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what's your opinion of eldritch creatures and monsters?

I am a sucker for any sort of unique creature and monster design. (Just look at my critters tag!) Give me all the cool/creepy/cute/horrifying monsters I will love them all.


If you liked my purple and white dragon with toebeans, then you’ll love this Faerie dragon with its TWO-TONED TOEBEANS!

I love this colour combination so much! It looks fiery and Halloween-ey all at the same time!

This dragon and others available in my Etsy shop here: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/PeaceInDragons

How to stop snoozing - 

We all do it, it’s nothing new, yet it’s something that wrecks our “this year I’m gonna wake up early” goals. Snoozing is the single most comforting and annoying thing in the day.

So how do we stop snoozing and actually wake up on time?

1. Don’t put your phone (or alarm clock if you use that) too close to your bed when you sleep - basically, it should be far enough so that you actually get up to even snooze it.

2. Don’t use a single alarm tune for more than a couple of weeks. In my experience, once you get used to that tune, it’s pretty easy to go back to sleep after snoozing it, or even letting it play.

3. Keep your phone/alarm clock in different places everyday (or at least every other day). Set them apart by only a few inches if not more, but the change in position helps you up in the morning when you have to look for your phone rather than just go to the one specified place and shut it off.

4. Try an alarm that wakes you up with something cute/useful - like daily news, cute critters, whatever makes you happy. Don’t put a screaming animal as an alarm - mornings should be pleasant, and an annoying sound to wake up to will make you less inclined to wake up at all! Also, chances are you’ll shut a bad alarm off rather than snoozing it - not the best idea.

5. Go to bed earlier if you can. Duh.

6. Plan your sleep so you wake up at the end of your REM cycles - ideal sleep lengths would be 3 hours, 4.5 hours, 6 hours, 7.5 hours, 9 hours and so on. You’ll feel fresher and be more likely to not snooze.

7. Plan something good for your morning - this one is pretty obvious. My morning schedule goes like something like this these days:

  • 5:00 - wake up
  • get dressed
  • make coffee/hot chocolate
  • blog a bit
  • 6:00 - study Danish (my favorite thing to study right now!)

I study Danish until I’ve completed whatever I wanted to do, and then I move on to the next subject. If I put say, chemistry (which I hate) in my early morning sessions, I’d snooze until 7.

So I hope that helped! If you’re trying to wake up early, remember you can do it! Good luck, my owls xx

Episode 9 of “What the hell Waves! What are you doing?! Give Nicole a friggin break!”

Once again I won’t be able to cover the immense amount that has happened in this episode, but I’ll give it a go anyway!

First off we have Waverly looking all badass and ready to fight

But loses to one heavily pregnant Wynonna

Who suddenly decides to belly bump her

I don’t know if that’s cute or weird.

Jeremy, Waverly and Dolls are watching cricket before they get called out to investigate.

Since he has wanted to get his hands on Dolls’s…cricket balls…

Dolls, Waverly and Nicole arrive at the scene to find the crispy critter which they think is Twisted Tucker, so they call Tucker’s *sisters* to identify him.

Beth turns up only to pass out (what a wuss) and wakes to see Waverly. Now I don’t know if my eye’s deceive me but it looks like Black Widow Beth is flirting with her! and not only that, but she than makes out that Tucker isn’t really that bad and was just in love with Waverly!

No, it’s not fine, in what universe is it fine?

After being mean to Nicole and a bit of a hypocrite “Yeah, I called an Earp a hypocrite, so shoot me *sees Wynonna with Peacemaker* I don’t mean Literally!”

Waverly mopes at Shorty’s

So she decides to drink with Rosita at a spa

Don’t do it

She did it.

Dolls and Jeremy go back to the second broken seal to see if they can find anymore clues

Welll technically, you did take him in, feed him, look after him and make sure that he didn’t die by his own or someone else’s hand so yeah, you are the daddy

After an awkward dinner in which Wynonna tell Doc that she wants his ring that is the third seal to break is so she can bring the demon who cursed them all back so she can kill him, Doc try’s to leave.

