look at callie's face

I don’t think I ever realised how truly beautiful the look on Callie’s face is when she opens the door to Arizona. And I know she slams it shut and I know she’s angry and scared of getting hurt but damn, for a moment there’s sheer joy and amazement plastered across her face and if that doesn’t sum up their relationship, I don’t know what does.

Weekly Brallie Post: Things Are Starting To Crumble

This episode was heartbreaking for many reasons, but especially due to the look on Brandon’s face when he discovered Callie and AJ had become intimate. This was truly a turning point for Brandon and you could see by the way that he hid Callie’s bra to ease her shame that he has grown as a character. Their was a time when Brandon would have lashed out in jealousy, but his maturity really showed through. As for Callie, I honestly believe that she took the next step with AJ for all of the wrong reasons. Callie is going through a lot of emotionally turmoil right now and doing her best to suppress all of her emotions. We know that Callie’s feelings for AJ are only so deep so I don’t understand how she could take the next step with him, it seemed out of character especially since she was so adamant about not wanting to have sex with anyone at this point in her life. I believe she felt she had to have sex with AJ because she felt he was slipping away. I also think Callie is doing everything possible to make herself believe she does love AJ. My thoughts on AJ have always been that he is more about the physicality of their relationship and this is due to the fact that he knows that she had these deep feelings for Brandon and most likely still does, yet he turns a blind eye. I think he too is trying to fool himself into thinking this relationship is more serious then it really is. I have continually voiced my opinion that AJ has pressured Callie into being intimate on more than one occasion. I’m not saying he has acted in a predatory way, just that even though Callie has expressed her wishes not to have sex he still hints at wanting to. Also it’s been made abundantly clear that AJ doesn’t care about the things that Callie is passionate about which is ironic since he views her as this super hero for injustice. He’s been acting like what she s doing to hep her former foster brother is taken up to much of her time and in my opinion he is being incredibly self absorbed. It seems he only wanted super Callie when she was fighting for his injustices. As for Brandon, the cracks in that sudo relationship are finally starting to show. It would appear that everyone aggress that Cort has taken advantage of Brandon weather she means to or not and Brandon is just starting to realize this. Brandon has such a big heart that he is never going to turn her pleas down, but thankfully he is starting to notice that his babysitting duties may be costing him his future. Both Brandon and Callie are going through this downward spiral right now and it’s only a matter of time before they realize that their current relationships are not as serious as they hoped they would be. I do think it was nice of Cort to confide in Mike about Brandon’s reasons for leaving home as he has been completely in the dark. I was under the impression that he knew about Callie and Brandon’s intimate connection, but it seems he was more clueless then we were all led to believe. I believe this revelation will lead to Mike becoming the parent who steps up to confront the situation head on, which will be a new form of events for him, since he has always been the parent in the background. It’s clear that something is about to happen with brallie, possibly in New York and I am so excited for these events to unfold.

Snapshot 11: Calzona’s Second Proposal

A/N: Just a little happy fic because I have a massive headache and I can’t sleep.

Callie blanches. “Really?” she questions, her voice reeking with disbelief. Arizona’s happy expression falters.

“Uh…okay…not exactly the response I was looking for.”

“I’m just…” Callie looks down at the sparkling diamond in Arizona’s hand, squinting her eyes. “You really want to marry me?” She hesitates, grimacing slightly. “Again…?”

Arizona glances down at her position, half-naked, on her knees. And then looks back up at Callie, ring still outstretched. “Well, yeah …I uh I’ve been sorta planning this for months…”

Callie’s face softens immediately, and she looks like she might swoon. “For months?”

Arizona nods slowly, taking the other woman’s hand in hers. She hates that her palms are sweaty. “Yeah,” she smiles nervously, “for months…but in all honesty, I’ve wanted to marry you since the moment you got off that plane from New York.” She exhales again, trying to put into words how strongly she feels. “And since then, I’ve wanted to marry you more everyday.”

“Arizona,” Callie breathes hard, saying the other woman’s name like it’s sacred. The blonde simply shakes her head, squeezing her girlfriend’s hand softly. She wants to finish.

“I don’t really believe in fate or higher powers or anything like that, Callie. I’m not spiritual. But um…knowing you…loving you,” she smiles, “ has convinced me beyond all doubt that some people are just meant to be together.  Some people are just made for each other. And you and me, Calliope, we’re those people. I’m sure of it. So right now, I’m uh… I’m asking you to grow old with me. I’m asking for a house and a tire swing and nine more kids. I’m asking for hand-holding and date nights and stupid arguments and you ranting at me in half-Spanish.” Callie smirks even though her lips are trembling. “I want all of it today and tomorrow and everyday after that. Because we’re meant to be together. I know it. You’re my soulmate” she pauses, squeezing Callie’s hand again, “And now I uh…now I want you to be my wife , too…I want you to be my wife a lot.”

“A lot?” Callie repeats, though it comes out soggy, like she’s on the verge of tears. Her hands tremble slightly.

“A lot,”Arizona affirms with a shaky smile. “Bunches. So much so I can’t think of a metaphor that puts into words how much.”


Arizona narrows her eyes at the other woman. “You’re killing me. I’m on my knees, pouring my heart out. And you’re killing me.”

Callie smiles for a second, peering deeply into her girlfriend’s eyes, her own brown orbs watery with unshed tears. She reaches down to stroke the other woman’s face lightly. “You’ve been planning this for months, and the best you could come up with was proposing to me in my bedroom while I’m completely naked.” Callie says the admonishing words with an overwhelming air of adoration.

Arizona shrugs, smirking guiltily. “I figured you’d be more likely to say yes if you were naked and satisfied.”

Callie laughs, and suddenly the unshed tears began to shed. “Oh god, I love you.” She says it with such certainty and affection that Arizona can’t help but smile widely.

“Is that a yes or are you gonna tease me some more…because my knee is starting to chafe”

“Yes. Yes! Come here.”

When their lips meet it’s fierce and passionate and a little bit salty because Callie is crying, but then slowly it calms into soft loving pecks.

“You are the most wonderful person I’ve ever met,” Callie mutters against Arizona’s lips, “And just so you know,” she pulls back a little, “I would have said yes if I was fully clothed and we hadn’t had sex in months.”

Arizona’s lips quirk. “Months?”

“Okay maybe not months.”

Arizona pinches the other woman’s side before kissing her again. “We’re going to be together for the rest of our lives,” she mumbles quietly. “No second-guessing. No take-backs.” Arizona says the last part almost as if she’s reminding Callie of what she’s agreeing to. The brunette just shrugs, nuzzling her nose into her fiance’s.

“I know, Arizona.” She smiles. “I know.”

This photo is everything. The love Arizona has for Sofia is clearly shining through on her face, and the hand touching her head is adorable as hell. As for Callie well, that look on her face says a lot of things as well, we all know that. That face is totally Callie thinking they’re my life, I love her, what am I doing with Penny?