look at all those damn trees

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: I'm so glad that our lemon tree finally grew and sprouted fruitful lemony lemons. I mean, imagine, we can make lemonade, key lemon pie, lemon merengue pie. I think it's the most valuable of property that we have. I think we should go to the bank and get a loan, actually I think we should just get lemon tree insurance and then get a loan and use the lemon tree as collateral because it is now insured. I truly do love our lemon tree. Just imagine a life full of lemon trees, and all our beautiful lemons, endless possibilities. They're so beautiful, I wish I was a lemon. You wish you were a lemon? If you were a lemon I would put you on my shelf and cherish you like I cherish all our lemons. That's so beautiful, like I only hope that the whores aren't stealing our lemons you know those naughty whores always steal lemons and we do have a couple lemon whores in this community, those damn lemon-stealing whores I hate them because no one will take our prized lemons from us. Hey, has it been about 10 seconds since we looked at our lemon tree? It has been about 10 seconds till we looked at our lemon tree. Hey what the fuck
the signs as famous porn lines
  • aries: I am so glad our lemon tree finally grew
  • taurus: we can make lemonade, key lemon pie, lemon meringue pie
  • gemini: I think it's the most valuable thing we have
  • cancer: I think we should go to the bank and get a loan, or actually lemon tree insurance and get a loan
  • leo: just imagine a life full of lemon trees, endless possibilities
  • virgo: I wish I was a lemon
  • libra: if you were a lemon I'd put you on a shelf and cherish you like I cherish all our lemons
  • scorpius: like I only hope those whores aren't stealing our lemons, you know, those naughty whores always stealing our lemons
  • sagittarius: those damn lemon stealing whores!
  • capricorn: hey hasn't it been about 10 seconds since we looked at our lemon tree?
  • aquarius: it has been about 10 seconds since we've looked at our lemon tree
  • pisces: hey what the fuck
I'm gonna tell you a pretty funny story.

When I was a kid, probably in the third or fourth grade, I was pretty good at art. Of course, since I moved every year, there wasn’t much of chance to build  a reputation with the teachers.

I can’t remember much, like which school I was in, or what grade I was in. I’m pretty sure I was around seven years old… but I do remember what my art teachers name was. Mrs. Hafton. 

I also remember one particular art project we had in class. There were eight different pages displayed on a table. There were coloring pages with different pictures on each page. It wasn’t colored in, it was just a copied picture out of a coloring book, and the project was, we had to redraw it the best we could. There was only one rule; we were not allowed to trace the image.

Of course, at that age, I always wanted to follow rules, so I began drawing the picture I picked out. My picture was of a semi-realistic howling wolf. A pretty complex picture for a kid to recreate, considering most of the students in class picked the flowers and cowboy hats and stars. My picture was detailed.

Drawing away, my doodling neighbor peeked over my shoulder. She was pretty impressed because my hand drawn picture was an exact replica of the coloring book page. Starting to draw a crowd of onlookers, I was feeling pretty confident with myself. This caught the teacher’s attention.

Looking back, this teacher was a complete half-witted bitch who didn’t understand the first thing about art. Now, I’m not some flighty “art is love, and love is life” kind of person. But at the age of seven I had a better concept of art than she did. I didn’t see her approach, so when she plucked the drawing I had from my hands and the coloring sheet, I was pretty startled. 

I walked over to her as she laid the hand drawn picture over the coloring sheet. I looked down, and I was surprised to see that the lines matched, like I’d traced it. Without another word, Mrs. Hafton put my drawing in the shredder to be “ungradable.”

I was almost in tears. I asked her why and she replies. “I specifically told you, no tracing. You get a grade dock if you can’t follow directions.”

A couple classmates, who had been watching me draw, popped up in my defence. They’d kindly protested her actions, vouching for my innocence. She listened for a moment, before giving me the look. The “I know you’re bsing me look.”

“Okay, to prove to me that you didn’t just trace that picture, draw it again.”

God I remember hating her overly cocky smile. I took my coloring page back to my desk and sat down. Frustrated that I’d lost so much progress, and angry at the teacher, I look up at the table where the remaining coloring pages were. Getting an idea, I get back up and look over the pictures. There was one of a complex pine tree, one remaining flower, cowboy hat, and a frog on a tree branch. I grabbed all of those coloring book references and sat back down on the table, and set to work. I re-sketched my wolf in immaculate detail, then I set to work on the tree. Once I finished the two harder pictures, I finished the other three in a breeze. 

My fingers hurt by the time I was done with the picture, but I felt pretty damn prough. I managed to redraw all of the pictures, crammed onto one page. They all were about ¼th the size of the original image, which proves I didn’t trace them, and I managed to outclass my teacher in the most passive aggressive way. By out talented her. 

The moral of this story is, people are petty and they do some pretty shitty things that will bring you down. Just don’t let that get in the way of being “you.” Don’t let other people’s actions define how good you are.

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ikkaku receiving a confession by a long time friend or someone he knows by association (like they hang w yumichika or renji or st), whatever works best but...i wanna marry him 😤

Aaaah, yes! Please enjoy!

“I don’t remember you being such a quitter!” Ikkaku yelled as his Zanpakuto clashed with Renji’s. “You’re telling me you’re tired already?”

“Yeah, right!” Renji quipped. Another strike of his blade. “’Just that seeing this fight go nowhere is starting to get boring.”

“I agree,” you and Yumichika said at the same time, watching on with bored expressions. You were sitting cross-legged under a tree, your head propped up on your hand as it rested on your knee. They both ignored you, and you and Yumichika exchanged exasperated looks.

They’d been at it for hours, and they never seemed to tire. The trash talking started while on the way to the training grounds, and hadn’t stopped since. It had all been quite entertaining in the beginning, but watching those two losers bicker while they both tired was getting to be tedious. The only upside to this was that Ikkaku looked damn fine, covered in tiny bleeding cuts, sweat, and dirt, that smirk on his face that showed he was having a grand time sparring with his friend. Still, though, you were getting antsy just sitting there.

“I wanna drink,” you called out, getting to your feet in one fluid motion and clapping the dirt off your hands. It was getting late, the sun just starting to set behind the mountains, and if you didn’t hurry, your usual place was bound to be filled up. Yumichika sighed in relief, moving to join you from where he leaned against the tree with his arms crossed. “You can both join us whenever you’ve finished flirting.”

“Hah?” came the chorused question from both the blood-covered idiots. Before Ikkaku could make his inevitable retort at the thought of flirting with the redheaded lieutenant, Renji sheathed his Zanpakuto.

“I’m in,” he said, picking his way over to you with a quick look over his shoulder at his bald sparring partner. “You in, or not?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Grumbling, Ikkaku, too, put away his sword, and rolled the stiffness out of his shoulders. “I got it, let’s go.”

Picking up a familiar pace, Ikkaku by your left side as he always was when you walked together, the four of you made your way to your regular bar. Immediately upon entry, you were greeted by the staff by name, and shown to your usual table, your drinks already waiting. Nights at the bar with this particular crowd happened at least twice a week like clockwork, and you couldn’t wait to be seated next to Ikkaku to enjoy the conversation, and the best sake in the Seireitei. 

You didn’t know when these feelings of yours started to develop, but there they were one day, and there was nothing you could do about it. You were suddenly very aware of his presence, and of everything little unconscious gesture he made. Th grin he made while he was listening to friends tell their stories, the sly little lick of his lips when he was finished taking a sip of sake, the cool way he lounged at the table, with one leg pulled up as he rested his arm on it, sake cup in hand. Dammit, the man wasn’t even trying and your heart gave a little flutter. All of this didn’t escape Yumichika’s insightful gaze, and he’d been increasingly difficult to ward off. You remembered distinctly the time he cornered you, blatantly accusing you of being infatuated with Ikkaku, all sharp, but encouraging smiles. It still gave you chills to think about how astute he could be.

As the night wore on, the conversations flowed seamlessly, easily transitioning from one topic to the next until you four had been there for several hours. Throughout the night, Yumichika had been edging farther into your space, causing you to scoot away from him…and closer to Ikkaku. Currently, you were practically pressed up against him, so close that you could feel the heat radiating off his toned, muscular body. If you didn’t know any better, you would have blamed the blush on your cheeks on the alcohol. No one else seemed to notice, however, and if they did, that’s certainly what they would have blamed it on.

