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You know, I’m always going back to this place, you know I’m always going to look for your face

Another oldie, hope you enjoy! It’s about Shawn’s childhood friend Balir from Pickering! Created this character way back last year! xx

„Are you happy to go back home?“ my dad asks, turning his head to switch lanes, as he is pressing the gas pedal of his Mercedes further down.

The raindrops were crashing down on the car and I lean back in the passenger’s seat, stretching my legs out.
„Of course I am!“ I reply with a smile, “I’ve been craving mom’s homemade food for weeks!“

My dad smiles, eyes locked on the road. „We are all so happy to have you back home for the next weeks and we are so proud of you, Blair. You’re doing so well at college“

“Aw, thanks dad“

“How’s med school treating you? I haven’t talked to you lately,“ he says, switching lanes again.
“It’s hard but you must know,“ I glance at my dad who nods.
“Yeah, but it’s worth it“

My dad did not only go to Harvard and graduated from med school with summa cum laude, he also holds a psychology degree and I sometimes feel the pressure to do as excellent as he did in college, even though he doesn’t pressure me at all.

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Library script chapter 1 (feel free to use, just credit me)
  • Blaire, a librarian who just started working at her local library, sits at her desk in the middle of the building reading a book when Greg shows up with a little “fake” blood on his face
  • Blaire: *looking up* How can I help yo- *now looking directly at him, visibly scared* Honey, are you okay?
  • Greg: *expressionless* Oh this *points to bloody face* I was shooting someone, I mean thing! *that annoying ass laugh he does, you know the one*
  • Blaire: Oh, you tried the new media lab, that’s cool, but why didn’t you wash off the fake blood before coming to the main part of the library?
  • Greg: Oh, you see I have bad skin so if I took off the blood I’d have to reapply my makeup and I think that’s just a waist of time, anyways where’s the manga section?
  • Blaire: It’s on the back wall over there. *pointing to the wall*
  • Greg: Thanks, you’re the first librarian to actually help to me, normally they just say I’m weird. *walks off*
  • Jeff, a library assistant who’s worked here for a while, roles his metal cart toward Blaire.
  • Jeff: Ugh, it’s that weird asshole, Greg.
  • Blaire: Weird is an understatement, he looks like a bloody tampon.
  • Jeff: I think he kinda looks like a grate value version of Shane, which is weird because he’s a real dick to Shane. What did he want anyways?
  • Blaire: Mangas
  • Jeff: Maybe he’s finally going to read the Death Note manga, he’s watched the anime about a million times.
  • Blaire: I still don’t understand anime.
  • Eugenia, a very skinny library goer, walks over to Jeff and Blaire. (No diss to her, this is just how she talks.)
  • Blaire: Hi, sweetheart, what’s your problem?
  • Eugenia: Hey, um, this guy in the manga sec-
  • Jeff: Creepy with blood on his face?
  • Eugenia: *nodding* yeah.
  • Jeff: I’ll go get him, tell Blaire the rest. *he runs off to get him*
  • Eugenia: He was, like, about to ask me where the, um, loli stuff was, when he, like, looked at me and said, that I was too, um skinny, and like, I’m making other girls wanna be, um, anorexic.
  • Jeff and Greg come back to the desk with one of Jeff’s hand on Greg’s neck
  • Greg: What I’m just being –
  • Jeff: Brutally honest, onion, I’ve heard this a million times from you!
  • Blaire: Greg
  • Blaire: Greg
  • Greg: AND THIS IS *starts ripping shirt* MY-
  • Most the library is looking at them
  • Blaire: GREG, shhh! *shushing hand motions*
  • Greg: *shirt ½ way rip* Body?
  • Blaire: Please leave the library.
  • Greg: fine!
  • End of chapter 1

Cause something interesting happened at one point in your life. You had an encounter with the Blair Witch?

Yes, I um, that is really a kinda scary story. To kinda make ends meet my dad and I would go fishing down by Tapings creek. You know that, um, it’s in Burkittsville. I was lying down on the leaves, upon the leaves, kinda watching the pool and looking up at the sky. And all of the sudden it felt like somethin was near me. You know kinda an eerie feeling. It was like a woman! Only on her arms and on her hands and everything it was like hair. It was real dark almost black hair. Almost like a horse.

Like fur?

Yeah, like a fur, like horse fur. And her arms, she had like a shawl, a wool shawl over her.

And she scared you? She threatened you?

And um… she didn’t say anything, but she just kept staring and then she opened up her shawl. And under it there was hair on her body like a horse.

So she was hairy from head to toe?

Yeah and her legs. And you could see she was a female.

How about her face?

Just kinda like strange looking.


I tweaked Willa like wth I never thought I would and like, she might look weird to you know but she looks lots more like herself to me and ;3;

Chair rant requested by an Anon.

I was asked by an Anon quote “Would you be willing to give a detailed explanation as to why you ship them [Chair]?” and I’m nothing if not obedient. It took me some time to write this and I apologize in advance for the size of the text. I might miss some points, because whenever I’m writing I kind of get lost on my own thoughts lol.

