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“Courtney Vision”

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It was a very unique prep process. David Ayer does more… he calls it rehearsal but it’s much more like group therapy where you sit around and everybody talks about their deepest emotional issues and your trials and tribulations.

A Mess: Damien Haas Imagine

A/N: Tiny Damien Haas imagine 4 ur health.

Warnings: Angsty-ish, but tbh, ended up being kinda fluffy oops lmao

Pairing: Damien Haas x Reader


Damien Haas could be called many many things, but you would never call him a mess.

Because he simply wasn’t. He was capable, talented, supportive, and intelligent. He had his life in order and he always seemed so happy with it all. You never saw Damien a mess. It was well known and admirable.

And that- is why it was so surprising to everyone when he did breakdown.


Flitz, Lasercorn, and Noah sat on the ground, staring up with wide eyes and dumb grins.

“You’re dumb.” Noah laughed, prompting you to (in your ever so classy fashion) stick your tongue out at him.

You sat on top of the tallest ladder they had in the Smosh Office so you could properly place the other Christmas ornaments on the top of the tree. It looked too empty up there, and you liked everything to be fairly spaced out and neat looking. The top just didn’t look right, and on Flitz’s shoulders you couldn’t have reached it.

Lasercorn took the last few ornaments out of the box and stood, reaching them up to you. You smiled graciously, putting them in the little designated spots.

You planned to put your own tree up tonight, which would no doubt be fun. It was one of your favorite things to do, and Damien was coming over to help, which of course was even better. Being around him was one of the best things in the whole world. You two had been best friends for almost 5 years now, and man had you fallen for the guy.

Noah adjusted his sweater that had the Star of David on it, huffing a laugh as you leaned way over to put the last ornament on. A lot of them had been from Smosh fans, and you loved each of them.

“Be careful.” Flitz glanced up from his phone to look at you, and then looked back down. You hummed a “yes”, looking down at Lasercorn expectantly for a quick second.

“Could you grab the star?” You asked, and he nodded, snatching it from the box and handing it up to you. You reached to put it on, but he hollered for you to stop.

“Wait wait-” Laser fumbled for a second to grab his phone from his desk. You laughed softly as he opened up the camera.

“You’re a ham.” You snickered, but he caught a few photos as you placed it on carefully.

“It’s an important family moment!” He assured you before plopping down in the beanbag beside Noah.

You sighed in relief, looking over the tree once. It looked nice. You felt nice.

You loved your life, your job, this holiday, and the fact that you’d be with Damien, doin it all again in about 8 hours. The anticipation and bliss felt sweet within you.

You were happy.

You placed your hand on the wall, standing up from the top of the ladder, only to accidentally slam your head into the ceiling, which you never noticed was so close.

Your hand flew up to feel your head, but because of this, you lost a needed grasp, tipping from the ladder, falling in the opposite direction of the tree.

It happened so fast.

“Y/n!” Noah yelled, all three of the men trying to jolt from their seats.

But you had pummeled downwards from the extremely tall ladder, head slamming onto the table below and body knocking on the ground in a sudden and awful thump.

You choked out a gasp, whole body trembling as you blinked rapidly.

“Y/n, y/n-” they all rushed around you, but you lost conciousness, the last thing in sight being the paled and terrified expressions of your friends.


Damien Haas had his morning coffee in his hand and Boze at his side.

“You’re really not gonna do anything?” Boze whined, taking a glug of coffee far too large for someone her size.

Damien shrugged softly, clicking the elevator “up” button.

“C'mon mann.”

He looked at her for a long second, trying to think of the right thing to say.

“I don’t know.”

The iron doors opened and they both walked in.

“I don’t think you should keep passing up your chances to ask her out.” Boze simply stated as she patted his shoulder and took another gulp.

“You never know when you won’t have the chance.”

He looked at his shoes, thinking over what she sadi and sighing quietly.

“I should have gotten two coffees, man.” Boze laughed, noticing how light her cup was.

He looked up, amused.

“That’s the last thing this world needs.” Damien chuckled, taking a sip of his own coffee. It was truly a necessity for a good day.

The doors opened and they walked out into the Smosh office, passing a stressed out Tanner on the way.

“Yo Tanner what’s up-” Boze called out from behind her, turning slightly. He kept going, Damien and Boze looked at eachother curiously, making themselves continue. The more they walked, the more obvious it was something was up.

Everyone seemed a little off, a little too quiet.

They entered the silent Smosh games room, though the whole crew was there.

