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Matchmaker - Cody Christian AU Imagine

Warnings:SMUT,swearing,daddy kink,jealous Cody,ass slapping,hand tying,m+f oral,fake tweet,fluff.

A/N: Enjoy xx and Happy Valentines Day or as I like to call it “Another thing to remind me i’m Single AF” 

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Dedicated to my newly engaged friend Adriana best wishes to you,your baby Lara and fiancé Shawn.


Lisa: Hi guys were back on Clevver Tv’s Valentines day special with the cast of Teen Wolf * Lisa smiled*

Lisa: So Cody our sources yell us you’re off the market and have been for some time now, is that true?

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dad!rex AU

[Because @dakt37 is a terrible, horrible, no-good influence who draws comics way too cute for their own good. Grrrr. *G*]

Their arrival is announced long before anyone actually gets into the house, by the throwing open of car doors and a distant shriek and what sounds like both shoes and elbows hitting tarmac. In the kitchen, Cody can see that Obi-Wan, through his smile, is setting down his glass of tea down in a very carefully safe place, shoved to the back of the counter next to the kettle, and Cody can’t say he blames him one bit.

“Ready?” he calls, and means it. 

“Can anyone be? Ever?” Obi-Wan says back, in a tone of very fond long-suffering, and is drowned out, well before he can expect an answer, by the front door banging open with enough force to probably leave a dent in the wall. There are suddenly backpacks tossed into corners, sneakers (thankfully) left in a muddy pile on the doormat, and Cody puts one foot behind the other to brace for the coming avalanche.

“Uncle CO-dy!”

They’re skinny and summer-tanned and yep, it hurts just as much as ever when they slam into him, but he wouldn’t give that up for the world. 

“Heavier, too, my god,” he groans, and swings a giggling Echo up to his shoulder while Fives tugs at his pockets. “Aren’t you ever going to stop growing?”

“Nuh-uh,” Fives bellows, and then, as per usual, he’s charging off to the kitchen to demand his typical tribute of two cookies upon arrival, leaving Cody to grin at the still-open door as Rex finally appears.

“Alright there, vod?”

“Ask me again later. When I’m sane,” Rex says, half-muffled; he’s got Tup in a baby carrier on his chest, one duffel bag on his shoulder and another in his other hand, and looks ragged around most of his edges, his replying smile genuine but crooked. “Thanks for letting us crash here. I could kill our fucking neighbor. You didn’t hear that,” he adds, looking down in the slight, always adorable panic that Cody loves, at Tup. 

“I did!” chirps Echo, and then he wisely wriggles out of Cody’s arms and runs for it, joining his brother in the (fairly easy) challenge of screwing more sweets out of Uncle Ben.

“Ah,” Rex says, and looks almost mournfully after him, recognizing a battle lost.

“Well, at least that one’s asleep,” Cody says, reaching around Rex to snap open the clasps and take charge of Tup, who looks completely dead to the world, his brothers’ haphazard attempts at braiding or otherwise messing with his hair in the car gone unnoticed. “And it probably won’t take more than the weekend to get the flooding cleaned up. Okay drive?”

“Yeah, fine. They’re totally wired from being up half the night, but I imagine they’ll conk out soon. Boys!” Rex calls, and there is an answering, resounding crash which definitely sounds like more than two kitchen chairs falling over. “We’re taking our stuff upstairs!”

“Yessir!” shouts one or both of them - Cody can never really tell - and this time the chaos is far more purposeful as they scamper out to get their packs, only devolving back into a race when they get to the stairs, trying and failing to take them three at a time.

“I owe you one,” Rex sighs, and follows them up; Cody, meanwhile, has gotten Tup out of the carrier, and, with gentle little breaths on the side of his neck, makes his way into the other room to check on whether his husband is still alive.

He is, but looks much the worse for wear for it. “Hm,” Obi-Wan says, blinking, and then he stands up and starts to - futilely, Cody thinks, because it’s just going to happen again - brush up the crumbs coating the table. “I do believe they have actually gotten louder. I wasn’t sure that was physically possible.”

“We’ll just keep this one, then,” Cody laughs quietly, and loves the look on Obi-Wan’s face when he turns to see Tup’s face tucked into Cody’s collarbone. 