“Well, aren’t you three cozy,” Renji laughed, eyes glazed and cheeks flushed. 

“W-What?” you stuttered out. “W-Well, that’s–”

“I was admiring how soft her hair was, and was asking about what kind of hair products she uses,” Yumichika said flawlessly. The twinkle in his eye made you squint, but he played ignorant. “How am I supposed to touch her hair without getting close to her?”

“Hair?” Ikkaku slurred, whipping around to face you. He was right in your face, mere inches from it, in fact, eyes scrutinizing you and your hair. Without warning, his hand was on top of your head, scrunching up your locks with a look of concentration. His slid his hand down the side of your head, trying to get a better feel, but it felt more like he was caressing you. “It is pretty damn soft.” 

“Er… Thank you…” You looked down at your lap for just a second, before turning away from him, downing your little bit of sake in the most casual way possible.

“Wait, let me feel!” Renji’s rough hand was suddenly petting your hair, and you couldn’t do anything but sit there, blinking in confusion. He muttered his thoughts on your hair, making the other two men laugh. If nothing else, you were grateful he had diffused that awkward feeling between you and Ikkaku…

The evening continued much the same for another hour before Renji and Yumichika called it quits. Renji had early morning lieutenant duties that Captain Kuchiki would skin him alive if he didn’t show up on time for, and Yumichika’s reasons were less important, but very like him. Apparently, staying out too late too often was bad for the skin, and he would be thoroughly irritated if he woke up the next morning with dark circles, or worse. The knowing wink he gave you when they departed outside the bar told you otherwise, though, and you were left with a drunk Ikkaku to walk around with.

“What a bunch of wimps,” he grumbled, crossing his arms indignantly. You laughed jovially. You were hardly sober, but you had a fairly good grasp on yourself. After the strange hair-petting scene, you’d downed a few more cups of booze, and were now happily buzzed and giggly. “The night’s still young! You’ll stay, right, ___? You always do.”

He was right, too. Whenever this same thing happened in the past, you were always the one to stick around and close out the bars with him. At first, it was just because he was fun to hang out with, and you were still in the mood to drink and have fun. As your feelings grew, however, it was more that you weren’t quite ready to separate, wanting to spend as much time as possible with him, combined with the other two reasons. 

“I love that about you,” he continued after a pause. “You’re fun as hell to be around, and you ain’t half bad in a fight. Not to mention you can hold your liquor, and you’re good at conversation.”

Ah, hell. If went on complimenting you that way, you were going to pass out. Already your heart was racing, and you couldn’t even pretend the pretty flush of your cheeks was because of the booze. Ikkaku showed no visible signs that he was anything but cool as a cucumber, evening going so far as to walk with his hands clasped behind his head while he whistled. He turned to you with a boyish grin.

“Most other chicks would be a pain to hang around, but you’re different. You’re special.”

You stopped in your tracks, gaping at his back as he continued walking. Had he really said that? Was he even aware of what those kind of words did to you? No of course he wasn’t, because while Ikkaku was many things, he was not a mind reader. Having noticed your absence, he turned around with a confused expression.

“Oi, ___, what the hell are you doing all the way back–”

“I like you!” you blurted out, unable to hold it back any longer.


Whatever Ikkaku was saying died on his lips, and he stared at you. He didn’t look unhappy, or uncomfortable, just completely taken aback and unsure of what to say. You felt like you were going to throw up, and immediately regretted your decision. But what the hell were you supposed to do when he was singing your praises like that!? It wasn’t fair that he could make you feel the way you did…

Finally, “Er, really? Since when?” he asked. He still looked for the world like he couldn’t quite comprehend what you said.

“Uh, well, a while…I suppose…” You kicked at the dirt with your toe, staring at his forehead because you couldn’t look him in the eye. “How the hell was I supposed to tell you, though…? I– You’re like–” You cut yourself off before you could stumble over your words any further, still toeing at the ground.

The silence that followed was deafening, and god, did you want to just disappear. It was so incredibly awkward, especially because he wasn’t saying anything. What were you going to do if he shrugged you off? Could you go back to the way it was before? How awkward was it going to be until it was normal between you again? Steeling yourself for disappointment, you looked up, and your eyebrows shot up into your hair.

Ikkaku was still staring at you, but the blush on his face was so severe that not only did it reach the tips of his ears, but damn near covered his whole head. You could see his jaw working, clenching and unclenching as he processed your words, but you were so absorbed by his red face.

“W-Why are you blushing?” you asked incredulously, feeling embarrassed by association.

“Shut it!” he squawked. “Who wouldn’t after a confession like that!?”

“Well, excuse me!” Now you were just annoyed. “If you don’t like it, you can just forget it ever happened!” Ikkaku made a face.

“No way! You said it, you can’t just take it back!”

“Well, then, what?” You placed your hands on your hips, all shyness and embarrassment gone. The alcohol was finally doing it’s job as liquid courage. This was usually how you two interacted, so it was a bit of a relief. “Are you gonna date me?”

“Damn straight!” Ikkaku confirmed, taking a few steps closer to tower over your much smaller frame.

“…Wait, what?” You weren’t sure you’d heard him correctly.

“I like you, too,” he said. He took you by the arm, and pulled you against his body roughly. “Confessions aren’t really my thing, so I wasn’t sure how to say it… I was probably just gonna kiss you one of these days.” He looked away from you awkwardly, but placed his hands on your waist as he gathered his thoughts.

“Well, why didn’t you?” you demanded, hitting his chest with your fist.

“Huh? Why didn’t I what?”

“Kiss me!”


“If you liked me, then you should have just said something!” You couldn’t stop your mouth now, not when all the pent up frustrations of your crush were being released all at the same time. “Or kissed me like you said you wanted to! Instead, I’ve been drowning in these feelings for forever now, wondering if I’d ruin our friendship if I said anything, and you–”

With a sigh, Ikkaku snaked one arm around your waist, using the other one to cradle the back of your head, and smothered you in a hot, toe-curling kiss. You squeaked in surprise, making him chuckle, and he eased his tongue into your parted lips. Your eyes fluttered shut, and you grabbed the front of his shihakusho tightly in your tiny little hands, hanging on for dear life. A little moan escaped into his mouth, and he growled in response, kissing you harder and messier in the middle of the road. His hands in your hair made you shiver, and it was everything you’d hoped kissing him would be, and then some.

When he finally pulled back, you were sure your face was on fire. If anything, the shit-eating grin on his face confirmed this as he placed his hands back on your hips, keeping you close.

“What’s that face for?” he inquired teasingly. 

“Shut up…” you muttered, looking off to the side. He laughed, then released you, but still kept one of your hands wrapped in his.

“Let’s go.”

“What? Where?”

“Didn’t I say earlier? The night’s still young! And now I’ve got my girl to spend it with.”

You rolled your eyes. “I was already coming with you, stupid.”

“Yeah, but now you’re my girl.”

Cheater. There was absolutely nothing you could say to that, so you followed him without complaint, hand in hand, pouting. You got a few stunned looks from some of the Squad Eleven members still out drinking, but you weren’t even worried about it. Ikkaku was all yours now.


Please? Part Seventeen

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  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 2507 words
  • Warnings: Language, violence and hint of depression

In the circle, two men stand, facing each other. One when his hands tied behind his back, he’s much smaller in size, but he has muscle compared to the man he stands beside. The older one, he’s much stronger in his stance, standing tall and proud even in his weakest moment, right now.

You’re hands are still tied behind you, the man from earlier has his grip on your shoulder, keeping you in place just to the side of the crowd, giving you the full view of the human made arena. You’ve tried to break free, but the rope was too strong against your tiny wrists and he was much too large for you to just run away.

The crowd is loud, screaming for the two men to fight. You can’t hold back the tears streaming down your face as you watch Daryl stand beside his brother. Neither wants to be there, neither wants to fight the other. In this case, you can’t be sure who will win.

“This will show everyone that you do not cross me.” The governor steps up, pointing to a pitiful looking Merle. He looks just as confused as Daryl, just has betrayed.