  1. Friends before anything: One of the key things in Chair’s relationship for me it’s their friendship. Way before Victor, Victrola the most important episode in Gossip Girl , Chuck and Blair were friends. Nothing had ever happened between the two of them, but they bonded because of Nate and their mutual interests in plotting, scheming and games. You see from episode one that they trust one another and actually take the other’s opinion into consideration. Season 1 Chuck was something, soon to mentioned, and the ONLY woman that he respected, even back then, was Blair. Even before any romantic bond was created between them, they already had love, admiration and respect towards one another.
  2. Victor, Victrola: Well, I guess I speak for 99% of the Chair fans when I say we fell in love with them right then and there. Those few scenes that started on Victrola and ended on Chuck’s limo are sooo powerful, beyond the couple thing, but for them as individuals. Let’s start then. Chuck and Blair were spontaneously talking, when our great Chuck dared our prude Blair to go onstage and dance. The challenge was accepted, as we could expect, and there went Blair. This moment was memorable. Blair got up on the stage, undressed out of her virginal soon to be an Archibald’s wife dress and started to dance. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate that Blair, who was extremely insecure and self conscious, got onstage, undressed and started to dance in front of a bunch of strangers? Chuck was surprised, but most of all swooning over his best friend’s ex/his closest girl friend/the friend he never thought of as anything other than a friend. When Chuck gets up from his seat you can see the look on his face of pure and complete amazement towards Blair. Then we see a giggly, happy Blair smiling and dancing at/for Chuck. When the man/woman from the club asks Chuck who is the girl up there and the answer is “I have no idea” shows that Chuck is surprised by the lack of worry and prudity on Blair’s actions and even more by the fact that she is actually enjoying herself. Skipping to the limo scene… There they were, I believe with a lot on their minds, and after a few moments Blair kisses Chuck. There’s the plot twist. Chuck, the man whore, playboy and whatever other adjectives you want, pulls aways and asks “You sure?”. Those simple three little words show that yes he is about to take her virginity if she shall let him, but before he does it so, he actually stops, which I believe is a first to him, because he respects her a lot and doesn’t want to take something from her that he knows it’s so special. Blair goes for it, ‘cause I guess at that moment she forgot about the rest of the world. She wasn’t trying to be perfect, she was just being herself and she knew that Chuck liked her for it, and the intensity of their gaze shows a lot. So they do it. Taking a little over the edge here and flying a little in time I guess we can imply that Blair felt safe with him. She felt sexy and wanted under his gaze, she felt beautiful and she needed that.
  3. Personalty: I’ll try to make this paragraph as short as possible within my limits. Chuck and Blair have a lot in common, you see, both had neglecting parents, horrible families and approvals to owe, because of that they became a little dark and revengeful, and both were really insecure in their own world, one struggling with body imagines and wanting to achieve perfection, and the other fighting for his father’s approval even after being constantly called down. I guess the scheming and games and the manipulative side of each of them, were kind of a consequence of that. They are both very vain and into fashion, which doesn’t say anything to be honest, but I love their matching outfits, just throwing it out there haha. 
  4. Love, for CB: Chuck’s first and only love was Blair Cornelia Waldorf. He fell in love with 16 and didn’t realize how big it was and it meant, until he had his heart broken for the first time on cotillion. Blair was using Chuck as a Nate rebound, but she was in love with a guy that wasn’t her Prince Charming at all and didn’t want to realize it so. Their relationship or whatever you call that on and off going thing, was complex, dark, troubled, but happy, intense and amazing. In general lines, on season 1 they are friends that after one night become friends with benefits, that sneak around everyone’s back because neither of them would ever admit their feelings towards one another and would never want their reputations destroyed; on season 2 you have two characters that since episode 1 are evidently in love with each other but that have pretty damn messed up heads so instead of admitting their feelings they keep on playing games to see who will break first, that being Blair and much much later Chuck; on season 3 you have a perfectly happy couple that is completely in love and that finally doesn’t care at all about what others think, until of course, one of them screws it up, and of course it had to be Chuck (I guess you all know the writers well enough); on season 4 you have two people that are still trying to move on and that after trying they give up and get back together but later decide that is better to be apart and that on the last episode declare their love to one another as a way of letting go; season 5 there’s a pretty believable beginning but that after the car crash becomes a stupid storyline (referring to the God thing) and that ends with the two together, but honestly? extremely bad writing that even seemed wrong and I wanted to hit the writers so hard because it was so poorly written; season 6 the two are “together” again and finally have a happy ending getting married and having a lovely boy. With this little season by season summary, I think it’s evident that their love grew. They started off as two friends fooling around and ended up married and happy. Love for these two is something “complicated, intense and all consuming”, but it’s what makes them happy at the end of the day. It’s a really messed up relationship, but so are their lives. They found what they needed in each other, which was no judgement, comprehension, safety, happiness and love. 
  5. Flaws as a couple and individuals: I would like to point out Chair’s relationship flaws. We all know how troubled and damaged they both were, especially in the beginning, season ½, so when they got together I didn’t expect nothing different from them. Since day one CB’s relationship had a extremely dark edge and they BOTH (I hope this gets very clear) did horrible things to each other, some worse than others. Okay so I will again go season by season explaining everything I though/saw; season 1: Chuck falls for Blair way before she falls for him and on 1x10 she pretty much turns him down like he’s piece of shit, like she didn’t care at all about him (friendly reminder they were/are friends and you shouldn’t treat friends badly), and their thing stops after that only coming back on the season finale in which we all thought we were getting a happy ending, but Chuck runs away leaving Blair all alone; season 2: Blair is a total bitch to him on the first episode, not that I blame her, and they keep on playing games till they decide that since they won’t express their feelings they should end the “”“relationship”“”, then Bart dies and Blair is there for him 100% and he screws up over and over again and when he tries to fix it, it can’t be done; season 3: everything is perfect so of course the writers HAD to do something to shake things up a little bit, so they get Chuck to trade Blair in exchange for the Empire back (This I honestly thought was bad writing. Couldn’t they think of anything else to end their relationship? They totally forgot about Chuck’s character development when coming up with this plot line. Anyway, it happened and yes it was horrible and messed up) and not satisfied on the season finale he gets together with Jenny Humphrey, so yeah pretty rough ending of the relationship to Blair; season 4: Chuck is finally happy with someone that IS a great person and wants nothing else besides seeing him happy, but the fact that someone else is making Chuck happy bothers Blair so badly that she has to do everything she cans to end their relationship and she is successful, later in the season Chuck loses control and hits the glass, nevertheless still hurting Blair; season 5: Chuck is a guy that is trying to change and move on and that truly wants Blair to be happy, and she keeps on turning him down when he wants nothing other then her help/support with no second thoughts whatsoever, she treats him like he never meant nothing to her; season 6: I don’t think that there’s much to mention because the whole plot of the last season was so horrible that I don’t even consider their breakup on 6x07 relevant. This paragraph is relevant when explaining why I love Chair so much, because it shows that neither are perfect and that yes they mess up, and a lot, but that in the end of the day there are more important things to them. They are dark and flawed, but they both are. It’s not about winning the 'who’s the worst’ competition, because they both are, but at the same time both have amazing qualities, that redeem for the complexity of what they have. 
  6. Chuck’s development: Chuck was a guy that didn’t care about anyone other than himself, that had so many problems and that had to live for years being absolutely sure he killed his mother; on the first episode he tried to rape two girls in like two nights in a row, he abandoned Blair by herself in a trip HE had planned for the two of them (and she was the only person he’d ever loved) and that would be 100% of the time mean to everyone with no reason what so ever. Can anyone say that Chuck didn’t change for better? On season 4 he’s the one to give up on Blair, to put HER happiness above his, to try to give her the happy life/fairytale she so deserved (let’s remind ourselves that he had done it before on season 2), on season 5 he is trying to change for better, he’s taking care of himself and he accepts that he is troubled and that the playboy attitude doesn’t work anymore; he goes to therapy, he apologizes to Blair about everything bad he has ever done to her, he takes care of Dan in many cases even after knowing that he’s in love with Blair, he cares for Monkey a lot, he doesn’t seek for revenge against Louis for the things he’s done, he wants to get closer to his mother (all of them), he still wants Blair to be happy in her marriage and have a healthy baby, he wants what’s best for her, he doesn’t in any moment try to sabotage Dan and Blair’s relationship, he helps his friends when they need, he makes Blair think he still wants her and that he hasn’t changed at all just to make her satisfied, he even helps her in making her relationship with Louis better. On season 6 he tries to help Serena, he’s trying to be a better man for Blair, he helps Blair with her fashion show, he respects (even though I thought season 6 was the worst plot in history as a whole, but especially Chair’s storyline of defeating Bart and Blair getting the company bla bla bla..) her decision made in season 4 on the Saints and Sinners party that is reenforced on season 5 of “when and if we end up together it has to be as equals”, skipping to the end, Chuck is seen in the flash forward as a great husband and an amazing father that actually cares for his son and his happiness. You all can try saying Chuck didn’t change or that his change wasn’t believable, but let me explain you one thing: people grow up and mature, I was 11 when I started watching GG, now I’m 18, do you think I think/do the things I used to when I was younger? Not at all, neither does Chuck, people change either if it’s for better or worse, and some situations force them to change regardless of what they want. Chuck’s personality plus character development was the best one in the show no doubt about it, totally believable (not all the time, but what in Gossip Girl actually was, right?) and for the ones that keep on saying that he’s either good or bad that’s a thing called manicheaism and it doesn’t exist in the real world and NO ONE is perfect, being good all the time only doing great things does not exist, everyone has a dark side, some are simply better at hiding it. Did you see how many times I mentioned Blair on this paragraph? Well, I think she played a great part on that and I’m a firm believer that being a good/better guy for Blair, even if they couldn’t be together, was one of the biggest motivations for Chuck. His development was the only one mentioned here not because Blair’s was less important, but because for me it was one of the things that made me love this couple so much. He matured and fought for change because someone out there loved him and cared if he was doing good or bad. He wanted to be a better person, grow out of his past mistakes and stupidities, and be responsible and mature, because was needed. 
  7. Queen B and her Dark Knight: This paragraph is Blair centric. Blair dreamt and wanted her life to be a fairytale, especially when it came down to her Prince Charming. Instead of the blonde, blue eyes, athletic, old money guy she dated and thought of marrying she ended up with the dark haired, hazel eyes, disturbed playboy, billionaire, but I truly think she wouldn’t have it any other way. Chuck was the only guy that she ever dated/went out with, that saw the real her. Even when they were friends, she never hid her true self from him and he was the only one that never judged. He loved his Blair, the raw, maybe disturbed, little UES princess, with her unique sense of style, her scheming and games, her love for power and dominance, and her never ending love for him. She always had to put on a façade for everyone that she was this perfect society girl, with her perfect A’s, amazing GPA, lot’s of AP classes, fluent in french and amazing boyfriend. She wanted Yale, she wanted to be an Archibald and meanwhile she was skipping classes to hook up with Chuck Bass. Chuck never wanted the perfect Blair, he wanted the real one, her true self, with all qualities and flaws. He always saw her for who she was and loved every bit of her nonetheless. Blair always had to hide or pretend with other guys, but not with Chuck. Blair struggled with self confidence, body issues, constant overshadowing herself on her own mind because of Serena, always trying to be the perfect one. She wanted her mother’s approval with an outstanding body, even if she had to skip a few meals and purge the others she didn’t skip; her dad’s with getting into Yale, even if she had to blackmail a teacher into giving her a perfect score after her first B ever; Nate’s by accepting every stupid thing and damaging thing he did to her (the Serena thing), even if she had to downgrade herself; her minions, doing everything possible to get their love, even if it meant running over other people. Blair got the things she wanted, no matter who she had to hurt in the process and everyone judged her for it, but no Chuck. I’m not saying “Wow amazing Blair, keep being a total bitch and ruining people’s lives”, but saying that even with all that, Blair was Chuck most precious thing. He knew the flaws, very well, loved her regardless, but focused on the qualities instead, and always tried to make her insecurities go away, because she was, at least in his eyes, the most perfect girl in world. Blair didn’t get what she dreamt of when she was 16, but she got much more. She had a family that she loved and she was sure loved her back, she wasn’t married to a Prince, but she had the best by her side, she was happy with her body and herself, she accepted her destiny and was happy with it. In the end she was surrounded by people who loved her and cared about her, and she did the same to them. She got nothing of what she wanted, but at the same time everything and more. 
  8. No words needed: Saying that Chuck and Blair knew each other better than anyone else in the world is an understandment. They knew each other in levels that are even weird lol, but they could read each other’s facial expressions and mind like pros. No words were ever needed to express anything in that relationship, even the non professed love during their beginning. I think this trait to their relationship is something amazing. Chuck knew what she wanted, when she wanted and if she wanted. Blair knew when he was sad or with a problem. They couldn’t hide anything from one another, not because they didn’t try, but because even with their best efforts, in the end Chuck knew Blair and Blair knew Chuck. They always understood each other and their feelings, just by a simple glance or movement.
  9. Sexy as hell: Not much to say beside the obvious here: Chair was sexy as hell. Any hook up scene, or eye sex or just a simple smile, was something amazing. I honestly don’t think that their make out/sex scenes were the strongest on the show, meaning that Serena’s were way more R rated haha, but still they were intense. Every move, eye contact and kiss was sexy and breathtaking. There are a few scenes, especially on seasons 2 & 4 that I love so much. Blair trying to seduce Chuck (by the way Leighton congrats on your flawless body. total girl crush on that), on the second season was so funny and hot and amazing, but most importantly so them. On 4x09 when they are making out, in their “beautiful friendship” scene, and Chuck professes his love and they both pretend like it didn’t happen, is something that is totally them, and is a good example to show everything mentioned on this paragraph.
  10. Chemistry: The chemistry between this two doesn’t even have to be explained. It’s just there and you can feel it. As friends, lovers or haters they always had that pull to them, that every look and touch made the scene more than it was meant to be. A simple glance could show so much more, and the make out scenes were just perfect. As I said before, CB’s hooking up moments were never the most intense, but they still managed to be outstanding. I give props to the soundtrack here that made the chemistry between the characters something more, giving that edgy edge to them. The first time they kiss, and have sex, is just so alluring, the way Chuck tries to get a hold of her hand, the way Blair simply just let’s go of her insecurities and they are just there, being them, enjoying the moment. Chuck and Blair never had spark. They were always so much more than that. As Chuck himself mentioned, they had fireworks. They were intense and dangerous, but still beautiful and fascinating.
  11. Heart felted scenes: This is another reason why I love Chair so much. I could name all the scenes during those 6 years, that made me sob and left me speechless, but that would take a lot of time, so I’ll mention a few. Chuck’s speech on Bart’s weeding. He had just admitted to Nate, and I think for himself at that moment, that he loved Blair. He gave the speech to Bart and Lily, but we all knew he was talking about him and Blair. His intense gaze on her, showing everything and nothing, proving that yes he was in love and wanted her. It was tender and sweet. It was a promise of a future, that they both were so uncertain about. Another scene that kills me everytime is the one on the white party. Chuck is begging for Blair not to leave, admitting his mistakes and showing a different part of him. Blair wants to stay and be with him, but at the same time she is protective of her feelings and she knows how much he had hurt her and she doesn’t want to go through all that again. It a really sad scene, but liberating in a way. And one thing in particular I think it’s so strong: Blair is there, begging for an I love you and almost crying, wanting to get her everything but leaving with nothing. The moment she turns around to Marcus and puts a smile on her face like she is the happiest girl in the world and pretends like nothing is happening, in my opinion represents a lot, especially on their relationship. Then the bedroom scene after Bart’s death. This one definitely messes up with my emotions. Blair had professed her love for Chuck earlier and was let down, so when she steps inside her room to see Chuck sitting on her she is mad, but the moment he turns his head and she sees him everything is forgotten. Chuck had let all his guards down and was crying, mourning his father’s death, but he didn’t want anyone to see him like that. Blair is not anyone though. She’s the girl he trust and loves, the girl that loves him back and that cares about him a lot. It’s a strong moment for their relationship, even the goodbye letter. He wanted her, but he wanted her happy and he didn’t think he could provide that to her. It’s sad, intense and amazing. My next favorite is the break up scene. I know it’s weird but that scene is just so fucking great. The lines, the slap, the tears, the song, the setting, the sorrow, the regret and everything pretty much. It’s on my top five favorite CB scenes actually and I love everything about it (of course not the break up itself but yeah), it’s the most intense scene they share, even though it’s a short one. Season 4 has quite a few that get me, but I guess I can narrow down to two. The train station scene is the best scene to ever be created in this world. It’s so intense, sad and filled with unsaid things and guarded emotions. You have the contrast between the two, the façades they are trying to put on to let go, the hurt in both their eyes because of what had happen, the sorrow and regret. It’s a beautiful tragedy. I could go on about this scene, but I rather stay on just this. The season finale episode and all the scenes they share in it are my ultimate weakness, but when they are saying their eternal love and admiration it breaks me. It’s the moment that they are growing up, trying to move on and forget past mistakes and accept the good side of everything. Their love for each other will never die and they both know it, no matter what they do to one another, no matter how harsh are their mistakes, everything will always be forgiven, because they are more than that. They have so much love and caring for each other it’s ridiculous. Another remarkable moment is when Blair tells Chuck that she is pregnant. That exact second you can see in the way Chuck’s eyes widen that he’s hopeful that it’s his, but the second Blair tells it’s not he breaks. This simple moment expresses a lot and I love that. The other one on this season that I absolutely love is the apology. Both Chuck and Blair are trying to move on with their lives and trying to be happy on their own. Everything Chuck apologizes for it’s what it was needed. He is trying to change and be better, he wants a clean slate. When Blair says “You know, this is never gonna change” it shows that she wishes it doesn’t, he is hers most precious thing ever, even if they are not together. Different things are implied in that scene and the chemistry here is incredible. The last, but not less important scene is the proposal one on the series finale. They quote their own selves, things said in the past and in that moment they put the bad and stupid things of the past away. The were happy for so long, they had shared so many special things and moments. They both had hurt a lot as well, but this wasn’t nearly as important as a promise of a new happy life. They get married after having had all the troubles possible, but having solved all of them. They are equals, in love and war, and they want a life together, forever. The time apart and the time together made them realized that that was what they logged for. The proposal is made under a stupid situation, but it’s filed with so much of their history, that the ridiculous plot line can be forgotten for those couple of minutes. 
  12. Jerk Chuck: The anti shippers always point out how flawed Chuck is, and how he always wanted to hurt Blair and never cared for her. This is just a little Chuck thing that made me love this couple like crazy: the selfless/anonymous Chuck acts towards Blair, aiming only her happiness because, well he’s a jerk after all right? I’ll just name a few because I can’t remember them all… First, Chuck telling Blair that their relationship is just a game because “I love her, but I can’t make her happy”, meaning that if she chooses Nate or anyone else, she’ll be happier than with him, even if he loves her. Second, the perfect prom he gives to Blair and Nate, voting for her 150 times for prom queen and doing everything she had ever dreamt of, just so he could see a smile on her face, even though she thought he had ruined everything. Third, when he pays a photographer to pretend that he wants to take pictures of Blair, just so she can have a self steam boost and feel better and happier about herself. Fourth, applying for Columbia in her behalf, because he knew how much she hated NYU. Fifth, when Chuck stops Louis from leaving Blair, because it’s not worth him [Louis] waisting a chance of happiness, just because of a stupid novel. Sixth, kissing her so she thinks he hasn’t changed, so she can move on and be happy with her choice and Louis, without regretting letting him go. Seventh, stopping drunk Dan from ruining her engagement party, even though he knows about Dan’s feelings. Eight, stopping the priest from ruining her wedding to Louis, because he was tired of people trying to sabotage her happiness. Ninth, paying her dowry so she could be free to date whomever she wanted to, even if it wasn’t him, at the time anyway. (thanks to NJTversky for posting this a while ago).
  13. Overall: I honestly don’t know if I forgot to mention something about these two explaining why I love them, but hopefully this will be more than enough to at least pin point a few things that make Chair amazing. I know how messed up they are, as I mentioned quite a few times, however they make each other happy regardless of the flaws. Remember, in love and in war everything is fair. Although, it’s your choice to accept it or not. Anyway, Chuck and Blair are fucking awesome and definitely not perfect, but neither are and they just simply fit together and make each other happy. I hope this gives you Anon a little view on why I love CB. I had more to write, so much more, but I tried to keep as succinct as possible, and therefore some things may have been forgotten. (Yup, I wanted to put the sex games there but decided not to, because yes this is one of the reasons why I love them, but maybe not the most important ones). 

