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omo your mom was a street dancer?! and your dad supported her too!?!? wow you and hoseok really are meant to be like he would be so happy to find out your his fan :') i'm going to ask number's 8 and 29!

She totally was! And a matter of fact, she was also skilled in popping just like Hoseok. My mom loves watching Hope on the Street with me because it takes her back to when she was a dancer. ^^

8. favourite eatjin moment and why

Seokjin looking so happy eating. Seokjin’s face lighting up offering food to Jimin is the sweetest. Like he wants everyone to know the happiness of eating an eggtart. God… that little smile… I can never stop smiling watching this.

29. the proudest moment of them so far
Whatever they do, I am always proud of them. There is never a moment I am disappointed in those 7 boys. They have made mistakes, but we all do and as long as we own up to it and learn, I’m glad. I was proud that they made it to debut with all the shit trainees go through. I was proud all those times they we’re up for music show wins, but didn’t take the trophy home because I know how much they are working. I was proud when they won their first rookie award, held their first fan/muster meet, releasing their albums, making so many people fall in love with them, etc. I am always proud of Bangtan and everything they do. 

More Important Things

• The way Fenris’s hair is so fluffy over his pointed ears and how it sways when he teases about practicing his flattery
• The look he gives Hawke when he says that he’d never wanted anyone before Hawke and that things might be different with him
• The deadpan manner in which he jokes with Varric
• That heartbreakingly sad and vulnerable smile on his face when Hawke says, “I’m here, Fenris,” when Fenris thinks he’s all alone
• His adorable friendships with Sebastian, Donnic, and Aveline
• The way his ears glow (the way all of him glows, really, but look at his glowing ears in cutscenes! So cute!)
• The way he caresses Hawke’s face
• That look of hope on his face when he first sees Varania and recalls a fragment of a happy memory of her
• Those very full and very kissable lips of his
• Those bold, expressive eyebrows
• The way his bangs hide his eyes when he’s feeling vulnerable and self-conscious
• His dry sarcasm and wit
• The way his eyes light up and he smiles when Hawke suggests giving him a few more problems
• The way he finds happiness, love, and a home when he thought he never would

All very very important.


I’m blessing you all with this. Look at my little munchkins. You’re welcome. While I was editing the pics, True colors was playing so it made it more emotional and, If you listened closely in that scene, you can hear the true colors melody playing)

Okay, but the scene in Jody’s house with the pizza and the Netflix… I can’t have been the only one who just couldn’t keep their eyes off of Sam’s loose, relaxed moosey self all sprawled over that couch. He looked like he’d kinda just melted into that position like an ice cream cone in direct sunlight. And his little cheeky grins, and the little jibes about Dean’s hentai thing, and his dimples… just his face in general. He looked so pure and content and happy and I loved every last bit of him in that scene.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that and the way Sam and Dean just popped up at Jody’s door all smiles and stink because they were fresh from a hunt like “we’re adorable and smelly and hungry please let us in so we can eat all your food and watch your Netflix”. I definitely couldn’t have said no to those faces.

My lil pure smol beans.

The rings in episode 10

I’m probably really freaking late with this again, but I’m watching the episode a second time because so much happened in it, that I missed a lot.

I know the whole fandom is freaking out over the Viktuuri engagement, but I felt a bit bothered because this episode was chock-full of double entendres. I’m talking about anything that has to do with the rings. I know I’m sounding really salty right now, but I just need more Viktuuri. Actual, literal in your face Viktuuri. 

So I’m currently at the scene where Yuuri buys the *cough*lucky charms*cough*. I paused at the bit where Yuuri opened up the receipt. And y’all are probably gonna facepalm really hard when you read this because everybody already knew and I’m just so fucking slow but please just leave me be I was so happy when I noticed this

lets look a little closer

“something-i-can’t-read gold wedding ring





I know this anime is just one huge metaphor for love and romance but still



One certainly positive thing about this season is the number of times we saw our favourite pirate smile. Last season was a really hard ride for all of us, watching Killian have all kinds of negative and saddening emotions, so seeing those real, meaningful and absolutely wonderful smiles on his face makes my heart melt.