Daryl’s eyes land on you and he lunges forward, but the two men that have been guarding him grab his arms and pull him back. He groans in pain, his face scrunching up and his mouth in a thin line. They’ve hurt him…

“It’s a match, then.” The governor nods his head. He has gauze covering one of his eyes like a pirate. You wonder how that happened, it looks fresh. “Brother against brother.”

The crowd bursts into cheer and claps, with a few boos thrown in for good measure.

Daryl looks at you, his hands being cut free by one of the men. He doesn’t move once he’s free, only stands there, glancing around at everyone else and stopping with his gaze at his brother. Merle either refuses to look or doesn’t notice Daryl staring as he watches the man he followed.

“They will fight to the death.” He walks around the Dixon brothers, eyeing them with his good eye, looking over each of them to get a better feel of who might win. He isn’t sure either, you realize. “Winner will go free.” He chuckles. It’s a sick chuckle, the laugh of a man with two lives in his hands, knowing only one will come out of this alive.

“No!” You cry, but no one, not even Daryl pays attention to you.

“Phillip!” A woman’s voice travels around the arena, but whoever Phillip is, he ignores it.

You look around and spot a blonde haired woman. She’s restrained by another man holding onto her from behind. His hands are clamped around her, clearly not wanting her to go anywhere. That’s when you remember who she is. Andrea.

Phillip. You turn to the man with the eyepatch. That’s who he is, you realize. A little stream of blood has begun to run down his cheek, which doesn’t bother him. He smirks at Merle, nodding for him to start.

Merle’s jaw tightens and he takes one look at his younger brother, who is standing there, in shock that his brother is alive. He smirks and throws his hands up in the air, stepping away from Daryl. You think he’s going to tell them he won’t do it. “You people know me.” He shouts.

He turns around and slams his fist into Daryl’s stomach. Daryl falls to the ground with a thud and a groan, not expecting the blow. The crowd goes wild, eating up the violence.

You wince, looking away, but not for long. Merle starts shouting. You can’t understand a word he’s saying, but the rest of the crowd can. They cheer and scream as Merle lifts his leg and kicks Daryl’s ribs. You can’t stand the sound of it, the thought that Merle may actually kill his own flesh and blood.

There’s a hiss just beside you. You turn you head and your eyes focus on a man with his skin peeling off, teeth exposed. His arms are outstretched, trying to grab whatever crosses in front of him. It’s a walker.

You jump to the side, but the man behind you holds you down tighter. He laughs at you, nodding for the walker to be taken into the arena. Something is around its neck, a person behind him seemingly controlling it.

Daryl hasn’t raised a finger yet in this fight. He’s rolling around on the ground, allowing his older brother to abuse him over and over again, smacking him until you are sure something will break.

The walker is taken behind Daryl and he sees them, his eyes growing ten times their normal size. He kicks Merle back, finally accepting that he will have to fight. He jumps to his feet and punches Merle, trying for the face but only getting his cheek.

Merle has him back on the ground in no time, both their fists clenched around their necks. You feel your heart racing faster, wishing more than anything that you could step in and step the two. One of them is going to lose air soon.

Another walker is brought in, this one hissing louder and a little faster than the first. Daryl kicks Merle away from him once more and they jump to their feet, circling each other until Merle grabs Daryl by the back of his vest and pulls him closer, pressing their backs together as the walkers are sent closer by the men controlling them from behind.

There are three or four walkers closing in on them now. You can hardly count, just trying to wish for Daryl to make it out alive.

The brothers give up on fighting each other and start kicking the walkers away, punching them when they get too close or shoving them back into the men that move them.

Daryl punches one of the walkers into the crowd, just beside you. The man with the grip on you lets go, falling to the ground to try and stop the walker from touching him. He shouts and tries to kick it back, completely forgetting about you.

You take the chance. You start running the second you hear a gunshot. You duck, looking around for the source. Do they try and shoot the fighters, too?? You try to keep a clear mind. You and Daryl have to get out of here.

Smoke surrounds you. One of Rick’s smoke bombs.

You look around, looking for anyone it could be. You think you see Rick and make a run for him. He grabs you and holds you behind him.

“Are you okay?” He asks, pulling out a knife and cutting you free.

“Yeah. Daryl may not be.” You nod over to the arena which is fully covered in smoke now. People are running all over, trying to get to safety.

Maggie runs over and nods, shoving you and Rick toward an opening. You three hide, Rick poking his head out until he sees some people running through.

“Where’s Daryl?” Maggie asks quietly, looking over Rick’s shoulder.

You do the same, watching for Daryl. In a matter of seconds, he’s running up with his crossbow in hand, waving his brother on ahead of him.

“Daryl!” You run for him. He doesn’t stop, he shouts something you can’t hear in all the screams and footsteps against the dirt.

Rick shoves you forward, running after Daryl and Merle and wherever the rest of the people are heading.


“No.” Maggie shakes her head. “He’s not coming with us.”

“He can help us.” Daryl shrugs and looks around at all of you standing around. “Knows how that asshole thinks.”

You cross your arms over your chest. After finding Michonne and Glenn, you figured you would never see Merle again, but of course, Daryl is fighting to keep his older brother around. One good think about him—he’s loyal. You just don’t feel comfortable having that creep around.

“Alright, you want him to sleep in the same cell block as Beth? Carol? Y/N?” Glenn looks right at Daryl, saying what you, Rick, and Maggie are all thinking. “After those crude jokes toward that woman over there and Andrea? Not to mention the pass he made to Y/N.”

“He don’t know we…” Daryl sighs and puts his hand on his hip. “He’s family. Muscle.”

You look up at Daryl, not really believing he’s looking passed the remark Merle made about screwing you against a tree not thirty minutes ago, or the comment on your breasts. It’s like Daryl doesn’t hear that stuff.

“That damn samurai’s comin’ along. Why can’t Merle?” Daryl nods to Michonne, whose watching over a knocked out Merle.

“No, she’s not.” Rick shakes his head and opens his mouth to speak again, but Maggie cuts him off.

“She can’t make it out there on her own.”

“Yeah, and she did help you guys.” Glenn looks up at Rick, making his point.

“We don’t know what she’ll do next.” Rick looks back at him.

“Exactly!” Daryl jumps on it, looking around at the four of you. “She ain’t blood. Merle? Merle’s blood.”

Glenn tries not to laugh. “Blood? No. He’s your blood. Maggie’s my blood, my family. Rick, the others at the prison. They are family.”

Daryl shuffles his weight around from one foot to the other, awkwardly looking down at the ground.

“They’re yours, too. We are all family, Daryl.” Rick looks at Daryl, then at you, looking for a little support.

You place a hand on Daryl’s shoulder. “We’re your family now, sweetie.”

Daryl glances around at all of you, then behind him where his brother is coming to. He looks down at you, meeting your gaze, His mouth trembles a little, trying to form any kind of sentence. “No. He’s still my family. We’ll just fend for ourselves.”

“What?” You look at him, your mouth wide open. You look at Glenn for help.

Glenn shakes his head and throws up his hand. “I wasn’t saying that.”

“No him, no me.” Daryl shrugs your hand off his shoulder. “You ain’t comin’?”

You cross your arms over your chest again and suck your lip between your teeth. As much as you loved Daryl, you couldn’t spend another minute with Merle. What if he leaves you two alone? Merle could try something. You gently shake your head. “I’m staying with my family.”

Something in Daryl shuts down in that moment. He looks at the ground, his jaw clenching and unclenching at the thought. This must have been it. “Kay…”

“Don’t do this, Daryl. You can stay with us. We’re your family.” Maggie tries to assure him.

“Family don’t let family down.” Daryl grunts. “Merle and me before any of this.” He makes a point to look at you as he says that, before looking at the rest.

“Just like that?” Rick places his hands on his hips.

Daryl shoves passed Glenn and Rick, hurrying to his brother. Michonne leaves him, walking back over to the truck and leaning against it, watching what’s going down between the five of you.

You don’t think you can watch. You turn around, not wanting anybody to see the tears slipping down your face. Just like that, Daryl is willing you leave you for his asshole of a brother. No, he was willing to put your life on the line by bringing you along.

Maggie rubs your back, trying to calm you down. “He’ll come to his senses.” She tries.

“He won’t. His mind is made up. He chooses his brother.” You pull away from her, rushing to the truck before anybody realizes you’re crying. Michonne tries to stop you, to ask you what’s wrong, but you open the door and slip inside the truck before she has a chance.