The next ten minutes are suspiciously silent, and when Cody steals up the stairs it’s to find that Rex’s senses are, as always, acute and correct, because the conking out has occurred in earnest. Cody will never get tired of seeing his brother like this, though Rex might bemoan screwed up napping schedules later - stretched out flat on his back on the double spare bed and the twin cots Cody and Obi-Wan had bought a couple of years back forgotten as Fives and Echo snuggle under and latch on top of his arms, little bare feet and scratched elbows and contented sleeping faces everywhere. 

“What do you think?” Cody whispers to Tup, and, getting a slight sleepy fuss in return, reaches over and settles him gently onto Rex’s chest, where he curls small hands into Rex’s shirt and calms. 

“Unbearable,” Obi-Wan sighs from the door, and Cody, grinning, leaves them all to it.

Sentinel Wars (2/?)

I finally cleaned up Obi-Wan’s POV from the Star Wars / Sentinel crossover I started., so here it is!

Part 1 | Part 2:

Obi-Wan’s first coherent thought, when he realizes what’s just happened, is indignance - Plo never said it felt like this.  The Force is pushing at him, twining around him and Captain Rex, pulling them together in a manner not unlike the creation of a Force bond.  He feels awash in Rex’s emotions, drowning in his presence in the Force and hyper-aware of every point of contact between them.

(mobile users, there’s a cut here!)

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anonymous asked:

codywan prompt where they're chilling out at some bar and a bunch people are trying to hook up with obi wan and cody is sitting in the corner and seething and the rest of the clones are getting worried about it so they try to distract him so he doesn't punch someone. thanks to you possessive cody is giving me life

Sorry it took so long, sweet anon! Hope you like it


Obi-Wan was drunk. He would argue to the contrary, of course, but his argument would fall flat. Stumbling over every other word he said and hanging off Cody’s neck, his brilliant blue eyes wide and his cheeks flushed with alcohol and cheer. So, yeah, Obi-Wan was drunk. Not that Cody minded, not at all. He loved Obi-Wan this way, loved how open and affectionate with him he was.

What he didn’t like was how trusting the man was. They’d only been at the bar for 2 hours, and already Cody’d had to stop him from leaving with some random stranger six times! For all that he was born and bred for war, Cody didn’t think of himself as a violent man, but he was more and more comfortable with the idea of murdering every civvie in the building if just one more of them made a grab at Obi-Wan’s ass.

“Are you ok, sir?” Waxer asked timidly as he stared, horrified, as the glass in his commander’s hand creaked in protest as the force it was being subjected to. He dared a glance at Cody’s face, and wished he hadn’t. Cody looked absolutely murderous; his eyes boring holes into Obi-Wan’s back and the hand of the man who’d been foolish enough to put it there. Cody grunted at him, his eyes taking on the same near crazed look Commander Wolffe was said to get right before a battle. Waxer and Boil shared a quick look before leaping from their table and snatching Obi-Wan up and away.

“You don’t know how close you just came to death, mate,” Boil said to the protesting man as they hustled over to their table with a pouting Kenobi. He brightened up when Waxer and Boil all but dumped him into Cody’s lap, throwing his arms around Cody’s neck and saying how it was so nice to come back to his favorite person in the galaxy after making so many new friends. Cody relaxed after hearing that. He even cracked a smile or two when one of the shinys got up the courage to go talk to a girl and chuckled a little when the woman’s girlfriend showed up and sent him in his way.

Later that night, when Commander Cody got back from escorting the General to his room, a dopey smile on his face and a hickey blossoming on his neck, Waxer thanked the Force that he never got that loopy over anything.

They set off for Ryloth the next day.

In the Name of Liberty (1)

RATED: M (smut in later chapters) 


In the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, facts seem to have taken a backseat to political lies. The government has begun cracking down on anyone who attempted to oppose them and they wield more power than ever before. You, the daughter of a very wealthy, very corrupt, congressman somehow stumble into the secret business of the resistance movement and get snatched from your privileged life and placed under the watchful eyes of the leaders of the resistance movement- Bulletproof.

