look at arthur holding merlin's shoulder for support and how merlin is holding arthur's hand

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Hi sweetie! Could you please do an Arthur/reader fic where the reader has always been in love with Arthur but he has always just seen her as a friend at the most but when Gwen gets banished from Camelot they get closer to each other and she starts hoping. So when Gwen comes back she thinks all is lost again, but then overhears Arthur tell Gwen that it's over between them, and he wants to marry someone else. And then romantic fluffy, kissing end?

Hey sunshine,

Here is your request. I hope it’s good enough. And it ended up being REALLY long.

Name: She is not ‘the one’

“How are you doing, your Highness?” you ask Arthur, entering his chambers and closing the door behind you.

“M?” Arthur turns to you, his eyes totally absent.

“How are you, Arthur?” you ask more sincerely, sitting down by his side and looking him in the eye.

“Father banished Gwen from Camelot,” slowly repeats Arthur, and you take his hand, trying to show your support. “Because of me.”

“I am so sorry,” you whisper, as he squeezes your palm in his, and you rest your head on his shoulder. “Can I help you somehow?” he shakes his head, so you just pull him up, taking the matters in your hands. “Come on, your Highness. We are going horse riding!” Arthur sighs and obediently follows you downstairs. You get on the two prepared horses (you will definitely have to apologize for using Lancelot’s horse, because you are pretty sure this beauty if his). You hurry out of the castle, knowing that the longer Arthur remains in the place that reminds him of Gwen, the longer he will suffer.

The moment you enter the forest, Arthur gets at least a little bit alive, as he speeds up and gets closer to you, breathing calmly and deeply.

“Where are we going?” he asks finally, when you notice that he stopped frowning.

“Just to a field,” you avoid the direct answer, hoping that he will like your little field that you found at some point and have been hiding it from everyone. “We are almost there.”

“If you want to kill the Prince of Camelot, I would think twice if I were you,” Arthur notices, as you lead him through possibly the darkest part of the forest, not paying attention to sharp branches and half-dead trees.

“Are you afraid, your Highness?” you ask him, trying to hide a smile, but he gets it and tries to reach out for you and grab your hand, but simply falls of his horse. “Wow. And that is our future and only King,” you sigh, shaking your head. “We are so doomed.”

“That never happened,” Arthur mumbles, as he jumps back on the back of his horse and silently follows you, hating you every time you giggle, recalling his face at the moment of the fall. “Stop giggling.”

“Stop giving me the reasons to,” he would have answered, but you finally get to your field, so you jump off the horse and look at Arthur. “Come on, it’s totally safe here.”

“It’s… It’s so beautiful,” you are pretty sure that now he should say that Gwen would like to visit this place, but he doesn’t mention her. “How did you find it?”

“Just wandering around a forest… I got lost,” you give up your secret, and Arthur grins. “Yeah, and you fell off a horse.”

“Touché,” Arthur smiles and looks around, then looks you in the eye, as you are standing in front of him, waiting for the decision that he is about to make. “Thank you. I think this place must be important for you… I guess…”

“Well, you need some happiness, don’t you?” you smile, and he leans forward, talking with the loud whisper.

“I got you for that, Y/N,” you blush so much, you think your cheeks will actually burn, but, thank Lord, Arthur is not looking at you, but simply enjoys the nature around him. He lays down and stares at the blue sky, looking like he wants to discuss something. “Y/N?”

“Yes, your Highness?” he grins and pats the grass next to him, asking you sit down next to him.

“Y/N, have you ever been in love?” you choke on the air, then pull yourself together and nod. “Oh… I didn’t know… I mean… Are you together with the person?”

“No, sire. His heart is definitely not turned towards me,” he nods sadly.

“How do you feel about it?”

“Sad,” you answer quickly. “But we are friends, so I get… I get some of the communication, Sire.”

“Should I also feel sad about Gwen not being here?”

“What do you mean?”

“I feel guilty. Guilty, not sad. I want to bring her back, but only because I feel like I owe her that,” Arthur sighs. “Is that how I should feel?”

“Sire, you know that I am not the best advisor on the love life,” you smile. “But… I guess no.”

“So do I, Y/N, so do I,” Arthur closes his eyes and slowly breathes. “May I come here again?”

“Of course, your Highness! How could I stop you?”

“It’s still your place. And I may need you to show it to me again,” you smile and nod. “You are a great person, Y/N. I hope this person you love will understand that.”

“How ironic,” you mumble, but nod again, closing your eyes and allowing yourself to slip in a quiet nap, just to wake up under the calm glaze of Arthur, as he keeps staring at you, thinking about something else. He bites on a small branch, smiling at his thoughts, not taking his eyes off you. “Your Highness?”

“Yes, Y/N? Right… We have to get back to the castle,” he helps you up, not talking much before you approach the castle and slow down. “Thank you, Y/N…”

“You are welcome, your Highness,” you really want to ask why he is acting so weird, but Arthur does not act like himself, staring in front of himself and not really paying attention to the surroundings. As soon as you reach the castle, he almost runs away, yelling at Merlin for something totally not important. However, you both get new habit of going to your field at least one in two days. Always together, even though he knows the route perfectly well. Always alone, even though Merlin really wants to tag along.

“Y/N!” you run into Arthur in the middle of the castle, literally walking into each other, so you almost fall down, as you both were moving quite quickly.

“Your Highness!” he catches you, holding you close and definitely not understanding how you look - Prince holding you close and not willing to let go. “Your Highness?”

“Right. Apologies,” he takes a step back and smiles at you. “Are you free now?”

“Uhm… I guess…”

“Would you accompany me to the forest?” he asks, bowing, as if acting.

“Why wouldn’t I, Sire?” you smile back and make a curtsy, and you both grin like idiots.

“Arthur?” you slowly turn around and face Gwen, standing in the middle of the hall.

“Gwen?” you take a step back, thinking that Arthur may want to run towards her and hug the brains out of her, but Arthur freezes, still bowing.

“Gwen… Uhm… Hello.”

“How are you?” you ask her, giving Arthur time to get used to her presence.

“His Majesty let me return to the castle,” she shines a smile at you, then looks at Arthur.

“Gwen. We have to talk,” abruptly states Arthur, pulling her out of the hall and totally ignoring you. You sigh and turn around to head back to your room, expecting those two to start spending every hour together from now on. However, instead of leaving, you sit down by the door, honestly doing your best not to cry or show how hurt you are. At the end, they are not supposed to be talking right now, are they? Yet they do. “Gwen, I am so sorry… We can’t do that.”

“Why not? The king let me back.”

“That’s… That is because he learned that I intend to marry someone else. Someone he approves of.”

“But you do not love her, do you?” Gwen sounds like she is smiling at him.

“I do,” Arthur whispers. “She is… I just hope she will learn to love me.”

“You hope? Arthur, I went through so much because of your… your affair with me?” you frown - Gwen sounds really upset and full of rage.

“I am sorry, Gwen.”

“And you throw me away because of the girl you are not even sure is she loves you back?”

“Gwen… I have to hope. Because she is… Part of me,” you sigh and stand up, leaving before you would hear the name of the lucky girl. As almost reach your room, Arthur catches up with you. “Y/N!”

“Your Highness?” you turn around and bow, remembering that you should act like you never heard what happened there.

“Y/N,” he look you in the eye, then takes a step closer and rests both hands on your shoulders. “I need your help.”

“Yes, your Highness?”

“I need to tell a girl that I love her, but she is in love with someone else.”

“Gwen is…”

“It’s not Gwen… Gwen is not the one,” he answers quietly. “Please, Y/N?”

“Just tell her what you fell,” you shrug your shoulders. “Any girl would die to get your attention, so you shouldn’t really worry.”

“Any, but the one I actually need,” he smiles sadly, then grins nervously. “I have another plan. Y/N,” you look at him. “I love you,” you choke on the air, but Arthur keeps looking you in the eye.

“She will definitely fall for that,” you nod, not ready to believe that he actually means it. Arthurs sighs, resting one hand on your waist and slowly pulling you closer, until you are too close to him.

“I hope,”he gently presses his lips against yours, raising one hand to hold your head. You freeze, staring at his face, then actually realize that you are not dreaming, so you slowly kiss him back, resting your hands on his shoulders, as Arthur pulls you even closer, trying to make sure that you are literally absorbed by him, but has to let go at some point.

“Uhm,” you blush, as he tucks a lock of your hair behind your ear.


“That is…”

“If you say that it is wrong, I promise I will change laws of Camelot,” Arthur smiles, but you know that he actually may. Just to show that he can. So you just shake your head and lean forward to kiss him again. “What a brilliant choice.”