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Birthday Presents (phan)

Summary: Dan has trouble finding a gift that would be perfect for Phil, but Phil has had Dan’s planned for a long time. Merry Christmas, Dan.

Warnings: So much sin. Very very sin. 

I’d been sitting in my room for hours on end, searching for gifts for this lil shit. I swear to god, I put so much thought and effort towards him, you’d think he would notice. But does he? No, of course not. So I continue scrolling Amazon for the millionth time for something to give Phil, hoping that this year would be the year Phil would finally understand. But the more I thought about my precious Phil, the more suspicious I became. For the past year, Phil had been kinda distant. He looked at a camera more often than he looked at me, and that hurt. But I was not going to let him know.

Phil was constantly on his phone, always vlogging or talking to someone. And I remember hearing him whisper like he was hiding something for the first time that year.It scared me. What if he had found someone who wasn’t afraid to tell them they loved him. Maybe he had found somebody that he had loved. Or maybe, I was over thinking this entirely, and he was not leaving me at all. Maybe he was doing something special, some surprise. I doubted the latter one, as Phillip would not avoid me for this long for any reason other than he had grown tired of me. It scared me, the thought of losing him, the thought of him no longer enjoying my company.

I scrolled for several more hours, overthinking and trying not to cry through each torturous moment  of his memories. I remembered when we first met, I could never forget it. He was absolutely perfect, so why couldn’t I find him something perfect for him? On one hand, I felt like I was overreacting, and that I needed to calm down, but on the other hand, I realized that if I continued to reach for someone else’s hand from the ocean, I will drown. So I began swimming, all by myself. I closed the laptop, and went downstairs to grab some crisps and Maltesers I then ate/cried myself to sleep. This continued for two weeks.

It was Christmas Eve and I still had nothing for my littlew ray of sunshine.

“Phillip, I have a problem.”

“What is it, Dan?”

“I have absolutely no idea what to get you and ive been trying so hard to get you the right gift and i just cannot find it anywhere-”

Before I could continue, I felt a pair of lips crash against my own. My eyes were wide with shock, but the second I realized it was Phil, I closed my eyes and deepened the kiss.

“Bear,” he whispered

“It’s okay. I don’t need any more stuff”

I tried to argue, but his gazing blue eyes would not allow it. It was 1 am, so I decided to sleep so that “Santa” could stop by with some presents. I fell asleep almost before my head was on the pillawoke to a startling sound 

“Daaaaannn.” Phillip sat across the bed, whining at him.

“Dannnnn get up, I want to give you your present.” So I stood up. His lips met with mine gain, but this time, instead of sparks, it felt like there were fireworks in side of me, ready to explode at any point. It didn’t end there. Oh no, Phillip pushed me onto the bed softly, landing with his legs straddling my own. He nibbled and bit my collarbones and neck, while I moaned uncontrollably as I had been dreaming of this for years.He looks me in the eyes 

“Is this okay?”

“Abso-fucking-lutely. Please continue.” And so continue Phil did. He continued until we were both undressed, he continued until he was inside of me, he continued until I was screaming his name, he continued until he finished, leaving us both to be a sweaty mess.He looks at me with a smug look on his face

“Merry Christmas, Dan 





He will be present at AC Unity panel at SDCC and you can ask him and ACU Creative Director Alex Amancio some questions via twitter [x]


Dan and Phil at Muse concert