So I was looking through All Colour But the Black and saw this comment by Kubo:

Yeah, this Ichigo. Such an expressive guy. Always wears his heart on his sleeve. 

And it’s not just during battles - when he was having a heart-to-heart with Rukia, he was happy, alive. Look at that face.

So you can really tell when he’s lost his will to live

and when he’s just going through the motions of living

You can’t tell me he’s happy with his life post-684. Those are the faces of a quietly despairing man. 

And if Kubo can remark on Ichigo’s eyes being “full of life” in that poster, you can bet he knows how he’s portraying Ichigo in 686 and in that shitty sketch.

Dance with Me

Prompt: Dance with me

Words: 699

          You love the rain. You love the sound, the way it looks, and most of all the way it feels. For some reason water has always brought you comfort. You lived for those warm summer days where you could dive into the pool, run through a sprinkler, or jump into an oncoming wave. You refer to the water as your happy place.

          That’s why when the first drops of the storm start hitting your window, you immediately come awake. You press your face against the window, and goose bumps rise along your skin, at the contact of the cold glass. Your grin widens as a strike of lightning illuminates the sky.

          You don’t give it another thought, you dash as quietly as you can from your bedroom, and down the stairs. You’re careful to stay quiet as you slip out one of the sliding doors and onto the back deck.

          You go to the edge of the canopy, that is shielding you from the falling water, and hold out your hand. You can’t help but relax as the water hits your palm, somewhat cool for a fall rain.

          Another flash of lightning streaks across the sky.

          “You’re going to get yourself electrocuted.”

          You can’t help the little squeak that comes out of your mouth, at the sound of his voice. You turn to glare at your boyfriend, and your hands go to your hips. “Damian,” you hiss, “What in the world are you doing here at three in the morning?”

          He smirks, “I’m always out this late, comes with job.” Your eyes roam up and down his Robin uniform, before you cross your arms. He approaches you, and takes your hands in his, “I stopped by just to check on you. I know your parents are out of town for the next few weeks.”

          You smile, “That was very sweet of you.”

          He pulls you into him, and you snuggle into his warmth. He kisses your hair and asks, “So what are you doing up this early?”

          You smile at him, “Well before you scared me half to death I was enjoying the rain.” There’s a moments of silence as his hand rubs up and down your arm before you say, “You know what I’ve always wanted to do?”

          “Go to Thailand?”

            “No … Well yes, but I meant in this moment?”

           “Make out?”

          You roll your eyes and swat his chest, “No, you hormonally charged teenage boy.”

          “Then I have no clue, what have you always wanted to do?”

          “Dance in the rain.”

          There’s a moment of silence before Damian simply says, “That was so much cornier than I expected.”

          You glare at him, “It’s not corny. That’s how my parents ended their first date. They’d gone out to this amazing dinner, and this storm rolled in. And instead of letting it ruin their night, my dad asked my mom to dance in the rain. She said that it was in that moment she knew she’d spend the rest of her life in love with my dad.”

          His eyes soften a bit at the story, and his arms slowly disappear from around you. He takes two steps back, and stares at you for a moment, before he goes into a gentleman’s bow, “May I have this dance?”

          A soft smile plays on your lips, “What happened to corny?”

          He looks up at you, never breaking his bow and says, “I want that moment. I want us to know that we’ll always love each other. So, dance with me … please.”

          You take his hand and as he straightens you say, “I knew I’d always love you that day you gave me your favorite sweatshirt, simply because you knew I loved it.”

          He smiles as he leads you out into the rain and sweeps you into a dance, “I’d give you the entire moon if it meant you’d be happy.”

          You dance in the rain that night, and the pounding of the rain becomes your song. And every time, a large rainstorm rolls in at night, for the rest of your life, Damian wakes you and simply says, “They’re playing our song, dance with me.”

The Man in Business Suit Levitating (?!?) emojis, ranked

(yes that’s a real emoji) (Your guess is as good as mine)


He’s so happy! Look at him! I imagine there is a stern-faced agent behind him being all like “Agent Smith get back here” and he’s all ”Screw you Agent Johnson I can fly wheeeeeeee” 10/10 I hope he does well in life.


