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Wait. What do you mean by “Ken Levine going so out of his way to pretend BioShock 2 never happened that he broke his own canon”?

Well @sir-adamus also pointed out Levine’s other reason was to keep people from expanding on Infinite as well, but yeah Levine reeeaaally doesn’t want to acknowledge B2 exists because he wasn’t involved with it.

Here’s a list of some of the things he broke in his own canon:

1) The imprinting between Big Daddies and Little Sisters.

There was an ENTIRE LEVEL in BioShock dedicated to how it works, how Little Sisters are taught to see Big Daddies as “Mr Bubbles” through psychological conditioning and a specific pheromone/scent the Big Daddies have. Big Daddies are humans who are grafted and fused into their suits and also get the mental conditioning to make them into what they are.

BioShock 2 introduced the Alpha Series, where the Alpha Daddies had a father-daughter bond conditioned between them and an assigned Little Sister. Then to give reason why it didn’t come up in BioShock, the father-daughter bond turned out to be REALLY FUCKING BAD if something happened to the Sister, ranging from the Alpha Daddy completely shutting down to going on a massive rampage. Thus Rapture went with the Protector-Charge imprinted bond between future BDs and LSs, because Big Daddies could still function if they lost their Little Sister, and could stick with ANY sister rather than just the one.

Burial at Sea then goes on to say the imprint was the “Lion with a thorn in its paw” cause, to close a loop between Rapture and Columbia. Songbird’s imprint on Elizabeth was triggered by an act of kindness when Comstock & Co. set up a scenario of him crashing into the tower. Then Levine wrote how the same applied to ALL Big Daddies and Little Sisters because BDs are a hive mind apparently.

We had an ENTIRE LEVEL on how the protector-charge bond was forcibly conditioned on both parties, regardless of if you take BioShock 2 into account. It’s like Levine was going the extra mile to take that back and say “it was simple kindness” just to make a closed circle between Liz and Rapture. Maybe not him actively ignoring B2, but B2 ALSO had a level going into depth of the horrific conditioning of Little Sisters and part of its plot WAS to do with a stronger induced bond between a BD and LS. just sayin’.

2) Fontaine had a dressing room for switching to Atlas. Even though he made sure he was believed to be long dead before switching to his identity as Atlas. The “BioShock: Rapture” tie-in novel even explained that Fontaine went to Steinman for surgical tweaks to his face so people wouldn’t look at him and go “That’s Fontaine with hair and no mustache”, and Steinman also did surgery on one of Fontaine’s men to make him look like Fontaine. Y'know, so their proof in a time prior to the forensics of today their proof that Fontaine was dead was a corpse with his face on it.

Why would Fontaine have a dressing room. He faked his own death, he has no reason to switch between Fontaine and Atlas, even for comfort’s sake, when it is a big risk of Atlas’ followers learning the truth. Diane, Ryan’s ex, only found out Atlas was Fontaine when she stumbled in on him recording a diary in his Brooklyn accent. WHY WOULD FONTAINE NEED A DRESSING ROOM. HE CAN HARDLY CREATE MANY NEW IDENTITIES BECAUSE RAPTURE WAS INVITATION-ONLY AND ANYONE RYAN DIDN’T RECOGNISE ON THE INVITE LIST GETS THE SPY TREATMENT. THAT’S WHY ATLAS PISSED HIM OFF SO MUCH.

The dressing room p much served as a means for Liz to go “huh well i’ll be damned” and that was it. Maybe doesn’t break canon as much as Atlas’ hair changing colour, but still leaves either a big fucking hole or just makes Fontaine look a lot less clever.

3) Why would Fontaine not have choice over his own trigger-phrase? Why leave it to Suchong? Fontaine’s doesn’t trust people, he uses them. Jack is a big risk with a massive payoff and Fontaine just lets Suchong have some control beyond “grow the thing”? All to have Liz “close the loop” and give him the phrase between flashes of the future and whatnot. Again, Fontaine is looking less clever, Levine.

4) when the fuck did Fontaine have a department store the size of an entire building

5) Big Daddies, if we take BioShock 2 as canon as well, were already known and functional by New Year’s Eve. So much so there was already a Hypnosis plasmid that could work on Big Daddies, from the intro with Subject Delta.

6) Rapture was not turned into a warzone wasteland overnight. Unrest and damage to the city was a pretty slow burn, and wasn’t directly caused by one person starting trouble. Some places would probably be pristine but Rapture was springing leaks and full of spliced up people by New Year’s and citizens adopted the “Keep Calm and Ignore The Fuckery” approach. Atlas was gaining followers BECAUSE PEOPLE WERE SICK OF THE CITY FALLING APART BOTH AS A SOCIETY AND AS A LITERAL LEAKING TUB AT THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN.

There’s other points i’m sure but really I’ll just bring up a massive rage ball in the pit of my stomach.

tl:dr Levine broke his own canon to be petty and you should go play Minerva’s Den because it is best DLC for its contained story and it actually has Tenenbaum in it.

The Doldrums

Yo…. This was easily by far my fave ep of the season! While 3x06 had been my current fave, even that I had one or 3 niggling issues with. This, however, I have zero complaints. This is the type of OL ep I have been waiting for! It had everything: a new INTRO (OMG I can’t even tell you how amazing it is to be able to watch the intro for his show again!!) humor, a (pardon the pun) boat load of cuteness, sexiness, sweetness, some tension, some touching and sad moments, and overall, finally, some great pacing. It was damn near the perfect ep.

