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How to stop snoozing - 

We all do it, it’s nothing new, yet it’s something that wrecks our “this year I’m gonna wake up early” goals. Snoozing is the single most comforting and annoying thing in the day.

So how do we stop snoozing and actually wake up on time?

1. Don’t put your phone (or alarm clock if you use that) too close to your bed when you sleep - basically, it should be far enough so that you actually get up to even snooze it.

2. Don’t use a single alarm tune for more than a couple of weeks. In my experience, once you get used to that tune, it’s pretty easy to go back to sleep after snoozing it, or even letting it play.

3. Keep your phone/alarm clock in different places everyday (or at least every other day). Set them apart by only a few inches if not more, but the change in position helps you up in the morning when you have to look for your phone rather than just go to the one specified place and shut it off.

4. Try an alarm that wakes you up with something cute/useful - like daily news, cute critters, whatever makes you happy. Don’t put a screaming animal as an alarm - mornings should be pleasant, and an annoying sound to wake up to will make you less inclined to wake up at all! Also, chances are you’ll shut a bad alarm off rather than snoozing it - not the best idea.

5. Go to bed earlier if you can. Duh.

6. Plan your sleep so you wake up at the end of your REM cycles - ideal sleep lengths would be 3 hours, 4.5 hours, 6 hours, 7.5 hours, 9 hours and so on. You’ll feel fresher and be more likely to not snooze.

7. Plan something good for your morning - this one is pretty obvious. My morning schedule goes like something like this these days:

  • 5:00 - wake up
  • get dressed
  • make coffee/hot chocolate
  • blog a bit
  • 6:00 - study Danish (my favorite thing to study right now!)

I study Danish until I’ve completed whatever I wanted to do, and then I move on to the next subject. If I put say, chemistry (which I hate) in my early morning sessions, I’d snooze until 7.

So I hope that helped! If you’re trying to wake up early, remember you can do it! Good luck, my owls xx

Noora Amalie Sætre is a Lesbian - a headcanon

(So like, if you’re looking for compelling evidence just… shoo. Not the place tbh.)

(Better yet, there are all the source elements on Noora’s past, but my mind runs.)

(Thanks to @isakiyakis for being the trigger who shot this lesbian Noora bullet in my ear and I couldn’t be in peace without writing something about it. This thing is really long, really rambly and a lot confused because it’s in narrative form and what is consecutio temporum anyway. I’m sorry. Not really.)

(Also Nooreva found a way into this post. Again, not really sorry.)

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Critters! Animal people appear in Killjoys a lot, so I needed to spend a little time thinking about how they’d look as background characters. Since the whole theme in-universe for KJ is “what if the ‘fantasy’ in ‘urban fantasy’ was candyland bullshit”, all the animal folks are cute, colorful, and fall into a few narrow ‘species’.

I say ‘species’ because they’re technically all ONE species (called Eutherians) that just display a wide variety of traits. Early Eutherians were essentially highly magical chameleons, mimicing traits of whatever animals seemed most successful (usually over the course of a few generations) to better endure their environments. Modern descendants have lost that ability, but still display a pretty high species-wide magic saturation. This manifests mostly in their garish coloration, symbol-based markings, and the ability to burst into perfectly synchronized group songs (which sounds cute but is found by non-Eutherians to be terribly creepy in practice).

The three most common types of Eutherian are rabbits, bears, and the slightly rarer cats. Haven’t decided if there should be more kinds yet.


I started work on a similar series of illustrations during my time in undergrad but was really unhappy with the way the figures looked like cutouts– they didn’t make sense in the space. There were some real big time hot-shot bad guys in that first series that I will be revisiting in the future. There’s something so bizarre about seeing these terrible monsters with cute critters, it seems almost as vulgar for some reason as a crime scene photo might.

These aren’t celebrations of these men’s actions at all, a dumb way of giving a quick one image exploration of the heinous acts that they did– in each of them are hidden images telling the man’s story along with fun quotes and other easter eggs.

Stay tuned for more once life becomes a little less hectic.

“I’m a box car and a jugger wang.”


We all have those days when nothing seems to go right. It appears it’s the same for the animal kingdom too.

In this case, a raccoon was seen having a string of bad luck after it was chased up a tree only to fall into a pond of cold water. The moment of misfortune occurred when the cute critter crept inside a lemur enclosure at the North Carolina Zoo.

