look at all the field players' faces

— american candy (02)

chapter → 01. / 02. 

pairing : reader x jeon jungkook
themes : smut / drama + angst / high school! au
warning! → graphic sexual content
keywords : dry-humping + oral sex 
word count : 9.0k 
summary : you’re seemingly content basking in the benefits of your newfound friendship with Jungkook — but everybody knows staying in the heat of the sun for too long can leave you burnt.

↳ a/n: everyone who has been waiting for this has the right to punch me in the face for taking this long to update. 9k words RIP. 

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just for a bit [ Sirius Black x Slytherin!Reader ]

some butt touching for my fave @gnargls

warnings: smut, cursing. likely nsfw.

Summary: “I don’t need your pity, Black.” / “What do you need from me, then?”

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‘And I’m on the bleachers’

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Requested:  can u make one where gray is a football player and ur in band and he’s always noticed u

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 1,580

Grayson Dolan x Reader

(y/f/n) = your friends name (y/l/n) = your last name

Hope you all enjoy! xx

I grabbed my tenor carrier and placed it on my shoulders, letting out a big sigh when our band director yelled for the drumline to hurry up.

“He’s a dick, you know?” (y/f/n) said placing the snare down on her carrier. 

I huffed, pulling my hair out from beneath the carrier and threw it up in a messy bun, grabbing my sticks off the shelf. 

“I really can’t fucking stand him anyways, making us come out here in like 94 degree weather and we have all this shit on. Like, why can’t we just march around and act like we’re playing?” I grumbled slowly walking down the stairs of our school stadium. 

“Yeah and it’s Tuesday which means we share the stadium with the football players.” (y/f/n) jumped off the last step almost falling over. 

“Hurry up drumline!” Our band director yelled.

“Fuck him. We still have to warm up anyways.” (y/f/n) was the drumline captain. She hardly did anything that our band director did and she truly didn’t care but damn did our drumline sound good. We were the best thing of this band. 

I let out a laugh and watched the football players warm up and some were mocking our group but hell, at least they don’t mock the drumline. My eyes landed on one football player - Grayson Dolan. Man, that kid had some good genes if I had to be honest. 

“Drumline!” I broke my gaze and looked over at our band director who you could tell from on the field that he was pissed at us. “Get to your set now! Silent rehearsal!” 

“Oh, drumline!” I looked over an seen the football players laughing. 

“Fuck them.” (y/f/n) mumbled walking to her set. 

Practice went by slower than ever. Our director was mainly yelling at us today but that was nothing new. I hated him with all my heart and soul. 

“Drumline, you owe me one lap!” He yelled over the intercom, the whole drumline groaning. 

I threw my sticks down and dropped my drum on the ground waiting for (y/f/n) to hurry up. 

“Come on.” I yelled fixing my bun. She yelled back and sat her drum down beside me and we began jogging. The football players were busy dancing around now since their practice was officially over for the day. My eyes landed on Grayson once again but this time, we both made eye contact, leaving Grayson there with a smirk plastered across his face. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” I whispered to (y/f/n), “I made eye contact with Grayson.” She looked back.

“He’s watching you.” She whispered. 

“Dammit.” I groaned earning a laugh from her. 

We finally did the lap and grabbed our drums. The rest of the line finished before us because we didn’t really care. 

“I can’t wait to see him Friday night.”

“See who?”

I jumped and turned around, Grayson was leaning against the wall with a smirk on his face still. 

“When did you get right there?” I furrowed my eyebrows.

“Don’t worry about it, but hey, I can’t wait to see you Friday night either, (y/n).” He winked at me and walked away leaving me there with my mouth wide open. 

“Okay!” (y/f/n) screamed giving you a slap on your butt.

“This is ridiculous.” 

It was finally Friday night and my nerves have been crazy ever since Grayson talked to me Tuesday afternoon. I haven’t been playing good at all and I haven’t even talked to my line barely. I’m just too nervous.

I walked into the school, my feet sliding against the floor. (y/f/n) was already at the drumline closet getting her stuff out. 

“Hey.” I mumbled leaning against the wall. 

“Hey!” She smiled at me and handed me my carrier. “Better not fuck up the banner tonight.” She yelled from the closet. 

I just laughed and threw my hair into another messy bun. I quickly said hey to the guard members and grabbed my uniform from the band room. The gym door flew opened, revealing Grayson and Ethan. Grayson winked at me and walked towards the field, leaving me there speechless once again. 

I sighed and shook my head tossing my uniform down on the ground, sliding down the wall. 

“Why does he have to notice me now?” I rubbed my face and looked over at (y/f/n).

“I don’t know but your head better be on straight.” She walked outside with the rest of the band leaving me there.

“Hurry up, (y/l/n).” I looked over an saw the band director, he shook his head then did the biggest eye roll ever.

I quickly got dressed and lined up with the rest of the line. We all walked down to the field and my eyes immediately went to number 47. He turned around and let out a smile when he saw you. Never has a football player noticed a band kid at our high school. (y/f/n) nudged me in the arm making me look forward and notice our director glaring at me. 

“You know he wants to talk to you right?” I looked over and furrowed my eyebrows at her.


“Well he does.”

Before I could answer, our director pulled me to the side and directed me to take my drum off. 

“(y/n), your drumming has been very off this week and you have been going in and out of space. I know I shouldn’t be doing this but I’m going to let you play tonight even though I shouldn’t. Get your head in the game and don’t fuck up.” he patted my back and walked away leaving me there pissed off. 

“Line up!” He yelled. 

I threw my drum back on and walked to my spot and let out a big sigh. 

Once the banner was finished, we all filed into the bleachers. My focus stayed on Grayson. I don’t know why he decided to talk to me all of the sudden but hell, I really loved the attention. Our high school was winning but they can all say thanks to Ethan and Grayson for getting all those touchdowns. 

“Get ready! They’re fixing to score again!” 

Grayson scored another touchdown making me scream. (Y/f/n) rolled her eyes and let out a laugh. Grayson looked back at me an winked making me blush. 

“Drumline, you’re cleaning the stadium tonight!” 

I rolled my eyes and tossed my sticks on the drum. 

“Chill it with the attitude, (y/l/n).”

“Fuck this, I’ll just go get the trash can.” I jogged down the stairs and grabbed the trash can, placing it underneath (y/f/n). I looked around and seen the twins taking pictures with their parents. It was their senior year and after every game, whether they won or lost, their family took pictures with them. I felt a smile creep onto my face.

“Yo (y/n).” I jumped and shoved (y/f/n)’s hands out of my face. “Come on, we’re done.” 

I put the trash can back and grabbed all my equipment and let out a sigh. Grayson probably wasn’t even going to talk to me. I mean, I’m not that popular anyways so what’s the point. 

“Later guys!” I laughed at (y/f/n).

“You’re so fake.” 

“It’s my duty to be nice to my line, (y/n).”

 I tossed my carrier on the rack, turning around and smacking into someones body. I jerked my head up and seen Grayson smiling down at me.

“Can we talk alone?” He questioned.


I grabbed my belongings and told (y/f/n) bye and walked with Grayson out to my car.

“So,” I mumbled tucking a piece of hair behind my ear.

“I- um- I was wondering if you actually wanted to go on a date with me?”

I let out a laugh and tossed my stuff in the backseat of my car.

“A date? With me? A stupid band kid. You know you’ll get made fun of.” 

He shrugged his shoulders and leaned against my car. “I hope you know (y/n) that you’re actually pretty known around the school and you’re quite popular. You aren’t like the other band kids, they’re nerds and you have a bit of spunk in you that just made me become attracted to you.”

I chuckled and rolled my eyes earning a sigh from him. “Really feel like this is a bet.” 

“It’s not!” He got closer to me, making me blush.


He cut me off by smashing his lips onto mine. I was shocked but soon relaxed into the kiss, letting my fingers get tangled in his hair. His tongue swiped across my bottom lip but I smirked, pulling back.

“What’s that for?” He mumbled pushing a piece of my fallen hair back.

“We haven’t even went on a first date and you already wanna swap spit. How classy.” I laughed and opened my car door. 

“Well, how about a date tomorrow night, at six?”

I raised my eyebrow and looked down, “Sure.” 

Grayson smiled and left a kiss on my cheek, “See ya later, (y/l/n).”

“See ya later, Dolan.” 

Grayson winked at me and jogged over to his car where his brother was busy playing on his phone. I can’t believe this is happening.

“So?” I jumped and turned around seeing (y/f/n) at her car smiling at me.

“Ya girl got a date tomorrow night at 6!” 

She squealed and gave me a high five over the top of her car.

“Good luck.” She gave me a wink and got into her car, driving off.

I smiled, turning my car on and backing out, looking over at Grayson who was steady watching my car. I bit my lip and drove off with my cheeks blushing and already wondering what I was going to wear tomorrow.

Nowhere but Here//Isaac Lahey

Request: nope! but you voted and ye shall receive! Everyone misses our fellow scarf boy, so hopefully this will help

Word count: 1,670

Warnings: none??


Autumn in Beacon Hills was one of the most beautiful places in the world, and one of the most stressful. The amount of work given this year, even in the first couple months of school had been rough. Stacks and piles of various reading assignments and worksheets could often be found scattered along my bedroom floor. I’d stayed up so late last night trying to study for an upcoming test, that by the time I looked at the clock on the wall, the numbers were blurred and my eyelids felt so heavy that I hadn’t had the energy to lift them again.