The intro!

Finally! Guys, finally they changed and oh mah gawd, I was already pumped to see this section of the show, but seeing the African dances interspersed within the Druids dance and new clips, was such an amazing touch. AND THAT 🔥🔥🔥! Ye ken fine well which I mean lol! Never has a towel dragged down a lip LOOKED 👏🏼 SO 👏🏼 HAWT 👏🏼!! GIMME I am ready. (I’m totally prepared for the 1 or 2 eps I have to wait, but also just gimme now! On a loop!)

I’d been saying all the while (well, mostly in DMs lol), if Black Sails was anything to go by, then this will visual not disappoint, and it did not disappoint one bit.

Damn these cute ass Frasers!

I mean… Where do I even begin! Can I start with the intro again? Coz I still ain’t over it lol

It was such a thing of beauty finally, FINALLY see them as they are in the book. I finally recognized Jamie for the first time this season lol there was so much sweetness and small intimacies throughout the ep, I grinned the entire time.

As lovely as it was seeing Jared again (there’s something very appealing about that man’s voice lol) I loved we got a wee bit of the “No God worth his salt” convo.

The clothes, omg the clothes! For once I finally forgive that plot hole wholeheartedly. The answer to why he still had them was perfect, “sell them? Memories of you. Never.” NUFF SAID. Frank burned her clothes, Jamie kept them coz they were all he had - where has this Jamie been hiding? (Cheers to @fuckyeahclairebeauchamp for that perfect gut punch!)

Also him not wanting to hurt her feeling about the acupuncture! And she’s just fascinated and amused and reassuring all at once by the whole thing, was just all really sweet! (Love the way you could see the needle under the skin of his cheek too, great visual). Then being all cute and affectionate with each other, and all I could think was ‘dinna poke her in eye with those!’

I can’t tell how satisfying it was seeing him covered with needles too lol

MAN IN THE MOON!! If there was something more I love about their scenes apart from the intimate, quiet convos, it was the touches! And kisses! And hugs! Man in the moon had the perfect blend of cuteness, lightheartedness, touching depth, and Claire’s emotional longing for Bree tugged so so hard on my heartstrings. That tight AF hug between them at the end was just perfect!

Guys that sexy times was something I genuinely didn’t think we’d get and I lost it when it came. That bumpy hallway walk went from funny to romantic to sexy in like 3secs flat! Not to mention in the room itself. I loved that Claire’s the one shushing but like gurl Lu the one making more noise lol and I loved it, coz “his let them hear!” had me screaming ‘coz he likes your bonnie wee noises, wumman!’

But most of all, I loved the convo after. These are the kind of balances of physical and emotional intimacy I have been longing for for the entirety of s2 and only had really in 3x06. And it was just a beautiful thing to finally see.

And “Well, it seems we’re both older and wiser.” And finally one unit!! And. It. Is. GLORIOUS.

Fergus and Marsali.

I love LOVE Marsali, and as much as I loved her standing up to Jamie (Claire’s “we’ve been apart 20 yrs and now you want me to room with her?!” Was all of us lol), her scene with Claire in their room m fave! Those two have amazing chemistry - for real who does Cait not manage to have chemistry with, its brilliantly frightening lol! But what I loved most was yes there was dislike in that room, but when it came to try and convince Jamie to give his blessing, you can see Marsali look to Claire for help, which was a really small but nice touch to seeing their relationship growing and evolving.

Fergus’ convo with Jamie too was a great insight into just how much Fergus not only observed on his own when he lived with Claire and Jamie, but also hearing what Jamie used to tell him about his love for Claire too.

Yi Tien Cho.

Guys… I love this dude so bloody much, can we keep him forever??? Everything from him coming to help with Jamie’s seasickness, to getting a chance to see him do his beautiful calligraphy, to seeing his deepening relationship with Claire and most of all his perfectly delivered speech of his life story, everything about him was beautifully handled.

His speech was such a perfect balance. He had me giggling (I died a Claire and Jamie’s expressions when his speech veered into nfsw territory lol) he had me enchanted, and he had me emosh. I felt for him when he spoke of how his only crime had been not wanting to give up women, yet at the end of it, he did anyway. He was just perfect right to the moment he let fly his papers.

The tale of the two Captains.

Talk about great casting, I really enjoyed seeing how different the two men were. Where one was full of cold experience, the other driven by inexperienced emotion. I sooo  looking forward to seeing more of them.

Guys, there’s a lot about this ep I can keep raving about, and I’m sure I’ve left out a lot in my haste to write it all out, but this is an ep I will be watching - in its entirety - over and over again!

Clash for the Heart

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Summary: Your best friends and boyfriend have never gotten along with Cheryl, your ride or die. But one day, they cross the line. And they can’t fix the mistake.

A/N: Thank you for the awesome request, anon!

Pairings: Archie x reader

Warnings: minor swearing, lil bit of crying, anger

You sat in the back corner of the class, letting your mind take you to faraway places instead of where you were now. You thought about the taste of salty Pop’s fries, the sweet shake you adored. Looking to your side to see your loving boyfriend Archie holding your hand, laughing with your best friend Cheryl over a joke. Jughead, Veronica and Betty walk up to you three and sit down, filling in where the conversation paused. Your best friends being happy with, not resentful towards Cheryl. 

And then the bell rang. You were ripped from the beautiful scene as you picked up your bag and threw it on your back. Walking out, you saw Archie standing by the door, a smile appeared on his face when you two caught eyes. He, being significantly taller, kissed your forehead as you walked to the lunch. 