The inhabitants did not take well to their unwelcome guest and it was forced to take refuge in a nearby tree. After scrambling up a tree and looking down on his rather unfamiliar surroundings, things continued to go wrong for the cute animal.

After waiting for the coast to clear, it then attempted to get higher but ended up losing its grip and hurtling to the ground in what can only be described as a Superman style bomber dive. It was then captured plunging into a pond below before clambering out looking rather bedraggled.

With the water to break its fall, the daring creature climbed up a handily placed twig to complete his Mission Impossible escape to safety.

The photographer, Evan Hambrick said: “It was insane. We were all routing for him. Everyone was cheering. I don’t know how he got in, but I’m glad he got out.” [x]

Cats and rabbits are cute and everything, but there’s so many of them on Tumblr! So have some ferrets for a change!

External image

Well, this one has a cat, too! Bonus points!

External image

“Oh yeah! This is my jam!”

External image

Clean ferret is a happy ferret!

External image

Sleepy little critter!

External image

Maybe the little guy has a peanut allergy?

External image


External image

That jumping and bouncing is called a weasel war dance (even though it’s a ferret)! That’s how they play, and I never get tired of seeing it!

External image


“What’s that look for? Is there something in my teeth?”

External image

I gotta wonder what’s going on in its head when during all this…

Liar, Liar

As Star has to leave Earth to pursue her royal duties on Mewni, deeper feelings begin to emerge. The one-shot is based on this trashy thing I wrote last month, with a few differences here and there. It’s also on FanFiction.net. 

Hope you enjoy!

Just as a pink glare of magic from the wand flashed before her eyes, all the books on Star’s bookcases started to march, one by one, towards the huge trunk sitting in the middle of the Mewni-styled bedroom. With a gracious series of movements, all while muttering a sequence of spells in her Mewnian language, the princess carefully guided the books to their destination, making sure that her wand wouldn’t accidentally summon unnecessary narwhal-beasts or cute, rabid, flying critters. The books were one of the last things Star put in her magical, virtually bottomless travel trunk: her regal, tower-shaped, three-stories bedroom was unnaturally empty, so much so that she could hear her own echo. Only thing she kept outside was her fancy-looking bed, as she still needed a place to sleep for one last night.

Packing all the stuff she brought from Mewni was a slow process, the complete opposite of the fast, explosive magic she cast during her first day on Earth, in the once tiny room that her foster family, the Diaz, reserved for all the other exchange students. One full year passed since then and lots of things have changed. Over time, the princess learned to control her powerful magic wand, realizing how truly dangerous it could potentially be to herself and her loved ones. While the wand-mastering earned her the long-awaited, deserved praise from her usual strict Mother, this also meant that her training was over and that she had to go back to her Kingdom, Mewni, to eventually pursue her royal duties and even become Queen someday.

Star reluctantly kept thinking about her glittering, royal destiny, mindlessly watching the stream of books marching towards the bottomless trunk. But she snapped back to reality the moment she heard somebody knocking to her door.

“Come in!” she said, smiling at her guest.

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tygermama  asked:

Bucky decides to check in on this great-grand-nephew of his. 'Danno? What the fuck kind of name is /'Danno'/?' "I dunno, /Bucky/. You tell me.' 'Fair enough.' Bucky doesn't surf but he doesn't mind watching others do it and one time, they're watching a competition and Bucky sees something that sends his mind wandering down an old, sad path when he feels something tugging on his pants. A weird blue thing says 'No need to be sad. Family helps, yes?' Bucky's gotten advice in from weirder folks.

So get this - according to Steve, the fuzzy blue critter who lives next door to them with that cute little girl and her camera, is supposed to be a dog.

“A dog.”

Steve nods seriously and looks all earnest, except that Bucky knows that this is, in fact, “Steve Rogers Is Being a Little Shit” look and he is totally unimpressed.

“Frankly, after meeting Thor, getting to know Stitch is a relief.  I mean I wasn’t exactly thinking about Asgardian gods when I imagined aliens from outer space, y’know?” Steve later explains.

Lilo - the little girl - has become Steve’s new bestie. 

“So you’re the one I gotta blame for Steve’s new addiction to Elvis,” Bucky tells Lilo. 

“He’s the King,” Lilo tells him solemnly. 

“I dunno, Miss Lilo,” Bucky responds.  “I always had a soft spot for Frankie and his big blue eyes.”

“He means Sinatra,” Steve explains helpfully.  “Also, big blue eyes?”