The next morning, I waited outside of the school for Isaac. I took deep breaths of the crisp fall air and watched as the red and orange leaves fell from the trees. The quiet rustle of the leaves was calming and my eyes once again began to feel heavy. I crossed my arms against my chest and leaned back against one of the stone column near the main doors. I let my eyelids flutter shut, but before they could close, I caught a glimpse of a curly haired boy coming towards me.

My arms fell to my sides and my eyes opened wide at the sight of him. A small laugh escaped my lips when I took in the full sight of him. His curly hair messily atop his head, bookbag and lacrosse bag slung over his shoulders, motorcycle helmet and lacrosse stick in one hand and a tray of coffee in the other, he truly was a beautiful mess, wasn’t he?  

I shook the thoughts of him out of my head and brought my eyes to meet his as he continued to walk towards me. As he got closer, my mouth began to open, expecting to greet him happily, but instead was replaced with a gasp. One of his long legs stepped up towards me, as the other was left behind and made contact with the curb of the sidewalk. A cup flung from his grasp and met the front of my shirt, hot liquid drenching it, and undoubtedly leaving a huge stain. I grabbed the hem of my shirt and held it outwards, away from my body in hopes for it to stop dripping.

Isaac regained his balance and looked up to see what had happened. His jaw dropped, and began apologizing profusely. “I am so sorry Y/N” he said quickly, eyes wide, as he brought his arm around my shoulder and escorted me inside. It took me a minute to understand why he’d been acting so weird but I quickly remembered the shirt I had been wearing was white. And you could see everything underneath. Wonderful.

Isaac fumbled with the zipper on his bag before rummaging through it and pulling out a spare jersey. “Here, wear this” he said, extending his arm out to me and bringing his azure eyes to mine. Afraid that I couldn’t string together a coherent sentence with the way he was looking at me, I gave him a quick “thanks” before rushing into the bathroom to change.

After slipping the soft fabric over my head, I took a minute to admire the way it looked in the small mirror hanging on the wall. The hem of the jersey stopped a third of the way down my thigh and the number fourteen draped across my chest. My fingers twirled through the fabric, letting my mind fill with thoughts of him. The way he smiled, the way his arms wrapped around me every time he hugged me.. My heart was full but also ached, he was just a friend and that was all he would ever be.

The sound of the door opening and a group of girls walking in broke me from my trance as I took a deep breathe and made my way back into the corridor. He stood there waiting for me, people watching in the hallway, only noticing my presence when I placed a hand on his arm. His eyes came straight to me, and scanned my body before speaking, “Lookin’ good, you ready?”. I nodded my head and broke eye contact, not wanting to see all the dirty looks and scowls that inevitably came with wearing Isaac Lahey’s lacrosse jersey.

After what felt like forever, we finally reached Scott and Stiles’s lockers. They stood there deep in conversation, only to be silenced when we walked up to them. They gave each other a look and then switched their gaze to Isaac and I. Oh no. My eyes went wide and I tried to stealthily shake my head “no” before they said anything, but I was too late. “So, Y/N, you finally told him huh?” Stiles teased, looking in between myself and Isaac. “It’s about time!” Scott added in, giving Isaac a pat on the shoulder. I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks and almost flinched when I heard Isaac’s voice.

“Told me what?”.

We all sat in silence for a few seconds before Scott directed his attention to me. I gave him a head shake and I could tell that he understood. The smile dropped from his face and right as Stiles began to speak, “That she- ow!” Scott elbowed him in the side. All three boys were now looking at me, my cheeks red, and tears starting to form in my eyes. The sound of the bell ringing allowed me to exhale the breath that I’d been holding in for so long, and gave me an excuse to leave. As I walked away, I could hear Isaac call my name, but I hadn’t any energy to deal with this right now.

Hours passed, tests were taken, and I was still avoiding Isaac. I couldn’t deal with the fact that after he knows, it could ruin our whole friendship. I care so much about him, and the thought of losing him made my heart ache even more than before. After school, the best thing I could think of doing was to hide under the covers, away from the world, so that’s what I did. That is, until Lydia showed up and pulled the comforter off, demanding I come to the lacrosse game with her.

“It’ll help take your mind off things Y/N, c’mon! Come with me!” she pleaded.

“He’ll be there Lyd, how is that going to help?” I question, looking down at the jersey I was still wearing, running my fingers over the fabric.

“Yes. He will be there. So either you can tell him how you feel, or get over him and scout out all the hot players on the other team” she says, pulling my hands into hers. “Plus, you’re already dressed for the game”.

After many more arguments with Lydia, I end up going to the lacrosse game with her anyways. I can’t feel like this forever, and if he doesn’t feel the same way back, why not try to move on already?

The bright lights shine over the field, as fans pile into the stands. The gentle breeze flies through the bleachers, and through my hair as we find our seats and wait for the game to start. As the players run onto the field, the crowd cheers, and the moonlight shines. The referee blows the whistle for the game to start and Coach Finstock rounds up all of his starting players, Isaac and Scott being two of them. Scott finds Lydia and I in the crowd and shoots me an apologetic look, to which I respond with a nod and a small smile. Isaac, however, tries to figure out what Scott was looking at, and to his surprise, finds me. I muster up a smile, and he looks away. I can’t tell what the expression on his face was with his back turned, but I can’t imagine it was a happy one.

As the game went on, thoughts of Isaac whirled through my head. And when it was over, he was all I could think about. Lydia and I stayed back after the game ended and watched as all the other fans dispersed. Only a few people remained on the field and both teams were packing up their equipment. Lydia found Scott and Stiles, who both gave me an apology before leaving, as I stayed and waited for Isaac. I leaned against his motorcycle and waited for him to emerge from the team locker room. I waited there for what seemed like forever, looking down at my hands, letting my thoughts take over.


His voice broke me from my thoughts, and his appearance left me speechless. His curls still messy, and his lean figure engulfed in a lacrosse hoodie, blue eyes meeting mine the closer he came to me. I shifted my gaze to anywhere but his eyes, needing to be able to think clearly. “Look, Isaac, I know what Scott and Stiles said earlier made things a little awkward but I-”

Just then, he brought his hands to my cheeks and his lips to mine. The kiss was passionate, just as I’d imagined it would be. I brought my hands to rest on his forearms, as our foreheads pressed against each other. “-Like you” I whispered, finishing my sentence. “I didn’t know what to say to you, but I couldn’t lose you Isaac. Not you”. I let the tears in my eyes spill over, not being able to hold them in any longer. He pulls his head away from mine to look at me, wiping away any stray tears with his thumb before wrapping his arms around me. “You won’t Y/N, you never will”. With his strong arms around me, shielding me from the chilling autumn wind, I finally felt free. I have him by my side and there’s no other place we’d rather be.

Writer’s Note: Thank you all for voting on the Isaac imagine and I hope you like it! As always, a special thanks to my girl Sammie for beta reading and for moral support :)

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love me right ❖ jongdae


@baekfanapleintemps requested: 🤴 exo’s chen + exo’s love me right 

genre: fluff, slice of life, football player! au
i’m deeply sorry for the long wait, hope you like it, buttercup ♡
- velvet

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

You gripped at Jongdae’s arm, dragging him quickly with you around the corner of the football field. The air that night was amazing, the summer was always closer and the warmness of it was tickling your hair as you hid with Jongdae from all the people’s eyes.

At first he looked at your form with confused eyes, but when your face came into his visual he gifted you the best smile he had, his eyes turning in little moons that made butterflies ran around your stomach in feast. You smiled back at him, the biggest smile you ever gave him as you laced your arms around his neck, hugging him close to you.

He was all sweaty, his football uniform still on, all covered in dirt and sweat. He quickly wrapped his arms around your waist, picking you up and spinning a couple of times on his place.

You came❞ he breathed in your hair, your smile growing only wider.

Of course I did, I would never miss my boyfriend’s last game❞ you cooed taking his head in your hands and dropping a couple of quick pecks on his lips, his smile never leaving his beautiful face.

It has been almost a week since you last saw Jongdae, finals were always closer and you had to study all the time, he even thought you forgot about his last game in high school before entering university, but of course you didn’t. You loved him too much, you always thought of him, just like he thought daily of you, so that morning you woke up early, you went to school and after going home, you decided not to study for once and just pamper yourself to go and see your boyfriend play his last game.

How was I?❞ he asked, his voice lowering and melting honey in your ears. His eyes and smile were now flirty as he took your hands on his cheeks and lowered, holding onto them as his face tilted.

You hummed, a stupid smile on your face, you looked so in love, everybody in school envied you, the most normal girl who somehow managed to capture one of the football players eyes. Needless to say last two years in school were a fairy tale, your life looked as if you were the protagonist of your own romance book. Jongdae was perfect, he gave you all you needed, love, need, passion, a person to wake up to and a shoulder where to lean when you needed help.

You did so good❞ you mumbled enchanted by his eyes as you leaned and pecked him slowly, this time your lips molding with one another. His calloused fingers reached for your cheek and his smile dropped, his lips caressing yours. He sucked slightly on your bottom lip, the ring on his thumb cold against your skin as he caressed your cheek, his lips doing wonders over yours.

Baby, I missed you so much❞ he murmured parting just slightly, his lips touching yours and his tongue darting out from time to time to lick in your mouth. You couldn’t do anything but keep your eyes closed and moan against his lips. You missed him too, like hell and you couldn’t wait for summer break to stay with him all the time.

I couldn’t stop thinking about you

You smiled, your cheeks starting to take a sweet red colour that he loved. Your relationship was working for two years now, but he loved the fact that he still managed to make you all shy like the beginning, when he used to sneaked behind you in the library to flirt in some kind of way.

