look at all the fried tofu

Dian Shi Zhai, Shanghai

I had a group of friends pop into Shanghai for a visit and wanted to take them to a classic Shanghainese restaurant serving traditional local dishes, so my friend Claudia recommended we book at table at Dian Shi Zhai…

DSZ is a classic colonial brownstone in the heart of Shanghai that was turned into a restaurant decades ago…

While the staff spoke no English, they did have a menu with pictures and rough English translations and we had an absolutely fabulous Chinese feast. Here’s a look…

We started with marinated and minced dried tofu with “potherbs”, which was supposed to come out in the shape of a pyramid, but instead we got a dome…

Spongy, cold gluten with peanuts in rice wine, which confused the table at first, but everyone loved…

Fried chicken in garlic sauce with peppers and root vegetables, which was outstanding…

Deep fried rice “fingers”, which were just that, plain white rice formed into sticks and deep fried…

“Vegetable fried rice” which was fried in pork lard, and also had ham in it, so was technically not vegetable fried rice, but was delicious…

Shanghainese “Hong Shoao Rou” pork belly with century eggs…

And finally, there was Shanghainese hairy crab, now in season…

And it really is hairy…

Whatsmore, on the bottom of its shell, the brown patch that looks like seaweed? That’s all covered in fine hair too!

One of the most enjoyable meals I’ve has since moving here to Shanghai! I can honestly highly recommend Dian Shi Zhai!!

Reservations recommended.


320 Yongjia Rd.

Xuhui Qu,



+86-21 5465 0270


Imagine: Sam subconsciously showing his affection for you with healthy meals. 

(Sam x Reader)

You plopped on the bench of the round table in the outdoor eating area of a local tourist trap restaurant. Dean gestured outwards worth his hand, palm up, silently asking what you wanted. You shrugged waving at him to get whatever. He shrugged queuing up at the take out line. Sam passed both of you heading straight inside to hit the head. You stretched out on the bench. Tree canopy filtered light kissed your skin and a soft breeze made you sigh. Early summer in Michigan was actually pretty lovely, better than Texas, anyways. You were reaching behind you letting your spine crack when Dean dropped a tray of food on the table.

A hamburger the size of half your head with three patties, buns in between, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, the whole works, dipping in a mystery orange sauce greeted you still sizzling in excess grease. Half you you craved the death trap, the other half was repulsed. Dean raised his eyebrows up, an amused smile accompanied a cheesy laugh.

“Yeah? Yeah? Looks freakin awesome, right?”

He lifted his, crushing the food down between his fingers before his mouth could get around it. He groaned, a river of oil and sauce dripping down his chin. You chuckled reaching for yours.

“Really, Dean?” Sam frowned as he took in the display. “It’s bad enough you’re eating this crap, now you’re dragging in Y/n?”

He looked as repulsed as the other half as you felt. Dean smiled displaying a full mouth of mash and looking as pleased as the first half of you knew you would be upon consumption. Dean spoke, bu

t you couldn’t figure out what he was saying through the muffling. He gestured towards you. Sam glanced at you, then back to Dean.

“Okay, no. I’m going to get Y/n something that won’t try to kill her in a mile.” He responded apparently understanding Dean’s bizarre food language.

You picked at the fries wondering what Sam would bring back. Dean finally swallowed the first bite.

“You don’t have to eat that rabbit food he gets you. Hurry up and eat it before he gets here. It’s to die for.” His eyes rolled back with emphasis. “I think they cooked it with butter.”

You shrugged. That combination was killer heartburn waiting to happen. “I wanna see what Sam brings back, so I can make an educational decision.”

Dean shrugged taking another physics defying bite of the burger. It wasn’t long until Sam reappeared with a tray of food. He flashed you a hesitant smile as he climbed onto the bench. You tried not laugh as his long legs made the action comical.

“Okay, so, I wasn’t sure what you’d like, so I got salad, veggie burger…” He rattled off the things on his tray, listing four more dishes before ending on, “and there was frozen yogurt, but I didn’t get that.”

You couldn’t help, but grin as he glanced at you unsure of your reaction. His eyebrows drew together worth his confusion and you tried to smother the affection you felt from the expression. You reached for the plate of food in the middle.

“I’ll try the… organic tuna sandwich?” You looked to Sam making sure that was alright. “Or did you want it?”

“No, no… all yours.” He gestured for you to take it. “I wanted the strange and unidentifiable tofu honey steak anyways.”

He exchanged a wary look with you and laughed.

“That’s just wrong.” Dean shot the tofu and judgmental glare shaking his head.

“Yeah, better not. Salad it is then.”

“I’ll eat this,” You negotiated, “but I still get to eat my fries.”