So Wynonna belly bumps him as well.

Upon hearing a creepy sound (that is connected to the even creepier portrait) Wynonna and Doc take action

Lol, ‘decorative pillows’

Yes ma’am.

Waverly decides to develop a “backbone” and sends poor Nicole an absolutely atrocious text, Rosita, I’m with you on this.

Rosita knows she went to far and now so does Waverly. Rosita then explain to her that nothing is perfect, in life you take the bad with the good because it makes it interesting, she uses the champagne as an example, saying that bubbles in the champagne is carbon dioxide and that when you dri-

Bad! Bad Girls! Bad, Bad Girls! Naughty! For Shame! For Shame On You!

Well it’s good to know that you’ve grown a pair, a pair of brains! (Ouch, I think I just out sassed myself)

While Rosita’s go back to their room Waverly soon follows, only to find her on the floor and stabbed by Tucker.

Tucker try’s to convince Waverly that they are the same and that they were meant to be together as family, he also tell her about what has happened to his real sisters. 

I hope you frostbit really hurt, it goes well with your black heart

Waverly convinces Tucker to let her call Wynonna on the pretense that she is going to give them an excuse as to why she will no longer be in Purgatory.

When Tucker goes wants to leave Waverly says she needs to go to her jeep to get clothes, Tucker comments about her Wardrobe getting shorter and is then knocked out by Rosita, Waverly says she thought Rosita was dead

Holy mother of harpies, she’s a Revhead!

While Wynonna and Doc are arguing they don’t notice the creepy doll from the painting behind Wynonna until Doc throws his ring at Wynonna but the doll catches it instead

That would be so funny, if that doll wasn’t so creepy. Doc shoots at the doll but only Peacemaker puts it down.

With the doll dead Doc realises that the ring is bringing all the monsters to them so he agrees with Wynonna, after the child is born, they’ll destroy the ring together.

I sure hope he did.

At Shorty’s, Waverly and ‘Revita’ (see what I did there, clever huh?) discuss what happened and Waves remembers the text that she sent

Yes it was, you should be ashamed of yourself Waverly ‘might be half-rev’ Earp, but like Rosita says, Waverly needs to face up to what has gone on and got to Nicole to apologise, Waverly’s worried that Nicole might not want to see her.

And that is what makes Nicole so special, you can trample all over her and she will take it, she will fight to make sure you stay true to who you are, and if you told her that the only way you’d be happy is if she went away she’d leave, only if you meant it, it’s called respect, it’s called loyalty, it’s called true unconditional love, it’s called Nicole Haught.

She would always open her door for you, no matter what time you turned up at

even if it meant she would face possible death.

You see this cat? You see Nicole’s cat? This is me, this is how I feel right now,

and right now I need the litterbox.

Question: When the Black Widow cast the spell to find out where the third seal was, why did she turn up at Nicole’s home??

Noora Amalie Sætre is a Lesbian - a headcanon

(So like, if you’re looking for compelling evidence just… shoo. Not the place tbh.)

(Better yet, there are all the source elements on Noora’s past, but my mind runs.)

(Thanks to @isakiyakis for being the trigger who shot this lesbian Noora bullet in my ear and I couldn’t be in peace without writing something about it. This thing is really long, really rambly and a lot confused because it’s in narrative form and what is consecutio temporum anyway. I’m sorry. Not really.)

(Also Nooreva found a way into this post. Again, not really sorry.)

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How long did it take you to be able to handle these exotic animals?? I'm wondering because in the future I want to get an exotic bird and I'd like to know. Thank you. Also, if you have any tips on taking care of exotic birds, I'd like to know. Thank you.

Hi there!

I actually wanted to be a zookeeper so I did several years worth of volunteer jobs, at raptor centers, herpetology labs, zoos, vet clinics, etc. I worked everything from birds to venomous, to dogs.