He has always been so good at flirting, but with you, he was even better because he really wanted you and not just your attention for a night.

You hummed and lowered your head, his lips now touching your nose, but his hand still there. ❝I missed you too

Jongdae snuggled his nose into your neck, lowering to be able to smell your perfume, he smelled flowers after the smell of sweat that he had to deal with all the game. He dropped small kisses at the base of your neck, over your naked shoulder, biting down a little at the end.

Let’s go to the Golden Rose Cafeteria, I want to celebrate the winning❞ he bit down harder taking your hand and starting to walk into the changing rooms.

You widened your eyes, but followed Jongdae around. ❝And the others?

They’ll be fine, I have a girlfriend to take care of

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Daddy Lessons

In which Bitty comes out to his Daddy. (The mom version)

Read on Ao3

It sounded like the beginning of a joke. Two Bittles walk into a den.

Eric stood awkwardly in front of his dad’s gigantic trophy case, his body slouched and his fingers intertwined in front of him. His adrenaline was still soaring from the conversation he’d just had with his mother and he could still catch a faint hint of smoke clinging to his button-down.

The elder Bittle was sitting in his favorite navy blue recliner, the hideous and torn one that had been banned from the living room after one (or ten) too many years of service. He held his ipad aloft in front of him as he scrolled through a sports news feed with a scowl. His body language was open, but intimidating, just like always. Richard had a habit of completely filling up every room he was in without meaning to.

The easy commanding presence was great for coaching, not so much for parenting. He knew that his son found it intimidating. The boy was far too soft-hearted for his own good, never wanting to bother or upset anyone. Afraid to speak up for himself for fear of being considered a burden.

Polite to a fault that kid. Just like his mama.

It wasn’t that Eric was afraid of his father. Of course not. He was afraid of disappointing him. Of not living up to his expectations and legacy.

It was the worst kind of fear. Self-imposed and corrosive. Everpresent. A lens that had colored every interaction between the two of them for more than half of Eric’s life, starting with the disaster that was his very first football game.

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Quidditch (Drarry)

Quidditch had always been important to the Hogwarts students, but to the eighth years, it had become the school’s huge obsession- not only that, it had become a way for them to block any memories of the previous year or so. This match, in particular, was special: Slytherin vs. Gryffindor, with Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter taking their standard places as Seekers, although it had been up for debate, considering all that had happened. But they both had emerged on the field with their brooms, and as the match started, the cheers from all houses echoed throughout the Quidditch pitch, making everybody forget how many were missing, at least temporarily. The two teams were sending everyone into a fervor, and many people were wearing their first grin in months as the Snitch was released. Harry Potter, in particular, was having a grand time playing Quidditch, even with Malfoy’s teasing.
“Oi, Potter!” the aforementioned Slytherin taunted. “You think that just because you’re the Boy Who Lived Twice now, means that you’re going to win this match?”
“Oh, bug off, Malfoy,” Harry shot back, in reality feeling grateful that he was playing his old rival again, and that he was being teased. Malfoy had seemed defeated for most of the year, and so Harry was weirdly pleased that he seemed to be back to normal, at least temporarily.
“You think you’re so clever then, don’t you?” Malfoy retorted in turn, before diving out of the way. Harry whipped his broom around, thinking that his rival had seen the Snitch, before he felt a sharp blow to his head and he fell off his broom, out before he hit the ground.
———- * * *
From the stands, it was easy to see what had happened. A Bludger had hit Harry straight in the head, definitely knocking him out. There was a quiet gasp, but no more than that; Harry had survived much more than a blow to the head and a relatively short fall to the ground. Most people were more distressed about the fare of the Quidditch match. With Harry out of play, Slytherin would almost surely win. Everyone’s eyes were on Malfoy, preparing for the inevitable moment when he’d spot the Snitch. But Draco wasn’t looking for the Snitch- instead, he was slowly making his way to the ground, looking conflicted as he did so.
“What’s Malfoy doing?” Ron Weasley asked his girlfriend, Hermione. Hermione shook her head, dumbfounded herself. Both of them kept their eyes fixated onto the Slytherin Seeker.
“Can’t even stay conscious long enough to finish a Quidditch match, can you, Potter?” Malfoy spat when he finally landed next to Harry’s still form, though his voice seemed to lack any of his normal venom. He hesitated just a moment more before gathering the Gryffindor Seeker up into his arms and walking off the field, hiding his face from the stands. The entire field was silent as they watched them go; even the match had ceased.
“Time out!” Madam Hooch finally called, after a few moments of awkward, waiting silence. All the Quidditch players landed on the field before walking off as a single group, the other students close behind.
* * *
“He’s going to be fine,” Madam Pomfrey assured Draco as he sat by Harry’s bed, scowling and shifting uncomfortably.
“Why should I care?” Malfoy spat back just a little too quickly. “I don’t care about stupid Potter.” Madam Pomfrey made a knowing face at him, and walked away. Malfoy turned his head back to look at his still unconscious rival. “You better be alright, Potter,” he muttered. “I didn’t carry your stupid arse here for you not to be.” He paused for a moment, grabbed Harry’s hand and blushed red, although no one could see it. “I do love you, in case you haven’t noticed yet. I thought I hated you, but really…” Draco paused. “I only hated the way I didn’t hate you.”
Harry opened his eyes. “And to you as well, Malfoy,” he replied. Malfoy jumped and almost punched Harry in the face.
“How much of that did you hear?” he demanded to know. Harry sat up gingerly in his bed, his head still aching.
“I heard enough,” he replied, before taking his free hand and pulling Malfoy’s head towards his for a gentle kiss. They only separated upon hearing a gasp from the hallway, and they turned as one to see the two Quidditch teams staring at them. Malfoy scowled, and shooed them away.
“We’re having a moment, if you don’t mind,” he snarled at them. Several of the teammates smiled, before they left the two Seekers alone together, as they both should have been all along.

Back in Russia - Alex Galchenyuk

Originally posted by jonnytazers

Notes: i rly like this one a lot and im not sure if it captures the angsty stuff the requester wanted, but i hope so!! flashbacks are in italics

Warnings: angst, kind of a shitty ending

Request: Hey pal! Your imagines are so good. I was wondering if you could write an imagine with Chucky and the prompt be the first time he sees Reader in years since leaving Russia at fifteen?? And it’s just a lot of angst.

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Archie Andrews - (Y/N) One Shot/Imagine
Word Count:
(A/N): Requests are still open! Follow my Instgram @diariesstydia! 

During the summer Archie and you had become closer than you had ever been. Even thought Betty, Archie and you had always been friends because you all had lived next to each other, something had changed in the relationship between Archie and you. The tension grew ticker and everyone around you and everyone started to notice.

Originally posted by misunderstood-adventures

Tonight was a game night at Riverdale High. Everyone had been excited all day because of how well the Riverdale football team had been doing latetly. Not only was the football team making some progress but also the cheerleaders - which you were the captain of - were doing great this season. 

“Okay, guys,“ you began your regular speech in the locker room of the girls. You felt more nervous about te game of this night than you usually did about any other game. 
“Tonight we’re going to do awesome and sweep everyone off their feet,“ you said. A short and simple but effective speech. 

“Sounds like you want to sweep Archie off his feet,“ Cheryl yelled at you when you had finished your speech.
Even if Cheryl and you weren’t best friends, you got along quit well and you liked her as a schoolfriend to have some fun with from time to time.

You just pretended to not hear Cheryl comment and just go on with preparing yourself for the game. But was it true what she had said? Were you this nervous to do well because of a praticular ginger boy? Maybe you were, no not maybe, you were defenitly nervous because of him.


While the whole cheerleading squad were preforming, slowly all of the football players came on the field. They looked ready to play and to win. 
Now everyone was cheering loudly. Cheering for the football players but as well as the cheerleader who were preforming a masterpiece.

After the last number had stopped, you and the other cheerleaders stopped. Every cheerleader went to the tribunes to watch the game, but you uncontionally walked over to Archie who was also making his way towards you.

The butterflies were flattering in your stomach when Archie had formed his beautiful smile on his face. 

“You did a wonderful job back there,“ Archie complimented you as soon as you were standing just inches from each other. You could feel some eyes watching Archie and you. And without even looking for confirmation, you knew that Betty, Veronica, Kevin and Cheryl defenitly were included in those people.

“Thank you, Archie,“ you said while you tried your best not to let your cheeks turn bright red, but you failed. You could feel that your cheecks had reddened immensly.
“I am sure that you’ll do great tonight,“ you continued.

“As long as you are cheering, I will.”

“I’ll always cheer for you, Andrews,“ you said. After Archie had realised exactly what you had said, his sweet, innocent smiled turned into a sexy grin. That guy right across of you made you weak in your knees and made your cheecks turn into tomatoes.

“I count on it. But just to be sure,“ Archie said. And before you could ask how it would be sure of it, he pressed his lips against yours.

Even thought almost the whole school was watching and lots of people were cheering you two on, it felt like you were in your own bubble. His lips against yours felt perfect and right. 

“I’ll see you after the game, cutie,“ Archie said after you two ended your passionate yet sweet kiss.

Without you being able to say the same, he left to go to his team mates - who were giving him high fives and saying how well he had done - after he had given you one, last, sweet kiss on your red cheeks.

