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based on the prompt “I accidentally took your notebook thinking it was mine and you have really nice handwriting and cute doodles” AU from this AU post. Also for my klaine bingo prompt “history”. hope you enjoy :)

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Blaine Anderson has not had the best week.

On Monday he slept through his alarm and didn’t have time to shower and re-gel his hair, so his hair was a total mess. Brittany followed him around all day petting him and asking if she could shave his head and use it as a blanket for her cat. It wasn’t as bad as it could be, but it was still pretty humiliating.

On Tuesday Kurt Hummel sat beside him in History and he wasn’t able to get anything done. Then, just as he was getting ready to leave, Kurt smiled at him and said he liked his bow tie. He didn’t get anything done for the rest of the day.

On Wednesday his mom surprised him by announcing that she’d done laundry while he was at school, and when he checked the dryer later he found his favorite bow tie had been completely mangled.

On Thursday Azimio Adams dumped a slushie over his head, effectively ruining the brand new sweater vest his mom had bought him as an apology for ruining his favorite bow tie.

And now it’s Friday and he just wants to finish his homework and lie on the couch and think about how Kurt Hummel had commented on his bow tie again today, but he can’t even do that because it turns out he accidentally picked up Kurt’s notebook instead of his own and now he doesn’t have any of the notes he wrote in class today to help him with said homework.

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Ficlet: Which doth mock the meat it feeds on (NC-17)

Sort of reaction fic to 5x09, but not entirely. 2000ish words pertaining to Blaine’s reaction to Elliott. Includes spoiler spec for future episodes. Title stolen from Othello:

O, beware, my lord, of jealousy;
It is the green-ey’d monster, which doth mock
The meat it feeds on.


It’s just a stupid picture.

It’s not that it’s constantly on his mind, or even at the back of it. But it moves in and out with a word sometimes, with an image or a memory or a laugh on the end of a phone call. It’s there every time Kurt says his name during one of their calls or when his eyes light up when he talks about band practice over Skype. And it’s there when he sees Kurt step into the airport terminal and when he pulls him into the backseat of his car, the memory of the picture Becky had flashed at him in the hallway, trying to get a rise out of him. And it did, and it has every time he has thought about it or looked at it since.

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Fic: Covert Cupid

When nerd!Kurt draws jock!Blaine’s name for a gift exchange, he decides to muster up his courage and leave him gifts that he should actually like. He can’t tell who’s doing the same for him, though…. (ft. Hummelberry friendship!)

~2100 words, PG.

The thing Kurt usually hated most about McKinley was its complete inability to handle students who could read anything more stimulating than Hop on Pop, but that week, the Valentine’s Day campaign the student council was running managed to steal that honor.

“This is the dumbest thing,” Kurt muttered to Rachel as they waited for AP Gov to begin. “They literally just renamed Secret Santa ‘Covert Cupid’ and forced us all to pick names from a hat if we wanted to get into the caf at all today. Who even came up with this idea?”

“I think it was those new freshmen, the McCarthy twins?” Rachel said, straightening her binder. “They went to some magnet school before transferring last semester and brought all sorts of obnoxious ideas back with them.”

“How do you know all this?” Kurt asked.

“You use your invisibility to avoid all the school drama; I use mine to make sure I know everything,” Rachel explained. “Sure, we’re never going to get invited to one of Blaine Anderson’s legendary parties, but that doesn’t mean I can’t hear all the details anyways.”

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And If You Have a Minute (A 6x05 reaction fic)

Fic: And If You Have a Minute
Author: iaminarage
Ship: Kurt Hummel/Blaine Anderson
Rated: PG
Words: 1,499
Summary: Kurt runs into Blaine at the Lima Bean a few days after they get out of the elevator with a bathroom. A 6x05 reaction fic.

Warnings: Mentions of Blaineofsky, discussions of therapy.

Notes: Thanks to tchrgleek, haleseihcs, and loveinisolation for the beta. And to Januarium, lurdusoleil, and marauder-in-warblerland for the hand holding and flailing about Blaine Anderson. It takes a village, clearly.

The title comes from “Somewhere Only We Know,” of course.


And If You Have a Minute

The first time Kurt ran into Blaine out in public after The Elevator Incident, his first reaction was to wonder whether Coach Sylvester was somehow involved. He had to remind himself that no one had encouraged him to stop by the Lima Bean or even known he was going to, so there’s no way anyone could have planned this.

It had only been a couple of days since he and Blaine had escaped, less since they last stood together in Coach Sylvester’s office insisting that they hadn’t felt anything in that elevator, and a large part of Kurt wanted to turn around and run. A larger part wanted him to tell Blaine that, after spending 24 hours together, it was even harder for Kurt not to be with him. He’d thought he was over the part of this breakup where he missed Blaine so much that sometimes it hurt to breathe, but apparently that sort of thing could be restarted.

