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How the Doctor would kiss you…

The First Doctor never really understood what the whole kissing business was about, seeing as it was highly frowned upon and therefore never done on Gallifrey. You had to introduce him to the idea, which he happily took to. At first, he just saw it as a ‘fascinating alien courting ritual,’ and he made all sorts of observations about the simultaneous uses of teeth and tongues and lips and how a kissing pair had to angle their heads in order to not bump noses, but that scientific view on things quickly faded when he realized how much he enjoyed it. So now he’s the one who’s always initiating kisses. He likes to keep you close all the time, but he’s especially cuddly for kisses. You didn’t teach him that- he must be a natural.

The Second Doctor gives kisses regularly, like clockwork. Literally, you could probably tell time by them. He kisses you when you wake up, he kisses you at breakfast, he kisses you when you check each other over before leaving the house, and so on and so forth. Occasionally you surprise him with a kiss that wasn’t 'on schedule,’ and it usually gets him blushing and muttering himself into a ramble. You don’t mind, of course. It’s always very flattering to know how much your kisses affect him.

The Third Doctor gives the kind of kisses that make people ask if you’re married. He’ll be walking with you, arm-in-arm, and he’ll lean over to kiss you on the corner of your mouth. He kisses you before and after either one of you leave the room, and each kiss is always accompanied by a happy “My Dear.” His kisses are soft and chaste, happily given and eagerly received. There’s no shortage of them, but don’t forget to give him kisses, as well. It’s nice when he’s reminded that you feel just as much affection as he does.

The Fourth Doctor is wholly enthusiastic about kissing. You say something clever? You get a kiss. You help him save a planet? You get a kiss. You give him jelly babies? You get a kiss. Whenever he gets a 'eureka!’ moment, he turns around, grabs you by your shoulders, and plants a sloppy kiss right on your mouth. Kissing you against the side of the TARDIS is one of his favorite activities, which he engages in as often as he can. And, if anyone looks, he couldn’t care less.

The Fifth Doctor is all up for kisses. On the cheek, on the forehead, on your nose. But for the real kisses, he’s a puddle of goo. Call it an overload of sweetness if you like, but those kisses are so perfectly happy and tender that they belong in some teenage romance novel. He’s not much for excessive PDA, but there’s nothing that will stop him from giving you a kiss when you’re being brilliant, whether people are watching or not. Oddly enough, he has the funny habit of holding you at your ribcage. It’s a little strange, but he found a sensitive spot you never knew you had, so it’s not as if you don’t like it. 

He may be a narcissistic pain, but like most arrogant people, the Sixth Doctor has some serious self-doubt issues. He’ll never admit it under any circumstances (well, maybe after he regenerates, but maybe not even then), but he honestly has no idea if what he’s doing is correct. It didn’t occur to you that he didn’t know what to do, so you never said anything, so his kisses are a bit… um, well, he refers to it them as experimental, so that’s what we’ll say. It’s not in his nature to be gentle about it, so he’s not, but other than that, he’s open to try anything. Oh, he puffs up and preens like a peacock when he realizes that he’s pleased you, but until that moment, he’s very unsure. He’s quick to learn, though, and he never forgets what you like.

The Seventh Doctor likes control (and he’s willing to play that up if that’s what you’re into, because who doesn’t like a bit of fun?), but with you, he prefers to give you the reins. Having everything under control is practically a talent in this body, and he likes it, but even he gets tired of it. Your kisses are like his therapy: he lets you take charge and he doesn’t have to steer everything or think so hard for a while. It’s a relief, so he makes it last. Long, drawn-out kisses are his only order of the day: otherwise, you can do what you want, and he happily complies.

The Eighth Doctor is the romantic one and he knows it, and he would be ashamed of himself if he couldn’t give you a properly amazing kiss. He always wraps his arms around you and pulls you very close to him, which is just another effect of that body’s lack of care for personal space. Oddly enough, he prefers to kiss while sitting down, which prompted the installation of a loveseat in the console room. Nobody complains about the very long 'sitting sessions.’ It was a surprise and his proper self decided to press you against a wall for a bout of making out, but nobody complained about that, either.