Hear me out ~ Harry Potter imagine

Can you do a imagine where my character Ally is a slytherin and she’s best friends with Draco, then Ally has a huge crush on harry and Draco disapprove and talks to Harry about it and threshing him and you can make up the rest

~Hear me out~

“Good luck, Draco!”, “Win it for Slytherin!”,  "Don’t lose" said the kids from Slytherin as he walked into the Great Hall. Today, Slytherin and Gryffindor were going to compete in a quidditch game. Draco was your best friend, and as much as you wanted to cheer for him, a part of you still wanted a special boy on the Gryffindor team to win. 

Draco sat in front of you at the Slytherin table and began helping himself to the breakfast in front of him. “Are you ready for the match?” You asked, poking at your food with a fork. “We’re gonna mop the floors with Gryffindor” Draco said, and that’s all you heard until you zoned out. You were gazing over at the Gryffindor table, looking at the boy you’ve been crushing on. 

“(Y/N), are you listening to me?” Draco said, snapping his fingers in front of your face. You switched back to reality. “Yes, of course” You said, patronizing him. He glared at you as you stared behind him again. “Who are you staring at?” He asked, turning around and following your gaze. He finally figured it out. 

“Please don’t tell me you like that git, Potter” He said in a disgusted tone. “Okay, I won’t tell you” You said, looking down at your plate. 


"Okay, I like Harry” You finally said, setting your fork down. Draco groaned. “You could do so much better” He said. 

“It’s not like he’d ever date me. He hates our house. He wouldn’t want anything to do with a girl from Slytherin” You said sadly. Draco let out a sigh, looked at you, then looked at Harry, and back at you.

~Before the quidditch match~

Draco walked up to Harry before he went into the locker room and stopped him in his tracks. “What do you want, Malfoy?” Harry spat. “We need to talk” Draco said, trying to pull Harry aside. 

“I don’t care about anything you have to say, so-" 

"Potter, just hear me out" 

Harry was silent for a moment, and then finally spoke. "What is it?" 

"Look, I have this friend, and she fancies you quite a lot for reasons I don’t even know”


“Her name’s (Y/N). Just meet up with her after today’s match in the astronomy tower" 

"Malfoy, I’m not-”

“Just do it, okay?! This is really important to her" 

Harry sighed. "Fine" 

They separated and walked to their locker rooms. You sat in the stands, looking at the field. Finally, all the players flew out, and the match began. Even though you cheered for Draco, you still mentally cheered for Harry. 

~After the match~

"Gryffindor wins!” Shouted the speaker. A small grin appeared on your face amongst a crowd of angry Slytherins. You ran out to meet up with Draco, and when you did, he said nothing but “Go to the astronomy tower”. So you did. 

You reached the top of the tower and almost screamed when you saw who was standing there. It was Harry.

You cleared your throat, trying to get his attention. He quickly turned around, saw you, and smiled. “It’s you? You’re (Y/N)” Harry asked. You nodded. 

“I’ve always wanted to talk to you. I hope you don’t think that I didn’t notice you staring at me all the time” He chuckled. You laughed a long, your cheeks turning red. “Hey, it’s okay” He smiled. 

You and Harry began to chat all about random things, and he began to realize that you and him had a lot in common.

“So, you’ve always wanted to talk to me? But, I’m a Slytherin; you hate Slytherins, don’t you?” You asked, walking towards him. 

“Yeah, but you don’t seem to notice when I stare at you" 

Your cheeks became redder. "C-come again?” You stuttered. 

“Before I met you, I used to think you were the most beautiful girl in the class. I’d always wanted to know your name, but I was never able to ask. Now that we’re actually talking, I’ve noticed that you and I have a lot in common” He paused

You blushed and shyly smiled. 

“It’s getting late. But, I’d like to do this again. How about we meet here again tomorrow night?" 

"Sure” You said, still smiling. He pulled you into a hug, his back turned to the staircase behind him, where Draco stood silently hidden, but you could see him. 

“I owe you” You mouthed to him. 

Harry pulled away, gave you a kiss on the cheek, and left. 

The next day, you waited impatiently, wishing time could go faster so you could see Harry again.


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Injured Football Player Ch 9

Originally posted by avengeyourbucky

Summary: Bucky’s surgery day finally comes and he is nervous that he wont be the player that he use to be, so the reader comforts him.

Word Count: 1192

A/N: Hey guys. I figured that I would post this part. It isn’t the greatest, but I tried. I’m doing better than I was yesterday. Thanks for understanding.

(Chapter 8)

 Bucky’s surgery day came quickly. The days leading up to it, you were running around making sure that everything was ready for when he came home. You didn’t want Bucky to have to worry about any except healing.

 The night before his surgery, Bucky said he wasn’t worried about it. You went along with him and suggested that you guys go to bed being that you had to be up at 4:30 the next morning to head to the hospital. You both curled into bed and within minutes you were asleep.

 You turned over and put a hand out to Bucky. When it hit an empty bed, your eyes shot open to see an empty, dark room.

 "Buck?“ You called out from bed. When you heard nothing you walked out of the room and you heard a TV on down stairs. You made your way downstairs to find Bucky sitting in the den watching old football videos of himself.

 You let out a sigh and walked up to him, "Bucky?”

 He turned and looked at you, “Hey, did I wake you?” He pulled you into his lap. 

 "No, but what are you doing up? We have to leave for the hospital in three hours,“ you stretched your arm around his neck.

 "I couldn’t sleep,” he mumbled, giving you a sad smile.

 "Why are you watching old highlight reels?“

 He sighed, "I’m just worried, babe.”

 "About what?“

 "What if I’m not good anymore? What if after all these surgeries, I can’t play like I use to? And what if the Cowboys cut me and no one picks me up? I don’t want my career to be over yet, I’m not ready for that.”

 "Bucky Barnes,“ you turned his face to look at you, "you will be as good as new after this surgery. The Cowboys will not drop you, you know why? Because you are an amazing player, who works harder than anyone else on the field.”

 "I am worried that I won’t be at 100% anymore. I have to be at 100%,“ he looked down.

 He was worried that his dad would say he was good enough anymore. He was the hardest person on Bucky. When you two started dating, Bucky rarely talked about his family, and he didn’t introduce you to them for almost six months. The whole time you guys were with them, his dad was criticizing Bucky. Every time you guys see his family it is always like that.

 You sighed and ran your fingers through his hair, "Bucky, don’t worry about George. You won rookie of the year, MVP, scored the Super Bowl winning touchdown and you are the best wide receiver that team has ever had. If your dad can’t accept that and be proud of you, then screw him.”

 Bucky laughed at your comment, “You’re right. I know I can always count on you and your family to cheer me on no matter what.”

 "Damn right, Barnes! Now,“ you patted his leg, "will you please come to bed and get some sleep?”

 He nodded and followed you out of the den. You held his hand as you led him up the stairs to the bedroom.

 You were sitting in the waiting room while they got Bucky ready for surgery. You mom and dad were sitting on each side of you reading a paper and doing a word search.

 "Ms. Y/L/N, you can come back and sit with you fiancé before we take him back,“ the nurse smiled at you.

 You jumped up and pretty much sprinted to Bucky’s room with your parents walking behind you.

 When you walked in you smiled at the sight of Bucky in the hospital gown, and hair net, "I don’t think I have ever wanted you more than I do right now.”

 He snorted, “Shut up,” he patted the bed.

 You walked up and kissed him, sitting down on the edge of the bed, “You look good.”

 "Knock, knock, knock,“ you mom said as she walked in.

 "Hey you guys,” Bucky smiled at the sight of your parents. Bucky loved your parents and viewed the as if they were his parents. You parents loved Bucky more than any other guy you had been with.

 Your mom walked over and kissed his cheek, “How ya feeling, darlin?”

 "Better now that you guys are here to sit with Y/N,“ he smiled, "Thank you guys.”

 "Anything for you, son,“ your dad patted Bucky’s leg.

 "Alright you guys,” the nurse walked back in, “We are going to take him back now.”

 "Okay,“ your mom kissed Bucky on the cheek, "I love you sweetheart.”

 "I love you too, De,“ he squeezed her hand.

 "We will be waiting when you come out,” your dad patted his foot.

 Bucky nodded.

 "Can I walk with him?“ you asked clenching his hand.

 "You can walk till we get to the OR wing,” the nurse smiled as she started getting him ready.

 As they moved him down the hall, you held tight to his hand.

 "I’ll give you two a minute,“ the nurse walked away.

 You leaned down and kissed Bucky’s lips, then peppered kisses over his face, "I love you James Buchanan Barnes.”

 He brushed your cheek with his thumb, “I love you more.”

 "I’ll be here when you wake up,“ you kissed his hand.

 "Time to go back Mr. Barnes,” the nurse came back.

 You ducked down and gave him one more kiss, “See ya in a bit.”

 "I’ll see you on the flip side,“ he smiled.

 You watched as they wheeled him away.

 You mom walked up next to you, "He will be out before you know it.”

 You nodded and walked to the waiting room.

 After three hours you began pacing, “He should have been out an hour ago!" 

 "Y/N, sugar, they are probably just taking their time” your dad said.

 You shook your head, “Something feels off.”

 "Darlin’ there is nothing to worry about,“ Mom said, "Come sit down with me." 

 You sat down and felt so anxious that you were going to throw up.

 About ten minutes later, Dr. Banner walked out and smiled, "Hey there.”

 You jumped up, “Is he okay? Did everything go okay? What took so long?”

 He put his hands on your shoulders, “Y/N, he did perfectly. Everything went great. His shoulder will be good as new. He is in recovery right now. You will be able to see him in about 15 minutes.”

 You let out a sigh,“ "Thank you Dr. Banner!”

 "See, nothing to worry about,“ you mom hugged you.

 The nurse came out and told you could see Bucky. You walked into the room and saw Bucky sitting up in his bed.