TW: Sexual harassment, verbal child abuse, shitty opinions, climate change denial

AN: Please mind the time skips or things may get confusing. This isn’t all based off of the current fuckery, it was just based off of it with detail tweaks for plot. Shout out to our rogue National Parks and brave rangers for calling Trump out. Apologies if I fucked up trying to space things. 

Reader x Jungkook  



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“Best. Gift. Ever.” (Gift pt.2 Cody Christian Imagine)

Prompt: You and Cody are best friends and know everything about each other, something he doesn’t know about you? You’re in love with him but you don’t tell him, why lose the best friendship you ever had just because you want more when he probably doesn’t feel the same, right?

Abbreviations: Y/N (Your name), Y/L/N (Your last name)


Author: Ross

Word Count: 1968

A/N: a sarong is like a cover up girls wear at the pool/beach 

Warning: Can you say smut? lol. Smut, Fluff, and all that good stuff. 

Part 1

“In love with who?” says a familiar voice, I spin around to find Cody leaned up against the frame to the entrance of the kitchen, “Lex I’m gonna have to call you back, yea love you too, bye.” I hang up and stare down at my phone then place it on the counter, “So how much of that did you hear?” I ask while I sit myself on the counter next to my phone and nervously fumble with my fingers. “Enough.”

 He says while walking over to me, he doesn’t stop until he’s in between my legs.When he is, Cody places his hands beside my thighs as he looks me in my eyes and asks, “What did you mean? Who were you talking about?”

I shake my head as I chuckle nervously and continue fiddling with my hands as I say, “I don’t want to destroy one of the best friendships I have in my life by telling him that I’m in love with him.” “You didn’t answer my second question Y/N.” Cody reminds me as I look anywhere but his face, “That’s because it’s you Cody, but please lets not do this tonight I don’t want to ruin your party, so lets just discuss this tomorrow or something and go open your birthday gifts yeah?” I begin to try and slide off the counter but Cody’s hand on my waist stops my movement.

           He uses his other hand to bring my attention to use face where a small smile rested as he said, “Why, when the only gift I want is right here?” my eyes widen as a shocked facial expression takes over my senses as he say, “Why didn’t you ever tell me do you know how long I’ve waited to think there was even a sliver of a chance with you?” I find my voice as I speak and say, “Cody what I—I don’t get it what are you saying?” he takes in a deep breathe before looking me in my eyes as he says, “Y/N Y/L/N you are the only gift I need, you always have been.”

           Then before I could make any response his lips are on mine is a soft but sweet kiss. He pulls back to look me in my eyes, to gauge my reaction but I don’t give him the time as I pull his face back to mine and kiss him with a passion that we’ve had pinned up for years. I bring him closer to my body as I wrap my legs around his waist and he locks his arms around my waist. I place my hands in his hair and tug earning a slight moan from him that sends a delicious vibration running through my body. His hands move to the back of my thighs as he lifts me off the counter top and carriers me to a room downstairs and lays me on the bed without breaking our kiss. As he lies down on top of me I feel his hardened erection against my core causing me to let out a moan.

            He takes full advantage of the opportunity as he slide is tongue into my mouth deeping the kiss. His mouth moves around my neck until he finds my sweet spot earning another moan from me. He continues his path down my body and doesn’t stop until his head is in between my thighs directly in front of my core. He moves my sarong out of his way and runs his finger along the fabric of my swim suit bottom as he looks up at me and says, “May I?” unable to speak I bite my lip as I nod my head. He looks up at with a sexy smile as he slides my bottoms down my legs and throws them on the floor. Leaving me feeling utterly exposed and vulnerable, my cheeks redden as Cody comes back to my core and gasp as he run his hands along my thighs as he whispers out, “Beautiful.”

           Seconds later his tongue is on my throbbing clit and I cant help the loud moan that escapes my mouth. He swirls his tongue around my clit causing a knot in my stomach to begin to form in the most pleasurable way. As the knot grew tighter and tighter he stuck two fingers into my dripping core causing me to gasp while I bucked my hips in appreciation. The sensation of him moving his fingers in and out of me, while his tounge worked my clit gave me pleasure I’d never experienced. I moaned out his name while my hips bucked again as he found that right and continued to hit it as he moved his fingers.          

