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Favorite Things from Star Wars

Cause why not? 


Droideka (Destroyer Droids) Cause they’re rollypolly shielded bastards

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BB-8. Because BB-8

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Rey and Finn I mean, Look at these dorks!

HK-47 “Request: Please click the link to see why HK is such a wonderful droid, Meatbag. Else you will be viciously shot and then killed.”


General Grievous A character that HUNTS JEDI FOR SPORT! And He’s a really unique looking cyborg.

The Clone Commandos Coolest Space soldiers EVER!

Imperial Probe Droid There’s something REALLY cool about this droid I’ve always loved.

Captain Phasma A badass female in practical armor. Also she has a cape!

There are all I can think of ATM. Might add more later. IDK


MEMORY_GLITCH - A #Winter Cyborgs AU mini-comic

HYDRA hears rumors of a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base and sends WS-01 and WS-02 on a quick scouting mission. WS-02 takes an unexpected trip down memory lane.

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How Bruce Wayne provokes Meta-humans: A quick one-step summary.

Bruce Wayne: *smirks*

Meta-human: *is provoked*

  • lil kids looking up to Iko as a buttkicker fashion icon
  • lil lunars looking up to Cinder and Winter for not using their powers
  • lil shells looking up to Cress because even shells can be heroes
  • lil cyborgs looking up to Cinder and Kai knowing what they did to kickstart the process of cyborg equality
  • lil chubby girls looking up to Scarlet bc she’s a buttkicker regardless of form

DC MEME: [day 05 // favorite team // justice league (the new 52)] 

“ The League leads. When there is a Crisis, the other heroes – and the world – look to us first to deal with it, to rally others. We set the example. ”

This shouldn't irk me so much...

But Marvel is getting heaps of praise for SM homecoming making its supporting cast POC. Which good on them for finally getting the message after Doctor Strange. But breaking it down the central cast of the Avengers is still white as are pretty much ALL of the movies main characters plus they pushed back the Black Panther movie I believe for the SM movie.

Meanwhile in DC land…WOC is Wonder Woman, one of the Big 3 trinity (of which Avengers has Black Widow who is awesome but is constantly playing second or third fiddle to one of the guys and still doesnt have a movie), Aquaman has changed race completely from blonde hair blue eyes to Samoan which makes 100% more sense than his normal look, Cyborg is a main member of the roster, not a secondary hero (sorry Black Panther I hope they do so much more with you that what was in Civil War even though you were the best character), the Flash is played by an openly queer man, and the Deadshot is Will Smith, like DC has had diversity since the start but for some reason they don’t get the same praise as Marvel and I may be butthurt or whatever you want to say over it but it peeves me. People just want to say crap about DC movies but never praise what they are doing right.

Sorry for this rant/giant run-on sentence I’m posting out of annoyance and wanting to acknowledge DC doing stuff right in their casting.


I didn’t expect much from Cyborg 009: Call of Justice, but I didn’t think I’d have to wade through to the very last episode for an interaction between two cyborgs that felt remotely like there’s a real shared history there.

It’s not even that great an interaction, but after 12 episodes of basically nothing, it felt like a gift.

I’m just going to stay off Facebook every time something Justice League related comes out.

People are always bitching.

“Batman should be in the middle”

“Flash’s suit looks horrible”

“Wonder Woman looks tired”

“Batman looks like Nightowl”

“Aquaman looks angry”

“Cyborg looks like shit”

Like holy hell. We are finally getting a Justice League movie after like year and years and years.

It doesn’t matter who is in the middle. Flash suit is a prototype, Nightowl is actually based on Batman so similarities will happen, Cyborg’s tech will update itself over time and his look in future films will be sleeker, Wonder Woman looks tired because fighting parademons is fucking tiring, Aquaman looks angry because of what’s happening to the world.

Like ugh…so fucking nitpicky. Or maybe I’m not a true fan for not complaining about everything.

If the Straw Hat Crew had cell phones

their wallpapers would all be of Luffy. 

Zoro’s would be a picture of a sleeping Luffy. Complete with the snot bubble. 

Nami’s would be a picture of Luffy doing something in front of of Tangerine trees.

Usopps’s would be of Luffy doing one of his impressions. 

Sanji’s would be a pic of Nami and Robin reating something he made with Luffy in the background. 

Chopper’s would be of one of Luffy’s many smiles. 

Robin;s would be of one of Luff’s rare quiet moments. Maybe a pic of him sitting on Sunny’s head. 

Franky’s would be of Luffy’s star-eyes when he looks at something cool the cyborg does.

Brook’s would be a pic of Luffy listening to his music, either singing along or just enjoying the sounds.

Luffy’s wallpaper would be meat.