Then I worked as a full time reptile keeper (snakes, gators, turtles, some fish) for a couple years before deciding I wanted to do something different.

I’ve always wanted to do falconry and that took a while too. I had to do a minimum two year apprenticeship under a more experienced falconer. That is how I have raptors, under a state falconry permit. These raptors aren’t my pets but rather my hunting partners. After training they fly completely free, able to leave if they choose, and get lots of exercise and mental stimulation. I give them the chance to do what nature designed them to do-hunt. Raptors that aren’t allowed to hunt can develop behavior issues. It’s what they want to do, what they’re driven to do, and when people try to keep them as pets they often become either self destructive or aggressive towards the pet keeper.

If you want to own exotics I suggest you start doing volunteer work for reputable places like zoos, so you can learn how to provide a proper diet, and enrichment for your critters, along with housing. Exotic animals have needs regular cats and dogs do not, and it’s important to meet those needs for the well being of your animal.

As for exotic birds–it depends on what you’re thinking of. I can’t say much about parrots except think really hard before getting one. They’re eternal two year olds. While I enjoy other people’s parrots, I’m -not- a parrot person. Don’t much like them at all other than they’re cute and nice to look at. I know I don’t want to own one.

If you’re thinking something like an African pied crow, make sure you have the ability to keep its environment stimulating and enriching. This goes for any bird really, but corvids especially.

If a hawk or a falcon I suggest getting them through a falconry permit where you can really work with them in a partnership fashion. Otherwise you might want to consider working rehab or education where you can enjoy the birds but go home at the end of the day.

To end, again, talk to or volunteer with someone who keeps the kind of animals you’re interested in. Read everything you can. It’s our jobs to do the best by these critters that we possibly can.

“I was under the impression that the objective was to be terrifying-”

“You like the butterfly, you’re keeping it Spock! The point is to have fun, dress up, be somebody else for a while! We can be cute instead! We don’t have to be-”

“You could not look threatening in any capacity right now regardless, Captain.”

“Whatever you say, Spock.”

aka Jim and Spock dress up like cute clowns cause Jim got face paint out and Spock keeps insisting on cute critters and plants and shapes and Jim ends up changing their costume plans cause at least Spock is Cooperating with this (he loves it).

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Hello! Can I request a HC about RFA+Saeran react on MC having a cute little pet (like rabbit, puppy, cats or baby panda) and she really loves it but when she's not looking, her pets turns into a cute little devil towards the RFA lolololol. Thank you in advance~

Such a cute request and that evil rabbit idea got really out of hand.

Sorry, I am still slow but don’t worry I still do requests -

Zen - I did his part already

Read it here :

Zen – vs the evil fluffy Rabbit of doom aka Usagichan !


  • You have this cute parrot he can even talk.
  • Of course, you love him a lot and Yoosung likes the bird at first too.
  • That is until you leave him alone with the bird.
  • First the parrot just seems to fly around but than it lands on Yoosungs head.
  • What feels really awkward to him but he is not sure what to do.
  • Then it pulls on his hair.
  • As soon as you are coming back the parrot is flying away again.
  • Thinks like this keep going o till Yoosung is sure that the parrot hates him.
  • You never see it and the stories sound a bit silly to you.
  • Like of course it happens that the parrot rips Yoosungs homework apart but really the parrot is so well-behaved usually you can’t believe it.
  • The parrot even starts to curse at Yoosung what he finds funny but it also kinda hurts him, since the bird is really mean sometimes.
  • One day he records the parrot, you have no idea where he learned to swear like this.
  • You think it’s from Yoosung swearing in his game though.
  • You now this can’t go on of course since you want your beloved pet to get along with Yoosung.
  • Yoosung finally comes up with a solution in the form of a second bird
  • Your parrot had a partner before but it died some time ago and ever since then he was not accepting a new partner but surprisingly enough he gets along with the bird that Yoosung brings.


