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Long Lost Love

Pairing: Kai x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1423


Malachai Parker.

The sociopath that all of your friends despise. He has manipulated and killed a handful of people here and there, but there was this one person on earth that tamed him after all of this time. You.

You basically had him wrapped around your finger the day he fell for you. At first, you weren’t attracted to him at all because your group of friends drew him out as a murderer, which he technically was, but overtime, he grew on you. Kai knew he had to have you when he first met you and that’s exactly what he accomplished.

You and your boyfriend had a talk and agreed on leaving Mystic Falls to start a new life together. You felt that a going away party wasn’t needed, although Caroline would love to plan it. So your plan was to just leave this godforsaken town and text your friends about it once you were miles away. 

Alaric & Jo’s wedding day is today, but you chose to skip it since it made things complicating since you’re with Kai. Not to mention, Kai’s even attempted to kill Jo once or twice.

You had a few personal items left to pack, which wasn’t going to take more than an hour. Kai said he had to take care of a few things before the two of you head out on the road to your new beginning.

An hour passes and you’re now wondering where your boyfriend is. He said it wouldn’t take long, so you took his word for it. After 5 unanswered calls you started to get worried so you tracked his phone and drove to wherever it is located.

After driving around for 15 minutes, you arrive at a chapel. “What the hell?” You questioned as you parked, looking back and forth from your phone and the front of the chapel. Then finally, it came to you and you felt nothing but hurt and disgust. Kai is here to kill Jo.

“Oh my god.” You threw your phone on the passenger seat and hurried out of the car. You noticed the shattered glass surrounding the building.

There was an ounce of hope that you could get to your boyfriend on time to stop him. “Kai!” You screamed his name as tears streamed down your cheeks. Your hopes for starting a better life with your boyfriend was instantly crushed thanks to him. He just couldn’t help himself.

“Kai!” You called his name once again. Arriving inside the chapel, you see nothing but dead bodies and destruction everywhere. This was obviously Kai’s doing. “No no no no. This can’t be happening.” You we’re so close to having a panic attack.

Finally, you find Kai with blood on his face and all over his clothes. There was a devilish smile plastered all over his face from the evil he has done.

You also noticed that he was talking to Bonnie who was laying on the floor, looking as if she is fighting for her life. Normally, you would run to your friend to help her, but you were so distraught about everything that happened that your feet were glued to the floor.

“Kai! What have you done?!” You cried out, cutting Kai off from whatever he was saying to Bonnie.

You immediately got Kai’s attention, but Bonnie was still struggling on the floor that she slowly turned her head to look at you. Kai’s devilish smile was instantly gone and it turned into guilt. He had high hopes that he was going to get away with this. “Shit.” He mouthed to himself.

“Baby. I can explain.” Kai pleaded, slowly putting his hands up in defense.

“Explain?!” You yelled out in frustration.

Out of the blue, you see Damon vampire speed up to Kai and chops of his head with his bare hand.

And that’s when everything around you just stops. “Oh my god.” You said, then ran over to your boyfriend’s dead body. “Damon why?!” Even though Kai is responsible for all of these deaths and destruction, you couldn’t help but ask.

“You’re kidding me, Y/N?” Damon asked after he fed vampire blood to Bonnie.

You laid your head on Kai’s chest and just cried. Damon felt no remorse for you and left with Bonnie.

“You fucking bastard. How could you?!” You yelled at Kai even though you were aware that he’s 100% dead. After everything that you have been through with him and the assumptions that he was a changed man, he had to throw it all away. You didn’t even bother giving Kai and the other dead bodies a proper burial. Instead, you lit the entire building on fire.

(Days later…)

Pain. Pain is all you’ve felt these past few days. So many unanswered questions had flooded your mind.

You couldn’t live with the pain any longer and all Mystic Falls did was remind you of your dead boyfriend. Damon even offered to compel you to forget about Kai, but you didn’t want to cheat, you just couldn’t. So instead, you moved away to live with your relatives in New Orleans.

It didn’t occur to you at first that New Orleans is where Klaus and Elijah had moved to. You also recently found out that Tyler’s friend, Hayley had a baby with Klaus and supposedly has a thing with Elijah. But as complicating as the Mikaelson family is, you surprisingly grew close to them, especially to Kol, who you thought was dead at first, but he informed you that his best friend, Davina helped bring him back.

Aside from being reunited with his family, Kol felt like he had no real purpose after he was brought back to life, until he eventually connected with you. It’s ironic because your very own friends killed him in the first place, but you even informed him that you had nothing to do with his death and actually had no idea that Elena and Jeremy planned it. “What’s done is done, dear Y/N. All that matters now is being here with you.” Kol had once told you. Luckily, time heals all wounds.

Since you were far far away from Mystic Falls and have no intentions on going back, you didn’t care to update your friends that you and Kol Mikaelson are now an item. Your ex boyfriend, Kai did cross your mind every now and then, but as time went on, you thought about him less and less.

(Years later…)

The longer you were away from Mystic Falls, the less often you and your friends kept in touch. It was fine with you because they have their own lives going on and you have yours being utterly happy with the life you have with Kol.

Something you weren’t aware of was the madness going on in Mystic Falls about the devil in the flesh named, Cade terrorizing the souls of Damon and Stefan.

There also had been all sorts of nonsense going on with Kol’s siblings and the patrons of New Orleans, but the two of you always stayed out of it. Even Rebekah kept her distance from it all.

You and your boyfriend spent your years together traveling around the world. Since he has been around for over 1000 years, money was never the issue.

Although traveling was simply amazing, you made sure to make stops and stick around New Orleans for a few weeks because the constant flying made you miss being on land.

*Meanwhile in Mystic Falls*

Damon and Alaric were inside the cave so that Damon could show Alaric the weapon that could possibly destroy Cade. As Damon was chit chatting about all of his knowledge and suggesting to exchange half-assed apologizes, a very familiar figure disrupts. That very figure was the heretic himself, Malachai Parker.

“Yeah sorry to interrupt, but someone please tell me where my baby girl is.” Kai announced. Alaric looked like he’d seen a ghost and Damon shot him a glare.

Supposedly, Kai was released from hell after the 11th bell was rung and all he could think about was getting to you. His feelings for you never changed. What he didn’t know is that you’ve already moved on with someone else.

There was no way your friends dared to tell Kai your exact whereabouts because they’d rather see you continue your life without Kai in the picture, no matter how happy he used to make you. 

But since Kai is a heretic and all, he used a locator spell to come and find you, no matter the distance.

Dangerous Love || Kai Parker Imagine

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Pairing: Kai Parker x Fem!Reader

Plot: Y/N and Kai Parker were doomed from the start. But can love reign over darkness, or will Kai slip further away from her forever?

Word Count: 1856

Warnings: Swearing

Request: No

{2 Years Ago}

Everything in your life had been turned upside down, back-to-front and inside out. You were losing sanity. Damon and Bonnie were trapped in some world, Elena had erased all her happiness and nobody dared to speak their minds.

Nothing was happy. Nothing was safe. And all you wanted was your best friends back for good.

The amount of times you had cried and screamed at the thought of losing everyone to their own minds drove you insane, and it was all getting too much.

You just wanted to smile again.

“Y/N,” Caroline’s voice interrupted your thoughts, “can you set the table please?”

You envied Caroline. She had so much grief, so much hatred, so much anger all trapped inside her fragile body, but she kept it all at bay. She was under control.

“There’s no point Care,” you replied, remaining sat on the Salvatore’s sofa with a glass of Bourbon in your hand, “it’s just us as usual. And nobody cares if we have the good cutlery or not, it all looks the same!”

You heard a scoff.

"Well Bonbon, I’m feeling quite offended at Y/N’s attempts to make us feel welcome in my own home, what about you?”

“I totally agree.”

Whipping your head around with inhumane like speed, you saw your two best friends stood idly by the open front door.

“Oh my god,” you muttered, not believing your eyes. Dumping the abandoned glass of whiskey, you started to run towards the smiling pair and practically jumped into their arms.

“Damon, Bonnie, you’re alive!” You exclaimed, unsure of how you should react and if you were being too OTT. But nonetheless, you felt your own eyes glass over as you embraced the friends you had missed so much.

“I’ve missed you too Y/N,” Bonnie muffled in response, as she was getting crushed by your arms.

“Ok Y/N, if you would please be a dear and remove your arms, I have a beautiful girlfriend to go and surprise,” Damon justified.

You suddenly felt a pang of pain in your chest as you realised that Elena wouldn’t be happy to see him. She in fact would hate him.

“Damon, there’s something- “

“LALALA not listening, off to see Elena!” His voice rang out in a very off-key tune as he scampered through the door and disappeared from view.

Bonnie turned and gave you a puzzled look.

“What was that about?”

You sighed, “Not the time Bon.”

“OH MY GOD! BONNIE!” You heard Caroline yell and within a split second she crashed into the two of you, pulling you both into her arms and jumping in glee.

“I can’t believe your back!” she exclaimed.

You pulled away and look at Bonnie, “how did you manage to get out of there?”

“I think that’s where I come in,” a voice piped up from the corner of the doorway.

Stood with his hands in his pockets, wearing very fashionable attire of black jeans, white top and a black leather jacket, was a drop-dead gorgeous guy.

“And who may you be?” Caroline interrogated immediately.

“Care, Y/N/N, this is Kai Parker. Quick heads up, he is a family-murdering psychopath,” Bonnie introduced.

Kai gave a very childish smile, “Hi! Oh, and Bonbon? I prefer the term sociopath, it gives me a bit more edge, if you know what I mean.” Kai started to stroll towards Caroline, taking in her appearance and let out a stifled giggle.

Oh god, he is the definition of a 3-year-old’ you though to yourself.

As if your thoughts rang out loud, Kais attention was suddenly turned on you.

Trying to be subtle, you took in his appearance. He looked very early twenties, perhaps 22, had perfectly styled brown hair with striking blue eyes…that were looking directly into your own.

Suddenly, you felt a wave of vulnerability take control of your body as Kai took in your own look. Everything you were once proud to look like, suddenly became an imperfection, as if you wanted to look your best just to make him happy.

“Well Y/N, it’s nice to meet you,” Kai smirked, taking your hand in his won and lifting it up to kiss it. But before he could, you snatched it away.

“Can’t say I feel the same Parker,” you dismissed, giving a very sarcastic grin to the charming boy in front of you.

“Excuse me but there are other people in this building, so if you could please stop making googly eyes at one another, it would be much appreciated,” Caroline piped up, breaking the high-tension bond that Kai and yourself were sharing.

Kai gave you a quick smirk before he turned away and started to make conversation with the two girls who were shooting daggers at him with their judging eyes.

But you were too hung up on the encounter on which you had just been part of to notice an of your surroundings.

Because that was the first time you met Kai Parker.

And it was the start of something beautiful yet completely terrifying.


As much as you hated to admit it and lie to yourself, your boyfriend was dangerous.

Inevitably, Kai and you had started to date after prolonged begging from him and much resistance from you. But you couldn’t deny the feeling that was deep inside you, and you knew your heart was telling you that Kai was the once – no matter how crazy he was.

But with each day passing, you could see the boy you loved slip further away into a dark abyss. A place so empty, that you knew if you lost him, you would never get him back again. His anger was too much, he had irrational ideas that would put you and your friends in danger, and sometimes, he would kill for the fun of it.