I don’t think he knows he’s flying. I think in a minute he’s going to look down to get his pen and freak out. FBI never trained him for flying. That’s not even a federal crime. 9/10 for giving my the mental image of shenanigans. I’m a simple man.


It’s stern-faced Agent Johnson! He can fly but isn’t very happy about it. He remembers when gravity was a thing. He misses those days. 8/10 I hope you find gravity again soon friend


He’s really creepy. That smile is not an “I’m happy” smile. It’s not even a “I’m going to kill you” smile. It’s a “hello fellow car-bon based life” smile. It’s very odd. Also he’s levitating and that’s not normal either. 7/10 if I give you a high score will you go away please?


Here we see the worst effects of capitalism. Look at this poor guy. “Look! You are granted one of mankind’s oldest and greatest dreams! You can fly!” “Yeah, but I still need to get up early for my meeting. Sigh” 6/10 he just makes me very sad tbh


How the mighty have fallen. In 2012 the slenderman was the toast of the internet! Everyone was talking about him!. Look at him now, appearing on LG emojis. He sits at home every night, re-watching Marble Hornets and pouring himself another glass of wine. “I’m still relevant, dammit!” 4/10 of course you are slendy. Of course you are

Emoji one

He is not so much levitating as “being lifted by the air caught on his hat”. Look at that thing. No-one needs that much hat. It’s literally as big as his torso. What are you using that for? 3/10 can’t trust someone with that much hat.


Now, see, one of the three integral parts of “man in buisness suit, levitating” is the man. Take hime away, like you did, and all you have is a business suit levitating.That’s not the same thing and I resent that you think I would be fooled by it. 1/10 WHEN WILL THE LIES END?!

Being best friends with the Doctor would include

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  • Having a lot of fun together doing the most random of things
  • Being the first person he met after the Time war and showing him a lot of kindness which is why he asks you to come and travel with him in the Tardis
  • Him very slowly talking to you about what the time war is and what happened and you being very nice and patient with him through it all, comforting him
  • Noticing the little things about him, when he’s comfortable, when he’s angry but trying hard to repress it, when he’s sad but trying to look happy and things alike which is why in those moments you always try to comfort him
  • Being extremely sad when he had to regenerate

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  • Being a bit hesitant at first with him having changed his face but realizing he’s still somewhat the same man
  • This Doctor was less open about his emotions, always playing off happy but whenever he was truly angry he would really show it, you slowly started to find ways to comfort him
  • Noticing how he went from just being sad over the time war to feeling guilty about what had happened and you try to help him deal with this guilty because you can see it’s crushing him
  • Helping the Doctor deal with all the companions who leave him through choice or force and telling him you’ll never leave which both you know is impossible but neither of you really talk about that as it’s a good way to comfort him and you will travel with him as long as humanly possible.
  • Being there with him every second of the way

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  • Learning to deal with his different behaviour in the way that he is more childish.
  • Generally a lot more laughing and happy moments as he was in general more happy but you quickly noticed at least a quarter of the time he was hiding his real emotions.
  • Helping him accept those sad emotions and telling him that no one will think less of him for that and that he shouldn’t forget because it’s good to remember as it helps you progress as a being.
  • A lot of bad jokes when the two of you are alone, playing pranks on each other during travels in the Tardis and just having a lot of fun by doing     really weird or stupid things.
  • Remembering to always watch the Doctor because despite being the oncoming storm and sometimes him being properly angry he is literally the most clumsy person in the universe in this body.
  • Always being there for him whenever he needs anyone because this incarnation is even worse when it comes to not asking for help.