You wouldn’t think that the War Doctor would be all that keen on kissing, but he is. The only physical affection he really gets is from you, and he’ll take everything he can get. A war is on, after all, and he doesn’t know if he’ll ever see you again, so he makes every second he has with you count. He kisses reflect that: they’re desperate. He hugs you to him as tightly as he can without hurting you and refuses to let you go. He takes his time and makes every kiss last for as long as he can, because he knows that he might never get to again.

The Ninth Doctor isn’t exactly gentle. It’s not that he doesn’t try, because he does try (sometimes), but when he kisses you, it reminds him that you chose him, and that gets him a little fired up. So aside from those occasional pecks on the forehead that he’ll give you on his way by you, his kisses are rather intense. He’s all about kissing you in public- he likes to show you off, after all. But when it’s not in public, there’s almost a routine: He holds you by the hips or at the small of your back, starts with a softer kiss, than nips and kisses his way down your neck and then back up again for a much rougher kiss on the mouth. So it’s a bit repetitive, but that sort of repetition is nothing to scoff at. There’s something to be said for consistency.

The Tenth Doctor is rather enthusiastic. Not only are there kisses all the time, but they’re not half-baked kisses, either. Ten has an oral fixation, if you haven’t noticed, and kissing is his favorite activity, as long as it’s with you. And, well, there’s a lot of tongue involved. You know he likes to lick things, and that crosses over into basically anything else he does with his mouth. He licks, nibbles, and nips his way through kisses, always with one arm around your waist. And just because he’s using his mouth doesn’t mean that he isn’t talking. He talks. He mumbles and whispers and moans the whole time. What he says, well… it’s very complimentary.

The Eleventh Doctor has three main settings when it comes to kisses. The first setting is the “surprise!” kiss, which ranges everywhere from “Oh wow you gave me any idea you’re wonderful here let me kiss you without warning” to “Oh dear Rassilon I thought you were dead come here so I can kiss you silly just so that I’m sure you’re real” as well as “We just saved a planet let’s have celebratory kissing!” You get the idea. Setting number two is more along the lines of “C'mere you sexy thing” and those only happen in private, when you’re doing something he finds especially kiss-worthy. Setting number three, by far the most important, are what you might consider the real kisses. Nothing prompted them other than good timing. The Doctor, being his shy self, leans in, pecks you on the lips, pulls back, and then does it again, and again, until you finally reach back and give his hair a tug (which he absolutely adores), so that he’s forced to keep his lips on yours, where they belong.

The Twelfth Doctor has an attitude, and that goes for his kissing as well. He doesn’t kiss randomly; he gets that gleam in his eye and you know it’s coming. He’s firm about it. He wants you to know everything he has trouble saying, and he’s very good at communicating via kiss. His hands don’t stay still until the clench the fabric at your back and hang on for dear life, because those kisses aren’t quick business. He has a thing for nibbling your bottom lip, and surprisingly, this body is almost as insistent as the Tenth that there be gratuitous amounts of tongue involved. You usually end up on a chair so that you don’t fall over, and neither of you usually notice that you’ve gone from precariously swaying to sitting slantways. He likes to rest his head on your shoulder when the kissing finally dies down. He sometimes falls asleep like that, leaning against you with his fists bunched up in your clothes, so be sure the chair you two land on is comfortable.

*Well, flubbles, I hope everything I just wrote wasn’t ridiculous, because I’ve never kissed anyone before, so… what do I know, right?

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McKirk AU in which they're already a thing. Then on an away mission Bones goes missing. Jim desperately searches for him and after quite some time he finally finds him. He wraps up Bones in his arms, weeping with happiness. But Bones doesn't hug back but steps back and asks confused, "Who are you?"