“And out of all these things I’ve done, I will love you better now"….

ps. I haven’t reread it so if you encounter any grammar mistakes or something pretend like you haven’t seen it lol.


Request: Supernatural & Gossip Girl fanfic: where Reader is 21, Dean is 24 and they’ve been dating for 3 years but known each other for 7 years. Dean and reader are more inlove (more than Lisa and Dean). Blair&Sam are readers bestie. Her sister Madison is 15. Reader is rich as well and she’s been a hunter for 2 years. Nate and Reader were together for 1 year when they were 16 and a half. Nate one day kisses her and Sam sees & tells Dean. Dean gets protective. Lots of fluff, romantic smut, protective!dean

Word Count: 3,292 (sorrrrrryyyyy)

Warnings: Angst, some smut

A/N: Sorry if this was bad, I tried my best and I don’t watch Gossip Girl so I didn’t know who some of these people were or how their personality’s are or anything lol but I hope you like it, and I hope I did okay. I changed the reader being a hunter for 2 years to being a hunter since her and Dean met, hope thats okay.


“Madison, Blair’s coming over to visit Sam, Dean, You and I so get ready.” You said, standing in her doorway. “Ok, sounds good I’ll meet you guys downstairs.” she smiled, and then you left. Blair has been your best friend for 4 years now, Sam and her are the reason how you and Dean got together. You two were to scared to tell each other your feelings, but not scared enough to hide them from the people you trusted.  Dean told Sam, Sam told Blair, Blair told you and that’s how it basically went around.

You and Dean have been together for 3 years now, but have been best friends for 7. You’ll never forget the day you met, he basically saved your life on a vampire hunt one night and you two just started from there. Sam was your best friend so was Blair. Madison was your little sister and Dean was the best damn boyfriend you’ve ever had, life is great not including you kill peoples nightmares for a living.

“Sam, Dean.. Blair’s coming over for a little while to visit hope it’s ok because she’s already on her way.” you chuckled, sitting on Deans lap and smiling at Sam. “Sounds good to me baby.” Dean smiled against your cheek, kissing it after making Sam make fake gagging noises in the back.


The doorbell goes off and you jump out of your seat, running to let her in. You opened the door and saw her with a worried, apologetic look on her face. “Blair, what’s wrong?” you asked nervously. “Uh.. I kind of brought someone with me.” before you could ask who you saw a head pop from the corner, Nate. The last person you’d ever want to see, your ex who was still madly in love with you.

“Nate? Seriously! Dean’s right in there!” you yell quietly, making sure the boys didn’t hear but of course Dean came behind you right after, making you jump. “Hey Blair, who’s this?” Dean asks, taking notice to Nate quickly. “Uh Dean, this is Nate.” You say awkwardly, looking at him with worry. “Yeah, her ex to be exact.” Nate said rudely with a mean smirk on his face, making Dean dislike him already.

