look at all those lovely smiles

stop hating on donghyuck and give him all the love and support he needs right now. i’m willing to sell my kidney just to see him smile so you better do as well. he deserves nothing but the best and everybody that’s leaving, let me tell u: piss off and never come back because donghyuck doesn’t need that kind of treatment, specially from so called “fans”. let him live in peace. i’m actually positive about the fact that those sasaengs actually just faked that whole thing just to make him look worse idk. i don’t think he’d do all that stuff, specially since it’s too easy to expose. he does so much fanservice and he wouldn’t do something so easy to expose i mean he’s not dumb. he may be a brat but he’s a lovely brat and not a brat brat. if you’re one of the people that hate him now, turn on your location and fight me. i’ll bring every single nct and donghyuck stan with me u uglies. i’m so mad but my rant is over. goodnight.

p.s: love and support donghyuck

—  me and every nct stan right now
I’m trying to get over you, I’m trying so goddamned hard. And some mornings I wake up and think, yes, maybe I finally am free. Free from my echoing thoughts of you. Free from the constant battle of loving you and losing you. But then other mornings I wake up and all I can think about is how your eyes look with sunlight in them and how your face looks just before you break into a smile.
Maybe we aren’t meant to be together, maybe not now, maybe not ever.
And I don’t wanna have a single grain of hope, because blessed are those with no expectations.
But sometimes I think against my own will that what if we break all the laws?
Maybe we’ll forget each other soon but what if we meet again someday in the future, and in one look we’ll feel the ache in our hearts of our incomplete love, and maybe then I’ll be right for you, and you’ll be right for me?
Maybe we are meant to be together, maybe not now, but maybe someday.

I have never seen anyone fanboy harder over anything than Hoechlin being presented with “THE jacket” to match my Stiles cosplay. (Literally matching Sterek jackets from the same line, if you look closely ;D) He thanked me too many times, sent messages through other people to thank me for letting me wear it to recreate those moments from Wolf’s Bane and said how much he loved “that Sterek scene”(!!! XD) He was so happy about the whole thing he kept cracking and smiling! Just such a great guy.

Can’t wait to see him later in the year. Doing all the Sterek cosplay with my cospartner Nem at HowlerCon, including something with Tyler. :D

What a dork. <3

Harry James Potter
  • Always unable to find his glasses in the morning.
  • Never sits while eating breakfast, he always lays down in bed for too long to be on time with anything else.
  • Yet, he always finds time to hop into the shower while his boyfriend is there.
  • He loves his job but doesn’t like being away for too long.
  • Most of the days he would most likely disappear because being the Chosen One is no fun at all.
  • Molly taught him how to knit and cook and he does that when nobody’s looking (Molly swore she’ll never tell anyone).
  • But Draco steals those sweaters and scarfs anyway and boasts about having a talented boyfriend (Harry pretends he doesn’t know).
  • He loves dogs and wants to have one badly (a black one, for some reason).
  • After the war his smile faded, it is more mature and nostalgic.
  • He loves to wear fashionable muggle clothes, the ones that bad boys from his school used to wear.
  • He has whole closet full of ripped jeans and leather jackets.
  • Draco likes them too. Especially on the floor.
  • His life’s a mess. But a good mess.

Can we just fall in love again without bringing the past? I’ll forget the heartbreak and I’ll pretend the all the scars were there because I fell down the stairs if you forget all the mistakes I done, how I take this love for granted and all the poetry I’ve written that weren’t always kind. They were never kind. Not to you and not even to me.

Let’s experience the things that makes us fall in love with each other again. Let’s saw each other face and smile instantly, how warm traveled all over me when I saw that light in your eyes. Let’s have those midnight phone calls and just skip sleep altogether. Tell me everything again like you never told me before. I’ll throw away the fears. I’ll throw away the “how many other girls he’s done this to”, the “I should reply this longer than he takes to reply”, the “I should talk to other boys so I don’t look so in love with him”

Because time is running out. It keeps blowing strikes to me at heart. Each a reminder of how I let this go. How I let my soul learn how to get used to all these spaces between us. When all I ever wish was skin on skin.