 He looked over and smiled, "There is my sexy girl.”

 You chuckled as you walked over to him, “Hi baby. How you feeling?”

 "I’m feelin’ great. How about some sugar, sugar?“

 You shook your head and leaned down to kiss his lips.

 "That’s some good sugar,” he pulled you back and kissed you again.

 You pulled away and kissed his forehead, “Get some sleep, Buck.”

 "Yes ma'am,“ he mumbled, "Love you.”

 "Love you too,“ you smiled.

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just friends (stiles stilinski au ft derek hale)

National Suicide Hotline (USA): 1-800-784-8433

Hotline Masterpost

I love you all. I’m sorry times are tough, and I hope you see clear skies and rainbows from here on out. I hope you see a beautiful snow storm and a nice cozy thunderstorm with a cup of hot tea in hand.

Plot: Feelings don’t come in to play until you realize that what could’ve been is being threatened by what is.

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader, Derek Hale x Reader

Warnings: attempted suicide (graphic and emotional), language, protective!Stiles

A/N: sorry about the drought, the lack of writing! this is an old piece that is redone to fit Teen Wolf Characters. Stiles is a jock in this, Derek is a tatted punk turned jock, and Scott McCall is the angel that he’s always been. I really hope this isn’t too bad. I love y’all and I”m sorry I have writer’s block. Let me know what you think! XOXOX (no gifs are mine!!!)

Damn it! I knew this would happen. It’s your best friend’s first college football game and you’re already running late. You promised him you’d be there early, but noooo! You had to take a nap and snooze your damn alarm. Screw it. You brush on some mascara and toss on some skinny jeans with your school sweater before running down, phone in hand. Thankfully, your dorm was a five minute walk from the football stadium.

Originally posted by wolfiestoday

You made it to the field just as the choir finished performing the national anthem. Stiles was looking around before his eyes finally landed on you and he heaved a sigh of relief. You smile widely and wave at him as the teams make their way onto the field. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Stiles’ girlfriend Leslie holding hands with another player. You shake your head and brush the negative thoughts out of your head, thinking that maybe that’s her brother or really good friend. Stiles and Lydia have been together for a few years; she wouldn’t cheat on him. You shrug and focus your attention on the game.

As part of your ritual, you send Stiles a good luck text and tell him you love him. This has happened in someway shape or form for about the last ten years before every game of his. You’ve been friends with the dork since you were five and he was six. He was a few months older than you and teased you about it every chance he got. You lived right next door to each other all throughout middle- and high school. Stiles was always the popular bad-boy jock that all the girls drooled over, and you were his nerdy, semi-popular semi-depressed, counterpart. You two managed to remain friends through the years & prove to everyone that brunettes actually have more fun. And now, here he was, paving his way to greatness in his first college football game of his career. You couldn’t be prouder of him.

A couple years ago, Stiles was going through a rough patch. It was your sophomore year and his parents were going through a divorce. You helped him through it and he managed to pull himself out. Although he claimed that Leslie was his light at the end of the tunnel, I think he was doing perfectly fine himself.

A loud whistle brings you back to the present just as your team scores a touchdown! Stiles is the quarterback and he tossed the ball straight to the wide receiver who ran to the end of the field and scored your team six points. The crowd’s gone wild, you’re jumping up and screaming for Stiles as the group of guys next to you pull up their shirts and reveal “NOTRE DAME” spelled out on their stomachs. Derek Hale, the dreamy receiver who scored a touchdown, does a little dance and makes the crowd cheer even louder.

The game went on and at the end of the fourth quarter, you were neck-to-neck. Notre Dame was up by three points and your enemy aka the University of Indiana had the possession. There were 12 seconds left and Indy was 10 meters away from a touchdown. Everyone was at the edge of their seats as the seconds ticked by and Indy’s quarterback let the ball fly. You held your breath as one of their players seemed set to grab it, but you were all joyously taken by surprise when your cornerback intercepted the ball as the clock ran out. Everyone got on their feet and screamed in both shock and happiness. You laugh and make your way down the bleachers to see Stiles, only to be stopped as you reach the field. You look up and are met with a familiar face smirking down at you.

You smile back up at Derek. He looked oddly familiar. Sure, you saw him around campus a few times as he was a star football player, but you had never been so close to him. Holy hell, were you missing out.

“Hey there!” He smirks at your obvious staring as he yells over the crowd’s cheering. “Did you enjoy the game?”

“Hey, Derek,” you blush and look down slightly, almost peering over his shoulder to look for Stiles before looking back up at him. “I very much did enjoy the game. That was a great catch, by the way! Indy didn’t see you coming!”

“Thank you.” Now it was his turn to blush. “I didn’t know a beautiful girl such as yourself followed our games this closely.”

“Oh, I’m Y/N,” you smile and hold your hand out for him to shake, which he quickly accepts. “I won’t miss any regular season games. My best friend is on the team, Stiles?”

“So you’re the best friend he asked us to stay away from! Is he keeping you for himself, or?” He looks at you, questioningly as his eyes widen in realization.

“No, he’s dating Leslie,” you chuckle and smile, removing your hand from Derek’s. “He’s just super over protective of me. Speaking of the rascal, where is he? I ran here for him!”

“He probably went to the locker room with Leslie to get some post-game action.” Derek laughs and shakes his head as you gag.

“I don’t need that image. I see it enough already!” You laugh and nudge him as the player who caught the interception walks over and eyes you up and down.

“What do we have here?” He winks at you and you shake your head.

“Just because you helped us win our first game doesn’t mean that you get a pass with that comment.” You give him a teasing glare as he raises an eyebrow. “No passes, but that was a super cool catch, a life-saving one actually.”

He blushes and smiles widely, dimples popping out in both cheeks. “I’m Scott. Scott McCall.”

And before you’re able to respond, Stiles comes out from behind them and engulfs you in a hug.

“STILES OH MY GOD!!!” You squeal as he laughs and spins you around, obviously moving you away from his two teammates.

“Did you see my throw?!” Stiles puts you down and becomes really passionate as he speaks about the one thing he loves the most: football. “I didn’t think I would make the pass, but then I remembered your text and I just threw the ball and BAM, Hale with the touchdown!”

“I did see your throw! It was a beautifully executed throw with a solid catch by Derek,” by this time, Derek & Scott have made their way over to you and they’re both blushing wildly.

“Bro, why didn’t you tell us your best friend was so beautiful? And into sports?!” Scott punched Stiles lightly in the shoulder as he slightly tenses, trying to keep his cool composure as his teammates drool over his best friend..

“Because you buffoons would react exactly like this.” Stiles forces out a chuckle and smiles at his friends.

As he and Scott continued their talk, Derek walks over and looks at you, just staring before something clicked both in his head and in yours. You knew he looked familiar! Derek opens his mouth to say something, but you grab Stiles before he has a chance to.

“Alright, goodbye boys. Stiles will see you in practice and I will be at your next game.” You smile at both of them and leave with your best friend, trying your best not to look back.

Crap that was too close.

You pull Stiles away from Derek and Scott, leaving him slightly confused but still very happy. Once you reach the university campus, you slow down and look up at your best friends cute smile.

“I’m proud of you, Stiles,” you smile and wrap your arms around him as you walk through campus.

“Thank you, Y/N.” He smiles and kisses your forehead. “I’m sorry for leaving you to deal with the knuckleheads after the game.”

“It’s okay. I heard you and Leslie got in some quick action after the game,” you chuckle and wiggle your eyebrows at him as you near his dorm.

“We got in some quick but very good action in after the game,” Stiles smirks, swiping his ID and letting you into the building. You two walk past the RA and into the elevator; Stiles lived on the third floor but you were feeling lazy. “You’re staying over tonight, right?”

“Yes, sir. Unless you want to kick me out to get some more action?”

“No, I think I could get some action in with you.” Stiles playfully slams your back against the elevator wall and stands over you as you look up at him, rolling your eyes and trying your hardest not to blush.

“Please, babe. That’s not possible,” you pull away just as the elevator dings and the doors open, dragging him out by his hand. "Let’s go to your room so we can sleep. I have an early class tomorrow.”

You walk into Stiles’ dorm, using your spare key to open the door and trying to push down any unwarranted feelings for the doofus. You close his door and head to his bedroom to look for any clothes you may have left over previous times. You frown when you don’t see anything of yours around.

“Stiles!” I stand in the middle of his bedroom with my arms crossed, more from confusion than anything.

“Yes?!” He runs in and cups your face, checking for any injuries. “What happened? Did you hurt yourself? Is something wrong?”

“No! No, I’m okay!”

"I’m sorry. I just got scared,” he smiles and wraps his arms around you, oddly worried.

“I’m fine, I promise. Now, come on. Find me a shirt because I can’t find any of mine.” He laughs and kisses your head, pulling away .

“That’s because I’m doing laundry. Actually, my roommate is. Hale’s doing laundry.” Stiles reaches into a drawer and pulls out an oversized t-shirt. “Here you go.”

“Wait… Derek is doing your laundry?! I had underwear here!” You blush and groan, covering your face as Stiles chuckles.

“Don’t worry, he won’t do anything. I’ve warned them all!”

“I think you want me to die alone.” You pout and head to the bathroom to change, Stiles’ laughter ringing through his room.

You change and step back into the bedroom, only to find him sound asleep and in his boxers. You turn off the lights and lay next to Stiles. He cuddles close and moments later, you begin to drift off.