“Well Nate you should know, I’m Dean..better known as Y/N’s boyfriend, and if you try ANYTHING-” Blair cut him off. “You two play nice ok, he just wanted to tag along he isn’t going to steal your lady, Dean.” Dean gave them both a glare, letting them know he meant business then decided to let them in.

“Hey Sam! This is Nate, my friend.” Blair smiled happily at Sam, giving him a hug after. “Yeah, Y/N’s ex also.” Dean said under his breath, looking at him with a “you know what to do if something happens” look. Sam nodded at Dean and turned his head to look at Nate, shaking his hand.

“So what’s the plan, what should we do?” Madison asked, looking at everyone in the room hopping for an answer. “We could go play golf?” Sam suggested, knowing they couldn’t go to a bar because of Madison’s age. “What are you, 40?” Dean joked, taking a sip of his beer. “Hey, you’re closer to it than I am.” Sam laughed, making everyone else laugh too while Dean growled, knowing how true he was.

“Yeah, let’s play golf it’d be a lot of fun.” You added in, everyone nodding in agreement while Dean sat with his beer in his hands. “I don’t know..isn’t that kind of boring?” Dean asked. You walked over to him and sat on his lap, pressing your cheek against his head and wrapping your arms around his neck, making him smile and hug you tight around your waist. “Ohh pleeaasseee babe, it’ll be fun don’t worry.” you begged, making him smile because he always found it adorable when you begged. “Alright, let’s go.”


You all finally arrived to the golf course. You rode with Sam and Dean while Madison rode with Blair and Nate. “Hi, 6 people please.” Sam said politely to the man at the stand. He passed you 6 golf balls all different colors, and six clubs to go with it.

It was all going well and fun, Dean was still iffy with Nate but you didn’t blame him, he kept trying to talk to you and was always standing a little to close, making Dean step in every time. “Hey Y/N, remember that one time we went golfing and I wrote on your golf ball before you got it "Prom?” and everyone cheered for us?“ he smiled at the memory while you cringed, Dean doing the same.

"Yes, they had shitty food.” you snorted, trying to drop the subject before a fight started. “ah yeah, but you made it ok.” he winked, Dean stepped forward but you put your hand on his chest, trying to back him away. “Behave, you’ll get your reward tonight.” you whispered in his ear, kissing it softly after making him moan under his breath Sam interrupting after by calling Dean’s name for his turn.

Next up was you, you stood behind the ball and swung, missing it by a little bit. Nate came up behind you and place his fingers inbetween yours, making you give him an evil “back off” glare. You could basically hear Dean’s head boil with anger. “Just a friend helping a friend, right?” he whispered in your ear. “Fuck off Nate, we are not friends.” you said with a low tone, pulling away from his touch and hitting the ball harder than you should’ve out of anger. “Hey kid, only my hands are gonna be holding hers so back off.” Dean warned, and he was gone.


You all finally arrived back home, Madison went in her room like normal teenagers do while Blair, Nate, You, Dean and Sam all stayed in the living room carrying on having a good time, drinking a few beers and just having fun until someone had to ruin it.

You went outside to get some air, hearing footsteps come from the other side, making you panic. You grabbed your knife that you always keep in your pocket and had it ready to stab until you saw Nate coming from the corner, holding his hands up. “It’s just me kitten, relax.” he said quietly. “Don’t call me that.” “S-sorry, habit.” you laughed over how stupid of an excuse that was. “Habit?! We’ve been broken up for 6 years, get over it!” you yelled, taking him to surprise. It was quiet for awhile and all you could hear was the wind, and the leaves running against the ground until he spoke up.

“Have you ever wondered how I was, where I’ve been?” he asked with a sad tone. “Yeah for the first few months, than I grew a pair, realized you were an ass for leaving me and got over it-” he cut you off. “I left cause I was scared!” “You left me alone on a vampire hunt! and who saved me?! Dean! Twice he saved me on a vampire hunt and you didn’t do shit!” you yelled louder than expected, hopping nobody inside heard you. “I. Couldn’t. Watch. You. Get. KILLED!” he yelled, tears starting to stream down his cheeks. “And you think  Dean could?! Still!? I bet he couldn’t, and damn I can’t see him get killed either but that doesn’t mean we’re going to leave..cause… cause we’re "scared”“ he didn’t answer and instead took in every word you said, realizing how wrong he was for leaving.

"I’m sorry.” he sighed, looking at you with sadness. “I don’t believe you really are.” you shook your head, laughing in disbelief. “Fine, then I’ll show it.” before you could even ask what he meant he placed his palms over your cheeks and kissed you, hard. You pushed him away and wiped your mouth with your arm. “You idiot! I love Dean!” you yelled, sadly Sam didn’t catch that part and only catch the part where he kissed you, and you didn’t pull away in time before he ran in, not believing what he saw.


It was a few days after, Blair and Nate haven’t been over since that one night. You were at the store with Madison, leaving Sam and Dean alone spending quality brother time together without worrying about hunts since they just went on one yesterday. “Man, I gotta talk to you I can’t keep hiding this.” Sam sighed, looking at Dean with sadness and worry. He’s been replaying that night in his head over and over,  wondering if he should tell his brother who was madly in love with you more than any girl he’s been with, or brush it off and think you didn’t want it. But he had to tell him, it was eating him alive not to.

“Aw man don’t tell me you got a crush on Blair, she’s like a sister man-” Sam cut him off. “No-no, it’s something else..” he picked at his fingers nervously  and thought of the words to say, how can someone tell somebody this? “I’m not really sure who did who…but…” “spit it out Sam.” Dean said, clenching his jaw and staring deeply at Sam, terrified for what he was about to say.

“I saw Y/N and Nate outside, kissing on Sunday.” he sighed, feeling great to finally let it out but terrified for Dean’s reaction. Dean didn’t take his eyes off Sam, trying to see if he was pranking him or not but sadly, he knew it was true. But he also knew you didn’t do it, you couldn’t of. He knew you loved him just as much as he loved you, but he would always love you more. It was that kid, Nate who did it, he knew it.

“I’m going to kill that kid. I’m going to rip him apart!” Dean yelled with anger, getting up and pacing around the room, thinking of ways to destroy him, ways to make him stay away from you and let him know she’s his and only his.  "Now Dean, he’s just a kid-“ Dean cut him off "He’s the same age as me! Quit trying to take his side!” he yelled, shutting Sam up from saying anything else.

It’s been about 10 minutes since Sam told him about what happened. 10 awkward and long minutes without a word after until Dean spoke up again. “How’d you even mange to see?! Like, where was I?! Where were they!” he yelled running his hand through his hair and kicking stuff over. “Uh- they were arguing outside, I heard and went to go make sure everything was ok and then..yeah.” he sighed, looking down at his lap with his hands folded together in between.

“Thank god it was you there and not me cause if It was me? I would’ve killed him right there.” A voice caught both of their attentions and taking them to surprise, even more that it was your voice. “Who?” you asked, looking at Dean with worry. Did he know about the kiss? Did he think it was your fault?

“We’ll talk about it later tonight, I need to take a walk.” Dean sighed, running past you after nearly bumping into you. You looked at Sam with worry, he looked back at you with the same look and just walked past you also, leaving you to yourself.


It was 12 AM, everyone was asleep but You and Dean. He has barely said a word to you all day and you were just thankful it was finally time to talk, to figure out what was wrong even though you already had an idea. You sat on the end of your guys bed that you two shared and placed your elbows on your lap, burying your face in your hands after and taking a deep, long breath and sigh just hopping the talk goes well and things get better.

“We need to talk.” Dean said with a low tone, coming in and closing the door after. “I know we do, sit.” “I’d rather stand, you know how I pace.” he sighed, walking around the room, cracking his knuckles left and right. “Sammy told me something…that he saw-” you cut him off “Nate and I kissing, I know.” you sighed, shaking your head and trying to hold the tears back. You couldn’t even look into his eyes knowing they’d just show hurt and anger, cause of you.

“So you admit to it?” “Would you rather me lie and say we didn’t?” you snapped, taking him to surprise. He didn’t answer and just took everything in. “He did it though, we were arguing and I was telling him how stupid-how terrible he was for breaking my heart and almost getting me killed, he apologized, I didn’t believe him and he kissed me to "prove it”. I pushed him away I guess before Sam saw, and I told him he was an idiot because I. Love. You, Dean.“ you choked on your tears on the last few words, wondering if that was the last time you’d be able to say that.

He must’ve noticed your tears running down your face before you did. He got on his knees, looked into your eyes and wiped your tears away with his thumb, kissing the tear stains after making you smile for a split second. "I believe you honey, I always did. I just wanted to make sure.” he said softly, running his hand through your hair and giving you a soft smile, making you smile too. “How’d you know?” “Because I know you love me, just as much as I love you and I know you would believe me too.” you both smiled at each other and hugged, tightly. You buried your face in his neck and he held on tight, kissing your head.

“But babe, there’s one thing.” “what is it?” you asked, starting to get nervous again. “I’m going to remind you who REALLY, loves you. Who’s only going to be able to touch you, and who’s only going to be the one making you scream in pleasure.” he growled, slowly pushing you on the bed after. You laid on the bed, bringing him with you and kissing each other roughly. You ran your fingers in his hair and tugged, making him moan against your lips and just grip onto you more.

