look at all the meals scenes

Potato panel

This is a brilliant potato panel from ch19:

Eren, Connie, and the Potato Girl are pealing potatoes, getting them potatoes ready for a potato meal. The Potato Girl is eating a raw potato, and Connie is tempted to eat a raw potato too, while Eren can’t believe they are eating potatoes raw. Historia is carrying more potatoes, while she is looking into Marco’s potato face. Mikasa is the potato cooker, while Armin is telling to the potato cooker, all the amazing ways you could cook potatoes. Annie is deciding which potato dish they’ll use for their potato meal, and Jean’s face is covered with text, so his potato activity remains a mystery.

It’s one of the most underrated potato scenes in SnK, no doubt.

Reasons I Envy Bertie Wooster:
  • He’s obscenely wealthy
  • Friends with/coworkers with/boss of the universal problem solver, Jeeves
  • He possess a large selection of jaunty, yet classic, menswear
  • He writes in a breezy and seemingly effortless prose style
  • Has great hair, probably
  • All of his clothes are made-to-measure
  • He never worries that his general disinterest in marriage marks him as a cold-hearted, self-involved monster
  • Has never worried about any part of himself, ever, it has never occurred to Bertie Wooster that he is not perfectly fine as is damn him
  • Can play the piano
  • He gets to wear suits all the time, not just at weddings and his sister’s high school awards ceremonies
  • He can pull off using the word “rummy”
  • I assume he’s heavily involved with the gay scene of 1930′s London, which sounds great
  • He’s been to New York
  • He possess a willowy frame despite frequent indulgence in large, luxurious meals and alcohol
  • Has TWO aunts, one of my aunts is DEAD, Bertie, bet you feel guilty about complaining now, don’t you?
  • He knows someone who will tell him when his clothes look terrible
  • He sleeps until afternoon because he was out on the town last night, not because he was staring at the wall wondering if his coworker noticed that he subtweeted them as “my friend”
  • Gives compliments easily and unselfconsciously
Fairy Tail Chapter 485 (Chapter of Relationship Goals)

All right look:

Maybe I have shipper glasses on, but you can’t deny this scene is, to some extent cute, right? FIGHT ME!

I mean come on this is totally a waifu scolding her husbando.

D. O. R. K. S. 



On other news!

Poor cinnamon roll Sting-kun is crying…


Yukino slapping her master (pun intended) back to reality!

P.S.: Everyone’s reaction to it is so priceless!



By the way I ship these two. FIGHT ME!

Yes!!! They are on the same panel!

On other other news!

Gajeel is slaying!

Because apparently Reaper doesn’t know the consequences of reminding Gajeel of hurting Levy. 

*GaLe/Gajevy intensifies*

And now we will finally get to see Gajeel in action again!




Who’s ready for Attack on Happy?!

Let it Snow - Chapter 1 - MyVantilene - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
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Keith had always dreamed of a scene like this; a family laughing over a home cooked meal, siblings making playful banter, two parents giving each other loving looks all throughout the night. Keith had wanted this, idealized it to the point of fantasy, to where he no longer believed such a beautiful and pure thing existed in the world. Now that it was in front of him, he should’ve felt reassured.

Here was the perfect family, but it belonged to Lance and Lance belonged to it.

Keith didn’t.

(or that one Harry Potter AU where Lance tries to teach Keith the true meaning of Christmas)


Anything for You

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Pairing: DeanxReader
Word count: 580
Warnings: Cuteness
Author: Brittiny

Pleeeeease, Daddy?” You heard your four year old whine to your husband. You were in the kitchen, currently working on dinner, so you had no idea what she was trying to con him into. Whatever it was, chances were, he’d give in. He was a sucker for those big green eyes looking up at him. Sam was coming back from a hunt, so you thought a nice home made meal was perfect. You were making pot roast, home made mashed potatoes, biscuits, and corn.