So let’s just fall in love again. Tenderly. Innocently. Quickly. Recklessly. Boldly. Bravely. Like we never hurt each other.

Don’t mind the scars. We can save each other later. Let’s just fall in love again.

—  in my defense part. 2
That One Dreadful Call

Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 974

Warnings: ANGST (which isn’t a shocker with me anymore) 

A/N: Here’s your Daddy!Jensen angst!!! I hope you all enjoy it…there may be a part two or I may just be a bitch and leave it like this lol anyways thanks to @mamapeterson for the beta and feedback is gratefully appreciated!!!

Jensen couldn’t stop smiling. While waiting for the set to be prepared again he started thinking about you and your four year old daughter who looked exactly like you, but had his eyes. He had everything he could have ever wanted and more. Ever since marrying you, you had truly made him a better man and he could never stop showing you how much he appreciates and loves you. Last night was one of those nights, after Olivia fell asleep, you were all his and everything was completely perfect. Jensen actually felt himself starting to blush as he started thinking about last night in such a public place. He was brought out of his thoughts by the directors booming voice, rubbed the back of his neck, and made his way back to his marker.

Many takes later it was finally lunch time and also around the same time you would pick Olivia up from pre-K. Which would result in him getting a FaceTime call of the two of you as you drove back home. All throughout lunch Jensen was constantly checking his phone, so much that Jared noticed, “Hey man, she probably just forgot or got busy with the teacher or something. Don’t sweat it.”

“Do you think I should call just to be sure?”

Jared shook his head, “Nah, I’m telling you everything is fine.

“But she always calls, this isn’t just something she would all of a sudden forget to do.”

“I know, which is why I’m saying something else must have come up to where she couldn’t FaceTime you.” Jared’s head lifted when he heard the director’s voice once again. Slapping the side of Jensen’s arm he gave him a reassuring smile, “Come on, back to work we go.”

Jensen gave a nod of his head as he stuffed his cell phone back into his pocket, he’d find out why he didn’t get his call when he got home tonight. Jared was probably right, it was most likely nothing and Jensen was just overreacting. But then again if you did have something else to do…why didn’t you just send him a quick text? He shook his head and brushed it off as he walked back onto set, immediately transforming into Dean Winchester.

Jensen went about the rest of his day without a single call or message from you still. Now he was really starting to get worried. He moved you here to Vancouver with him so he could always be with you and never miss a moment of Olivia growing up. Even though he was about an hour away you still talked to him like you still lived in Austin, he was your best friend and you were his. So to go all day without hearing anything from you…really made him nervous.

It was at the beginning of the final scene, one more hour till he got to go home, when his phone finally rang. The director wasn’t all that happ,y but Jensen answered it anyways, waving off the director, “Y/N, babe, why haven’t you called me all day? Is something wrong?”

Jensen heard sniffling along with little whimpers and his brow scrunched together, that wasn’t you, “Olivia? Baby girl, where’s mommy?”

She whimpered one last time before Jensen heard someone else whispering to her, “Olivia, is that mommy? Can you hand her the phone?” This was when Jensen really started to panic and he wasn’t sure what was going on. He felt Jared’s hand on his shoulder with a questioning look but he just gave him the ‘hold on’ finger.

“D-Daddy…t-the mean man t-told me dat m-mommy can’t t-talk right now…dat y-you gotta find us. C-Come find us daddy…I-I scared….” He heard her starting to cry again as she pleaded for him to help her. His heart dropped, his stomach twisted into a knot, and he could feel his throat starting to close up. His little girl was calling out to him to help her and save her and he had no idea where you or her even were.

“Liv…tell me who has you and daddy will be right there!” He waited barely a second and he didn’t hear her voice or her whimpers anymore. “Liv! Olivia!” Jensen shut his eyes and some tears escaped just as another voice spoke through the phone.