“I’m the only one who gets to grab this ass” he growled, grabbing your ass after, making you moan. “And I’m the only one who’s going to leave these trail marks down your body” he said, kissing, sucking, and biting on your neck and down your chest after, making you tug on his hair and moan more. He stuck his hand under your shirt and groped you, making you bite your lip from trying not to yell so Madison or Sam wouldn’t hear. He pulled off your shirt, and pulled off your pants with them, you doing the same for him. He looked at your body for a few seconds and smiled to himself.“You really have no clue how much I love you.” he whispered, kissing your stomach softly. You ran your fingers through his hair, feeling him smile against your stomach. god this man was amazing you didn’t know how you got so lucky.

“Are you ever going to see Nate again?” He growled into your thighs, nibbling on them. “N-no! Dean, please!” you begged. “You promise?” he asked, running his hand over the front. “Yes! F-fuck!” and that’s all it took, all he wanted was for you to beg and he got it, he won.


The day after You and Dean went to the bar for some drinks while Sam and Madison stayed at home, Sam helped her with homework because he was the smarts of the group, plus you and Dean needed some alone dates anyways that don’t involve killing monsters.

You two walked in, his hand on your butt and never leaving it for a second, letting everyone in the bar know your his, and that he don’t play around. It was all going well, you two shared lots of laughs, memories, and smiles until you went outside to leave, and someone stopped you..Nate.

“Heyyy! Look who it is! Y/N…and…that guy!” he was obviously drunk off his ass, but Dean didn’t care. He wasn’t going to let him get away this time, and you weren’t going to stop him. “Fuck off” Dean warned him, pushing him away with his left hand leaving him wobbly, but he wasn’t going down with a fight and that was a challenge Dean was willing to take.

“Aw what’s the matter Man, you mad cause I got some lip from your girl that night? To bad I didn’t get any hea-” he was cut off by Dean’s fist punching into his face, knocking him on the floor. “Aww, she didn’t tell you? She used to give it to me alll-” he cut him off again, kicking him in the ribs and bending down to his level. He picked him up by the collar of his shirt and punched him until his fists were covered in his blood, and his face was so swollen he couldn’t see a damn thing and all you could hear was mumbles.

“Dean, that’s enough!” you yelled, trying to pull him off but he moved away. He picked him up by the collar of his shirt and threw him against the wall, making him yelp in pain. “You go near my girl again you dick and I won’t stop next time do you hear me?!” “Yes-” he mumbled out, spitting out blood after. Dean kicked him in the shin, making him scream in pain. “What was that? Sorry bad ear!” “Yes!” he yelled, and Dean dropped him to the ground. He moaned in pain and laid there, taking in every last view of you knowing it was the last time he’d ever see you, for sure.

“Just cause you were to blind to see you should’ve treated her right, doesn’t mean I am. I love this girl more than life itself and I’ll be damned if I’m going to lose her to a bitch. Your luck.” and you two were gone.

You climbed into the impala, you were speechless. You never saw Dean act like that before, especially over you. “Sorry for going insane over there it’s just, I love you. So damn much, and I can’t lose you. There ain’t no me if there ain’t no you, Y/N. I’m sorry.” he sighed, feeling a tear slip down his cheek. “Kiss me you big dork.” you smiled, making him smile too realizing you weren’t mad. He pulled you in and kissed you deeply, like nothing else mattered but you…and him.


Blair: I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when they find out it’s the prince. You are not to breathe a word of this. Normally you’d have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. I’m only grandfathering you in because of Serena.

Charlie: That him right over there? Don’t understand why you guys are ignoring each other.

Blair: That’s because you’re from Florida. 

-Favorite Scene 4x19 Part 4: Petty in Pink

Chapter 13


“I dont give a Fuck niggah , Find the motherfucker or its ya head”. I spat into the Black Iphone before hanging up .

Resting my head back against the leather chair of my warehouse office. I tried taking deep breaths to control my breathing.

Ever since Ive been released Ive been lowkey stressing.

Someone shot me and I still have yet to find any leads on the shooter. And I be damned if they tried to harm Blair .

Knocking on the door, brought me back to reality. I unclenched my fists.

“Come in” I grumbled

“Aye boss, Ty called they say the need you down at the club.” my runner Donte said standing at the entrance.

Letting out an aggravated sigh. I nodded my head , letting him know I heard him and he could leave. I huffed.

Grabbing my phone and keys, I made my way out the warehouse.

4 hours later

Walking into the house, I kicked of my Js and sluggishly walked to the kitchen.

The sight in front of me was enough to make me forget all of my stress and troubles of today from endless leads to the foolishness at the club.

Blair was only in her peach lace bra and some Victoria secret Yoga shorts. Her black curly tresses cascading down her back .

Her back was turned as she face the stove. Cooking what smelt like salmon. So she didnt notice me yet.

I couldnt help but lick my lips at how her ass sat up in them shorts. And that arch . Shaking my head , I readjusted CJ before clearing my throat.

Her head snapped towards me as she held on he chest.

“Shit babe , you scared me” she glared while trying to regain her breath.

I shrugged before chuckling, “Sorry Babymama” I said before wrapping my arms around her.

Her head fell as she blushed. Every since we decided to try for a baby, my little remarks have her blushing like crazy.

If it wasnt for her hershey kiss skin Im pretty sure her whole face would red.

I smirked at her, before giving her a nice long sensual kiss, then I bent down to kiss her soon to be swollen belly. She ran her white painted claws through my curls.

“C’mon papi , lets eat” She said as he turned of the burner.

“Aarrrrgghhhh” i burped loudly. I chuckled at the stank face Blair was giving me.

“Keep looking at me like that and ya Face gon get stuck” I snickered before getting up to place my empty plate in the dish washer.

“Fuck You” I heard her mumble.

I grabbed her by the hips and pressed her barely naked ass on my hard on.

“Dont start nothing you cant finish ma” I grumbled, nesting my face in her neck. Inhaling my favorite scent on her . Chanel no. 5

“Staawwwppp papiii” She wined tryin to stifle the moan daring to come out.

I chuckled letting her go and grabbed a hand full of that ass before smacking it. Shit gets getting phat.

She arched her back, looking at me before biting her lip and switching her ass out the kitchen.

I adjusted the front of sweats.

Shaking my head, this girl gon be the death of me .

A Beautiful death it will be though…


Shimmying into my high waist skirt, I huffed as I finally got the fabric over my ass.

I swear before Chris I was all stick and bones with just a pinch of curves.

But Now? tuh Thanks to him my body was becoming more curvaceous.

And I am not complaining. My Hips , Thighs , And Ass is Giving me Life.

I am Definitely feeling myself .

And ofcourse Chris cant keep his hands off me.

Pulling my matching crop top over my head, I pulled my long curls out of the messy bun.

Grabbing my white YSL pumps, I cut off the lights and walking out of the wardrobe.

“Damnn” I heard Chris mumble , as I walked over to my Vanity.
I subtly smirked.

Sitting down , I grabbed my Black MAC make up box to start on my makeup.

Leaning over, I concentrated on my concealing my eyebrows than started conturing my nose.

Lastly I added a touch of mascara and my favorite Plum mac lipstick to make my lips pop.

Just as I was finishing up, Chris swept my hair to one side and began kissing all over my neck .

As if on cue my front teeth began tugging on my bottom lip as I tried to regain control of my hormones.

His ass is not slick , He knows that my spot . Well one of them.

“C’mon Riceeyy,…s-shittt….. you know I have to go to…w-work.” I moaned trying to fight the urges.

“I know baby , but damn , You see the way I got that ass sitting up in this Skirt ,and dont gimme started on them thighs….Shiit” he grumbled while his big hands rubbed over his favorite spots before stopping on my right thigh to give it a smack.

I stood up , as I tried to maneuver away from him. ” Like what you see huh Papii ” I teased before smirking.

“Hell yeaaa, ion even know if I wanna Let you leave . Giving niggahs free previews and shit” He grumbled rubbing his chin hair as his jaw clenched.

I rolled my eyes. Ofcourse he wouldnt go a day without the possessiveness coming out.

I bent down to slide in my pumps, and gold anklet chain that read “Breezy”.

He thought it would be a good way to let niggas know Im taken by Him.

But Accessories are my weakness and I love the cursive letters design , so I let him be great.

Shaking my head, ” Boy please , damn near the whole damn city knows Im with you so chill” I stated , before grabbing my Chanel purse and my Iphone 6 plus.

“Yea ard , but I gotta go down the warehouse later then my moms. So text me” He stated.

I nodded, ” k papii”

Before I could leave, He grabbed my Jaw in between his had and placed his big lips to mines.

Sucking on my bottom lip, I gasped . His tongue slid in as I gave him full access. Sucking on his tongue he groaned before pecking multiple kisses while grabbing my ass in his other hand.

“Be good, Love you” I smirked placing one last kiss on his plump ones before walking out.

“Im always good, Love you too QweenBreezy” He yelled out in between chuckles from the bedroom.

Shaking my head, I chuckled.


Sighing , I place the gun down before wiping off the fresh neck tattoo and wrapped it up.

“Ok your all set, you can pay at the front desk” I told the customer.

“Thanks ma, good look” he nodded before heading out.

Glancing down at my white diamond Rolex , I saw that I now had a couple more minutes left before heading out.

Getting up , I began discarding the needles and gloves and cleaning up my station.

The iphone custom ringtone brought my attention to the screen.

It was a Jersey area code, letting me know that my father was in fact calling.

Tapping the green circle to accept, I brought the phone up to my ear.

“Hello this is a prepaid call from Fort Dix Corrections facility from inmate Darroll Carter , please press 1 to accept this call, if not please press..”

I automatically pressed 1, and waited to hear his voice.