  • You have this super cute smoll little puppy.
  • It’s super fluffy and you love it so much.
  • When you show pictures to Jaehee she finds it also cute but her experience with animals is not the best.
  • Of course at first the puppy is melting her heart too when you induce her.
  • One evening though you have to work so long that you ask Jaehee to feed your puppy and walk with it.
  • Jaehee agrees but it really does not go well.
  • The puppy does not listen to Jaehee at all, even when it has no issues to listen to you.
  • After that evening Jaehee is less pleased with the puppy
  • It’s ever all cute when you are around but as soon as you are out of side the puppy misbehaves.
  • You can’t even blame the puppy since its so smoll it still needs training.
  • Jaehee still sticks to her point that the puppy is a little devil * specially after he ruined all her shoes*
  • It has one good think though Elizabeth the 3rd really hated the last time she was by Jaehee and since then Jumin refused to let his cat stay with Jaehee anymore.
  • After that Jaehee is less angry with the puppy.
  • You take her with you to dog school and from their her relationship with the puppy gets better.
  • Even when it clearly still loves you more than her.


  • Much like Jumin you have a very pretty cat that you love a lot.
  • Of course, you not spoil her as much as Jumin does.
  • At first both of you are worried that your cats won’t get along.
  • It actual work out lucky enough and both females get along just great *for cats*.
  • It seems like Elizabeth enjoys her new companion and vise versa.
  • Sadly Jumin thinks your cat is really not nice to him.
  • She likes to bite him when ever you not look at her and Jumin also thinks she made a mess out of his stuff.
  • You think your cat is a complete angel though.
  • Never would she do such thinks she only needs time to get used to Jumin but you both been ever alone so she needs time to get used to a male and the new surroundings.
  • You also think that Elizabeth is a little devil herself *we all heard Jaehees stories*.
  • Jumin really wants to prove to you how much of a little devil your cat is though and he finds footage to prove it.
  • When you watch it with him later you notice that actual both cats made a mess out of Jumins clothes.
  • Jumin still thinks your cat probably has a bad influence on Elizabeth.
  • This turns into quite an argument between you two *since you both love your cats so much that neither of you admits that they both not innocent*.
  • You almost want to leave with your cat.
  • That is until you see how cute they both look asleep all curled up with each other.
  • They are little angels maybe they really just disliked Jumins clothes ?
  • Maybe they smelled off or something, yeah that must be it these pure angels could never do anything wrong.
  • Jumin agrees with you on that and from now on you both just blame anything but your cats *so you not have to argue over them*
  • Jumin also really not wants to lose you ever.
  • He loves you and your cat too.


  • You have this cute little hamster.
  • At first Seven loves the cute little critter.
  • I mean just like him they are night active.
  • Its a very cute little fellow and you have build him proper cage with loads of bedding and all of that.
  • A hamster heaven for sure.
  • At first Seven really is happy to have a pet around but soon he realizes the hamster hates him.
  • Every time when you not look the hamster glares at Seven and when he holds it and you turn around it bites him everytime
  • There is something else that is bother him lately, a lot of times his cables are bitten in half.
  • It looks like a rat could be the culprit.
  • No matter what Seven does though he can’t capture it.
  • So he puts cameras everywhere but it takes 3 sleepless days till he can capture the culprit on tape.
  • Turns out its you small hamster that is behind this.
  • Little did you know that your little hamster is an escape artist.
  • Seven finds the hole the little cutie was escaping from and he makes the cage more sturdy from the outside.
  • From now on he labels your hamster his sidekick.
  • *Seven even made your hamster a little cape but he destroyed it right away*