  • Jim usually wakes up before Bones does. Usually at his own side of their bed, and that’s when he rolls in closer, shifting well into Bones’ personal space. He usually snoozes for a few minutes more in Bones’ embrace, until Bones’ alarm finally wakes the two of them up. Bones turns around with a groan when his alarm goes off, and Jim runs a hand through that messy hair. “Morning, sunshine.” “We haven’t seen sunshine in months,” Bones replies simply, and Jim huffs. He tightens his fingers in Bones’ hair. He pulls him in closer, kissing Bones’ lips and just enjoying his half awake company in the morning. “Why don’t we take a few days off, soon?” Jim suggests softly. “Just the two of us, a few days away on Earth.” “I already spend so much time with you every day, is it really necessary I do that on my days off, too?” Bones asks, and Jim kicks his leg. “Be nice to your Captain,” he says with a grin, “or I’ll have to sanction you.” He adds, shifting on top of the other and nudging Bones’ legs apart. Bones grins, looking up at him fondly through tired eyes. “Sanctioning me?” he asks, pulling Jim down for another kiss, “I have a feeling you’re gonna be doing that anyway.”
  • Everything is great. Being with Bones is fantastic, because they go through the good days and bad days together, but they always come out okay. And Bones is just always at his side, helping him remember stuff he can then proceed to ignore. So when they land on a faraway planet, he doesn’t even really have to think about Bones’ safety or anything. Bones can take care of himself. He doesn’t like to fight, but he has a mean punch when he has to. The away party splits in three teams; one with Jim, one group with Spock, and Bones stays behind with a few red shirts to research the strange behavior of local animals.
  • Nothing really happens. The people Jim meets are not particularly hostile, but they’re not friendly either. Just distant, a little secretive, and definitely not fond of the Federation. Spock doesn’t seem to have had much luck either, and Bones’ party is already beamed back to the Enterprise. But when Jim actually goes looking for him; in medbay, in his quarters, the rec room, hell, even the gym, Bones is just nowhere to be found. “Where’s Bones?” he asks one of the ensigns who beamed down with them before. “Who?” “McCoy.” “Oh, he left to find you. Did you not beam back together?” “No,” Jim says, his brain slowly processing what that means, without trying to visibly panic. The latter clearly fails, and he turns around to rush back to the transporter room. “Scotty! Beam me back down immediately– and track McCoy for me.”
  • Bones has put himself in dangerous positions before. The torpedo, with Carol Marcus, for example, or he injects himself with a virus so that he has someone to test his cures on. Ridiculous. Although Jim does the same with non-medical procedures, it can really piss him off when Bones is reckless. But he’s never been missing on a strange planet, with absolutely no one around at all. Jim beams down with a few others - Sulu, Spock, and a couple of red shirts, and they start their search party for Bones. Scotty gives them the coordinates to Bones’ communicator, and they follow it through thick woods. They eventually find the communicator on the ground, and that’s when Jim’s annoyance turns into panic. Because obviously something is deeply, very wrong.
  • They do find Bones, hours later. Jim is exhausted, it’s getting dark and through the woods it’s difficult to see anything. But he’s not quitting. He’s going to walk around until he finds him, because Bones would’ve done the same. He finds Bones just walking aimlessly through the woods, shirt ripped and with a few cuts and bruises on his face. But Jim doesn’t even see that. He just throws himself at his partner, arms around his shoulders and he buries his face in Bones’ neck. “Oh thank fuck, Bones.” He sighs, the relief of today’s worries, and the exhaustion, all making it difficult to keep a straight face. “I was so worried.” Bones remains stiff, though. Rather than yelling at him for leaving him in the woods, he’s just quiet. Still. And eventually, he gently pushes Jim off. “Who are you?”
  • M'Benga says something is blocking Bones’ memories, but he doesn’t know how to stop it. Someone did it, he doesn’t know if it’s permanent or not, and he doesn’t know what the long term effects are. So all in all, not particularly useful at all. And it doesn’t take long to figure out why his memory has been wiped. A sickness spreads through the Enterprise like wildfire. Everyone falls ill with the flu, and eventually Jim is forced to have people work while they’re feverish, or have not enough crew manning the ship at all. 
  • He fights off his own symptoms and pretends he’s okay, so that he can focus on Bones instead. Bones, who doesn’t remember the Enterprise, or being a doctor, or even his own name. Jim feels terrible for him, but he feels just as bad for himself. He’s lost his boyfriend and his best friend at the same time, and he has no idea how to fix it. He’s tried kissing Bones, inspired by the positive outcome of Disney movies, but that only earned him a slap in the face.
  • But even without remembering how to be a doctor, some habits don’t die. When Bones eventually catches Jim sniffing and running a fever, he drags Jim back to his quarters. “Just go lie down and rest, a'ight?” Bones says, and Jim huffs. “I can’t. Some of us have to work. We need to find a cure, for this sickness and for you-” “Listen, most fevers are cured by resting,” Bones insists, “and chicken soup, but apparently they only serve artificial chicken here in space. It’s a disgrace,” he adds and Jim cracks a smile. At least the real Bones is still in there somewhere. “You can barely taste the difference, Bones,” Jim says, letting Bones put an extra blanket on his bed to keep Jim warm. “I can totally taste the difference,” Bones points out. “What are you gonna do while I rest?” Jim asks, and Bones shrugs. “Put people to bed, I suppose,” he says, “someone’s gotta play doctor when everyone’s sick.”
  • Surprising to all, Bones stumbles on to the cure in med lab. Jim doesn’t know the details of it, being stuck in his room sweating that fever out, but he hears afterwards that Bones and M'Benga together created something, which Bones then -again, against Jim’s will- injected into himself to test it out. It works, and so they go around helping people back to health. The canteen also offers chicken soup and ginger tea, but Bones doesn’t want any of that. All artificial blasphemy in his book.
  • M'Benga and Chapel finally manage to remove the thing in Bones’ head that’s clouding all his memories. Jim finds out afterwards because Bones visits him on the Bridge. Not dressed in uniform, just that tight black undershirt Jim really appreciates the looks of. And when he turns to look at the doctor, Bones just leans in to kiss him. Not a first kiss thing, more of a welcome-back kind of kiss, that has Jim briefly forgetting they’re in a room full of people. Until Chekov groans out a “Please, Captain, Doctor, there are workplace protocols for these things.” and Jim laughs, relieved knowing that things are finally back the way they should be.
Dean Ambrose Oneshot.

