look at cody's face


The clones definitely set up a ‘who is the best Jedi General’ poll. 

I’m not sure who is winning, but not Anakin or Obi solely because I want them to learn about it and be mildly interested in their ranking and when it’s not either of them in #1 Anakin turns to Rex and says 

“Well at least you voted for me.” And Rex just coughs and mumbles and looks anywhere where but at Anakin. 

“Wait, you did vote for me, right?” And REx exits, pursued by an Anakin with some questions.

Obi-Wan chuckles and looks at Cpody and says “Well, I suppose not every general can be lucky enough to have you in their corner.” Or something and Cody looks him square in the face and says

“I voted for Shaak Ti” (Yet again literally anyone other than Obi would work.)

(Also who is winning in the polls?)