  • You have a cat.
  • It’s an older male cat and you know he is a bit of a grump but usefully he is nice.
  • At first, it looks like he and Saeran get along with your cat.
  • They mostly ignore each other.
  • One evening you leave them alone as soon as you outside the cat starts to hiss.
  • Saeran really not likes that and their relationship gets a bit clouded.
  • The cat really seems to dislike Saeran and takes all chances to steal the attention from you.
  • The cat gets a habit of laying on the couch when ever Saeran wants to sit and sometimes he sits on Saerans chair.
  • Saeran tries to avoid the cat still but its really annoying.
  • This goes on till one day when Saeran has a panic attack, while you are outside.
  • That is when the cat helps Saeran by cuddling up to him till you are back home.
  • After that Saeran grows to like the cat more.
  • Specially after you tell Saeran how saved the cat from death, who knows what the poor guy experienced to hate males that much.
  • Saeran can relate to the cat and the cat seems to accept Saeran after some time as well.
  • They mostly still ignore each other but sometimes you find them both passed out on the couch.

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Foudroyant -- Hoseok

Originally posted by taekookie-bts

(Part 01 / Part 02)

“Why would I go to a cafe on my day off?  I work at one.”

Your friend huffs over the phone, the sound even more annoying than usual for some reason.

“That doesn’t matter!”  You think it does, but you decide to keep your opinion to yourself.  “Plus, it’s different because it’s a hybrid cafe!  All of the employees are adoptable hybrids gaining some work experience and this way they’ll be seen by more people and have a higher chance of finding a good home.”

“You sound like you’ve done your research,” you state wryly.

“Of course I have!  Now come meet me here in twenty minutes or else I’m going to put spiders in your bed.”

You shudder at her threat and immediately head over to your closet so you can change out of your pajamas.

“Okay, okay.  No need to be mean.  I’ll see you soon.”

“Great!” your friend exclaims.  “I’ll text you the address.”

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When they discover their s/o is scared of butterflies

This one was a hard for me because I love butterflies!  I’m literally that person who has butterfly necklaces and rings and earrings and shirts, etc.  I hope you like it though! I tried really hard! :( 

Originally posted by thekpopquartet


 He might be taken aback at first.  When he initially sees the way you ducked hurriedly out of the way when a butterfly fluttered by a little too close, he doesn’t notice the winged creature right away.  Instead he might jump at the sudden motion and just blink at you with slightly wide eyes.  But when he asks what’s wrong and you answer him that you hate butterflies because they’re scary and too up in your business, this guy is going to laugh.  Not in the ‘I’m making fun of you way’ but rather the ‘good lord you are adorable’ kind of way.  He’ll think it’s cute the way you shy away from them and will wordlessly steer you away from them.  Mark is the kind of guy that will keep an eye out for the critters in the future and try to put himself between you and them all without you noticing.  It’s his own quiet way of protecting you without being over the top.  “Don’t worry about them, babe, I won’t let them get close to you.” (insert cute grin)

Originally posted by mintokkies


 He might be a bit dumbfounded, honestly.  He’s going to look at the butterfly that’s sitting on the park bench he was headed over to with you and then at you standing there glaring at it and refusing to move any closer.  Confusion, perplexity, 404 Not Found Error.  It’s a butterfly.  It’s not a bee or anything he might think is scary.  I feel like Jaebum is the type to ask a lot of questions.  ‘Why are you afraid of them?’ ‘when did this start?’ ‘blah, blah, blah,’ He’s a fixer, so he might try to get you to overcome your fear of butterflies.  It might start with small things like fake butterflies and videos of them.  If he saw progress it would definitely encourage him to step up his game, however, if you’re reaction is anything like mine with spiders (i can’t even look at them on a tv screen without flinching and freaking out) then he’ll definitely stop.  Above all else, you are his priority and your happiness is all he wants.  He’s going to accept you no matter what, even if he is stubborn and wants to help in his own way.  “Butterflies?  Really, jagi?” “They’re scary okay!” (cute amused chuckle and tight hug) “whatever you say, babe.”