“So, how was class?”

You let out a tremendous groan and tilted your head back.

“It sucked! I honestly daydreamed the whole class.”

Archie chuckled at your response and shook his head, his disheveled hair shaking.


You looked over at him with a knowing glance and Archie let out his own groan. You’d told him about your thoughts for months and he was extremely opposed to the idea. Cheryl and Archie, let alone the rest, were like water and maple syrup. Didn’t mix, never wanted to. The sad thing was, they were so fixated on keeping you to themselves that it tore you in half, like paper.

You and Archie entered the caf and sat down at the table with Jug, Betty and Ronnie. An empty seat was on your right, which was unusual. Everyone knew that was the ‘sad breakfast club’s’ table. So an extra chair was peculiar.

The conversation started talking about going to Pop’s after school, but quickly ended with Cheryl walking up to the table. You could tell she gave a sincere smile to everyone, who gave glares back. Cheryl looked to you with pleading eyes and you had a warm smile on your face.

“Hi (Y/N), and everyone else here. Do you mind if I sit here?”

You went to say sure, but Archie cut in.

“Here’s a better idea: use the trashcan. Wait, that probably can’t fit your ego… How about talking a walk and sitting at the bottom of Sweetwater? Then you can finally make friends with the fish and snakes! Your kind, because if you couldn’t already tell you, nobody likes you.”

Archie looked up and gave her a spiteful smile. Everyone at the table laughed. Jug was hunched over, laughing until tears came out of his eyes. Betty tried to hide her smile and Ronnie was giving him a high five. Cheryl’s smile melted off her face and she looked back at you, who had a horrified expression.

“Okay. See you later, (Y/N).”

Cheryl turned on her heel and walked away, her head hanging. Archie fanned his face and slung his arm around your shoulders. You slapped his arm away and stood up from the table.

“Cheryl, wait!”

She turned around and Archie grabbed your wrist. You tore him away from you.

“I cannot believe how utterly disgusting you all are. You, Jughead, are a pig who can’t look up from your damn computer to notice that real people have emotions. And thanks for promoting this vile behavior, Veronica. Way to show maturity, little miss Big City Girl. At least you tried, Betty. But I guess it was harder than you’d expect to not be a bitch… Archie, I can’t even look at you. I-”

You took a deep breath, and looked at everyone at the table. They all sat, regretful and hurt expressions and all. You looked Archie in the eye and shook your head, pushing in your chair to walk over to Cheryl. You looped arms and walked out of the caf through the stares. 

When you got to the hallway, hot and angry tears fell down your face. Cheryl turned around and gave you a tight hug. She was slowly crying and so were you.

“You’re amazing, Cheryl. Don’t listen to them.”

She pulled away and wiped the tears from your face.

“You don’t need them. You never did.”

You nodded slowly and she took your arm, dragging you out of the school. 

Time Enough At Last

They sat in a bar together, far from home, their latest case all wrapped up. Sam had been sitting across from them in the booth before he decided to go all in with a blonde on the other side of the room. Dean watched Sam’s efforts, Cas warm at his side.

It had been a long night, a long everything. Getting Cas back helped. Dean recognized where he was personally heading when they had lost him. No mission or apocalypse and certainly not a son of Lucifer was going to make him okay.

That didn’t matter though. Cas was here now, and Sam was seemingly finding success, which meant one less body in the already cramped motel room Dean hazarded a glance at Cas.

“You want me to get up, let you out,” Cas asked.

“Uh, no.”

“You sure? Sam seems to be having success. You might too.” Cas looked sincere as he said it.

Dean laughed a little. He picked up his glass and tipped back the dregs of his whiskey. It was mostly melting ice now. “Not interested.” And he really wasn’t. Sam came back to the table, looking smug. “See ya tomorrow then?”

“Yeah, or really late tonight.” He glanced over his shoulder at the woman. “I wouldn’t wait up.”

Dean’s lip rolled up into a smirk. “You dog, you.” Sam laughed a little and walked off. Dean turned his attention back to Cas. Here they were back in California again, and life was okay, maybe good even.

Dean’s brows came together. This was the sort of moment where things tended to fall apart. “You look worried,” Cas said.

“Yeah.” He didn’t elaborate right off. What could he say? I’ve got a bucket list of things a mile long that I’ll never get to. One of those things involves you. Dean looked away. It wasn’t an epiphany or even the slightest revelation. It was just a thought that was always there, the kind of thing that he’d half shared with Cas before with statements like, You’re important, or You’re family.

“Talk to me.” Dean looked back at him now. “Really, Dean. Let me help.”

“Talking doesn’t help. I just say it all wrong.” Dean shifted in his seat a little. “Maybe we can just go.”

Cas shrugged, but he got up anyway. They walked out side by side, no room for Jesus. Dean could already see Baby a ways off under the sickly golden glow of the sodium street light. “It’s always the same.”

“What is?” Dean stopped walking, the crunch of gravel loud beneath his boots with the final step.

“You always have this cloud hanging over you, like the world for you is always ending.”

Dean shrugged. “It usually is. What’s your point?”

Cas turned back to him and really looked at him. “The world isn’t ending now. I’m back. We’re all safe. You can talk to me.”

Dean just stared at him for a beat. He was right, sort of. Dean stepped up close to him, took a deep breath. He could talk to him, sure, but what would that do really? It really wasn’t an epiphany. He really wasn’t afraid of rejection either. Cas had been staring at him like he wanted him just as much for just as long, but Dean had always felt before like it just wouldn’t work.