Originally posted by thedoctorimagines


  • Not giving a shit about the age thing at all which makes the Doctor both relieved and a bit surprised because Clara had quite a shock but the     Doctor knows you’ve been with him since after the time war.
  • Either really liking this more sarcastic version of the Doctor or disliking it more, either way twelve still really enjoys your company as no matter     which incarnation you always seem to get him.
  • Helping him deal with his issues just like you did with the other doctors
  • Realizing this Doctor was more protective than the ones before and continuously saying he ‘has a duty of care’
  • Laughing at how oblivious and wrong this doctor could sometimes be and how he was not shocked by the weirdest things you thought off or found in the Tardis.
  • Staying with the Doctor after he lost the memories of Clara and not telling him anything about her because you know it’s for the better. Also, keeping in contact with Clara so she knows if the Doctor is all right.
regrets (part one)

summary : love is when she was gone and happy with somebody else. you had the chance to make her yours, yet you didn’t grab it. hence, it will be regret to come meet you in the end. or will it be you to know the taste of regret?

characters : jimin x you x taehyung

parts : one two

“what the-?”, you whispered, yet you knew he can hear you. you looked at jimin who has a blank expression all over his face. “jimin, you can’t be serious. you said you love me.”

jimin shook his head. “no, (y/n). i never meant those.”, your heart felt like it was being crushed into a million pieces. those were the words you never expected for park jimin, your boyfriend, the one you love, to say. “i like someone else.”

you curled your fingers into fists, trying your best not to break down infront of him but tears flowed from the corners of your eyes as your lips released sobs. “then why did you date me? why did you give me the impression that you like me?”

“because someone asked me to date you.”

you hitched a breath. of course, that will be what his answer. it was probably a mutual friend that asked him to date you and being the nice guy he is, jimin agreed. or maybe, it was a friend who told him to date you. or maybe- a lot of thoughts were going through your head, eating you up.

“i tried my best to love you. “ i really did. “but i cannot.” it’s the truth.


it took all of jimin’s will to wrap his arms around you and comfort you with white lies, tell you that he was joking but knowing that this is the truth, he will endure it even if it means seeing you crying.

“please, let’s break up.”

and it shocked jimin that, after a few minutes, you agreed, your eyes holding all the pain as your smile told him otherwise.

you shook your head as you remembered the first guy you liked, park jimin, and how things between you two ended back when you were 16. after that break up, he ignored you and you had to endure seeing him with another girl. it was a hell year for you yet, you were blessed that your father was given a job transfer to seoul. he took it and your family moved from busan to seoul.

you fitted well in seoul, adapting to their accent quick. you made friends but didn’t entered to a relationship even when a senior asked you out. as you were finishing your high school in seoul, you were able to forget and move on from that guy.

you blocked and deleted his number and changed your social media accounts to new ones. it was the first time that, after 4 years since it happened, you remembered it.

you are now in college, taking architecture for your major. in your class, there’s a guy named kim taehyung and he sits beside you so whenever you have classes, there will always be a time that you two will have small talks.

you found yourself looking forward to going to college everyday. it meant seeing taehyung and talking to him. you had to admit that you are attracted to him, as he is weirdly unique among others and smart; sometimes, he helps you with your calculations, as your math is average.

“good morning (y/n)!”, taehyung greeted with a smile as he took the seat beside you, as usual. “hey taehyung! good morning to you too.”, you returned his smile with one of your own. you motioned at the paper in your desk. “think you can help me with this?” taehyung agreed and moved closer to you, his breath near your skin.

you gulped at the sudden closeness. you were never this close to a guy, with the exception of your father and younger brother. you cleared your throat. “sorry,” said taehyung as he inched away a bit, a decent space between you two.

so you focused yourself on listening to what taehyung was saying but taehyung was stealing glances of you as he guided you with what to do and his heart felt giddy as he showed you how.

your friend, kiyoung, dragged down the hall. “c’mon! don’t be such a slowpoke.”, she giggled as she struggled with the hold on her bag strap and your hand. she led you to the gymnasium. “be sure to give an honest answer, (y/n).” the way she said it made it seem like you need to give the truth.

you turned the knob open and went inside the gymnasium. it was dark yet you managed to make out the image of a chair in the middle. since you were tired from being dragged from your room to this place, you decided to sit down.

it felt comfortable, to be sitting in this chair. such simple object can bring you joy. you slide your hand to your pocket to fish out your phone when lights were turned on and directed their shine to the stage where a guy, no, it was taehyung, was standing.