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Summary: The pain just keeps growing and growing. (Part 3)


Seeing Dean like this was painful for you. You guys walked around the hospital to try to clear your minds. Dean has stopped crying knowing that everything will be fine after this is all over. He didn’t really know how to feel at this exact moment. It was just hard on him to see is little girl like this. 

“How are you holding up?” You ask as you both sit down on the bench near the PICU. 

“I don’t know… I can’t see her like that. It hurts me more than words can imagine.” Dean says putting his hands together and leans forward. He didn’t know how to feel about his baby girl. 

“Heart failure? How did this happen?” Dean whispers and his heart just breaks more and more. 

“I’m not sure Dean.. It just happened. It’s something we couldn’t control. We can’t stop it.” You whisper. Dean sighs and looks at you with his clear blue eyes that were still watery. 

“She’ll be okay.” Dean says more for himself. 

“She will. She’s getting the best care right now.” You tell him and reach over and hold his hand. He nods and squeezes your hand lightly. 

“How long will she stay here?” Dean asks you. You breath in deeply and look at him. 

“It really depends. If it all goes good then 3 to 4 weeks. If there’s complications or anything really bad that happens, then longer than that. How long until you have to be back on the road?” You ask not wanting him to back.

“They said I can have as long as I need.” Dean say to you and gave you a small smile. You smile back and then look around the second floor. 

“What about after the surgery?” He asks

“What do you mean?” You ask him

“Where will she be?” 

“Oh, She’ll be in the CICU. Which is the Cardiac intensive care unit. So they can keep an eye on her there for about 7 to 10 days. Then she’ll be moved to a general cardiac ward where they’re see how well she’s doing for three to four weeks like I said.” You inform him. 

“Okay so does she have a new heart yet?” Dean asks. 

“Yeah they got one this morning so the surgery will be this afternoon or tonight.” You say. 

“That’s good right?” Dean asks looking at you. 

“Yes. But after the surgery she’ll be on a ventilator with a breathing tube, and be on sedation, and have a lot of pain medication.” You say sadly. 

“She’ll get better though.” Dean says again. You nod and get up from the bench and Dean does as well. 

“Let’s go see her,” You say and you both walk into the PICU and walk over to see Maiden who was still sleeping. It still hurt to see how she was. Dean looks at Maiden and then keeps his eyes down on the floor. Maiden began to stir slightly and she opens her eyes. Her blue eyes immediately connect with yours. She starts making grabby hands towards you. You go and walk over to the side of her bed and pick her up and you sit down on the hospital bed and place her on your lap. She lays her head on your chest and looks at all the wires around her arms. 

“Owie mommy.” Maiden says and looks at you. 

“I know baby girl.” You say softly and kiss the top of her head. Maiden has seen so many doctors she didn’t realize her dad was in the room. She brushed him off as a doctor. Not on purpose but just because there has been so many new people Maiden has met. You look up at Dean who was watching you guys at the foot of the bed. 

“Maiden.. Daddy’s here.” You say and point at her dad. Maiden’s eyes immediately dart towards her dad and she starts making grabby hands towards her dad. She smiles brightly and for the first time since he got there Dean smiles as well. He sits down on the bed and picks her up being careful with the wires all over her little three year old body. You get up from the bed and Dean takes your spot. 

“Daddy!” Maiden’s voice was filled with happiness and excitement. You smile softly and decide to capture this moment. You quickly take a photo and then set your phone back down.  

“I hurt.” Maiden says to her dad. Dean sighs and nods his head. 

“I know. But you’ll be okay I promise. Dad’s here now.” Dean smiles and kisses her forehead. Maiden smiles and snuggles up with her dad. 

“No go.” She says and then looks up at her dad. 

“No go.” Dean repeats and gave her a small smile. 

The Kissing Rule

When John and Sherlock return to Bakerstreet John is not far from exploding. At the crime scene Sherlock was cold and rude once again. He just don’t know where the limits are… and that drives John crazy.

“What the hell was that?!” he yells at Sherlock. “What do you mean?” In Sherlocks voice was nothing but innocence. “You know exactly what I mean! You asked the bride if she has killed her husband-to-be. She didn’t even had the time to get out of her wedding dress – when should she have killed her fiancé?! AND WHY?”

Then out of nothing something unexpected happens. With three steps Sherlock closes the cap between the two crime solving friends. He has to look down to see into John’s eyes. They are so close that Sherlock can feel Johns angry breathe on his skin. The consulting detective leans forward; his lips gently pressing against Johns.

The doctor is totally frozen. All he can feel were Sherlock’s lips. Then the anger comes back and he pushes himself away from Sherlock. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” He breathes heavily. “I kissed you”, Sherlock replies. “Because you were angry and I wanted you to calm down. Other people do that.”

If he wouldn’t be that surprised and confused, John would probably laugh. But there was nothing to laugh. So he tries to talk calm and friendly because Sherlock just don’t know it better. “There’s a rule, Sherlock. About kissing. You’re not allowed to kiss everyone. Just the people you love.”

Then John left. The consulting detective is now standing alone in the living room. He’s starring sadly at John’s chair. “I know.”

Moffat Appreciation Week: Favorite Theme

There is no such thing as “The Doctor.”

Throughout nuWho, we have seen many frame the Doctor as a character. Nine was the legend who ended the Time War. Ten was the god whose story Martha Jones spread across Earth. 

