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(SometimesSlumga) Brionne thinks that Sundog is very pretty and sparkly! Do you have to shine your gems frequently?

“Well, no I don’t have to polish them. But, would you believe it–I have to refill them. They’re water stones, and they dry out every so often.”


Lily the Pink: sneering at the ability of young people to engage with politics in a meaningful way.

Also Lily the Pink: can’t spell “have”

can you believe there are people out there who speak MULTIPLE languages and then APOLOGIZE for not having perfect grammar in their third or fourth language?????? like do you know how incredible you are???

1/13/17 @coldsunnyday The ducks aren’t actually green. They’re untrustworthy creatures, and they’re lying about what color they are. Don’t listen to them.

It’s an optical illusion called “structural color.” Their feathers are black. The fluffy side bits of the feathers (barbs) are also black. The little hooks that keep the barbs all lined up (barbules) are also black. There are microscopic little ridges (tubules) on the barbules that are also black. But the tubules are exactly the same size as a wavelength of green light, so instead of absorbing green light the way a black object should, they reflect it and the ducks look green. 

If you put one of the ducks under a good enough microscope, you’d see that no individual part of it was actually green in any way.

Avian biology generally can’t produce blue or green pigments. Birds that look blue or green are lying about it. Don’t trust them.

Except for turacos. They’re actually green, and very pleased with themselves about it. Look at this guy, here’s a bird you can trust:


❝ And then… at last, at last, he kissed her with real passion. Skin on skin, mouth on mouth. To forget death and tragedy and loss. She was his wife and it was her duty and her privilege to transform him with her devotion and her love.  ❞ — Crimson Peak (book)


Finally take a break from binging on other video games and the first thing I draw is a depressing Prompto… ;_; At least he’s looking back on happy times!