look at cap

Haechan’s fashion level: suit up + cap, cause I’m the boss today 😂😂

Positive little things right now

I have found a new look that I’ve been rocking the past couple days, baseball hats! I usually see my hair as a big accessory of my look but with it cut so short, I’ve been really digging how I look with baseball caps on 😎

I am in the best shape of my life, overall. I may not be as fast as I was but my arms are a lot more tone, my abs are the hardest they’ve been, and I feel strong aerobically again.

I am not cracking under the pressure of life. I usually feel swamped with school, work, and everything else. For some reason, being busy 90% of my day feels fine and natural right now. I’m handling the load I usually couldn’t.

I am learning to love myself again.

I am becoming more social. Talking to people at times where I would usually keep to myself, making new friends, and putting myself out there.

I am trying new things. I tried out to be a damn model. I overcame my fear and actually talked to companies at a career fair. I’m hanging with people I usually wouldn’t.

I’m the captain of the running club team and have become A LOT more social within the club. A year ago I quit the team because I couldn’t make friends. Now I’m near the center of the social circle.

I am comfortable with my feelings. I know that I feel sad at times and I am strong enough to admit it. I am learning myself and finding myself with every set back.

It’s been 60 degrees out and I’ve been running outside, shirtless and in short shorts, IN FEBRUARY!

I’m becoming less scared to fail. I am working harder so failure is less common.

Spring break is in a week! I’ll be flying for the first time and getting my first stamp in my passport. And I’ll get to do it with my best friends.

I am still confident about my future with my career and know that I will find that right internship eventually.


kate kane in batwoman: elegy
that bat they shine in the sky… civilians think it’s a call for help. the bad guys think it’s a warning. but it’s more than that, it’s something higher. it’s a call to arms… i’ve found my way to serve.