Sam offered you a dazzling smile as he raised his hands placatingly. “Fair enough.”

[Trans] Chanyeol's chat

Date : 2015-08-10

CY :

Can you see ?                                                                                                

You probably can see.                                                                                      

I waited just for today.                                                                                        

Is everyone ready? 

5 minutes is so long…  5 minutes is so long… 

More boring than waiting for a cup ramen to be ready. 

Have you eaten?
I’ll eat after I’m done. 
What should I eat?
Please recommend something for me. 
Thanks for a good recommendation.

I’m bored..What should I do for 2 minutes..

(PCY going crazy sound lmao)

***Note : Not all the questions from fans could be found so only some of them were translated. The answers are all there though.

CY: I ate yeobtteok and had a stomachache for 3 whole days.

CY: Noona babo, dongsaeng babo, hyung babo, I’m just a babo.

CY: I use laundry soap. Just kidding, I use normal soap.

CY: I can only drink one sip of beer><

CY: Still 11 days left…

Fan: Why are you using so many dots?



CY: Always basic things for me!!

CY:I miss you too.

CY: Our big brother Myungsoo hyungnim><

CY: Let’s enjoy it !!!

CY: mmm…Love me right..or promise ?

CY:I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life right now… But it’s a secret.

CY: You are going to sleep n…no..now..?

Fan: What do you do before you sleep?

CY: Close my eyes and breath !?

CY: I want to do it again.

CY: Assassination !! I play Crazy agate (game) but someone used a megaphone to___ the assassin so I couldn’t focus at the beginning. 

CY: I play games once in a while…when I’m really boredㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Fan:I’m a girl and over 170(cm) tall.

CY:I’m over 180(cm). It’s ok because I’m taller.

Fan: Will you have a encore concert?

CY:I don’t know…? If Hyunji wants?

CY: Hyeyoonie is not invisible!!!!!

Fan: Recommend a name for my puppy.

CY: Let’s name it Yeolie.

CY: mmm…not going out…?

CY: So excited!!! Let’s dance!!!!

Fan: What flower do you like?

CY:mmmm….Hyunji flower ?

CY:One nickname is enough, too many nicknames will be too confusing.

CY: hmmm…I think I’ve never experienced something that hardㅋ

CY:I really like “Please take care of my fridge” (show)><

CY:ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I like basic things the best for everything.

Fan: What are you scared of?

CY:mm… I don’t exactly have one thing…dentist ?

CY: *sings 3 bears song*

CY: I can’t do something like aegyo….

CY: I heard…Daegu is really h…hot lately…

CY: Me too during Call me baby!!! But it was really hard to manage itㅠㅠthe color faded every day.

CY: shorts when it’s hot and long trousers when it’s coldㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

CY: I like both…since it’s summer I think I like short hair more….it’s too hard.

CY: I will do it for you twice!!!!!

Fan: What is Kyungsoo to you?

CY: Why are you talking about that person in my sacred chat room?

CY: mm…2 years old??

CY: Yes… I can’t read sheet musicㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

CY: For billiards I think I learned 5 minuters per (game)? About the band (video), that was something I wanted to do long ago.

Talking about billiards, I play 9999 times better than Kyungsoo in artistic ball. He will miss aim.

CY: Three hours ago my phone’s screen film, bulletproof film

CY: I do wear short sleeves too but it goes according to my mood…maybe that’s why I wore long sleeves that day.

CY: shh it’s our secret (just the 2 of us).

CY: Nemo?

CY: Ok I will remember you Jiwonie.

CY: Fried kimchi, tuna and veggies together and add cheese; eat it like that. 

CY:EDM section!!!!

CY:Ni hao~~~
CY:My height is 185 cm and when I go to cafes, I drink …Americano?? 

CY: Oh !! Really !!! I also like Park Chanyeol !!! 

CY:Thank you for making the best memories in my 20s. 

CY:I also fell in love after looking at you. 

CY: I play games sometimes…when I’m really bored ㅋㅋ

CY:The first showcase! I can’t forget. Goosebumps all over my body><

CY: Fried tofu sushis… Kids that came with me scolded me because I paid a lot of money to go to a sushi bar only to eat fried tofu sushis…But it’s delicious, what should I doㅠㅠ

CY:I love sushi. I was thinking about eating it today but I ate it the day before yesterday so I’m not going to.

Fan: Do you dream often?

CY: I dream a~~~~~~lot ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

CY:Um… Yoojinie??

CY:What hair color looks nice on me? Silver was good but.. my hair is still ruined.. 

Fan: I will pray that they use the song you compose as your title song!

CY:Amen.. I’ll pray also!!

CY:ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋYou’re the cutest out of everyone here.

