look at all these loops!!! damn!!!


That.. was… AWESOME!

I don’t even know where to begin! First of all, the song is so damn cool and catchy! I am doomed to loop it for days (and I’m not complaining :D)! And the video.. it’s just perfect! It’s funny, awesome, cool, EVERYTHING! 
Everyone involved just did a great job and to be honest, I LOVED Jack in this. It was so weird to see him in a music video but I loved every single moment of it! I’m looking forward to more of this type of videos :D
Huge props to Ninja Sex Party and all the crew for this amazing masterpiece!

so, okay, as I was making videos last night, I kept coming back to the scene where Regina tells Emma she needs her; and I know we all focused mostly on what is being said (cause duh… that was pretty monumental), but watching it on a loop, what struck me most was Emma’s reaction. So I found myself replaying it over and over again, because there’s this moment…

Look at Emma. Her head snaps up when Regina says that, and her eyes are frantically searching her face, looking for confirmation of something - that she heard her right, that this is actually happening… in short, Emma’s reaction here is pretty close to Swen’s reaction seeing this for the first time, I’d say. Here it is in slow-mo:

And then, this happens when Regina quickly goes on to say it’s because she needs Emma’s help navigating the real world:

she looks down, like she’s disappointed, and she closes her mouth. As if she had opened it in shock? and swallows, again disappointed, as if telling herself she really should know better by now. She looks so much like a kicked puppy right here, it’s unreal.

I promise this is going somewhere. Because here’s the thing: that look of hope Emma gives Regina is almost exactly the same one that she gives before, when Regina says she’s been there, and Emma is hoping so, so much for someone who understands her, and the pain she’s feeling:

In both cases, she’s hoping for a connection with this woman, but the second time, it’s more obvious, because it’s more personal, and her feelings are so invested in that one little hope that maybe, just maybe, it’s not unrequited after all.

So, what I’m trying to say, if that I’m pretty sure Emma knows. I kept wondering which one would figure it out first, and I was sort of hoping for Regina, but this pretty much tells me: Emma knows she’s in love with Regina. And there’s so much that points to this. 

First of all, Hook has his ship back, and I’m pretty sure he had a room at Granny’s before, so the excuse of them not having sex yet because Emma lives with her whole family is pretty damn flimsy to me. Seems like someone is trying her level best to avoid going there. 

Second, please take a very close look at JMo’s body language when she’s kissing Hook goodbye. It’s not only that the camera pans to Regina, and they separate, Emma is literally keeping her whole body away from Hook, only touching his face. How romantic. 

Thirdly, I present you exhibit a of Emma seeing Regina hug her beard:

She’s got that look that is sort of like ‘at least she’s happy’, and sort of shuffles around. She seriously blinks 3 times in this second, whereas Lily only does so once. It’s almost like she’s trying to convince herself that this is good, this is the right thing to have done, and she should be happy for Regina.

And to finish it off, I went back and started looking at other scenes, and guess what? That one scene we all love to death, Regina is giving her to full-on heart eyes, but also looking a little surprised, like ‘unbelievable, she saved me omg *heart eyes*’, but Emma… Well:

Emma just looks relieved, and so, so happy that Regina is alive. She is in awe of the woman in front of her, but there’s no surprise in how she feels. 

Which does make me wonder, how long has she known for? I may need to go back and rewatch it to figure this out, but yeah. Bottom line: Emma knows.

It’s weird exactly how perfectly Survival bookends with An Unearthly Child.

The series opens with him taking Ian and Barbara away from home against their will, and closes with the Doctor taking Ace home because she asked. One steals Ian and Barbara because he’s paranoid that humans will rebel against what they don’t understand; Seven wanders about attempting to feed cats for an entire episode and is unperturbed by any and all questions or strange looks. AUC has him try and beat a caveman to death with a rock, where Survival has him actively renouncing savagery and violence. In an amusing, probably Standards-and-Practices-induced bit of nuttery, the teen who stabs a Cheetaperson to death holds up a bloodless murder weapon as a boast–which would’ve thrown the Doctor’s “this rock does not show what it has done” defense for an utter loop.

Damn near any attitude or idea One expresses in that first serial is actively turned on its head in Survival. Not bad for a show so unprepared for cancellation that the touching final speech had to be ADRed.

The bulk of the pro-life movement approves terrorism and that’s disgusting.

I’ve been out of the loop for a couple months, but the news of this shooting made me grudgingly peer back into socio-political circles. It serves as a reminder to me that too many people in the pro-life movement supports terrorism and reminds me why said movement disgusts me.

“Oh, but not all pro-lifers are like that!” 

Your rhetoric convinced the pro-life shooter to go to the clinic and take sentient lives. 

Your rhetoric has killed countless sentient lives thus far. 

And too many of you are unsympathetic to that fact.

Look long and hard and your damn movement, because I am tired of people dying at the hands of YOUR PEOPLE. 

As far as I’m concerned, you’re all guilty of encouraging harassment and encouraging murder when you further anti-choice rhetoric.