look at all these fans

i’m only halfway through petals to the metal and i still have no effin clue what these guys are supposed to actually look like but??? i wanted to take a crack at it??

Just SebaCiel die-hard fans things...

Sebby and Ciel are so cute togheter!They should marry!

F*cking Elizabeth…

It’s not because of that,I just find Elizabeth annoying.

He touched Ciel’s shoulder!HE LOVES HIM!


*ignores the fact that Ciel’s engaged*

Yana wanted to make it yaoi.

Ok,I don’t have a proof,but she made other yaoi works so of COURSE this would be too.

Don’t contradict me,it’s obvious you’re wrong because I say so.

For me,it’s yaoi.

*ignores the plot,Sebastian’s species,Ciel’s situation and everything really except for the nice moments*

*offended when one doesn’t like / dislikes the ship*

(OK,look.I know not all SebaCiel fans are like that and I’m not trying to make harm,it’s just satire.This is just about the butthurt,ignorant SebaCiel fans.You,chill SebaCiel fans out there,have a nice day and keep shipping what you’re shipping!And also,I would like you to write another “die-hard SebaCiel fans quote” if you have something in mind.)

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Look. All this shit is not even just the ship anymore. Neutral fans across SM are just tired of the lies/deceipt and passive aggressive behavior coming from production, cast crew, Starz. Throw in what you just showed from IW and Sam's continued silence on that asshole, BG and Italian lady threats and this is a fandom I no longer want to be a part off.

YUP. Exactly. I want to be a part of it but I want it to be fun again. 

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Also imagine thinking bob willingly talks about blarke when that's all his fans ask him and he always looks like he wants to kill himself when they do. Along with treating him like an object and making him leave social media on multiple occasions.

he never brings that shit up willingly… its always some 40 year old mom asking him his thoughts and he says “they’re good friends but bell doesn’t focus on romance” like??


not once, but TWICE!! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

would it really kill you (if we kissed) - greenconverses - Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan [Archive of Our Own]
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It wasn’t like Annabeth hadn’t been warned about him.

In New Rome, there was just one unofficial rule to surviving and thriving for demigods and mortals alike.

Avoid the son of Neptune. At all costs.

au where Nino becomes an astronaut and goes on a mission to Mars and ends up getting stranded but he survives because he grows potatoes

an ask meme for fic writers ♥
  • 1: what inspires you?
  • 2: one of your favorite comments/reviews on this chapter/verse?
  • 3: what motivates you?
  • 4: what time of the day/night do you like to write?
  • 5: do you write scenes in a linear fashion or do you write future scenes/dialogues sometimes?
  • 6: hardest/easiest character to write for?
  • 7: hardest/easiest verse to write for?
  • 8: (if you have either or both) how do you manage time with writing, work, school etc.?
  • 9: what tv shows, books, or movies inspire for this verse, if any?
  • 10: any writing advice?
  • 11: (if you use) what do you like about archiveofourown?
  • 12: anything you would do to make archiveofourown different/change it?
  • 13: why did ___(character) do ____ in this fic/verse/chapter/scene?
  • 14: what is the arc for this character (redemption, etc.)? 
  • 15: ask me any spoilers you’re curious about for a verse, and i’ll post the answer in the tags
  • 16: do you ever hand write? why or why not?
  • 17: do you listen to music while you write?
  • 18: any fanmixes you’ve made for this fic/verse?
  • 19: any edits or art you’ve made for this fic/verse/any edits readers have made? if not, what visuals would you use for one?
  • 20: what songs were you listening to during this scene/chapter?
  • 21: this character’s best/worst memory?
  • 22: favorite line/quote/inner monologue from this character?
  • 23: feelings on epistolary fic?
  • 24: do you outline?
  • 25: if you outline, do you edit it frequently?
  • 26: anything you’re planning to write in your fic that you’re worried readers might like?
  • 27: when you read fic, how often do you comment?
  • 28: any scene/line you wrote that you didn’t expect to write/that surprised you once it was written?
  • 29: do you eat or drink anything while you write?
  • 30: any backstory questions about characters
  • 31: any other questions you want to ask
  • 32: what are your stats for this story/verse?
  • 33: favorite one-shot you’ve written?
  • 34: a scene/paragraph you wrote that you’re proud of
  • 35: any foreshadowing/symbolism you wrote that you hope readers didn’t miss?
  • 36: any scenes you wrote that parallel the canon verse?
  • 37: do you use quotes in the beginning notes/intro to your chapters? if so, what are some of your favorites/what are their significance?
  • 38: do you title your chapters? what’s your favorite chapter title? what’s its significance/why did you choose it?
  • 39: any alternate fic titles you were considering for this verse?
  • 40: chapter you’re most proud of in this verse?
  • 41: chapter that was the most fun to write in this verse?
  • 42: five songs that this character has on their iPod/iPhone?
  • 43: emoji this character uses the most whilst texting?
  • 44: have you shared your outline with anyone? if so, what did they think of it?
  • 45: anyone you share excerpts with?
  • 46: story with the most kudos (AO3)?
  • 47: story with the most comments?
  • 48: a happy future moment you’ve written/have planned for this ship? (will post under read more for spoilers)
  • 49: this character’s starbucks order?
  • 50: this character’s guilty pleasure?

“Thank you to CARATs who have given us a happy week as a present” 

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MARCHING BAND…LUCIO ??? his gun thing is a poorly drawn mellophone and his backpack would be a cute drum..speaker

i know nothing of band, i took home econ