“Jensen! Hey buddy, how’s it hanging?!”

“J-James?” That’s all Jared needed to hear and he pulled away from Jensen and started to call the police on his cell phone.

Jensen heard this blood curdling laugh on the other end, “You sound so surprised! I told you that you’d be seeing me again! Looks like someone didn’t believe me!” James said in a sing song taunting tone that made Jensen shudder..  

“You tell me where you have them and we can settle this right now. James, you give me back my family!” Jensen’s voice broke as his knees gave out. “Please. I’ll give you anything you want, just give me my family back.”

“Ya know…as tempting as that is…and let me tell ya, having you offer up anything that I want is really really tempting…I’m gonna have to pass. We haven’t had our fun just yet! Toodles Jay!” James started laughing again and Jensen couldn’t stop the furious tears as he heard those last two words and then there was nothing at all except for the cruel dial tone heckling him. Jensen screamed and then threw his fist into the ground not caring about the pain that just erupted throughout his arm. Jared rushed over and slung an arm around Jensen’s shoulders, pulling his friend into his body as Jensen gave in and cried.

“We’ll get ‘em back Jay…we’ll get ‘em back,” Jared promised, waving away several people that had come over, asking what was happening.

Part 2

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When you look up in a dictionary the phrase “HEAD OVER HEALS IN LOVE”, there should be an audiovisual record of Min Hyuk waltzing into his office like a ray of sunshine with a goofy, megawatt smile plastered on his face; so eager and excited to see BS the first thing in the morning, so loathe to step away from her and unable to even look away. HE EVEN BACKWALKS so he wouldn’t have to take his eyes off her! And all that because how happy he was to meet her last night.

It’s been mentioned many times before that it’s those little things and gestures that matter the most and reveal a lot about a person and their feelings and one of those things are Min Hyuk gifts to Bong Soon which don’t even feel like gifts at first because he always gives them to her so matter-of-factly and subtly. They are so thoughtful and considered as he always manages to give her the things that she needs and wants the most. 

  • When BS feels insecure about her English, MH buys her English textbooks and lets her study during her work time, 
  • when she is hungry or worried he buys her food,
  • when she wants to create a game, he gives her a computer with all the programs she will need 
  • and when she wants to fight the villains, HE CREATES A TRAINING REGIME ONLY FOR HER SO SHE CAN FACE THEM AND WIN. 

That’s only one of the many ways he keeps helping her and supporting her. He doesn’t asks for anything in return, his only selfishnes is that he wants for BS to do all those things with him. It’s enough to make him happy because her happiness is the source of his own.

something we casually forget about PINOF 4. this was taken during 2012, aka, the sad years of phan. you can tell how internally uncomfortable they were and unnaturally more skinny than usual. but still in that time, screenshots like this were taken. dan lovingly smiling at Phil from behind while phil flashes that gorgeous smile. in little parts throughout the video, you can still see how much they love each other. whether it’s romantic gazes or the “ i feel special” “you are” moments, dan and phil have always stuck together though thick and thin, no matter how bad the times were. although those times were tough but they still showed affection, nowadays, looking at PINOF 8 and furthermore, they’re now open about their love. whether it’s romantic or simply friendly, just look at them now. we’re all so proud of their perseverance. we must, as the phandom, their source of views and support, must always stay by their side and encourage them. they have a healthy happy relationship together and it is our responsibility to help them stay positive. the last thing we want is another 2012, the sad year, we want to extend dan and phil’s legacy and make it a happy one. throughout time, specifically 2009-2011 is where you could tell they didn’t care. they didn’t care what people thought of them, they didn’t care if their relationship was open. during the tragic year of 2012, the boys drifted apart. but they have such a connection that, in the photo above, they cannot break. no matter how secretive they want to be, or sad they are, dan will still gaze fondly at phil, and phil will occasionally flash the love eyes himself, whilst providing us all with his perfect smile. no matter how broken they are, i know dan and phil have a bond that they can’t break. so here’s the message. don’t be someone you’re not. never give up. find that one person that will make your life a dream come true. grow a bond like Dan and Phil.