“(y/l/n) (y/f/n)!”, his deep voice resonated. you looked at him. “i have something to tell you.”, he started to walk and the lights followed him. he walked towards the staircase. “the moment i first saw you walk down that hallway, i felt a familiarity — it is not love at first sight, though — that it is you, it’s going to be you.”, the smile he had on his face said that he meant every word he said.

“i sat beside you because i knew something was bound to happen, i felt a tug. it led me to you.”, as he said that, he was walking down the stairs and it seems that he’s making his way to you. “i always get lost in your eyes and i will do whatever it takes to see you smile and laugh.”, each step he took felt like eternity and you can feel the impatience taking over you. “i won’t let you cry. i promise to protect you.”

you felt your heart swell in delight with his sincerity.

his steps stopped when he was infront of you. taehyung went to his knees and took your hand to his. he locked his eyes with yours.

“will you do the honor of dating this guy who gave you his heart long ago, please?

and it took all of your might to avoid jumping on him.

you nodded. and there was a big grin to decorate his face.

Pure Trash Check Please! 3.13 Reaction
  • Look at those idiots having a snowball fight with their friends
    • and look at Jack’s hand on Bitty’s waist kill me now
  • Bitty Booty sighting
  • Bitty putting his hand on Jack’s back/Kissing Jack’s neck/Jack leaning down to let him without even looking – I’m shook.
  • Lardo doesn’t even react to fining them anymore. They end up putting at least $25 in the Sin Bin each time Jack is at the Haus. Those schmoopy dorks in love.
  • Like, she is literally still on her phone.

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If you are going to leave me I won’t stop you. When you reach the decision that this is no longer what you want, I will nod my head and agree with you that perhaps this is for the best. You’ll tell me that you’re sorry and that you never meant to hurt me and I’ll tell you that it’s okay. I’ll tell you that I’ll be fine, and I’ll wish you happiness . When you decide that you want to move forward without me I will not beg you to stay, I won’t ask you not to go, and I won’t plead to take me with you. I will gently hold your face with my hands, and kiss you on the forehead just one last time. I’ll look you in the eye, in those mesmerising blue eyes that I know all too well and tell you that I knew deep down this was coming. I knew that you would leave me, but I love you enough to let you go, I love you enough to set you free.
—  Be honest
Amazing Netflix films 🎥

Some(all the)time I watch Netflix instead of facing my responsibilities. This is some of the outcome, reblog to save a life.

LGBT MOVIES (these are all gay lmao oops)
• Holding the man (drama) (2015)
• 4th man out (comedy) (2015)
• Those people (drama) (2015)
• Weekend (drama) (2011)
• The way he looks (foreign drama) (2014)
• Henry Gambles birthday party (drama) (2015)
• Tiger orange (drama/comedy) (2014)
• August (drama) (2011)
• Like you mean it (foreign drama) (2015)

Other romantic dramas/drama/crime drama
• A little bit of heaven (2011)
• Love and Honor (2013)
• The keeping room (2015)
• Lila and Eve (2015)
• Jamesy boy (hello eye candy) (2014)
• Short term 12 (2013)
• Wildlike (2014)
• What’s eating Gilbert grape (1993)
• Boyhood (2014)
• You’re not you (2014)
• Unspeakable acts (1990)
• The road (2009)
• White bird in a blizzard (2014)
• The other woman (2009)
• Adulterers (2015)
• Tallulah (2016)
• My all American (2015)
• 6 years (2015)
• Listen to your heart (2010)
• Before we go (2014)
• In your eyes (2014)
• Tiger house (2015) • All American (2015)

• The little death (2014)
• 10 things I hate about you (1999)
(Oops someone add to this I guess I don’t do comedy, I’m deeply disturbed and love to be sad)