The trunk opens. You lean over with your head between your legs, hoping they don’t try to talk to you. Then Daryl speaks just behind you as some bags rustle.

“She had her chance. She don’t wanna be with me no more.”

“She doesn’t want to be around Merle. And I understand why, why can’t you?” Rick whispers.

“Merle never did nothin’ to her!” Daryl slams the trunk closed. You jump.

You look over to see Daryl and Merle walking over, arms around each other. Merle’s grinning from ear-to-ear. And you hate him, you feel it dripping off of you as you watch him take your Daryl away. Daryl’s blinded by the shock. Once he comes to his senses, it will be too late.


No one says anything. You sit by the window, your forehead pressed against the glass. You silently let the tears fall, silently wish you would have just gone with Daryl. That misery would have been better than this pain.

He is the first man you let yourself love so much because you thought he was different. You thought he would be the one to change your mind, to grow old with. You were starting a new life in a new place with new family. He ruined everything.

But a part of you can’t be mad, doesn’t want to be mad. He’s only doing what he thinks is right, how he thinks he should live. He thinks you don’t want to be with him with his brother around, that isn’t entirely true. You love how much Daryl loves his family, you think that’s important, you also thinks it’s important to know who has stood with you through hell and back and who hasn’t.

The truck comes to a stop and everyone but you pile out. Carl and Carol rush up to help grab everything from the back.

“Where’s Daryl?” Carol asks, stopping at your side of the truck.

You haven’t shed a tear in a couple of miles, but with his name brought up, you feel them coming down again, so you shove the door open and ran inside, pushing by anybody that happened to be in the way. You just want your bed, that nice bed. The nicest you have had in months, and now Daryl has probably ruined that, too.

When you walk into the cell, you stop. Lying on the bed is one of his shirts. You complained about it having too many holes, so he told you he would toss it when he got back.

You grab the shirt and hug it to you, sobbing as you try to take in the smell, but it smells of nothing and you can’t help but feel disappointed. This is the last piece of Daryl Dixon you have, the last thing you will ever see of him, you realize that now.

The bunk has a lonely feeling to it, like a ghost of a memory looming over you as you try to rest your eyes. It is hard, with the others talking around the cell block and a crying baby. You do your best to ignore it, to sleep it off, there’s just no way.

“go float yourself” // JOHN MURPHY (1/?)

request: yo could i get a soulmate au with john murphy where the first words you hear from your soulmate are tattooed on your wrist and murphy’s first words to her are “go float yourself” the rest is up to you - @reading-vs-reality

warnings: SET IN SEASON 1, some language, but it’s not major

tags: @elizakomskaikru

A/N: i love this idea so much oml i hope i did it justice !!! if anyone would like to try it themselves then 100% please do + remember to tag me ! i’d love to see what you’ll come up with :)) (all gifs in this post were found on google!)

you find yourself a log to sit down on, deciding that you need some sort of stable ground to rely on. your thumb rubs over the thick, black ink that’s tattooed deep into your skin - go float yourself. you’ve never thought of him before, but now, he’s all you can think about. you can’t seem to shake the look he gave you before he spat out those three words like they were poison. go float yourself.

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Yellow Flowers // Chwe Vernon

Summary: hanahaki disease; an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals.
Word Count: 1,167

“I don’t know how to confess to her,” Vernon said as you walked along the road. You started to feel like your heart was tightening, almost like heartburn. You were in too much pain to reply, so you just nodded, not that Vernon was paying much attention to you anyways.

“Maybe a song would be good.” He mused. “Actually I was helping Woozi hyung with a new song, so maybe I can use that one.”

The pain in your chest was growing now. Your mind flashed to the first aid training you had taken, and you couldn’t help but wonder if you were having a heart attack or something.

“What do you think Y/N?” Vernon turned to look at you now. “Do you think a song would be a good way to tell her?”

You opened your mouth to speak, but all that came out was a cough. You immediately raised your arm to cough into your elbow. It was so strong that you had to put a hand on the gate next to you to stop yourself from doubling over.

“Y/N?” Vernon placed a hand on your back? “Are you okay?” You shook his hand off and waiting until the coughing stopped before answering.

“Yeah, I’m good,” you replied. “I think I’m getting sick.”

“Oh, okay well then I’ll walk you home, and we can talk about this later.” Vernon grabbed the arm closest to him and started to pull you in the direction of your neighborhood. He stopped on your porch with a promise to text you later about his confession.

As you walked through the door, the coughing started again. You made your way into the kitchen to get water when you felt something on your tongue. You spit into the sink and stared at the yellow flower petal sitting in the basin.

It had been three days since you first started coughing up flower petals, and your mom was sick of you staying home from school. You’d tried to explain what was happening, but your mom had all but pushed you out the door after saying that “hanahaki disease is a load of bullshit” and “stop trying to play hooky.”

You were trying hard to avoid Vernon because being around him made the flower in your chest bloom more and more, and honestly, it felt like death. Unfortunately, you couldn’t avoid him in classes where you were assigned to sit next to each other.

“Y/N, where the hell have you been?” Vernon whispered when your teacher had her back turned to the class. “Your mom said you were sick, but she didn’t really think you were.”

“I’m fine,” you replied shortly. You pretended to be focused on taking notes, but really, you were trying to ignore the pain in your chest.

“I was so worried about you,” Vernon said and placed his right hand on top of yours. You tried to casually pull your hand back.

“You don’t need to worry.” You moved your hand so it was holding down the paper you were taking notes on.

“Of course I need to worry about you. You’re my best friend.” Vernon turned a little so he was facing you. You felt something rising in your throat, and you shoved your chair back. The entire class, including the teacher, turned to look at you.

“Teacher, I need to go the nurse,” you said, not bothering to wait for her permission before running out of the room.

You could hear loud talking from the classroom but you were too focused on not throwing up in the middle of the hall. Instead of heading to the nurse’s office, you went outside to the back courtyard. You braced yourself against a tree when you threw up a mix of yellow flower petals and blood.

“Y/N?” You heard Vernon’s voice behind you. You wiped your mouth with the back of your hand, brushing a stray petal off of your face.

“Why aren’t you in class?” You asked, your voice hoarse.

“I came to see if you’re okay,” he said while looking behind you. “Are those flower petals?” You looked behind you to where he was staring before looking back at him.

“Hanahaki?” He asked although he knew the answer. “Is that why you were gone?”

“I…” You trailed off. “Uh,”

“You’re throwing up blood! Why haven’t you gotten it removed yet?” He demanded. You just took a step back as he moved forward.

“Unrequited love is better than no love at all.” You said, not wanting to admit anything to him.

“Y/N, it’s going to kill you. Why don’t you get the damn thing removed?” He raised his voice a little. Your back hit the tree you were just holding onto.

“I don’t want to get rid of the feelings.” You defended yourself. Vernon scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“Y/N that’s so stupid.” Vernon snapped. “You’re not gonna let yourself die for some guy.” At this point, you felt more petals rising, but you swallowed them.

“Well, you know what Vernon,” you said while walking forward to him. “Maybe I will get this fucking flower removed because that would be a lot better than loving you.” And with that, you stormed off back into the school.

“Y/N, wait!” Vernon came running down the hall after you. He grabbed your arm, but you yanked it out of his grasp.

“Look, I know you don’t like me, and that’s why I’m sick.” You stopped walking but didn’t look back at him. “I’m going to get my books, and then I’m going to the hospital to get this fucking thing taken out of me.”

He moved so that he was right in front of you. “Y/N, wait.” You looked up at him.

“You remember over the summer when I went on?” He asked. You nodded and waited for him to continue.

“I wasn’t on vacation,” he explained. “I had hanahaki.” You drew back a little, blinking rapidly. He had hanahaki too?

“I was in love with you, and I had it really bad. That’s why I was gone for so long. All of a sudden one day, all the pain was gone, and I had stopped coughing up flower petals. I figured I must’ve fallen out of love with you, but maybe that’s when you fell in love with me.” Your mouth dropped open at his confession.