But Kai Parker would never hurt you. He loved you with every part of his mind, body and spirit. He worshipped you, he would never put you in harm’s way intentionally. It was his goal to keep you safe at all costs.

And you loved him back. You loved him more and more with each passing second. You wanted to believe in him, you wanted to only see the good in him, and trust him whole heartedly, but you couldn’t.  Not when he had just put Stefan in danger yet another time.

Slamming the door to your college apartment, you let out a scream of frustration.

“Umm babe?” You heard an all-too-familiar voice emerge from your bed. Kai. You forgot he was coming over.

Glaring at him with no words, you ignored his presence entirely. After the amount of danger Stefan just went through for Kai’s sake, you weren’t in the mood to talk to him this evening.

But he started to walk over to you, and you suddenly felt his arms wrap around your torso.

“Baaabbbeeee,” he whined like a toddler.

Pushing away out of his grip, you finally exploded.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT MALACHAI?” You screamed, not caring if you were waking the rest of the students in the hall.

Kais face contorted into shock as he witnessed your unexpected outburst,

“Whoa ok, what’s up with you?”

You scoffed.

“Me? ME? I’m just so fucking sick of watching my friends get hurt and put in danger because your too selfish and need to get your own way Kai Parker! Stefan almost died today! And what’s worse, you don’t EVEN CARE!” You yelled at him, aware that tears were threatening to spill.

Kai didn’t say a word. He didn’t move a muscle. He was just letting it all sink in.

But of course, you took this as an opportunity to carry on channelling your anger.

“This is so hard Kai. I can’t keep watching my friend get hurt and watch their lives be out at stake by the one person I love most in the world.”

Kais head snapped up, as took in each and every syllable.

“Because its fucking true. I fucking love you and all you do is hurt people. I can’t be with someone who is willing to sacrifice my friends to get his own way. I’m not even sure I’m safe here with you-“

Kai rushed up to you and took your shoulder in his hands. He had the kindest smile on his face, but his eyes were swimming with pools of tears.

“Y/N Y/L/N, you are beyond safe with me, I promise.”

“How do I know?”

“Because I fucking love you too. I can’t help myself Y/N, it’s like I want to do the right thing. I want to be a good person and perfect for you, but there’s a voice in my head that tells me to something bad. And it’s so loud, that even when I try and block it out, it consumes me.”

You were speechless.


“No, just let me finish please, and then I’ll leave,” Kai brushed a stray tear from his cheek as he leaned down and kissed you on the forehead.

“I didn’t mean for Stefan to get hurt. In fact, he’s the Salvatore brother that I like. But the thing is, I am so in love with you Y/N. You deserve someone so much better than me, someone who does the right thing and doesn’t hurt other people. And that’s why, I will willingly leave your life if you want me to. I won’t be able to hurt you.”

Kais eyes searched yours for an answer, but you didn’t even know it yourself. He had a hopeful smile plastered on his face, and full hope in you that you would allow him to stay. He loved you way too much to say goodbye.

“Malachai Parker,” you began quietly, “It would be best if you leave my life.”

Kais face dropped. He was stunned at your response, and inside he could feel his heart shatter into tiny little pieces, as if it were made from glass. But respecting your wishes, he headed for the door.

“I said it would be best,” you piped up from behind him. “I never said it’s what I wanted.”

Snapping his head around, Kai walked straight back into your arms, and you gladly accepted him more than anything. He was yours, and nothing was going to change that.

“I promise, we’ll get through this together,” You whispered in his ear and you stayed perfectly still, both of you clutching on to one another.

Because as dangerous as he may be, Kai Parker was the love of your life.

And little did you know, he felt exactly the same about you.

Description: The reader is a Salvatore sibling and has been married to Klaus since the 60′s, but their brothers haven’t seen them since the 30′s. They meet again when Klaus comes back and though everyone is mad at the reader they would never leave Klaus.

Triggers: None

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“Please Klaus” you pleaded with him.

Sighing he turned towards you “Fine. But don’t be surprised when they slam the door in your face!” he said immediately regretting it. He walked up to you taking your face in his hands “Your brothers would not understand” he tried to reason.

“I don’t need them to understand Klaus, I just need them to live. And me, going over there and trying to develop a truce between them and you, is the only way I can do that, okay?” You hadn’t seen them in over 80 years, and they had no idea that you were married to Klaus. The first time they met, Klaus reigned hell on them, and you only just recently forgave him enough to be with him again. You had convinced him to bring you this time, so you could see them, and tell them.

“Alright. I just don’t want you to get hurt” he said honestly. 

Kissing his cheek and leaving, you drive the familiar road back to what use to be your home. Pulling in, and walking slowly up the steps, memories of your childhood rushing back to you. You knock on the door twice. You could hear someone walking to the door. When it opened you had to repress a smile, knowing what may be a happy reunion would soon turn to betrayal. He stared at you silent shock filling his face. “Hello Stefan” you said quietly. 

You and your brothers had separated in the late 30′s. Stefan and Damon hated what they were, but you embraced it. You had different opinions on how to live, so your left. 

“Y/n” he said quietly, before a smile spread across his face as he rushed forward engulfing you in a hug. You cherished it for as long as you could, knowing it probably wouldn’t last.

Pulling apart he pulled you into the house. “Stefan who is it?” you heard a female voice as a girl comes around the corner. If Klaus hadn’t told you about Elena already you probably would have had a heart attack. Stefans eyes grew as he was ready to explain. 

Raising you hand to him you spoke “Hello Elena. I’m y/n Salvatore” Stefan looked confused, how did you know?

Elena’s eyes widened as she smiled “oh my God, Stefan and Damon have told me all about you” she said walking forward. 

Suddenly the front door opened, turning you see as Damon came in looking down at something in a plastic bag. He didn’t look up until Stefan said his name. His eyes immediately went to you. He stared for a moment before he walked up to you, pulling you into a hug. “What the hell are you doing here?” he asked smiling into your hair.

There it is. The question you were dreading. Pulling away you took a few steps back from them. Looking at them with fear in your eyes they eyed you “y/n? What is it?” Stefan asked concerned.

“I need to tell you two something. Something you to will hate me for” they looked at each other before turning back to you. 

“Klaus?! You’re married to Klaus Mikaelson?!” Damon roared at you. You sat on the couch, waiting for the storm to pass. Stefan and Elena stared at you in shock. “How could you be married to him, do you know what he did to us?

“Yes. I do. And trust me, after I learned what happened, what he did. I gave him hell for it. I even staked him. Though of course he can’t die. But I am here now to try and…create a truce between you two. I’m here to help you”

“Help? If you wanted to help you would have come before when he was killing everyone, trying to kill us! But no, you slept with the devil, and now you are just like him!”  he yelled. 

Standing you looked at him with all the courage you could muster “Damon. I didn’t know. I knew he was coming back here but I had no idea why. I didn’t come because I knew how you would react, I was afraid. And I should have come, I should have stopped him but I didn’t and I’m sorry.” Stefans face filled with sympathy as tears fell down your face “I know you could never forgive me for leaving you two, and you’ll never forgive me for this, but you can’t help who you fall in love with. I thought that you and Stefan would understand that more than anyone.” You finished this with a brief look towards Elena, she understood what you were saying. “I just hope that you forgive me enough to let me help you. I don’t need you to trust me anymore. I just need to you understand that I still love you, even if you no longer love me” another tear fell down your face as you used your vampire speed to get out of there. You couldn’t take Damons yelling anymore. You knew this was going to happen, why did it hurt so much? 

Looking around you were standing in the middle of the woods. “I told you” a quiet voice came from behind you. Turning you saw Klaus walk out of the trees. His eyes full of sympathy. 

“You were listening weren’t you?” you should have known he wouldn’t have let you gone alone. 

He nodded his head “I’m sorry, y/n. I know betrayal from family well. But it will pass” he took your face in his hands.

Shaking your head “I’m not the one that was betrayed Klaus.” You were still angry at him after what he did, but you loved him no matter how hard you tried not too. And you wouldn’t leave him. You only hoped that your brothers would understand that you still loved them. You hoped they would forgive you. Someday. But no matter how long it took, you would wait. 

dine and dash (stefan salvatore au ft klaus mikaelson, part vii)

Plot: You and Stefan dated for three years while in high school. You both thought your relationship would last, but college managed got in the way. So you two decided to break up. You left to college in Massachusetts and Stefan stayed in Mystic Falls. While you were gone, things changed between you and a certain original, but you hadn’t yet let go of Stefan. Now, almost six years later, you’re both invited to Bonnie and Kol’s wedding. It’s time for a reunion.

Pairings: no explicit pairing in this chapter

Warnings: like three seconds of violence, language

A/N: i really hope people are reading this lol. I love this series and it would mean a lot to me if you all did, too. thank you so much for your never-ending support! much love to you all XOXO (ps no gifs are mine!!) (pps even in the wolf-venom-induced-hallucinations, there are moments of proper judgement)

dine and dash~masterlist


“Y/N. We meet again,” Kol flips you around, eyes pitch black as his hands encircle your upper arms.

“Y/N? Are you there?” You hear Damon calling out for you, a small smirk on Kol’s face as he grabs the phone and answers, licking a small stripe along the side of your neck.

“She’s here, Damon,” Kol chuckles as Damon curses on the other end. “And I bet she tastes absolutely delicious.”

Kol throws the phone on the ground and rushes you against a tree, your back against the base and your heart in your throat as you notice the dark look in his eyes.

“I’m going to drain every ounce of your blood. You think that’ll teach my brother a lesson?” You barely have time to scream as Kol sinks his teeth into your neck and draining you like he promised, the pain alone causing you to black out.

“Let’s get this over with,” Klaus mutters as Stefan clenches his jaw. “Kol?!”

The odd pair walk inside the house, searching for Kol but being with chaos. The chairs were turned over, tables broken.

“What the hell is going on?” Stefan whispers under his breath as Damon steps in from the backyard. “Damon what–?”

“We have to go find Y/N!” Damon pushes past them and the duo share a confused look before quickly joining the elder Salvatore.

“Damon, my patience is running low as it is. Tell me where I can find Kol,” Klaus walks ahead of Damon, placing a hand on his chest as Damon glares at the Original.

“Wherever Y/N is, that’s where Kol is. Now get out of my way, Klaus,” Damon moves Klaus’s hand off of him as Stefan’s face pales.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean, Damon? I thought you said Kol was here!” Stefan tries keeping up with Damon as Klaus grits his teeth, wondering whether or not to follow the brothers.

“It means that Kol’s hallucinating. He’s going to kill Y/N for some reason. Kol’s with her as we speak!”

“WHAT?” Klaus’s voices comes out in a deathly whisper. “You mean to tell me that my deadly brother is out there with a helpless human, my helpless human?”

“Y/N would not be happy to hear you call her your property,” Stefan growls, shoving Klaus while Damon contemplated leaving the two of them behind.

“You two can have a dick measuring contest after we save Y/N, the girl you both claim to love. If my friend dies out there, I will murder you both in the most painful way imaginable,” Damon pushes the two away from one another and rushes out to the cemetery, the other two following close by.

“Where the hell is she?” Damon whispers as he rushes into the cemetery, terrified for his friend.