Flashback in a Dream

You graduated last week, top of the world and happy as can be. Of course, your happiness doesn’t seem to last. It was like you had everything but wanted nothing. You were so tired of yourself, of all the burdens you carried around. You couldn’t even wear your favorite dress to graduation because your stupid arms and legs were covered in scars. You hated yourself. You wanted this shit life to end. And what better place to end it than at the lighthouse?

It was around seven in the evening, a nice chilly summer night. You told your parents You’d go for a quick walk and be back. They both smiled and asked you to get home quickly, little did they know you wouldn’t make it back at all. You had a bottle of wine in your bag and a razor in your pocket. You chuckled sadly and ran the razor across your arms and legs and stomach, each cut an angry thought. You looked at your phone to see Stiles calling you for the fifteenth time. You shook your head and let the phone ring. You loved him, and that’s why you couldn’t–wouldn’t hurt him. He couldn’t know about this.

“Hello?” You heard a voice behind you and turned around. He was tall, and he was so so handsome. He had tattoos up and down his arms and across his bare chest, his green eyes were narrowed as he took in your crumpled appearance.

You quickly (drunkenly) hid your hands as he walked closer, feeling yourself dim out slowly. “What’s up?”

“Why are you here by yourself? And why are you hiding your hands?” He reached back to grab your arms and you let out a soft yelp.

“Ow!” You whimper and pull your hands out, slurring your words as your emotions get the best of you. “I’m fucking depressed. I’m suicidal. I hate myself. Is that what you wanted to hear?!”

He quickly shakes his head no as you black out.

You keep drifting in and out of a daze for what seems like days before you finally wake up. Your eyes begin to adjust to the dim lighting and you see someone asleep with their head on the side of the bed. You softly nudge the person and he looks up, alarmed. It was the guy from the other night. Which meant… you weren’t dead.

“D-did you save me?” You whisper, your voice hoarse from the lack of water in your system. He notices and hands you water before answering.

“I- I just brought you back here. I didn’t know if you’d make it, but–oh my god. OH MY GOD.” He exclaimed, looking at you as though he’d just realized that you’re awake. “You’re alive!” He laughed and leaned down to pay a celebratory kiss against my forehead.

“Why did you save me?” You whisper the dreaded question, managing to stop his celebrations as he looked at you, both confused and angry.

“Did you expect me to let you die?! No. Hell no,” He shook his head, barely able to look you in the eye. “You deserve a second chance. This is it. Life is fucking hard, and believe me I know it. I’m upset when I have no right to be. I’m given everything and I want nothing, but I will not die. I will not let my depression beat me. And I sure as hell won’t let it beat you, Y/N.” He looked at you, almost reiterating your own speech to you as you stared at him in awe. “I checked your ID, that’s how I know your name.”

You nod slowly and begin to sit up. “T-thank you..?”

“Derek. My name is Derek.” He smiled at you as he realized that his words registered.

“As you know, my name is Y/N,” you held out your hand and he shook it. “Thank you for saving my life.”

“Not a problem. I don’t want you to be like this anymore. Please promise me. No more.”

“No more.” You smiled at him, tears brimming in your eyes as he held out a pinky and you hook yours with his. You lean forward and press a shy kiss against his lips. “No more.”

Dream Ends

You jolt awake and pant heavily, double and triple checking your arms for any cuts, relieved when you find none there. It’s been three months and there are no more cuts. Three months since you’d last seen Derek. Three months since you opened up to Stiles. You promised Stiles, but you also promised Derek. Derek who spent one night with you and then flew back home. Derek who you didn’t recognize until today. Stiles stirs in his sleep and looked up at you, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

“Everything alright?” he mutters sleepily and looks up at you.

“Yes, babe. We are all good. Back to bed.” You smile as he holds his arms out to you and you gladly snuggle against your best friend, falling asleep in no time.

Second Chance at First Line Pt 4

Season 1 Masterlist

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 2,496

Warnings: None

   Stiles drove me to the game, but I was two hours early since he had to be there early to get dressed and warm up. The sky was getting dark, and I was sitting alone on the field. One thing they don’t tell you is just how nerve-wracking an empty grass field can be all alone. To the normal human, maybe. But for me, I was fine being alone.

   Thirty minutes before the game, I listened in to find Stiles’ voice. He was talking to Scott.

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#10 w/ Liam

10: “Teach me how to play?”

“Liam that was amazing!” You laughed, jumping up and hugging him. He wrapped his arms around you, spinning you around, as all the lacrosse players started clapping him on the back. He had just made the winning goal at a lacrosse game after it had been tied 1-1 for practically the whole game. He had made the goal within the last few seconds, making you jump up out of the bleachers and run onto the field. You let go of him, moving back a bit allowing the other guys to surround him in congratulation. You couldn’t help but smile to yourself watching him. He just looked so happy, a permanent grin plastered on his face. With all the drama going on in Beacon Hills, you cherished these moments. Moments where the two of you were normal high school students. Another minute or two passed before he rejoined you, pulling you back into a hug. “Ugh gross, you’re all sweaty,” you teased as he chuckled. “You didn’t seem to care right after I made the winning goal,” he said making you roll your eyes. “That was just me excited. But now you really need to go take a shower,” you laughed, pushing him in the direction of the locker room. He smiled, coming closer to you to give you a kiss before leaving, but you moved your head back. “Shower first,” you teased once again making him groan. “(y/n), I made the winning goal,” he whined. You laughed before placing a quick peck on his lips, a smile growing once again on his face. “Teach me how to play?” you asked right as he turned around to leave. “Really?” He asked turning back around to you. “Yeah. I mean, you’re pretty decent,” you joked, earning a chuckle, “and it seems fun.” He nodded, making you smile and turn around. But before you could head towards your car, you felt hands on your waist, pulling you towards them, and lips placed on your lips again. You looked up to see Liam smiling brightly once again, before turning around and jogging back up to the catch up to the others going into the locker room. 

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its-a-goddamn-heartbreak  asked:

Silas powering through a hockey match, then scoring the winning goal (is it a goal in hockey???) and not being able to celebrate his own success bc he's so busy vomiting all over the field.

Ohhh man, can we have something where Silas isn’t feeling good and he’s trying to hold it together bc he doesn’t want to look like a wuss (maybe at a sports thing) and then when his mum picks him up he loses it in the car and cries (cos like, you said he’s a bit of a mama’s boy…)

A/N: Okay, so I’ve kind of combined these two prompts because I thought they fit so perfectly well together! This was a fic to try and ease me back into the whole thing after being so shit for a while - so I hope you enjoy it! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!! 😊

The team huddled together at the side of the field, sticks held into the middle of the circle. Silas glanced around at his team mates, mud splattered and sweaty, red faces all looking in the direction of their coach and waiting for the last ream of instructions before the final twenty minutes of play.

“We’re doing really well guys,” the coach encouraged, looking around at all his players, “we just need to keep the energy and momentum up! We need to block any further attempts at goals. Tom, be as violent as you wish to stop those goals from getting in. Nick, Andy – go on the attack, you want to get that ball for us; Silas, Terry – any opportunities you get to score a goal – go for it!”

There was a chorus of “yeah” and “sure” around the circle as they each secured their grips on their sticks ready to resume play. Silas’ hand slipped on the handle and he tried to wipe away a slick layer of sweat on his shorts.

“Right boys, let’s play!” He called, and there was a scramble of movement to return to the pitch. Except from Silas, who stayed very still as his teammates moved around him. He’d been feeling a little off since he got up this morning, but forty minutes of intense running about hadn’t done anything to help how he was feeling.

“Silas?” The coach asked as Silas hadn’t moved. “Are you alright?”

“Yes sir,” Silas answered automatically, but he really didn’t feel alright. His belly was going over and over inside him, and he knew he wasn’t reacting as quickly as he normally did. Right now he felt like he should have listened to his mum – she’d voiced concerns over him being peaky as she dropped him off, but he’d shrugged it off. He’d needed to play – this was a really important match that they had to win to progress through to the next tier of the Nationals; that was much more important than a wee bit of an upset tummy… And he’d thought it was probably just nerves anyway.

Then when he still felt uncomfortable after the first bout of play, he started to realise that the gurgly feeling was a bit more than just nerves. Thinking back to the night before, he’d tried to figure out whether he’d eaten something that could have made him feel ill, but the thought of food had him boaking into his hand and trying desperately to keep what was in his stomach down.

It was just another twenty minutes, that was all, then he’d be able to go home – and he’d get his mum to make him hot orange and he’d lie on the living room sofa. He could almost feel her gentle fingers on his forehead when the whistle interrupted his thoughts harshly and signalled the start of play.

Silas was on the other side of the pitch from the ball, and he made no attempt to try and get there to gain control. He lingered on the other side, feeling increasingly uncomfortable, and to his displeasure – panicky. The queasy feeling which was emanating from his gut was making him feel on edge, drawing his attention away from the game and onto every unusual sensation that he was feeling.

On the other side of the pitch Terry had been cornered by two of the other team’s players and was looking frantically around for someone to pass the ball to. Normally Silas would have been over there in the thick of it, but now he had to force his legs into movement to try and get over there before the ball was taken out of their possession. His legs wobbled a little as he jogged across, and he had to stop halfway across the pitch as a lurch in his stomach forced a high pitched hiccup out of him. He was saved anyway by Andy, who’d come flying out of nowhere towards Terry and managed to retrieve the ball and was pelting up the length of the pitch with it. With a well aimed swipe the ball went round the goalie and right into the back of the net.
Wheeeeyyy!” A small cheer went out from Silas’ teammates, and he tried to join in but his voice was weaker than usual. His chest was feeling uncomfortably tight as he fell back towards the outside of the pitch, an unusual position for him. They were drawn now – even if they did nothing else other than defend, they’d be through to the next level; Silas took this as the opportunity to keep still, his stomach twisting inside him like a series of live snakes.