Originally posted by got7gifs


 He’s another one that will initially be very surprised and a little bit off kilter with the new information.  Not in a bad way, though!  Jinyoung, for all his bravado, is a super caring person.  He’s not known as the mother of GOT7 for nothing.  He won’t force you to change how you feel about them, either.  I think Jinyoung would just accept it as a part of who you are.  But, this IS Jinyoung, so expect him to tease you a bit about it.  He does it in the most loving way possible, but no worries if the teasing really bothers you, because he’ll stop immediately.  He’s a very conscientious person.  Like Mark, he’ll find your fear of butterflies to be really endearing.  He also strikes me as super cheesy, so if he starts saying things like ‘who needs butterflies anyway?  You’re way prettier!’ don’t be surprised.  “Aww, jagiyah, are you afraid of butterflies?” *frantic nodding* *hugs you closely* “Don’t worry, I won’t let the mean butterflies get you” (cue arm slapping)  

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So I was searching up Poros, and reading stuff on the wiki and just… this information: 

A group of Poros is called a fluft.

Poros are equal parts truth, valor, and innocence.

Poros have a heart-shaped underbelly because they’re made of love.

A poro’s horns perk up when it’s excited and droop down when it’s scared.

Poros paddle through deep snow with their front paws.

Poros stick their tongue out because they are incredibly warm (hot, in fact). This is why they can survive the harsh cold environment of the Howling Abyss.

Vel'Koz has noted that the intelligence of people drops in the presence of these creatures.

Also there’s this story of how the poros came to be creatively: 

“While wrapping up the Howling Abyss, the entire team was on the lookout for something to balance out the Abyss’ cold, serious atmosphere. Unlike our other maps, the Howling Abyss had a very structural, linear cadence–it was literally a bridge without any fantasy elements, which didn’t feel very League. To counter this, the whole team brainstormed about cute and fun things we could add that would remain true to League and not take away from the map’s epicness. It was sort of tricky because whatever we added had to be noticeable without being too distracting–we didn’t want players confusing our little critter for a minion or monster they should kill! We wanted to create something furry that looked like it could survive through harsh weather, so RiotEarp looked to mountain goats, reindeer, and polar bears for inspiration. He sketched the initial poro concept art based on a cuter version of all of those things and we ran with it! Howling Abyss is the coldest and harshest place in all of Runeterra, so you can think of poros as the manifestation of whatever warmth, happiness, and love that still exists.

After RiotOtown modeled and textured the very first poro, he and RiotCaptainLx decided to add a super huge tongue because the little guy reminded them of a puppy. Then, during the animation phase, RiotCaptainLx took it a step further and had the poro lick its whole face in one shot! With the tongue mechanic in place, he also animated the poro to run around panting with its tongue hanging out. We totally agreed that poros should pant just like that–they radiate with love, so they’re extremely hot despite the Abyss’ bone-chilling temperatures”!

In conclusion, poros radiate love, they’re equal parts truth, valor, and innocence…

And a gathering of poros is called a fluft. A. Fluft. A FLUFT. 

I want ten flufts of poros please. 

Motor City: New Old Time Religion

Pure worldbuilding this time; it only even gets into Motor City itself in a DLC.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I was not impressed with how Fallout treated religion. The best was the Church of the Children of Atom, because it was an actual Wastelander religion, and it took the “worshipping an unexploded nuclear bomb” trope of post-apocalyptic fiction and played it with aplomb. Second place is the Reavers in Fallout Tactics, whose cringeworthy Usenet-humor tech-religion was at least built around the idea of something that made sense and said something about the world: technology destroyed the world, some people would regard the power of Technology with divine reverence. Third place is Mormonism in Honest Hearts, because while it didn’t belong there at least they put in effort. Dead last is a tie between the “non-demoninational church of all faiths” stuff in FO3/4 when they haven’t detailed more than one denomination and the “Tribals just act like Ignorant Savages and have random dumb-sounding shamanism, right?” from 2 and Tactics and a little bit of NV. 