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“Here’s her phone,” Klaus whispers, feeling scared for the first time in years.

“No no no,” Damon whispers, seeing a trail of blood through the cemetery.

The three follow the trail and it leads to a dead-end. Their fear’s turned into frustration and paranoia by this point.

“Where could he have taken her?” Stefan growls, fists clenched as he thinks of what Kol may have done to you.

“Looking for someone, are you?” A delusional Kol appears behind the already angry trio.

“Kol what have you–?”

“Oh, brother, you have such little faith in me. I haven’t killed her,” Kol smirks, eyes dark and gait drunk. “Well not yet. She’s got to suffer first.”

“Kol if anything happens to her–”

“Damon, you’re adorable,” Kol laughs and shakes his head. “Some horrible things have already happened to her. You lot made sure of that.”

“What are you talking about? You hurt her, Kol. You did, not–”

“For once, stop thinking of yourself, Stefan! You two–” he points between Stefan and Klaus, “You two hurt her! Broke her heart! She reeked of pain. And she tasted delicious.”

“Kol,” Klaus’s eyes flash gold as he pins his brother down and force feeds him the cure. “Tell me where Y/N is right now.”

“Y/N,” Kol whispers, tired and disgusted with himself. “Oh God what have I done? Oh no oh no oh–”

“Tell us where she is and we won’t kill you,” Stefan pulls Kol out of Klaus’s grip, digging a hand into the groom-to-be’s chest.

“She-she’s in the Salvatore crypt, oh god,” Kol whispers, painfully pulling himself away from Stefan running ahead of the others to get you. “Y/N?”

You’re lying against the cold stone in the furthest corners of the crypt. Damon’s eyes land on you and he rushes over, checking your pulse and then your breathing.

“No no no,” he whispers, shaking your head as he can’t seem to find either. “NO! Don’t fucking do this to me.”

Damon bites into his wrist and brings it over to your mouth, forcing some blood into your mouth as Klaus and Stefan watch with wide eyes.

“What is it?” Kol whispers, scared to come closer.

“If this blood doesn’t go down her throat, she’s dead,” Damon whispers, unable to look away from you. “This is your fault.”

“I know. Fuck,” Kol punches a wall and Damon shakes his head, standing up.

“No, not you. This was Klaus and Stefan’s fault,” Damon is shaking with anger as het turns to face the two.

“You’re both so caught up in what you want and how to get it that you won’t for a second think of someone else, not even the girl you both claim to be madly in love with,” he punches Stefan and shoves Klaus against a wall. Klaus doesn’t fight back, eyes on you as Damon reaches into his chest cavity. “THIS IS YOUR FAULT! If she dies, you die.”

“I guess it’s a good thing I’m not dead,” you sit up, croaking and shying away from the sunlight. “Well I’m not alive but still.”

Kol lets out a sigh of relief and runs over to you, sitting next to you with tears in his eyes. Damon pulls his hands out of Klaus’s chest and stops a foot away from you.

“I’m so sorry,” Kol whispers and you cup his face, smiling softly. “I know you didn’t want this. I’m so so sorry.”

“Hey, even in your deranged state, you were thinking of me. That’s sweet,” you chuckle as Kol wraps his arms around you.

“You’re alive,” Damon smiles, finally letting out a breath of relief as he picks you up in his arms. “Oh my god!”

“Did someone miss me?” You laugh as Damon spins you around.

“More than you fucking know,” he kisses the side of your head and lets you down.

Your eyes meet Klaus’s and you look at his chest.

“How bad does it hurt?”

“Not nearly as bad as the thought of living without you,” he whispers and you give him a light nod.

“And how are you?” You look over to Stefan, some blood trickling down the side of his face.

“Better now,” he whispers, eyes not leaving you.

“Well I’ll need a daylight ring and then we’ll be good to go. After all, we’ve got a wedding to plan,” you dust yourself off and crack your neck as the guys stare at you wide-eyed. “What?”

“I just drained your blood. How are you fine with all this?” Kol runs a hand through his hair and you shrug.

“You were delusional. And you ended up saving my life in a way, so we’re good,” you put your hair up in a ponytail, but that wide-eyed look doesn’t go away. “What? We live in Mystic Falls. Wierder things have happened here.”

“Kol turned you. Your blood thirst–”

“Is gonna be insane. I know. That’s what I have you for, Damon.”

“What about–?”

“Enough! For the love of God, someone get me a daylight ring. And a blood bag. Please,” you cross your arms over your chest and the guys all nod. “Damon you go make sure Caroline is okay. I don’t want her any more stressed than she already is. Kol you go to Bonnie and tell her I am okay. Please remind her of that. Stefan I need you to ask Kai to get me a daylight ring. Klaus, you and I need to talk. Is everyone good?”

Once again, they all nod and Damon pulls you into a hug.

“Don’t ever die. Please,” he whispers into your hair and you smile, squeezing him before pulling away.

“I won’t if you don’t. Now off you all go. Please,” you chuckle as they all salute you and leave. Except for Klaus. “Right. Where were we?”

Little Damon

Request: Hey! Can u do a Damon X reader where they a baby together and the baby its only months of being born and Damon is rlly cute with the baby , full fluff/smut *_* please?!? – Anon

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: none, yey. Except of extreme fluffiness!

Word Count: 2108

YAS for daddy!Damon, like I can’t. Btw, I wrote this while I was in Knott’s Berry Farm because I saw this cute tiny baby and I remembered this request, lol. 

Little Damon… Number Two?

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

“Baby, you gotta stay strong, ‘kay? For me and for little one.” He said, holding your hand, reassuringly, and his other hand brushing your face off of your hair. You nodded, sweat slightly trickling down your forehead. Your stomach was about to pop, you were in pain and you were about to go into labor. You screamed as pain flashed through you, and you tightened your grip on Damon’s hand.

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Reader x Kol

Requested by Anon

Prompt List

You walked through the ballroom and shyly shuffled your hands and edged your way into the ball. You’d received an invite which surprised you and Elena had insisted you should come, telling you to enjoy yourself and that she’d see you there.

“See I told you it’d be fun.” Elena muttered as she hurried over to you.

“I don’t have a dance partner.” You whispered and Stefan smiled.

“We could have a dance.” He offered and you went to accept when someone caught your outstretched hand.

“Or perhaps you would do me the honour.” Kol smiled as he kissed you hand and you tried to hide the bashful look on your face.

“It’s nice to see you again Kol.” You mumbled and everyone gawked at you.

“This is the nice-looking man you keep talking about?” Elena asked and Damon glanced between the two of you.

“Oh, my God. You’re in love with him.“ He mumbled and your eyes widened.

“I’m going to dance with him.” You told Elena who was smirking as you followed Kol.

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(requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
2 275
summary : Reader gets out Kai of the new Prison World.
*not my gif

Y/N was sitting on the couch checking the clock on her phone waiting for Kai. He was supposed to come over so they can have a proper reunion but he was late. An hour late. All of this was starting to worry her because he’d never make her wait like that. He’d always call , no matter what. Something must’ve happened and no matter how hard she tried , the pit in her stomach grew bigger. She tossed the phone next to her and curled into a ball , pulling a blanket over her legs. A few times she had tried calling him but the call didn’t seem to go anywhere and Y/N wondered if his phone’s battery had died. Just as she was about to try and call him again there was a knock on the door. Her eyes went wide and a smile spread across her face as she jumped up to open it.
“Kai ! Final- . You are not Kai.” she said starring at Bonnie.
“No. Sorry. Can I come in for a minute?”
Y/N stepped away from the door letting her third cousin in. There was something wrong , she could feel it. Carefully she closed the door and turned towards Bonnie who was playing with her hands , smiling nervously at the ground refusing to meet her eyes.
“What did you do to him?” asked Y/N trying hard not to sound angry , her hands crossed on her chest.
Bonnie looked up , a sigh leaving her lips as her head tilted slightly. Somehow Y/N knew what the answer would be , yet she still hoped her friend hadn’t done what she thought he had.
“Where is he ?” demanded Y/N. “Tell me. Now.”
“In a Prison World.” said her friend.
’ What?’ mouthed Y/N , tears starting to gather behind her eyelids. Her initial shock seemed to subside , being replaced by anger.
“Kai tried to kill Lizzie and Josie. He had to be stopped.”
Bonnie took a step towards her , her hands reaching to hug Y/N except Y/N took a step back holding out her hand. Kai was gone. Again. Taken away from her. Again. By the people she called friends , by her family.
Y/N blinked back tears looking at the ceiling, her jaw clenched and she lowered her gaze to meet Bonnie’s , her eyes were burning with fire.
“You did WHAT?” she shouted at Bonnie who tried to hug her again. “No , no. Stay away from me. Get him out now.
“No ? Are you for real?!” scoffed Y/N. “We are family , Bonnie. Do I have to remind you this ?”
“I know and I am sorry but I had to do somet-”
“Stop talking. I can’t even look at you right now !” Y/N interrupted her. “Just because you don’t like him and can’t see the good in him , doesn’t mean other people can’t.”
“There is no good in him Y/N! He is still the same psychopath who killed his entire family.”
“Mhhmm , yeah right.” said Y/N raising her hand and sending Bonnie flying across the room. “And your partner in crime , Damon , is a saint right ? He has never done a bad thing in his life. I do seem to recall he tried to kill you , he has killed dozens of people but you seem to forgive him. How is Kai any different ? What ? Because he was a human at the time and didn’t have the excuse of ‘his humanity switch was off’ ?!”
Y/N’s squeezed her hand in the air chocking her cousin.
“You are such a hypocrite Bonnie! Why couldn’t you bring him to me ? Why couldn’t you let us leave this place and be happy ?” she let go the grip letting Bonnie take a breath. “Damn it Bonnie ! How are you so blind to see it ?”
“To see what Y/N ? That he has brainwashed you into believing he is ‘changing’ ?!”
“Kai hadn’t brainwashed me , cus. We fell in love and if he can love , he has a chance!”
“Even if he loves you , he is still the same psychopath underneath it all.”
Y/N stared daggers at her. “You should’ve never called him that in front of me , Bonnie.”
The next second Bonnie fell on the ground holding her head in her hands.
“Kai is kind , loving … and if you had given him a chance instead of repeatedly screwing him over and literally stabbing him in the back you would’ve seen it.”
Y/N knelt down to her cousin giving her a tissue for the nose bleeds. “Get out. Leave before I decide to cross that line.”
Bonnie got up , shakily walking to the door. She stopped for a moment to take one last look at Y/N who was starring at the ground , tears rolling down her cheeks. Bonnie hadn’t intended on causing her pain by locking away Kai , she just thought that was the best for everyone.
“I’m sorry..” she muttered. Y/N flicked her wrist slamming the door in her face.
Y/N fell on her knees , rolling over to the side , her back against the stair railing. Tears started rolling down her cheeks , a lump had formed in her throat and her heart felt like it was literally being ripped out of her chest. She cried for hours , letting it all out. There was no way she’d lose Kai again. Y/N had Bennett blood and she was witch which meant all she had to do was find the new Ascendant.
“However long it takes.” she muttered, wiping tears away from her cheeks. “I will get you out.

* * *

A month. That’s how long it took Y/N to find where Bonnie had hidden the Ascendant. After that it was the harder part. She needed a celestial event and every minute until the next full moon a week away felt like years to her.

