look at all those homestucks

Whenever people tell me about my… presence here on tumblr, they almost overwhelmingly bring up this decades old drawing, which, yeah, I love trans Dave too, but for the love of god, take this new version instead.

I KNOW THIS QUOTE IS OLD BUT I STILL LIKE IT anyway i hope you had a merry christmas 

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The link in my description broke or something and it won’t let me fix it for some reason, so I’m just gonna leave this link to my ao3 here. 

Hey, if you wanna read some fanfics, check it out maybe.


Remember how I said I was going to a 50sstuck meet??

Welllllll here are some pics that were taken, and bruh, I had a blast hanging with my peeps up north.

Being jane was super awesome too and I felt pretty cute in my dress and makeup uvu

(Read the tags bc friends)


Definitely going to do more of these tomorrow, so much fun, but they take ages, so I’m proud of myself for getting two whole pages done today. :D  (25 faces, dang, go me)

Thank you for your help everybody, the suggestions were super-helpful. UwU