It’s impossible to fix “non-denominational”, so let’s fix tribal religion. 

(long, religions, opopossums)

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anonymous asked:

do you have any headcanons for melvin,timmy, and teether?

As in…related to the Titans? I don’t really have any individual ones for them, but definitely in relation to the team.

-The Titans all take turns babysitting them.

-Starfire and Melvin hit it off immediately. Often, Raven feels a bit jealous of this, but there’s no hard feelings. Instead, she uses it as a chance to ask Gar for tips because he’s so good with the kids.

-Teether gives Gar and Vic the most trouble. He chews on video games, consoles, important car parts, etc. 

-Timmy mimics everything Robin does. The Boy Wonder has a copy cat, but he puts up with it. Starfire finds it pretty cute how much the kid looks up to their leader.

-Gar has the most fun with the kids and it’s pretty obvious they favor him quite a bit. They do wear him out, though, begging him to transform into a variety of different critters. Raven’ll never admit it, but it’s…kind of sweet finding him all tuckered out on the couch, the kids splayed out all over him snoozing, too. 

-Before they meet him, Raven tells everyone that Melvin’s ‘imaginary friend’ is in fact real and not to question it as she had.

-Vic likes making the kids new toys and contraptions and it’s a hobby he becomes extensively good at. The kids love them because each one is individual and there’s nothing else quite like it at a toy store.

-Melvin tells Robin that her friend says he should get his head out of his butt and make a move on Starfire already because pretty girls like her don’t wait around forever. He turns crimson, grumbles something indiscernible, and walks away while Gar and Vic openly laugh at him. 

-When Teether has nightmares, he demands that all the Titans sleep together, so they build a fort in the common room and snuggle up with the kids on makeshift beds with tons of pillows and blankets. 

-Gar’s a sore loser so he claims the kids only beat him at Mario Kart because he let them. Cyborg claims otherwise. 

-Since the kids are orphans like most of the Titans, the gang goes out of their way to spoil them during the more family-associated holidays. 

-Timmy asked Rae and Gar where babies come from during movie night. Neither knew how to answer him, so they invented some crazy, elaborate tale, and now he’s terrified of Teether. Gar had tried to steer Raven away from the more demonic lore, but she couldn’t help herself. 


Critters! Animal people appear in Killjoys a lot, so I needed to spend a little time thinking about how they’d look as background characters. Since the whole theme in-universe for KJ is “what if the ‘fantasy’ in ‘urban fantasy’ was candyland bullshit”, all the animal folks are cute, colorful, and fall into a few narrow ‘species’.

I say ‘species’ because they’re technically all ONE species (called Eutherians) that just display a wide variety of traits. Early Eutherians were essentially highly magical chameleons, mimicing traits of whatever animals seemed most successful (usually over the course of a few generations) to better endure their environments. Modern descendants have lost that ability, but still display a pretty high species-wide magic saturation. This manifests mostly in their garish coloration, symbol-based markings, and the ability to burst into perfectly synchronized group songs (which sounds cute but is found by non-Eutherians to be terribly creepy in practice).

The three most common types of Eutherian are rabbits, bears, and the slightly rarer cats. Haven’t decided if there should be more kinds yet.

@luketear​ I remember a while ago I said besides 5 cats, we have 5 fish and 3 and mystery snails… I have trouble taking pictures of them because I’m a shit photographer. So the quality isn’t the best. We have three different kinds of gourami! Tiger, red, and albino. The two red dudes are there! And behind the plant in the lower left is our yellow mystery snail hiding in the cave.