“Can’t you ask Mommy?” Dean half whined back, making you chuckle. “Oh! Or wait for Uncle Sammy.” That made his voice perk up. You could picture the scene in your head, Evangeline standing there, pouting, giving Dean those puppy eyes, and Dean trying so hard not to give in. “Fine, Eva!” He sighed. Bingo!

After that, all you could hear was music. Since she was born, Dean insisted that she listen to ‘the good stuff’. Of course that meant you were outnumbered. She had her father’s taste in music.

Half an hour later, you walked into the living room, trying so hard not to laugh. Now you saw what she was trying to get him to do. There sat your big, bad hunter husband, with pink nails, a tiara, glitter on his face, at a tea party. He looked up at you, shaking his head. “Not. A. Word.”

Eva looked over her shoulder at you, grinning. “Doesn’t Daddy look pretty?” She beamed.

You knelt next to her. “He does, but he’s missing something.” There was a twinkle in your eyes, which made him glare at you. “Shouldn’t he be wearing a little eyeshadow?” You grinned.

“No. Nope. I draw the line there.” He shook his head.

Hearing the bunker door open, he froze. Your grin grew. Standing, you walked out of the living room and stopped Sam. “When you go in there, tell Eva what an awesome job she did. And play along. I’ll give you twenty bucks to let her play with your hair. Save Dean, please?”

Sam raised his eyebrow at you before dropping his bag on the floor. “Uh, sure? You don’t have to pay me, though…” He shrugged.

You stood on your tip toes, pecking his cheek. “Dinner will be ready in an hour.” You told him before walking away. Once back in the living room door, you stuck your head in. “Eva? I’m going to steal Daddy for a little bit, okay? But Uncle Sammy said you could play with your hair!” Eva squealed, getting up and running to her uncle.

Dean scrambled up, thankful to be out of that situation. Eva stopped him on the way out by grabbing his hand. He looked down at her and saw a face of pure love. “Thank you, Daddy. I had fun.”

He grinned. “Anything for you, princess.”

Sam soon took all of Eva’s attention. You wrapped your arms around Dean’s neck, smiling. “Wanna go work on getting you that son?” The two of you had decided to try for a second baby only a couple months before, and kept it a secret from Sam and Eva. You wanted to surprise them.

“Eh, I wouldn’t mind another little girl.” He admitted, making you raise your eyebrows. “Pink really isn’t my color, but I’d do anything to see that smile.”

You chuckled. “Remind yourself of that in about twelve years, babe.” His face fell as he realized that was when she’d be about sixteen.

omgloveonepieceforeverus  asked:

ban for the give me a character and i will answer ask ?

  • Why I like them: Because he’s a sweetheart even though he doesn’t look it at all
  • Why I don’t: He’s become pretty serious at times, I don’t like it much (like when he wanted to kill Mel)
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): His gaiden
  • Favorite season/movie
  • Favorite line: Someday I will steal you away
  • Favorite outfit: Naked apron
  • OTP: Ban x Elaine
  • Brotp: Meliodas and Ban
  • Head Canon: He learned how to cook because he knows how it is not to have anything to eat and he wants to help people who suffer the same as him by serving them delicious meals
  • Unpopular opinion: I don’t think I have any
  • A wish: That he becomes happy wth Elaine in the end, and if he has to find a way to die in order to be wqth her in the capital of the dead that’s fine as well
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: Don’t make him lose any more people important to him, he doesn’t deserve it!
  • 5 words to best describe them: naked, manly, tragic, romantic, faithful
  • My nickname for them: None (I really don’t give characters nicknames unless their names are long)
Star Grazer

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Part | 1 | 2 | 3 |

Characters: Jungkook, Reader

Genre: Superpower!AU

Word Count: 3k

Warnings: attempted assault, fight scene, language

A/N: He just looks really cute in that gif, this is how I imagined him while writing this lmao, also i didn’t proofread thoroughly oops

