look at bens thighs

Bring the Gag (NSFW)

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Summary: Kylo stepped forward, kneeling down to snatch your sticky jaw and yank it to face him. His lust-blown eyes glinted with mischief, and he smirked. “Someone’s forgotten her training.” His gaze darted to Ben. “I think she needs to be punished. Don’t you?”

“Yeah,” Ben replied, smirking too. “Yeah, I do.”

“Did you bring the gag?”

Words: 2900

Warnings: Orgasm denial/delay, light bondage,

Characters: Triplet AU Solo Brothers x Reader 

A/N: Written for @aylasamazinguniverse on tumblr! She won the Thirst Order Confessions blog giveaway and one of her prompt requests was “kinky triplets.” I have literally no idea if this is what you wanted, but this is what I did with those two words! I hope everyone else enjoyed it, as well. Apparently all I can do is write triplet fics nowadays. SHRUG. Love y'all so much!

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anonymous asked:

consider this: kylo ren in crop tops. hux in crop tops. crop tops for men is the height of fashion in the outer rim.

kylo in crop tops in canon is… canon. I love it. What an extra sexy motherfucker. 

Hux on board the Finalizer, wearing spandex leggings and crop tops in the rec center for his weekly cardio. IM ALL IN. check check.

modern au? Kylo in crop tops and short shorts washing his dads car (its a classic Firebird he calls The Falcon) to get the attention of all the neighborhood boys. Milkshake? No those thighs and his abs bring all the boys to Han and Leia’s yard where-in then have to chase the droves away. “Ben, its past sunset, your… friends have to go home.” “Shut up Dad I’m 18 and I can do whatever I want UGH. GOSH.” Also Ben all wet and soapy. Hux can’t stop looking at his thighs slicked up and shiny with water, soap and whatever else, thank you sweet lord, forever and ever amen.

Modern au, twink!Hux leaving the strip club job in a loose sexy crop top over tight fitting high wasted pants. “Don’t worry babe, the job is just for now” He promises endlessly that hes working nights like this for just enough cash to leave this hell hole town. Fuck Brendol and fuck his whore wife too. The irony of him saying this doesn’t escape him. He knows what he is and he wants nothing more than to recreate himself. Far far away.