This whole thing reminds me of when Fox News created the infamous “Dean Scream” in 2004 by editing out the cheering behind Dean in order to make him sound nuts.

What the hell can I do when even my own party is lying to me? #StillSanders

~ castiel has been standing close to dean all day and dean doesnt understand why. and not just that, when ever castiel touches his arm, his hand lingers there just a few seconds longer

~ all day deans face has been red from the touches and the closeness and dean isnt sure how much more he can handle

~ the day was coming to a close and the three of them were sat in the library in the bunker trying to research something for the next hunt. but castiel didnt stop with the touches and being close to dean, oh no he even kicked it up

~ first cas sat right next to dean and pulled his chair a little closer, dean gave castiel a questioning look but all cas did in return was just smirk

~ next castiel kept dropping books on the ground and bending down, showing his ass showing for the world to see. castiel put his hand on deans thigh for support slightly moving his hand in circular motions, getting higher and higher. even when cas got back up he didnt remove his hand

~ deans cock was taking a slight interest in these movements and only wanted cas to move his hand a little higher

~ sam then suddenly stood up and said “im going out to get something to eat, you guys wanna come?”

~ dean quickly shook his head nod and stuttered out “n-no thank-s” while castiel simply nodded no

~ once they heard the door to the bunker slam shut cas got closer than he has ever been to dean and whispered in his ear “im kinda tired. i think ill turn in early tonight” castiel left his lips touch the shell of deans ear and stayed there for a few more seconds before he finally stood up and stated to walk out of the room

~ but in a matter of seconds dean was up and across the room pinning cas against the wall. before they both knew it they were kissing for what felt like an eternity. suddenly dean pulled back and stated “you have no fucking idea what you do to me” but castiel just smirked and said back “oh i think i do”

EXO react to their significant other graduating from college

@se0ulb0undkp0p - thank you for requesting! We know, I promise. We always enjoy seeing your messages and comments on our posts. :)
Given their current ages, I’m uncomfortable with writing any of them dating high schoolers… So, this is going to have to be college graduation.
I promise, you’ll be okay after you graduate. College can be so much fun (and thank you for remembering.)

Congratulations to all our followers who graduated high school or college this year. May you have many exciting adventures ahead of you.

Xiumin: He’s been working on getting a Master’s and he knows you’re always just as supportive of him, so no matter what schedules he has, he cancelled them to be here, cheering as he watches you being hooded by your dean.

Luhan: Sitting right next to your parents, he has his camera trained on you the whole time, embarrassingly waving to you when you look in his direction. “She’s so beautiful and strong up there. I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud.”

Kris: Today is all about you and if that means he has to show up in disguise so that people watch you instead, he’ll do it without hesitation and just be there to support you lovingly, proudly hugging and kissing you afterward.

Suho: As your biggest supporter during finals season and late night paper writing sessions, he’s sitting in the very first row so he can cheer for you when you go up to receive your diploma, grin bright and adoring.

Lay: As soon as the ceremony is over, he practically flies over to pick you up and squeeze you so tightly. Everyone would watch on as he tells you how proud he is of the hard work you’ve put into receiving this piece of paper.

Baekhyun: The most embarrassing of all, he’d cheer for you and wave like a proud mom, shouting, “Love you, baby!” when you go up to accept your diploma from the president of your university. He loves seeing you blush.

Chen: Even walking into the venue, he’s excited, dancing along next to you with his camera in hand. “I’m about to be going out with a college grad. That’s even hotter than going out with a college girl.” Anything to make you laugh.

Chanyeol: He may actually be more excited about this than you are. And he conspired with your other friends and family to have a surprise party after commencement. He twirls you around once you have your diploma in hand.

D.O: After your graduation, he’d bring you to a small party he helped arrange with a cake he made and decorated himself. Expect sweet kisses throughout the day because he can’t put into words how proud and happy he is.

Tao: His eyes are transfixed on you during the whole ceremony. He wanted to be the first one to congratulate you, and hug you, and give you your first present: a frame for your diploma because he’s so proud of you.

Kai: Seeing you smiling on stage, his face lights up and he can barely keep himself from running to hug you right then. He knows you have other people who want to congratulate you, but he doesn’t want to let you out of his arms.

Sehun: He still remembers all the EXO members coming to his high school graduation, so he wants to make it just as exciting and almost as embarrassing. So he’s there waiting with a bouquet and a huge smile.