“Yo what’s up?” Boze set down her purse and empty cup, almost everyone turning to look at the pair.

Damien started to feel something dark in his gut as he noticed your absence.

Lasercorn had been madly typing on his phone, and when he looked up at Damien with a look of dismal and already existent empathy, it was as though his fears were confirmed.

Mari frowned.

“No one told you?”


“Damien.” Shayne was going after him, not able to keep up.

It was almost as though Damien couldn’t hear a single thing as he scrolled through his cellphone and dashed through the halls, looking for your phone or your bag or something to bring.


He went into the Smosh squad office, looking in the corner where you usually threw your coat. Nothing.

The sunlight was streaming into the bright room. It looked beautiful outside. How dare everything look so right while, to Damien, nothing about the moment was.

He was panting.

Shayne grabbed onto Damien’s shoulders, yanking him around so he could look him in the eyes.


Courtney and Olivia looked up from their desks, already quite aware of what was happening. The girls glanced at eachother with concern.

Shayne took in how terribly broken Damien looked, and he became aware of the actual trembling he felt from where he held onto the man.

“Damien- you need to slow down.” He focused in on his best friend, eyes hard and serious.

“Wha-I. No, did you see it? Is she, has anyone called is…”

“Flitz is with her, he’s keeping us updated.” Shayne spoke slowly, feeling defeat as he could tell nothing was processing for his friend.

“She’s going to be okay. Damien it’s going to be okay. Listen to me.”

Courtney stood up carefully, slowly, in unison with Olivia. They stood next to each other, a fair enough distance from the two, but standing close enough to see the extreme fear in Damien’s eyes. His mouth was parted and his eyebrows were furrowed and he looked so…crazy.

“Breathe.” Shayne whispered, starting to look desperate.

“I have to-I can’t, I’m sorry.” Damien pulled back, breathing in unevenly. He started to rush out, and Courtney bit her lip.

“You can’t do anything!”

His heart was going crazy, his eyes were fuzzy with what might be tears, and his hands were clammy.

He stopped in the doorway.

Damien felt dizzy and sore, like he was about to fall over. His heart ached and he hated that he hadn’t been there.

He hated the idea that maybe if he had come in sooner he could have done something. He hated the idea that you lived in a world where you could be so easily hurt. He hated the idea that maybe you were actually severely damaged, that the worst had occured, and you never would have known how much you made his World go round.

He almost fell over, but caught himself somehow, and dashed right down the hallway.

Olivia covered her mouth gently.

Shayne didn’t even try to chase after him.


You were achy and tired and shuffling through your apartment with Lasercorn’s Ironman sweater loose around you. It was a comforting and a sweet gesture, you wanted to text him a thank you, but it hurt to look at your screen.

Flitz had set up your medicine, some water, and your blankets on the couch. He was hesitant to leave, but you assured him you’d be okay.

You were so lucky to have the friends you did.

You leaned back on the couch, though only to rise back up as you heard knocking at the door. You were oddly tempted to lay on the couch and pretend you didn’t hear it.

Jesus you just wanted to sleep.

But you walked towards the door without thinking, unlocking all the locks and cracking it open, only to see an antsy Damien, whose locked eyes with you immediately.

“H-hey…” You breathed.

Your hand pushed open the door all the way, and you stood right in front of him, closely studying his expression.

His face had softened fast, and there was a remarkable look of relief in his eyes.

A thankful smile twisted on his face, and you couldn’t identify why he looked so damn relieved. You tilted your head.


He stepped in, pulling his arms around you softly. You were buried into his warm chest, the sudden existence of his rapidly beating heart against your head.

There were butterflies in your stomach at the closeness, and you didn’t want to pull back, but it slowly became obvious he wasnt about to.

Damien was scared if he pulled away you’d be gone. That he’d lose you.

You leaned back, looking up at him in concern.

“Damien what’s wrong?” You spoke in a hush. He looked at you closely, taking it all in.

“Nothing.” He smiled warmly, almost in a melancholy fashion.

“Why’s your heart so fast? Are you okay?”

Damien gulped, breathing in deeply.

He looked like…a mess? You scrunched your brows together.

“I’m fine. I’m fine. Are you? What happened, is everything…??” He looked desperate, and you went to close the door, walking on over to the couch.

“It’s nothing bad.” You assured him, sitting down. The feeling of the cushion against your back felt too nice. You were so sleepy.

He didn’t look convinced.