Y/N didn’t sleep the entire night before the full moon the next day, nervous and excited at the same time because that was the day she’d get him out. She glanced at her phone then at the sky - the moon about to hit its apex. Y/N took a deep breath and cut her hand allowing a few drop bloods to fall on the Ascendant ,beginning the spell. It didn’t take long for her to jump through the portal and find herself in the Prison World.
Y/N stood in the middle of town square , looking around the quiet empty streets.
“I did it ! Hah.” she smiled to herself. Now all that was left to do was to find him. She reached in her back pocket pulling out one of his rings (she had kept after the first time she lost him) for the locator spell to find Kai. A few minutes later she already knew where he was. Y/N ran as fast as she could towards the direction of the karaoke bar.

“Kai ?” she called out walking inside looking around searching for him.Then she saw him. Bonnie , or most likely Damon , had chained him to a chair on the karaoke stage. His head had drooped and his skin was grayish. “Kai ! Oh my God !”
Y/N ran towards him muttering a spell unchaining him. She cupped his face lifting it up trying to meet his eyes.
“Hey.” she smiled. “Kai ? Can you hear me ?”
Kai’s eyes met hers , black veins showing under his eyes as his vampire senses caught the smell of her blood. Before she has had time to react his hand had grabbed her wrist and he hungrily sank his teeth into it. Y/N let him feed for a while and when he pulled out she thought that maybe that was it. Instead he pulled her onto his lap in vampire speed seating her sideways and sank his fangs into her neck.
“Kai … Kai stop.” she said trying to push him off her. “You are hurting me p-please stop.” Y/N started feeling dizzy , too dizzy to focus and use a spell to get herself free. A few moments later she blacked out.

A whole month without blood.. Kai hadn’t had a clue how painful dessicating could be. His heart tried to pump whatever blood was left in his veins, his hunger for blood growing stronger with every passing day. In a haze he had heard a familiar voice , felt the chains around him disappear and then the smell of fresh blood took over. Kai couldn’t get enough. As he fed , details from the past few minutes started becoming clearer and clearer , he heard a heart beat .. a very uneven heart beat. He pulled away only then noticing who had been the person to save him and he felt the blood in his veins freeze… her blood. His eyes widened in shock realising what he had done.
“Y/N ? No , no , no , no …” he muttered , his hands cupping her face seeing she was unconcious. Her eyes tried fluttering open when he called out for her. “What did I do ?”
Quickly he bit his wrist bringing it to her lips for her to feed. Fear was starting to take over , the thought of losing her tearing him apart on the inside. Y/N’s fingers wrapped around his wrist pulling it closer to her lips and her eyes slowly opened.
Kai had never felt relief like the one in the moment their eyes met again.
“Hey.” he smiled nervously at her , his palm brushing on her cheek and she leaned in towards it. “I … I’m sorry for hurting you. I don’t know what -”
Y/N gazed into his eyes which were now their usual gorgeous blue color , her eyes taking in every inch of his face as if trying to memorize it. Kai looked worried and she knew why but she also didn’t care. All she cared about was that he was there , with her.
“Shut up.”
Her thumb wiping away blood from his chin. He was real. Y/N smiled to herself but he didn’t seem to notice in his panic that he had hurt her.
“Please , listen to me. I am so sor-”
“Shut up and kiss me you idiot.” she smiled at him.
Kai stared at her for a moment. Y/N was smiling. How hadn’t he noticed this ?!
“Did you just call me idiot ?” he teased.
“Just kiss me.” she whispered , snaking her hands around around his neck brushing her palms slightly on his cheek before her fingers tangled in his hair pulling his face closer to hers.
For a moment they gazed into each other’s eyes and then their lips touched. It was like a switch went off somewhere , starting a wild fire igniting every fiber in her body. Kai’s hands pulled her towards him , her body pressing against his as he tried to pull her even closer.
“I missed you so much.” he said breaking the kiss for a second before his lips smashed against hers again. It felt as if it was their first kiss all over again. Kai pulled away resting his forehead on hers , a question nagging at him. “How are you even here ? Did Bonnie send you ?”
Y/N laughed , but there was something different in her laugh. Pain , anger , disappointment. Kai didn’t even know it was possible to laugh and pour those emotions into laughter.
“I stole the Ascendant you dummy.” she said tapping his nose.“Did you really think she’d let me come here ? Nope.” she said serious all of the sudden.
“Then how ? You’d need Bennett blood to do the spell …”
Y/N waved her hand in front of him , the one she had cut and was still covered in her blood. “I’m a Bennett. Surprise !”
His eyes widened. In all the time they had spent together she had never told him this.Y/N didn’t even resemble Bonnie , not in her looks and definitely not in her attitute towards him. For some reason that made him love her even more , but he couldn’t help messing with her either.
“Wow… this changes things.” said Kai pushing her off him with a serious expression. He got up taking a few steps away from her , his back to her.
Y/N took a step towards him , touching his hand and he turned around scooping her up in vampire speed , pushing her against the wall. She was out of breath , only then noticing the grin on his face. Before she has even had the chance to say something , his lips smashed against hers again taking her breath away.
“I love you even more now.” he whispered , his lips colling with hers again in a deep passionate kiss. Y/N’s fingers dug into his hair while he kissed her jaw line , leaving wet kisses on her neck and collarbone. Kai couldn’t get enough of her - her lips , her touch , everything. “I love you.”
“I love you too.” she said , pushing him away for a second. “Don’t you want to get out of here ?”
“I want you , the getting out of here can wait.” said Kai , pinning her hands over her head , his lips assaulting hers.
“The full moon will b-”
“Shhh … No talking.” he whispered smiling , spinning them around in vampire speed until they were both on the floor , Y/N on top for a second before Kai rolled on top of her. “We are getting out , just let me enjoy having you here with me. I thought I’d never see you again.”
“Don’t tell me you doubted I’d find a way to get you out.” she teased.
“Me doubt you? Never.” he smiled before his lips collided with hers again.

MASTERLIST March / April 2017
November 28th, 1966 [Damon Salvatore x Reader]

Damon Salvatore x Reader with the song Single Ladies by Beyoncé [Youtube]. And I threw in some Christmas love!

It was tradition. No matter what was going on in their lives, or who happen to be in their lives at that moment, Y/N and Damon spent Christmas together.

It all started fifty years ago, when he had stumbled upon a young lady coming out of a shop. She was wearing a bright and tacky shift dress that was much shorter than most of the ladies out and about, and her smile was full of confidence.

Drawn to her at once, he feared she would reject him. Someone like her was meant to marry rich and live a housewife life style.

Much to his surprise she had insisted he take her to lunch, even though he’d only greeted her and hadn’t even introduced himself to her.

In a matter of weeks, he was living with her, very much in sin.

He wondered as they put up their first Christmas tree, how such a beautiful and pure lady could go for a guy like him. She should have wanted courting before a wedding, and a wedding before living together. She should have wanted a guy who could take care of her, where she didn’t have to work.

It became clear why she was unlike any other lady he’d seen in the town, when he found out she was a vampire like himself.

It was an extremely awkward moment.

Y/N said she had picked up a shift at the factory she worked at, and had encouraged Damon to go to the local bar and have a drink.

He smiled and said he’d love to do that, and as they parted ways at the end of the drive way, he kissed her goodbye.

He thought she was gone for a few hours, she thought he was gone for a few hours.

Imagine the shock when he came home with his dazed dinner to find her on their now blood covered white sofa, already enjoying hers.

They stayed together for a few years, bonding and causing trouble together, but ultimately parted ways. But not without promising to come home to one another on Christmas.

“We need a huge one!” She declared, winding through the trees. Nothing less than perfect would work.

Damon was smiling, lost in how adorable she could be when she was focused on a task that was important to her.

His brother however, who just happen to be home when Y/N had arrived and had decided to tag along, was not enjoying himself.

He sighed and rolled his eyes, looking up at the quickly darkening sky. “Is it going to take her as long to pick out a tree as it did for ornaments and lights?” Stefan glanced at his brother only to get a glare in return.

“You didn’t have to come. You know this is special to her.” Damon stepped forward and pointed a finger at Stefan’s face. “Do not ruin this for her. Got it?”

“Me ruin it?” His younger brother gave him a cruel smirk. “You do that all on your own. Do you think she’s really been coming around for so long, just because of your stupid tradition?”

“I-” Damon stuttered, allowing Stefan to continue.

“She’s here because she wants to be with you. She loves you Damon. You just don’t notice it, and spending time with you keeps her content. For now.” There was a challenge in his eyes as he looked from his brother to Y/N who was now standing back as a man cut down the tree she had picked

“Stay away from her. She’s mine.” Damon growled, balling his hands into fist.

With a smile, Stefan pointed to the ring on her finger. “Sorry brother, but until she has a wedding ring to go with that one, she’s fair game.” He pushed past Damon who was reaching for him.

Of course Y/N picked that time to skip over and he dropped his hands. He closed his eyes for a second to compose himself before turning and pulling her into a tight hug. “Find one that makes you happy?”

She giggled and nodded against his chest. “I did! But…” She peeked up at him, biting her lip and giving him a tiny frown. “Are you two fighting again?”

He pulled away only to sling an arm around her shoulders so he could guild her to the car. If he didn’t get her out of there now, she’d see a tree she liked more and then they’d end up with two. Again.

“Don’t worry that pretty little head about it.” He kissed her cheek before opening her car door like a gentleman.

Even though they held hands all the way home, Stefan kept quite in the back seat, surely plotting…


They brought everything inside, Stefan went to his room, Y/N made herself comfy on the couch, and Damon went to get them a drink.

“Your favorite.” He said, rounding the corner. “Red wine mixed with a little blood.”

“I’ll take something a little stronger.” Stefan said happily, looking over his shoulder with a smile.

Damon stopped, and just stood there, holding two wine glasses with a huge frown.

He’d only been in the kitchen a few minutes, but in that time Stefan had managed to get comfortable on the couch, with Y/N in his lap. His arms were around her waist and she was resting her head against his chest.

“Thank you babe!” She only looked away from her Christmas movie at the mention of her drink, and was waiting, hand out, for him to give it to her.

“Um, you’re welcome.” He gave her the drink and sat at the other end of the couch. As she sipped the wine and watched her movie, he kept glancing at her. All cuddled up with his brother, it was wrong.

“Can you get me a drink?” Stefan asked as his hand causally stroked her arm, which made her smile.

“You can get it your damn self.” Damon muttered, his eyes focused on his brother’s hand. When he seen it slip under the edge of her shirt, he jumped up.

“Stefan!” He picked Y/N up out of his brother’s lap and growled. “I said leave her alone.”

“And I said she’s not yours, so put her down.” He was on his feet now, reaching out to take her back, but Damon turned his back to him stormed off to his room with her.

He kicked the door shut behind him and careful placed her in his bed before groaning and turning away, a hand running through his hair.

“I can’t believe him!” Damon was so frustrated. “I told him to leave you alone, and he just ignored me!”

“Well.” She sat up and crossed her arms, staring him down. “He’s right. I’m not yours.”

“Well I know that your not mine, but this is our thing-” He was cut off by an eye roll.