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i think i wrote a manchester high school au or its equivalent someone restrain me

vanderllyle save me from my self-imposed agony

  • Morrissey is the loser kid with no friends who sits at the desk in the corner by himself, doodling Oscar Wilde quotes in the margins. He gets picked on for being the lone Man U supporter in a sea of Man City fans, and he has a picture of James Dean taped to the inside cover of his Geography book to look at when he decides paying attention is beneath him, ie. all the time.
  • Johnny Marr is the coolest guy in school and goes nowhere without his shades, his guitar, and Angie. He’s the guy who sits on the table while the others must sit on their chairs or the floor. One day he sits down next to Morrissey without a word and the two are best friends forever after.
  • Andy used to be Johnny’s best friend but now he finds himself hanging out with Mike. It’s ok though because now they’re all part of Johnny’s posse.
  • John Squire is the kid who’s like, freakishly good at art and decorates all his notebooks and gear and stuff. He usually sits with Ian Brown at the back so they can slouch sullenly and examine their fingernails in silence when asked why they haven’t been paying attention. Reni and Mani sit to their right and whisper over football cards all day.
  • Shaun Ryder and Bez are Those Guys who start fires at lunchtime in the bathroom and end up on the roof during the night, startling everyone who arrives at school the next morning.
  • Bobby Gillespie just moved down from Scotland. No one knows what he does all day, Bobby least of all.
  • Ian Curtis carries a mysterious grey nootebook with him at all times, and he can usually be found writing in it. He won’t show anyone what’s in there (“Yet,” he says), except sometimes Morrissey if he’s in a good mood.
  • Barney Sumner is the cherub-faced, perennially-shorts-wearing kid who hangs around with Ian’s crew. Gillian is their queen and rules the group with a gentle hand.
  • Noel is the very tiny guy who gets blinded by the stars in his eyes whenever he looks at Johnny. Can usually be found arguing loudly with strangers about City’s prospects this season or hauling his younger brother away from altercations by the scruff of his neck (Liam wants to do nothing in life but fight everyone he meets. He'll kick anyone’s ass. He’ll kick your ass. He’ll kick your dog’s ass. He’ll kick his own ass.).
  • John Power is a friend of Noel’s who hangs out with Lee Mavers most days. Lee is… weird. If you ask him for answers to last nights homework he’ll claim he threw them out because he felt they weren’t quite right and then go off on a tangent about ‘cosmic influences’ and the ‘sound of the soul’.
  • Ian McCulloch keeps walking into doorways because he can’t see clearly through his hair.
  • Tony Wilson is the janitor.
Calling Positive Sam Winchester Blogs!!

Why is it every time I find a blog devoted to Sam Winchester that I think I might like to follow because I want more Sam on my dash, they turn out to be anti-castiel blogs or hate blogs?! FFS the characters are FRIENDS and love and care for each other, why can’t we all love and care for BOTH characters?!?

If you are primarily a Sam Winchester blog that does not at ANY POINT do the following:
- hates on Castiel
- hates on Misha
- reblogs anti cas/misha posts
- supports anti cas/ misha blogs
- hates destiel (don’t have to ship it just accept it and respect that people ship it)
- also loves Dean and Jensen I mean that’s kinda obvious but I’ll mention it as well
- are basically a decent human being who treats people with respect and love not hate
- look basically I won’t tolerate hate or unecessary negativity about any character or actor at all.

Then please reblog this and I’ll check you out as I need more Sam love on my dash!! :)

Can we please focus on love instead of hate and nastiness? I know you guys are out there and you shouldn’t have to have your voices drowned out by haters!

If Dabb is giving us another Destiel episode like 'Road Trip' next week, with supportive Cas being all sweet and loving and making Dean feel better in the worst of worst situations, and them being a “trusting couple” again with their tender looks and and encouraging words, I think I might die from cuteness overload

Cas x Charlie???

No. Nope. I’m all for being open with ships and not dissing anyone… But Charlie is a LESBIAN. She clearly knows her sexuality and is comfortable in it… So what would make her even remotely attracted to Castiel?? Also, looking at subtext (I’m probably wrong and I’m probably going to sound stupid) I’m pretty sure Charlie not only knows how Dean feels about Cas but is actually very supportive of Dean’s feelings toward him. Pretty sure Charlie ships Destiel just as hard as I do.