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Essays in Existentialism: Clothes

Can I have a little fic where Clarke always steals Lexa’s clothes and Lexa doesn’t really mind because Clarke always kisses her to shut her up about it when she asks, but then Clarke steals Lexa’s favorite SnapBack and Lexa will be damned if she gets away with that one. (I absolutely adore your writing, by the way)


“Is that… is that mine?”


“I haven’t seen many lawyers sporting a Mets sweatshirt lately,” Lexa leaned against the counter and surveyed the comfy girl across from her in the quiet of the shop. “Even their own lawyers root for the Yankees.”

“Oh, yeah, uh,” Clarke swallowed and looked down to verify that she was, in fact, wearing a stolen piece of clothing.

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so i’m recruiting garrus in me2 AS GARRUS and it’s as hilarious as you’d expect
except for some reason a squadmate isn’t in the shot for once blocking us from seeing garrus’ body after he gets hit so this is what we see and just


“I hate

 The Kinkou.

 … this is therapy. Let me say this.”


Regina & Henry | All The Little Things: Like Mother, Like Son part 2 | (Part 1)

anonymous asked:

What do you think The gangs' ideal types are? (personality and looks). Could you do headcanons?

ofc! thanks for requesting babe (doing this for female but if someone wants male I will) (also mostly personality based bc you can fall in love with anyone, looks don’t truly matter. you’re all beautiful too) 


motherly type, someone with sass and spunk too, someone willing to settle down and relax, he really loves girls with nice legs too tbh idk if that’s weird


bright and hyper, someone who is willing to vent and also listen, spontaneous, someone who will kiss and love on him and approach him!


smart, soft spoken but wouldn’t take shit, someone who enjoys sitting and reading or just enjoying the silence, someone kind,


someone confident, someone who will laugh and go with him anywhere anytime, someone who will love him for him, someone beautiful inside and out, someone touchy


someone funny, someone with a gorgeous smile, a daredevil, someone hyper and wonderful, someone who’s a beautiful mess.


someone feisty, someone who will test him and put him in his place, someone charismatic, someone hardworking


someone kind, someone reliable, someone sympathetic and giving,


Dorian/Trevelyan, Post Trespasser.

For @daficswap​ round 5. Featuring @lateforerebor​ /  @trashwarden​‘s Vaxus Trevelyan, Dorian, and their adopted son Felix.

Also known as oops I tripped here’s a silly fic about babies and why can’t we just hate the people who were cruel to us for all the wrong reasons.

ANYWAY I loved reading  up on Vaxus, you have such an expansive history of character reference to work with!!! I hope you like, if you want me to change anything at all then please, let me know.

Dorian supposes that hating Halward Pavus would be easier if his father never loved him.

This is not a new thought—not a new thing to be churning around in his mind, this little bright and gleaming cog among all the filthy, jumbled clockwork that makes up Dorian’s memories of his father. The one that still turns right, when all the others would stutter and fail without it.

Sometimes he wishes it would tarnish. That he could find some long-repressed memory that will show his father’s to be a false thing from the start—and then he might wash his hands of the whole mess. Move on with his life, and let the name Pavus and a seat in the magisterium be the only things he takes from his father.

He almost—almost succeeds.

Then Felix falls, rather neatly, into their lives.

“Your son is still screaming.”

Dorian is certain that Vaxus’ response is, in fact, utterly inappropriate for young ears. Never mind that the beholder of said ears is but two hours into his fourth day on Thedas, or that the words themselves cannot be heard over his unending howling.

“What? Speak up, please, I cannot hear you over the sound of a very small despair demon.”

Dorian finds it utterly unfair that Vaxus still has the ability to laugh. All he’s been able to do is grow ever more snappish and disheveled the longer this goes on.

Vaxus is in bed, although he’s managed to sit up now. Blinking slowly, and a smile spreading across his features that is as equally vexing as it is charming.

“He’s a baby,” Vaxus informs Dorian, a level of amusement in his words that is simply ridiculous, for how little sleep they’ve both gotten. “They do that.”

Infuriating man.