The other team had stepped up their attack, realising that if it ended now that would be them out. Silas watched Andy and Nick, as they raced down the pitch, trying desperately to get the ball from the other team, their faces were blotchy red and he could hear ragged breathing as they tried to keep up. They were lagging – suffering from match fatigue as they neared the end of the game. Silas could pre-empt what was going to happen before it did – Andy was going to be cornered on each side and whilst that happened, one of their guys would flank on the outside and retrieve the ball so Terry and Andy had no hope in getting it.

Silas knew what he had to do. He tightened his grip on his hockey stick and set off at a sprint. His legs still didn’t feel entirely stable underneath him, but he forced himself onwards, reminding himself that one more goal would make it absolutely certain for them to win.

His sudden burst of speed seemed to take the other team by surprise, especially after his sluggish performance through the rest of the match, and a few of them paused momentarily as he shot between them, determined to retrieve the ball from Andy and at least make it safe. He could feel his insides clenching up inside him as he pushed his legs to go faster, his gaze concentrating on the ball that Andy was trying to guard.

Andy had understood what Silas was trying to do now, and with a deft whack had sent the ball shooting straight across to Silas. He felt like he was running through ice water, but he pushed on – swerving around one of the other teams’ defenders and smacked the ball as hard as he could – praying that the goalie wouldn’t block it. He didn’t. The ball careered straight between the goalie’s legs and into the back of the net, and Silas drew to a stop, pleased that he’d managed to do what he’d set out to.

From behind him he heard the cheer of his teammates celebrating another goal, which definitely put them ahead with only five minutes still to go. Silas’ legs were weak, and for a moment he felt lightheaded, then he opened his mouth to join in with the cheer.

But what came out wasn’t a cheer. Instead a hot bubbling spray of liquid erupted from his mouth, sending him flying forwards where he landed hard on his hands and knees on the grass. His eyes stung, and he hadn’t quite figured out what had just happened before his stomach cramped and another gurgling wave of puke splattered out onto the grass – and he felt like he was watching it happen to another person, not himself. He tried to suck in a great gasp of air, but whenever he did, more vomit forced its way up his throat, making a light coloured puddle of sludge in the space between his hands.

“Silas!” He vaguely heard his name being called, and then hands gripped at his shoulders.

“I – brrruuuuuullllaarrrrrrrrrrggghh!” Silas tried to respond to his name, but more sick spilled from him, and reality was beginning to hit him. His mouth was sticky and tasted sour, his chest heaving uncontrollably as his stomach turned over and over, and a warm splattering of puke had landed onto his hand.

“Don’t worry lads,” Silas heard the voice of his coach, then a large hand was patting his back gently, causing another mouthful to spatter down. “Andy, grab Silas’ left arm, let’s get him off the pitch.”

Silas was aware of hands gripping both sides and hauling him up from the grass onto his feet. He closed his eyes, not wanting to see his teammates who he knew would have clustered around him, and was half carried, half dragged over to the edge of the pitch.

He felt himself being lowered onto a bench, and he sunk his head forward so it was resting on his knees, clamping one hand to his upset belly and trying to resist the urge to retch again. Someone still had their hand on his back and was rubbing gentle circles near the base of his spine, but all Silas could concentrate was keeping anything that was still left inside him down. He felt wretched, doubly so that he knew he’d just hurled in front of his team and the other team. He wanted to curl up into a ball and hide for the rest of his life. He must have been shaking, because whoever it was put a reassuring hand on his shoulder and muttered.

“Don’t worry, you’re not well…”

It seemed to go on forever, his head pressed against his knees, as his stomach made occasional jerks that he felt turning into heaves and he aborted them with difficulty. Then he heard his coach’s voice again.

“Your mum’s on her way Silas,” he said calmly, and Silas felt the bench move as he sat down beside him. “She shouldn’t be too long. I’ve got some water here if you’re feeling up to it.”

Very slowly Silas opened his eyes and raised his head, his coach was watching him worriedly and holding a bottle of water in his hands. He unscrewed the cap and proffered it to Silas, who took it with a trembling hand. He took a swig and the water flooded his mouth.

“Don’t drink it too quickly, just take little sips,” he advised, and Silas obliged.

“S-sorry…” Silas mumbled, once he’d swallowed.

“Don’t even think about apologising Silas,” his coach said sternly. “You are as white as a sheet! Have you been feeling ill through the whole game?”

“A little…” Silas muttered, rubbing his hand across his stomach as it continued to do somersaults inside him.

“You should have said. You know you don’t have to play if you’re not feeling up to it.”

“I didn’t want to let anyone down – huuurrrrp!” The retch had forced up Silas’ chest so strongly that he couldn’t stop it, and he panted for a few seconds.

“Don’t be ridiculous Silas!” His coach said, almost reprimanding him. “You play 99% of all our games, you’re allowed one out!” Silas groaned as his stomach gurgled.

“Silas!” His mum’s voice called out from behind him, he turned his head a little too quickly and he clapped his hand over his mouth as another heave bubbled up. He tried to breathe in through his nose, his fingers gripping so tightly into his face that it hurt. His coach had moved from his side and his mum slid onto the bench next to him; instinctively Silas rested his head onto his mum’s shoulder. “Oh honey, are you feeling really rough?”

Mmmhmm…” Silas groaned, closing his eyes and hardly caring that his teammates would be able to see him. 

“He’s been really very sick,” his coach was telling his mum. “He hadn’t even said he wasn’t feeling well.”

“It’s fine,” his mum assured, wrapping her arm around Silas’ shoulder and holding him steady. “I’ll take him home.”

“Rest up Silas,” Andy said quietly, and Silas hadn’t even realised that he was standing at the end of the bench; Silas gave a little nod. His mum’s suggestion of going home sounded absolutely amazing, he’d be able to rest and lie down.
“Alright Si, hold on to me,” his mum tightened his grip and moved his hand so he was holding on; she helped him to his feet and slowly led him to the car. “I’ve popped a bucket in the footwell, just in case,” she told him as she opened the car door and helped him inside.

Uuggggnnn…” Silas groaned, resting his head back and closing his eyes. His car door closed, and he felt the car move as his mum climbed in. Silas had wrapped his arms around his abdomen, still feeling crampy and exhausted.

“Oh sweetheart,” she said, running a gentle hand across his face. “Is your tummy really hurting you?”

Mmmhmm…” Silas agreed.

“Let’s get you home and see what we can do.” She started up the car, and Silas felt it move.

As they pulled out of the car pack, a well of emotions that Silas had been holding on to bubbled up and tears leaked out from his eyes.

“Oh honey, don’t cry,” his mum reached her hand over from the gearstick and squeezed his knee gently. “We’ll get you home and all snuggled up soon.”

“They all saw me mum…” Silas bemoaned; he felt like he’d been run over by a tractor but his mind was still running overtime about having just puked in the middle of the pitch.

“They won’t think a thing of it Si,” she reassured. “They’re your friends, and you’re not well - they’ll just want to know you’re feeling better.”

“My tummy really hurts,” Silas wriggled around in his seat, his hands holding protectively at his tender stomach.

“You can have some medicine as soon as we get in and that might help bubs,” Silas nodded, then rested his head back and closed his eyes again. He really wanted a hug, and hoped his mum would sit with him when they got home – he was sure he’d feel much better if she did.

“Oh!” He gasped, his eyes springing open with a sudden realisation. “My stick! I left it on the pitch!”

“It’s okay!” His mum grabbed his hand as he panicked. “I’ve got it for you – it’s alright, just relax…”

“Thanks mum…”

||Soccer Player!Jungkook AU|| Imagine

This is the sort of style I will make my imagines in. I hope you guys like it! :D  i honestly think kook as a soccer player is hot oops 

Requests are open!! :D

Originally posted by degreemen

Imagine this.

You are Jungkook’s girlfriend, sitting in the stands, watching the game and cheering him on. Both teams are scrambling for the next goal. the game is almost at its end; the score tied for the championship title.

After losing him in all the commotion on the field, you spot him; working up a sweat in a red and white jersey sporting his number, black shorts, black socks, and cleats.

How does he look this good while sweating…?, you think, watching run on the field.

You see the concentration on his face as he works with his team mates on the field, and you see the slight look of panic and shock wash over his face when the ball gets stolen and is kicked into his team’s goal.

Dammit, dammit, dammit!, he thinks, somewhat angrily.

As he walks a bit begrudgingly towards the center of the field, he spots you in the crowd, wearing his away-game jersey, cheering him on. Seeing you wave and shout words of encouragement helps him feel less discouraged than before.

They can win this, I know it! He can do it!, you think and continue cheering. 

If she thinks I can, I can. If I think I can, I can. I can do this, he thinks, repeating his mantra.

You see a smile bloom on his face as he focuses back on the game. After some back and forth, He steals the ball from the opposing team and starts towards the goal. He’s met with some resistance and passes it to his friend, who then successfully makes the shot.

The team is ecstatic at the fact that they still had a chance to win. Jungkook’s smile becomes one of determination. After a scrimmage with the other team, Jungkook breaks though with a ball, running for the goal.

Everyone seems to notice but him.

The countdown had started.

10, 9, 8, 7,

He gets the ball past a couple of players, not failing to go forward.

Come on Kook! You can do it!

6, 5,

He gets closer to the goal.

