look at all these typos... lmao falls down


I didn’t really do a proper chapter 13 thank you because I WAS SO TIRED…… so HERE IT IS!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! from the bottom of my heart!! Thanks for sticking around with me… thanks to everyone for reading my webcomic… thanks for liking, reblogging or talking about my comic… thanks for sending messages to me… thanks for all the fanwork… thanks for everything… I’m so grateful ahahaha ;___; I was really looking forward to releasing chapter 13 and it was a fun chapter to work on. I’m so glad I made it this far!! I hope I can draw a lot of comics this year.

ON THAT NOTE… I’d really appreciate it if people do not repost pages from chapter 13. A panel or two is okay but… not entire pages. Thanks a bunch!! ;-;