look at deakin

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Look at two screenshoot👀 twitter*com/LarryingLarry/status/867423218138853376 twitter*com/peachprince_/status/867425527845576704

hmmm. looks like the tomlinson-deakins and styles’ are attending a wedding. dunno if it’s the same one, but

it’s a real baby then the shade is even bigger look at the Tomlinson Deakins sharing snapchats and pictures of the entire family holding that baby and smiling all happy and adoring LOLLLLLLL

“The trip to Norway really influenced the look of the movie…We went into ice caves that are a kind of blue I’ve never seen before; it is almost unreal because it’s so vivid. In the film, we tried to bring those splashes of color into something that would otherwise look monotonously white.” –Roger Deakins, visual consultant

Concept art by Pierre-Olivier Vincent