look at all those patches he has

Covered in bruises and gashes

I’ve written this story for Gen’s “100 banging kinks for Bucky’s 100th birthday”. @bucky-plums-barnes

Kink: After an injury.

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: wounds, a lot of teasing, a hint of masturbation, smut, a little of angst maybe, some fluff, and this should be all… I think.

Word count: 1615

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“Don’t you dare to pull a stunt like that ever again, doll!” Bucky glares at you as stitching up a cut on your side.

You roll your eyes and huff. “Shall I remember you that I am an operative member of the Avengers as well as you? And that if I hadn’t pulled a stunt like that now you’d have a nice piercing right through here.” You poke his chest.

“I know that you are an Avenger. But you are not expendable, [Y/N].” He mutters continuing to patch you up.

“Why are you saying this? Is there someone expendable?” You frown.

He doesn’t answer.

“Buck” You rest your hands over his forcing him to stop his work.

He looks up at you. “Look at you, all covered in bruises and gashes.”

“You are being melodramatic, Sarge. And by the way, you wouldn’t be much better than me if it wasn’t that you heal to the speed of light.” You scoff him.

A little smile plays on his lips.

“To me you are not expendable, Buck.” You press a kiss on his cheek and let him finish his work.

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GOT7 Reaction: Their S/O looks like Winnie Harlow

Request:  Could you do Got7 reaction to their s/O looking like Winnie Harlow??? Thank you I love your blog.

A/N: omg I love this request so much, Winnie Harlow is so beautiful so I’m excited to write this! For those of you who aren’t familiar with her, Winnie is a model and activist who has a skin condition called vitiligo. Vitiligo is a long-term condition where pale white patches develop on the skin. It’s caused by the lack of melanin, a pigment in the skin.


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I don’t think Mark would be at all phased by it. He would definitely choose a bright, fun and caring individual for their personality and light rather than their appearance but regardless I think he would embrace the condition, loving the fact it made his S/O other so unique and inspiring.


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While I don’t think the condition would bother JB in the slightest, I think he would want to educate himself on it so he knew how to embrace it. He loved you and and every part of you and so, the fact you had vitiligo was just another fascinating thing for him to learn and love about you.


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Jackson’s S/O would catch his eye immediately because they were so stunning and because they stood out from the crowd. He would be drawn to their uniqueness and would end up falling in love with their laugh, their infectious personality and the glint in their eye.


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Jinyoung would love the fact their S/O was so beautiful but would also want them to be very careful since the white patches on their skin were vulnerable to the sun. So he was extra prepared he always carried an umbrella to keep you protected if they needed it and just generally embraced what made you different.


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The way his S/O looked did not matter at all to Youngjae, he would be so into how cute they were that everything they did would be adorable. He would constantly gush to the other members about how they made him feel and so their beautiful appearance would be the cherry on top.


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Bambam would not care about his S/O’s skin at all. At the end of the day, they were hot in his eyes so what did it matter what anyone thought? He would constantly shower his S/O’s with compliments so that they could see how simply beautiful he thought they were.


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Yugyeom would be so incredibly to call his S/O his and to him they were the most beautiful person to walk the earth. He would be so incredibly proud at how talented, sweet and confident you were and would use you as his inspration to be more confident also and become a boyfriend they can be proud of.

I literally do not understand why Gerard is wearing these clothes like he has always been at least slightly fashion conscious????? Remember when Gerard literally brought military jackets into style and all the high street shops started selling them???? What is going on? Why does his scarf look like a towel? Why is there denim patches on his coat? Why is he wearing trousers that make his legs look intensely short???? When will he take off those godforsaken shoes???? Please somebody buy that man some dry shampoo and a comb

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I know this is hours later and you're probably asleep but I've got another head canon. So when Prompto got his crownsguard clothing it sure as heck didn't look like it does now. He took that jacket home, ripped off the arms and sewed all those patches on himself so he looks all unique and cool. Then he took it and showed it to Noctis who thought it was way cool.