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Little Beauty and the Beast 2017 things that I really loved:

*that opening ballroom scene with all the people and grandeur it was so cool
*Emma Watson. Just her in her entirety as a person
*the effects and all the townsfolk and the choreography it looked like so much work went into it I am stunned
*Maurice’s little song I almost cried
*more Mom backstory!
*Le Fou’s big gay crush on Gaston like did you see those loving looks
*that one guy who after being made over by the wardrobe smiled and flounced away
*Le Fou: “I was on Gaston’s side but we’re kinda going through a rough time right now” Mrs Potts: “you deserve better than him”
*Beast/Adam making fun of Romeo and Juliet
*the wait for the happy ending- all was almost lost
*the little extra songs that weren’t in the original animated version

Overall, I recommend it! It was far better than you would expect a simple live-action remake to be.

The boys reacting to you moaning while eating

Gifs aren’t mine.

Jin (Seokjin):

Jin would totally get it since you’d share his love for food. He would laugh, his eyes crinkling up at the corners, and would say ‘it’s really good, isn’t it ?’ before feeding you some and eating more.

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Suga (Yoongi):

Yoongi would look up to you without the trace of a smile before saying ‘Yah ! Don’t make those kind of noises in public !’ but would look away to hide a smile.

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V (Taehyung):

Tae would probably smile with all his teeth and giggle. He’d say ‘You’re so cute jagi !’ before feeding you more of it.

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Jimin :

Jimin would look at you, his pupils dilating, and would pull you somewhere else for you to take care of a certain situation you caused.

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Rap Monster (Namjoon):

Namjoon would definitely laugh at you before saying ‘I’m guessing you like that’ and would keep buying it to hear those noises again (even though he could hear them every night).

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J-hope (Hoseok):

He would smirk widely and look at you seductively. ‘Yah, jagi, you better stop making those noises before the other boys notice’

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Jungkook would quickly turn his head towards you, quite surprised. He’d give you a quick suggestive smile as if to say ‘you’ll be making those later but not because of food’.

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i don’t know much, but i do know i love him. when he smiles, the world around us fades and he’s all i see. when he’s singing in the car, the outside noise is suddenly nonexistent, and i want to grab him and kiss him, but that would mean he’d stop singing. and when he looks at me with those beautiful brown eyes, when he places his hand in mine, i know that i am inexorably and inescapably, without a doubt, in love with him.
One Gift

They had agreed on only one gift, but as Jack looked at all the flowers in the Eternal Gardens Flower Shop he just couldn’t control himself.

“Peonies. Those are cool,” he told the woman behind the counter.  “Um, what else do you recommend?”

She smiled at his enthusiasm, “Roses?  I know they’re traditional and corny – but they’re traditional and corny and beautiful.  Your girl will love them.”

Jack frowned briefly, then shrugged it off and said softly, “They deserve corny and beautiful and everything.”

The woman’s expression changed slightly, then she quickly recovered, “So… one giant bouquet for them, or?”

“Well, we agreed to only get each other one gift.  Would a bunch of bouquets delivered in one huge vase be considered one?”

“Yes, I would say so,” she nodded happily. “Yes! What else do you want to get?  We can always put the bouquets in one box.  That’s still one item if you think about it really.”

Jack picked up a hydrangea and inhaled deeply.  The scent was crisp and clean and made him happy.  He then imagined Bitty burying his face into a bouquet of hydrangeas and it made it doubly happy.

How did he get here?  Here he was, like a sap, ordering a bunch of flowers on a Hallmark holiday for the boy he loved.  Flowers.  Like a sap, in love and with no regrets.  

He almost laughed at himself, and wished he could see Bitty’s face when the delivery arrived.