“Don’t be shocked, but I’m going to kiss you.” Then Dean leaned in, pressed in close, then closer, his hands coming up to Cas’ hips to pull him in. Cas kissed him back like a champ, rough stubble grazed over Dean’s cheek as Cas moved from Dean’s mouth to his neck.

“Did you just kiss me so you wouldn’t have to talk about what’s bothering you?” Cas asked into the crook of Dean’s neck.

“Don’t be stupid. I kissed you because it was finally the right time. If you want, we can pretend it didn’t happen, go back to just starting at each other all damn day.”

Cas pulled away a little, and looked at him. “Now who’s being stupid?”

“Exactly.” Dean looped an arm around Cas’ waist and guided him the rest of the way to the Impala. “Here’s to hoping Sam has a lovely, FULL, night out.”

Cas tipped his head to consider Dean’s words. “He seemed like he would. Why are you worried about that?”

Dean smiled at him. “Get in the car. I wanna not talk to you some more back at the motel.”

“Not talk…” Cas started to repeat Dean, then seemed to realized just what he was saying.

“That sound okay with you?”

Cas smiled now too, all teeth and gums. “It sounds perfect.”

I’m actually quite irritated at how many people are convinced that Deku’s reverted back to his self-destructive habits after the last few chapters…

People also seem to get Self-destructive and Self-sacrifice mixed up.

Self-sacrifice is putting it all on the line for the sake of someone else. It’s the reason Deku was able to get enough points to pass and get into UA in the first place. It’s the noblest of qualities for a hero to have and not frowned upon. In fact the teachers were most impressed.

Self-destructive is doing harm to yourself for no reason. Because you have no consideration for yourself. What Deku did during the sports festival… there was no life on the line here, it’s a tournament. There was nothing of real value to gain from it. Yes, he helped Todoroki… And using his quirk this was was really the only way he could fight with it without doing worse damage. But he was still being completely reckless about it. And this was pointed out by all the teachers watching and even some people in the audience. And it messed up his hand for life. THIS is what they don’t want you to do.

What happened later with Kota in the woods…. There was no avoiding that. He did try to run first, he knew he wouldn’t be able to win at his current level.
But he couldn’t flee. He was forced to fight. Instead of entertaining the possibility of dying, he decided he had a life to protect and pushed himself beyond his limits to save that life.
This was self-sacrifice.

From the first incident, after every scolding, Deku became more and more careful of how he uses his quirk because he KNOWS the damage it does. And he KNOWS that the more damaged he is, the more of a liability he becomes to everyone else and he doesn’t want that. He’s gotten better at avoiding some situations where he knows it would push his limits. At his level now, he always tries to look for a way out before deciding to fight.

What he’s doing with Eri right now… Is not self-destructive. What he did last chapter is not self-destructive. He’s doing the same damn thing Mirio did and is praised for.
He pushed himself to the the highest level he could reach before any bones could break. He knows his limits. And with Eri, he found a loop hole. In this dire situation with many lives on the line, he needs all the power he can get and seeing Eri’s quirk in action, experiencing it, he knew this was his shot. He found an opportunity and he seized it. Which is what he does best. 
Yes it’s a risk. But every hero has to take risks. It’s kind of an occupational hazard. He has complete faith in her and I honestly don’t think this is going to end as badly as so many people think.

You’re telling me that if you were in his place and you found out you had the human equivalent of the CTRL+Z command constantly undoing the damage on your body as fast as it’s happening, that you wouldn’t use that to your advantage to finish a high risk fight???

Deku is not regressing. He’s consistently improving and learning from his mistakes. So if people could stop acting like he’s a thoughtless idiot that’d be great. Like, what else do you want him to do, exactly?

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I have a lil prompt for Yousef and Sana. Maybe Sana is like studying at a cafe and Yousef comes in and sees her and sits down hesitantly and they end up talking and awkwardly smiling until the girls come in and catch them. Idk just a thought :) love you're blog btw xx

Sana had always enjoyed studying in coffee shops - they were often quite peaceful, and somehow it was easier to focus on what she was reading while the scent of freshly brewed coffee floated in the air and the quiet conversations worked as a relaxing white nose in her ears. Sana was rarely distracted while studying, but the moment she heard Yousef’s voice she knew that he was an exception to that rule:

“You’re a hard-working one, aren’t you?” Yousef asked, and Sana had to stop herself from smiling before looking up from the table to the older boy. He was leaning - he was always leaning, what was that about? - on a nearby pillar, his hands stuffed into the pockets of his pants.

Sana shrugged. “That or I simply have some time to kill.”

Yousef chuckled and then raised his eyebrows in a question, gesturing towards the seat across the table from Sana. Sana nodded, closing her chemistry book, having accepted the fact that studying would be impossible if she could feel Yousef’s eyes on her. Strange.

“Now, tell me,” Sana said as she watched the older boy sit down, take off his cap and run his hand through his hair - he did that a lot. And Sana knew that it was a thing she shouldn’t be noticing be noticing because it was such a dumb little detail that didn’t matter, but still. She noticed. “Are you stalking me?”

The unexpected turn of Sana’s words made Yousef burst out in laughter: that kind of laughter that made his eyes squint, his face light up and his smile spread from ear to ear. He was light in the dark, and Sana couldn’t stop looking at him. She felt the corners of her own mouth twitching upward, too.

“Would you call the cops if I said yes?” Yousef said with a grin, adjusting his position on the armchair.

Sana smiled, taking a sip of her drink. “Depends. Maybe. Probably.”

Yousef grasped his chest as in serious pain, gasping for air in a dramatic manner and stared at the younger girl with wide, betrayed eyes. “Wow, now that’s just cruel. So stalking a really nice girl isn’t the best way to make her interested me, after all? Fuck, that was all I had.”

“Yeah, I doubt that stalking would work,” Sana answered.

Yousef smiled. “Damn, I’ll figure out something else, then.”

A laugh escaped from Sana’s lips, and she could feel her own cheeks heating up as her brain played Yousef’s words in her head on a loop, over and over again. She could feel him staring at her, and it was like her stomach was truly filled with butterflies when their eyes met: she felt it all. She felt her heart racing, her stomach turning upside down and her cheeks heating up.

But Sana didn’t look away. A silence slowly set between the two of them, but it wasn’t uncomfortable - Sana enjoyed sitting there, watching Yousef and actually allowing herself to pay attention to the little things like the way his smile curved more to the right and the way he often tilted his head just a little when he was looking at Sana. Like now. His eyes were warm, his lips curved up into a ghost of a smile, and Sana couldn’t look away.

“What’s going on hereee?” Chris’ voice was like a wake up call, and it was like Sana was pulled from the depths of the ocean to the surface. She shook her head, trying to piece her thoughts together to answer her friend, who had arrived for their coffee date that Sana had completely forgotten about.

“I - uh, we were just,” Sana kept stumbling on her words, making Yousef disguise a chuckle into a cough and Chris raise her eyebrows. “We were just stalk- talking.”

“And I actually gotta go now”, Yousef said, his tone amused - no wonder why. He put on his cap and got up from the armchair, flashed the girls a warm smile before heading out of the coffee shop: Sana’s eyes followed him all the way to the door. Before Yousef stepped outside, her gaze met his, and for a few more stolen seconds they lingered on the strange feeling.


I am getting so overemotional about these few tiny seconds of the preview, someone needs to save me. But seriously folks, let’s take a look at this for a second. You’ve got Dean, finally opening up to Cas and Sam and admitting that he has a serious problem. And you can read the way he pauses to glance at Cas here really any way that you want, but to me it’s almost pleading. We know in the last episode that Dean had that talk with Cas about flinging him into the sun if he ever fell off the wagon again and now here they are. And to me Dean is looking at Cas like, ‘Okay, is this it?’ because Cas, in all the time that Dean has known him, has never once believed he couldn’t be saved. And I think its so telling who Dean chooses to look at here. I know it doesn’t always seem like it, but I think Dean cares so damn much  about what Cas thinks of him. For example back at the diner when Cas essentially called him a role model and Dean couldn’t help but allow himself a slight smile. And I think that in this moment Dean doesn’t even know what he wants from Cas. Because on the one hand, he knows he fucked up, he even called what happened at the house 'a massacre’ and I guarantee he’s beating himself up over it, having nightmares and replaying it all on a loop. But I also think there is a large part of him that still wants to see Cas look at him like he’s a role model. So he looks straight at his angel, the one who within 5 minutes of meeting him for the first time had stared straight into his eyes and proclaimed that Dean didn’t think he deserved to be saved. And now he’s questioning because does he still deserve to be saved? And Cas just kind of blinks and looks down and away and you can just see Dean’s face fall and he gives that tiny little micro-headshake and I can almost just hear him wondering what Cas thinks of him now and jesus fucking christ I have been compromised by 3 seconds of preview…


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Pairing: Peter Parker X (Teleporting)Reader, Tony Stark X Pepper Potts

Word Count: 2000

Warnings: Mentions of a dark past, panic attacks, and an overload of heartfelt bonding

Adopting you after being discovered in not the best of circumstances, Tony has to struggle with the very idea of parenthood. And then also the idea that you’ve developed super powers. And then also that you have a boyfriend.

He could have dropped you off at an orphanage, could have just let you go and move on from the world of crazy scientists and terrorists. He could have… but he couldn’t. It riddled him with guilt and fear and second guesses but something about seeing a small child hooked up to a dozen monitors, head shaved and laden with surgical cuts, Tony just couldn’t leave you with someone and hope for the best.

So after quite a few court hearings and doctor’s visits it was, “Surprise Pepper, we have a kid!” And her pushing through a stone smile. “Can I talk to you. In private.”

But you were hard not to love. Patient and quiet, you had a shy smile when he gave you your own probably-too-big room filled with probably-too-many things.

“I uh, I didn’t know what kids these days liked so…”

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vivir sin ellos, ya no podría / shance / rated g 

(i can’t live without them)

“accidentally matching with a stranger” au. some pretty intense pining shiro. general fluff.

Shiro really wishes he brought his book. The main characters are this close to professing their undying love for each other and instead of finding out whether or not they escape the rapidly-flooding cave, he gets to sit on the train and wait. The anticipation is killing him. So, he tries to occupy himself in his surroundings, taking in the cloudy sky, the clanking of the train, the cute guy sitting across from him wearing the exact same outfit.

Like, exactly the same. It’s nothing special: gray sweatshirt, light-wash ripped jeans, black cap. Even their Nikes match; white, but Shiro is biased to the Jordan 4s, while this stranger dons the 7s. Call him a shoe snob, but he eyes the small scuff on the left one. It happens. Whoever this guy is, he’s got good taste.

And like, really cute. Shiro doesn’t think he’s seen him before, because if he did, he’d definitely remember that bronze skin and those long legs. His cap is backwards, pulling dark waves off his forehead and revealing the cutest widow’s peak on this side of Snowqualmie. This is too much. Even as he looks down at his phone with a light smile—is he looking at a meme? Does he like memes? Shiro really hopes so—he exudes charisma and charm. Shiro is starting to think that it isn’t the matching clothes that drew his attention.

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Can you write a part 2 to the one about Betty and Archie joining the serpents for info on the drug rinf??? I loved the first one!

Okay! Part 1:https://bughead4days.tumblr.com/post/161283087546/can-you-write-a-follow-on-from-this-episode-where !

He hadn’t slept all night, his hair a wild mess, his eyes red rimmed and blood shot. Betty and Archie didn’t know what they were getting themselves into, it wasn’t safe for them, god forbid someone found out why they were actually at Southside High. And then there was the fact that Betty was attached to Archie’s hip, she was draped all over him yesterday, long blonde hair tickling Archie’s nose as she whispered her secrets to him through scarlet lips.

He loved Betty for who she was, cardigans and ponytails included, but there was something about this version of Betty, so messy and carefree, it did strange things to Jugheads stomach and he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the blonde. That brought him to his current position, bent over a lunch table anxiously waiting for the two Riverdale teens to enter the cafeteria.

“Dude, you look like shit.” Keith mumbled over a mouth full of pizza, eyeing Jughead warily “you look like you’re about to jump out of your skin.”

Jughead dropped down on the bench defeated,
“I don’t know, hotdog kept me up all night, crying about something.” He lied effortlessly, his friend staring at him and his see through story.

“Okay, if that’s what you’re sticking with.” Keith shrugged, grabbing another piece from the stack in front of him.

Suddenly there was the familiar clanging of trays being dropped onto the metal table, the Serpents all squeezing into the designated cafeteria space. If Jughead hadn’t already been too exhausted to function, the ruckus all eight boys were making was sure to make him lose his mind.

“Hey Jones, don’t look now but your girlfriend is headed this way, looking fineee as usual, redhead in tow.” Dean bit into his burger and nodded his head towards the doorway, Jughead whipped around.

There she was, Betty Cooper wrapped up in skin tight denim jeans, red wedges and an old ripped up Rolling Stones t-shirt, her blonde hair was left loose again but this time a messy braid was strategically placed in the nest of curls falling down her back , her leather jacket draped over her shoulder and that damn red lipstick. She looked like something out of a play boy magazine.

Dean let out a low whistle,
“She sure is something to look at, swear to god.”

Jugheads head turned quickly and Dean laughed, waving his hand.
“Dibs are dibs man, she’s all yours, well I mean it looks like she’s Andrews actually. And it looks like there coming to say hi.” Deans face shifted to something a bit more intimidating as Betty and Archie pulled up to the table, Betty’s arm looped around Archies.

“Hi boys.” She smiled sweetly, dimples popping out as she clutched the quarterback.

“Well hello Elizabeth.” Keith grinned, grunting when Jughead kicked him under the table.

All of the Serpents were practically drooling over Betty when Archie spoke up
“I wanted to speak to you, about.. things” he trailed off lazily.

Dean nodded
“Alright, Jughead why don’t you show Betty around the dark room, you look like you appreciate a good engine.” He smirked, and Betty smirked back.

“I’ve been known to admire a good bike, you’ve got pictures or the real thing?” She questioned, popping her gum dramatically.

Dean seemed taken aback for a second at her genuine interest
“We keep the real things at our clubhouse, just got some pictures and parts in the dark room, Jughead?” Dean repeated with a pointed look, clearly he wanted to speak to Archie alone.

“Sure yeah, I can show you. Uhh come on.” He grumbled as Betty smiled and waved at the boys
“See ya soon.” She winked.

She followed Jughead into the hallway, glancing around before stopping at one of the lockers and leaning against it, arms crossed
“I’m not going into a dark room with you Jughead.” She whispered, face turned away from him.

The dark haired boy sighed
“Please Betty, I wanna talk to you, let me explain.”

Betty spared a glance at the stormy eyes she knew so well, he was pleading with her, she nodded slowly and he gripped her hand, pulling her into the dark room, he immediately began talking

“I didn’t want this for you, why do you think i broke it off? It’s not safe here and I didn’t want you involved with all of this damn chaos, at least when you weren’t with me I knew you were safe and look where we are now, you’re here without me and you’re still not safe!” He rambled on and Betty quickly cut him off

“I can take care of myself! don’t use some lame excuse that you were protecting me, we both know you wanted to move on with your life!” She shouted, her shoulders shaking in anger.

“You think I wanted this?!” He came back with equal anger “I never wanted this, I love you! You know that. Everything I’ve ever done has been to protect you.” He yelled desperately, throwing his hands in the air.

“I never needed protecting! and anyway Archie’s here, he’s going to keep me safe.” She crossed her arms, mimicking him.

Jughead winced visibly
“Of course he is, he’s Archie Andrews, boy wonder, what girl wouldn’t want him to keep her safe.” He quipped sarcastically, tension between his eyes.

Betty seemed to deflate at that point, her hands wrapping around her stomach,
“I didn’t. I wanted you, that’s all I ever wanted.” She whispered.

Jughead swallowed the lump in his throats and took a step towards her

Snapping back to reality the blonde cleared her threat and shook her shoulders out
“We’ve been gone long enough, we better head back.” With one final glance, she was out the door, Jughead watched her walk away and felt his stomach clench, Jesus Christ watching her walk away hurt just as bad the second time.

He caught up with her just outside the cafeteria and followed closely beside her as they watched Archie stand and shake Deans hand

“Nice doing business with you brother.” He grinned, glancing at Betty
“And I’ll see you tonight beautiful.”

The lunch bell rang and the Serpents all hopped up and headed outside to smoke, Jughead lagging behind as Archie approached him in a hushed whisper

“I’m going to the bar tonight to meet up with a few of the older Serpents, I’m pretty much in, please Jug, Just leave it alone, I promise to keep you updated.” He wrapped an arm around Betty’s waist and tugged her away, whispering in her ear as she nodded seriously, they were a few steps away when Betty turned back around and walked to Jughead, pushing herself against his chest and shoving something inside his jacket

“Don’t forget who you are Jughead Jones”

she dropped a kiss to his cheek and ran off towards Archie, exiting the cafeteria.

Jughead put his palm to the place she kissed and closed his eyes, it had been so long since she had been that close to him and his heart swelled, reaching inside his jacket he pulled out what she had given him, there in his hands was

A knitted beanie in the shape of a crown.

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It was a Saturday when Peter crawled into Stiles’ window. The boy was somewhere else in the house–kitchen, Peter was pretty sure–but Peter didn’t want to chase him down. He just wanted to sleep. He craved the calm restful dreamless sleep Stiles had provided him over a week ago. He hoped the boy would be willing to repeat it.

Exhaustion weighed heavy on him and he didn’t think twice about crawling onto Stiles’ bed and nuzzling into his pillow. He breathed in a lungful of the boy’s scent before sighing. The tension slowly trickled out his body as he scented the pillow.

“Woah!” Stiles exclaimed upon returning to his room to find the resident Zombie Wolf snuggled up with his pillow. Peter didn’t even send a snarky comeback at him, actually looking mostly asleep at this point.

“Aww, dude. Shoes,” he complained, scowling when the wolf didn’t so much as flinch. Rolling his eyes, he moved to unlace Peter’s boots and somehow managed to get them off. He set them beside the bed before frowning. He wouldn’t have expected Peter to sleep like the dead.

Ha ha. Dead. He was so funny.

“Hey? Creeper Wolf?” he called out, reaching out to shake Peter’s shoulder. The man grunted, one blue eye slitting open to glare up at Stiles. “You just here to sleep or are you seriously hurt?” he asked, undeterred by the glower.

“Sleep,” Peter muttered into the pillow, closing his eyes again and burrowing deeper into Stiles’ pillow. The boy rolled his eyes but figured the wolf would be fine. He turned his attention back to his computer to let the wolf sleep.

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“…For Voldemort and Valour.”

Voldemort went wide-eyed with shock. Harry Potter still had his back to him, but even after all this time there was no mistaking the sound of his voice. 

Months and months of muteness, and this was what he said. This was the phrase the boy uttered to the shatter the year-long spell of silence.

“They say your name now,” he went on when Voldemort remained speechless. Harry rolled onto his side, lazily facing the Dark Lord, every lethargic motion a defiance. The sheen of his glasses cut his eyes in half, a glaring white intersecting the green. Voldemort’s state of disbelief left him. Something cold like dread coiled in the pit of his stomach, quickly accompanied by a much more familiar rush of rage.

“How do you know that phrase?”

It was inconceivable that his human horcrux should know these words. Voldemort himself had never told him, and Harry had no one else. No one even knew he was alive. 

He only had Lord Voldemort. 

Harry’s lips twitched with the threat of a smile. Voldemort could tell at once that he was not going to answer the question. The Dark Lord leaned forward so that he could look straight into those vivid eyes, touching upon the connection between their torrid, intertwined souls.

There was nothing there but music. Alexander Glazunov, string quartet number 7 in C major. Haunting notes on a loop. Just as it had been for months. 

Harry’s lips twitched again. 

“…Do they say mine?”

barbaesparza  asked:

Hello! <3 Here is a prompt: Cold Feet

Thanks so much for this. I was so excited to write it as soon as I saw it! I hope you like it!

Sonny’s hands shook nervously as he tried for the fourth time to tie his bow tie. It was frustrating that he couldn’t get it right, the silk slipping from his trembling fingers each time he tried to pull the final end through the loop. Rafael had even given him a lesson, making Sonny practice so that he’d be sure to get it right today.

Rafael. A rock formed in Sonny’s stomach at the thought of him in the next room. His tie was probably already fixed perfectly around his neck.

Finally, he gave up, dropping his hands, the tie draped around his neck. “Do you know how to do this?” He turned from the mirror to look at Amanda, who was sitting on a chair watching his failed attempts.

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Dammit, I knew I should have gotten a clip on. Or fought Raf harder on just having a regular damn tie.”

“No, no. None of that. I’m your best man and I’m going to figure this out.” Amanda did a quick google search, finding an instructional video on bow ties. “Doesn’t seem so hard.” She said after watching it through a couple of times.

“Okay, so I loop this around this.” She stood in front of Sonny, working the ends of the tie the way the video had shown. “And then I fold this like this, and then loop this through here, and voila!” She said triumphantly, stepping aside so Sonny could see in the mirror.

“It’s crooked.” He whined.

“It was just my first try! Here, I’ll do it again.” She was faster this time, already having done it once, and when she pulled the bow tight she was pretty damn impressed with herself. “There. All good.” She caught Sonny’s face in the mirror, his skin looked even paler than usual and his expression looked more like someone going to a funeral than to his wedding. “We are all good, right?”

