look at all the suits and top hats and cravats

Kravitz sits at the dresser in his and Taako’s bedroom, eyes closed as Taako applies his Halloween makeup for him. It’s nice to have such attention piled on him. Not that Taako is inattentive, but having his entire focus on him… It’s nice.

“You’re such a fucking dork,” Taako says, and Kravitz smiles. So much for nice.

“You’re just jealous because I’m Angus’s favourite uncle.”

“Excuse you,” Taako says, and Kravitz cracks an eye open to see Taako’s raised eyebrow. “Pretty sure I’m his favourite, and I don’t even need to bribe him by dressing up as a Caleb Cleveland character.”

Kravitz grins. “I was dressing as a skeleton anyway; easy enough to add a top hat and a suit and be the Fickle Phantom to match his costume.”

“Mmhmm,” Taako says, tapping his lips with an eyeliner pencil. “Because you definitely wouldn’t choose to dress like that yourself because you’re not a massive dork.”


“Liar,” Taako says with a snort, and kisses him on the lips before moving on to apply makeup there. “At least we’ll score with the candy tonight.”

“My husband, always with the right priorities.”

“Exactly. Now shush or you won’t be ready by the time he gets here.”

He finishes up, humming as he does, then stands back to admire his work.

“You make a pretty hot skeleton, babe,” he says, and watches as Kravitz pulls on the suit jacket, the cravat, the cape that - as per the book - contains an all-important clue. Lastly he dons the top hat, then Taako comes over to tug on his lapels, a look in his eyes that Kravitz recognises very well. Leaning in, he murmurs, “After Magnus takes Ango home tonight I am absolutely fucking you while you’re dressed up like this.”

Kravitz laughs, delighted but not entirely surprised. “Will you still be dressed as a wizard?”

“You bet your sweet ass I will.” Putting on the pointy hat that has a veritable garden of fake flowers on the brim, he says, “Wearing this & nothing else.”

“Promises, promises,” Kravitz says, and leans in to kiss him but Taako puts a hand on his chest to stop him.

“I didn’t spend an hour on that makeup for you to smear it in five seconds. Be patient, Krav. And later, when we’re alone… I’ll let you get on your knees and smear it in style.”

Kravitz coughs; Taako winks; the doorbell rings.

“Time to be responsible adults,” Taako says, pulling on the red robe to complete his costume and pushing Kravitz towards the door. “And time for me to be Ango’s favourite uncle.”

“This is a battle you can’t win,” Kravitz says, but they smile at each other as they answer the door.

They both love to win, but they love each other more.


This is a Permanence (http://archiveofourown.org/works/11351088/chapters/25404054) future fic, to make up for breaking everyone’s heart in the last chapter ;)

How I feel about Mephisto 

  • mephisto pheles
  • oh sorry Johann Faust III
  • or should I say Samael
  • dude it’s not even spelled like samuel
  • cus ya gotta be fucking special
  • like a damn snowflake
  • funny coming from a demon king
  • you’re the worst
  • terrible principal
  • stupid stinkin clown
  • you can’t do that
  • No shut up you can’t
  • with your stupid ugly tights
  • and your brother is a hamster
  • or a guinea pig
  • idfk
  • like wth man
  • he has troll arms
  • and he’s green
  • and you turn into a gray dog (terrier??) that looks stoned
  • actually you look stoned anyway
  • you’re probably drunk all the time on happy gas and candy wine
  • because you love candy you weirdo
  • you would probably use ur time control to get more candy
  • that’s how bad you are
  • if it didn’t make me look stupid I’d throw you out a window
  • but you can float
  • like the damn asshole that you are
  • and then I’d look stupid
  • dammit mephisto
  • I lost track of myself damn you

stupid stinkin clown magician