!!! Thank you I love this
I have so many questions about the crownsguard uniform tbh. Cuz like, Gladio’s jacket and Prompto’s don’t look the same even without considering the patches, but I doubt the crown would just hand random leather jackets to their guards??? And Cor doesn’t even have one. Neither does Ignis but I guess it has to do with the fact that he’s Noctis’ advisor more than he is crownsguard.
So like, I guess there’s no official uniform and just a general rule to “wear black”, and everyone deals with it in their own way. And there’s probably shops that specialize in black clothing while the general fashion trends tend to avoid black a lot because it’s associated with either nobility or the army
And PLOT TWIST maybe there’s some sort of goth/punk counterculture who wears black specifically as either a celebratory or a rebellion move, both could work and the various implications of it could be really fun, I need to think about it
But like, Prompto needs a crownsguard attire real quick because he got “promoted” without warning just before Noctis leaves, and he doesn’t have enough money for a proper jacket BUT he knows there are people who make their own jackets
So he does the same
And when he arrives on the day of departure with his brand new customized uniform Ignis and Gladio silently cringe because it’s sort of inappropriate but there’s no time left to change
And Noct looks at Prompto and just goes “Nice jacket dude” because he has no fucks to give on the matter

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How do the champions react to the new skins in the upcoming patch?

Chancellor Mal’Damba: What. An. Asshole. Sure, everyone has known that Mal’Damba has some negative opinion about most of his team already but this is just straight up being a huge jerk about it. He’s definitely smart enough, but he does’t have to put everyone down like that. Some are convinced this isn’t even really him anymore because of how different he is.

Business Bomb King: Does this finally mean he’s going to take things seriously? Way to show off his richness with all those jewels and gems. He looks rather dashing though, they’ll admit. (Though never to his face or he’ll never come down from his throne)

Alley Cat Maeve: Everyone has already associated Maeve with being very feline so this just seals the deal. They think it’s quite a fitting look though. It really brings out her adorableness without sacrificing utility or the danger she has about her.




Okay, so I know this topic has been brought up a countless number of times. But I really need to get this off my chest, as not just someone who stans VIXX, but as another human being. We are all just people. It doesn’t matter how famous you become, or how loved you are. Idols are human too. They’re not gods. They’re not objects. And they don’t deserve abuse, just like no one deserves abuse. The topic of Cha Hakyeon’s skin colour is something that I see brought up a lot. And I mean a LOT. Whether it be good comments or bad comments. Hakyeon is an idol. But he’s a human, and a person, just like everyone reading this. He has emotion, and esteem, and body image. He struggles with accepting himself, as a wide variety of people do, for a wide variety of reasons. In his case, he has trouble with accepting his skin tone. It’s not something he can change. It’ll never go away. And yet, he is constantly harassed for it. He has many times been told to “change” his skin tone, a thing that quite simply just can’t happen. Everyone is born with a pigment. It’s what makes you hair and eyes the colours that they are. It’s not something you can help. It is a result of your background, and your personal genetics. That’s it. Sure you can tan, or you could stay out of the sun altogether. But that will only be a temporary change. Your original colour will always be the way it is. In Korea, beauty standards are very strict, and many incredibly outdated. One being the obsession of “light-skinned.” In Korea, the beauty standard is to have dark eyes, dark hair, and pale skin. Now, the thing about pigment is that it normally stays within the boundary of a base tone. Meaning, if two out of three of your colours are dark (if you have brown eyes and black hair), chances are the third (your skin) will be dark, and vice versa. It is rare to find someone with the variable (a black person with blond hair, etc) So, similar to North America, only a small amount of people actually fit the pushed standard of beauty.