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  • Those gaming noises though, like the over-dramatic DUN DUN when the OVER BUDGET comes on screen
  • “Tapas man”
  • “I just don’t want Balthazar to die okay” why would you do this to me
  • “Cue the montage” their faces are all priceless
  • Balthy just looks so defeated every time he is forced to have hummus it’s amazing
  • “it would be a shame if something khappened to it” “oh khell no” “khow could you” AMAZING
  • Love the cornflakes scene, he’s just like wait… NO ABORT ABORT
  • Also love that Balthy and Peter seem to be eating a lot of meals together… *wink wink*
  • Also I want to know how they went from the fight scene in TOWN to this adorableness
  • Peter zooming in on Balthy and then not zooming out! this is the kind of content I like to see
  • “All for one… and fuck hummus” is probably my favorite line ever
  • Also Peter’s face when he says it back is amazing
  • That last scene killed me, I am now dead
  • So this was probably my favorite video yet. No angst! Pedrazar adorableness! Balthy in sweaters! Hummus! What’s not to love?
Richonne Love Drought

Hello friends. I’m your resident Richonne girl. Are you tired, run-down, listless? Do you poop out at parties? Are you unpopular? The answer to all your problems is in this Richonne fan fic master list by Scarlet Ibis.  Yes, with Scarlet’s Richonne fics, you can spoon your way to health. All you do is read one chapter after every meal. Mmmmmmm….. It’s so tasty, too! Tastes just like candy! So why don’t you join all the of happy peppy people and get your read on! That’s Scarlet Ibis Fan Fic!

THE INBETWEENERS - Fill in the blanks that don’t disrupt canon while expanding upon scenes and moments.

USEFUL TO YOU -  Lives collide from circumstance, tragedy and change. A work in progress.

CIRCLE JERK OF DEATH - Takes place during “The Last Day On Earth,” and provides an alternate look if someone had interrupted Negan’s monologue.  Thus far, there’s a chapter for Merle, Philip, and Aaron. There may be more… [No Richonne here :/ ]

HOME - Takes place directly after after the couch scene in “The Next World.”  This answers the question of how they went from the couch to upstairs…

MULTITASKING - Takes place after that scene in “East.”  Rick has a proposal for Michonne…

THE NEXT WORLD - Goes directly from “No Way Out,” and takes you into a wondrous journey of Grimes Family 2.0.  Short, but covers about twelve years of their lives.

NOTHING COMPARES - Alternate universe that uses “Conquer” as a spring board, showing some other things that should have been said in that bedroom when Rick was on time out…This was my first Richonne fan fic ever.

All of my original fiction - If you enjoy my fan fic, I’d bet dollars to donuts you’d enjoy my original stuff.  For realz.

Note: Thanks to I Love Lucy for being awesome and inspiring me, as well as the opening of this post, which I basically ripped off from her Vitameatavegamin episode.

carol (2015) footage links



behind the scenes/extra/featurettes: 

Take a moment to consider the composition of this frame.

The Gems, Ruby and Sapphire, are arguing and facing each other; their whole world in that moment is the conflict among them.

Gregg is looking at the breakfast plate from the acclaimed “Best Diner in the World” with a hopeful expression while is body is facing the Gems, Ruby and Sapphire.

Steven is crying as he watches the Gems, holding the breakfast plate above his head to keep it out of harm’s way. Steven is turned away from all of them and is facing the audience.

Consider the breakfast plate as ‘hope’. Say Ruby and Sapphire, at least in this frame, represent all of the Crystal Gems. Take the fact that Gregg is looking at the plate but is facing the Gems. Observe the scene again.

No one is looking at Steven. He has to smash his breakfast plate, the most important meal of the fucking day, on the floor and walk outside to be given any kind of attention.

“Home’s been awful. Here’s been awful. I thought you wanted to have a fun time but everyone has been acting awful, too. It just came with us! I don’t understand. Is it-Is it me?”

“No, Steven, it’s all us.”

“-But we made him feel like it was his fault.”