“I had myself so convinced that I wasn’t in love with you anymore, so I tried to fall for some other girl. When I saw you hunched over like that, sick and coughing up petals, it reminded me of when I was sick. I realized I wasn’t over you at all; in fact, I think I love you more now than I did back then.” He reached down for your hand.

The sharp pain in your chest had been replaced with a heartbeat that raced and warmth in your cheeks. The flower in your chest was gone, and it was replaced with his love.

Snaps of fractured bark, crackles of ember… and the frenzied, ailing wails of souls filled the air where Keiko was blasted to. The spirits were spinning around their captor in an involuntary panic, hopelessly forced to try to mend the Lucaritales’ wounds. As the fox-like girl laid in the bed of splinters, something inside her began to well up… signs of life began to show, starting small with twitches, and the faintest of breaths.

The more this feeling surfaced, the more Keiko could hear this faint voice echoing in the chasms of her cruel mind…

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consultingcas  asked:

It's an old classic, but I always like thinking about if Cas got caught in a djinn dream. Everything's perfect, his family are still alive and aren't fighting and he's in a relationship with Dean. He doesn't want to leave so somehow, Dean has to come and find him and help him break free of the djinn's spell.

Well, as I mentioned to you privately, I HAVE written a whole series that starts with Cas ending up in a Djinn dream…I Dream of Deanie. One of these years maybe I’ll even get back to it and write another story or two, just to tie things up…

That said!

[x posted to AO3]



Cas looked bad. It was Dean’s fault. If it hadn’t taken Dean a fricken week to track to the Djinn to her lair, if Dean hadn’t said, ‘don’t worry, Sam, I got this, you go visit Eileen,’ if Dean hadn’t spent two damn days barking up the wrong tree thinking this was some weird angel thing and searching the whole damn town for angel binding sigils…but Dean had done fucked up in all those ways and more, and now Cas was almost gone. His face was ashen save where shrunken blue veins made a tracery over his cheeks, his neck, disappearing out of sight beneath his filthy white shirt. His suit and tie and trench coat were missing, and he looked as grimy as if he’d been missing months and had spent those months rolling in dirt. The cuffs of his shirt were bunched at his shoulders and the crook of each elbow was punctured by needles, areas around the tips crusted with dried blood. The flow through the tubes to the IV bags was anemic, blood over-dark and unhealthy.

He doesn’t have long.

He’s not an angel any more. He’s just a man - a human…person…

I could really lose him.

Dean’s chest spasmed agonizingly.

“Glad you’re here, Dean.” Castiel’s voice cracked, dry and hoarse from neglect.

“Yeah - yeah, Cas, I’m here, that’s good, you just focus on what’s real and–”

“Thank you, Gabriel,” breathed Cas. “Hannah…Alfie…Anna…the garrison…”

Dean froze.

He…he thinks the angels are still alive.

He thinks he’s still an angel.

That’s his fantasy. That’s his dream world.

He isn’t glad to see me, he’s glad to see whatever illusion of Dean exists in that dream. He could never use that hopeful tone for me, not the real me, not after I’ve ruined his life time and time again. I was crazy to think…

Maybe I should leave him there.

Waking Cas would mean forcing him from a lovely fantasy of family and contentment, bringing him back to a world where Cas was miserable. Cas tried to hide how unhappy he was but it showed in so many little ways. If Cas died…sure, that’d be awful for Dean, but wouldn’t it be better for Cas? A lifetime of happiness in the Djinn dream, an eternity with his angelic brethren, rather than a rude awakening into a dull world where Cas was mortal, his family was dead, he’d never fly again, and all he had left in the world were Dean and Sam?

But I don’t want to lose him.

Sure, great, that’s not hugely fucking selfish or anything. What do I think Cas would want?

Cas said he was happy with how things had gone. Cas said he accepted his mortality. Cas said he didn’t miss the angels who had died. Cas said he wouldn’t trade his family for the world. Cas said it was enough that the world had been saved.

Cas lied his ever-loving face off.

The Djinn was dead, the hunt over. Cas was the only victim, lying sprawled limply on an old gurney in the abandoned clinic. 

Dean could turn and walk away.

Castiel would die.


…but maybe it’s best for him.

With a sigh that felt like it expelled Dean’s very soul, he turned and walked toward the doorway, toward the hallway beyond, toward the rest of his life without–

“Love you too, Dean…”

Dean froze. Again.

Love you…too?

Did…in the dream, did I tell Cas I loved him?

But I’ve never…how could he know…I could never…he deserves so much better than to be loved by my wreck of a sorry pathetic ass…

Love you too…

Dream Dean said he loved Cas.

Dream Dean is Cas’ ideal.


Nerves flaring, Dean hesitantly walked back to the gurney.

“Cas, buddy…I need you…” he murmured.

If he doesn’t answer, I’ll go, I’ll–

“Dean…” Cas whispered. One hand twitched; Cas tried to reach out but he was too weak. The needle shifted in Cas’ arm and he whimpered and his hand fell. Reaching out, Dean steeled himself, took Cas’ hand, threaded their fingers together. Cas’ skin was impossibly cold.

“Dean…” Cas sighed, lips twisting into a faint smile, fingers weakly grasping back at Dean’s hand.

“Need you, Cas,” said Dean. Desperation tightened like a fist closed round his heart. Admitting his desire made it so much more real. What if…

Cas’ eyes flickered open, pupils dilating and shrinking as he focused on nothing, and then his dull gaze fell on Dean and his smile widened.

“I knew you’d find me,” murmured Cas.

“Gonna…gonna get you out of here,” Dean managed, using his free hand to take the needles from Cas’ arms. Shame flogged him to haste.

I was going to leave him here. God, I’m disgusting.

But I thought it was what he’d want!

“Shoulda…should have told you years ago…I’m sorry, Dean…”

Dammit, I should have realized. He’s still in the dream. He’s still…

Dean looked back to Cas and their eyes met. There wasn’t a trace of abstraction in Cas’ gaze, no hesitancy to his voice, and his smile went gentle and tender and hopeful. Blood seeped slow and thick from the torn-open needle wounds. 

“I was afraid…I was afraid I’d never wake up…never see you again.”

“But I was in the dream,” Dean said weakly, focusing on his rescue. Cas lay limp; Dean hefted him up and was shocked by how thin and light he’d grown in scant days.

“No you weren’t,” Cas breathed against his neck. “That wasn’t you. In a million worlds, an eternity of times, I’d know you from every other soul in creation. That was a pale shadow; the person I met there…that’s how I realized I was trapped in a dream.” A hand ghosted weak down Dean’s arm. “This is you. Thank God I’m home.”

“This…this is home?” asked Dean incredulously, stumbling through the dark hallways of the derelict building. 

“No, Dean. You’re home.”

Dean had no answer for that. Cas snuggled close to him, let Dean carry him to freedom in the fresh air outside, and Dean tried to process what Cas was saying. Finally, mercifully, Cas’ breathing evened out, his eyes closed, and Dean reached the Impala. Cas didn’t even stir when Dean draped him over the backseat.

“I love you, Cas,” confessed Dean, soft so as not to wake the angel.

Eyes yet closed, Cas smiled.

“I love you too, Dean.”

Maybe this is the Djinn dream.

Maybe I’ve been captured all along, Cas and Sam are looking for me.

If so…

If this isn’t real…

…I hope I never wake up.

anonymous asked:

victor and yuuri stuck in a ski resort cabin cuz theres a blizzard. "you didn't, like, think to check the weather before you booked us a reservation here?" "this trip was supposed to be ROMANTIC alright"

“How was I supposed to know when I booked this trip two months ago what the weather systems would be like?” Victor asked, and threw his hands into the air. He stared out the window at—well, nothing. It was white. He couldn’t see the trees, the pond, even the wood shed twenty feet from the building.

Whiteout conditions, this type of weather was called. And Victor’d had damn near enough of this nonsense. They were going to go out and hike, have fun, see the sights… all of which was impossible, when they expected nearly two feet of snow and 60mph winds.

Yuuri laughed.

Victor whipped around—the last thing he had expected was for Yuuri to laugh. Their trip was ruined, wasn’t it? Why did he look so happy?

“Vitya… “ Yuuri smiled, hip cocked in those tight jeans and his turtleneck sweater, and started to pull it over his head, and… what?


“We have food. We have wine. And we have the absolute guarantee that no one is going to interrupt us. And you thought I’d be mad about that?”