3, 2,

He kicks.

The crowd falls silent.


The only sound heard was the ball hitting the net.


Loud cheers erupt from the stands, everyone cheering for the team, where as you stand on your seat, cheering for your boyfriend. The team rejoices in their victory, lifting up Jungkook in celebration. He laughs loudly as they begin to toss him up and down.

Once he breaks free from the guys, he start he runs towards your direction in the stands. He jumps up, grabs onto the ledge, climbing up to you. Once he get to you, he embraces you in a huge, very sweaty, hug.

“JUNGKOOK!! YOU’RE ALL SWEATY!!”, you shout, playfully punching his chest.

“Can’t I just celebrate with my girl?”, he asks teasingly before leaning in for a kiss.

Tonight was perfect to him. His team won the championships. He scored the winning goal. Not to mention he had already scored the perfect girl.

He was determined to win the game, but not just to win and be a champion.

He won the game for you.

Just like you won his heart, a long time ago. 

Eric watching you play soccer

Your lungs hurt as you ran, but you didn’t care. You were pretty dehydrated, but you didn’t care. The adrenaline was rushing too hard to just stop and rest. The soccer ball was right in front of you. You lift your leg up, angle your foot perfectly, and nail it right into the goal. People screamed as you looked up to the scoreboard. Finally it was no longer a tie and your team was in the lead.
He sat on the bleachers with a smile. He only came to the game to see her. Even though she was a sweaty mess at this point in the game, she still looked like a badass to him. She scanned the bleachers while walking back to her spot. The same people show up at every game. It’s always the family members and friends of the players. There’s never anyone new in the crowd, until today. You noticed him sitting on the end of some empty bleachers.
You knew his name was Eric and that’s about it. You’ve heard alot of the other female soccer players make fun of him in the locker room because they’ve heard he has a dented chest. You took your eyes off him and began to play.
He smiles to himself a bit. That’s the longest she’s ever looked at him. He fell into a trance as he watched her. The timer on the scoreboard ends and so does the game. Columbine won. All the columbine students in the crowd jumped up and screamed with joy.
The players go off the field and see their friends and family. He kept his eyes on you. You didn’t go to any friends or family. You just stood there and wiped your face with your shirt. He took a deep breath and grabbed a random bottle of water out of a random persons cooler. “Good job.”, he said as he hands you the bottle. “Thanks.”, you say through deep breaths. You take the bottle and open it. “You’re Eric, right?”, you manage to say. “Yeah, and you’re (y/n)?” You nod and drink ¼ of the water on the spot. He was pretty attractive and you were embarrassed to have him see you red faced and soaked in sweat. “I was thinking maybe we could hang out sometime.”, he says calmly. In reality, his heart was racing and he was screaming in his mind. “Sounds great.”, you smile. He smiled back and nodded.


Word Count: 1057

Genre: Fluff 

Pairing: Yuta/ObliviousY/N

Request:  Can I get a fluffy yuta scenario where he’s the star soccer player at your school and he confesses to you by telling you he wants you to wear his jersey :)

   “Hey Y/N! Wait up!” A familiar voice yelled from behind the girl. The words were almost missed in the chatter of the high school halls, most of the students talking about the big game after school against the schools long time rivals from another town. Y/N turned around to face the man racing towards her, the way he swerved around people in the hall making it obvious he play some sport, mostly the sport every was hyped about.

   “It’s about time you showed up.” Y/N teased, turning back around to continue where she had supposed to be going before she stopped for Yuta. She didn’t complain when he took the few books out of her hands, learning a long time ago it was easier just to let the boy do what he wanted. All that came out of telling him she was fully capable of carrying her own books would only result to him flicking her forehead and telling her to get over it.

   “With the way you run out of Math you should join the track team.” His famous smile that was always plastered on his face seemed to lighten up the hallway, even more so than it already had been with various posters hung on the lockers supporting the soccer team, even some of them for Yuta himself. It was no question he was one of the best players on the team, on and off the field. He managed to keep his grades all about B’s, go to every practice, help any team member that was struggling, and still kicked butt when it came to the games.

   It was no wonder almost everyone in school looked up to him. Girls seemed to care more than some but that was to be expected, anyone would be blind to not like him. As kind and helpful and talented as Yuta it just makes sense. Y/N knew she was just one of the girls that liked him but having the boy as a friend was good enough for her. She knew that her feelings were best put off to the side and keeping the friendship between the two made it better for both sides, their banter was something that the girl cherished too much to ruin over feelings the entire female student population had.

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Something That Got Away 1/4

This is a fanfiction set after season 6 episode 11 of Teen Wolf, so spoilers if you have not seen the episode yet. The premise is based off a theory I saw on here saying that the new hellhound might be after Theo. I wish I could put a link to the original post but I lost it and can’t find it again. But anyway, this is a story about what might happen if the new hellhound was after Theo.

Summer was almost over, lacrosse practice was starting again, and Liam did not want to go to it.

Mason and Corey did everything they could to convince Liam to get out on the field. Practice had started already and their friend was not even in his uniform. Scott, the new assistant coach was getting impatient and had started texting Mason and Corey to hurry up and drag Liam out of the locker room.

“I can’t handle this,” Liam wailed.

“Yes, you can, and you’ve handled so much worse than this. You’re practically the Alpha now,” Mason said as he pulled Liam into a sitting position on the locker room bench.

“I’m nothing without her,” said Liam.

“Liam, can you help me with this, please,” said Corey trying to help Liam into his lacrosse gear.

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What are you waiting for? (Scott McCall Imagine)

Originally posted by thealpha

Summary: You have been dating Scott for 3 months now and you play lacrosse against him and Stiles in gym one day.

It was the first day back after the Christmas break and you are sitting on the stairs outside Beacon Hills High, before the bell goes. Next to you was your boyfriend, of 3 months, Scott McCall. You and Scott were just talking about homework when your best-friends Lydia and Stiles came up to you.

“Hurry up lovebirds, the bell goes in 2 minutes and we have gym with Finstock on the other side of the school.” Lydia stated, grabbing my arm and forcing me to stand up. You were still holding on to Scott’s hand so he was pulled up with you as well.

We all walked into the gym and not 2 seconds later, the bell rang and coach walked in blowing his whistle for no apparent reason.

“Right!” Finstock shouted, trying to gain everyone’s attention because apparently he hadn’t already achieved that with the whistle, “Today we are going to be playing lacrosse.”

You looked at Scott and saw his face light up, he loved lacrosse and he was the team captain so he was pretty good at it too.

The thing is that Scott McCall is a werewolf, don’t be mistaken, he is still a really good lacrosse player but Stiles, Lydia and you all know that his wolfy powers come into play at least a little bit.

You hadn’t realised you had zoned out until you were standing in the middle of the field with a lacrosse stick in your hands.

“Come on (y/n)! We haven’t got all day!” you heard Finstock yelling at you, “All right, we are playing 2 on 1, first up is Stilinski and McCall against (y/l/n)” He finished before shooing everyone else off the field.

You stood at halfway, facing the boys. You were glaring at each other playfully before you heard the whistle. You picked up the ball and started running towards the goal, trying your best to avoid the two boys which were by far much bigger than you.

“Careful Gorgeous, we don’t want to hurt you.” You hear Scott shout as you dodged Stiles.

“As if you would even get close enough to hurt me.” You scoffed, shouting back to him.

“Seriously though (y/n), we are bigger than you, don’t think this is going to be easy.” Stiles shouted from behind you. You turned your head to face him, still running with the ball.

“Seriously though Stiles,” you called back, mocking him, “I can take care of my-” You were cut off because you thought you ran into a wall. You were knocked completely over and when you sat up, you looked up too find that the wall was in fact not a wall, it was Scott.

“You were saying?” He laughed while taking your hand and lifted you up into a hug.

“I just thought that maybe it would be a nice idea to let the girl win at sport, for once. Or you know, not bulldoze your girlfriend.” You said sarcastically, smiling at the boys who were now either side of you.

“Sorry (y/n), but i’m just not used to playing lacrosse against fairies.” He laughed but held you tighter against his side to show that he was joking.


When you got home that night it was dark outside, your parents weren’t home so you went straight up to your room. You walked in to your room without turning the light on, planning to turn on the one next to your bed. You sat down on your bed and started untying your shoelaces while fumbling for the light switch. When you found the switch, you turned on the light and screamed.


Scott was sitting in the chair next to your bedside table, casually pretending to read a magazine.You knew that he was pretending because you knew for a fact that Scott could not read fashion magazines upside down.

“Oh, hello (y/n), I didn’t see you there!” he said, standing up and walking over to sit on the bed next to you.

“Oh hello Scott! Care to explain?” you stared at him accusingly.

“Oh, yeah, about that. I just jumped through your window about 5 minutes ago. Thought you wouldn’t mind.” He rubbed his neck sheepishly, and looked at you with a crooked smile.

“You know, you confuse me sometimes, Scott McCall. But I think we all know what is going to go down in gym tomorrow.” You smiled back at him. You were secretly, not so secretly, very competitive.

“You’ve got to stop doing that.” He said, moving closer to you.

“What?” You asked confused.

“Saying things that make me want to kiss you.” He said smiling and leaning closer.

“Well, what are you waiting for then?” You smiled back at him, no longer confused by anything.

“I was hoping you would say that!” He said before your lips met, closing the gap between you.


Hi! I hope you enjoyed my imagine, this is my first Teen Wolf one, so…yeah…enjoy. A reminder: feel free to message us if you have any requests for imagines or edits! I hope you have an amazing day or night depending on where you are in the world!