Fan: When will you give us your self composed song?

CY: Instead of the songs I compose, be obsessed with me.

Fan: In all seriousness..what is your ideal type?
CY: In all seriousness…Yebinie?

CY:Come to oppa after 4 years.

CY:I can’t do aegyo.

CY: EXO L’s super power is LOVE!!! and the symbol is HEART!!! 

CY: Its harder to find a webtoon that I don’t read .. I was the one who recommended “About Death” to Kyungsoo.

CY: Um about 8 times?

Fan: Is it that hard to say I LOVE YOU to your fans?
CY: Yes!!! It’s hard!!! I’m shy!!! I love you!!!

CY:I don’t really like beer 

CY:Chanyeol likes soft boiled eggs.

CY:Gryffindor !!!!!

Fan: Where do you get your inspiration when you compose?

CY: I get it from you guys.

Fan: Bread( Ppang) that chanyeolie likes most?

CY: Chanyeol oppang

CY: Lately…It’s an old song but I like this song called “Cayman Islands” by Kings of Convenience. It’s good to listen to it during rainy days too.

CY: I will work hard to learn Japanese too.

CY: I only like myself.

CY: Everyone!!! There’s about 10 minutes left
 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋno I have to go eat
(dying voice)
(time goes by) So…fast..   

You still have a lot of things you are curious about so last questions go go.

Your chatting is much faster than time. Now what are you curious about ?

Fan: About meeting Zico in Japan ?

CY: That..we met by accident when I went shopping.. Also we met in another shopping place. Let’s get along!

Fan: Recommend me a piano song.

CY:Try “Maybe” by Yiruma. 

Fan: I work at Nature republic. I will give you a photo fan.

CY: Yes give me 100. 

CY: I like it but can’t do it.

CY: Co..co…colla

CY: ba…ba…ba…basick   (a rapper’s name)

CY : Okay I will go to Osaka  !!!

CY: I miss you too. 

CY: Get jajangmyun and then sweet and sour pork. 

CY: I like 부먹 actually I eat both 부먹 and 찍먹 (부먹: pour the sauce over the meat,   찍먹: dip the meat in sauce) 

CY: ㅋㅋㅋ I will be very thankful!!!! 

CY: Of cource it’s dance. 

Fan: *praises CY’s singing, rapping…etc (minus dancing)* 

CY: dancing too… 

CY: Ma…th… 

Fan: Parfum? 

CY: cologne…which one is a secret!! 

Fan: How many times did you bleach your hair when you had silver hair?

CY: 8 times…? 

CY: Music…? If not….then what…ㅋㅋㅋ

CY:Now everyone, I’m gonna go eat. Everyone, you guys should go eat as well.

Everyone be happy, don’t be sick, see only good things, hear only good things, while believing in each other.

Let’s all be happy.

Bye !!!!! Now after 3 seconds …. one… two… three!!! ….the end !!!!!!

Translated by : Jina


we visited Kyoto Uni. and had lunch at their gakushoku.

The word *gakushoku(学食)* stands for “gakusei(学生)=students” and “shokudo(食堂)=eating place”.

I like the atmosphere of being in a campus.

The top photo is fish fries, spicy tofu soup, miso soup, and brown rice.

The bottom is chicken-katsu, burdock roots salad, boiled spinach, miso soup, and white rice.

Look at the receipt very carefully. They automatically calculate the nutrient factors and the amount of calories. It says we ordered 2145kcal in all and it shocked me so much!!! darn. I hoped it was only April Fool but it was a fact! :0

yepridingalong  asked:

Hey! Love your blog! I am on a very low budged and I never have enough money to keep eating a plant based diet. Do you have and recommendations for cheap recipes? Websites, snacks, smoothies? Thanks!

Hey there! Thank you ♥

A plant-based diet can be the most convenient, accessible, and affordable dietary choice on the planet, providing not only great nutrition, but also accommodating life on a budget – it all depends on the choices that YOU make.

Many of the foods considered to be staples in a typical, healthy vegan diet are very affordable – grains, beans, seeds, and legumes are all good examples. You can make a lot of delicious vegan food on a budget! Vegetable curries with rice and tofu, creamy or broth-based soups, vegetable stir-fries, sandwiches, veggie & bean chilies, pasta dishes, and salads are all examples of tasty and affordable vegan meals.

Take a look at this article I wrote (pardon the empty site but I just started it) with a lot of tips that will help you out!

Also here are some other links with good info! Good luck and I hope this can help you somehow.