“What happened?” Damien repeated, standing in the same spot. You motioned for him to sit by you.

“I was trying to put the ornaments on the top of the tree and I accidentally fell of the ladder and hit my head on the coffee table…it was kind of dumb. No one told you?”

He sat right beside you, looking at you closely and taking in every word. You leaned your head back, closing your eyes, which felt dry and sore, like they were begging you to rest.

“No…they did.”

He didn’t sound like himself.

“It was just a closed head injury. I woke up on the way to the hospital. It’s really not a big deal. It could have been, but we figured it all out when Flitz and I got there. I got some over the counter pain killers and now I just need rest.” You mumbled. Damien smiled softly. Thank God.

“Oh well, rest. Do you need anything?”

You slowly leaned down, eyes still closed as you rested your head on his lap. His face flushed pink, and you were half asleep. You didn’t even notice you had done it.

“I'mmmokay.” You breathed.

There was an incredible weight lifted from Damien’s shoulders. He breathed slowly, pulling a blanket over you.

He gently raked his hand through your hair, taking in the way you breathed slowly, in and out. He admired the peaceful look on your face. He took the second to notice how crazy you made him.

Would you ever understand how he felt?

Damien softly leaned his head back, closing his eyes and becoming thankful of how slow his heart became.

You made him a mess.

Love and Loss (pt. 1) - Damien Haas

⚠️ MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING: SUICIDE ⚠️ (not discussed in graphic detail but it’s enough to put a warning on it)

Word Count: 917

Damien’s P.O.V

I sat in my office, typing a response email to one of our producers. I had been working hard all day along with the rest of Smosh Games. Suddenly, my phone went off. I had gotten a text from Y/N. She usually texts me around this time anyway. I’ll text back in a bit. She’ll understand that I’m working. I was just about to send the email when Wes all of a sudden stood up, knocking his chair over. I looked at him, and he was staring at his phone, a look of disbelief on his face.

“Wes, dude, what’s wrong?” I asked him, standing as well and walking over to him. As I got closer, I noticed the tears in his eyes. “Woah, woah, Wes, talk to me! What happened?” I became panicked, putting a hand on his shoulder.

“J-just… just check your phone.” Wes choked out, still in shock.

“What do you mean? What the hell is going on?”

“It's… it’s about Y/N.” At the sound of her name, my heart dropped. Her text. I ran to my desk and opened the text from her. As I read through it, my heartbeat increased, and my hands began to shake violently. “You should go.” Wes said. I looked at him and nodded. I grabbed my keys and ran out of the office. I passed by Shayne and Courtney in my way out. The look in their eyes told me that they knew, too. I bursted out of the office, tears in my eyes. I jumped into my car and started it as quickly as possible.

“Please be okay…”

Y/N’s P.O.V.

The text tone on my phone was going off nonstop. I was certain that it was the Smosh family. They were all worried about me after that text I just sent them all. I ignored every single sound as I frantically searched the bathroom for what I was looking for. I felt my fingers curl around a pill bottle almost as if I wasn’t in control on my own body. My heart was racing, threatening to beat out of my chest. Tears and sweat drips were cascading down my face so much that I couldn’t distinguish one from the other. I was better off dead. Everyone wanted this. I downed the entire bottle almost too easily. I wasn’t worth anything. I heard the front door lock turn. Damien was home already? I felt my throat close up. My eyes fluttered shut, and I saw Damien throw open the door as I fell to the ground, gasping for air.

“Y/N!” Damien exclaimed, rushing to my side. I pushed him away.

“Leave me… alone… to die… in peace.” I wheezed, feeling myself lose consciousness.

“No, no, I won’t. Please, baby, stay with me!” Damien pleaded, tears in his eyes. He began performing CPR, trying desperately to help me. My vision became spotty. “I called 911 in the car. They’re on their way. Please, Y/N, just keep breathing. I can’t lose you.” I felt my heart drop. I thought I was alone in this world. How could I have forgotten about the one person that truly cared for me? Before I could stop myself, I slipped into unconsciousness.

Damien’s P.O.V

No. No no no. This wasn’t happening. I couldn’t feel her breathing anymore. I pressed a finger down on her wrist. She still had a pulse, thankfully. I had tears streaming down my face as I wrapped Y/N up in my arms. I could feel her slow heartbeat through her chest. I rocked her back and forth. I knew there was nothing else I could do. I was basically in hysterics when a knock on the door forced me to snap back to reality. I ran to the door and flung it open. A team of paramedics and police officers entered the house. I guided them to the bathroom where Y/N was. She was put onto a stretcher as the police questioned me. I felt as though I was in a dream. I showed them her text she had sent me.