“Baby girl” he greeted. I smiled widely. Me and my dad didn’t have the best relationship due to him being busy running his cartel, but nonetheless Im a Daddy’s girl at heart.

“Hi daddy ” , I chuckled.

“Hows my princess, I missed you” his raspy chuckles filled my ears.

“Im good daddy, I missed you too… You needa stay outta trouble mr” I teased. For the last two month he was in contemporary confinement for what? I have no clue. My dad is the type to due what he want when he feels like it. Jail has rules and being the person he is, he refuses to cooperate sometimes.

He sighed, ” I know baby girl but you know how I am ”

“I know I know” I sighed.

“Anyways how’s everything with you? Wassup with work and school? Any knucklehead boys?”

My heart began to speed up as I knew sooner or later I was going to have to tell my dad about Chris and I. But I was nervous as hell.

When it comes to boys, My dad could be irrational and overbearing. Especially with how bad things ended up with my Ex Raheem. But thats another story in itself.

“School is great dad, its almost the end up the semester so finals are coming soon and work is going smoothly. Uncle Shawn really proud of me handling things around here” I smiled

“Thats wonderful baby girl, I proud of you…I really am. If theres nothing I ever did good in this world, atleast I can say I gave life to you. You are my biggest accomplishment ” he sounded as if he was on the verge of tears with so much sincerity in his voice. My dad never been the one to show vulnerability so I knew he wasn’t going to actually shed tears.

“Thank you Dad, Im happy I could make you proud.” I wiped the brim of my eyes before tears could fall

“But what about guys babygirl, you dating anyone ” he asked in a warning tone. As if he wanted me to say no but would cuss me out if I lied.

I blushed slightly at the thought of Chris. ” Actually… uh I have a b-boyfriend daddy” I stuttered nervously before nibbling on my bottom lip

“A boyfriend huh? , whats this lil niggahs name?” he asked in a stern voice. I almost laughed when he called lil niggah considering Chris has a few inches on him.

“His name is Chris daddy, Christopher Brown” I said

“Mhmm , and what does this Chris do? Is he employed ” he asked

I sighed, this is the hard part. I really didnt wanna lie but I didn’t want him to blow up. Telling him Chris is a Druglord is definitely a no no. I knew he would never want me with someone that was in the same career choice as he was.

“He owns a club daddy” I mumbled, It wasnt a complete lie. Chris does own a club and soon he would be out the game. But I know that takes time, He’s not just a runner, He owns the cartel so it a bit difficult to quit.

“Mhmm” he answered as if he knew he was lying. I swallowed hard. “ Any does he treat you like the Queen you are?” he asked in demanding tone.

“Yes daddy, He treats me like I am his Queen. He takes very good care of me and treats me with some much love ” I blushed.

“Okay Baby, I trust you. But if he hurts you in anyway thats his head” I nodded my head quickly as if he could see. As I knew he was dead serious.

“Got it daddy-
“You now have 1 minute left ” the automatic woman stated”

"Ard princess, gotta go. But you be careful and take care of ya self. You my one and Only … I love you” he grumbled

“Okay daddy, Love you more. Take care”

“Ok baby talk to ya later” he said before we disconnected.

I sighed getting up and grabbing my purse and taking out my keys to leave.

Hopping into my White Bentley, I placed my purse in the passenger seat and hooked up my phone to the aux cord.

“Tapping the voice command, ” Call hubby “ I commanded.

"Calling Hubby” siri voice retorted back before the rings filled the car.

After three rings he answered, “Wassup baby”

As if on cue I blushed, smiling like a highschool that finally got her crush to notice here.

Its amazing how we’ve been together almost 8 months now and he still has this affect on me.

“Nothing baby, just left work . Im in the car now . Where are you?” I asked, turning on my right signal to turn.

“ Shit , im at Moms. Come thru im boutta text you the address” he said before hanging up

After he sent the address and I put into the navigation system, I was parked in front of her house before Chris’s car in less than 20 minutes.

Sighing , I grabbed my bag and phone and got out the car.

I stood for second contemplating on calling Chris for him to come out or knocking on the door.

Me and his mom were still on the rocks. She hasnt said any remarks but wasnt very welcoming.

Letting my nerves get the best of me, I unlocked my phone ready to call Chris.

Before I could tap his name, the front door opened and a shirtless Chris came out treading down the porch.

Locking my phone, I made my way over to him.

As usual , my arms found their way around his torso as He grabbed my face planting soft kisses on my lips while his other hand cuffed my ass. He groaned pulling away.

“I missed you” I sighed, as I nested my face into his chest. Having heels on gave me a few inches so it wasnt too much of a strain to look up.

He bent down and kissed my forehead. “I missed you more mama, I knew ya ass was to scared to knock so I came out” he joked.

I sucked my teeth “whatever”

Grabbing my hand, he guided up the porch and into the house.

Walking into the living I was met with Ty, Jesse, and a few of Chris cousins.

“Wassup sis” Jesse grumbled pulling me into a hug before Tyga repeated the same actions.

Before I could even let go of Ty, I was snatch from his embrace.

“Ight that enough” Chris grumbled. My jealous King.

Shaking my head, I chuckled.

Ty sucked his teeth, “Over protective ass nigga” he mumbled. Chris shrugged

“Ion give a fuck” he mumbled before picking up the controller with his free hand while the other rubbed my thigh.

I giggled.

“Anyway hows my future babymomma doing” Austin smirked as he plopped down next to me and wrapped his arm around me.

Before I could respond , I heard Austin cursing under his breath while Chris twisted his arm without a care in the world.

“What was that youngin” He smirked

“C’mon CB shit , lemme go” Austin winded trying to shake free

Shaking me head, I pulled on the side of Chris’s shirt to get his attention.

“Rice , let the boy go. he was just playing” I chuckled

Chris kissed his teeth but obliged. “Lucky she here nigga” he grumbled.

I stroked his clenching jaw, “Calm down papi, why so grouchy today” he shrugged. I sighed in defeat.

But smiled when I felt him nest his face jn the crook of my neck, inhaling my scent before planting kisses along my neck.

“Dont worry babymomma, I gotchu as soon as you get away from Ike” he chuckled.

I shook my head , and rolled my eyes playfully. “Leave my Simba alone” I pouted .

Chris chuckled at me.

Laying back, I got comfortable layin against Chris sideways while my legs rested in Austin lap. My heels were in the corner. I was extremely comfortable

We all were in the living room, watching Chris and Jesse play Call of Duty. They were too hype for no reason. But entertaining nonetheless.

“Boys the food’s ready, come wash ya hands” Mama Hawkins entered the room.

When her eyes landed on me. She did something I wasn’t expecting, she smiled.

“Hi Ms.Hawkins” I smiled nervously.

“Hello Blair, I didnt know you were here. . What a pleasant surprise. Your staying for dinner? …I’ll go set an extra space.” she hurried out of the room before I could give an answer.

Everyone took that as their cue to start straightening up before heading to the kitchen.

I looked a Chris, hoping he knew her sudden change of heart towards me.

“Relax baby, We had a talk and she’s apologetic and wants yall to have a good relationship.” He smiled, hugging me closer.

“Really?” I smiled, feeling some what relieved.

“Yup, she admitted she can see how much you love me and was wrong for doubting that” he nodded pulling me towards the kitchen.

For dinner, Mama Hawkins made baked macaroni, collard greens, ribs, cornbread, and sweet potato pie.

Im pretty sure I gained at least 10 pounds from how much I ate.

But I was really feining for some of that pie.

Mama Hawkins handed me a plate “Here ya sweetie, that’s enough or-

As soon as the smell hit my nose, my stomach churned. I clamped my hand over my mouth and ran to the bathroom down the hall.

Someone was right on my heels, as expected it was Chris.

Kneeling over the toliet, I began to hurl up every. Tears were running down my face as I held my neck to sooth my burning throat .

I flushed the toliet as Chris rubbed circles on my back to comfort me while holding my hair.

After I was done, he helped me up and ran some water over a towel to pat down my face.

“You okay mama” Chris asked with worry over his face.

Before I could respond someone knocked on the door,

“Come in” he said.

Mama Hawkins came through with a ginger ale, “You alright sweetie?” she asked one eyebrow raised

“Yea thank you , Mustve been something I had earlier. I don’t know” I stated in a embarrassed tone.

“Mhmm, or maybe a life is forming” she smirked at Chris and I

I opened my mouth to disagree, but quickly closed it when I fathomed she could be right.

Me and Chris were having a lot of unprotected sex ever since we decided to have baby.

We weren’t really planning . We just decided to just make love and if a new life was formed out of that then so be it.

Maybe I really was pregnant….

SoMa Week 2015, Day 2: Cuddles

Prepare for fluff. (Also, keep in mind that these fics are nonlinear, so Soul and Maka’srelationship will change from prompt to prompt.)

SoMa Week 2015

Day 2: Cuddles

Description: It’s unusually chilly in DeathCity, and Blair’s taken all the blankets to work for her clients. When an icestorm hits and the power goes out, Soul and Maka are left freezing with only one blanket between them.

Winter didn’t frequently visit Death City, Nevada. Often, if a chance cold front happened to move in, it only lasted for a single week in January or February. As a result, white Christmases were unheard of among those born and raised in the Reaper’s city, and no one really had any winter clothes, coats, or hats. Death forbid that anyone should own snow-boots. The entire city all but completely shut down during the rare week of winter, because no one wanted to go outside in the “freezing” weather of forty-five degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep reading

Chapter 14

“ Baby I paint the Sky Blue , My Greatest Creation was You”


Easing down on the break pedal , I stopped at the red light.