“I don’t believe perfection exists in this world, but there are infinite chances of being close to it”

“…I want to make a family that is overflowing with love. Because I believe that no matter where you look, anywhere in the world, there’s nothing that can replace family”

“BABYz are like fried tofu because they go well with bap (rice)”

140628 - #HappyDaehyunDay
To B.A.P’s hardworking, precious, caring, loud, food-loving, talented vocalist, thank you for all the laughs, smiles, and tears, thank you for blessing us with your beautiful voice, and thank you for coming into this world, this day, twenty-one years ago and inspiring thousands of fans. We’ll always be by your side and forever supporting you! 

3rd G of Replace V Translation

I’ve realised that I am probably getting more worked up over this whole translation thing than it needs to be. So I’ve decided to stop overthinking it. Work has been kind of stressful recently and translating Replace V has been a great way to destress. So that’s what I’ll do. Worse comes to worst, there’s more than one translation in the fandom; not exactly the end of the world.

My plans after this are: 1st G, 5th G, then 2nd G because Haizaki’s one is super depressing and I kind of want to leave it for last orz I was originally going to do the Seirin chapter first but thinking about translating Izuki’s puns makes me want to cry. So.

Anyway, please enjoy the Ogiwara and Kuroko chapter. In which Ogiwara cooks and Kuroko is a grandma’s boy (like a momma’s boy but with a bigger age gap).

Keep reading

My husband often sends me a photo of his food when he eats alone somewhere. Today it seems he ate (from top left) onsen-tamago(soft-boiled egg with dashi broth), miso soup, fried mackerel, fried squid, wakame seaweed salad(probably it’s with slightly sweetened vinegar instead of salad dressing because I see the grated ginger on top), and another small bowl of nimono…it looks burdock root, carrot,konnyaku, and fried tofu all sliced and cooked with sake+sugar+soy sauce - at least something like that.

Shuntai Noodles, Shanghai

Someone once translated the name of this restaurant for me, but I’ve since lost/forgotten it, so based on the picture above, I’m going to call it “Taicang Road Noodles” until one of my faithful Eataku readers here translates it again.

Updated: The place is called SHUNTAI! Title corrected. Thanks, Summer!

I love this spot! It’s right outside the back entrance of the Disney offices in Xintiandi, and the place is always packed. There are only a few communal tables inside the small shop, so they set up card tables with plastic stools down the sidewalk outside, and those are always full too, with lines of people waiting to sit down…

The first time I went here for lunch, sometime last year, I was all by myself. I just had to see what all the buzz was about. If there were that many people waiting for whatever it was they were serving, it had to be good, right? So I pulled up a stool and ordered by pointing at the bowls of noodles I saw everyone else eating. This is what I got, the house special…

A bowl of homemade noodles topped with chucks of potato, peanuts and “chingensai” greens…

I was at bit taken aback at first, as a vegetarian dish was not what I expected, but loved every bite. All the flavors and textures worked in perfect harmony. Simply delicious!

As an added bonus, to make sure there was protein in the equation somwhere, the bowl was accompanied by an order of deep-fried pork parts…

Also amazing!

All pumped out of a small kitchen in the back…

I now try and eat here on every trip to Shanghai, so went back this past weekend, where I noticed their usually white menu had changed to a new pinkish purple. But it looks like they simply raised their prices. Everything else was the same. Phew!

My wife was with me this time and wanted to try something different, so we went with “chinjao rosu”, which is like pepper steak, over noodles…

Another damn good dish!

And again, a side dish of that perfect pork…

All for 30 RMB, which is less than five dollars US!

In my mind, you cannot find a better meal in Shanghai for the price.

I do not have the actual address for this place, but if you go to the corner of Songshan Road and Taicang Road, right outside the Andaz Hotel, you take a left and it’s about eight doors down. Just look for the line.

Goto Kamaboko, Tokyo

As you all seem to be digging the recent posts about my tasty Tokyo deep-fried treats, here’s another one for you… the Oden Koroke, or “croquette”, at Goto Kamaboko in Togoshi Ginza…

Looking at it, you’d never know this unassuming store front, one of hundreds of shops on this street famous for delicious delicacies, sells one of Tokyo’s most unique eats. You see, this little case holds mouth-watering magic…

“Oden” is a Japanese dish traditionally served in winter, consisting of potatoes, fish cakes, daikon radish, beef tendon and tofu, stewed in a dashi broth. Here’s a version my mother-in-law made when we visited a few years back…

Well, at Goto Kamaboko they use the potato as a base and have found a way to incorporate all the other ingredients of oden into a deep-fried croquette that tastes just like the original…

It’s uncanny how all the different flavors, including the distinctive soy-based dashi, come through after being mashed and bathed in hot oil…

No need to wait for winter to enjoy the taste of oden anymore. And all for only 70 cents a piece!!


2-6-8, Togoshi Ginza

Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo