look at all the outfits korra has!

No but does anyone else realize that not only is her hair different but her entire outfit?

Yes, it’s similar to her normal daily wear but it’s not the same. She’s changed everything about her, even her attitude. I’m really in love with this photo because this shows just how strong Korra is. Not only is she out of the wheelchair but she has a look that says, “is that all you got?”

I’m so glad they didn’t release a photo of her smiling because anyone can fake a smile but it’s something way different to bounce back from what you’ve been through with a look like this.

She’s almost lost her life twice, the Avatar cycle almost ended twice, she’s lost her bending, she’s been poisoned and tortured, she’s been told she wasn’t needed, she’s ended up in a wheelchair, and she lost connection to all her passed lives YET she’s still kicking ass. I don’t know what’s gonna give her her strength back but I’m over ecstatic that she has it.

I can’t. I love Korra so much it hurts.

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I was under the impression that Asami had always been taller than Korra, and yet I've seen several posts claiming that she had gained some height during their three years apart. Is there really a noticeable change in her height between S3 and S4?

Their heights drive me nuts! Anyway:

In S3 they almost look the same height (when Korra isn’t slouching). Bryan said the reason they made Korra taller for S4 was that it was a simple animator’s “trick” to make someone look older. So I guess they made Asami taller too?

It’s pretty obvious that Asami’s “snazzy” outfit has heels, so their height difference in 4x07 isn’t the best representation. Even Asami’s “work” boots have a slight heel. IMO there’s only a couple of inches between the two of them.

But then there’s all this fanart where Korra’s like a head shorter and head-canons where she needs to airbend to kiss Asami. I dunno, that’s cute in its own way I suppose, but I view it as inaccurate. I’m sure I’m letting my own experience bias me, because I dated someone 3 inches taller than me who sometimes liked heels, and I never had any issue kissing or spooning her. But if the hand-canons make people happier, who am I to take that away?

Korra Predictions

So, now that we know that Korra still has some of the metal in her body, I’m ready to make some predictions. First of all, we know that it is limiting her physical ability. Thanks to the Comic Con concept art of Korra’s new outfit, we can expect her new outfit to appear in episode 7. We also know, thanks to the Book 4 trailer, that Korra and Kuvira have a showdown before episode 7 because she is still wearing her earth kingdom clothes at that point. While looking through the trailer again, I spotted these two in one of the shots of the Korra VS Kuvira fight.

We can see Opal and Jinora(and a somewhat derpy looking Korra lol) and we can easily tell it is them. So, spoiler alert, they do find Korra. 

This next frame is less blurry than the first. In it, we see a building, the railroad, and water systems. This looks a lot like Zoafu. It is safe to assume at this point that the airbender kids find Korra and she travels here with them. It is also important to note that Kuvira implies that she is going to Zaofu to do what she has done to other states in the Earth Kingdom. In The Coronation, Su claims, “I know what happens to cities who don’t want to hand over control to you.” Kuvira responds, “Then you know what’s coming for Zaofu.” This scene is it. Kuvira is getting ready to claim Zaofu and Korra picks a fight with her.

External image

Of course, it wouldn’t make sense for Korra to beat Kuvira this early in the season. Unfortunately, I think she will either lose or escape. I also think that this battle is what makes Korra able to become the avatar again. When she loses and Zaofu possibly falls, Korra truly can understand that the world NEEDS her. She is now mentally ready to heal herself physically. And now it is time for her to get that metal out of her body.

Vows: A Short Story of the Legend of Korra

Maturity Level: PG

Time:  Approximately 3 years after “The Last Stand”

Note from the writer: Sorry about any errors my proofreading skills aren’t terrific.

Asami’s eyes were locked on the mirror.  To be more precise they were locked on the women in the white dress in the mirror.  A part of her brain still wasn’t able to comprehend the fact that it was her standing there.  She began to idly smooth out wrinkles in her dress that weren’t actually there.

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Do you think Asami's secret favorite color is purple/violet? She always wears the same eye shadow color and under her biker/street fighter uniform she has a purple/violet undershirt. She looks perfect in any color though.

Well black is kind of the most dominant color she’s got going on, isn’t it? Hell, that was even her bathing suit. But her formal dresses are like, all red? Might be red?

I dunno, katabatics’s post on her outfits might help (x). It was so nice to see Korra in green and Bolin in brown (and Mako got a total outfit overhaul for S4) that it always made me a little irritated Asami never donned something out of her usual palette. But small complaint, because the girl looks snazzy as always no matter what.