look at all those sharks

wait wait

did you say…

shark boi laurens 

shark boy laurens

or sharkboy laurens?? :0?


insp. by @bunny-yams!! i wanted to draw shark boi laurens then shark boy came into my head and i was like woAH then so did sharkboy and i was like W O A H which leads up to the boNUS


:D its lava ham!!

anonymous asked:

‘i saw you throw that wrapper on the ground when there’s a trashcan right over there, dickwheeze’ au OMG PLEASE YES I CAN JUST SEE THIS WITH STEREK

“Hey, hey! Excuse me! Douchebag in the cap!”

Stiles turns on his heel, touching his beloved Mets cap as he does, and peering in the direction of the loud voice. He’s caught off guard when he spots the owner of the tirade– super hot dude, glasses, eyebrows Tom Selleck’d be jealous of, and a worn satchel across his broad chest– and feels torn between glaring and putting on his best come hither face. 

His expression must not come off as alluring in the slightest as the dude stalks right up to him and waves trash in Stiles’ face. 

“This is a first for courting rituals,” Stiles drawls slowly. 

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