Victor went weak in the knees. “…maybe? I just—I had so much planned for our honeymoon.”

Yuuri’s glasses were crooked. He didn’t seem to care about this fact when he sauntered into Victor’s space and snagged him by the v-shaped collar of his shirt. “Yeah?” He asked. His ring glinted in the yellow glow of the cabin lights, and it made Victor breathless. “So do I.”

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Fuck wait okay more marvelsepticeye hcs cos now i just cnt sop thinking about em

  • Jackie loves marvins laughso much and he’d absolutely do anything to hear it
  • Including flying into a tree apparently, which he did once. Worth it though since it made marvin laugh so hard he cried
  • Jackie uses a bunch of awful pick up lines all the damn time, which almost always end up with Marvin blushing and pushing/hitting him playfully.
  • Marvin wears jackies clothes all the time and Jackie just melts when he sees him in one of his hoodies or flannels because they’re just too big on him and he looks so cuteee aaah
  • Its sorta times like those when Jackie just gets overwhelmed with how much he loves his boyfriend and can’t help but scoop him up and give him lots of kisses
  • There’s times where Marvin is just astounded by how amazing of a bf he has and everytime he remembers how amazing he is he gives him a long kiss, telling him he loves him and everything he does
Beauty Tipz

-shave with almond oil my god my legs have never looked and felt so good

-apply coconut oil to you hair at the ends seriously it will moisture tf out of your dry ass hair

-put Aloe Vera all over your face just trust me it’s amazing you’ll feel amazing

-if you have red areas on your skin apply tea tree oil

-if you need to exfoliate make your own scrub with brown sugar, coconut oil, and honey

-scars? Apply lemon juice and plain yogurt all up on those targeted areas twice a week

-Want shiny hair? Eggs. Beat them eggs and apply it all over your hair

-drink some damn water let’s be real you could drink way more than you already have rn

-need a toner for your face? Mix apple vinegar cider with water and apply it all over the face

-if you have sweaty feet put it in a bowl of warm water and tea. I have no clue why, but it works to stop the sweat being so extra

-if you dyed your hair black and it’s too dark for you wash your hair with dawn dish soap it’ll lighten it

-If you paint your nails, but need them to dry quick place your fingers in a cold as f cup of water for a minute and they will be dry

(All of these ingredients should be organic af btw besides the dawn and nail polish duh)


San Myshuno, December 2016

Remy leaves Lala’s place and arrives at the penthouse in the early evening. His family was gathered in the living area, which was now beautifully decorated for the holiday. They all glare at him when he strolls in.

Remy grins: Look at that damn tree. Nico, that don’t look nothing like the sad miserable trees we used to have growing up. F*cking top of the tree is scraping the ceiling. I hope some of those presents under it is for me.

Nico stern: Remy. Where the hell were you all night? You had us all worried.

Mae annoyed: Yeah, bro. This sh*t isn’t cute. You left outta here late last night and we don’t hear from you? And you been so down lately? You weren’t picking up your phone!

Remy shrugs: I went out with Sal.

Mae: I called Sal when you didn’t come home, and he said last he saw you, you were stumbling out the club, looking real upset. He tried catching up with you but said he couldn’t because you disappeared.

Remy: Tried catching up with me? Ha! Lies. He was busy with his chick, he wasn’t trying to catch up with me. But if all of you MUST know where I was like I’m twelve instead of twenty-three, I was with Lala.

Allison inhales sharply.

Allison: Lala? You were with Lala?

Remy narrows his eyes: Yes, Lala. You know her. You got a problem with that, Allie?


Based on this imagine from imaginexhobbitImagine not speaking English as your native language and Fili and Kili wanting to learn it.

As foreign language I picked Dutch :3

It started one night when you were making camp. After a long day of travelling you were desperate to find yourself a soft pillow of moss to plant your behind on. So when Thorin decided he had found a place safe enough to camp, you all but threw your stuff to the ground in relief. 

After having helped Bombur to start a fire you sat down on your greatly anticipated pillow of moss, only to find that it was nothing of the sort.

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All That Remains

{ Part 1 }


June ? July ?

Don’t know what month it is. Lost track ages ago. Hot. Somewhere in summer at least. Hard to run with the heat and pack on my back. I couldn’t do it. Even if it meant those monsters getting me. Watched Dad do it and just couldn’t. Blood and brains everywhere. Your parent’s blood spraying in your face is more traumatic than the dead rising. Don’t even know how I got out, a blur of adrenaline and blood and screaming. Remember hitting the grass in our backyard at least, so jumping happened. How the hell I didn’t break something I don’t know.

Left the diary I’d used there. In case anyone goes to my house. Remember me. Remember my parents. Remember all of us.


July ?

Got to be in July now. So hungry, didn’t grab that much food, couldn’t. Those things were crawling and shuffling over one another up the stairs, they almost got up. If anyone manages to get in they’ll find a good stash of supplies at least. Left dad’s gun so they’ll have that too. Not gonna use a gun, not after what happened with Mom. She abandoned us and let the dead come knocking. I can’t do that to myself, or any other survivors I might meet. I have the baseball bat, it’s done fine for now.

Don’t like getting up close and personal with the smelly flesh sacks, but it’s better than drawing every one of them to me within a few miles radius because of a gunshot.


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rustedrobonerd  asked:

hiya~ just passing by and thinking about reaper76 (no reader insert) and their pretended marriage au 😏 whatcha' thinking 'bout that love? p.s. just wanted to tell you that your writing always bring smile on my face, the way you have with words captivated me from your first posts and i don't think i will ever forget your style (just really love your humour the jokes in it work every time) (although i find your blog only when you started writing overwatch fics i wish i found you sooner)

(my jokes work, thank god. You have no idea how long I’ve been chewing on that one, waiting for someone to tell me if my attempts at humour land. This really made my day <3

Also Fake Marriage, yes pleas.
Because just, hnnngh. Gabe more or less reluctantly teaming up with Overwatch after it turns out he’s been set up/lots of misunderstandings/shenanigans. But he and Jack have been drifting apart for so long and even though both technically know they’ve been played out against each other, knowing it and acting accordingly are two very different things. 
They fight, they argue, they can’t stand being in the same room and it’s worse because both remember they used to be inseparable.

So, shit happens and they have to pretend to love each other. They have to dig deep under all the baggage to find that affection they used to hold for each other, and what’s scary is that it’s easy.
The first morning Gabriel shovels six spoon fulls of sugar into his coffee cup, hesitates, then just upends the whole damn sugar bowl into his coffee, Jack doesn’t have a problem hugging him from behind and kissing him good morning.
And when Jack loses horribly at some video game because he’s too busy admiring the scenery (”look at those trees, Gabe, they’re all handcrafted. Every one of them. Look at the trees.” “Will you please look at the giant venomous spider instead?”) Gabriel laughs like he hasn’t in ages.

I will go down with that trope tbh, and because I have no restraint, I wrote just under 2k words which may or may not be the beginning of a multichapter fic I’ll be putting on AO3.

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Peter Pan Imagine Request/ Memories

“Can you make an image of Peter Pan where one day he took away his memories of y/n (any reason) and he start dating Wendy but one day he got his memories back but y/n is so sad because she thought he didn’t love her any more and happy ending PLEASE?!? “

Warnings: cussing,bits of smut,fluff,sad moments.

You never thought this would happen, you never thought you’d fall in love with a guy who has brownish dirty blond hair, you never thought you’d fall in love with his smile, the way he runs his finger through his hair, the way he cocks his brow up when something mischievous is about to happen, his devilish smile, the way he sways his hips when he walks, the way he looks at you up and down like a lion is about to devour his prey, never, you never thought, but you did, and now you’re in this terrible sick twisted situation, and it was all because of her, Wendy Darling.

Once Peter first met you he was automatically interested, he had no idea why, of course it interested him that you were a girl, but it wasn’t just that, and that was what annoyed the hell out of him.

“Why are you so damn interesting?” he would whisper in your ear during those late night walks, he would have you against a tree, his knee would rub against your thighs, his hot breath, you could feel it on your neck. his hands would rub against your curves in all the right places.

Then after those late night walks he would bring you back to his tree house and well you know the rest,everything about him was amazing, his muscular arms, his hair to tug on, his plump lips, you would wake up next to that every morning, you couldn’t complain, you loved this boy, everything was amazing, until once again, that Wendy Darling.

She arrived on the island for whatever reason, she arrived with a blue dress, her hair was blond and curly, perfect skin, of freaking course, she was a beauty, and you knew she was going to be trouble.

You realized Peter was acting different when the late night walks stopped happening, he would say he was “Too tired.” or “Too busy” it annoyed you, because he always told you he was never too busy for his lost girl, but now all of a sudden that Wendy came, now he was.

Once you saw him give her the stare he once gave you, you knew it was over from there, oh no it wasn’t just a regular stare, it was “the stare.” the og stare, the stare he gives you when he is about to devour you. When he gave her that stare, your heart hit the floor.

Peter’s Point Of View

I wake up to her side of the bed, empty, but I don’t feel empty, in fact, I feel the opposite, ever since Wendy came, I became I guess attracted to her, she was stunning, she couldn’t defend her self very well, unlike Y/n, she could fight off anything and anyone. Wendy was more on the fancy side, she loved sitting there and looking pretty, while Y/n she loved fighting with the lost boys, rolling around in the dirt, doing whatever I wanted.

Regular Point Of View

*Knock Knock*

“Who is it?” Peter ask

“Y/n” you says

He makes a groan, she was not what he was expecting.

“Come in.”

“Hi Peter!” you say.

“Hey.” he says cold and bluntly.

You try to avoid the tone in his voice.

“I miss you Peter.” you say as you sit next to him as he carves a knife.

“You see me everyday, how can you miss me?” he said without even looking at you.

“I mean I miss our walks, I miss sleeping over, everything about you.” you say as you try to  lean on his shoulder

“Y/n stop.” he says

You were taken back, “Stop? What the hell is wrong with you? You’ve been avoiding me ever since Wendy came!”

“Is that a problem?” he asked as if it wasn’t

“Of COURSE it’s a problem dammit Peter we’re-”

“We’re what? Together? We never made that official, and you damn well know know that” he says as he stands up.

“Stop pretending this isn’t happening, and get over it.” he walks out of his cabin, and that it where you completely broke down, you run outside the cabin passing Peter and running straight to the woods not caring who stopped you, you just ran, you ran until you couldn’t run anymore.

You fall on the ground and just cry, you let it all out, you almost choke and gasp for air, you haven’t cried in so long, you yell out “I wish he never knew I existed!” 

Peter was watching you all this time, once he heard that, he was a little taken back, “She wishes that?” he whispered, then he got an idea.

So he runs back to his cabin he opens up a secret door and unlocks the cab nit with potions in it.

“If I make a potion where I don’t remember her, maybe she will be happy, maybe she will find happiness somewhere else, Neverland is a big place, after all, I do want her to be happy.” he says as he mixes up the potions. 

Once he got them all in in one bottle he sits down on his bed, he fiddles the bottle with his fingers, a little anxious.

“Am I really about to do this” he asked himself.

He takes the vile to his mouth and drinks it, all of it, he automatically feels ill and falls to the floor.

The Next Day

Peter wakes up with a huge head ache. he stumbles off the floor, not knowing what the hell happen last night.

You wake up next to a tree, still upset that Peter treated you like that, you loved him and you thought he loved you.

Peter stumbles outside the door, he looks around “Okay, Wendy, the lost boys, okay everyone is all here.” he says out loud.

“Hey Pan!” Wendy says!

“Hello darling, how is my lost girl doing?” he asked

“Perfectly fine!”

“That’s great!” he said while rubbing his head it still hurt from last night.

“What happen? Are you okay?” Wendy came closer to Peter.

“Yeah love it’s just my head, but I’ll get over it, let’s enjoy today.” 

She nodded and started to walk to the camp grounds with Peter side by side.

That day was filled with games, laughter and food, Peter had no worries, he had his lost girl, his lost boys, and his Neverland, what could go wrong?

You walk up to the campsite to see Peter and Wendy, all touchy and lovey dovey, it killed you bu you didn’t let it phase you, at least not now, you just needed to get to your cabin.

When Peter see’s Y/n , a girl he thought he never seen , he becomes, anxious.

“Who are you?” he asked as he gets up and walks to you.

“Are you kidding me?” you asked, you were so over it.

“What makes you think you can just come on my campsite and act like you’re queen of Neverland?” he says as he folds his arms.

“Because I am!” you yelled back. “You named me your queen you dumbass.” 

“Don’t talk that way to me! Lost boys throw her in the cage!” he yelled

“But Pan, it’s Y/n.” a younger lost boy said.

“Who?” Peter asked

Everyone just kinda stood silent, nobody said a word, nobody knew if it was a joke, or he really had no memory.

“Peter, it’s me.” you whispered.

“I honestly don’t know who you are, and you shall address me as Pan, nobody is allowed to call me Peter.”

“No, that’s where you’re wrong, I’m the only one.” your eyes became teary eyed.

“What the hell is going on?” Felix said, “You don’t remember her at all Pan?”

“I never seen her in my life.” he said as he walked away, confused and dazed, he went to his tree house, he still felt confused

Everyone stood quite.

“Maybe it’s better that way.” you said.

“WHAT” all the lost boys yelled.

“Peter doesn’t remember me, maybe it’s for the best.”

“Why would you say that?” Felix asked

“Because! He loves Wendy , he doesn’t love me, for now on, I’m just a lost boy, like one of you guys.” you walk away before anyone could say a word.

If Peter doesn’t remember me, then maybe this is for the best. 

The next day you wake up, you could barely open your eyes, they were so puffy from all the crying you did, your body felt sore, you hated your life, you hated everything about it, you felt ugly, like you weren’t worth anything, not just because Peter wasn’t your “partner” but just because he simply didn’t know you.

You walk outside and see Peter and Wendy eating breakfast, you ignore it and go sit down next to Felix.

“How ya holding up?” he asked

“How do ya think?” you asked

“Got it.” Felix said

You ate in silence, trying not to look over at perfect happy couple every two seconds, but it was impossible.

“Stop staring.” Felix said

“I’m sorry!” You say totally realizing that you didn’t even take your eyes off of them. “It’s just, that technically should be mine!”

“Psh, he was never yours.” Felix said

“He was mine!” you folded your arms.

“Yeah. when?” 

“He was mine since day one.” you look towards them. “Now he’s hers.”

“Yeah sure.”

“What am I supposed to do?” you ask Felix

“You do what a lost boy does, you stay a lost boy, always a lost boy, you fight off pirates, you play games, you run through the wild, you on adventures, and you have the best damn time of your life.” Felix looks you in your eyes.

“Good that.” 

For the next couple months was hell, you missed Peter more and more, you couldn’t kiss him, hug him, go to him when you felt lonely, and you watched the love of your life fall in love with someone else,it was terrible.

Today was a special day, one of the younger lost boys graduated the hunting class, he was officially able to hold a hunting weapon himself, and you usually make sweets for this ceremony, so that’s what you did, you went to the kitchen and started cooking up all the sweets and deserts you can think of, it was a process, but it kept your mind off of Peter.

You go outside and see Peter with Wendy nothing new, you walk past them and go to one of his trust worthy side kicks, Derek.

“Hey could you help me with the treats?” you asked

“Of course!” he said, he was always willing to help, that’s why Peter liked him.

“Thanks for helping me.” you say

“Oh yeah no problem dude, anything I can do to hep.”

You smile and give him a tray of treats, you and him both walk out laughing, he was a funny guy, not your type, but just a really funny guy.

Peter heard laughter and turned his head, he saw you with his trusty side kick Derek, he looked you both up and down, but he let it go, for now.

“Snacks are ready Pan.” you yell.

Peter gets up and starts the ceremony, there was a lot of Peter talking and Wendy winking at Peter, which you took notice that all the lost boys would roll their eyes, that made you giggle. Also consisted of lots of the lost boys making speeches about each other and making up un realistic stories about one of each other, also you all played plenty of games, and that was always one, but finally it was time for snacks, the moment you anticipated , you knew you were a good cook but you always had a fear of someone not liking it.

“Time for deserts!” Peter said “I’m first!” he yells.