• Hush (2016)
• The forgotten (2004)
• Trespass (2011)
• Consumed (2015)
• The guest (2014)
• Curve (2015)
• The perfect host (2010)
• A good marriage (2014)
• First response (2015)
• Would you rather (2013)
• We need to talk about Kevin (2011)
• Out of the dark (2014)
• Not safe for work (2014)
• The rite (2011) • Blindsided (2013)

• Visions (2015)
• The babadook (2014)
• Pay the Ghost (2015)
• Final girl (2015)
• The Lazarus effect (2015)
• Mercy (2014)

I WILL RATE THEM IF YOU ASK!!😘😘 Rip I got tired at the end, but these are all films I really enjoy, I hope you will too. Hmu for summaries and more film ideas!! I have plenty more⭐️ I’m still passing all my classes believe it or not…enjoy!

I don't understand all this hate on Anakin's force ghost with the appearance of his young self

Force Ghosts can change appearance. Even if Anakin died a jedi, he has (and we have) never seen himself as an old man with a fully functional body. Why would his ghost represent something he’s never been? He probably hated his appearance as an old man, it would remind him and Yoda and Obi-Wan what he would have looked like if he didn’t fall to the dark side. It makes sense that he would choose the appearance of himself as a young jedi, when he was still happy, and how Yoda and Obi-Wan remembered him, as a proud warrior for the light side. It would hurt all three to see a man that never actually existed in that form. I understand that it’s weird to see him die with one face and reappear with another, especially for those who haven’t watched the prequels, and for fans who watched the older version of the movie, but it’s just as weird to see the ghost of an old man with a perfect face and body, when we’ve never seen him like that before. When I watched the old version I was a little uncomfortable, I felt like that wasn’t Anakin, because we’ve never seen him looking like that, and neither has anyone else. At least his ghost now looks like the best jedi Anakin ever was, before falling to the dark side. If he will (he has to!) appear to Kylo or someone else in the new trilogy, he must be in that form.

EDIT: even if ghosts can’t change appearance, it still makes sense that Anakin’s ghost has the appearance of the last time he was physically a true jedi. His old body was still corrupted by the dark side.

(If you don’t like him just because of the actor who portrays him, shut up, thanks)

My New Job:  Reporter in the White House Press Pool

Hi thereTumblrsphere!  This is Monica Talbot, and I just landed a gig as a cub reporter in the White House press pool.  Wow –it’s so cool!!  I’m just an intern at the newspaper where I work, but my boss called in all the female staff and told us they’re looking for a ‘fresh new face’ to cover the Trump presidency, and hopefully get some attention from the Big Man himself.   I’m so happy I was selected, even though I’m the least experienced.  And all we had to do was list our body measurements, and then walk up and down the hall.  Anyway, they must have picked up on my eagerness and potential.  So, in case you missed Trump’s first major news conference since being elected, here are my notes.  (Don’t bother checking these against all those elite mainstream 'fake news’ organizations who only report lies).

TRUMP’S OPENING REMARKS: We’re assembling an amazing team of truly phenomenal people. These are people who do fantastic things – awesome things – and everyone is going to love them and appreciate their awesomeness. It’s going to be marvelous. Things are actually – ACTUALLY – going to get done, and they will be awesome things. Probably some will be more awesome than others – that happens – but the American people will benefit from all the awesomeness that happens. All of it.

We’ve already accomplished some awesome things, and we’re not even sworn in yet. Many of you probably noticed that the sun rose this morning, on time and on budget. And I assure you that me and my team will make sure it rises every day on my watch. And after the sun has done its daytime thing, we’ll let it set, but it will always – ALWAYS, rise again the next morning. This is just one of the awesome things we’ll be doing.  

Our transition process has been superb, and just keeps getting better.  I think we are assembling,  quite possibly, the most talented cabinet ever.   And this is because I am recruiting the most amazing people who ever walked on this earth.  It’s true – they all want to be a part of this historic, totally magnificent effort.  Within a very short period of time, I expect I will have become the greatest president of all time.  It might take a few months – maybe only a few weeks, but could be a few months – but it will happen.  And I’m talking the greatest.  Lincoln did some good stuff – pretty darn good stuff– but he couldn’t even finish his second term.  I like presidents who don’t get shot.  FDR did some pretty decent things too, but really – how does a nation follow a guy that can’t walk by himself.  When I walk, you see how tall and magnificent I look.  