“Damon, I’ve been waiting for you for fifty years.” She stood up. “I’ve watched you be with how many women, while I’ve been with no other guys? You are not allowed to get jealous because I’m finally getting the attention I need.”

She looked down, thinking of how to say the next part. When in doubt, go with Queen Bee.

“If you liked it.” She held up her left hand. “Then you shoulda put a ring on it.” With an amused smile, she flipped Damon off before leaving, he was speechless.
All night Damon thought about her. From the first time he saw her, up until her flipping him off and leaving. She was unlike any other woman that’d ever been into his life. And he doubted another person could make him feel so alive…

He slipped out early that morning, and when he returned, he was greeted with Christmas music coming from the living room.

She was singing along to Winter Wonderland, her favorite.

“In the meadow we can build a snowman then pretend that he is Parson Brown, he’ll say, “Are you married?” We’ll say, “No man” but you can do the job, when you’re in town.“

She was dancing around the tree, putting the lights up without him.

“Y/N.” He tried to hide his nervousness, but the way she tilted her head when she looked over at him showed she’d noticed it.

“Damon, what’s wrong?” Dropping the lights she went over to him, throwing her arms around him for a tight hug. “I’m sorry about yesterday. I was just being a brat. And you don’t have to worry, I’m not interested in Stefan.”

“Don’t worry about any of that.” He returned her hug quickly then stepped back, smiling and holding out a box. “I got you an early present.”

“Oh?” She gave a puzzled smile as she took it. “You know early presents are against the rules. But I’ll let it slide this one time.”

She untied the bow and took the top of the box off as he bounced up and down on the heels of feet, excited.

Y/N gasped, carefully touching the ornament inside. It was blue, her favorite color. And it had a date on it.

“November 28th, 1966.” She whispered, trying to hold back her tears. “That’s…” She looked up and he was nodding quickly.

“The day we first met, the day-” Damon took the ornament from its box and got down on one knee. “The day I fell in love with you.”

He popped the ornament open to revel a beautiful ring inside. “I’m sorry it took me fifty years to do this…” He laughed slightly.

“Oh my god.” Y/N was trying to take deep breaths, to keep herself calm as she just stared down at him.

“Y/F/N, will you marry me?” Damon asked hopefully.

“Of course you idiot!” She had him pushed to the floor, on his back in a matter of seconds.

She took the ring from him and slipped it onto her finger as she straddled him.

After admiring the ring for a bit, she looked down at Damon with the confident smile that’d stolen his heart all those years ago.

“If I knew cuddling Stefan was all it would take, I would have tried that a long time ago.” She joked, before kissing him.

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32 - Kai Parker

[I have a request for kai where the mf gang go to new york and kai steals a motorcycle and he takes the reader who isnt a really a risk taker like him and is scared on a ride on the bridge? I got this from the scene in the movie Nerve where vee and ian do the motorcycle ride you can look it up om youtube if you want, or this idea may super stupid but itd be great if you do it!]


“Oh my god, New York is amazing.” I cheer, spinning around.

“Why didn’t we come here sooner?” Elena asks, spinning around with me. The two of us laugh as we tumble over onto the grass.

“Tell me why we brought these two?” Bonnie asks, laughing at us. Damon picks up Elena while Kai picks me up.

I kiss his cheek and he smiles. “What’s gotten to so hyper?”

“New York.” I say in a duh tone. He laughs. “Its so beautiful and Central Park is amazing.”

All of us decided on spend a few days in New York because Bonnie, Caroline, Elena and I all wanted to go shopping and the guy just tagged along.

We spent the whole day shopping and now we’re just walking around the city, enjoying the lights everywhere.

“Can we go and get drunk now?” Matt asks.

“But we can’t get drunk.” Stefan says with a frown and all of us who are supernatural sigh.

“But we can try to get drunk.” Enzo suggests, his arm around Bonnie. I smile because the two of them are such a cute couple.

“Yeah.” Damon says. “Let’s try and get drunk.”


“Y/N, you lost.” Kai says. “So this is the result of it.”

“But it’s suicide.” I say with a whine. He laughs and shrugs.

“Y/N, we’re immortal.” He says. “We can’t die.”


Kai kisses me to shut me up and I kiss him back, smiling.

The two of us are walking around and I lost a small bet so now he wants to ride a motorcycle with his eyes covered and me on the back, telling him where to go.

“So is that a yes?”

“Yes.” I mumble and he smiles.

“Now I just need to get a motorcycle.”

I raise a brow. “You don’t even have a motorcycle?”

Kai shrugs. “I didn’t think you’d agree.”

I laugh and point. “There’s one.” I say, showing him the black motorcycle.

“Perfect.” He says as we walk over to it. Kai glances around before getting on the bike. “Come on, Y/N.”

I shake my head but climb onto the back of the bike. “How are you suppose to start it without keys and we need helmets?”

Kai laughs and hands me a helmet. I thank him and put it on. He chants and the bike begins to start.

I wrap my arms around him and he laughs. “Its not funny and how far are you driving?”

“It’ll drive back to the hotel.” Kai says. “That’s like five or so minutes.”

I nod and he puts on his helmet but does a spell to make him unable to see. “How many fingers am I holding up?” I ask, holding up four fingers.

“Two?” Kai guesses. “I can’t see.”

“Ok, we’re ready to go.” I nervously laugh and Kai laughs too.

“Y/N baby we’re going to be fine. Just try me and yourself.”

“Ok, but if we nearly crash. I’m jumping off and letting you get hurt.”

Kai laughs. “I love you too.”

I smile and fix my helmet on, gasping as he drives off. I wrap my arms. “Kai, turn left.”

He does but too far and I screech. “Too far.”

“Baby, I can’t see so you have to be more specific then.” He says and I sigh.

“Why did I agree to this?” I mumble, my arms holding on to him from dear life. A car is coming towards us and I curse. “Right, turning right Kai.”

He does and I scream slightly, hiding my face. “Ok, turn left.” I say but Kai goes right.

I sigh, leaning left. “Kai left.” The bike leans left and I gasp.

“Y/N, navigate like that.” Kai suggests. “It better and we have a lesser chance of crashing.”

“Ok, but this is still a stupid idea.”

Kai laughs and I navigate but leaning to which side to right. Until we eventually pull up to the hotel. “Ok, Kai stop.”

He does and I take off my helmet. Kai does too and I kiss him and punch his arm. “You’re an idiot, that was so-”

“Exciting?” Kai grins, his cute grin.

“I was going to say ridiculous but that too.” I say, kissing him again.


[End of imagine, apologises it took forever. Requests are open. And I hope you enjoyed this one and it was what you expected]

Little Damon... Number Two?

Summary: You and Damon are happy with your first baby… but what happens if you’re having another one?

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: none really but a teeny bitsy angst

Word Count: 1847

This is for y’all who requested a second part of Little Damon :)

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Damon heard your voice from the distance, prompting him to glance at your direction, a small smirk playing on his lips, then he looked forward once again, directing his attention from anything but you, to let him focus on what he was doing instead of ogling at you from a distance. You were knelt down in front of yours and his one and half year old little Dmitri, telling him to give his Uncle Stefan and Auntie Caroline the paper he scribbled at.

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Revenge, Interrupted (Part 19)

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Caroline looked out of the aeroplane window, watching as they descended, clouds dissolving as millions of pinpricks of light came into view. The city, her new home. Somewhere among the multicoloured glitter were Elena, Bonnie, Damon, Enzo… and Stefan.

Her fake boyfriend. Who she liked.

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The Hybrid- Part 8

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 8 (a day early, yeah!)

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think, I read all your comments :D

Enjoy :)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

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Rebekah left Ariel and Klaus in the studio. Ariel was laying on the couch. Klaus had her legs on his lap and he was thinking about what his sister had just discovered. She looked at his face closely. He was looking down at her feet, lost in his thoughts.

“Klaus…” she whispered to get his attention. He moved his head a little towards her. He saw she was worried so he grinned and he placed his hands around her ankles. She let out a little sound of surprised when she was pulled towards the hybrid. Klaus was still smiling when he leaned to kiss her. She kept her eyes open at first. She slowly closed them as she became more comfortable with Klaus’ hands on her body. She placed her hands on both sides of Klaus’ face. He moved his left hand under her right thigh and his other hand on her waist. She moved her hands in his hair and he deepened the kiss.

She broke the kiss to breathe and she kept her hands on the back of his head as she sat up. She had her eyes closed and she pressed her forehead against his and he grinned before he kissed her again.

“Don’t worry, love,” he said. “I’ll find a witch to unlink you to my siblings.”

“I know,” she said and she opened her eyes to get lost in his blue ones.

They were interrupted by someone who cleared their throat.

“You’re so cute,” she said, annoyed. Klaus rolled his eyes and stood up.

“What do you want?” Klaus groaned.

“We already have a witch,” she reminded him. “And I want to be unlinked from you as soon as possible,” she told him.

“Why? You’re planning on killing me any time soon,?” he asked.

She sighed and gave him an unamused look. “No. But the white oak tree is somewhere in this town and we need to find it before our enemies do,” she said.

Klaus sighed. He knew his sister was right. “I’m sure you can take care of this, sister,” he told her.

Rebekah raised her eyebrows. “What, you’re not going to help me?”

Klaus held his hand out to Ariel who looked up at him and she took it and stood up. He looked down and grinned at her and pulled her to his chest. He looked up at his sister. “No,” he answered. “I’m not,” he said and he left the room with Ariel.

When Ariel woke up the next morning she was alone. She found Klaus in the studio, painting. He was talking with Rebekah on the phone.

“I found Sage, she should be here soon,” Klaus told her. Ariel could hear her sigh over the phone.

“Great. Can’t wait. Does she know about Finn?” she asked.

“Do you think she’d be willing to come here if she did?”

Rebekah sighed again.

“I’ll call you as soon as I know more about the white oak tree,” she said and hung up.

“Who’s Sage?” Ariel asked.

Klaus turned to see her walking towards him.

“Hello, love. How did you sleep?” he smiled at her.

“You weren’t in bed when I woke up,” she answered and he grinned and opened his arms. She hugged him and buried her face in his neck.

“Sorry, love,” he said and he kissed her temple. “To answer your question, Sage is an old friend of my brother Finn,” he sighed. “She’s coming to help us. The white oak tree can kill an Original and she’ll do anything to protect Finn. She’s on our side.”

Klaus didn’t help Rebekah in the search of the tree in the slightest. He spent the next few days with Ariel and she had never been happier.

Klaus was keeping touch with Kol who was in Denver for some reason Ariel didn’t know anything about.

Once Rebekah had found what was rest of the tree, she burnt it and now Klaus was looking for Finn. Ariel wasn’t happy he made her stay in the car but he said it was too dangerous for her to be around his brother. Rebekah agreed with him. But they needed him to undo the spell that linked them all together so they knocked him out and put him in the trunk.

Once they were back at the mansion, Klaus threw his older brother on the floor of the entry.

“Gather your witch,” Rebekah sighed. “Get his blood and get on with it.”

“You can’t force me to help you,” Finn said.

“Why force when I can persuade?” Klaus said and that’s when Sage showed p.

“Hello Finn.”

“Sage!” he was surprised to see her and he quickly got up and hugged her.

“What do you know?” Rebekah sighed. “True love prevails.”

Klaus turned to Ariel and took her hand and pulled him closer to him.

