look at bb's mouth

I Could Kiss You Right Now

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Based on the sentence prompt: “I could kiss you right now.”

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Poe Dameron x Reader, Gender Neutral, Fluffy, mild angst

Word Count: 3.9K

          “C’mon R3, work with me here,” you mumbled to yourself as you tried once again to power up the droid.  

           You were a mechanic for the Resistance, and one of the few mechanics on staff who knew how to repair droids.  It was deceptively delicate work, and extremely time consuming, which had led to more than one late night, not that you minded.

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I just noticed something

All animatronics based on humans (BB, Baby, Ballora, Ennard, Bidybab, ect) have mouths that can’t close. Yet all animal animatronics have bottom jaws that go up and down making it look like they can talk. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but I just did and felt like sharing it :/

Imagine them kissing


140416 B.A.P Dancing in the Rain/Hajima at LOE Dallas 

0:17 Go Zelo! 

0:53 Trying to lift up Youngjae’s shirt 

1:03 Youngjae? hitting Himchan in the mouth (poor bb)

1:16 Daehyun looks at Himchan but only laughs, this kid

2:53 Jongup staring ;;;;;;;;;;;