O.K. – I’m going to take a few questions before I get back to the business of creating the most amazing governing team in the history of the world.

WASHINGTON POST:  Mr. Trump:  Do you have any comments on the recently revealed but unsubstantiated reports that Russian interests may have compromising information about you?

TRUMP:  O.K. First, I’m very disappointed by this particular leak from our 'intelligence’ agencies, and these allegations are totally baseless.  The media is all of a sudden fascinated by 'fake news’, and this is another example of it.   Why isn’t the media pursuing real news stories, like that fact that hundreds of millions of people who voted for me – HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of them – their votes weren’t counted.  It’s true.   It’s sad, but it’s true.   But I won, so I’m not pushing the story that much.   But they should be looking into it, instead of 'fake news’ stories like my dealings with Russia, my so-called conflicts of interests, and my taxes.   Has the media forgotten about the mortal threat that Hillary’s private email server presents?  

FOLLOW UP QUESTION:   But Mr. Trump, can you please respond to the allegations that the Russians may have evidence of you having sexual relations with Russian prostitutes?  

TRUMP:  Listen, I’m a businessman, and I find this discussion totally illogical.  Look, why would any American guy have to actually pay for sex in Russia?  Instead of cash, we have the ultimate 'Trump card’ – it’s called a Green Card.   You wave that possibility in front of any Natasha or Anastasia and there’s no need to part with cash.  Besides, I’m very much of a germaphobe, if you know me.  And – believe me– Russian snatch can have some nasty microbes, so the story is totally erroneous.  

FOLLOW UP QUESTION: So aren’t you concerned that this might become a bigger, long term issue?

TRUMP:  Not at all.  Even though it’s totally false, we’re confident that we have the tools to prevent falsehoods like this from ever emerging again.  Next question!

CHICAGO TRIBUNE:  Sir, can you elaborate on your recent statement that Obamacare will be simultaneously repealed and replaced?  Is something this complicated possible in such a short time?

TRUMP:  Yes.

FOLLOW UP QUESTION:  Can you tell us how that’s possible, and what we should anticipate?

TRUMP:  O.K. First – Obamacare was a complete—-and total—disaster.  Every day, more than a thousand Americans die.  PEOPLE ARE LITERALLY DYING UNDER OBAMACARE!   That’s sad.  It’s sad because they don’t get to live anymore, and then there are the funerals.  Funerals are sad.  Do you know what I tell my friends when they tell me they’re going to a funeral?  I tell them 'oh, that’s so sad’.   It’s true.   We will repeal, and very quickly replace Obamacare.  It might be simultaneous, or it might take a week.  Perhaps it might take only ten minutes.   These things can be difficult to predict, because it’s complicated.  But I can assure you that it will be fantastic, cheaper, and more people will live.  O.K. Final Question!

BBC NEWS:  Mr. Trump - can you update us on the status of how you’re planning to step back from your many business interests in order to manage potential conflicts of interest?

TRUMP:  Good question.  Over to my right you’ll see stacks of files representing most of my business interests.   I’m planning to dump one-half of the folders in front of my son Donald Jr.’s house, and the other half in front of my son Eric’s house.  Then, we’ll just pretend like nothing happened.  Now, with one of my businesses I’m going to have my boys flip a coin.  And that’s for the Miss Universe pageant business, because it comes with special 'inventory inspection’ privileges.  Those are pretty special privileges, and believe me, the older you get, the more special they become.   But it’s all about the product.  Always about the product.

Anyway, I think this is the easiest way to eliminate any of this talk about conflicts of interest.   But I think you all need to remember that I won this election by the widest margin ever in political history.  And I’m including all those bogus elections in the old Soviet Union and Cuba, where the incumbent got like 99% of the vote.  So all this whining by the tiny number of losers has just got to stop.  

Listen folks, I’d love to stay longer, but I have to get back to creating the most phenomenal, talented, and dedicated team ever composed in the galaxy.