look at chilli omg


I felt like posting something so I sifted through my art folders and … well… this au is embarrassing but I wanted to share it anyway!

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noah fence but hobi handles his notp way better than a certain jeonlous even tho the Sour in their expressions is abt the same lmfao

omfg let JUNGKOOK live poor baby bun :(( no actually, his sour look is the best. i live for it. or you know, he just…inserts himself in between jimin and the Other Person. 

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also, bless jungkook’s sour look; 

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omg jungkook you have zero chill

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i think it’s a well known Fact that jungkook has a particular dislike for minjoon

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before this, didnt minjoon “get married”? and above you see jungkook in his Jealous and Possessive mode, his #1 notp is minjoon