After they asked me all they needed to, they allowed me to ride in the ambulance with her. I sat by her stretcher. She was hooked up to life support. She was breathing. Still crying, I put my hand on her arm and began whispering to her even though I knew she couldn’t hear me. Her last text was replaying in my mind.

Damien, first of all I’m sorry.

“You’re okay. Breathe. Just breathe.”

I’m sorry that I could never be the perfect girl. I know I’m flawed in so many ways.

“Open your eyes.”

I hope you aren’t too mad at me for too long. I do truly love you, but I can’t go on like this anymore.

“It’s okay. It’s over now. You’re okay.”

Please, I beg of you, move on. Find someone else. All I ask is that you don’t forget me when I’m gone.

“Wake up. Please wake up.”

You’ve given me more love than anyone in my life has ever given me.

“Don’t do this to me. Don’t do this to me. Don’t do this to me.”

I love you more than anything. I’m sorry I have to destroy you like this.

“I love you so much.”

Think of me from time to time. I’ll be watching over you when I go.

“Come back.”

Love always, Y/N

(I am currently working on a pt. 2 and maybe a pt. 3 so don’t hate me ;-;)

You knew he would be staring at you as you made your way through the tables to the powder room. You stopped and looked back to see if he was indeed looking at you. You smiled as you saw his eyes trained on your ass.  Jai Courtney looked so  damn good sitting at the table in a tan button down dress shirt that had at least three buttons unhooked that showed his thick hairy chest. The man was just everything you wanted in a man and to get asked out for drinks from him there was no way you were saying no.  

You freshen your face and made sure you would look delectable when you return to the table. As you applied more lipstick a couple of women entered the restroom gushing about the hot celebrity they just saw. They were no doubt talking about your date. You smiled at them on the way out and hurried back to the table.

Jai being a gentleman he stood up when he saw you make your way back to the table. You tried hard to keep your eyes focus on his blue eyes and not wander down his massive built physique.

“Everything alright?” he asked in his thick Australian accent that made you shift a little when you sat down.

“Yes. I’m fine.” you replied sitting your clutch purse on the table.  Jai grabbed one of the dirty martinis and pushed it toward you.

“I took the liberty of ordering. I hope you don’t mind. You did tell me one of your favorite drinks was a dirty martini.”

You smiled at the thoughtfulness that he remembered that little tid bit of information about you.

“I’m glad you were able to meet me today.” Jai’s blue eyes stared down yours as he grabbed the plastic pick out of his martini and bit into an olive. You could not help but become mesmerized as he chewed the olive and licked his lips. You silently hope you would feel those lips on your body soon.  You took a hefty swallow of your drink and sighed at the familiar feel of the warmness flowing down your throat.  You and Jai chatted and you found yourself leaning over the table to push back one of his curly locks that fell out of place onto his forehead. You notice his eyes trained on your cleavage as you tucked his lose curl in place. He smiled as your fingers trailed down his cheek and outlined his lips. Realizing how forward you were being you quickly pulled your hand away.

“Sorry.” You murmured looking away from his heated gaze.

“Sorry for what? It is only a matter of time before I have you in my arms and the sooner the better.” His voice low and husky. “Waiter can we get two more of these.” He ordered pointing to their empty glasses.  

“Are you trying to get me drunk Mr. Courtney?” You asked finally meeting his heated gaze.

A wicked seductive grin played on his lips.

“Maybe I am? Is it working?”

“You don’t need to fill me up with drinks to get me in your arms.” You replied with your own seductive grin.

“Check!” Jai called out. You shivered as you could not wait to feel him inside you.

anonymous asked:

Adore walks in on Courtney and Bianca making out, Bianca goes after her (during this Courtney excuses herself and leaves to let them sort shit out) and Bianca tries to explain herself to Adore/ say this wasn't what it looks like... it somehow ends with Bianca and Adore smut lol

Well this definitley ended in some smut, so I hope you enjoy!!! This turned out to be a little more angsty then I anticipated. I also really like how i wrote Courtney in this one (I think I’m getting better with her characterization, lol). TW: Sex. Enjoy ✨

Adore was anticipating it.

But she never thought it would happen like this.

It was no secret that Adore, Bianca, and Courtney had a cat vs mouse relationship. Except it was a giant fucked up love triangle, not just a game of cat chasing the mouse.

