look at bens bulge

Friends With Benefits

TITLE:  Friends With Benefits


AUTHOR: hiddles-is-my-muse (i-wish-i-was-the-moon)


GENRE: smut / erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Tom is in the hopes of seducing a cute girl, when his good friend Benedict ends up cock-blocking him.

RATING: Mature (explicit sexual content)

AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: I feel like I should apologize to someone. I’m sorry Tom, I’m sorry Ben. It’s not my fault. It’s them horny ladies of Tomblr who insisted on slash. So warnings. Yes, this is slash with a top Tom. Be warned.

The girl was stunning, and Tom had spent the better part of the evening wooing her. His hopes were high that by the end of the night the girl would follow him to his hotel room. It was a wedding and that’s what you did in weddings, if you were almost the only single man in attendance. And to be honest, he really needed to get laid.

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