look at courtneys eyes


“Courtney Vision”

I have zero excuses

I just kept laughing while drawing the first panel im sorry


It was a very unique prep process. David Ayer does more… he calls it rehearsal but it’s much more like group therapy where you sit around and everybody talks about their deepest emotional issues and your trials and tribulations.

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Are Frances's eyes like Courtney's ? They look like it too me but I'm not sure lol

to me,  her eye set is like kurts.   but her eyes are a blend of kurt’s azure and courtney’s seafoam.   not as blue as kurt’s,  not as green as courtney’s.

as a kid, they were as blue as kurt’s.

You knew he would be staring at you as you made your way through the tables to the powder room. You stopped and looked back to see if he was indeed looking at you. You smiled as you saw his eyes trained on your ass.  Jai Courtney looked so  damn good sitting at the table in a tan button down dress shirt that had at least three buttons unhooked that showed his thick hairy chest. The man was just everything you wanted in a man and to get asked out for drinks from him there was no way you were saying no.  

You freshen your face and made sure you would look delectable when you return to the table. As you applied more lipstick a couple of women entered the restroom gushing about the hot celebrity they just saw. They were no doubt talking about your date. You smiled at them on the way out and hurried back to the table.

Jai being a gentleman he stood up when he saw you make your way back to the table. You tried hard to keep your eyes focus on his blue eyes and not wander down his massive built physique.

“Everything alright?” he asked in his thick Australian accent that made you shift a little when you sat down.

“Yes. I’m fine.” you replied sitting your clutch purse on the table.  Jai grabbed one of the dirty martinis and pushed it toward you.

“I took the liberty of ordering. I hope you don’t mind. You did tell me one of your favorite drinks was a dirty martini.”

You smiled at the thoughtfulness that he remembered that little tid bit of information about you.

“I’m glad you were able to meet me today.” Jai’s blue eyes stared down yours as he grabbed the plastic pick out of his martini and bit into an olive. You could not help but become mesmerized as he chewed the olive and licked his lips. You silently hope you would feel those lips on your body soon.  You took a hefty swallow of your drink and sighed at the familiar feel of the warmness flowing down your throat.  You and Jai chatted and you found yourself leaning over the table to push back one of his curly locks that fell out of place onto his forehead. You notice his eyes trained on your cleavage as you tucked his lose curl in place. He smiled as your fingers trailed down his cheek and outlined his lips. Realizing how forward you were being you quickly pulled your hand away.

“Sorry.” You murmured looking away from his heated gaze.

“Sorry for what? It is only a matter of time before I have you in my arms and the sooner the better.” His voice low and husky. “Waiter can we get two more of these.” He ordered pointing to their empty glasses.  

“Are you trying to get me drunk Mr. Courtney?” You asked finally meeting his heated gaze.

A wicked seductive grin played on his lips.

“Maybe I am? Is it working?”

“You don’t need to fill me up with drinks to get me in your arms.” You replied with your own seductive grin.

“Check!” Jai called out. You shivered as you could not wait to feel him inside you.

More Than I'm Supposed To (Witney) - Miss Bianca


There was just something about Willam that just begged you to watch her. It was hard to look anywhere else, really, particularly when she smiled. And Courtney did pride herself on being able to make Willam smile more than usual.


I’m so sorry. I’m supposed to be writing my multichap. But Witney would not leave me alone, and so here we are. It’s not really an AU, I mean, this could’ve happened. Please tell me what you think! - Miss Bianca

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“I saw how Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix went down and a part of me wanted to go down with them but then another part of me would be very sad if some twenty-five year old lady singer ten years from now said, ‘I wish Stevie Nicks would have thought about it a little more. I wish she was still around.’ That’s kind of what stopped me and made me really look at the world through clearer eyes.”

‘A crowd forms around Max’

Max- What ? What’s going on ?

'Victoria arrives amidst much fanfare’

Max- Victoria ? What’s going on ? Why have I been surrounded ?

Victoria - You know why…..it’s time we settled our epic rivalry with the fight I promised since Episode 2

Max- Episode what now ?

Victoria - 'points accusingly’ You’ve had it too good for too long ! It’s time for the queen to put you in your place PEASANT !

Max- Victoria, whatever this is…I’m sure we could work it out like reasonable adults…..

Victoria - Oh I have been WAITING for this  'raises fists and rushes at Max’ 'battle cry’

Max - 'side steps Victoria’ No 'slaps Victoria’

Victoria - 'immediatley stops, a look of pure devastation on her face’

'The crowd gasps’

Max-  'concerned’ Victoria ?

Victoria - Max……'tears quickly start pouring out of eyes’ THAT WAS MEEEEEAAAAN

Max - 'frantic’ What ?! OMG! Victoria ?

'Kate rushes out of the dorms, pulling Victoria into a comforting hug’

Kate - Max ! How could you ?!

Max- You don’t understand Kate ! She came at me !

Victoria - 'sobbing’ You could have just walked away !

Max-  It was a slap ! You’ve been threatening to hurt me ALL  year !

Kate - 'serious voice’ Max, you’re the spunky protagonist of this school. You should know better than to sink to Victoria’s mean level


Kate - 'shakes head’ and now you’re yelling at me……'shakes head’ for shame Max, for shame

'Kate rises to her feet with Victoria’

Kate - Come on Victoria, let’s go to my room to treat your wounds…..

Max-mutters’ She doesn’t have a wound….

Victoria - 'sniffs’ OK……. can we watch some Sailor Moon too ?

Kate - No Sailor Moon until you finish your daily bible reading……

Victoria - 'sniffs’ Ok…….

'Victoria and Kate walk into the dorm’

Max- 'disgusted’ One slap……one slap and all that misery could have been avoided……..

Taylor - 'walks out from the crowd’ Sooooooo I notice you defeated Victoria

Max-  Yeah ? 'raises eyebrow’ What of it ?

Taylor - What of it ? You asserted your dominance girl ! You’re the new Queen Bee !

Max- What ?! No ! 'backs up’ Fuck no !

'Courtney latches onto Max’s arm’

Courtney - 'looks up at Max with big obedient eyes’ Maxiiiiiiiiine

Max- Courtney ? Let go of my arm !

'Courtney lets go of Max’s arm, standing around expectantly’

Taylor - 'removes phone from purse’ We have a busy day ahead of us Maxine 'starts tapping on phone’ We have to plan an entire new wardrobe for you before you hit your inaugural Vortex Club party…..

Max- I like my outfit 'wraps arms around body’

Taylor - That’s fine, you set the fashion trends now Maxine

Max- 'annoyed’ OMG, this is the worst thing ever 'face sets in a scowl’

Taylor - There you go ! You’re acclimating to this position wonderfully !

Come Alive (AAA Girls) - Stella

A/N: Alaska is a wallflower, and when she’s dragged to a club with her friends she finds herself plastered to a wall. It isn’t until she literally bumps into two gorgeous girls that she starts to come out of her shell. The cis!girl AAA girls au that no one asked for and yet here it is.

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Masquerading as Professionals- Chapter 9/10- Ortega

A/N: Thank you guys as ever for the love for this fic, your feedback, likes, reblogs and tags honestly always make my day! You’d think maybe everything was beginning to wind down right about now, right? Wrong. Here is a chapter where a lot of Things Happen. Hope you all like it!

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