look at cutie

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For some reason, I feel that if ryan were a superhero, his name would be haywire

This is the first image that came to mind upon reading this…. Outstanding.

That said, I love the idea that despite the fact he plays such an archetypal villain in so many ways, he is an actual hero. Because he totally is. 

real talk. alright. arin hanson is really pretty. like have you seen that man’s arms? face? eyes? hair? skin? that man is so goddamn pretty.


Less than 48 hours till the tour starts! The cast is ready, and you?

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are you still taking rarepairs? i ship xander/oboro :) not for any reason in particular but because i think their interactions would be hilarious. (also i love your blog!!! keep it up)

Apparently I am! Weirdly enough, I can picture them together… Probably because… how ironic would it be if the biggest Nohrian hater ended up marrying the future king of Nohr?

Also look at this (terrifying) cutie.


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