look at danny

happy 32nd birthday ryan alexander hawley ❤️ here are 32 reasons why you’re amazing even though you’ll never see them:

  1. you take your dogs on holiday
  2. your thighs
  3. the way you can’t close car doors, sit on a chair or open a door without pulling the door knob off 
  4. your limbs and how beautifully long and lanky they are
  5. when you shove your massive hands into your jeans 
  6. how shook you get when you remember you have fans 
  7. and how ridiculously sweet and genuinely grateful you are of them
  8. how you pull everything off like that damn bright blue pelican shirt and you still looked 10/10
  9. your chemistry with danny 
  10. tbh your chemistry with basically everyone
  11. you came up with ‘roblivion’ 
  12. you’re captain of the robert sugden defence squad
  13. when you went out and bought the same leather jacket as robert’s cos you loved it so much 
  14. your love of fancy food 
  15. and fancy places
  16. when you introduce yourself to fans with “hi I’m ryan” like we haven’t been dedicating our entire lives to you
  17. your smile 
  18. the way you run (not even sorry it’s so damn cute)
  19. your intelligence and use of big words in interviews that make us all fall even further in love with you
  20. your accent and how it’s slightly posher than robert’s that makes me weak in the knees
  21. your laugh. when you really properly laugh it’s the most beautiful sound in the world
  22. the fact that almost every single person who watches emmerdale is in love with you and it genuinely baffles you as to why 
  23. you’re a bisexual icon and you don’t even know it 
  24. your lack of social media so when we do get to see you it’s even fucking better
  25. you put EVERYTHING into your acting I swear you have no idea just how talented you actually are except for the fact that you can’t cry but it’s ok you’ll get there eventually 
  26. BEST ACTOR 2K17
  27. your many awkward hair phases that we love you even more for
  28. and your hair when good is really damn fucking good
  29. every time daisy posts something extra and romantic that you’ve done on insta and we all cry for days
  30. that time you “managed” the ouas team but really you just sat there fangirling over all your football faves 
  32. loving you makes SO many people SO happy and for that we love you even more

Okay seriously, I am living for these crossovers haha


This is gonna be my last crossover piece for a bit, cuz I wanna get back to doing my own stuff, but i hope you guys enjoyed those fake little screenshots!! :D