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Too Close Pt. 4

Character: Byun Baekhyun (EXO) 

Genre: idek

Word Count: 2123

(I do not own this GIF) 

A/N: Hello all of you! I know it has been months and you guys probably dont even remember me at this point. So I got surgery yesterday and I am on bed rest. I’ve been having health issues and have been busy with school and I was out of the country this summer. I am extremely sorry but I will try to update more often from now on :) thank you guys 

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Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  

You woke up to the sound of your alarm coming from your phone on the night table at sharply 9:00 am. You were never a fan of waking up early but also wanted to be productive which led you to where you were right now, waking up at 9:00 am on a Saturday. Groaning you sat up, yawning and stretching until you reached for your phone, finally turning the annoying alarm off. Once you unlocked your phone your eyes widened, it was this early but you had 12 missing calls from the one and only, Byun Baekhyun. Getting worried since number one, he never wakes up this early and number two, he never spams you this much unless it’s important, you went to your contacts and clicked on Baekhyun’s, dialing with your heart beating hard at the thought of something horrible happening to him while you were asleep. It had been 5 rings and Baekhyun had not picked up when he usually picks up on the first one. Now you were getting worried, the call went to voicemail after a couple of rings. Getting up from your bed you went to your closet taking the first thing you saw to wear, not even worrying if it matched, your heart pounding and your hands shaking in worry. Without doing your hair or brushing your teeth you left your room and started looking for your keys, as you were looking under the couch your phone rang, your head lifting up in alarm. You reached for your phone and were a little relieved once you saw who it was.

“Baek what’s wrong? Are you ok? I’m on my way to your dorm, please tell me you are ok, talk to me please” You said reaching for the door once you found your keys and leaving your dorm not even locking the door, running at full speed. 

“Everything is wrong Y/N! I don’t know what to do!” He said in a very high pitched whine

Running even faster you got to the elevator clicking the button to go to the first floor.

“Tell me Baek, what happened?” You say clenching your shirt where your heart is and trying to catch your breath while the elevator starts to go down.

“I was supposed to go to a party with Sehun tonight but he cancelled on me! Can you believe that?” He said annoyed

Your mouth hung open and a sigh of relief left your body, after you took a couple of seconds to recover from the scare of your life you heard Baekhyun on the other line.

“Y/N? Did you hear me? Now I have no one to go to the part-”

“You are such an asshole Byun Baekhyun, wait until I see you, you are getting whipped” You said after the elevator doors opened with a ding sound, getting off and clicking the button to go up once again.

“Oooh Y/N, I didn’t know you were kinky like that” He said laughing

“Not funny Byun, you almost made me have a heart attack. I ran out of my dorm so fast” you said looking down at your feet “I’m not even wearing shoes oh my god Baek you are really going to get beat when I see you” you said surprised because you didn’t even notice your lack of shoes until now. 

Guilt struck Baekhyun, not being able to believe that you ran so fast to help him, forgetting to wear your shoes along the way.

“Are you okay?” He said turning a lot more serious after the possibility of your feet getting hurt.

“Physically yes, emotionally still recovering” You said matter of factly

“I’m sorry” He whispered, a whisper that was almost inaudible but you heard it, being used to the guilt that came after any mischievous act Baekhyun did.

“You know I can’t be mad at you for too long” you said with a sigh “Anyway why did you spam my phone with like 100 calls before?”

“And you call me exaggerated, it was 12 calls Y/N! 12! not 100, that’s like” He tried doing the math in his head “a lot less than 100!”

You chuckled going inside your dorm and laying on your couch after the mild heart attack baekhyun put you through.

“Anyway Y/N” he said putting emphasis on your name “I called you because, like I said before your murder rant, Sehun cancelled on me and we were supposed to go to this huge party tonight, at Kai’s house” he said

“And that should matter to me because?” you said getting annoyed as he was not getting straight to the point.

“Because you are going with me!” He said too happy for your liking

“Said who?” you sassed “Look Baek I love you and all but you know parties are not my thing, drunk guys trying to grind their way in my pants? No thanks I pass, just ask someone else”

“I did! But no one wants to go with me” He whined very loudly, too loudly, into the phone

“Glad to know I’m your last choice Baek” You said pretending to be hurt

“I’ll pick you up at 8:00, please dress appropriately, you need to look hot enough to be Byun Baekhyun’s best friend”

“Baek I said I don’t want to please don’t do that I really just-”

“See you later hottie, love you bye!”

He hung up. You sighed, you really hated his guts. ‘No I don’t’ you thought

After a long day of looking through every single article of clothing you had, you opted for a pair of high waisted, ripped jeans, a black crop top that went off your shoulders, and your pair of black and white adidas. This may not seem like the greatest outfit in history but it was completely out of your comfort zone.You looked at the clock realizing it was 5 pm. Your eyes widened in shock.

“It was like 10 am 5 minutes ago what the hell!” You said out loud

You had 3 hours to get ready, for now you went to the kitchen and made a sandwich since you had not eaten all day trying to look for appropriate attire and making a huge mess along the way. You went to your drawer ,munching on the last bite of your sandwich, getting out a matching pair of bra and panties and hopping in the shower hoping to not take too long. Shaving about everything on your body took up the most time in your shower, you washed your hair with a strawberry scented shampoo and did your regular shower routine.