“Let’s go with two dozen of the red roses, a dozen peonies, a dozen hydrangeas, and…”

I love blurry photographs; the laugh in them.
The last moment shift when someone
couldn’t keep their mouth shut.
The repositioning and reaching out and
the camera tumbling down from its unsteady perch.

I love that there is no space left for imperfections
when all you can see is joy.

Looking back, I wonder if there were years
in which I didn’t laugh at all, when I had my lips
pressed into a line, and my smile, hesitant,
and my words, silenced.

My anxiety attacks take me to twelve,
my now straight hair to fourteen.
I don’t need these pictures to remind me
of who I was then, because I am still
getting over her.

I don’t want the precision of those times,
the sharpness that I could never completely escape.
I will have these photo albums be kind,
the way my memory isn’t.

—  I take happiness where I can get it (Larissa M.)
I was never close to you but you made me feel as if I knew you. We don’t talk anymore but I check up on you sometimes and I wonder if you’re still the same person: if your eyes crinkle and light up whenever you laugh and how your eyes do all the smiling. I wonder if you still wear those sweatpants that you somehow made look great.
—  I wonder about you
My goal in life is to be one of those people who are just light. You see them and you suddenly feel so warm inside and all you want to do is hug them. And they look at you and smile with the warmest light in their eyes…. and you love them. maybe not in a romantic way but you just want to be close to them and you hope some of their light transfers onto you.
—  via @wizdomly

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listen i am so emo abt those macdennis headcanons can u give me more they're so sweet

  • mac eventually tells dennis about the erotic nightmare he had about him. dennis can’t stop thinking about it, so one night he decides to reenact it for mac, who finds the whole thing so amusing that he can’t look at the other man for a whole week without bursting into peals of laughter. dennis tries to be angry about this, but it’s hard to when mac is smiling like that, all because of him. 
  • dennis loves tracing his fingertips (and when he’s buzzed, his tongue) along the freckles on mac’s shoulders. “i’m trying to count how many you have,” he says to mac every time, but really he just likes the way mac sighs and leans into his touch.
  • mac likes it when dennis wears any kind of makeup, but he especially likes it when dennis wears lipstick. a lot. not just because dennis looks prettier than usual (which he does), but mac absolutely adores that dennis’s kisses leave a mark behind on his skin.
  • they still go to guigino’s without fail every month - the only thing that’s new is the hand-holding. dennis lets mac order whatever he wants, as long as they get to share dessert (which mac feeds to him, of course).
  • laundry day is something both of them look forward to; mac because dennis lounges around the apartment wearing mac’s old sleeveless tees, and dennis because mac does the same, only he’s shirtless.
You stared deep into my eyes, not looking away. You said nothing, but your expression said it all. “I love your eyes. They’re so pretty” you said. I was speechless, so in love, and no words could ever begin to describe that feeling. And I swear, I got so lost in those deep brown eyes of yours. As we stood there, embraced and hands intertwined, I fell in love all over again. I fell in love that night like I never had before.
—  oh, how I love your smile

Fangirl Challenge: [29/40] Romantic Relationships » Kol and Davina

“I don’t know how to say goodbye to you. Do you remember the first time that I saw you? In the record store. No it was before that. I was dead for ages, Davina. And when I woke up, it was a mess of manipulation and family drama in a body I didn’t know. All this anger I couldn’t shake. And that very night, I saw you leaving the church with this look on your face like the whole world was on your shoulders. You brushed up against some dead flowers and you stopped. You looked around, and you brought those flowers back to life with your magic. You smiled and something inside of me cracked wide open. I was dead for ages, Davina, and only then did I feel alive again. I love you. I love you, too.”