It hadn’t even been the kiss, not really. It was just Blaine. His voice, his laugh, his smile, the way he looked when he was relaxing, and the quiet rhythm of his breathing as he slept. Kurt hadn’t forgotten all of that in the last few months, but the memories had dimmed a little, and now they were vivid.

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advent drabble challenge: #9. imprint

title: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

summary: Blaine finds one of his classmates fast asleep in the university library just before closing time. (1687 words)

warnings: none! note: I’ll continue to write advent drabbles after Christmas, and some of them may be geared towards New Year’s or the season as a whole instead.

Blaine checks his watch after putting his laptop back in his bag; he’d finished his assignment in the nick of time, it seems, since the library is supposed to close in fifteen minutes. Looking around, he can see it’s nearly empty, a few stragglers hurrying to find the books they need before they’re ushered out of the building. Blaine stands up and shrugs his bag onto his shoulder, once again thankful for the shoulder padding on the strap.

The way out leads him through the main study lounge area, where many small, round tables are set up for small groups. All of the tables are deserted except for one, where someone appears to be asleep, his cheek resting on top of an impressively large book on the table in front of him. Blaine frowns, looking around. It doesn’t look as though this person is here with someone else who could wake him up, but the librarian will probably do it if no one else does.

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Time for the Party || Seblaine

This was a day that he was not looking forward to. He knew that it was bound to happen eventually, but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t dreading it. He didn’t want people to see Blaine, he didn’t want people to treat him the way he knew that they would. Blaine didn’t deserve that, he was such a sweet boy. Their endless nights where they’d cuddled and occasionally kissed had been perfect for him, but he knew that they couldn’t do that with his parents, or other people, around. He glanced at the other boy in the mirror as he tied his tie. He had no idea how this night was going to go, but he had a feeling in his gut that there was going to be something that didn’t go right. He smoothed down his shirt, and straightened his tie before he looked over to Blaine. Sebastian slowly walked over to him, and stood in front of him. “You’re going to be okay, Bambi.” He whispered, hoping to quell any nerves that the small boy had. He leant forwards and pressed a soft kiss to his forehead, staying close in case he needed anything more. “Will you wear this again?” He pulled out the small silver cuff that he had put on Blaine when they had first met, holding it out to him on the flat of his palm, waiting for his answer.

Bow-Tie vs Bolo

“How about a I loan you one of my bow ties Sam?” Blaine suggests as Sam exits his bedroom in a tailored suit complete with his signature bolo tie. Sam and Mercedes were headed to a red carpet event for her label and were required to look the part. “Seriously Blaine the bolo tie is kind of my thing, and bow ties are kinda of old fashioned if you ask me.” He says with his signature lopsided grin. Blaine gasps in horror, “you take that back Sam, bow ties are timeless!” He says getting loud.

Mercedes giggles hearing them bicker from the other side of the door. “ Those are my boys” she says shaking her head as she puts the final touches on her makeup. She gets an idea as she is slipping on her shoes and she walks back to her closet for one finale accessory.

“No offense Blaine”, Mercedes says finally exiting their bedroom and wrapping her arms around Sam from behind, “but I kinda of like the bolo tie, for sentimental value” she smirks winking at Blaine before kissing Sam’s cheek. Sam grins thinking back their first prom before spinning her in his arms so that he could get a better look at her. His eyes bulge wide open as he takes in her form fitting, low cut black sequin mini dress toped with a bright red bow tie around her neck. “Okay Blaine you win, bow ties rule” he says before he attaches his lips to Mercedes and pushes her back into their bedroom.

“That’s what I thought” Blaine says with a smirk before leaving to give them some privacy.

Make a Lover of Me - (2/7) - Klaine fic

Title: Make a Lover of Me (2/7 - complete)
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Length: 3,240/~28,800; PG (eventual R)
Summary: Kurt Hummel has just moved from Ohio to Los Angeles and he has no idea what he’s doing there. He begins an internship at a talent agency where he meets Blaine Anderson, an assistant who has more to his name than Kurt knows.

[AO3 Chapter Link] [AO3 Ch. 1][Tumblr Ch. 1]

Kurt works three days a week at ICA, which leaves him with more than half the week empty.  He sort of wants to work full time at the agency, which has nothing to do with Blaine at all, but three days is what he’s got for now.  And it’s not like they pay him anyway.  He supposes most internships are only part time, but that doesn’t keep him from itching for the sight of Blaine.

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