We had just left my moms house not too long ago and were now on our way home.

Theres was a eery silence between Blair and I. My Pandora R&B station was playing lowly through the car speakers.

Glancing over at Blair, she was turned facing the door looking out the window in deep thought .

I sighed out loudly, before driving through the green light.

Ten minutes later, I pulled in the garage and parked.

Blair was still in a trance, she hadnt even moved. I know she’s probably scared but this silence is killing me.

Cutting the engine, must’ve got her attention because she finally unbuckled her seatbelt and made her way out the car to the door.

Running my hand over my face, I got out and followed.

It was around 10 at night and after today a nigga was pretty tired to be honest.

Sluggishly walking up the steps to the bedroom. Blair was on the edge of the bed taking out her heels.

I kicked of my jays and tossed my shirt in the hampers before heading to the bathroom.

After pissing, I disregarded the rest of my clothes and turned on the shower. I made the temperature steaming hot before stepping in.

The scorching hot water relaxed my tense muscles. From inside I could hear the plasma tv playing.

Rubbing on some Axe body wash, I lathered up my chest and arms.

I then saw Blairs naked silhouette outside the glass door before the door was opened. Cold air replacing the steam before being closed.

I stood under the water letting soap wash away. I then felt her arms wrap around my lower torso from behind. Her nipples pressed against my hard back .

I turned around .

I just stared at her. Not sure what to do, not knowing if she was gonna finally speak or not.

Her curly long hair was sitting up in a curly messy bun while her perky breasts sat up pretty. I licked my lips.

Looking up at me, I felt like her brown eyes were screaming at me to hold her before she breaks.

My heart pulled before I grabbed her and wrapped her up in my arms and caressed her back.

Her hear laid on my chest while she grabbed my sides tightly releasing a shaky breath.

After washing eachother, we laid in bed wrapped up with eachother.

But still no words were spoken.

Blair was now laying on my chest while her legs wrapper around me from each side. My right hand rest inside her shorts rubbing her lil butt while my left hand rest behind my head.

Compared to me she was a midget. So she could lay on me and I wouldnt be uncomfortable at all. She seemed to love being up under me and I couldnt lie and say I didnt either.

Felt like my whole body was at ease.

My Obsession. My Drug.

“Im scared” she whispered.

I looked at her. Being that she was so quiet for a while it took me a minute to respond. But I knew what she was referring to.

“Of what ma, You got me? Im here for you every step of the way” I reassured her, kissing her forehead.

“I know I know , Im just nervous.” She mumbled.

I nodded. “That’s understandable mama, Im pretty sure all parents are”

“Take the test with me tomorrow?” she asked looking at me.

“Ofcourse, you had no choice” I chuckled. She smiled


“Blair if you dont get ya ass on that toilet and piss already ” Chris grumbled halting my pacing.

I sighed. He was right. I needed to get this over with before I drove myself crazy.

I appreciate Chris for being there for me though. When Mama Hawkins suggested that I immediately went into worry. The one thing I always fear was being Pregnant and alone. But I just have to trust Chris.

So after last night, I felt so much more better. So this morning Chris and I headed to CVS and picked up three different pregnancy tests.

And on the way back I drunk 2 bottles of juice, So my Blatter had no choice to comply.

“Ok ok” I pouted.

Unbuckling my jeans, I pulled it down along with my panties and sat holding the sticks

Chis was sitting on top of the sink staring at me. I blushed in embarrassment. He was making me nervous.

“Riceeeeyyyyyyy staaawwwpppp staring” I pouted.

He chuckled. “C’mon babe this isnt the first time”

“So your making me nervous which is making me not pee” I groaned.

“Woman piss on the damn stick !! Piss already” He roared playfully.

“Sike babe, can you please pee on the stick” He asked sweetly poking out his bottom lip.

I laughed loudly shaking me head ” Childish”

He sucked his teeth.

Few moments later , I finally did.

After wiping, flushing, and washing my hands . We laid the three test on the counter and set the time and waited 5 minutes.

“Okay babymomma after you give me my son , I want my Lor chocolate daughter cool? because my son gotta be first to protect my princess ” He smiled widely.

I looked at him blankly. “Niggah if you dont get the fuck” I laughed before hopping up on the sink.

He mugged me.

Tapping my nails, I waited impatiently. Finally the timer went off.

I froze and looked at Chris.

He looked at me smiling before picking up one of the test.

I didnt dare to look, I just watched his face.

His eyebrows meshed together while his lips poked out.

“Uh babe what do the little blue line mean” he asked.
I hopped down and grabbed the box, before covering my mouth.

My eyes watered.



Im. Pregnat.

“What what?” Chris asked anxiously.

“pregnant” I whispered.

“yo forreal ”

Looking at the other two they both had the same results.

“All three say pregnant Chris” I jumped up and down.

He grabbed me and lifted me up in the air before sitting me on the sink.

He grabbed my face in his hands kissed me hard.

“I love you sooo fuckin much” he grumbled after releasing me. I blushed.

“ I love youu too Papii Breezy” I smiled.

He chuckled , before pecking my lips then my jaw down to my neck and down to stomach placing multiple kisses.

“Who should we tell first” I squealed.

“Shit ion know but Moms and Jesse definitely gon be mad if Ion tell them first” He chuckled.

I nodded.

“Maybe we should have a little barbecue and invite everyone to tell them the news” Chris suggested.

“Yeah but I definitely have to make a doctor appointment before anything just to make sure” I sighed.

“Yea yea , ofcourse ”


“You good” Chris asked me before closing the truck door.

We were in Chris new Black SUV with His Bodyguards Ramone and Leo up front.

It was now in the middle of the afternoon and we just came from my doctor’s appointment.

After taking the test the doctor confirmed I was now 4 weeks into my first trimester. I was so excited. I mean store bought tests can be wrong so I wanted to be 100%.

But now I know for sure it feels so surreal. Theres a baby really growing inside of me.

And Chris looked so Proud. I can tell he was truly happy.

Now I was starving though but we were on our way to a few stores to pick up some things for the barbecue.

We were now in Walmart to pick up a few things. But Chris big kid ass kept tossing junk food in the cart.

I shook my head as he dumped three boxes of fruit rollup in .

Rolling past him to the frozen foods section to get the burgers and hotdogs to grill.

After going back and forth with Chris childish ass about the junk food he kept grabbing we were finally able to check out and head home .


I flopped down on the couch next to Chris. I was tired. After shopping and we came home about two hours ago .

I already had the macaroni salad, potato salad, crab cakes, devil eggs, and fried chicken done.

Mama hawkins and the crew were all bringing along other foods.

And When people start arriving Chris can start on the Grill.

Chris already cleaned the outside and sat out the grill and tables and chairs. The stereo system was already set up.

Soo we had a few hours to relax before anyone arrived.

Chris was already drained. He was laying down shirtless with his mouth slightly ajar and one hand in his basketball shorts.

As usual his member was hard and straining to be released. I could easily see the print. I bit my lip.

Only he can be laying there doing nothing at all and get me hot and bothered.

I am truly lucky to be blessed with this fine piece of specimen for a man.

Due to both of our busy schedules we hadnt had any sexual interaction in a week. With us thats not normal.

Sitting up, I rid of all my clothing on to the carpet.

I really wanted him deep inside of me but the way his pink plump lips were puckered up they were calling me.

The way he was laying I could easily sit my pretty ass on his face and not suffocate him.

Standing on the couch, I stood over him and threw one leg over and gently sat my pussy on his lips.

Then as if the sex gods answered my prayers he licked his lips which caused his tongue to graze over my wet bulb.

I moaned in relief and anticipation.

I began rocking my hips against his fat lips as they rubbing over my clit making me throb more.

He finally awoke as I stared down at his wide eyes.

I bit my lip as he gave me pussy a sloppy wet kiss with his fat lips. I grabbed on to his curls with one hand while grabbing my breast with the other.

I felt his long tongue separate my lips more and dive into my hole .

As if on my cue my walls clenched around his thick tongue.

“You woke me up now so ride my fucking face” He grumbled while smacked my ass.

“shhhee-ittt” I moaned out as my hips rocked faster while his tongue applied pressure .

He grabbed my thighs shoving my pussy futher in his face before shaking his head quickly side to sided. As I felt a pinch in my stomach .

He stiffen his thick tongue and began tongue fucking me as I began bouncing up and down.

“Chris . . Chris .. f-fuckk” I screamed as my legs began to shake.

I was now flipped over on my back . The bottom portion of his face was dripping with my juices.

He pulled my legs all the way up to my shoulder while his hands rested on thighs holding them down.

He dived back in face first. Slurping, sucking, biting and licking all over my pussy.

He then pulled away and slapped my clit. I bit my bottom lip on pleasure.

“Look at that gushy shit” he grumbled to himself stuffing two fingers in. “Taste so fucking sweet” he moan into my wetness.

My back arched from the vibration.

He kept his fingers at a even pace while sucking on my clit while his tongue flicked it quickly.

I look down at the beautiful sight while grabbing on his now blonde again curls.

“mhmmm… papii” I moaned as my legs began to shake.

He began fingering me faster with his long fingers. “Cum in my mouth” he grumbled

“Shit shit shit , Im …I boutta - ” My body trembled as my juices began squirting out. Chris kept sucking and slurping while fingering faster letting me ride out my orgasm.

Releasing my legs, he came up sucking my juices of his fingers. I laid there trying to control my breathing.

After that, I dont know if I could take any dick. I couldnt even feel my lower half.

He pulled down his shorts and briefs. I bit my lip watching my Monsta come into view.