Anyone within a 50 mile radius knew Courtney had a thing for Bianca. The way she liked to slyly mention her name in her livestreams, or throw her name out there randomly during her shows. She even talked about Bianca to her friends in Australia, and would occasionally gush to random fans on twitter about her. Most people wrote it off as admiration, but Adore always knew there was something more.

Because Adore used to do the same thing. When Bianca first won drag race, she would constantly repost her club appearance posters and encourage her fans to go see her. She would make any excuse to take a selfie, or a stupid video of them dancing together, and would even crack a joke or two.

Bianca would do the same for her, always posting about how proud she was of her music videos. At one point, their instagram and facebook feeds were full of pictures of the two of them together - which probably made Courtney feel left out, but Adore didn’t care. For the first time ever she had made friends, <i>real</i> friends that wouldn’t hesitate to tell her when she looked like a complete idiot.

Maybe that was why she had respected Bianca so much. She always told Adore whenever she looked like shit, or was embarrassing herself, without caring about upsetting her ego. Bianca really did her best to look after her; unlike the majority of people nowadays who will say they’ll tell you when you’re doing something wrong - but really anticipate your next fuck up more than Lindsay Lohan’s next DUI.

But Adore lost all respect for Bianca tonight.

She was walking down the narrow hallway backstage, after finishing up her last song - I Adore You. The infamous “biadore” song, as some of her fans called it. She would never confirm or deny it.

She had been <i>so</i> excited to see Bianca too.

She swung her dressing room door open, whistling happily to herself but then stopped dead in her tracks when she observed the scene in front of her.

Bianca was sitting on the dirty black couch in the corner of the room, their suitcases still ajar from earlier. Clothes spilled lazily out of them, piling onto the floor in a heap of sequins and tulle. The soft light from the vanity’s on the opposite side of the room illuminated her face softly, giving her red wig the appearance of melted bronze cascading softly down her chest and over her shoulder.

Her face was cupped by the sunkissed hands of Courtney Act, equally as beautiful in a white blonde wig that was lazily thrown in a messy updo. Her cheeks were perfectly pink, contrasting beautifully with the austrailian flag dress she was wearing.

Their lips, mashing together in unison - were now coated the same shade of candy apple red that Bianca usually wore.

And Adore was crushed.

Bianca pulled Courtney closer, tugging on the small of her back. Courtney gasped, clearly surprised by Bianca’s assertiveness.

<i>Of course</i>, she thought bitterly. How could she not see this coming? Courtney had liked Bianca just as long as she had. They both lived in LA now, and Adore had been gone to Seattle for a year.

They always hung out. Courtney cooked for her, they hiked together, and Bianca would even style her wigs for her.

Why wouldn’t they be together? It was only logical at this point.

She hated herself for even thinking that whatever chemistry they had 2 years ago would still be there. They hadn’t seen each other more for then 24 hours in months. There wasn’t much to lust after if you can’t even give yourself time to deepen feelings.

For some reason, Bianca opened an eye and saw the raven haired beauty standing in the doorway.

“Shit.” Bianca muttered, pulling away as she wiped the runny lipstick off of her face with her sleeve.

“Why’d you stop?” Courtney asked sultrily. She looked at Bianca whose eyes were locked with Adore’s, and then mouthed ‘oh.’

“Please, by all means don’t stop on my account.” Adore snapped, a little too bitterly. She went over to her vanity, grabbed the remainder of her makeup and threw it in her nearby suitcase.

“I, uh. I’m going to go grab a drink.” Courtney stammered awkwardly, standing up from the low couch and shuffling quickly out of the dressing room.

Courtney shut the door as she walked out and the room was silent. You could still hear her heels clicking backstage, until they faded away slowly.
The room was thick with tension, with words unsaid. Adore felt like she was choking with how uncomfortable the energy was.

“How long were you standing there?” Bianca asked.

“Long enough.” Adore muttered, collecting the rest of her things. She bent down and zipped up her suitcase, propping it up so that she could drag it behind her.

“It’s not what you think.” Bianca sighed.

“Then what is it? Because you were clearly making out with Courtney.” Adore exclaimed exasperated.

She just wanted to leave. She wanted to cry herself to sleep and shove a slice of leftover cheese pizza down her throat. Adore didn’t want to hear about their love story, she just wanted to go home and wallow in her depression.