“Big blue eyes just like yours, Stevie.”

So Bucky swears he’s totally not responsible for the near-riot that happened when he and Stitch had a little sing off over at Kamekona’s - Bucky did his best Frankie and Stitch did Elvis.  His nephew Danno was totally unimpressed and was even more exasperated when his Steve just damn near busted a gut laughing.

“Barnes, didn’t you know there’s a curse on ‘My Way’?  You can’t sing that song in a bar without a goddamn fight breaking out.”  This was from a gleeful Steve McGarrett.

”I thought that only happened in the Philippines,” Lilo piped up, from where she was putting ice on a bruise on Steve’s cheek. 

“Hey language!”

 Steve Rogers protested.  “Kid present.”

“That’s okay,” Lilo told him.  “I’m not supposed to use swear words until I’m at least forty and even then, I’m supposed to use them only when it’s appro-pri-ate.  Like when other grown ups are acting like kids.”

“You’re not supposed to swear until you’re NINETY!” Bucky was trying to be helpful here. 

“My sister’s being realistic,” Lilo answered.

“You gotta smart sister, kid.” 

Stitch, still in his Elvis outfit, just cackles. 

anonymous asked:

Please do not keep opossums as pets. I'm begging you all. They need to stay in nature where they belong. Unless you are rehabilitating one or have saved one that can't make it in the wild and it's good and legal with your state by LAW then that's different. But don't go out looking for babies or breeders who are just trying to make a buck off a cute critter. Taking animals out their habitats is a big problem with many species that must be stopped and should've never been started.

I agree, please don’t do that.

Like I mentioned before - most if not all pet opossums I’ve ever heard of are rescues/orphans who can’t return into the wild. Please don’t support breeders. If you really wanna spend time with an opossum, consider volunteering at a wildlife facility. According to the National Opossum Society, working with wildlife professionals means you might even come across an unreleasable who will be happy to be cared for in a human home rather than being euthanized. But please don’t buy one from a breeder.


Ok! So it looks like my new boop is going to need a vet visit cause something is wrong with her mouth. I went for this rehoming situation because I expected someone who has the snakes for breeding to have them all in good conditions, so they’d be healthy when I got them. But because I am a fool, I didn’t run when i saw the conditions the poor babe was in.
As such, i am selling the contents of my life. You want one of my existing embroidery projects (pictured)? Want it in a cute frame? You got it. A premade felt critter (also pictured)? A hot/cold pack made out of whatever fabric I have in my drawer ATM and shaped like an owl/other simple critter? A plethora of knit hats in a variety of colors? My stuffed squid (if you don’t mind that it’s used and has a seam the wrong way round and couple weird tentacles)? Any other quick projects using materials I have? I can do shrinky dink charms of your pets, low quality drawings, what have you. No custom embroidery ATM because I’m working on a commission and they take a really long time. Hell, you a stalker and want a lock of my hair and a piece of paper with my lip print? Today is your lucky day! Make me an offer. I want to get this girl in to be seen as soon as I can, her mouth is wonky and I’m worried it’s mouth rot, in addition to her being too thin. Right now I have just enough for an exam, but I also need to buy her some basic supplies since this was so sudden, so I won’t have enough to get her in for a couple weeks, and I’d rather do so sooner. So if you want any of my stuff, or want me to make you something cute and quick, shoot me an ask!

Artist & Illustrator:


“So, at the moment one of my courses consists mostly of on-site computer work, but since I don’t actually own a laptop I’m forced to be really old-school and take notes to catch up on the assignments at home. It also means that while everybody is working on the boring stuff I get about two hours with nothing better to do but sketching and doodling at my heart’s desire. Which is pretty great.
So this one is based on that one bird (not being vague or anything) from the Peter Pan statue. Between all the cute woodland critters and cooing fairies it looked pretty much out of place, peering out from its cave.”


30 Days of Crocheting Amigurumi Challenge: Day 2

Pabu the Fire Ferret from LOK

This one is coming in pretty much at the 11th hour, but that is because I did not use a preexisting pattern for this cute little guy. I have wanted to make a Pabu now for quite some time but unfortunately there are no good patterns (or really any patterns at all) for this critter. So I spent most of last night looking at pictures of him, and most of today figuring out how to crochet him. He is 18 inches from nose to tail, and I am very happy with how he came out. I was even smart and recorded the pattern so I can make him again if I want. 

I hope you all like him :)