           He brings his free arm on my hips to hold me down and keep me from moving forcing me to focus on the pleasure he was giving me. I put my hand in his hair and tugged causing him to let out a moan that sent a wave of extacsy through me that almost made the knot unravel, as Cody continued to pump his fingers I said, “Cody i—I’m so close.” He slowed down the pace of his fingers and tongue going at a tourtously slow pace and making me call out, “Cody…” he stopped all together and I let out a frustrated moan and soon Cody’s face was in front of mine as he leaned down just above my lips and said, “I know baby but I want you to come while I’m inside you.”

 He moves from above me and removes his swim trunks, seconds later he’s above me and kissing me. I taste myself on his tounge and pull him closer to me, he brings a hand up above my head to support some of his weight while he uses the other one to guide himself to my entrance, he stops there and rubs his erections against my folds and I let out an impertinent grunt before shift my body down so that the tip of his cock slip past my lips causing us both to gasp. He continue to sink into me slowly until he was all the way in. 

He gave me time to adjust to tremendous size and then he started to move slowly being sure not to hurt me but I wanted more, I needed it. I began to move my body below his meeting him with every thrust he gave me. Soon he got the message and picked up the pace, he started going faster and I couldn’t help as I moaned out his name, in the blink of an eye I was on top, straddling him and he laid beneathe me. If it was at all possible it seem as though he sunk deep into me and I moaned his name loudly.  I began to move up and down his length while he watched the space where our bodies meet and I saw the pleasure evident on his face. He sat up and unhooked my bikini top that was practically already off as he took my harned nipple into his mouth causing me to slow the pace I moved along his cock as I focused on the pleasure his mouth was yet again bringing. He nibbled down on my nipple and I grinded down against his cock as I cried out.

           He released my nipple from his mouth as he laid back down, I placed my hands on his chest where I found the stbality I needed to pick up the pace. The sound of skin slapping against skin filled in the room in addititon to our moans and grunts. Cody rolled us again and he was back on top and as he rocked in and out of me and that knot started to build again. He moved in and out of me faster hitting that perfect spot every time, I was so lost in the pleasureable sensation I didn’t feel his hand roaming down to the space between us until his thumb was moving in circles on my clit making me let out a loud moan as I closed my eyes and stammer out, “Co—Cody I’m gon—gonna come.” He leaned down, placing his forehead against mine as he whispers, “Open your eyes baby I want to see them when you come around me.”

            I obey his command and my eyes shot open to be met by Cody’s blue orbs staring back at me. I took in a deep breathe, as I was on the verge of my release Cody eyes searched my own for a moment before he said, “Y/N I love you so much.” and that was exactly what I need to push me over the edge, I called out Cody’s name as he continued to pump in and out of me making my orgasm spiral on. As my walls were close around his cock he gave three more sloppy thrust before he stilled pouring his come inside of me.

           I shut my eyes as Cody fell on top of me while we both tried to catch our breath. Soon he pulled out of me and I couldn’t keep back the moan that slipped past my lips as he length slides out of me. He held himself up on his arms above me as he closes his eyes and takes in deep breathes as if he’s nervous and I realize it’s because he said he love me.

           Wait he said he loves me, and after what we did it couldn’t have been like that crappy best friend I love you we said to each other before he really… loves me. “Cody…” I say as I wait for him open his eyes, he looks down at me with a slightly worried facial expression, I bring my hand up to caress his cheek as I say, “I love you too.” He gives a me breath taking smile that shows all of his pearly whites before he leans down and places a sweet his on my lips. As he pulls back everything comes back to me as I place my hands on his chest and say, “We have to get back to your party! You have to open your gifts.” he thinks about it for a moment before he says, “We don’t have to, plus I’ve already gotten the best gift. You.” I blush while I giggle as he leans down to kiss me again, this time with much more passion but I stop him before things can heat up to much and we go for round two.

           After we put out swimsuits back on we make our way back out into the backyard and Dylan comes running up to us. “Dude where have you guys… been.” after he looks between the two of us he smirks as he says, “Never mind, um Y/N you might want to fix your hair a bit and Cody watch those scratches don’t want them getting infected.” After a wink he walks off leaving me baffled and Cody laughing his ass off. I slap his chest and face him as I say, “It’s not funny! I don’t want people looking at us funny.” He places his hands on my arm then slides them down to my waist as he pulls me close and says, “I don’t care what people think.” Then he leans down a places his lips on mines, for a moment I resisted, not wanting everyone watching us kiss then I couldn’t help but kiss him back as I wrapped my arms around his neck closing the small space between our bodies.