She should have made more of an effort to talk to Bianca. Hell, maybe she should’ve name dropped her on her newest single. Maybe that would have helped.

Adore should have just told her how she felt when they were on tour together.

Instead they drifted apart, and stopped talking to each other as much.

Instead, here she was - standing in a dirty dressing room frustrated and heartbroken.

The kiss kept flashing through her mind like a broken film reel. Courtney cupping Bianca’s face gently. Bianca smiling and moving her copper hair away from her face. Their lips locked.

Adore clenched her fists tightly, trying to stop herself from breaking down like an idiot in front of Bianca. She bit her tongue to prevent a sob from escaping her.

It was all just so pathetic.

“<i>She</i> kissed me, Adore.” Bianca murmured.

Adore nodded her head slowly, avoiding her eyes.

“I only kissed her back, because I was imagining it was you.” Bianca admitted, almost whispering it. She sounded scared, almost afraid to admit to herself that she had feelings for her.

Because it <i>was</i> scary. She was in the prime of her career, planning her third solo tour. She couldn’t let a relationship get in the way of that.

But she was in love with Adore Delano.

Adore, who was 14 years her junior, who had lost her dad and tapped out of drag race the second time around. Who lost weight, and changed her hair from red to black, and stopped wearing blue contacts so much,

She was too old to give a fuck anymore.

Bianca had a serious relationship end almost a year ago. She didn’t fully commit herself to it, which was why it ended after a short amount of time.

Roy had gotten his dick wet with trade over the last year. Rarely, but it would happen when he was desperate enough.

No one made her smile like Adore did. She could be so stupid, but in a sincere way that made her heart soar. She always felt so happy after hanging out with her, and her only.

Everyone else would drain her, always asking for advice on how to make it big, or for a picture, or an autograph. She’d find herself drained by the end of a long night out, even if it was just her and a bunch of Ru girls.

She never felt like that with Adore.

Thats what was it, she had realized. The common denominator was Adore. It had always been, ever since she met her on drag race.

She just couldn’t shake her.

And she was <i>so</i> tired of being alone.

“Y-you what?” Adore stammered, voice shaking. She sat down on the chair in front of her makeup station overwhelmed.

Bianca stood up, and walked calmly over to her side of the room.

“I’m tired of lying to myself, and to everyone else around me. I’m tired of being in dead end relationships. I’m in love with you, Adore.” Bianca said gently, moving a strand of her long dark hair out of her face and behind her ear. “Whether you wear bright red hair, or ripped tights, or band t shirts. I love you.”

Adore didn’t realize she had been holding her breath, until she sighed happily. Relief struck her right in the chest, as she realized her feelings were reciprocated.

The great Bianca Del Rio was <i>in love</i> with her.

Bianca waited patiently in anticipation for her answer, her eyes flickered from her clasped hands in her lap to Adore’s face impatiently.

“Oh right, sorry man! I love you too Bianca.” Adore exclaimed, grasping B’s tanned hand.

Bianca giggled, she was amazed that Adore could turn a confession of love into something more lighthearted.

“You’re amazing.” Bianca murmured, leaning in.

Adore smiled and met her in the middle, lips touching for the first time. Suddenly, Adore was the one pushing Bianca’s hair out of her face. She sunk her thumb into her dimples, smiling as she rubbed it softly over the indentation.

The energy shifted and Adore became even more desperate for Bianca’s touch. Standing up, she grabbed Bianca by her dress and pushed her lightly into the chair she was just sitting in.

Straddling her, she lifted up her plaid skirt revealing a very much untucked cock ready for action. Bianca felt her throat tighten at the sight of it as Adore adjusted herself on her lap.

Bianca clasped Adore’s ass firmly as she crushed her lips against hers all over again. She slapped it, eliciting a surprised gasp out of Adore. She always loved Adore’s plump ass, and would do anything to spread her cheeks like butter.

Almost as if Adore read her mind, she threw her long raven hair gently into her suitcase.

“It’s expensive, I can’t trash that wig.” Danny muttered as he pressed his lips to Bianca’s.

Undoing the intricate pins, Bianca released her sweaty head from her elaborate hair piece. Her wig was made up of 3 hair pieces or more, which was proving to be a pain in the ass as she struggled to undo it all.

“Here.” Danny giggled, lending a helping hand. Swiftly, he managed to neatly remove the remaining bobbi pins and laid the wig neatly on the makeup station.

“Thanks.” Roy smiled shyly, pulling Danny back into his lap.