He runs to the front of the line following by the other lost boys running like they were running for their life, it was quite funny to see honestly.

You served Peter first of course, he looked at you and smiled, it was nice to see him smile at you, not like how he used to, but still, a smile is still a smile.

He gets his food and takes double for Wendy, you ignore it and continue to serve your food to all the lost boys.

Everyone was served so you decide to get your food but all was left was berries and fruit, so you just added some honey and decided not to complain.

As you were eating Peter came up to you and you were in shock.

“Hey.” he said as he sat down.

“Hi.” you said not knowing what to say.

“I just wanted to say the treats were amazing, and you did excellent.” he said with a smile.

“Thank you Pan, that means a lot.” you said.

He smiled and then headed to his lost boys.

“Well, that was different.” you said to yourself but continued to eat.

That night you sat by the campfire listening to the boys tell scary stories, they were always hilarious and never scary with their stories even though they tried, poor things really.

But it was always a good laugh, and that’s what you love about being a lost boy, they’re so funny and truly good by to be around.

Not that much later Peter came with Wendy and started playing his flute and the boys started to play the drums. Some boys got up and danced while other boys talked among themselves , it was like a regular party.

You just sat their watching everyone have a good time and just swaying to the music.

That’s when Derek came.

“Dude.” he said to you, your head turned to him

You nodded to him signaling you were listening to him.

“You need to dance.” he said.

“What?” you asked confused.

“Don’t let her get to you dude, go out there, dance, be you, me and the lost boys all agree we miss the old you, so come on and danced with us.”

You just smiled and got up and danced in the dancing circle.

Peter noticed and started to smirk, he didn’t know why but watching you danced brought happiness to him.

You danced and danced all night long, even Peter danced with you at one point, Wendy got mad and went to her cabin, but Peter totally ignored that and kept dancing with you, you missed times like this, when you all danced and didn’t care, you were wild, you guys made your own rules, you were rebels.

You and Peter talked about everything last night, he wanted to know more about you, and about your past, you told him everything, it was like meeting him again for the first time, you talked all night.

The next day you and Peter started talking more and Wendy got more jealous, you could care less and so could Peter, he never apologized for what he did, he made his own rules.

You and Peter became good friends, but the romance wasn’t there, not yet.

Peter was constantly working now, he would try to find food, the boys needed new bed and clothes, so he was very busy and Wendy hated it and would complain so much Peter eventually became annoyed and Wendy eventually left the island, with Peter’s permission, but still the romance between you to did not exist, but honestly you were getting used to it.

One day Peter work up and was shocked to find you weren’t by his side.

“What the ?” he gets out of bed and runs outside, everyone was still asleep.

He runs to your cabin and its locked, so he kicks the door down which scares you “What the hell Pan?!”

“Pan?” Peter cocked his brow “’I’m Peter to you.” he said

“Wait what? Never mind what do you want?” you asked

“Why are you sleeping in your old cabin?” he asked

“Because ?” you said confused

“Love I don’t know what’s going on but come back to bed.” he said

“Love? Since when am I love?”

“Since day 1 why are you acting so strange?” he asked getting annoyed.

“Because you left me, for Wendy, you dated her, I was alone for like almost 9 months, dude you forgot who I was.” you said.

“I did?” he asked

“Yeah it was hell Peter.”

“Listen, love, I love you, I always have, i loved you from the moment I laid my eyes on you. I don’t know how I lost my memory or what even happen, but just please, please forgive me.” he said as he went on his knees next to the bed.

At this moment, you realized the old Peter was back, someway some how he was back, you couldn’t help but cry and jump on his and kiss him like you haven’t kissed him in months,because well you haven’t.

Everything was back to normal and you could not be happier.

“I love you my lost girl.” Peter said.

“I love you too.” you kissed him on the lips one last time before you both fall asleep.

(I see) my future in your eyes (1/?)

Summary: An ensuing saga of cute and adorable married Finn and Rey, starting from the beginning of their marriage.

Rated: T

Warnings: None

Words: 1885

Notes: takes place in the nearish future of the sequel trilogies. 

Also on ao3

Many people dream of their wedding when they’re young - the dress, the flowers, the venue, the groom - and Rey isn’t excluded from this. It had always been her favorite thing to think of, because every time, no matter how different the vision, she was always off Jakku. None of the details mattered, so long as she was with people she loved and loved her in return, and they weren’t on the desolate desert planet where she was forced to grow up.

As she grew older, the snippets of gossip grew dirtier, more mature, and more detailed. People stopped watching their mouths - not they ever worried about it too much before - and Rey started understanding more and more about the world. For example, her wedding night got added into her fantasies of weddings.

However, no matter how many times she envisioned it, dreamt it, planned it, Rey had never thought her wedding night would end with her on the bathroom floor after an extensive round of puking up everything she’d eaten in the past week. In fact, this event had never crossed her mind. Ever. Being sick on the happiest day of her life had never been a question.

Yet, here she is, head hunched over the toilet as Finn - her new husband she should be ravishing instead of puking on - holds her hair and offers soft words of comfort.

“Let it all out,” he’s saying, rubbing circles between her shoulder blades. “It’s okay. I’m here. It’s alright.”

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Make-out Sesh (Ponyboy)

Requested by an anon

Summary: Ponyboy and the reader get into a hot make-out session only to be interrupted and chaos ensues.

Warning(s): Making out, Embarrassment(I guess?)

You were sitting on Pony’s lap, trailing kisses down his neck as his hands wandered all over every inch of your body. Gently, you sucked on his neck as he grabbed your ass, earning a moan from you and a slight tug on his hair, in turn, making him moan softly.

Somehow, you two ended up alone in the backyard, just taking in the peaceful summer day that wasn’t sweltering hot for once. So of course, Ponyboy being the little horn dog that he was, decided to utilize the alone time and sneak in some heated kisses. You began grinding slowly, almost teasingly on his lap as your fingers messed with his hair. His hands still gripped your ass, knuckles white.

The sloppy kisses continued until you heard someone clear their throat. Almost immediately, you knew what happened without even turning to look as your stomach started doing flips. Rather quickly, you got off of Pony’s lap and sat next to him, a deep red blush spread across your cheeks and the bridge of your nose.

There, standing outside the back door was Darry with his arms crossed, Soda with a look best described as pride on his face, and then Two-Bit and Steve, both trying to hold back their laughs and all the witty jokes you could only imagine were brewing in their heads.

“What in the hell are you two doin’ back here?!” Darry questioned, his tone of voice concerned yet hinting towards humor and sarcasm.

“Damn we thought somethin’ was dyin’ in the bushes by the sound of it!” Steve smirked.

“And by the looks of it too!” Two-Bit proclaimed also with a smirk on his face.

“Right on top of where we buried Buddy, too!” Soda chimed in, a smirk on his face as well now.

“Damn Pone, thought you’d at least have some respect for the dead!” Darry shook his head and turned to go back in the house.

“We didn’t bury Bud there! We buried him under the tree!” Pony tried to stick up for himself by pointing to where they actually did bury their dog all those years ago.

You decided to stay quiet throughout the whole ordeal, knowing if you said anything that you’d get roasted for your red cheeks. Pony followed the others into the house and you followed after him.

“Look he’s already got a hickey!” Steve announced and pointed, making the other three guys look.

Two-Bit clapped a hand to your shoulder and laughed, “Damn you did a pretty good job there, (Y/N)!”

Pony grumbled, getting rather fed up with their antics, “We’re gonna go grab some sodas.”

“Yeah, you better, gonna need to cool off after that, huh Pony?” Steve grinned and laughed.

“Wear protection!” Soda yelled after the two of you.

“I swear to God I do not want to be an uncle yet!” Darry shouted and Pony slammed the door behind you.

Even from outside you could year the four men erupt into laughter. You and Pony looked at each other, both of you blushing now.

“Oh my God…,” Pony groaned and grumbled.

“Even Darry!” You mumbled, shaking your head in disbelief.

the square was deserted for a reason. it’s ominous and eerie, and far too quiet. there’s something about this silence that leaves percy quivering from a chill he knows that’s not from the whitestone winter breeze.

from the distance, the sun tree looks pathetic as the branches hang loosely with the added weight of eight silhouettes swaying lightly in the breeze. and of course, it was his idea to walk closer.

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