           We heard hoots and catcalls causing me to pull back but Cody wouldn’t let me get far. He leaned his forehead against mine as he look into my eyes and said, “Best. Gift. Ever.”

yol-ande  asked:

Hi! Can I request 21, Obi-Wan/Rex?

@yol-ande, this was fun, thanks for prompting! And I’m never going to get tired of writing an Obi-Wan who is fluent in Mando'a, so I hope that’s alright with you. :)

#21. “Why are you laughing?” Obi-Wan/Rex


At the end of the debrief, Kenobi and Skywalker start doing their looking-with-the-Force thing, which leaves Cody and Rex to stand around and wait for a few minutes. The various Companies of the 212th and 501st are still composing their post-battle status reports, the perimeter sentries have been set, and the all-clear has been given to command up in orbit, so there isn’t even any paperwork to keep them occupied.

Cody glances over at his brother, and raises an eyebrow at Rex’s gloomy expression. He glances at his General, who is still doing mysterious Jedi drek with Skywalker, so Cody leans over to Rex and mutters, under his breath and in Mando'a, “You’re looking a bit down there, little brother. Battle is won, not a single brother died, so what’s going on?”

“I’m trying to figure out if I can get away with murdering you in your sleep, if it means I get your job. I think the bureaucracy would almost be worth it,” Rex grumbles back in the same language, although not as quietly.

Cody grins, surprised; his brother is in quite the mood all of a sudden. ”Worth what?” He asks quietly, following Rex’s line of sight to see…. Kenobi. Cody looks at Rex’s face again, then back to his General. He has to admit, Kenobi is looking particularly windswept and sweaty from the battle, hair falling over his forehead in a fall of copper-blond hair that is quite aesthetically nice. ”Oh, really now?” Cody smirks at Rex and bumps their shoulders together.

”Shut up, it’s not like you swing that way,” Rex grumps.

”Or any way,” Cody points out under his breath.

”So it’s all a waste when you get to work with General Kenobi all the kriffing time, when he looks like THAT,” Rex complains, voice rising ever so slightly in volume as he lets loose, ”With his perfect smile and his hair, and his VOICE, little gods and fishes I could listen to him talk all damn day, and why are you laughing, asshole?”

“Ahem,” Cody’s General says, dragging Rex’s attention away from glaring at his brother. ”Something you wanted to tell me, Captain?” Kenobi asks Rex.

In perfect Mando'a.

Cody almost had it together, but the look of embarrassed horror on Rex’s face sends him right back into fits of laughter. He probably should have mentioned earlier that his General speaks the language… But then he would have missed out on this priceless moment.

Cody bumps his shoulder into Rex’s back, making his brother stumble forward. General Kenobi helpfully reaches out and catches Rex, keeping him from falling flat on his face, and Rex goes bright red in Kenobi’s arms.

It’s pretty much the best thing Cody has witnessed all week, and he has no regrets.

The clones definitely set up a ‘who is the best Jedi General’ poll. 

I’m not sure who is winning, but not Anakin or Obi solely because I want them to learn about it and be mildly interested in their ranking and when it’s not either of them in #1 Anakin turns to Rex and says 

“Well at least you voted for me.” And Rex just coughs and mumbles and looks anywhere where but at Anakin. 

“Wait, you did vote for me, right?” And REx exits, pursued by an Anakin with some questions.

Obi-Wan chuckles and looks at Cpody and says “Well, I suppose not every general can be lucky enough to have you in their corner.” Or something and Cody looks him square in the face and says

“I voted for Shaak Ti” (Yet again literally anyone other than Obi would work.)

(Also who is winning in the polls?)