“I don’t know if I can do this, Amanda.”

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A regular day out.

This one is for @bootymebetter​, kinda based on the idea you sent:

“I have an idea for fluff? Maybe you could like do something where all the avengers people and stuff have movie nights or are generally just good friends and mess each other around a lot. Like, you could even write something like a day in the life of a normal avenger xD or even write what they think or dream a normal day for them is like i.e. ice cream on the beach with their friends or out for schwarma and beer and jollyness xD “

I really liked the idea of the Avengers trying to have a regular day, and how their idea of regular might be a little different to everyone else’s. Thank you for such an awesome idea!

A regular day out. That’s the plan, just a normal day. No mission today, no training, no need to be superheroes. We’re going to be just regular guys ‘n’ gals, doing regular stuff, like regular people. Brunch, a trip out, a walk in the park. Regular.

So, we start the day off with brunch. That’s a thing now, apparently. Back in the ‘30s, if you got up late on a Sunday, you skipped breakfast and went straight to church to atone for your tardiness. Now, you get up late, they got a special meal just for you. Howard shoulda put that into his Expo!

So, it’s me, and Buck, Sam and Nat, we’re sitting in this café eating eggs and croissants and bacon, drinking coffee, talking. It’s nice. Regular. We’re talking about sports and weather and politics and movies. Sam’s laughing at how little me and Buck know, what with being 70 years out of time; Nat’s making the usual jokes about films we haven’t seen, then Sam’s explaining them, which makes Nat roll her eyes. It’s nice. I’m sitting by the window and the sun’s shining on me, got my legs stretched out, one arm across the back of Buck’s chair, the other’s holding a steaming cup of coffee. The sky’s blue, the birds are flying past, the people outside are… the people are running. And screaming.

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anonymous asked:

Hey there! I finally managed to make it to your blog party! It would be amazing if you could write a road trip au for sanvers but they're like 19 or something? Thanks in advance. You're awesome

Sanvers College Road Trip AU

The sun’s barely risen and Maggie’s already outside in her pickup.

She tosses pebbles at Alex’s window, because ringing the doorbell would wake everyone in the house, and aren’t the whole pebbles-at-bedroom-window thing supposed to be more romantic than texting?

“You’re early,” Alex’s head suddenly appears out of her suddenly opened window.

“And you’re beautiful,” Maggie flirts, because god, she is.

A denim jacket that Maggie had gotten her for Chanukah last year, her hair newly shortened and newly curly, redder than it’s been in the past couple of years.

The past couple of years since they met at a protest and became inseparable girlfriends.

Inseparable girlfriends about to go on their first road trip together.

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Flirty in French

Pairing : Samxreader, Dean
Word count : 1,453

Request from Crowley’s: Anonymous. Hey I love your blog and I was wondering if you could do a Sam x reader one-shot where Sam, Dean & reader are on a hunt and reader can speak French but thinks Sam can’t and whispers dirty things (smut) thanks!

Original A/N : So I went a bit different. I have to be honest with you, most flirting / dirty talk that I’ve ever heard, has been at least half English. I’m French Canadian, and based on my experience (And my spouses, I asked him for help here), most people just switch to English. So trying to come up with dirty things to say in french wasn’t easy, and doesn’t translate well. At least not into Quebecois. Our version of french is half English, and 90% slang. So, rofl. I hope you enjoy awkward flirting instead. Authentic French pick up lines in Bold XD. Use them well :P.

New A/N : I had planned to try and get a second part to this, dirty french words and smut, but never figured anything out for it and I’m sorry about that :(.

You had tried stopping in earlier in the week, but no one had been there. You didn’t want to be an ass and just barge in. So you watched and waited.

Pulling in, you knew they had just arrived minutes before. You knew, because you were behind them. They went into the garage, you went to the door, parking outside.

Knocking on the door, you stood and waited.

The door opened, and two men stood before you with guns drawn. “ Désolé ..” You held your hands up.

“The fuck did she just call me?” The shorter one growled, cocking his gun.

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Worst Idea Ever: SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge 2017 - Week 4

Author: @supernaturallymarvellous

Characters: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 500

Warnings: Descriptions of being chased

A/N: This is my entry for Week 4 of the SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge 2017 being hosted by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing.  The prompt given is in bold.  Just a really short little fic this week.


Talking to yourself is said to be the first sign of madness and if anyone had been watching you right now, they would have had you driven straight to the nearest asylum. Hiding behind a large tree, chest heaving and hair wild from your flat-out run through the forest, you looked to be the very definition of crazy.

Stupidest idea ever, stupidest idea ever! That was the only thought that was running through your mind, playing on a continuous loop as you tried to get your breathing back to a normal level. This should have been an easy plan; create a distraction, have the head of the werewolf pack chase after you while Sam and Dean cleared the lair, then double back and kill the damn creature. Only the plan hadn’t worked all that well and you now found yourself further out in the forest than you had planned to be without any back-up.

“Idiot. Dumb idiot. Should never have suggested the idea in the first place.  Who the hell willingly agrees to be the bait?! Come on brain, you’re supposed to talk me out of this, not think it up. We leave all the stupid for other people, we’re better than this.”

Hearing the crunch of fallen leaves and the snap of twigs, you stopped talking and pressed yourself closer into the bark of the tree. Trying to keep as quiet as humanly possible, you slowed your breathing and took a cautious peek over your shoulder and past the tree line, your eyes seeking the source of the noise. 

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