“It does occasionally have its uses,” he said and he grinned at Ariel who shyly smiled. “It’s easier than torturing him,” he smiled at his sister.

“I have something to do,” Rebekah said. “What do you need from me for the spell?”

“Just your blood and your blessing,” he answered. “Where are you going?” he frowned.

“I have some unfinished business with Damon Salvatore,” she had an angry and serious look on her face. “Ask Sage what he did to me, and you’ll understand why retribution is in order,” she said before she left.

Klaus looked down at Ariel who shrugged. She had no idea what the blonde was talking about.

“Come, I have a job for you,” he said and she followed him in one of the several living rooms of the mansion.

Bonnie was there and she looked both angry and worried.

“Keep an eye on her, will you?” he said and she nodded.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“I have some business to take care of,” he said. He kissed her forehead and he smiled at her before he left the room.

She looked down at Bonnie who was frowning at her.

“You know he’s playing you, right?” she told her and she frowned. She didn’t say anything and she sat on the couch in front of her. Bonnie sighed and shook her head but opened the huge book that was on the coffee table and started reading the spells in it.

Klaus came back an hour later.

“Tic, toc, I should be hearing chanting by now,” he said.

“I’m still studying the unlinking spell. It’s not that easy, especially under duress,” she told him.

“You’ve been warned,” he threatened her. “If you’re looking for a way to send for help, I will kill anyone who comes to your rescue.”

Ariel frowned. He was never that scary with her.

“This is the spell. I just don’t know if I’m strong enough.”

“Then you should have a little more faith in yourself, Bonnie. Your energy helped my mother linked us. Honestly, I think someone isn’t trying very hard,” he waited for an answer but she was just looking at him in silence. “Very well,” he said and he took his phone. “Kol! How’s the weather up there in mile high city?”

Bonnie had a worried look on her face.

“And how’s our friend?” he asked and then he showed a picture of Jeremy to Bonnie. “That’s Jeremy. Playing fetch with his new puppy,” he said. “Thank you Kol. We’ll be in touch,” he hung up. “So, Bonnie. How about that spell?”

Bonnie got back to the book and starting studying the spell again. Klaus sat down next to Ariel and he took her ankles and put her legs on his lap which made her fall on the couch with a laugh. He smiled back at her and he tucked a lock of her red hair behind her ear. She propped herself on her elbows and kissed him. He pushed her back against the couch and she giggled as he started to kiss her neck.

“This could go a lot faster if you kept quiet,” Bonnie interrupted them. Klaus looked up at the witch and chuckled. He helped Ariel sit up, her legs were still on his lap and he kissed her in silence this time. She smiled in the kiss as her fingers ran through his hair. But they were interrupted again by a scream coming from a room of the mention.

“What was that?” Bonnie asked, startled.

“I wouldn’t let it bother you, love,” Klaus told her before he kissed Ariel again. But she was worried too and broke the kiss.

“Well, it does bother me,” Bonnie told him and he sighed. “You bother me,” she said. “The way you use people to get what you want it’s not right! How long before you get tired of her and kill her?” she yelled at him and Ariel gasped at her words.

Klaus frowned. Now he was angry.

“How dare you?” he groaned. “Talk about her that way? Like she’s just a toy?”

“Isn’t that what she is?” she asked and Ariel let out a little scream when Klaus pushed Bonnie against a wall, his hand on her throat.

“You don’t know anything, witch,” he groaned. He looked at her with a threatening look.

“Klaus,” Ariel gently placed her hands on the one that was strangling Bonnie. He looked at the red-haired’s beautiful eyes. He couldn’t resist those eyes. He released the Bennett witch. He couldn’t kill her. He needed her to do the unlinking spell.

“I’m going to hurt the people you love if you don’t do the spell,” Klaus threatened her again. “Because that link threatens the people I love,” he said. “Now, I know it’s in the grimoire, and I know it requires the blood of my siblings, so, here we are,” he said as he handed her the blood of his siblings then Ariel’s.

Bonnie started to do the spell. Klaus pulled Ariel to his chest and he watched carefully to make sure Bonnie did everything right. Once she was done, he accompanied her to the entry where they met Rebekah.

“Oh, leaving so soon?” she mocked.

“Be nice, Rebekah,” Klaus told his sister.

“Thank you, Bonnie,” she said with a fake smile. “See you in physics class,” she said before she walked away.

That’s when both Bonnie and Ariel saw Damon in the other room. Bonnie looked horrified.

“Oh my God,” she breathed out.

“Yeah, you’ll have to excuse the mess. Apparently, Damon hurt her feelings,” he said like it was the most natural thing.

“Bonnie…” Damon begged.

“Go on,” Klaus said. “Help him. Save the man that turned your mother into a vampire,” he waited for her to move but she didn’t.

“Just get me out of here,” she said and he grinned.

“Very well.”

Once she was gone, Klaus walked towards Ariel who was looking down at the floor. He put his hands around her waist and pulled her to him. He placed two fingers under her chin and made her look up but she kept her eyes down.

“Are you okay, love?” he asked and she nodded before she moved her hands to his back and hugged him, burying her head in his chest. He stroke her hair before he kissed her temple.

“Are you going to kill me once you’re done with me?” she asked so low he almost didn’t hear her. Her question made his heart break. It hurt him so much he started to tear up.

“No, love. I’m never going to be done with you,” he said and that’s when she looked up. She had tears in her eyes too and she looked exhausted.

“You promise?” she asked. She looked so fragile he was afraid he would break her. He looked down at her.

“I promise,” he said and he slowly leaned to kiss her. He had never kissed her more gently. He had never kissed anyone that way before. She tiptoed and she slid one hand in his hair and she placed the other one on the back of his neck. His hands moved to her lower back and he lifted her off of her feet and she moved her hands to each side of his face and she rested her forehead against his and she wrapped her legs around his waist and he smiled and in the next few seconds he was laying her on his bed. He kissed her lips, her cheek, her jawline, her neck…


Klaus groaned. “What now?” he rolled on his back next to Ariel.

“I’m here! Let’s do this!”

“Is that Stefan?” Ariel asked. “What does he want?” she was scared.

“Don’t worry,” he told her before he kissed her temple. “Come.”

She followed him in the room where Damon was being tortured. Rebekah was already there. Ariel took Klaus’s hand and stayed closer to him when she saw Stefan. He had a bag in his hand.

“What do you want?” Klaus asked and Stefan threw the bag at his feet. There were stakes in it.

“I’m here to make a deal,” he said.

“Stefan what are you doing?” Damon managed to say despite the pain.

“Eight stakes made of white oak. The part of the Wickery Bridge you forgot to burn,” he said.

Klaus turned to look at his sister and gave her an angry look.

“That’s impossible,” Rebekah shook her head.

“Actually it’s not,” Stefan said and the Originals vampires turned to look at him. “Finn is dead,” he said.

Ariel felt Klaus squeeze her hand a little tighter.

“You killed my brother?” Rebekah asked with a threatening tone.

Stefan didn’t answer. He took two steps towards Klaus and Ariel stayed close behind him.

“Damon in exchange for the last weapons that can kill you,” he said.

“And how do I know there aren’t any more left?” Klaus asked.

“Because there aren’t,” he answered, looking at him in the eyes.

“Let’s be certain, shall we?” Klaus said and he looked down at Ariel before he looked at Rebekah. The blonde opened her arms and Ariel rushed to her sides.

Stefan looked at Ariel with a guilty look. He knew what he had put her through when he didn’t have his humanity and he regretted it now. Ariel had both her hands on Rebekah’s left arm and she was looking down at the floor.

“Leave,” Klaus told Damon.

“No,” Damon groaned.

“Come on. Leave,” he repeated.

“Nik, he’s my plaything not yours,” Rebekah whined.

Klaus ignored his sister and put a hand on Damon’s throat. “I said, go…home,” he compelled the vampire.

Damon started to try to leave. He pulled to get his hands free from the animal traps, screaming from pain. As Klaus watched Stefan’s reaction he chuckled and told Damon to stop.

“Stop before you hurt yourself,” he laughed. “I can see that you can finally be compelled. Now. Minus the stake that’s in my brother, how many more stakes are out there that can kill me?” he asked.

“Eleven,” he answered.

“Eleven!” Klaus echoed. “Really? So not eight, then?” he told Stefan.

“You really shouldn’t have lied,” Rebekah told him.

“I’ll get you the other three,” Stefan said.

“Yeah, that would be nice,” Klaus said. “Or since you lied, maybe I’ll just compel your brother to chew his own tongue,” he said.

Ariel didn’t like hearing this. Whenever Klaus threatened someone, she always got scared.

“What is wrong with you?” Stefan asked.

“What is wrong with you?!” Klaus echoed, angry. “Do you really have no appreciation for me? I have given you someone to hate, to loathe, a target for all of your anger so you don’t have to turn it on yourself. I have given your life purpose, as your friend… And considering that you are still alive despite what you’ve done to Ariel…I really think that you should be thanking me,” he said.

“Enough!” Stefan yelled and in the next second he pulled a stake out of his jacket and Klaus’ back was against a wall.

Rebekah caught Ariel by the arm as she was trying to get to the hybrid.

“Step down,” Klaus said, slowly, with an angry and threatening tone. “Or you both die.”

Stefan stepped down and gave the stake to Klaus.

“There. Now you only have to get me the other two,” Klaus said.

“This is ridiculous,” Rebekah sighed, annoyed.

“What are you doing?” Klaus asked her as she set Damon free.

“I brought him here, I get to release him. My rules now. Bring us the stakes and you both live. Take your brother as a sign of good faith,” she said before she stepped out of the room.

Klaus sighed and walked towards Ariel. “Bring us the stakes. All of them. Or I’ll wage a war against everyone you love. I hope I’m being clear,” he told Stefan before he left the room with Ariel.

They joined Rebekah in the living room. Ariel sat on the couch and Klaus went over his sister.

“I can’t believe Finn is dead,” she said.

“Good riddance,” Klaus said, pouring himself a drink. Ariel was shocked by his answer. His brother had just died. “He was an embarrassment, Rebekah.”

“He was still our brother. Mind your tongue,” Rebekah told him, angry.

“Fine, let’s all say a prayer for Finn, who slept in a box longer than he lived as a man.”

Rebekah looked at him, dumbfounded.

“He was a lovesick fool. He’s better off in death,” he said and Ariel couldn’t hear any more so she left the room. Klaus watched her leave and he realized, maybe, he should have mind his tongue.

“Nice. Say that in front of the woman that adores you, “lovesick fool””, she told him. He looked ashamed and looked down at his feet before he looked up. “Is that how you would speak of me if I died?” she asked.

“Well, you let the Salvatores loose with two stakes that could kill us, so I guess we’ll find out soon enough,” he told her. “And since when did you have a soft spot for them?”

“The Salvatores may fight like dogs but in the end they would die for each other. At least they know what family means. You destroyed ours.”

“I wanted a family. They just didn’t want me,” he answered. “And now we’re unlinked. We’re no longer responsible for each other.”

“So, are you leaving?” she asked, like he would never do that. He would never leave her behind.

“As soon as I get my stakes, I’m gone. I’m going to take Elena and use her blood to create a new family of hybrids,” he told his sister.