He bit his lips, stroking himself while looking at my pussy.

Grabbing the base, he ran his shaft up and down my slippery lips. I shuddered from still being sensitive.

The look he was giving me was enough to make me cum again.

He circled my clit with his tip, giving me the most greatest feeling of stimulation.

He grabbed my thighs wrapping them around his waist and slammed be against the nearest wall.

Then what he did next was enough to make my eyes roll back. He circled his hips giving me the most deepest slow strokes.

I could feel him in my fucking stomach. I felt myself cumming non stop.

He looked down watchin his self slip in out my wetness.

“ Damn , you creaming all over my shit, fuck” he grunted.

My walls clenched involuntarily.

“Fuck” he slapped my thigh and leaned in to peck my pouty lips.

I moaned out before sucking all over his neck marking my territory.

He pinned me against the wall and went painfully slow hitting all my spot I even know I had.

I couldnt even form words.

He was working my body so good Tears were forming.

“mhmmm, C-Chris” my nails dug into his flexing muscles.

He stared at me with so admiration, love and lust. I felt as if he was making love to my soul.

He kept giving me slow deep strokes while grabbing my neck kissing me so hard I could still taste myself.

Each slow pump turned into a hard deep thrust. I couldnt help but bite my lip as my nipples turned rock hard.

Everytime he thrusted upward his dick penetrated my clit making the pressure built up even more.

“Damn… I fucking , love you mama” he grunted in my ear as he sucked on my neck. His hands were squeezing my thighs so tight as he pumped harder.

“I love you too , mhmm daddy , I love you too” I screamed cumming all over his thick length , as my back rubbed up and down against the wall.

I felt his dick swell letting me know his close now.

I wanted to make his orgasm feel as good as he made me feel.

Pushing him off, he caught on and laid back against the carpet .

Grabbing his dick, I placed it at my entrance before sliding down.

“mhmmm ” I moaned.

I began riding up and down making my ass bounce

He eyebrows meshed together as sweat form and his bottom lip was tucked in.

Leaning forward, I placed my hands on his chest and began clapping my ass on his dick.

“Shit baby, just like that ” he moaned. I smirked.

Chris usually was always the one in control when it comes to sex so every now and then he breaks down and I make him my bitch… .And I love it.

Bringing him pleasure brings me pleasure.

While popping my pussy , I began nibbling and kissing on his spot below his ear.

He Immediately grabbed my ass , diggin his nails into my skin.

That turned me on even more. I slid up to the tip before clenching my walls. His body bucked forward in pleasure as his eyes rolled back.

I smirked.

“Damn , shit stop” He gritted as he slapped my ass.
I shook my head.

“Come in ya pussy papii” I purred kissing his lips.

He looked at my with the most sexiest expression as I felt his dick twitch.

Speeding up I quickly bounced up and down digging my nails in his chest.

He bit his lip so hard, so I knew he was gonna come.

Keeping the pace , I reached back and grabbed his balls to make his orgasm more intense.

Grabbing my hips tightly, His body start shaking as he pumped upward hard shooting up his load deep inside me.

Which brought me to my own orgasm as my legs shook as he quickly rubbed my clit making my juices drip down his shaft.

Coming down, I passed out on his chest while we both breathed hard to catch our breath.

“Damn they aint lyin when they say pregnant pussy is the best pussy” he chuckled through heavy breaths.

I rolled my eyes , smirking.

“C’mon baby , we gotta straighten up and shower” he said grabbing a hand full of my bottom.

I sighed, I silently cursed myself for agreeing to this bbq instead of planning to stay wrapped up in his embrace all day.

I pouted as he chuckled at my facial expression.

After wiping down the living room and scattered clothing we showered together adding a round 2.

The Bbq hasnt even started and I was already feeling restless and tired.

Chris thought that shit was so funny.


Stepping into the bedroom as the water beads dripped down to my chest to abs to my towel that hung around my v line.

I grabbed my buzzing phone as unlocked it to view the incoming notification.

Unknown: congratulations poppa breezy , too bad you won’t be around to watch ya first child grow.

I clenched my jaw as my fist wrapped around the Iphone so tight it would crush.

Raging was an understatement to how I was feeling.

I already put two and two together that whoever this motherfucker was must’ve been the one who shot me.

Even more, I wanna know how they hell they found out about Blair’s pregnancy .

I was pissed, fustrated and mostly worried.

Being the man I am I feared damn near no one or anything, If your name wasn’t Blair Kimberly Carter then you couldn’t possibly hurt me.

I will lay out and take several bullets if that meant protecting Mines, and if that pussy ass motherfucker knows whats good for him he’ll be sure to never come near her.

The sound of the shower stopping brought me out my thoughts.

Being today was the day we were supposed to spread our happiness along with the news of my baby, I didnt want her to worry.

Quickly I began drying off and getting dressed. I know Im the one who’s most likely going to let everyone in and play host for a few due to Blair’s slowness.

“So whatcha saying is someone is really after you"Jesse spat in an aggravating tone.

"Yeah man” shaking my head I inhaled the blunt.
“Crazy part is I dont even know why”

“True shit” Ty agreed. “I mean even though we might be some heartless ass niggahs we do pretty good business with some cool ass people ” He shook his head.

“That’s what Im saying“‘I grumbled irritably.

"And wassup with the number” Jesse asked

“I dont know , shit was a block number, like they called text me but I couldn’t reply… so I gave it to Whiz , hopefully he can track it.

"Mane that shit is crazy, whoever this niggah is, he’s a straight bitch. Doing all that creeping and hiding and shit” Jesse spat

“I know man , shit is stressful though. Im trying not to let it get to me because face it Im the King of this fucking city. Mofos gotta be crazy to cross me, ” I shook my head releasing a sigh. “ But i just dont want Blair to be any danger because of me” I glanced at her, sitting with my aunts and the girls laughing and talking.

I was mesmerized. She look flawless with a bit of glow.

“Yea I feel you, But if shit starts popping off you got us bruh” Ty stated. Jesse nodded.

“Yeah i know mane, preciate it” he blew out smoke before knocking off the burning ashes.

“Foods done!!” Nicole big mouth loud ass yelled.

Everyone gather around the table and lounging chairs we had set up.

As usual, Blair began filling up my plate for me. I couldnt help but find myself staring. My chest tightened with the overwhelming feeling of my love for her.

She was truly my Angel.

I felt a sting of sadness hit. After she got out the shower she automatically knew something was wrong no matter how much I was trying to cover up my anger.

After a couple failed attempts to find out my problem she let me be and barely spoke to me since.

And that was nearly two hours ago.

After fixing both out plates, she sat close next me and got comfortable.

That’s one thing I admired about her that seem to also rubbed off on me.

No matter how mad we were at eachother we still took care of eachother and didnt stray away.
She would get annoyed with me being an asshole and ignore me but still cuddle up to me and kiss me and care for me.

And I loved her for that.

“Thank you mama” I planted a meaningful kiss oh her light pink shaded lips.

She blushed. “You welcome Papi”

I leaned in closer, wrapping my arm around her. ” Im sorry bout earlier mama, just some business shit, I really didnt bring down our good day thats why I brushed off … forgive me.” I whispered before kissed her ear.

She smiled faintly nodding. “I understand, but no matter what Im here for you” she brushed her thumb over my freckles.

I kissed her palm before taking it in mines. “I know wifey , thanks”

“Ayeee Bella & Edward yall done whispering and shit” Nicole joked.

Everyone else snickered while I mugged her childish ass. Ion look nothing like that pale face ass leach.

The bbq was a blast though. We ate , told stories , and joked around.

Blair was inside getting dessert while Momma was telling me about one of her old friends.

To be honest I was barely listening. I was just so nervous to everyone reactions to the news.

I mean regardless if their happy for us or not doesnt matter as long me Queen is good.

“Alright La familia Dessert time ” she came out holding a tray of cupcakes.

We came up with this idea at the doctors that we should spice it up a little.

So Blair cooked her favorite dessert of black button cupcakes and added letters to then with vanilla and chocolate frosting.

She passed around the tray so everyone could take one. Ofcourse they were scrambled so no one could get it immediately. All they saw were letters.

Blair’s cupcake had “Ba” and mines”by”

“Aye bruh wtf is up with these letters” Jesse exclaimed.

“Yea ” Peyton chuckled.

“Language J” Mama warned.

“Well think as it as clueless , just a little family fun"Blair smirked.

Everyone was clueless and were having a hard time figuring out the beginning so we gave them hints.

"Ok ok , everyone state what yall came up with” Blair clapped after the 15minute time went off.

Nicki went first “We” she help up her cupcake

“Are” Ty said

“Hav” Jesse yelped.

“ing” Peyton followed

“ A ” Mama smiled

“Ba” “By” Blair & I screamed.

“Oh my goodness, Im gonna be a grandmother ” She smiled big showcasing her dimples.

“Congratulations” and hugs and kisses went around.

“Girrllaaa you gon be one hot mama, Team Milf with Amber and Chyna” Nicole winked to Blair.

She smiled bashfully in embarrassment.

“Fr tho Congrats man, thats big. Lor nigga gon be Lucky to have you as a Father” Jesse patted my shoulder.

“Thanks alot man, I appreciate that” I nodded and dapped him.

Jesse and I both had rough childhoods and both lack a good father so we could sympathize in that area.

I always knew if I ever had a child I wouldnt be a deadbeat father or shitty ass dad.

After going through childhood wishing you had a dad that was there for you I knew what that feels like and wouldn’t want my kid to ever feel like that.