And then Sapphire applies Steven’s pain to Ruby’s. Sapphire understands Ruby’s pain because of Steven’s outburst. They kiss and make up back inside their own little world. Steven is left to be met by Gregg, who never even acknowledges Steven’s behavior in any way.

Steven was the main character for thirty seconds. Steven’s pain was recognized for thirty seconds. The effects of his parents’ behavior on his current health were acknowledged for thirty seconds.

Thirty seconds.

It’s established early on what Gregg is and isn’t comfortable with; it’s established what Gregg’s role is. What is also established and explored further here is the amount of faith and hope he has in the Gems’ abilities to raise his son as good parents. He trusts them. He trusts them more than himself. What we see in Keystone Motel, however, are a few instances in which he’s being made aware of the conflicts that may be going on in his son’s home. What does he do about it? He’s only just now realizing them. What will he do about it? I really hope he doesn’t remain a static character. He has plenty of issues himself that he needs to sort through before he can be the best father he can be with Steven. Rose gave him courage; he needs to find that courage in himself now. 

And then we get to the Gems. It’s obvious from the get-go that they are the established parental figures in Steven’s life, but it is also established that there are an incredible amount of human experiences and, in some cases conflicts, that they have a complete lack of understanding in. There is so much going on with each of them right now, arguably Pearl the most since she’s clearly on the verge of a nervous-breakdown, and, going back to the image above, I can only assume that the world created by their conflicts between each other and their own personal demons has become just that- their world. The Gems are not focused on anything outside of it. Including Steven. It’s true that some of them make time for him, but lately, it’s because he is becoming involved in their conflicts or attempts to solve them, not because they’re investing themselves in helping him with his own.

Steven can’t be depended on to teach his parents everything.

If Steven’s parents don’t get their shit together, Steven is going to be the one suffering the most. 


Do you have any episodes lately of the Kurata family being close on set?

Arimura: When oniichan’s (Aiba) stomach growled, my stomach growled right after (laughs)

Aiba: Yes, that happened!

Arimura: I looked at oniichan right in the eyes “It growled, just now!” and then my stomach growled too…

Aiba: As we have the same kind of schedule everyday, we would start resembling each other like the timing of eating meals etc, right.

Arimura: Yes! The time when oniichan got stabbed, and there were the hospital scene, my tears seriously couldn’t stop. I didn’t think I would cry. At that time, I thought “Ah~ I really grown accustomed to this family”. So, I personally want to be able to get over all the hardships together with Nana in this drama. Until the end, I would like to have this tone and challenge all the interview scenes.

(Pic credit: on pic)

I love these two together so much, best on-screen siblings <3

I’m gonna miss Kurata Kenta & Kurata Nana so much <3


Felicity:  Ray Palmer invited me to dinner.  Oliver:  Oh. Felicity: Not dinner-dinner, like a date.  It’s a work dinner, but since dinner is a meal you can technically only eat at night, I need the night off.  That ok? *hopes*  Oliver: Do what you want.  *breaks her heart and mine too*

One of my favorite scenes. Can you tell I love angst?  ;) Look at them.  This is one of those moments when no words are needed. Hope & heartbreak is written all over their faces. 

Civil War post credits scene I want to see:

All the fighting is done. The heroes are taking time off to breathe and heal. Tony’s having an expensive meal with Pepper. Clint is working on the farm while Natasha helps Laura inside. Sam’s working with soldiers at the VA returning from their final tour. Everything is just calm.

You see two pairs of boots walking along some pavement, panning up to see Steve and Bucky. Both are in civilian clothes with baseball caps and sunglasses obscuring their faces. They come to a stop. They look up. The camera shifts to show the Coney Island Cyclone.

Steve looks uncomfortable, shifting back and forth on his feet. Bucky watches thoughtfully as screaming children run by chased by their parents. “Do you think you’ll throw up again?” he asks quietly. There’s just the slightest hint of a teasing lilt to his voice.

Fade to black just as we see Steve smile.