Ok, so I got distracted from my kalluzeb au by rex/cody/obi wan. I fully blame @butim-justharry and @sithshenanigans for letting me join in on their conversation, This is my first time writing for Clone Wars, and my first time writing poly. Please be kind. Just some random fluff. (Thanks to my ever patient beta @itsybitsylemonsqueezy )

“Cody! Come ‘ere! I just got my hair cut! You gotta come feel this!” Rex just barely keeps from yelling as he runs into Cody’s bunk. He stops dead as soon as he sees General Kenobi standing next to Cody who put his head in his hand.

“Oh General, sir, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were here, I’ll ah.. I’ll just be going then,” Rex flushed from his neck right up to his newly shorn hairline.

“Oh no, don’t let me intrude,” Kenobi said with a small smirk, “I wouldn’t dream of interrupting a gathering of this caliber.” His smile turned a bit somber when he added, “I do remember the feeling, though it’s been quite some time since either Anakin or I was a padawan”

Rex felt like he might regret all of his short life decisions very soon but went on ahead anyway, “If you would like to feel it again, you are welcome to give it a go.”

Cody looked up in shock at the offer, he had known about Rex’s ongoing crush on the General for a long time. Doesn’t help that Cody’s crush was just as bad.

Kenobi looked up at Rex with an unreadable look on his face, “I wouldn’t want to impose.”

Cody actually answered first, “Not at all sir, he does this every time he gets a haircut, I can hold out a little longer.”

“Well if you insist,” Kenobi said as he pulled off his gloves and walked towards Rex. He cannot even recall when the last time he saw the General without his gloves on. This war was going on too kriffing long. He looks over at Cody who has the most interesting mix of excited and jealous written all over his face. Rex actually wishes he could take a holo of it just to tease him later.

Rex turns back to Obi-wan just as he reaches for his hair he looks Rex in the eyes, “Are you sure this is okay?”

Rex swallows audibly, “Yes sir, perfectly so.”

“I think you can call me Obi-wan at this point Rex.”

“Yes s- Obi-wan. I’d like that.”

Obi-wan smiles and finally runs his hand over Rex’s hair. Rex’s eyes close under their own volition. He tries to not lean into the touch but is pretty sure he’s unsuccessful.

This is an entirely different sensation than anytime Cody has touched him. Cody’s hands always felt like home, so sure and comforting. But this felt like electricity was running through his entire body. Buzzing from the top of his head down to his toes and all the way back up. Goosebumps break out on his arms. If joining back with the Force after you die is anything like this, count Rex in. He thinks he would love to feel like this forever. He should convince Cody to cut his hair just so he can feel it too.

The next thing he notices was Cody loudly clearing his throat. Rex’s eyes fly open to see the General much closer than he remembered and blushing a wonderful shade of red.

“You were, uhh… projecting,” Kenobi stutters out. Rex has never seen him this flustered before.

“Yeah. I’ll say, I could practically feel it from here,” Cody grumbles.

Rex would glare at him if he could find the strength to look away from Obi-wan.

“Ahh sorry about that sir.”

He tries to back away, but Obi-wan, apparently recovering quickly, brings his hand down to Rex’s jaw and adds, “Don’t be, I now have all the confirmation I needed.” He leans in the rest of the way to kiss Rex lightly on the lips. It doesn’t last long because then adds, “Now I can feel you from here Cody, come on over. I’ve known for a while that the two of you come as a matched set.”

This was not the evening Rex was expecting, but he did get more hair petting, amongst other things, and he was right, he never did want it to end.

Jealous - Cody Christian Smut

Request: Can you pleaseeee write an imagine with Cody where you guys are watching the last episode of teen wolf and you get jealous when theo kissed Tracy and he’s like “I’m all yours babe” and make it all smutty ??

“Babe it’s starting” Cody called to you from the living room signally that Teen Wolf was about to start. Cody, your boyfriend was an actor and he played Theo on the show. Every week you would sit down together and watch it and today was the finale of season 5.

You strolled into the living room with popcorn in hand and sat down beside Cody. He put his arm around you and you snuggled into his chest.

Not to long into the episode there was a scene between Cody’s character Theo and another girl. Things started to get a bit intense between the two characters and they went in for a kiss.

“I’ll be right back” you said disheartened. Cody could sense your tone and called after you.

“Babe” He knew what had made you upset.“You know it is nothing more than a pay check” he said following close behind as you made your way to the kitchen.