We have two blue mystery snails besides him. Since I can’t take quality pics, here’s what they look like up close:

I love them, they’re fun and glide around and I think they’re so cute? 10/10 would recommend. They are also, uh, some of the horniest animals I’ve ever seen…they mate like… all day uhhh LOL…

And yes. did you notice the background? Loooooook closely…

Yup. I enlarged this image and made him my fish tank background, always watching over the critters to keep them safe. :3

I’m going to try this art challenge for 2017 but I may go with my own theme, I’m planning to go with my weird original creatures/critters/monsters and ghosts as my theme for this year, if you’d want to give inktober a try check out @inktober @jakeparker

Looking forwards to @inktober @jakeparker inktober 2017 even drawn this little ghost inking itself with a ink brush

I’m not sure I have the time to post them all on tumblr so if you want to see all my inktober drawings once October hits check out my instagram alanamisskittyart 🖋✏️🐾💕


We all have those days when nothing seems to go right. It appears it’s the same for the animal kingdom too.

In this case, a raccoon was seen having a string of bad luck after it was chased up a tree only to fall into a pond of cold water. The moment of misfortune occurred when the cute critter crept inside a lemur enclosure at the North Carolina Zoo.

The inhabitants did not take well to their unwelcome guest and it was forced to take refuge in a nearby tree. After scrambling up a tree and looking down on his rather unfamiliar surroundings, things continued to go wrong for the cute animal.

After waiting for the coast to clear, it then attempted to get higher but ended up losing its grip and hurtling to the ground in what can only be described as a Superman style bomber dive. It was then captured plunging into a pond below before clambering out looking rather bedraggled.

With the water to break its fall, the daring creature climbed up a handily placed twig to complete his Mission Impossible escape to safety.

The photographer, Evan Hambrick said: “It was insane. We were all routing for him. Everyone was cheering. I don’t know how he got in, but I’m glad he got out.” [x]

Cats and rabbits are cute and everything, but there’s so many of them on Tumblr! So have some ferrets for a change!

External image

Well, this one has a cat, too! Bonus points!

External image

“Oh yeah! This is my jam!”

External image

Clean ferret is a happy ferret!

External image

Sleepy little critter!

External image

Maybe the little guy has a peanut allergy?

External image


External image

That jumping and bouncing is called a weasel war dance (even though it’s a ferret)! That’s how they play, and I never get tired of seeing it!

External image


“What’s that look for? Is there something in my teeth?”

External image

I gotta wonder what’s going on in its head when during all this…

Liar, Liar

As Star has to leave Earth to pursue her royal duties on Mewni, deeper feelings begin to emerge. The one-shot is based on this trashy thing I wrote last month, with a few differences here and there. It’s also on FanFiction.net. 

Hope you enjoy!

Just as a pink glare of magic from the wand flashed before her eyes, all the books on Star’s bookcases started to march, one by one, towards the huge trunk sitting in the middle of the Mewni-styled bedroom. With a gracious series of movements, all while muttering a sequence of spells in her Mewnian language, the princess carefully guided the books to their destination, making sure that her wand wouldn’t accidentally summon unnecessary narwhal-beasts or cute, rabid, flying critters. The books were one of the last things Star put in her magical, virtually bottomless travel trunk: her regal, tower-shaped, three-stories bedroom was unnaturally empty, so much so that she could hear her own echo. Only thing she kept outside was her fancy-looking bed, as she still needed a place to sleep for one last night.

Packing all the stuff she brought from Mewni was a slow process, the complete opposite of the fast, explosive magic she cast during her first day on Earth, in the once tiny room that her foster family, the Diaz, reserved for all the other exchange students. One full year passed since then and lots of things have changed. Over time, the princess learned to control her powerful magic wand, realizing how truly dangerous it could potentially be to herself and her loved ones. While the wand-mastering earned her the long-awaited, deserved praise from her usual strict Mother, this also meant that her training was over and that she had to go back to her Kingdom, Mewni, to eventually pursue her royal duties and even become Queen someday.

Star reluctantly kept thinking about her glittering, royal destiny, mindlessly watching the stream of books marching towards the bottomless trunk. But she snapped back to reality the moment she heard somebody knocking to her door.

“Come in!” she said, smiling at her guest.

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