Moffat Who emphasizes the idea of the Doctor being a character within his own universe on an even grander scale. Eleven was Amelia Pond’s imaginary friend. He strived to be the man he thought himself as–just a madman in a box–but through his adventures conquests, his name came to mean the very opposite. He became a grand myth, the man whose name could make whole armies turn and run. The man who killed his own race. The man whose image inspired the creation of monsters, all in fear of him. He explains to Clara that the name he gave himself was one he chose as a promise–never to be cruel or cowardly–that the atrocities of the Time War were not carried out in the name of the Doctor. 

But here’s the thing. We have seen the Doctor carry out many questionable deeds, during which he never relinquished the title. In fact, some Doctors had a habit of throwing the name around in threats, reminding enemies of what the Doctor has done. This character is always incredibly multi-dimensional, and next to impossible to fully wrap one’s head around. But with these three Doctors, there was never a true sense of what the Doctor really thought of “the Doctor.” The foundation was laid and toyed with here and there, but I personally never felt the strong distinction between the Doctor as a persona, and the Time Lord behind the name. Until Twelve. 

I’m not a hero.

Well neither am I. But if we both keep pretending to be–ha ha–perhaps others will be heroes in our name. Perhaps we will both be stories. And may those stories never end…And remember, Doctor. I’m just as real as you are.

Very early in the Twelfth Doctor’s era, we’re introduced Robin Hood, a man who has a reputation to uphold. He’s not who everyone thinks he is–not as happy or sure of himself–but he explains to the Doctor that it doesn’t matter. What he’s known for–inspiring hope, laughing, helping those in need–that is all that matters. Because maybe the ideal of Robin Hood doesn’t really exist, but that doesn’t mean he and others can aspire to achieve that goodness. At this point, Twelve doesn’t really know who he is, or what kind of man he is. But he’s left with the message that stories can make us fly–that if we tell the right story about the best version of ourselves, our names can be something to admire.

By the end of the series, after hearing various opinions of who he is, Twelve is set free. He’s no longer held down by titles, no longer trying to adhere to a standard. His remembrance of all of his experiences combined show him that no, he’s not a good man, but he’s not a bad man, either. This time, he really is just an old Time Lord in a box. An idiot, passing through, learning. This is the most significant point in Twelve’s character development, because for the first time in literally more than 1,000 years, he is able to be himself. Not the Doctor. The Doctor is a title, not a person. He is, just as Peter Capaldi promised us when he first took on the role, 100 percent Rebel Time Lord. Someone who stole a time machine and ran away, with no aspirations to save the universe or end wars. This theme becomes even more prevalent in Series 9. 

There is no such thing as ‘The Doctor.’ I’m just a bloke in a box. Telling stories. And I didn’t come here because I’m ashamed, a bit of shame never hurt anyone. I came, because you’re sick and you asked. And because sometimes, on a good day, if I try very hard, I’m not some old Time Lord that ran away. I’m The Doctor.

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I have a sentence prompt! "Hold my hand and don't you dare let go!" + CS

Hey Cupcake! I loved this! (And I had so many ideas for where I could take it, but this one gave my heart all of the feelings, so here we go.)

“Hold my hand and don’t you dare let go!” 

She’s growling now, her face contorted in pain as she lies in the hospital bed.

He’s been on and off holding it, and he really should have been more sensitive to her needs, but this whole thing is stressing him out beyond anything he’s ever experienced before in his entire life, which is saying something because he’s been in the throes of battle before.

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Teen Wolf Season 5B Official Trailer #2 Breakdown/Meta

You can read the Teen Wolf Season 5B NYCC Trailer Breakdown/Meta here.

The Teen Wolf Season 5B Official Trailer can be seen here or on Tumblr.

THEO: We’re gonna to go to school and we’re going to pretend like we’re normal teenagers.

The trailer opens up with Theo’s voiceover, presumingly talking to his new resurrected Chimera Pack. Quick shots of Tracy, Liam, and Malia follow after Scott is seen watching police deputies carry rifles in the school hallway. (I’m not sure why they have rifles but I think it’s to prevent the Beast from attacking the school again, even if they don’t know what it is They’ve probably been told it was a rogue animal and that it is dangerous.)

Malia fighting Noah (the blood-sucking Chimera?)

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