You got out of the bathroom with just your bra and underwear on, not wanting to deal with the struggle that is having to put on skin tight jeans after a shower. You moisturized your whole body and decided to go get a glass of water from the kitchen. As soon as you walked out of your room you heard a loud scream coming from your couch. Startled you screamed as well until you saw Baekhyun sitting there with eyes widened staring up and down at your quite revealing body. Grabbing his jacket that was sitting next to him you tried covering as much of your body as you could.

“What are you doing here!” You screamed

“I came to make sure your outfit was good!” He screamed back

“How did you even get in!”

“The door was unlocked!”

“Why didn’t you tell me you were here!”

“You were in the shower!” he screamed “Why are you naked?” he screamed again

Blushing your tried to press his sweater tighter to your body. You looked at him, both of you making eye contact and both of you burst into a fit of laughter. He got up and embraced you in a hug, completely shutting you and your laughter up, and making the very much common blush in your face reappear.

“I’m sorry I just wanted to make sure you looked great, don’t be shy in front of me we are best friends” He said hugging you tighter placing his hands on your bare back.

“B…Baek get out I’m still not done, you said 8. Just trust me with the outfit ok?” You said breaking apart from his hug.

“Fine, but you better not let me down ok?” He said heading for the door “See you at 8!” He said leaving

Recalling the events that had just happened your cheeks started heating up. ‘Baek just saw me half naked’ you repeated in your brain, trying to function after that.

After Baekhyun left he couldn’t stop thinking about what he had just seen. You and Baekhyun had been best friends for the longest time, he saw you as someone irreplaceable in his life, and loved you more than anyone. Why did seeing you like that make his stomach get butterflies? He then realized what you had told him was right, both of you had grown up…a lot.

Baekhyun picked you up exactly at 8, you both drove to the party, jamming to songs together. You made him promise he wouldn’t leave you alone in there since you didn’t know anyone. Yet..it hadn’t even been 30 minutes into the party and there you were, standing, alone not knowing what to do. After scrolling through your phone you looked up to see something that made your insides churn. Baekhyun was hugging a girl, they were talking and smiling to each other. Her hand was on Baekhyun’s shoulder and his was on her waist.

A guy walked by offering ‘mystery drinks’ in red cups. You took one and chugged it down, this broke one of the most important rules of parties. You remember your first party, with Baekhyun obviously. “Listen up Y/N there is rules to parties ok? Rule number one! Do not take drinks from anyone, do you understand? Especially if they’re in a red cup, those are sketchy” you remember him telling you and you chuckled at the irony. Both of you had been 16 at the time and of course you followed his ‘party rules’ no matter what. Now it was different, you needed to forget. Just like that you found yourself chugging 4 cups of said ‘mystery drink’

You felt great. You were dancing with no worries and you were being friendly with everyone. You knew you wouldn’t feel as great the next morning, yet you kept drinking. You hadn’t seen Baekhyun since you last saw him with that one girl and honestly you didn’t want to see him. After dancing for what seemed like ages you went and sat down on one of the couches, catching your breath. You closed your eyes and rested your head on the couch, feeling slightly dizzy. ‘So this is what being drunk feels like?’ you thought to yourself. You spent so much time listening to everything Baekhyun told you that you missed out on so many things. You had never gotten drunk, or rebelled, or even kissed a guy; all because of him. You were tired.

Suddenly a hand on your waist interrupted your deep thinking. You opened your eyes to see a familiar face. A guy from your psych class, Chanyeol was it? “Hey” he said

“Hello” you whispered, the dizziness increasing

“Why are you by yourself?” the tall guy in front of you said

“My best friend dumped me for a girl, and now I’m stuck at this party, all bored until he’s done having his fun” you closed your eyes and sighed

”Maybe I could change that. The being bored part I mean” you opened your eyes once again and looked at him and there was a very obvious smirk on his face.

You looked at him. He is cute, tall and his smile is kind of creepy in an adorable way. ‘Fuck it’ you thought. You were done being Baekhyun’s little puppet, following all the rules he had set for you. You had to live too, besides the only reason why you followed those rules was because you hoped you would be able to experience all of those things with Baekhyun at some point. That obviously wasn’t going to happen, you are Baekhyun’s best friend, his little sister. “You’re not a woman to me, you’re my best friend” those words replayed in your mind, and without noticing you found yourself saying “Sure Chanyeol”

You looked at his hopeful eyes and suddenly he was leaning in. You knew what he was trying to do and you were not going to try and stop him. Whatever had to happen will happen. You felt him getting closer and closer, you could feel his breath on your lips and his nose touching yours. All of the sudden what you expected the least happened. That voice.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”