“I know Cody but that doesn’t change the fact, that I don’t want to have to see my boyfriend make out with other girls.“

“I understand baby, I just don’t like to see you upset and I hate being the cause of it” he replied walking closer to you he cradled your face with one hand “Im all yours baby, I love you” he said.

“Well maybe you should show me much you love me” you lowered your voice into a suggestive tone.

His eyes darkened slightly, lust overcoming him. He grabbed the back of your thighs and lifted you on to the counter, you gasped by the sudden movement. He attacked your neck with harsh kisses and you rolled your head to the side giving him better access. Cody always said that he loves seeing his hickies on you so other guys know your his.

You placed your hands on Cody’s waist and slid them under his shirt as he did the same to you but went higher to grope your breasts. He pulled away from you to take your nighty off aswell as your bra, leaving you in just your panties. He resumed his passionate kisses but this time on your breasts. He groped one of your tits, licking small circles around one of your nipples before sucking on it, then repeating the same process to the other.

His other hand was placed on your left thigh and had begun to slowly rise, inching closer and closer to the place you needed him most. Without warning he cupped your sex making you gasp which turned into a moan once he started applying pressure to your clit with his thumb.

“Fuck, take it off” you whimpered desperate for release. You leant back on the counter as he hooked his fingers in your panties sliding them off and throwing them to the side.

He took a hold of your legs from underneath and pulled you to the edge of the counter. Separating your legs he trailed light kisses up your thighs until you could fee his breath on your sex.

"Cody plea-” you whined impatiently but you were cut of by your own groan as Cody had closed his mouth around your clit making your pussy throb with satisfaction as he sucked lightly on your sensitive nub. You reached down to grip Cody’s hair pulling his head further towards your womanhood trying to create more pressure.

He started to lick at your slit causing your grip on his hair tighten. With each lick they seemed to get faster and faster, Cody becoming more determined to get you off. Your back arched of the counter when Cody stuck his tongue in your warm hole resulting in him placing a hand on your stomach to try to keep you still.

He brought his thumb up to circle your clit while still tongue fucking you, making your hips buck widely against Cody’s hand. Although he kept you in place with the hand on you stomach the other groping your tit.

You could feel your orgasm approaching and you started grinding on his face desperate for release. You looked down at Cody yours eyes meeting his as his tongue went back to your clit, feeling an emptiness which was soon vanquished by his finger entering you.

He let you get used to the intrusion before he began to finger you. Moans were flowing out of your mouth like an endless river. He picked up the pace of his finger still sucking on your clit until he curled his finger inside you, hitting your g spot.

You cried out as your orgasm came crashing down on you, arching your back and tugging at his hair making him groan. He didn’t stop though, trying to prolong your orgasm as much as he could. You finally came down from your high.

Sitting upright you hungrily kissed Cody tasting yourself on his lips. He picked you up bridal style with him still fully dressed and you complete naked and carried you to your room.

Gently laying you on the bed he wasted no time removing his attire as you watched him making you bite your lip in anticipation. He hovered over you supported by his arms either side of his head as you felt the tip at your entrance. You pushed your hips forward taking him all in, not being able to wait any longer. "God Y/N you feel so good” he groaned as he slowly pulled out until just the head was in and then sharply thrusted back in deeper than before.

You were in pure ecstasy continuous moans showing your gratitude and encouraging Cody. His thrusts had gained speed and he was now driving into you at a faster pace. You circled your arms around his neck which caused your eyes to meet.

“I love you” he said, his voice so raw and meaningful making you melt at his heartfelt words.

“And I love you” you replied as he lowered his head to capture your lips for a passionate kiss. His thrusts started to become sloppy signalling he was close, as was you.

One last stroke and you came arching your back once again screaming Cody’s name. Your arched back gave him access to your breasts which he took full advantage of. Still thrusting inside you trying to find his own release he closed his mouth around one of your nipples evoking another orgasm from you more pleasurable than the last. The orgasm causing you to convulse around Cody’s cock which in turn triggered his release deep inside you.

He pulled out and rolled over onto his back beside you breathing heavily. “Did that show you how much I love you” he said proudly.

“Definitely” you spoke breathless. You could practically hear Cody’s smirk.