The difference between North America and South Korea, is that in Korea, it is socially acceptable to publicly humiliate someone if they do not fit that narrow beauty standard. Yeah, you read that shit right. They can openly bully someone for the way their fucking body was created, something they have no control over. Cha Hakyeon is an example of this sort of abuse. No, I’m not going to deny the fact that his skin is darker than many of the people I see around him. It is. But he can’t help that. And he doesn’t deserve to be shunned for it. Now, I am not only defending Hakyeon with this post, either. There are many other idols, and non-idols who suffer the same shit as him. I’m not going to say “regular people,” because wether we are in the public eye or not, we are all regular people. I’m simply using Cha Hakyeon as an example, because he IS in the public eye, he is someone I idolise, and he is a human. I have seen time and time again that he is reprimanded for the colour of his pigment, even by those who are close to him, such as his band mates. It is a topic that is brought up constantly, and constantly taken lightly. They’re ‘just kidding.’ Throwing offensive comments, and then treating it as a joke. If you want details to such comments, I suggest you go to @offensivekpop, as they have a full explanation. It is quite clear that Hakyeon is not comfortable with these comments, and that he gets offended, as anyone would in such situations. The issue is prominence and reoccurrence. It’s not just a snarky little joke anymore. It’s gone beyond the pail, and is just flat out abusive. Hakyeon is a very beautiful and kind individual. He doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment. Nor do any of the people that are affected by colourist comments.

When I first got into VIXX, the first person I saw was Hakyeon. I had never seen an Asian person with dark skin before, and my first thought was that it was beautiful, and that he must be admired. In North America, people want to tan. It’s something that is sought after. In Korea it’s looked down upon. I first started noticing this while watching an episode of Seoul’s Secret Box, that was featuring VIXX (situation is also mentioned in the above blog). They were to pick questions off the wall, and answer them. I noticed that throughout the duration of the episode, Hakyeon was constantly bashed, with comments such as “make sure the camera picks you up,” and “red hair doesn’t suit you, it makes you look darker.” When it really sunk in was when they had to pick a member, who had to answer yes to every question asked. Hakyeon was promptly grabbed, despite him fighting against them, and trying to open the door. Sanghyuk restrained him by pinning his arms to his side, while Wonshik berated him about his physical appearance, and his role as leader. It was quite obvious that Hakyeon definitely didn’t want to be in this situation, by the end of it being so defeated that he couldn’t even yell at them anymore. It was a harsh wake up call for me, exposing the reality and seriousness of the situation. This was not just some inside joke, or something that was funny. It was bullying. It was unwanted. It confused me. At the time, I had only seen two videos by them, and didn’t really know anything about the fandom, or the members. Up until then, I had idolised Hakyeon because I thought he was beautiful. I thought that since dark skin was rare among idols, it must be sought after.

My immediate thought was “but Ravi also has ‘dark skin.’ Why isn’t he teased the way N is?” In Korea, the only time it is acceptable to have dark skin is if you are a rapper, or someone in a sex profession. Basically, someone who is “badass” or “dirty.” It is presentable only among the grungier appearances. Wonshik is a rapper, and therefore it is okay for him to be tanned, similar to someone such as Hyuna. Hakyeon is a vocalist, and has a “cleaner” appearance and way of presenting himself. Therefore he is not allowed to be darker. What only furthers this is the fact that out of all the members, Wonshik seems to be the worst when it comes to teasing/bullying him. I am not bashing him in anyway by saying this. I love his music and his writing, and I think he’s very talented. I’m just pointing out what I’ve seen. He seems to jump at every chance he can to make fun of Hakyeon, almost as if trying to gain superiority, and to make sure the attention stays on Hakyeon, and doesn’t slide onto him. I’ve also noticed that Hakyeon likes to put on this persona, this kind of erotic image, such as the dances he performs on stage. It seems as though he puts on this act, almost as if saying to the audience “look at me, I’m a sex toy.” Like a cry for positive attention. He seems to almost whore himself out. Even the way he looks so confident when applauded. As if he’s achieved something. It seems as though he sluts it up for the camera, just so he can be seen as attractive by someone. It seems as though he just wants to be seen in some sort of positive light by anyone. He wants to be noticed in a good way. And the only way he won’t get teased is if he exploits himself. If he’s a slut, he fits the standard, and no one will harass him. He is allowed to be dark, as long as he is sexualised. He seems outwardly happy, but he always looks sad, as if he’s proved that he’s worth something. The kind of “see? I’m pretty too,” attitude. The sugar high of temporary self esteem. I find it very depressing whenever I see him act like this on camera. He seems so desperate, and he shouldn’t have to.

The final thing I’ve noticed is the ever increasing light patches on his skin. Hakyeon’s skin does noticeably change colour from era to era, he says because he uses whitening cosmetics. For example, during On and On, he was very tan, and now, just after Hades has come out, he is sheet white. But it doesn’t look like just makeup. He looks tired and sad and sick, and not at all healthy. I was almost horrified to see this recent picture of him during a performance of Dynamite that he posted on social media. The most noticeable thing is the overall colour of his skin. He looks flushed, and unhealthily pale. If you look, you can see these random splotches on his cheeks and chin, where the skin is much lighter, almost to the point of being yellowed. I don’t care wether or not he says the cosmetics he is using are harmless, it’s obvious that they aren’t. Those are scars, and they are from him using bleach creams on his skin. This is also evident, due to the almost raccoonish circles around his eyes, where his skin is much darker, like it was during On and On. He has dark bags under his eyes as well, and looks very tired. His smile looks fake. He doesn’t look happy at all. It hurts my heart to see someone I idolise in this kind of situation. Bleaching is a very painful process, and it causes rashes and skin irritation. Prolonged use can cause the patches you see on his face, the scars. If it is used too much those scars could never fade. I have a personal experience with my friend who used to bleach her skin. She was shunned by her mother for being dark, and was forced to bleach her skin. She stopped three years ago, and the scars are still there. I don’t know when Hakyeon was bleaching his skin, or even if he’s doing it currently. It just stood out to me almost immediately, and I found it very upsetting.

Hakyeon is a very kind, beautiful man, and doesn’t need to go through this level suffering to prove that to people. He shouldn’t have to validate his worth by hurting or exploiting himself. People should just respect him, and appreciate him for who he is, not the colour of his skin. It disgusts me that it is the year 2016, and yet skin tone still matters. He can’t help the way he was born. He has that skin tone because for most of his life, he was outside helping his parents, and working his ass off, which is more than what most of the fucks who abuse him online could ever hope to be doing. We need to understand that everyone looks different, and that anyone can be beautiful, regardless of their colour or ethnic background. Everyone needs to just shut the fuck up and mind their own business, he’s perfect the way he is, and doesn’t need to change to impress anyone. He’s a good person, and doesn’t need this shit. Please, just give it a rest. I sincerely hope that the other members will start seeing that this isn’t a joke, and that it’s hurting him. They need to stop. Everyone needs to stop. It’s not funny. It’s not just a joke anymore. It’s verbal abuse. And no one deserves to be abused.

Hakyeon needs to start seeing that he isn’t just an object, and that he should stand up for himself. He did nothing to deserve this. He isn’t ugly. His worth isn’t defined by his colour. He is a capable, sweet person that only wants to do what he loves, and succeed. He has feelings and dreams and goals just like the rest of us. He’s just another person, and he’s only twenty six years old. He shouldn’t feel like he has to stand by and let himself hurt like this. I find it sick that he has to go through so much pain at such a young age. He gets so uncomfortable when people mention his skin, and is always so desperate to change the topic of conversation. It really takes a noticeable toll on his self esteem. It’s heartbreaking to me, and I hate seeing it. I wish I could find a way to tell him that he’s strong, and he’s beautiful, and that everything is going to be ok. I wish I could make more of a point than just ranting on Tumblr.

To anyone who is suffering from colourist abuse, I want you to know that you are courageous, and you are gorgeous, and that you are so, definitely worth it. I don’t want you to feel like you deserve this because you don’t. No one does. Just keep holding on, and keep being brave. You will make it through this, it will be ok. They’re just jealous. They WISH they could be as tolerant, and as powerful as you are. Keep being you, and don’t feel like you ever have to change yourself for anyone. You are perfect the way you are. Your brown is beautiful, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I really hope someone reads this and cries, because I sure as fuck did writing it. Thank you to whoever actually finished reading this because it really means a lot to me. Rant over.

Human/Magic AU based on this list of prompts

Pairing: FrUK

Words: 2932

Arthur was a powerful magician. He came from a long family line that stretched back for centuries.

And what happened? He got cursed by his ex-boyfriend of all people!

A cat. A bloody cat!

And then he got caught in some cage trap in some old couple’s garden, earning him a trip to the animal shelter.

The paper next to Arthur’s cage said he was a Scottish fold - white with brown patches. In true originality, they called him Patches. Though he was more insulted by the comment “grumpy old man” in the Personality section of the paper.

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Teddy Lupin Headcanons
  • he is into classic rock, like proper classic rock; muggle rock & roll
  • every since he was really small and he saw pictures of young sirius with his band T-shirts and punk look, he’s worn nothing else
  • in fact he loves music; often he’s said he might move into the muggle world and start a band
  • he actually uses a lot of muggle technology and even has a muggle phone 
  • Teddy loves Harry as his own dad but never fails to honor his actual father anyway he can
  • his favourite way is the phases of the moon tattoo on his chest that moves with the actual moon
  • even though he was sorted into Gryffindor like  Harry and Remus, he honors his mom with a Hufflepuff earring he made himself
  • thats not the only piercing he has; he has 4 on his right ear, one on his left, one on his right eyebrow and one on his…well anyway
  • one day he found the ‘Potter Stinks’ and “Weasley Is Our King’ badges that George had saved from back when they were in Hogwarts and now he wears them ironically
  • Harry actually doesn’t mind and finds it kind of funny 
  • Teddy actually has 4 tattoos: the phases of the moon on his chest, Victorie’s name and kiss on his right hip, a sleeve on his left arm of all the names of the people in the Order of the Phoenix, and a dancing goblin on his right arse cheek that he got when he was really, really drunk.  
  • he doesn’t need all those patches on his jeans; theres nothing wrong with them. he just likes the way it looks; it drives his gran crazy
  • teddy likes to give off a devil may care vibe, but is actually incredibly thoughtful and always puts the needs of others first
  • he’ll never tell him, but teddy always tries to judge his actions on what Harry would do
  • but above everyone, he loves his longterm girlfriend Victorie and plans to marry her as soon as she leaves Hogwarts
  • he already bought the ring, he’s had it since the day after he left Hogwarts. 

{related fan art here}

Ratchet repairing an injured Starscream and subsequently momming at him afterwards is another thing I dig.

Like, Ratchet’s done patching him up and starts cleaning/putting away his equipment, grumbling to himself:

“…Clearly he doesn’t know how to take care of himself. Look at the condition he came here in, half-starved and a mess! Someone has to fuss at him and buff out all those scratches and make sure he’s got enough fuel and waitaminute when did I start caring so much about Starscream??”

The reason Gamzee has all those circles on his pants is because one time when he was all sopored up he accidentally ripped a hole in is pants, so he brought them to Kanaya ans she sewed a little circle patch over the tear. After that he started to tear his pants on purpose just so that he could get some more of those little patches cause he thought they looked so cool. 

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at ease

nine/rose, early on.

The Doctor had been around a bit. Seen a lot, in his vast centuries. Prepared to face a multitude of challenges, him, given all he’d already endured.

He had not anticipated this.

Rose Tyler was a conundrum. She’d been on his ship barely five minutes before she was setting up home, settling herself in, setting the 34th century entertainment system in the media room to record re-runs of some ridiculous Anturion soap opera she’d quickly gotten herself addicted to.

All right, it’d been three weeks, but still. Felt like five minutes. It’d all passed in a bit of a rush, these last few weeks. To be honest, he couldn’t blame her for finding solace and relaxation in telly after the running about and swinging from chains he’d had her doing.

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i. He walks like he always knows where he’s headed
The way the small of his back curves with every stride
He walks tall, like he can’t be shaken up
His foundation is solid at the core
Where mine crumbles and cracks

ii. His eyes are always glistening
Even though they shine a deep mahogany
I swear that every time I throw a subtle glance his way
They glow green like sunlight hitting the treetops
I’ve never been a strong swimmer and
Oh, do those eyes make me drown

iii. His jaw is cut like a diamond
All angles and sharp turns
I dream of kissing the corners
Working my way further along
Until my lips finally meet his

iv. His hands have the roughness of a boy who’s climbed mountains for what he has
But they feel gentle to the touch
Like all those rough patches couldn’t possibly dampen
The kindness that ripples at the surface
Every time our fingers rub
I feel sparks fly off our nails

v. He always smiles as wide as his mouth goes
No close-lipped, teeth-hidden attempt at looking graceful
When he laughs I can see all the way back to his molars
He smiles with his tongue between his teeth
And all the happiness in the world pressed inside his dimples
When he smiles I forget that I am sad
The gaping hole of his mouth fills the one in my chest

vi. He looks at her like their friendship is an inside joke he never wants to share with the world
He lies down next to me and slowly inches along
Until their heads are touching
And their elbows connected
He smiles at her like she’s in on his dirty little secrets
He looks at me like I’m disposable

vii. Sometimes he looks at me like I’m someone special
The way he raises his eyebrows when I make a stupid joke
Melts my heart like it’s made of snow and I’m being hit with a heat wave
He leans in close when we show each other the things that make us laugh
And he smells just like coming home
I always find him staring at her just a bit longer
I hope to god I’m hallucinating

—  seven things i hate about him

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I don't get it? I can't see why people feel so deep for Mark? Was there something in his previous videos that I missed? Or perhaps it was the thrill of being there each step with him? I don't understand and it frustrates me on why I cant. Help.

Alright I’m glad you asked this.

It all depends on how you feel about him. Some people enjoy just watching his videos and then some people find comfort in watching him. I find comfort in watching him being his goof ball self.

He’s one of those people who is just like you and I, doing the things he loves, and makes people smile while doing that. If that isn’t something awesome then I don’t know what is. Now not all people feel like this and it’s okay.

But many, MANY people have had issues with family, friends, and life in which sometimes people escape by looking for someone/something else to comfort them/cheer them up. And that’s what he does to me.

Markiplier has gone through tough times and rough patches and what’s so amazing is that, no matter what he cares and try’s to make sure each and everyone of his fans are happy. Because he loves it when he does his job and can turn someone’s bad day into a good one. Not only that, but he deeply cares for his fans. In his 8 million subscriber video and his other milestone subscriber video, (I can’t link it I’m on mobile) you can see that, if anything he wants to get to know each individual follower on a deeper level. But which is frustrating for him is that he can’t, and it’s almost impossible.

But not everyone feels that way, which is okay. All and all, he inspires people with what he does and enjoys.

I hope this made sense? Because this is how I feel so deeply for Mark.

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Hey! I just read your angel stiles drabble and loved it:) I know you're just drabbling so maybe you could doodle a tiny something about dragon!Stiles? (But ofc you can totally ignore this; I just thought I'd ask cuz I love all your steter fics.)

Welp, here’s a tiny something:) Dragon!Stiles is always awesome, and I don’t mind doodling a little so long as my muse strikes and you’re not expecting something crazy long and thought-out.

(I hope you don’t mind that it’s in Peter’s POV though. And also, there isn’t actually that much dragon!Stiles in this, it just sort of turned out this way, with a lot of lead-up.)

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What it looks like to me is Ultron is going to be dealing with the background and issues of the Avengers A LOT.

The “Strings” theme, in my mind, is about the Avengers themselves, not Ultron. Their past is haunting them.

When Ultron says that he doesn’t have strings, it is more then him saying he is no longer under anyone’s control. It is him saying he is not carrying those burdens/ties that the Avengers have. “You’re all puppets tangled in… strings.”  Remember Ultron believes humans and their issues are the biggest danger facing the world.

-From the trailer we clearly see Bruce dealing with the issues of him being the Hulk. Some of the shots we see make it seem like he is being hunted. I’m wondering if those are current or the past or a fear Bruce has. 

-The moment that got the biggest response out of me was the shot of the ballerinas. Natasha’s background!! Without a doubt we are going to see that addressed. I, for one, am excited.  

I’m also thinking that the shot of Nick Fury and Natasha is the past as well, because as we all know, he burned his eye patch. 

-We already know we are getting WWII era Steve (including Peggy Carter) and there was a shot that looked like him walking into a club in that era. Is that Steve thinking about that Dance he never got to have or something else? We have already been told that Steve will be dealing with the fallout of Cap 2 and Bucky. I think it will also be him dealing with what he left behind after “dying”   

-Tony needs to face up to the fact that his fear lead to the creation of Ultron. This is pretty obvious. 

-Clint is supposed to be a focus in this movie. We see a lot of him fighting. Given the theme of the trailer, I’m wondering how much of that is current and how much of that is his past. 

-Thor is the one I’m having the most trouble sensing a theme for. It has been pointed out that some of his shots parallel those of Loki in the Avengers. Maybe his story line is dealing with what Loki did?   


about as far as I’m getting with this tonight. There’s a story here, lets see if I can tel lit short and well.

Marbles, all grown up and still stuck as a pony joins the guard, and takes to the military life too well, all except one thing, he’s still caustic. He makes no friends, but doesn’t do anything to be ousted for being a bad team player. But those who are more perceptive than most are able to see past the cold exterior to a core made of hate and hostility, none more so aware than Celestia.

Celestia, the mother figure she is, is know to treat all as her children in a way. The guard to her are just her ‘big strong boys’ and wil always brighten their days with a smile, and a touch to their arm, cheek or shoulder, giving physical reassurances, doubly so for those who seem down, or distant. Then enters Patches.

Patches is full of more hate than she thought anyone should possibly hold, but has amazing discipline to keep it in line, but she sees it there, boiling behind his eyes every time he looks at her, her sister or anyone else. Believing she just needs to shower him with more comfort and give him deeds to bring out the good in him, she asks her sister to help with his work as a night guard, and so proceeds a time of her pet project of cracking his shell of ice and iron. It slowly dies a cold death.

One day a situation occurs in which she seemingly is put into danger, Patches intervenes, taking a wound for her. Thinking she has effected him she moves to thank him for the action personally during his recovery. instead of reluctant acceptance, all she see’s is undisguised contempt, as if he’s blaming her for the wound. She then realizes there is no love in him, but duty.

After a time when he returns to duty she comes upon him, and for once in her mellenia long habit formed of love and comfort, she hesitates. her instinctive will to give love freely is blocked by doubts she rarely ever has as all the thoughts of him enter her mind like a toxic wind. In the end this lost son, full of bitterness, has hurt her in ways no grand monster ever has, and not with magic, or violence, but with the most mundane of things. in a world of dragons and demi-gods, the mortal can still harm.

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hey there :) 12- successfully turning the other on e/R please :3

e/R | android!Enjolras, non-con… since he is an android…

“Why,” says Grantaire to himself as he wiggles his finger trying to find the prostate, “would you put the fucking switch there?”

His bedroom is covered in packaging. There’s absolute reams of bubble wrap and little polystyrene peanuts all over the place. His chair, which is mostly for dumping laundry on, is shoved out of the way to make space for a frankly huge box.

The instruction manual for his new “Companionbot” is open on the floor, and the actual bot itself – it’s called Enjolras, apparently, because every single one of them comes with custom names – is splayed across the bed with one of Grantaire’s fingers up its arse.

Seriously, why.

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