The kisses became more frequent, more of a desperation behind them as they tugged at each other. Roy growled as he pulled Danny’s skirt down harshly, throwing it to the side of the room as he caressed his ass.

Danny moaned, tearing Roy’s shirt off and pulling him up. As they stood in the middle of the room together, they tore each others clothes off frantically touching each other as if it was the last time they would ever see each other again.

Danny was naked, with Roy.

And it felt so good.

“This is room is disgusting, but I don’t even care. I need you inside of me.” Danny whined.

Roy pushed him playfully against the filthy black couch in the corner, towering over the usually taller Danny.

“Enjoy this moment, it’s the one time you’ll tower over me.” Danny mumbled.

Roy cackled loudly, his signature laugh echoing around the hollow dressing room.

“God I missed that laugh.” Danny smiled, looking up at Roy with adoration in his eyes. Roy smiled softly, his brown eyes smoldering into Danny’s green.

Grabbing the lube from his nearby suitcase, Roy slathered his cock in it generously. He then poured a tiny amount over his two fingers, making sure they were saturated before slipping them in between Danny’s soft cheeks.

Danny gasped at the contact, then adjusted himself so that he was more comfortable. Roy pumped his fingers softly inside of him, exploring gently around his walls. Danny bucked his hips up, already ready to climax. He had been wanting Roy inside him for <i>so</i> long, it was almost too much to wrap his brain around him being inside of him.

“Not yet baby.” Roy growled, releasing his fingers from his ass.

“Ugh.”  Danny groaned frustrated.

“Patience my princess.” Roy whispered huskily. He lowered himself, pressing the tip into Danny’s ass slowly.

Danny moaned and his body shuddered with anticipation.

<i>This was really happening</i>, Danny thought. For the first time in his life, he felt whole. Roy gently grabbed his cheek and kissed him as he pushed himself further inside. Danny groaned with intense pleasure, feeling his stomach fill with butterflies as he gazed into Roy’s eyes.

Roy had never let his guard down like this. Usually for him it was a quick fuck and he was done.

But Danny was different. He was always different.

Roy could gaze into Danny’s green eyes for hours. He could get lost in the different shades of green, he loved to dive straight into them like he was looking at a multi colored meadow.

He pushed softly, and watched Danny’s facial expressions change from content to euphoria all within a few minutes.

He decided to finish him up, and began pumping quicker and quicker. In return Danny arched his back higher and higher and began to moan loudly. His nails raked against Roy’s back as he finally lost control and orgasmed. A stream of thick hot liquid hit Roy’s stomach, and he released inside of him shortly after before he pulled out.

Danny held Roy in his arms as they both regained their composure. They were both sweaty and hot, and probably looked horrible from all of their melted makeup on each others face but neither one of them cared.

“That was amazing.” Danny finally said after he caught his breath.

“I agree.” Roy said sleepily.

Suddenly, a loud knock at the door broke them out of their bubble.

“Can you guys stop smashing so we can go get food? I’m starved!” A drunk Courtney Act yelled from the hallway.

Roy and Danny shared a look of annoyance before smiling.

“Well, duty calls. Are you going to explain this to her or am I?” Roy asked.

“You can.” Danny smiled, blowing a kiss at Roy.

“I guess that’s fair.” Roy smiled, blowing a kiss back at Danny.

Leave it to Courtney to bring them back to reality.

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Are Frances's eyes like Courtney's ? They look like it too me but I'm not sure lol

to me,  her eye set is like kurts.   but her eyes are a blend of kurt’s azure and courtney’s seafoam.   not as blue as kurt’s,  not as green as courtney’s.

as a kid, they were as blue as kurt’s.

‘A crowd forms around Max’

Max- What ? What’s going on ?

'Victoria arrives amidst much fanfare’

Max- Victoria ? What’s going on ? Why have I been surrounded ?

Victoria - You know why…..it’s time we settled our epic rivalry with the fight I promised since Episode 2

Max- Episode what now ?

Victoria - 'points accusingly’ You’ve had it too good for too long ! It’s time for the queen to put you in your place PEASANT !

Max- Victoria, whatever this is…I’m sure we could work it out like reasonable adults…..

Victoria - Oh I have been WAITING for this  'raises fists and rushes at Max’ 'battle cry’

Max - 'side steps Victoria’ No 'slaps Victoria’

Victoria - 'immediatley stops, a look of pure devastation on her face’

'The crowd gasps’

Max-  'concerned’ Victoria ?