Rebekah crossed her arms over her chest. “What about Ariel?” she asked and he frowned.

“What about her?” Klaus asked.

“I heard what you promised her, earlier,” she said. “You’re going to break that girl and she’s already pretty damn broken.”

“I can take care of her,” he told his sister who shook her head.

“You can’t even take care of your own family,” she said. “You saved her life and without you she is alone. How will you know if she stays by your side because she loves you or because she’s terrified of leaving you or of being alone?”

Every word was stabbing him in the heart. Every word was true.

“You have a family, Nik! And maybe that girl will help you realize, if you just stop being so paranoid for a minute, that you are loved! You don’t need a hundred hybrids as a family and a hundred hybrids will never feel like a family!”

She sighed and rolled her eyes. “Now go to her. You just said you’d rather be dead than in love, who knows what’s going on in her head right now.”

When Klaus opened the door of his room, he had no idea what to expect. Ariel was in bed, under the cover and it looked like she was sleeping. He got into bed and laid down next to her and put a hand on her waist and he pulled her back to his chest. He kissed her neck and he waited for her to say something but she didn’t move.

“Love,” he said but she didn’t say anything. He sighed. He got under the cover and put his hands over her stomach and pulled her closer to him. He kissed her neck again and whispered in her ear.

“You’re all I have, too.”


Gif source:  Damon

Imagine spending Christmas with the Salvatores and Damon gets you something extra special because he’s falling for you.

——— Request for anon ———

“Oh my God, Damon,” you gasp, looking over the present he’d placed in your lap that Christmas morning, saying it was from him. “This is a first edition— How did you know I was looking for this?”

“I remember you telling me about it a while ago, and I figured I could get my hands on it for you,” his smile widens the more he stares at you, gauging how much you liked the present slowly. Before you think, you’ve wrapped your arms around his neck in your gratitude.

“Thank you so much! This is amazing!”

You feel him relax in your grip, hands coming to wrap gently around your back as he hugs you back, “Merry Christmas, bookworm.”

The request from msmaxnificent was “Can I request a steamy and romantic threesome smut with Klaus and Elijah/ Plus, the female reader is a vampire and the plot takes place at a party where she meets the Mikaelson brothers and is taken home for the deed to happen?”

Author: Tori

Y/N: Your name
Y/E/C: Your eye color

CHARACTERS: Reader, Klaus Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson, Damon Salvatore, Elena Gilbert

Here you go, @msmaxnificent


“Do I really have to go?”
“Yeah, you really do.”
“Elena, I feel ridiculous,” you whine, fiddling with the bust of your dress. You did admit earlier, it is a beautiful dress; a midnight blue, floor-length dress that looks like flowing water as you walk, and it has silver hems on the bottom and on the short sleeves. Elena had gotten you some shoes to match the dress, nothing fancy, just some silver stiletto heels. Your makeup is simple, just a dark smoky eye with a shimmering lip gloss that almost looked silver in the light.
Even though you do look stunning, you do not want to go to this stupid party. It’s being hosted by the Mikaelsons, aka the very first vampires ever. Elena is going with Damon, and apparently she needs someone to cling onto if Damon leaves her.
You sigh and grumble to yourself as there’s a knock at the door, and Damon’s head pokes in, “Is everybody decent?” You snort, “You’re supposed to ask that before you open the door, otherwise it kinda defeats the purpose of asking.” Damon shrugs, adjusting his tie in the floor-length mirror in the room, “Are we all ready to go?” Elena nods, putting on some diamond earrings, “Yep, Y/N, you ready?” Tucking a lock of Y/H/C hair behind your ear, you smile painfully, “Yeah… all ready.”
After a short drive, the three of you arrive at the Mikaelson mansion. You step out of Damon’s car and gawk at the giant house, completely lit up. The front doors are open and you can already see a lot of people inside, and there are more streaming in from their cars. Damon winds his arm in Elena’s and they begin walking towards the mansion. Elena must’ve seen you about to take off in the opposite direction, because she grabs your hand and drags you with her. You groan and stop resisting, just letting her pull you along.
As you step up the marble front steps, your mouth drops open at the grand ballroom. There are so many people here, so many that there are at least fifteen to twenty waiters, no doubt who have been compelled, who are balancing silver trays with champagne flutes and wine glasses on them. As one passes by, you quickly snatch a glass of red wine, taking a large gulp to try and soothe your nerves. When you look to your right, you nearly choke on your wine to see that Damon and Elena have already disappeared. Quickly scanning the crowd, you try and find either one of them. You don’t know anyone here, why would they just leave you? Growing quietly, you weave throughout the crowd and stop when you spot a dark head that looks like the back of Damon’s. Switching your glass to your other hand, you stomp across the dancefloor until your reach him. You put your free hand on his shoulder and whip him around, “Why did you just leave- oh, my god.”
This is not Damon. This is Elijah Mikaelson, one of the Original vampires. He is definitely the most handsome being you’ve ever seen; dark eyes and hair, a jawline so sharp it could kill someone, and a perfect mouth. You don’t even realize you’re staring until he clears his throat and looks down at your hand still squeezing his muscular shoulder. You yank your hand back and run it shakily through your hair, “I am so sorry, I thought you were someone else,” you say, your heart thumping against your chest. The Original smiles, “It’s quite alright, this is an interesting way to meet someone. I am Elijah Mikaelson,” he says, taking your hand and lightly pressing his lips against it. You nearly swoon right where you stand, “I’m Y/N Y/L/N,” you say with a small smile. He studies your face for a second or two and then looks over your shoulder, motioning to someone behind you. Another man in a suit identical to Elijah’s steps up beside you, but this man has sandy brown hair and striking blue eyes. He looks to Elijah with a smirk, “Meet someone to bring home to the family, Elijah?” he asks with an incredible accent. Your face turns bright red, making the two men chuckle. “Dear brother, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is my brother, Niklaus,” Elijah says. You smile as Niklaus takes your hand in his, mimicking his brother’s actions and kissing the top gently, “Call me Klaus, love.”
In the back of your mind, you are thanking Elena a million times over for dragging you to this party, because now you’re standing here talking to two incredibly handsome men. By now, you’ve had about four glasses of wine, and your head is starting to feel a little fuzzy. The three of you had moved to the side of the ballroom and are now sitting on a large plush couch with you in the middle of Elijah and Klaus. “Are you feeling alright, Y/N?” Elijah asks softly, giving Klaus a look which you cannot detect. You nod and giggle, “I’m fine, I think I just had a little too much to drink,” you say with a small hiccup. Klaus stretches his arm out behind you, letting his fingers brush against the bare skin on your shoulder, “Would you like us to take you home, love?” You raise an eyebrow and shiver slightly as his fingers rub light circles on your shoulder. Chuckling nervously, you cross your leg which lifts the side cut in your dress up, showing your exposed thigh. Elijah’s jaw clenches at the sight of your skin, but he clears his throat and looks at your face with a surprisingly calm expression, “I can assure you will get home safe and sound, Y/N.” You study Elijah’s face for a minute before giving a small smile, “it would be nice to get some air.” You nearly jump when you feel Klaus’s lips right by your ear, “we can do more than just take you home, Y/N,” he says in a low voice, his lips taking the cartilage of your ear and nibbling on it gently. To anyone watching you, it looks like Klaus is just whispering in your ear, but you know better. Your fists clench tightly and the space next to you opens up. Elijah holds out his hand to you, which you gratefully accept. He leads you through the large crowd with Klaus trailing behind like some dangerous animal stalking his prey.
Once you’re outside, you pull out your phone and quickly send a text to Elena saying, ‘hey, I’m not feeling too well. Elijah and Klaus are gonna take me home. I’ll ttyl.’
Slipping your phone back into your clutch purse, you take Elijah’s arm and follow him around the back of the house to the large garage. Klaus opens the back door to a large black SUV, and you climb in with Klaus behind you. Elijah gets into the driver’s seat, pulls out of the long driveway, and after giving him your address, starts on the road.
You’re too busy staring out the window that you jump almost a few inches in the air when you feel a warm hand on your thigh. Glancing down, you spy Klaus’s hand inching closer and closer to the aching warmth between your legs. You chew on your lip and look forward, catching Elijah’s eyes staring at you in the rearview mirror. His gaze is almost glassy, and his deep brown eyes are almost black. Your attention is turned back to the Original sitting next to you as he suddenly cups your sex, making you gasp loudly. “Are you alright, Y/N?” Elijah asks, yet you hear the smirk in his voice. “Y-yeah, I’m fine,” you grind out through clenched teeth as Klaus’s fingers rub your slit up and down through your dress. You see Elijah’s hand grip the steering wheel so tight that you fear he might rip it off, and you smirk as you use your imagination as to where his other hand might be.
Klaus presses hard on your clit, making your whole body lurch forward and your thighs clamp together. He chuckles in your ear and begins kissing down your neck, grazing his prominent fangs against your skin. You groan and tilt your head to the side just as the car pulls into your driveway.
Reluctantly, Klaus pulls away and climbs out of the SUV. You walk up the porch steps, intentionally swaying your hips side to side for the two men behind you. Pretending to fumble for your keys in your clutch, you slowly curve your back so your rear sticks out. You hear a sharp intake of breath behind you, presumably Elijah’s.
Deciding to stop torturing them, you finally unlock the door and push it open. You feel a pair of strong arms lift you up and speed upstairs with you, dropping you on your bed. You stare up at Elijah with wide eyes as he quickly sheds his suit jacket. He wraps a hand around your throat and pushes you back on the bed, careful as to not cut off your air supply. He climbs over your body and leans his face down to yours, “Do you know how hard it was for me to drive when I could smell your arousal and hear those delightful noises coming from your mouth?” Your eyes dart down to his lips and back up to his eyes, “Elijah, please kiss me.”
“It would be rude of me to not honor a lady’s wishes,” he says softly, cupping your cheek. You lean into his touch as his lips meet yours gently. Your hands travel up his chiseled biceps and around his large shoulders as his tongue traces your bottom lip. You moan softly as he kisses the corner of your mouth, your cheek, and down your neck.
“Starting without me, brother? I always thought you were the patient one,” Klaus says with a smirk as he stands in the doorway. You give him a mock glare over Elijah’s shoulder, but moan as his lips and teeth find your sweet spot under your ear. Klaus saunters over to the bed and sits you up; his fingers easily find the zipper on your dress and tug it down. You slip your arms out of the dress and lift your hips up as Elijah peels the rest of the dress off your body, leaving you in your black lace panties and bra. Klaus captures your lips with his in a powerful kiss that sends tingles down your entire body as Elijah slowly spreads your legs. The dark-haired Original shimmies down the bed until he’s situated between your open thighs. You look down to see his handsome face staring up at you with a lopsided smile, his finger stroking your hips. Giving you a wink, he dips his head down and presses his lips against the wettest part of your panties. You let out a loud groan as Elijah’s tongue moves against your pussy through the fabric of your panties, “God… Elijah!”
The hybrid Original watches his brother slowly pull your panties down until your bottom half is completely exposed to their hungry eyes. Elijah wastes no time in burying his face in your pussy, his tongue immediately thrusting into you and his nose rubbing against your clit. Your hips jerk up but are then pushed down by Klaus who puts his lips to your ear, “Do you like what my big brother is doing to you, Y/N?” You bite your lip and nod furiously, “F-feels so good…” Elijah nips at your clit just as he slides a long finger into your soaking pussy, curving it upwards searching for that rough patch. You let out a long, drawn out moan, grinding your hips against Elijah’s face.
Elijah’s deep eyes meet your own Y/E/C ones as he slides another finger into your pussy, thrusting them in and out slowly. You struggle to keep your eyes on his, your head is swimming and your body is on fire. Klaus, not wanting to be upstaged by his brother, leans down and wraps his lips around your nipple gently. You feel his fangs against your skin and feel your own hunger beginning to peak; both for blood and wanting to come.
As soon as Elijah sees the red veins slowly appear under your eyes, his pumps his fingers faster and faster, each time hitting that golden spot inside you. You’re so close, so goddamn close. With one final thrust of his fingers, Elijah sinks his fangs into your thigh. You scream in pain and pleasure as your orgasm comes crashing down on you, wave after wave of ecstasy pouring over your body.
Elijah slowly pulls his fingers out of you and lifts his mouth off of your thigh, your wound healing instantly. You pant heavily, staring up at the ceiling. Feeling movement next to you, you look over to your side to see that Klaus has climbed atop of you, his aching hard cock nudging at your entrance. You bite your lip and lift your legs around his hips just as he slams into you. Your yell is muffled by Elijah’s lips, his hand holding the side of your face lovingly as his brother thrusts in and out of your pussy. You paw around aimlessly for Elijah’s cock, the past orgasm apparently messing with your vision. Elijah chuckles, takes your hand, and places it on his throbbing erection. You moan as Klaus lifts your leg over his shoulder, the new position allowing him to piston into you with renewed strength. Your hand wraps around Elijah’s cock, rubbing him up and down the best you can. Elijah sighs in pleasure and watches your pussy as Klaus fucks you harder and harder.
The dam is threatening to break again, your voice is growing hoarse with all the moaning erupting from your throat. Elijah reaches down between your legs and gently rubs your overstimulated clit with his fingers, causing a scream to rip from your mouth. Klaus lifts both legs over his shoulders and thrusts into you one last time, spilling into you with a loud groan.
The feeling of Klaus coming into you mixed with Elijah rubbing your clit sends you over the edge again. Your whole body tenses and fluid gushes out of your pussy, making Elijah moan softly. Your eyelids flutter closed as sleep threatens to overtake you. You wince slightly when Klaus pulls out of you, rubbing your thighs with his warm hands. You nearly scream in surprise when you feel a cool towel being pressed to your sore womanhood. Elijah smiles sheepishly, “Apologies, I just figured you wanted to get cleaned up.” You laugh and close your eyes, “It’s fine, ‘Lijah. Thank you, guys,” you say softly, looking over at Klaus into his deep blue eyes. He grins and brushes your hair out of your eyes, “Anytime you need a ride home, just ask.”