Imagine Kuro really starting to blossom after he and Mahiru start dating. Because suddenly he feels accepted, he feels loved, and his self-worth improves and his confidence improves and he just starts feeling better about himself. So his sleep schedule gets normal and he starts eating healthier under Mahiru’s influence, and his skin looks less pale and his posture straightens and his eyebags disappear and he looks like a whole new person, and he starts smiling sometimes and his playful streak shows more often and he becomes more willing to go out and do stuff. He’s still his old laid-back snarky self, and he’s still lazy and tries to negotiate his way out of doing stuff, but then there’s also those days when he wakes Mahiru up with breakfast in bed to surprise him, or those days when he suddenly gives Mahiru this stupid smile that also makes Mahiru smile like crazy, and Mahiru falls in love all over again because Kuro looks so relaxed and confident and happy now.

woah someone requested this actually, so here it is! hope you guys enjoy :)

tw: self harm mention ; read at your own risk ; repost ; character death

Keith hadn’t seen the shot coming. No one had. The celebrations of the falling of Zarkon were shown throughout the city. The smiles of the people were bright. As Keith made his way to the other side of the party, he saw Lance.

The golden skinned boy was in his element. Many aliens were enraptured by the beauty of his smile, resilience rolling of him in waves. Keith felt his heart swell,  which is something it seems to do every time he sees Lance. Or thought about him.

Slowly, as if in a spell, he noticed Lance looking towards him. Those blue eyes would be the death of him.  Keith hadn’t known when he had changed direction, but he had. The weight of Lance’s hand in his own was making flowers blossom in his heart. He was in love.

All it took was a split second.

The screams rang out and the red of Keith’s was no longer alone. Keith didn’t know who shot, he just knew Lance had been shot.

Lance with the Stars in his eyes.  Lance that has people orbiting him as if he was a planet. Lance with his insecurities, with his flaws, with his perfections.

Lance who was bloody in his arms, tears at the edge of his eyes. Lance, who was once a golden brown skin color, paling.

“I almost made it home, Keith.”

Keith choked up. His eyes stung. “You’re going to make it, Lance. You’re going to be fine. You’re going to see your mom again. You’re going to have to introduce me. I’ll let her braid my hair and she’ll show me old baby pictures. She’ll tell me embarrassing stories of when you were younger. You’ll graduate from the Garrison and we’ll find an apartment. We’ll live together. I’ll make a living off fixing cars and you’ll have your own daycare. You know how much you love kids.” He was rambling. “Lance stay awake. Lance stay awake.

“I’m awake, Keith.” Lance’s voice was gravely. His eyes weren’t focused. They said sight was the first to go.

Where were the others?  Keith couldn’t get him to safety alone. Where were the others?

“Keith. I know I’m not going to make it.” Lance’s voice cut his through his thoughts. “Keith, I love you. I love you so much. So much. I think you would’ve,” a cough wracked through Lance, interrupting him, “I think you would’ve liked Sophia. She would’ve loved to do your nails while Mamá did your hair. She would’ve called you pretty. Because you are Keith, you’re so pretty.” Lance had some much more to say, but his mind was slipping. “I love you.”

Keith felt the last of Lance’s life slip through his fingers.


The next few days hurt. Keith hadn’t been able to do much, besides replaying the last “I love you,” Lance had ever told him. He hadn’t been able to say it back.

Sometimes Keith still heard his taunts. Still heard the loud laugh and the puns.

It was quiet without him. Keith noticed that the first day. It was like the background music of a movie was gone. He was gone.

Keith had a hard time saying his name, instead resulting in just using “he/him”.

Keith spent a lot of time with the blue lion. It was the closest thing he could get to Lance. The last connection, besides the ship and team. Shiro liked to say that Lance was in a better place. Liked to say that he was watching over them. But that wasn’t the same as being there with them, laughing and smiling.

Some days Keith thought he was okay. That he could do it. Others, he was swamped in sadness. In depression. Those days were the scariest.

He isn’t in control of his body on those days. He shakes, he feels his sanity slipping away from him. He feels the life slipping from Lance’s body. On those days, he finds himself itching with the need to hurt. Something to distract himself from the inner turmoil.

Keith begins to cut. Finds comfort in the distractions.

Until Keith cuts too deep and finds his life slipping away from himself, just like Lance’s had. Only then had the flowers wilted.