Victoria - Max……'tears quickly start pouring out of eyes’ THAT WAS MEEEEEAAAAN

Max - 'frantic’ What ?! OMG! Victoria ?

'Kate rushes out of the dorms, pulling Victoria into a comforting hug’

Kate - Max ! How could you ?!

Max- You don’t understand Kate ! She came at me !

Victoria - 'sobbing’ You could have just walked away !

Max-  It was a slap ! You’ve been threatening to hurt me ALL  year !

Kate - 'serious voice’ Max, you’re the spunky protagonist of this school. You should know better than to sink to Victoria’s mean level


Kate - 'shakes head’ and now you’re yelling at me……'shakes head’ for shame Max, for shame

'Kate rises to her feet with Victoria’

Kate - Come on Victoria, let’s go to my room to treat your wounds…..

Max-mutters’ She doesn’t have a wound….

Victoria - 'sniffs’ OK……. can we watch some Sailor Moon too ?

Kate - No Sailor Moon until you finish your daily bible reading……

Victoria - 'sniffs’ Ok…….

'Victoria and Kate walk into the dorm’

Max- 'disgusted’ One slap……one slap and all that misery could have been avoided……..

Taylor - 'walks out from the crowd’ Sooooooo I notice you defeated Victoria

Max-  Yeah ? 'raises eyebrow’ What of it ?

Taylor - What of it ? You asserted your dominance girl ! You’re the new Queen Bee !

Max- What ?! No ! 'backs up’ Fuck no !

'Courtney latches onto Max’s arm’

Courtney - 'looks up at Max with big obedient eyes’ Maxiiiiiiiiine

Max- Courtney ? Let go of my arm !

'Courtney lets go of Max’s arm, standing around expectantly’

Taylor - 'removes phone from purse’ We have a busy day ahead of us Maxine 'starts tapping on phone’ We have to plan an entire new wardrobe for you before you hit your inaugural Vortex Club party…..

Max- I like my outfit 'wraps arms around body’

Taylor - That’s fine, you set the fashion trends now Maxine

Max- 'annoyed’ OMG, this is the worst thing ever 'face sets in a scowl’

Taylor - There you go ! You’re acclimating to this position wonderfully !

     “imagine max reaching out to rewind time but it doesn’t work and nathan’s confused so he assumes max is reaching out to hold his hand”
i’m trash and i regret nothing. i’ll probably do another version later where it’s main timeline!caulscott rather than just one half of them, but for now, have this trash.

HOLD MY HAND? (- caulscott drabble.)

This had not gone at all as Max had planned.

Whilst staring into the picture and wanting to change the past, of course she was ecstatic to find that her powers worked through that – William is (should be) okay now, and Chloe would be happier, more content in life now that her father was with her and hadn’t left her.

Of course, coming to and finding herself in the middle of the Vortex Club hadn’t been part of the plan. Then again, it’s all about the Butterfly Effect, right? Maybe she should have guessed that some things would change.

Just nothing like… this. Nothing like being part of the Club she has – had? – avoided so vigorously for how long now.

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Do For Love (Shalaska) - Ch. 2 - Pink Sugar

summary: alaska is the editor in chief of a major magazine that she runs with her best friends, willam and courtney. sharon is the editor in chief of their top competitor in the industry and they hate each other. until they don’t anymore. 

a/n: OMG I’m so fucking happy you guys enjoyed chapter one, the feedback was so lovely (and 50+ notes!!! I’m literally floored.) I’m sorry this second chapter is so overdue, but I assure you the next one is not far away, I’m already part way through chapter 3. Kisses to you all, and as usual, please let me know what you think of this chapter. Also, per an anons request, I’ve made a Tumblr (artificial-pinksugar) so that you can send me headcanons or asks or whatever you want. I love you guys, thank you :) xx

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So You're A Plant? (Bitney Asexuality fic) ~ Mistress

A/N: for reference: a-spec means, and always has meant asexuality spectrum. Source. I’m aspec and I really really wanted a fic that incorporates asexuality especially in a community where so many characters are sexualized (for good reason). I’ve seen a fic or two that said ‘this character is ace in this fic!!!’ gotten all excited bc we aces are so often forgotten and then read through to find this person exhibiting 0 ace behaviors and offering 0 ace opinions. Just kinda grinds my gears, y’know?

Summary: Courtney is annoyed she always has to be the one initiating, even though she’s always the bottom. Bianca explains, as well as she can.

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