Imagine: Your leaving Mystic Falls after all of the Vampire drama and you spot Damon at the side of the road.

You stopped at the Mystic Falls sign and peered curiously out of your car window.

“Oh my god, seriously?” Mumbling a couple of rude words as you shut your car door behind you, making your way over to Damon Salvatore.

His eyes lit up when he saw you.
“My favorite witch"he smiled. He knew you hated it when he referred to you by your supernatural status.

"Damon I’m the only witch you know, what are you doing out here at this time?"you sighed.
He held up a bottle of whiskey in response.

He looked past you and pointed at your car.
"Where are you going y/n?"he asked suspiciously.

"If you really want to know, I’m leaving and I’m not coming back I don’t expect you to care, you wanted to know so I’m telling you"you mumbled as you kicked the stones from underneath your feet.

Damon suddenly became angry.
"You can’t do that, do you know how selfish that is, leaving me- I mean leaving Stefan and your friends behind?!"his voice started to get louder.

"They won’t miss me"you pointed out.

"But I will"Damon finally replied in frustration.

"Damon is there something you aren’t telling me?"you stepped closer.

"I love you y/n and if you leave I won’t have anybody. There will be nothing left for me. You’re the only thing I care about even though I make it look like I hate you I don’t” he confessed as he took another sip of Whiskey.

“How long have you felt like this?"your mouth fell open.

"Ever since you saved us all from that Tomb"he whispered.

Your eyes widened.
"Damon that was 4 years ago!"you exclaimed.

"I know"he rolled his eyes.

"Well uh, Why don’t you come with me?"you offered as you rubbed the back of your neck.
"Let’s be selfish"you smiled.

"You’d let me tag along?"he grinned.

"Think of it as travelling together"you corrected him.

"Count me in"he agreed as he kissed your forehead.

Extracurricular Activities: Keep Quiet, Please

Request: Hi! Can you do a one shot where Damon fucks his human girlfriend in a library but there’s also a bit fluff? Thank you! – Anon

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: smut, public sex, swearing

Word Count: 1295

This is some sort of series about Damon and the reader while she is in school or anything that has to do with school and they have little smutty time together.

Extracurricular Activities: Class Work, HomeworkCheer Practice

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

“So, you coming with?” Caroline asked you as you fixed your things in your locker. “Hm?” You asked since you have not paid attention to her rambling. She sighed. “Grill?” She asked. You looked at her. “Nah, I have something to do in the library.” You said and she nodded. “I guess I’ll see you later.” She said. “Sure thing, Care.” You replied and she left.

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Game Night

Based, loosely unfortunately as I completely lost control of this fic if I ever had it to begin with, on a prompt request from laurajean92 .  I hope this is at least somewhat what you wanted and I’m sorry it took me 75 years to get it finished!  I did start working on it immediately, it just took me THAT long to churn out this nonsense.  :(  Anyway, I hope you like it.

“Your turn!” Bonnie chirped, tossing the dice in Caroline’s direction.

Caroline was vaguely aware of them landing somewhere in front of her crossed legs, but she didn’t move, instead she worried her lip between her teeth, watching Stefan.  He was leaning back on one elbow, one long leg stretched out next to her and the other bent at the knee, relaxing between turns, taking a long drink from his tumbler of Jack and Coke.

“Caroline,” Bonnie said, getting her attention before saying again, “It’s your turn.”

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Happy New Year!

Request: Hey I love your writing *_* can u do one where y/n & Damon celebrate New Year’s Eve and have sex just when it’s the countdown? (Smut) You’re amazing!!!! – Anon

Pairings: Damon x Reader (smut), Stefan x Caroline

Warnings: swearing, smut

Word Count: 1882

Thank you for an awesome year! May we all have an ‘awesomer’ 2016! I hope you don’t mind me adding a little Steroline! <3 Happy New Year

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

You stood there, looking through the window as you watched Caroline and Stefan brought in the groceries they have bought through the house. Celebrating New Years after a rough year was one thing for sure. There may have been a lot of downs, there were also ups. A new house and a new life and one far from Mystic Falls. Caroline who is now with Stefan, had decided to go wherever you and Damon were going, which is in upstate New York.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Damon’s POV

I watched (y/n) as she slept against my chest, my finger tracing shapes down her arm. I smiled as she inched closer to my body. I kissed her forehead to wake her up and she obviously whined. “Good morning to you too, princess.” I cooed and she whined even more. “Why are you so cheery it’s too early.” I heard her silently mumble.

“It’s not exactly early, it’s 11.” I said, chuckling. “Oh.” I chuckled even more.

I flipped us so I was hovering over her and I leaned down to kiss her lips. She smiled as she kissed me back. “Happy Valentine’s Day, princess.” I murmured against her lips. She finally opened her eyes and I get to see her gorgeous (y/e/c) eyes staring back at me. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Damon.” She whispered and tangled her hands on my hair, pulling me down for a kiss.

We made out for a good 10 minutes before we were going at it once again. After a full hour of sweaty bodies grinding against each other, round two happened in the shower, and round three back in the bed right after.

We both breathlessly laid on the bed, staring at the ceiling. “If we don’t move now, we’re never getting out of bed, Damon.” She said. I chuckled, lacing my hand on hers. I brought her hand to my lips and I kissed her knuckles. “What do you want to do today?” I asked, turning to look at her. “Well, aside from have sex the whole day, I just want to go out, try to be like a sappy normal couple out on Valentine’s Day.” She said.

I raised an eyebrow. “You want to go on a date?” I asked. “Not really, I mean, everything we do or go to together is a date already.” She pointed out, chuckling. “Touche. Okay, let’s get up. I have a plan set out in my mind.” I said, smiling at her. I leaned in and kissed her. “After all, this is our 175th Valentine’s Day.” I said, chuckling. She laughed and kissed me again before we both sped into our clothes.

We walked down the street in the town center, hand in hand, watching other couples doing the same. (Y/n) would giggle at the ‘clicheness’ of it all but underneath it all, she loved it. I pulled her hand towards the ice cream shop and we both got some ice cream. I watched her happily, content with what I have as long as I have her. I then saw a small stand of flowers and I told her to wait for me. I bought a small bouquet of her favorite flowers and she raised an eyebrow at me with a smirk.

“For my wonderful girlfriend.” I said and she giggled, accepting them. “Thank you.” She murmured, inhaling the scent of the flowers. We walked further and her eyes caught the small toy store. I already knew what she wanted and I laughed, pulling her towards the shop and into it. “Hi, can I get that huge fluffy unicorn?” I asked and the man at the cashier got it and I paid for it.

(Y/n)’s eyes were wide as she watched me and her mouth agape. “Really, Damon?” She asked, laughing now. I chuckled. “We’re having a cliche date, come on.” I said and she tiptoed, pecking my lips. We then continued our walk until we reached the small park in front of the grill. We sat down on the bench and she set her gifts beside her.

“Wait, something’s missing.” I trialed and she just looked at me questioningly. I realized it and I told her to wait for me again. She just laughed and told me to go. I then went into the store and bought her favorite chocolates. When I came back to her in the park, I saw her watching the other couples having a picnic in the grass.

“Happy Valentine’s Day.” I murmured against her ear and I kissed her cheek. She turned to me and I handed her the box of her favorite chocolates. “Oh my god, Damon, you’re so the worst.” She playfully complained with her wide smile, making me fall in love for her all over again. “Best Valentine’s Day?” I asked. She giggled. “Best 175th Valentine’s day, baby.” She whispered and she leaned into me, capturing my lips in a soft kiss. “We should try something new next year though.” She mumbled.

I chuckled and nodded, hugging her to my side and I kissed her temple. “We have forever to think of new ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, princess.”

anonymous asked:

Can you write another drabble like you did with Matt Damon Bonnie (bamonnie?) for one of the belvafore ensemble moments you were talking about earlier? :D

HA, oh God, I can try.

“Give someone a striptease? Really?” Bonnie glanced up from the crumpled scrap of paper in her hand with a snort, the hazy sheen of alcohol brightening her eyes. “Never gonna guess who wrote that one.”

Damon smirked. “Unsolved mystery.”

“Does it get boring, being so predictably gross all the time, or is it like a reprieve for you in all the chaos?” Caroline ventured as she swept out the kitchen, refilled popcorn bowl in hand.

Damon’s eyes rolled ceiling-ward. “I don’t know, Caroline - does being so predictably bitchy get boring for you?”

She smiled coolly as she passed him. “No.”

He simpered back from his armchair. “Well, there’s your answer.”

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